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Top Internet Services And Applications Free Of Charge: Personal Web Safety

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 30 Jan, 2011 23:59:43

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(This is another topic under the same article, but this time we will focus on your Personal Web Safety.)

In this new topic, you are going to be enlightened on how you would handle situations when your own PC and its whole system needs complete protection. You will be thought to know the options available online which you may choose from to use for your own safety and security in the cyberspace. This article will concentrate on the following Personal Web Safety tools such as: Top Free URL Enlarger – Uniform Resource Locator X-ray, Top Free Disposable Electronic Mail Address – Spamgourmet and GishPuppy, Top Free Internet Security – Open Domain Name System / Scanning Online Link / Web Of Trust, Top Free Electronic Mail Address Converter – Scrim, Top Private Note Free – PrivNote, and Top Anti-Malicious Software Free – Anubis and Virus Total.

Now, let’s start with Uniform Resource Locator X-ray which analyses your given URL that is shortened and discover where it will go to before you may click on it on the actual manner and assist you in browsing the cyberspace more securely.

Next is Spamgourmet and GishPuppy. Your protected electronic mail address is the only medium used to forward mails that only come in limited numbers and the rest will be left out by the application called Spamgourmet. For this option, you may just register your username and electronic mail address which is protected, after which you may give out electronic mail addresses that are disposable. For example, you may use [email protected] after performing the last process for this option and more setups are available by adding senders which are trusted. On the other hand, to help you register an electronic mail address used for forwarding e-mails to your regular electronic mail account for spam avoidance, you may use GishPuppy along with Gish It! which is it’s bookmarklet. You may cancel this option if you decide not to receive any more electronic mail messages to this address.

Third, would be about Open Domain Name System, Scanning Online Link, and Web of Trust. You may divert all your surfing activities via Open Domain Name System servers where the content is filtered with a system’s network configuration of your own which works together with an internet-based service called Open Domain Name System. Now, to help you do link scanning of hazardous threats such as malicious software like Trojan horses, computer viruses, and spyware, you may use Scanning Online Link. On the other hand, several rating classifications help you assess internet sites, and it has a remarkable alert screen to energize users for avoidance of sinister websites with tendencies to damage before do interaction, and provides reliable icons for the users for the fastest rating tasks which are available in various colors (red, yellow, and green).

At this point, we will tackle about Top Free Electronic Mail Address Converter – Scrim. This option transforms your electronic mail address into a brief and secure link for Web sharing to avoid spammers and spamming devices penetrate your system.

Top Private Note Free – PrivNote let’s you compose a private note and send reading material link to someone. After reading the note even just for one time, you can discard it without worries of having your messages sent to anonymous individuals that may bring about a lot of potential risks and dangers.

Last is Top Anti-Malicious Software Free – Anubis and Virus Total. For malicious software analysis service, Anubis is the name to rely on. You will be receiving a report analysis about its functions after you’re done submitting your EXE files under Windows. On the other side, you may also submit a Uniform Resource Locator to ascertain Internet Explorer process activities when that Uniform Resource Locator is visited. Meanwhile, for the best analysis of malicious software by engines of several antivirus, Trojan horses, worms, virus detecting tools, and files which are suspicious, you may use a freelance service on the internet called Virus Total. With this option, your uploaded file after it has been scanned; the comprehensive results from individual engines of antivirus are listed.

(Watch out for – Server and Website, next.)

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