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What Every Graduate Should Do After Graduation

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 29 Mar, 2011 21:27:17

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The graduation season is here once again. It’s the time for celebration after years of study. I hate to break the party, but, by now, you should be aware of the new challenges that await you outside the school premises. After graduation you’d feel the pressure to find a job or run your own business. Feeling overwhelmed with new responsibilities? Don’t worry.  Here are some tips on what graduates should do after graduation, to help you cope with the pressure to start up the boost for your career.

1. Take a defined length of vacation. Give yourself the reward in ending a major task in your life. It’s time to chill off the stress and regain new energy and motivation for starting your career after graduation. However, define the length of your graduation. You may get caught with too much fun. If it’s important for you to know why, read this: HR’s consider 6 months vacancy as unemployed.

2. Define what you want to become. Get this chance while you’re on vacation, when you have a clear mind. Do you want to get a job and pursue your career, or use your skills in starting your own business. What kind of lifestyle would you want for yourself? What are the kinds of tasks in your career that you’ll enjoy doing everyday without burning out your motivation? Answer these questions honestly to find out your career goal.

3. Have a clear targeted plan. Now that you have a clear goal, start thinking on how you can achieve it. Make your plan realistic and clear. As much as possible, have contingencies in case something flops to make it failure- proof. Search for the best ways you can achieve your goals effectively.

4. Know the risks. To make your career goals achievable, you should know the risks accompanied in pursuing it. This way you’d have a chance to deal with sudden problems along the way. You’d also be more prepared in coping to these challenges.

5.  Consult people you know in your career. The best source for info and advice are people you trust in your career. Seek advice from them. Most likely, they’ll give you better insights regarding your career plans.

6. Gather requirements and equipments. Based from reliable info’s, gather all the things that you have to accomplish to run your plan. If you need additional skills to start your career plan, then enroll to a reliable training school. Moreover, secure ever document needed. Start to gather your capital, equipments, and manpower; if you plan to start your own business.

Put your plan in action. It wouldn’t be surprising if you’d tell me that you’re still not ready after all above tasks. You’re not the only one who felt overwhelmed with new career challenge. If you’ve settled everything you need and you’ve the necessary taken precautionary measures, then there’s no need to worry. Grab the chance. Anyway, this is what graduation is all about: Indulging yourself to higher heights and challenges.

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