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Triple screen for Laptop Computers

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 31 Jul, 2015 13:22:23

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Working using a laptop is sometimes hard due to the fact that the screen size is a bit small especially when you are multi-tasking. The very common laptop screen size nowadays is ranging from 13" to 15". For those who are always on the go, a lightweight but powerful laptop might be your preference in buying one. Nowadays where laptops are getting smaller and thinner without compromising performance, it would not be that hard for you to choose one.

For laptop users that want to extend their desktop screen, plugging an external monitor is always the best solution out there but make sure that you have set it to extend your desktop and not just to duplicate the display. Some of you might not be contented in using a single external monitor and you want to add another one. It is still possible but you might need to buy another connector / adaptor for this.

As a laptop user myself, having an extended screen is really important especially when you have several windows that are open. For those who are always on the go that wants to have extended screens, it would be impossible to bring their external monitors where... ever they go. Even if you do have a car, it would be ridiculous to see someone bringing extra monitors just for the sake to extend their screens.

Just imagine having a monitor that you could just clip on the back of your laptop to have multiple screens. Would it be cool to have it especially if you could connect it to your laptop using a USB cable?

The good news is, it is now possible to extend two screens on your laptop thanks to the founders of Slidenjoy. They have invented a screen that could extend your desktop or laptops with the ability to rotate its screen up to 180 degrees. It is also very light and portable that you could bring it along with your laptop. As of the moment, the said product is still not out on the market but it will be soon.

As years pass by, technology is getting better and better. Several products that can help our lives be easier are now being invented. As someone who loves tech stuff, this is a very interesting product that could definitely dominate the market. I just hope that the price would be fair enough so that it could be afforded by many.

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