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The Site To Trace The Origin Of An Internet Protocol Address

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 28 Feb, 2011 16:39:38

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Before we get into the main point of discussion, let’s tackle about Internet Protocol or IP. The first time computer user may be asking the meaning of Internet Protocol and its purpose. Well, this is the number assigned by the network you are connected to as digital computer identification and without it it’s not possible to track the Internet Protocol and networking.

It is rarely known to everyone that cyberspace can be a security threat to many users. There are many pretenders online who represent themselves as another person to attract attention, obtain respect, and more friends to socialize & do business with. Hackers also roam around the Web and nobody knows when they are going to attack someone else’s system and personal information. As you all know, most users are using a lot of ways to control who can access their profiles and private data. With that in mind, you simply like to distinguish where those people come from by tracing the origin of their Internet Protocol address.

Now, you can track those people who are visiting your site and at the same time trace their computer Internet Protocol address with the use of

But what is This article will give emphasis on the uses and advantages of using

For an authentic service of traffic statistics / analytics, tracking geography & a web-based Website visitor counting that is personalized and advance, is the you’ve been looking for. This service is free from spam because users of this site receive no spam messages.

Both your mobile devices and your PC can be used with protection regardless of whatever your Operating System is and this also works conveniently for Google Android, and OSs for iPad and iPhone.

With the use of, you can track the number of visitors you blocked; the number of people who visited your Website; if the Website you have is secured; if your business is profitable for the traffic it obtains; who frequently viewed your social networking site profile and Web log; how many people are on your site for the moment; if the Microsoft Ad Center and Google Ad Words program you have is cost-efficient; if your Website is well-known and widely visited; if the affiliate program you have is efficient; how people come to know your site; if your Website is working; how much time your visitors spent reading your Web pages; if your online advertising is successful; how many visitors you had; and your online business status.

You can now conclude that the Internet Protocol or IP address have many uses and advantages which can help you a lot in maintaining the security of your Websites and personal computers.

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