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The Two Types of Work-at-Home Jobs: Pros and Cons

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 05 Jul, 2010 23:58:13

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Work-at-home jobs are composed mainly of two types. Each of these two major forms of online trade gives distinctively different circumstances and conditions to home professionals. If you want to have a career without living your house, read on. You have to know the difference of two types of existing online trade in choosing well what kind would suit your needs.

Freelance Jobs

From the word itself, you’re free... you’re on your own self-employment. It is more of a business than a job. There are no fixed salaries. The income comes from payment per output. Freelancers have inconsistent volume of work depending on availability of clients. There are times when the demands for services are low, making the competition stiff among freelancers. Thus, you need to be good enough to keep up with the challenge. But once you get familiar with the trade, knows some business connections, have consistent clients; you can go all the way in chasing your dream career.

The good thing about freelance jobs is you can set your own time of work. If you seeking to have a part time job while you are studying, taking care of family, or working at daytime; freelancing is for you. Nevertheless, you got to have an edge to earn a living.

Regular Telecommute Jobs

Who says you can’t have a fixed professional earning at home? There are available remote full time jobs as well as part time jobs nowadays. Like on regular office jobs, employment contract with stated benefits and regular salary are presented to successful online applicants. There are 13th month pays, as well as paid leaves and unpaid leaves. Usually, you also got to work 8-hours each working day. But there are instances wherein the employer let you fix your own work schedule as long as you work on the required number of hours for each week.

Regular telecommute jobs are ideal for those who are seeking a company employment with fixed salary. However, this job is not for all. It takes a real-kicking effort to setup a working environment at home. They say, “Home is the best place to be”. However, this is not the case when you’re working full time at home. The house has everything…including distractions.

If you think you can lay back as the hours is counting, think again. Telecommute bosses are even fussier than office superiors. Because they can’t see you working, they tend to demand for output. So, always be ready for busy working hours.

Whichever working set up you’ll prefer, have in mind that having contracts and written agreements with clients and employers are the best way to protect your rights. Keep yourself posted with the industry you choose to stick. Have a regular view of present trends such as salary statistics, skills in demand, and market stability. Be competitive, because in the end it is you who will dictate the outcome of your work-at-home career.

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