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What are the best characteristics of a webdesigner or web programmer to make a website productive and attractive?

by: Melissa Reyes | 18 Aug, 2010 14:44:45

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In making a website, a designer or web programmer doesn’t only possess intelligence and logical thinking but also he or she must be eclectic. He chooses what seems to be the best for the website to be competitive to others. Nothing is much more important than making your business successful and productive. Here are the traits of a web programmer or designer to persuade visitors open your site and buy your products.

 1. Be creative and resourceful – vary the contents of your website but make it sure that everything is created by your own wit and imagination. Make your website something unique from others for you provide them original information and this information they have been looking for is only be found in your site. Not only that, Add other valuable stuffs you think they are interested in such as advertisements, trivia, news, and so on.

 2. Be professional - Your mechanics, punctuations, spelling and even your grammar must be heavily emphasized and not overlooked, otherwise visitors will be turned off and make them not read all the way to your site or even need not visit again. Besides, write legibly. Visitors surely want to read the easiest way. They can’t stand reading with very small letters or even bright.

3. Be generous – Offering prizes, freebies, promos and other kinds of stuff in your site can do such a big deal to the visitors. Once they are convinced, they might stay longer in your computer and participate or even buy your products if there’s any.In addition, provide something that is useful and printable contents in your site. This evidently shows that your site is very meaningful and helpful for them.

 4. Be artistic and stylish - One of the best ways to attract your visitors is the feature and style of your website. Try to create headlines as well as sub headlines to catch their attention. If your site is attractive, everything is seemingly informative and meaningful for them. Furthermore, create a website that possibly load quicker as what they thought. One thing that annoys them most is when you make them wait. For them, time is gold and they easily leave your site and finds another which serves them faster and easier.

 5. Be straightforward

At the beginning, clearly define what you can offer the visitors. Don’t make them guess and be confused.

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