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WordPress Blogging Made Easy – Friend Making Strategy and Topic Focusing

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 05 Mar, 2011 21:06:22

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Everyday, a lot of people are beginning to use WordPress for their blogging needs because it is widely-known and popular site to create your Web logs (blogs) whether it is setup free or self-hosted.  The downside is that after several months many Web loggers (bloggers) stop posting due to the fact that it is not read and there are no reader reactions or comments, that means their posts didn’t have any impact with the readers or there are no means that the article is read. So, Web logging (blogging) your articles or Web contents doesn’t mean that it will be read by many people and for it to be popular or known you have to think of better moves for it to be visible to others.

The good news is there are strategies for you to employ for making your Web logs famous without using WordPress’ advance technical system.


· Friend making strategy

As you all know, there are a lot of Web content writers on cyberspace that writes about a specific topic, like regarding fruit for example. On this case, you can join forums about web logging or web content writing and chat with them about your opinions about their works to exchange ideas and knowledge with your fellow writers. This type of communication for people with the same endeavor will broaden your range of ideas and skills when it comes to writing Web contents. There are also instances that you can include your link after commenting on a certain site or Web page. Through this you can increase the chance for your Web page to be visited by visitors from the Web log you posted your comments to and this is called exchange of link method. The only thing you need to consider is to make your conversation with your fellow authors or writers with deep sense and social relevance giving the readers of your comments more effective contents and very timely conversation and likewise this will be your smooth way to promote what you’re writing or the site you are trying to sell.


· Topic Focusing

There are lots of people engaging themselves for writing Web logs everyday about their activities, thoughts, ideas, favorites, adventures, experiences, future plans, and many more. On the other hand, not all people will be happy to read those types of articles or Web contents and most of the time will create boredom that eventually leads to an instance that no people may come to read those you are posting. For a more striking Web log, topic focusing is a better way for you to make your writings appealing and a point of conversation among readers. You may also broaden the topics you can write, like if you write about a fruit you can branch your writing to a related topic about a tree and if you get bored, try shifting to farming. If you keep on focusing on the topics you are giving life through writing, your Web logs or Web contents will be more appreciated by your readers.


(There’s more we will discuss, next.)

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