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Tips in Coping to Stress at Work: Handling Bullies in Workplaces

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Jul, 2010 09:48:58

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I’ve gone through three different formidable companies. If you’ll ask me what is common among these companies; I’ll say, “They are all have bullies”. Bullying is so common from school to workplaces. As my previous supervisor had said, “All jungles have snakes”. Most companies are invaded by bullies. As they’re no superhero to save us from this “invasion”, learn to defend yourself. There are ways you can cope to stress at work by learning how to handle bullies around you.

The number 1 rule in handling bullies at work- Don’t play like a victim. These individuals take advantage where there is an opening. If you appear weak, then start expecting bullies will have you on their list. Simple things like; taking a good grooming, good posture, and confident talking; will make these predators think twice before picking you.

Unlike the usual perception, these people evolved to cunning work ****s not because they have low self-esteem. In fact, according to statistics bullies appear to have greater confidence than their pears. Then, what made these people who are they now? Surprisingly, it is only a one word reason…”gains”. The heating competition in the corporate world transforms people into cunning wolves. Indeed, organisms evolve to cope in their environment. This primitive rule doesn’t exempt the modern realm. Without you noticing, even you may have already become a bully.

To stop the widespread of this cunning virus, friendly competition should be reinforced in every workplace. Thinking this is impossible? Certainly, it’s not.  Even bystanders have significant part in bullying. If each of us is aware when bullying takes place and each of us don’t tolerate such acts even if we’re not directly affected, bullying at work can be eliminated.  

Excellence is much more achievable without putting down one another. All it takes is a little self-check of self esteem and politeness. Always consider your fellow employees’ feelings. Before doing or uttering words, check what will be its consequences, not on you alone but on other people as well.

If you suffer bullying, don’t tolerate its continuity. However, don’t end up bullying others as well. Talk to the person. Have him known that you hated what he or she is doing, but you are willing to settle things just to have a good working relationship. There are positive ways you can cope with work stress caused by bullying. Imagine a workplace where employees all get along. A stress-free workplace promotes better quality of work and higher achievements.

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