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Ways on how to recover files on a dead hard disk

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 08 May, 2015 17:05:42

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As we all know, computer peripherals has life too and has a tendency to fail and die without any symptoms. The hard disk is usually the very first peripheral that fails in a computer. A hard disk is where we store files and that is why it is the most important part of a computer. If your hard disk fails, you can still do something to try to recover your files but it would depend on the defect of your hard disk and also the program that you use.

Retrieving files on a hard disk could be done by using free programs like Recuva, Undelete 360, Wise Data recovery and the like. The said programs will be the very first step that you could use to try recovering your files but if ever that the free programs could not handle the job; there are also those soft wares that you could buy which contains additional features and better support.

In using data recovery soft wares, there is no assurance that you could recover all files but you would not know if it works unless you try. It would be a big relief if ever you could successfully recover your files especially... if they are really that important. Features and functionalities of recovery soft wares from different companies differ and that is why it would be better if you will find programs that will suite your needs.

If ever that the data recovery software did not work and you really need to recover your files, the only way that you could recover your files is to use a hardware that is capable of recovering data which can be available on your local repair shops. You could also search online for trusted shops that specialize in data recovery. Hardware recovery can cost you thousands of pesos but has a greater chance of recovering your data.

Hard disks can fail so easily but in order for it to last longer, make sure that you shut down your computer properly and clean the fans of your computers once in a while for better heat dissipation.

Another thing, I suggest backing up your important files regularly so that in case that your hard disk is starting to fail, you still have a copy of your files that you could use. You may need to buy another hard disk but at least, your files are safe.

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