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Tips on How to Become Successful in Your Career: Guide for Studs Preparing for College (Part 5)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 29 Jan, 2011 18:54:40

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15. Aim to top each skill certifications and legibility exams on your field. Let’s admit it. Top notchers always get prioritized in employment. Thus, do your best to top each legibility exam in your field. “Aiming to top would give you greater chance of passing exams”, a professor once told me. Basing from logics, he has a point. If you’re striving to pass, the most probable result is you would either pass or fail. But if you intend to make it on top, you’d either top or pass. The probability to fail is less and almost impossible if you’re really sincere in topping the exam.  

16. Choose the hardest topic on your field for your thesis. Most of studs prefer easy topics for thesis aiming for high grades. But if you consider the objective of thesis writing, which is to master your career, they’re not making any point. If you think of it, it is best to tackle the hardest topic in your field. You’d have better chance of digging deeper into the very core of your field’s principles. In addition, some of the employers now ask what your thesis is, assessing you capabilities and mastery in your field.  What would you choose high grades or a more comprehensive knowledge?

17. Apply to the most credible company on you field for your On-the-Job Training. If you want more chances of getting hired in your first job application, prefer to have your OJT under the most credible company in your field. Don’t prioritize your allowance or being with your friends. Go for the company that will give you comprehensive training in preparing for your career. Furthermore, writing the name of a credible company in your industry as your training ground in your resume would definitely boost your chances of getting hired in the future.

18. Start networking especially with people on your chosen industry. With the availability of social networking sites such as Facebook, networking is much easier nowadays. Nevertheless, it is best to start your networking while you’re at school. Connect with people in your chosen field like your teachers, classmates, and OJT trainers. You can also meet people in your industry through seminars, trainings, and conferences. Keep in touch with them and form a friendship that will last. It’s bad to have friends with benefits. Nevertheless, it’s not bad to have true friends who can help you with your career. Next>>>

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