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Who invented the first computer?

by: Melissa Reyes | 23 Aug, 2010 15:18:33

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            Did you know who invented the first computer? Maybe you have different answer from mine. This only shows that the creation of computers was very complicated and innovative. In my article, I will briefly discuss the history of the early computers.

            It was in 1936 when the first computer was invented and developed by the most promising creation of Konrad Zuse. Though it has been claimed that there were devices prior to it but it was the first ever made for programming.

            It was then the beginning of break through of computers when they further developed computer known as Harvard Mark I in 1944 through ABC Computers company owned by John Atanasoff. But as it is said, human beings are naturally creative and broadminded. They spontaneously tried to invent advanced computers which are far better and faster. Eventually, the ENIAC I was assembled that consisted more or less 20,000  tubes for its different operations.

           Furthering computer science in the year of 1953, another company contributed the evolution of computers through the IBM 701 EDPM Computer. IBM stands for International Business Machine.  This time, it was much faster and better. It signified more competition not only in small but also in big businesses more specifically the computer-related businesses. Gradually, the programming language was leveled up with the use of FORTRAN because “assembly or binary” language is too slow. And it was early 1955, when the bank of America started the manipulation of computers in banking industry and finally in 1958, the devices became more modernized because they created built-in computers where motherboards and cards had many “chips” that operated the system.

           In the age of computers, many inventors continued their discoveries until gaming and internets were on the rise. The first computer game called Spacewar was programmed in 1962 by Steve Russel. Lately in 1964, Douglas Engelbart invented a mouse or  ”tail” which triggered more computer games programs.

            Another break through of computer advancement is the internet in 1969. Originally, ARPA became the foundation of internet which has been used nowadays. Though, lately in 1973, a networking card became the pave way to transfer data to the other computer.

            There’s a lot more to learn about the history of computer in my next article.

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