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Ways on how to maintain your computer's performance

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 27 Oct, 2011 19:04:48

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Most of you might already be aware that almost everyone on earth knows how to use a computer but not anyone knows how to maintain a computer. Having a computer is also like having a car because you also need to take care of it and maintain it every now and then so that it can perform at its best. In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips on how to boost your computers performance without upgrading anything.

Clean your computers – Cleaning your computer will help you maintain your computer. This will now only boost your computer’s performance but it will also prolong your computers life. Many of you might not be aware that a computer can slow down dramatically when it is dirty. It is because the parts inside cannot move well due to dust accumulation and other factors. As an added tip, never put your computer near a refrigerator or anything that generates heat especially direct sunlight. This would really cause damage.

Defrag – Once in a while, it is good for a computer to use the defrag option for performance boost. Defragging your computer can help it speed up a little because it will repair the data’s on your storage device. It can even free some disk spaces on your drive.

Disk Cleanup – Many of you might already heard disk cleanup. This is a utility from Windows wherein you can use to free space on your drive. This will remove unused files to save precious space. The common targets of this program are the temp files and the recycle bin files. The said files normally consume a huge space in our drives. Most users are not aware of this.

Let your computer rest – Computers also needs to rest. This will help you prolong your computer’s life. Using your computer everyday is not bad but still; let it rest for a couple of hours to also prevent overheating.

The said tips are only some of the ways on how to maintain your computer. Buying a computer isn’t that cheap that’s why you must take care of it as much as you can. This could save you money on parts. If you are not sure with what you are doing, ask someone who knows computers better. If the said steps sound a bit complicated for you, you can just let someone do the job for you. You can just let him maintain your computer for you.

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