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The Top and Commonly Used Web Browsers

by: Ailene B. Misa | 03 Mar, 2010 11:20:02

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Every computer user and Internet browser uses different web browser.  Actually most of them are not after the name of the browser instead the usability that it can provide is the thing that they consider. The question is which among those web browsers are best and convenient to use. 

In this article I will try to give you an update of the most popular and commonly used web browser today.  Just choose which fit to your needs.  Almost all browsers can be downloaded over the Internet for free.  After all it’s your own experience that can really tell why is the best and more user friendly web browser.  I am very much aware that most of us are looking for a web browser that can do faster research.  We’ll see which the best is really.

To start, here are the top web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire fox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.  You can download all of them for free over the Internet.  But then they have some limitations like there are some that can run only for Microsoft operating system, some can run for Mac PC, while the others can run in different operating system.

Let me discuss each of them in detail.

Internet Explorer.  We all know that this web browser is already included in Microsoft Operating System.  Once you installed any Microsoft system, Internet Explorer will be automatically installed in your computer.

To give you an update, we already have Internet Explorer 8 as the latest web browser from Microsoft.  Compare with the other version of Internet Explorer, version 8 is known for its stability and security in each tab.  In addition, this version also improves its filtering scheme to trap malicious software or malware and separate the Active X application from the main browser.

Since Internet Explorer is included in Microsoft Operating System installer, this web browser is for computer with Microsoft system only.

Mozilla Fire fox.  Firefox is almost similar with Mosaic and Netscape browser.  This web browser can run in Windows, Mac, and Linux operating software.  It offers a lot of features no one could ever imagine.  You can browse the web privately, restore the previous web sessions when your web browser shutdown automatically, offers progressive on-line protection against malware, surf the internet faster while consuming less memory, bookmark important web page swiftly, provides thousands of add-ons to customize your own browser, and download your own persona anytime.

Google Chrome.  This web browser was an open source project from Google.  It can run in Windows, Mac and Linux. Like other browser, it can load web pages in a snap of your finger and can handle web applications faster.  Google chrome displays in thumbnails the list of your commonly visited web sites in every tab or everytime you will open a new Google Chrome window. 

Opera.  Another web browser developed by Opera Software company.  Opera can hold different Internet tasks like browsing web sites, downloading files via BitTorrent and accessing Web feeds.  This browser can be downloaded from the Internet for free for computer and mobile phones. 

Opera features includes download manager, mouse gestures and tabbed browsing.  For security, it provides malware protection, pishing and encryption for browsing web sites.

Safari.  Another web browser that provides web pages in the just a snap of your finger.  It works on computer-PC or Mac, mobile phones- iPhone, and iPod.  It provides a quick look of your favorite sites.  It is packaged with spelling and grammar feature. 

Safari was first introduced for Mac computer.  Years later, they introduced another version that can run for computer using Windows operating system.  The first version for Windows was released on June 11, 2007.

This offers a difference in browsing experience.  Safari offers 150 features for web browsing.  It is very useful for CSS applications.  It is the only web browser that is Acid 3 compliance.  If you want to know more about it’s features visit this link:

Maybe you might ask yourself which is the best browser; I suggest that you try it yourself.

Enjoy browsing!

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