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Troubleshoot Your Personal Computer Using Linux Diagnosing Hardware Problems with Ubuntu 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 26 Feb, 2011 22:04:43

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(This the second part of CPU burn testing and discussion about Memtest86+ to test your Random Access Memory.)

CPU burn
testing (continuation)…

For about ten to fifteen minutes your personal computer is most likely to shutdown if it does have cooling, power supply, or Central Processing Unit issues. This can immediately crop up if there’s an issue, but it is advisable not to leave it running all-night because of the strain it can cause on your computer.

As soon as you start running the tools of CPU burn that includes P6 burning, not until you stop them, they will begin driving your Central Processing Unit. In the terminal window that runs the program, you may press Ctrl C for stopping P6 burning program.

to test your Random Access Memory

The issues of your Random Access Memory such as reboot loops that are crippling, or crashes of the program that bring about annoyance are the ones which are difficult to analyze. The best move to do is to thoroughly test your newly installed Random Access Memory even if you don’t have any PC issues.

Now, for your Random Access Memory to be tested, you may use Memtest86+ that is included with your compact disk for Ubuntu Live. This supplemental tool from Ubuntu Live has to be run outside of a graphical session of Ubuntu that takes only a few strokes of the key compared to other compact disk tools which are live.

You must note that Memtest86+ will not be available if you use U Net boot in for creating the flash drive for Ubuntu. Instead, the recommended installer to use from Pendrive Linux is the Universal USB.

With the use of your Universal Serial Bus drive or compact disk for Ubuntu Live, your computer can be booted and you will see the opening screen for installer boot menu of Ubuntu.

Your Random Access Memory will be immediately tested by Memtest86+ upon hitting the Return key after using the down arrow key upon choosing the option for Test memory.

On your end, you may choose to run specific tests or choose some memory part by pressing C and that option should be changed if for any reason you have suspicion that the issue arise from a portion of the memory.

It is best recommended that your settings be left as is for Memtest86+ default settings will perform memory test thoroughly. Before you sleep, you may allot an ample time so you can begin to run Memtest86+ to do various testing tasks.



For stress testing a new PC or for problem diagnosing purposes, you may use the Live Compact Disk of Ubuntu which can be used by anyone and it is very useful like many other advance tools, and it should be used carefully.

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