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Truths and Myths of Work at Home Jobs

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 09 Jun, 2010 09:58:26

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The availability of internet and its boundless capabilities in communication and functionality in almost every aspect opened doors for many possibilities, including working at home. Often times, working at home is perceived to have all the glories of standard of living, as you have your family with you while working. However, remote jobs especially freelancing are not for everybody. Not being aware of its disadvantages could create a lot of trouble both for your job and family relationship as well.

 If you are one of those who considers to work at home, the following are the truths and myths of work at home jobs. Take them from somebody who had gone through experience and trials of work at home jobs.

Myth: You got all the time at home to finish tasks.

Truth: Working at home exposes you to a lot of distraction; such as friendly visits, house chores, talks and chats, and others. You’ll face the guilt of not acknowledging them making these distractions hard to control.

Myth: It’s fine to slow down while working at home. No one’s watching you anyway. Your boss is far enough not to know that you’re relaxing.

Truth: This is so untrue. You have deadlines. Time passes by and before you know it your time is up. Yes, your boss is far, but this makes it more critical as remote job employers become more observant with their employees output taking into account they don’t see them work. At office, you can pretend to be working all day long, but still you got your whole day paid. This is not the case in work at home jobs. You won’t get your bread and butter without presented output.

Myth: It’s relaxing to work at home. You’re at you own house and you got the control of your schedule.

Truth: Yes, you got to work at home on your preferred time. However, working at home introduces you to more stress due to the associated responsibilities in staying home. People perceive work at home job as unprofessional jobs that does not require too much attention. Working at home is often related to hobbies. Thus, working at home becomes crucial on tight deadlines as employees are pressured to do socialization and house task at times. You’ve to make an effort in explaining to your friends and family that your work at home job is not a hobby, and like any other job it needs serious attention.

If you still interested in pursuing work at home employment now or in the future, assess your capabilities in controlling your time and working environment. Be serious on it and for sure, you’ll reap its rewards.

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