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Tips on How to Become Successful in Your Career: Guide for Studs Preparing for College (Part 2)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 29 Jan, 2011 19:03:59

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4. Gather reliable study funding resources. Many had what it takes to become successful in their fields. But most of them stopped studying because they lack funds. Hence, find reliable resources for your studying. Seek help to people in the government, organizations, and foundations. You can also take exams to qualify for a school scholarship. There are a lot of people willing to help students that are eager to pursue their dream. Don’t be ashamed to seek help. Just pay them back by doing your best at school. Show them that every penny they’ve spent is not wasted.

5. Organize your schedule and things for a good studying environment. If you want to make the most of your efforts, prepare a good studying environment. Schedule all your activities for better learning. Have a fixed study time. Make sure also that you get enough rest and sleep to energize your body. Resort also to productive yet stress relieving activities like sports to remove unwanted pressure. Negotiate also with your parents and everyone at home about the chores and responsibilities. Talk about your concern on your studies. Having their understanding on your need for a good studying environment would help you settle your problems with your schedule. This will also remove the risk of family conflict because of the improper distribution of house responsibilities.

6. Create a good study habit. You can’t rely on luck to pass school. You have to take action in achieving your dream career. Thus, have a solid way on how to do it. And the best way to pass every exam and every recitation is being consistent. If you’re constantly studying, you’ll understand better the next lessons. Prioritize your study time more than any activity. Lessen the gimmicks especially night-outs. They’re one of the most energy-draining activities. Remember, they’re not that important to sacrifice your studies. Secure a fixed schedule for reviewing your lessons, and doing your assignments and projects.

7. Keep track of your achievement record. Assess every high and low on your score on quizzes, tests, and recitations. Consider also your current standing in your class. This is for you to check you performance if you are developing or degrading. Using this you’d have a better view of your weakness and strengths in your course. You’d have a clear perspective of where to focus your energy more in studying the different subjects and lessons. Your grades will show what you need to know with your performance. Just don’t become blinded with too much confidence. Next>>>

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