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Windows Explorer VS. Internet Explorer

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Dec, 2010 21:37:43

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It is given that if you’re using a new gadget, new system, new tools, or any other things which are new to you; confusion and doubts linger your mind. This happens very often for those who are just new using Windows Explorer.

Now for beginners there’s should be no confusion between the terms Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer is your personal computer tool from Microsoft Corporation which includes important features that allows browsing, viewing, copying and deleting files, and its versions are Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7; while Internet Explorer is Microsoft Corporation’s flagship web browser that was initially named as Microsoft Internet Explorer which is the most popular among other browsers available through downloading in the likes of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

This browser support programs like Ajax, Java Script, CSS, Active X, Java, and RSS; likewise it also features phishing and built-in malicious ware protection programs, and private and tabbed browsing capabilities. Internet Explorer now has a new version IE8 or Internet Explorer 8 which was launched on the third month of 2009. The next version IE9 is in the making and will mark is grand launching soon. The much awaited Internet Explorer 9 shall include Chakra which is a faster engine from Java Script, an accelerated hardware makeup with Direct Write and Direct 2D, and which supports HTML5 and CSS3 extensively.

By this time as a starter, you should know the distinction between Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer, its features, functions, and overall program makeup.

Going back to the real course of the conversation which is about Windows Explorer, for starters you have to be oriented that this is the operating system’s manager of folders and files. Maybe until now, those who have been using Windows Explorer for a longer time may still not realize its real use or function. You are using Windows Explorer when you are opening a folder for photos or documents within the same memory card. Windows Explorer’s main function is to manage your folders and let you move, copy, open, and view your files. The best thing to know in the first place is to how you can use your Windows Explorer to keep your data in order by creating folders, using a flash drive to copy files, and using memory card to import photos and many others essential features.

For all those who have bought a new computer set, whether desktop (conventional or flat screen types), laptop, notebook, or even iPAD, and a newbie for using programs- Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, respectively, you now have a first hand information for the distinctions and how to distinguish whether you are using one or either.

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