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Work at Home Interruptions: Always Expect the Unexpected

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 11 Aug, 2010 08:42:28

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Just this morning, I and my sister had an argument. It started when she asked me if I’d work. Annoyed of her day to day usual question, I snapped. She doesn’t seem to understand that my work needs constant attention even if its home based. I somehow felt that all she cares is her online games, her chat mates, and her virtual pet. I do understand her position. She only wants a little leisure in escape on her stressful night shift call center job. However, I need also to earn my own bread and butter. Being the eldest, I am obliged to provide somehow for the family.

It’s hard to take on inspiration in the profession of writing. Every day you have to beat the so called “writer’s block”. And here she comes. Instead of lending help, she offers another disruption. I really hate what she always does every morning…asking if I’d work.

If you’re capable of overcoming these everyday instances in a work-at-home job and you really want to have this kind of job, then go. However, expect in advance all kind of distractions you can get. Working at home isn’t easy. I’ve been almost a year in the industry and until now I always face the hurdles of home interruptions. There are even days when I feel tired weighing what should be the day’s priority, the house works or the job works… not to mention, the unexpected visits from friends and relatives.

These are still not the worst. Think of the days when it is your deadline for a project and an emergency pops out your window. Has my job been tough on me? Nope. It’s more accurate to say I’m being tough on myself.

Now that I’m energy drained, I’m beginning to think to rent a nearby apartment where I could lock myself up when I’m working. Before I thought I’d do just fine as I’ve polished my schedule for work and home concerns. But considering home is the “place of the unexpected”, I was wrong to expect too much on my organizer. To think it cannot set the boundaries of my opposite worlds, I really need to spend for a solid boundary.

Many still don’t get the grasp of today’s new employment trends. Thus, it’s not surprising why most people weigh less the importance of work at home jobs. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want. If you love your profession, then there’s no further derivation needed. Just hold on and you’ll earn the fruit of your perseverance.

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I agree with you Tesa, working home-based needs more attention and should be strict on schedules. I also encountered when an emergency situation needs my attention. By the way, I'm a freelancer in system and software development, that's why my job needs a lot of focused on logics and algorithms and procedures for the automation of a system. Proper management on time and resources is a must for a home-based job.

are you a freelancer too? you also do programming aside from article writing?

You got it right. Only freelancers know how hard it is to juggle family and work- especially that its collided in one place. Yes, I'm a freelancer like you. I do sometimes programming-depends on the offer : ). Nevertheless, I love sharing my thoughts through writing.

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