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Why Writing is Important in Every Career

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 21 Jun, 2010 13:52:45

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Some neglect the importance of writing. What’s the use of it, if your job does not require good writing? Indeed, you’re not obliged to do well in writing. However, if you want to have an edge over competitors, learning to write well is big plus.

Writing: Importance and Career Applications

I’m serious. Writing is special. The knowledge of good writing can help you get on top of your career in many ways. Written communication and reports are needed in every job. In fact, you can’t be hired if your resume isn’t sensible. A cover letter is also often required in employment application, and sending a good one would definitely qualify you for an interview.

The essence of writing doesn’t stop upon employment. Reports, emails, communication letters, and other company documents call for proper writing. Do you know why supervisors, department heads, and company superiors, of course excluding the company owner, got on the lead because they can render information and communications very well? Even if you’re the most knowledgeable employee in your company or even in your whole industry, you wouldn’t have the appreciation you deserve if you can’t share your insights properly in a formal manner. Written communication is the most conserved form of statement. Thus, it is the most acknowledged form of exchange of ideas.

There are cases wherein inventions and intellectual properties are stolen because the real owner can’t protect their rights through writing. Worst, they are often stolen when true proprietors seek help from those who know how to write and render information.

The sited importance of writing and its application are only slice of the whole cake. Imagine how many opportunities will come your way once you have the skills in writing.

Criteria for a Good Writing Piece

Learning to write properly is easy. As long as you know about the subject or have a grasp about it upon credible research, and knows how to put ideas in logical manner; you’re 20% done. 5% of a writing piece goes to grammar. Then, what would make the remaining 75%? The hanging 75% comes from the writer’s willingness to share his or her ideas. Contrary to common belief grammar doesn’t make a masterpiece. What makes writing sensible is its content, and the content wouldn’t be complete if you have no interest in sharing your ideas.

Once you got the spirit of it, you’ll have the hand of good writing. So, start practicing your thoughts out from your pen. Be a good writer, be an excellent communicator, and achieve a better career!

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