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Things to Consider Before Buying a Computer

by: Ailene B. Misa | 19 Dec, 2009 18:43:49

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You might be on your planning stage before buying a computer. Let me help you in your decision making as I enumerate the things that you might consider before buying a computer. I will be giving you some tips in a point of view of an end user.

Most of us, we always consider the budget. How much is your budget for this project? Everything will follow if you're decided on this matter. Are you decided how much will be allotted for this?

The next thing is to decide whether you will buy a desktop, a laptop or a mini-laptop? To help you decide on this, let me ask you what will be the purpose of this computer. Will it be used for personal matters or for business? If this will be for your personal use, ask yourself if there is a need for you to use it for outdoor venues? If there is, it will be advisable for you to have a laptop. If none, you stick with the idea of buying a desktop unit. There are advantages and disadvantages of having laptop or desktop. I will give you three differences between a desktop and a laptop. A desktop is upgradeable from the motherboard, CPU, Hard disk, memory, Optical Drive, network card, video card, and USB port; laptop is portable, you can bring it anywhere and ideal for wireless connection; desktop is cheaper when it comes to maintenance and repair compare to laptop. When you decided to get a laptop, you can consider having a mini-laptop, it is lighter and cheaper. But then mini-laptop has a lot of limitation from its hardware specification down to its capability. It's merely use for light computer works.

Now let's move to next, the warranty. It is a very important matter that one must consider. Repair cost is very expensive that you might want to buy a new one. Choose a brand with longer warranty. Nowadays, there are computer shop that offers extended warranty at a lower cost, please consider this matter especially if it can be included in your budget. Also, consider the accessibility to the technical support. Make sure they can be reached 24/7 if in case you will have technical concerns.

Let us take a close look on the specification of a unit that you want to purchase. I suggest that you choose the dual core technology for faster mobility. If you will buy a desktop or laptop, consider the following:
• Motherboard should have at least six (6) USB Port because most of computer peripherals comes with USB connector, one (1) Parallel Port and serial port
• Processor must be at least Pentium for Personal use and Core Duo for Business use
• Memory should be more than 1GB for better performance
• Multi DVD for your optical Drive
• Choose to buy a network card
• Higher Graphics for VGA if your work requires image or video editing
• For the size of the screen, choose the best that fits for you
• For software, since most of the industries and universities are using Microsoft, I suggest you stay with this product line. You can install additional software if needed
• If you are working with a lot of data, it is highly recommended that you buy an external storage device for back-up purposes
• You can also buy web camera if needed
• Don't forget to buy an anti-virus software that comes with email and web guard for your security

If you are planning to buy a computer, don't pick a second hand unit. Always look for a brand new computer. Consider the importance of warranty to lessen your additional expenses.

It is very important to burn or let your computer work 24 hours after you purchase it to see it's performance durability. Most of all, keep all installer that will be given to you for back-up purposes.

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Great Advice!! I would follow these stuffs !!
Thank You!!

Thank you, for having a page like this. Its really beneficial to people like me. Rest assured I will always be intouch with you. Your unselfish effort in imparting insights about this modern "world of computers"is really fascinating...
Keep it up!

@ glenn

Thank u very much sir.. its our pleasure.. God bless ahead..

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