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Tips on How to Become Successful in Your Career: Guide for Studs Preparing for College (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 29 Jan, 2011 19:00:16

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1.       Enjoy school. Yes, you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. However, you don’t have to treat every activity at school as if it is a punishment. Take pleasure in your studying. This would give you the much needed energy and focus to gain the maximum result. Form a group of study buddies to keep you company in preparing for exams and doing school projects. To make a fun, fast, and effective review perform a question-and-answer activity where every one of you got to ask and answer the possible questions for the test. With a group, studying with become more easy and enjoyable. There are a lot of ways on how to make learning fun. It wouldn’t have to be dull and boring. Remember not all earn the privilege to study. Moreover, going to school is not forever. Thus, enjoy this stage in your life. Once you do this, you’d eventually take less effort in doing things at school.

2.       Take pleasure in every success. Reward yourself for every little accomplishment you achieve at school. Take a reward for yourself each time you pass the exams, especially if you topped it. A two-hour play of plants versus zombies or a cup of delicious ice cream would do it. The reward doesn’t have to become expensive. It only has to rejuvenate your spirit and bring your diligence back. You wouldn’t have to oblige your mom to buy you expensive stuffs like cellphones or jewelries. Studying can be stressing. So it is important that you become creative in finding ways on how to combat excessive pressure. Rewarding yourself would inspire you more to do your best at school.

3.       Choose your friends. Probably, you often hear this from your mom and dad. And, they’re absolutely right. Sometimes, no matter how dedicated you are with your studying you’d lose your grip because of bad influences. Don’t let bad influences get in your system. Avoid them as much as possible. Instead, prefer friends that will inspire you more to do better at school. Choose friends that have good values and attitude. With them you’d gain more energy and optimism to keep striving for your dreams. They are also a good network for future job hunting or for the development of your career. However, don’t rely on them too much. Never cheat and don’t copy their homeworks. Encourage righteousness in your friendship, especially your studies. Next>>>

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