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What is Java?

by: Ailene B. Misa | 20 Jan, 2010 11:42:25

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Most of the web application uses Java for its applet. This allows computer user to interact with the web site. Even most cellphone applications like games used Java.

Are you familiar with Java? Do you have ideas on its features and benefits to computer users?

Well then let us find out what Java is and the benefits it can offer you as a computer user.

In computing, Java is defined as a programming language designed for internet and other business application. Most syntax of Java was obtained from C++ and C, but it is easier and implements object-oriented programming. Java is object-oriented, class base and all purpose application. It aims to allow software developer to create an application once and operates anywhere.

Java applications are being compiled to class file which can only operates on JVM or Java Virtual Machine. These applications can operate on a single computer terminal, server or in each computer terminals in a network.

Mostly, Java is used to create application applet that is commonly used as part of a web page. Through this, computer user can interact with the said web page.

To cite some of the things that you can do with these are: lets you chat with people over the Internet, play online games, and provide on-line calculator.

Isn't wonderful how Java works over different computer and web page application.

Next, let me discuss with you how it was started.

In 1991, James Gosling of Sun Microsystem aims to create a virtual machine and at the same time a programming language that can be similar to C++ and C programming. With his initiative and hard work Java 1.0 was released in public in 1995 that aims for WORA, Write Once Run Anywhere. It was also known for its good security features. This marks the start of integrating Java applet on major web page.

Since then Sun Microsystem allows some Java implementation free of charge.

Java programming language has five (5) principles stating that: it should be simple and object-oriented, it should be robust, it should fit any computer architecture, it should perform with high performance, and it should be dynamic.

Since Java catch the attention of most developers, it is now commonly used by every industry in electronic devices. Also, almost all of the major developers of Operating system like IBM and Microsoft included Java compilers.

That is why Java is everywhere! Say from cellphone to computer and Internet, in individual use to corporate business applications. It already powered most of our electronic devices even our vices like lottery.

So what is Java platform?

One of the main features of Java programming language is its portability that allows Java application to run in any operating system platform. This is the result of compiling the program to bytecode because these are intended for virtual machine. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is commonly used by computer users for standalone Java applications, or the Java applets for web browser.

So see for yourself how Java is at work on your daily life style. Believe me you will be surprise how Java in action for you.

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