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Tips on creating a strong password

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 30 May, 2014 10:21:43

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What is a password? A password is a code we normally use in order to keep our files and accounts secured. We normally use it in our email accounts, social networking accounts and more. Passwords are made in order to protect the contents of our accounts but most of us don't really understand how to make one. Having a strong password is really important especially nowadays wherein hackers could penetrate into anything. In this article, I'll be sharing some tips on how to make a strong password.

Avoid using your name and your birthday - This is very common nowadays wherein they use their name together with their birthday as their password. For example, your name is Rachel and your birthday is Nov. 25 and so your password would be rachel1125. This kind of password is very weak and would be a piece of cake to open for hackers.

Different passwords for different accounts - If you have several accounts, I would advice not to have the same password for all but do make sure that you'll remember each and one of them. If you think that there is a chance for you to forget it, you could write a... hint so that in case, there would be something that could make you remember.

Longer passwords with symbols and numbers - Normally, the minimum characters is 6 but it would be better if you'll be making a password that is longer and also contains symbols and numbers. Always remember that the longer the password is, the more secured it would be. A good example would be @er0c00L#012 but again, if you think that there is a chance for you to forget it, writing a hint that only you could understand would do the trick.

Now, banks already have their online banking feature wherein you could already transact online to avoid the hassle of falling in line inside the bank. This feature saves time, energy, and money but with this kind of transaction, you are still vulnerable. To better protect your account, online banking has two passwords, first is the login password wherein you need enter this one to access your account and the other one is the transaction password if you want to make any transactions online. Make sure that the two passwords are very much different from each other so that if ever your login password has been compromised; the hacker would still have a difficult time to transact because of the transaction password.

Lastly, we create passwords to protect everything inside our accounts. As much as possible, keep your passwords only to yourself.


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