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What is Hard disk Cloning? Learn the purpose of Cloning your computer Hard Drive

by: Megan B. Bolivar | 08 Oct, 2010 16:55:22

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You may not heard of Hard disk cloning and may have not used it for your daily job as a computer technician but i tell you what? This is the best way to make your IT job easier. You will save time and energy doing time consuming job in maintaining massive numbers of computers in your company or at home.

What is hard disk Cloning?

Hard disk cloning is a method of copying the entire contents of your hard drive or a hard drive partition from a source hard disk to the destination hard disk. It will not only copy the data and software programs on your computer but also the entire Windows operating system installed on your disk.  You may clone an entire hard disk or a partition in the harddisk. You can use Norton Ghost program to clone your computer.

Why do we clone our Hard drive?

Cloning your hard drive as i have said will make your job alot easier than what you ususally do before, because you can simplify your daily job of installing and configuring a new computer by cloning one hard drive of a computer to another computer. Lets say your job is to format and install Windows XP pro to newly purchased 100 units of computer. If you do the usual way of formatting and installing  windows XP to computers one after the other you will certainly make your life alot more difficult.

Here is the best method on how to install and format your multiple computers. You do this if the computers you are installing have the same hardware models such as the motherboards and peripheral devices. Do not clone your hard drive if the destination drive have different motherboard brand or model you will run into problems about device drivers later if you do or worst case scenario would be the destination computer will not even boot the WIndows Xp operating system it will hang up before you see the log on page, but if you are installing into the same brand and model of computers then its time to go ahead.

Format and Install windows XP into one of the computers (this will be the model computer) Install every software that needs to be installed such as flash players, acrobat reader, video players as well as all device drivers of your motherborad, video cards and add on devices such as bluetooth wireless adapter and others. after doing all the necessary installation and configuration of the model computer then its time to begin cloning the hard drive of this model computer to each and every hard drive of all the remaining computers.

Backing up your computer is also one of the best way to use disk cloning. You can make a duplicate copy of your computer hard drive by cloning your computer. Simply clone your hard disk and then store it in your cabinet if untoward incident happens to your computer simply get your backup disk from your cabinet and plug it into your computer and pronto you have a nice working computer again. One drawback of this kind of backup is that your backup data is not updated so if you restore the cloned disk to your computer then all files you make after backing up your disk by disk cloning are lost. But of course Losing some files is much better than losing all your entire files and programs.

If you are maintaining a critical server on your company its good to invest into a single hard drive for the purpose of disk cloning the hard drive of your server especially if your server doesnt implement RAID protection.

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