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Tips on Capturing Your Famous YouTube Video

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Aug, 2010 09:55:40

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Many people got the most-sought after fame because of YouTube videos. Some even get on Hollywood. Thus, it is not surprising why almost everyone poses in front of camera and uploads self-taken videos. However, what most people take for granted is the quality of the uploaded videos.

It’s bothering how most of self-taken video look utterly ****ish. They are making themselves look desperate in front of the world. I’m not being hypocrite. I accept that I am not a good singer. I’m not even a good dancer. All I can say is I’m a fan of great dancers and remarkable singers, some of which are from YouTube videos. I even find YouTube amusing and helpful. I also believe that each one of us have a talent that is worth showcasing. Nevertheless, it’s not worth to put yourself in embarrassment. Inerasable shame can be avoided by self-scrutiny, a bit of practice, and a little creativity.

Before uploading your video, make sure that the video is clear and the audio is of quality. It would also help if you’d evaluate your performance as a third party checker. If it’s a dance performance, evaluate your timing and smoothness of movement. Each routine should also coordinate with each succeeding ones. If you’re singing in the video, check on the mistunes. Moreover, it is advisable that you choose your piece well. Pick the singing piece that has personal impact on you and at the same time shows your personality. Besides from heart applicability, range of tone should also be considered for you to have your best performance on cam.

Aside from performance, another thing you should take in consideration is your outfit. Ask few friends for honest opinion. Don’t also forget the background and the proper lighting. If you’re having a hard time to choose the proper outfit to pair a good background, take several videos with different outfits in varying backgrounds. You don’t need an expert to help you out. All you need is honest self-assessment.

YouTube opened a new door of opportunities for fame dreamers. Nevertheless, it’s not an easy task to please people. You still need to take effort in bringing in a good video. Uploading your YouTube videos can make or break you. Yet, this little hindrance shouldn’t stop you from conquering your dreams. If you think you got what it takes to be famous, then go. Run after your dream. Take advantage of the technology and the availability of internet.

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