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What is the Life Expectancy of a Computer?

by: Melissa Reyes | 30 Sep, 2010 12:33:36

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I've just bought my laptop recently and I wonder how long it lasts? I still kept the warranty certificate to be ready in case a problem occurs. But what is really the life expectancy of a computer whether a laptop or a desktop?

Generally, the length of time for every system that runs smoothly depends on the users. Usually, errors and data corruption happen only if the user doesn't properly use it. However, inescapably, we come across some troubles that we really need to defrag because out of nowhere, the computer gets slower and slower. Why? The possible reason is what and how much you installed? Can your hard disk and processor load them?

Quite soon after, you can hear a very strange noise coming for your computer. In some extreme cases, the computer suddenly shuts down and restarts. This strongly signals, if not late, to do repair and troubleshooting. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your computer.

  • Never buy your computer with unlicensed pre-installed software. Make it sure that your computer is configured properly by an IT experts; otherwise, you will encounter such problems mentioned above.
  • Handle your computer with care. Apart from the environmental factors that affect the life expectancy of your computer such as dirt, dust, sunlight, lightning and the like. Heat is actually the primary cause of a shorter expectancy. More specifically, the laptops are more susceptible to hot temperature. Never put on your lap or on bed for long time. Never switch on if still in its case.
  • Clean regularly. It is advisable to regularly clean the cooling system or exit vents. The cooling fan normally filters dust that causes the major problem for the system work smoothly and efficiently. If unattended, the computer eventually breaks down.

 In conclusion, the life expectancy of the computer is in your hand. If it is taken care very well, it may live longer. If not, you will loose earlier.

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