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Tips on How to Become Successful in Your Career: Guide for Studs Preparing for College (Part 6)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 29 Jan, 2011 18:50:08

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19. Develop a pleasant personality. A good personality captures people’s favor even in employment. While you are still at school, learn the art of good communication. Start practicing by joining groups and organizations that interests you. Volunteer in speaking to a conference or training to enhance your speech. Be of help to others to enhance your attitude and outlook in life. Furthermore, keep yourself clean and tidy. Learn to dress according to occasion. All these things might take much of your time and effort. However, they’d develop your interrelation skills and your capabilities in managing your time and responsibilities. This would help you prepare for your future job outside school premises. 

20. Keep yourself updated with what’s latest on your chosen industry. You can manage to go out of style in terms of fashion while you’re at school, but you shouldn’t in terms of your career. If you want to qualify for a job, claim the skills and knowledge. Know what’s latest and have yourself updated with what’s going on in your industry. This would enable you to cope up and set yourself for better chances of being hired. Hence, have a frequent research on the internet. Upgrade yourself. You won’t have to spend much. There are a lot of free references online that would prepare you well for your future career.

21. Learn from each failure but always keep your attention on what’s at hand. I’ve heard this principle from one of my seniors. This is very appropriate to studs as they face consecutive challenges in preparing for their career. Many got what it takes to become successful in their career, but almost all of them easily give up in facing failure. Failure and losing is not the end of your dream. Look at the brighter side. This is a chance to learn and improve more. Don’t focus on how it is painful. Instead, look what you have or haven’t done to commit that failure. Learn from it and make a move. This can become the start of your career success.

If you want to become successful, work for it, live for it. If you’ll put your heart and dedication in achieving it, you’ll eventually achieve it. Working for your career doesn’t start when you’ve finished school. The journey to your career success starts when you choose the course you’ll take… when you enter college.

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