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The Tools To Bring File Sharing And Reward Cards Free Of Charge: Part 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 06 Jan, 2011 15:19:40

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I appreciate your time keeping an eye to the site as we resume our discussion about the tools to bring together file sharing and reward cards free of charge on this second part of our article. This follow-up discussion will focus on large files sharing using Crate easy and fast and reward cards single card.

Here are the rest of the 2 topics:

· Large Files sharing using Crate easy and fast

If you are finding ways for a hassle-free and faster file sharing to all your love ones and acquaintances, is the best to choose among other similar programs. On the other hand, there is nothing which comes closer and a perfect alternative than the program called Crate which likewise can provide a genuine Uniform Resource Locator from which you can do the sharing and file sources you choose to share. On the Crate program as the name goes, you may build crates instead of drops which are required for Take note that crating comes with a process done in two-steps.

These steps come with dragging one or more files from the website where the image is crated are going to be the first procedure. As soon as you’re done with your uploading task, you may send an electronic mail of the URL provided to whom it needs the file after copying it. You have to keep in mind that in 30 days unregistered Crate will expire, but it will be unlimited beyond a month if you have a paid account which is one of the known incentives. You can store up to six crates when you have a free Crate account which has 200MB limit of total space and 50MB limit for an individual file size. The conclusion is if you want the large-file sharing capacity that comes with simplicity, you may have to Crate even if there are other services offering similar promises.

· Reward Cards Single Card

Now, you’ll have the convenience of combining club cards, membership cards, and reward cards rolled into one card which is a space saver on your wallet. The site which offers service where you can create a double-sided card with barcode and you can use to transact to 8 various stores is You may choose the store corresponding from the cards you have existing after you enter the number of the barcode which also acts as your account number. The website has all the instructions for you to follow in doing these procedures for combining all your cards and it also has the list of stores which would be around 200.

There you have the second part of our article regarding the tools for file sharing and reward cards combination.

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