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When And How To Do E-Mail Printing?

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 06 Dec, 2010 21:39:59

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It is given that a lot of people are now in to e-mailing, especially, when it comes to marketing products, sending out  quotations, giving instructions, favorite recipes, interoffice memo, and a lot more. There may be even times that the e-mail you received or sent needs to be printed for hardcopy filling purposes and documentation as well. This gives justification why e-mail printing is useful because not all the time you have access to the internet even if you got several e-mail addresses on your list.


You may use the print option of your e-mail application for creating a message which is a printer-friendly version when you are to print from a web-based e-mail facility. It is advisable to go directly to the print command of your browser if you like to do printing your e-mail messages. You will be surprised to print including other elements in your e-mail message like the buttons, ads, menus, and screen shots while the options works specifically for web pages.


There are a lot of ways to print your e-mail messages using different e-mail facilities available using the internet.


When you are using Outlook Web App under Microsoft Outlook; first, you have to select the message on the list you like to print; click print after clicking file in the client application; when you are in the Outlook Web app, open the message after double-clicking it in the new window by turning off the right-side viewing window of the View menu and then at the top of the window, you may click the button for Printable View; last, a print dialogue will appear so you need to adjust the print menus and settings before printing the e-mail message.


Now, you can also print your e-mail messages using Google e-mail or G-mail (which currently has calling option facility). To print your e-mail messages using this site, you may click Print all located on the right side of the window after opening the conversation; and you may use the print command of your browser after the simply-formatted printable window opens.


If you are to print a single e-mail message, you may need to expand the message within the page you are intending to print; on the Reply button’s right side, you may click the down arrow; to get the printable window, click Print in the resulting menu; and you may use your browser’s print command if you are about to print the e-mail message.


Yahoo! Mail is one of the most popular e-mail providers used by internet savvy individuals. To print e-mail messages using Yahoo! Mail, you need to open the message itself; a pop-up for print dialogue will appear after clicking Print option on the toolbar located at the top of the window to get your e-mail version of the message to be printed; and then adjust print options and settings before sending off printable jobs.

Last, you can also print your e-mail messages using Hotmail, or Windows Live! By opening the message; to get the printable version of your message, at the top of the window you may click the Print icon on the toolbar; and before you send printable message to the printer, you need to adjust print options and settings.

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