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Why Computer Users are Choosing Laptop?

by: Ailene B. Misa | 19 Jan, 2010 07:54:19

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Everywhere I go, I see more and more people are using laptop. Actually I have this conclusion, where there are Wi-Fi spots, there are numerous laptop users. Do I sound familiar?

But then what it is with laptop why most users are hooked into it? We all know laptop price are not that cheap it is something that sounds expensive, and indeed really expensive. So join me as we find out reasons why it is popular in our generation.

Desktop computers innovations are very fast. But would you believe that laptops innovations are also getting fast?

Before AMD processors are only offered for desktop as well with memory upgrade. But now the same thing is also offered in laptop. Almost all of the innovations that can be done in computers are also soon to be done in laptop. Not only that even the fashion that you can apply in your desktop can also be done in your laptop.

Most of the laptop units available in market offer the same specs with the desktop computers. Let say for the processor, there are Core 2 Duo and even AMD. We all know AMD processors are cheaper compare to Intel. I can say that most laptop manufacturers are trying to cater the financial needs of the users.

Laptop's memory is now ranging from 1GB to 4GB. Are you surprised? You read it right guys. If you opt to have at least 1GB for the meantime, you can have it upgraded later. Just make sure that the unit you purchased is upgradeable. Make sure to ask it from the vendor or rather double check it's manual.

Hard Disk capacity is almost the same with the desktop. I have my new laptop purchased late last year and it has 80GB space. More than enough for needs even I enjoy entertainment that much.

Display capacities of some laptops are also better. They offer higher video memory for high resolution works to support even 3D graphic works.

Laptop sizes are also varies from 10 to 17 inches. But then, you should be aware that the smaller size offers lower specifications.

Most laptop batteries are also 6 Cells battery. There is longer life for your unit even when power is off. Isn't amazing?

Most of all the warranty. Most of the laptop comes with one year warranty but there are some with two years warranty.

Most of the laptops are ready for internet connection: Wi-Fi, Ethernet or modem. Since most of the establishments are already offers Wi-Fi, most individuals opt to have laptop even the notebook to avail the free internet connection. Really cool and very practical!

I was able to browse one laptop brand that does not only offer technical capability but it is also covers fashion. Yeah, I'm serious, even I was surprised with this innovation. This brand boast for their fashion designs that I believe will also capture your attention. Fist they have different varieties for your own need after wards the layout and design of their product line are really based in fashion. As they say, their product is even thinner, longer lasting and best performing. You will also notice that the colors of their products are really into fashion.

There are some computer stores that offers promo like 12-months to pay with zero interest that really encourage buyers to have one laptop. That's not all, they also include some freebies like mouse or Operating system.

With all these reasons, nobody will neglect the chance of having a personal laptop. With all the laptop models available in the market, choose what fit your needs.

Enjoy surfing!

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