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Web Fraudulent Schemes To Be Aware Of: Part 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 21 Dec, 2010 18:49:35

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Here is the continuation of our topic for our quest to fight cyber scammers. Please carefully read and consider each type of incident because you may never know when you’ll be victimized. 

Let’s take a look at these 4 remaining risk factors to prevent fake advertisements online.  

·          Credit Card approval messages 

These type of messages targets individuals who have bad credit scores or those who are out of their jobs due to recession. According to an antivirus and anti-malicious ware company, these offers of credits go with an advance offer of credit schemes. In the message it may seem like you have been pre-qualified for a credit that comes with a brand new credit card or low-interest loans. Be careful not to get into it and pay a processing fee for it immediately goes to the account of the spammer and you’ll become a hundred dollars broke. 

·          Gift Cards which are stripped

Many people like to receive gift cards which they can spend on groceries or supermarkets that replaces cash. The bad news is, many cyber crooks take advantage of these people by sending them online advertisements through an e-mail message, and before you know it, the value of the gift card has been spent and you’ll be left a hideous fellow with nothing to pay on the grocery items you bought. So better yet, to make sure that you’re getting a real gift card which you can use buying on a store, get the gift card only from reliable sources.

·          Gift Cards which are fake

There are gift card offers which seem to be an associate promotion of swindling someone’s information or even funds. You must realize that these are only gimmicks disguising its aim to grab your personal info and sell it to others for marketing purposes. You may avoid this kind of scheme and remember that stores will not give free gift cards for the purpose of getting your feedback. Being a keen observer is a must with this kind of situation. 

·          Giving Free iPad scheme 

You may avoid ads which offer free iPad for the holiday season because internet scammers are on the loose and they might catch your attention. This is usually comes with a banner like “Fill-out surveys and get a free iPad” or any other similar headlines which you must not bite into. The truth is, after you fill-out surveys, you’ll be then sent to a link which requires you to pay for an item to get a free iPad and that is something which has a clear catch on it.  

Being cautious and a keen observer is a must these days to prevent cyber criminals getting into your way. Happy New Year!!!      

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