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Warning for Future IT Applicants: Signs You are Being Scammed

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 27 Jun, 2010 16:21:01

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Before I landed on a stable career, I’ve fallen several times being blinded with promising oasis. I’ve failed to scrutinize what I was going into. There’s nothing wrong of being optimistic. Nevertheless, the thing that makes you optimistic should be real enough not to fail you in the end. Sounds like something you’ve already experience? That’s not surprising. If not all, most of us already came across of being cheated. Huh umm… not cheated on love, cheated by job scams. Yep, they’re common nowadays especially in the industry of Information Technology, which is the center realm of online jobs. They are very usual that you won’t even notice what you’re into might be a scam already.

Here are the signs of typical job scams. One indication among this list should wake you up to examine the job at-hand, twice or more should make run away before it’s too late.

Employer proposes a job does not require a skill. Forget what I said earlier once you encounter this. Abort at once if someone offers you an unbelievable job. There’s no job that doesn’t call for ability. No matter how simple, all careers need know-how.

Employer offers big money with just an easy job. Oh, this one is too blinding especially if details are so crafted. However, you can still know if you’re a subject victim. Check online reliable posts of verified scams. Most probably you’ll have an idea if you’re indeed dealing with a certified con artist.

Employer promises a bright career ahead of you. With just a little show-off of sample work or skill, your employer promises you’ll be the next department director. Enticing, isn’t it? On the other hand, now is the time to doubt. Every honest employer wouldn’t do so. He will only inform you what would be the benefits of joining their company, in case you pass. You’ll know if they’re reliable once they subject you to interviews and tests in assessing your capabilities. There are more of you than them in aura grooming.

Employer’s not disclosing his identity or company. After confirming you’re hired, some cheaters will clutter you instantly with tasks. Seems to be impossible? Nope, it is now common in online jobs. These low-flying predators will not discuss who they are or what planet they came from. Usually, they are fellow online workers who hope to have their easy way of earning for a living by having somebody else to work for them. Of course they pay too, but expect not as your work deserves.

Job details are vague. Ask every detail to your employer. Examine job nature, and employer’s company and identity. Check if the company and the person really exist. If they do, use the provided authentic contact details and check if it’s really whom you are dealing with. Notice also what you are working on and match if they’re really according to your agreed job tasks.

Employer creates loop holes in agreements. You’ve checked your employer’s credibility and your job’s standing. Are you expecting you’re safe? Well, you’re not. Before signing a contract or confirming an agreement, evaluate first if your right is not being forsaken. Check the payment agreement, number of tasks, difficulty of tasks, and your schedule. Make sure you’re well paid for the heaviness of the work and the time you’ll spend.

Employer requires payment. Now, who would not be alarmed when someone requires you to pay for a job? On the contrary, there are true employments that necessitate fees aside from overseas. There are credible online jobs that obliged sign up fees. However, these fees are only deposits and obtainable once your reliability as a worker has been checked. Remember, applicants are not the only the target victims but employers as well. Still, it is best if you’ll prefer to investigate your prospect employer.

Oh, I did not notice…I’m miles away on my minimum number of words. Huh...Who cares as long as I’m still within the limits? I’m contented enough sharing my own failures to benefit new ones. I really wished I knew them when I was starting.

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