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The Things You Should Know Before Buying A Laptop Computer

by: Ailene B. Misa | 29 Dec, 2009 09:51:10

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At present, most individuals opt to buy a laptop rather than a desktop computer because it is handy and its function is almost similar to a desktop. If you are planning to buy a laptop for you, you might want to consider reading this article to have an idea of the things you have to consider. It will give you an overview of the standard criteria that an individual should learn to have the ideal laptop unit that will cater their needs.

1. The budget. You have to plan well how much amount you will allocate to purchase your desired laptop. Everything will depend o n your budget.

2. Brand. Here are the well known brands aside from Apple, HP-Compaq, Dell, IBM-Lenovo, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, and Asus. Decide what brand you want to buy.

3. Laptops warranty. Each laptop brand come with warranty. The standard warranty is one year, but there are some that offers two years like the Asus laptop. It is very important to consider warranty this is to avoid other charges when something went wrong to your unit. Also, ask their standard procedure in case something went wrong like can you bring the unit to any service center or you will only be allowed to bring it to your supplier store. You must consider the most convenient option.

4. The Processor. Decide whether AMD or Intel and it's capacity. There are some pros and cons for each option. If you are techie person, you might consider having Intel since it already existed for several years. But think of this, almost all brands manufacture laptop with AMD or Intel for processor, and both comes with almost the same technology.

5. Memory. Most of the existing operating system from Microsoft especially the Microsoft Vista requires at least 1GB of memory. But for better performance, it is advisable to have at least 2GB. If in case you will be working with different application software make it higher. Remember the higher memory capacity the better. New released laptop are already upgradeable, have it now.

6. Hard Disk Capacity. Most of the laptop comes with at least 80GB of hard disk capacity. If in case you will be handling very large file choose the laptop model with higher capacity. Otherwise, you will provide an external storage.

7. Video or Graphic Card. For those who are engaged in video or photo editing, video watching, on line or computer games must buy the laptop model with higher graphics capacity. Higher graphic capacity the finer output you can have.

8. The ports. The most commonly used port is the USB because almost all peripheral comes with USB connector. Get a model with at least 4 USB ports. Also, consider the model with serial, VGA, Parallel and video port.

9. Wireless capacity. Most of the network and internet connection goes wireless. Select the wireless adapter with higher capacity; don't go for the standard if most of your transaction will be on-line.

10. Bluetooth. The are some laptop model which are Bluetooth enabled, get this model for fast file transfer purposes especially for cellphone to laptop file transfer.

11. Camera. Most of the laptop model comes with built-in camera, choose any of these models. If you have on-line friends, it will be very important for chat purposes.

12. Software. Software option will vary on your need. Most of the computer users opt to use Microsoft software. If you want to save your money, you might consider Open Office software application. This is free of charge and almost the same with Microsoft application software. Also, Open Office file can be open in Microsoft Office.

Proper planning is very advisable before buying your own laptop to avoid any unnecessary problem afterwards. Know your needs and start plotting your desired laptop model.

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