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You Must Be Precautious In Opening Files

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 27 Dec, 2010 20:46:15

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Most of the time opening files from unknown sources or browsing a doubtful Webpage may lead to a system problem or worst damage to other files or programs of your personal computer. You must be careful and take precautionary actions to prevent serious issues which may arise from negligence or carelessness. Remember, when opening files at your disposal you must be very careful and check the source and origin of the file from where it come from to avoid risks and future hazards before you do any clicking. If you are uncertain or suspicious about a certain file, the best thing to do is to park it first and do investigative tasks to further check the real status and authenticity of the file. It is better to prevent viruses or malicious wares to infest your PC before it create an instant failure and overall damaging effects on your system.

Now, to make sure that you are always on track on each files that you are about to download or accept, you need to follow 3 simple rules for a safer file management.

·          Update your software regularly

Before downloading any files, take note that most electronic mail accounts do have an option or feature which are used for attachment scanning before the system accept the running program on each file. The special features of an e-mail program to safeguard your system are; malicious ware blocking, to caution you on programs which are risky and hazardous to your computer, and pre-download screening measures.

·          Web research 

You may adhere to easy-to-do procedures when a webpage you are surfing pops-out a message of request stating that something needs to install but you are skeptical to follow instructions. All you have to do is make web searches on the software’s name, authenticity, and security before reading results that you have gathered on the beginning. You may repeatedly do terms and name searches if the results you have acquired still seem to be vague. Most importantly, you may do website and software name recordkeeping tasks as well as gathering information about the software if doubts arise.

·          Trust your software

The options to guarantee the security of the software you are downloading are listed on the menu for Advance Options where you’ll be able to choose certain files to scan. You may do scan section navigation after opening the control panel of the security software. Remember that before making any file transfer to your personal computer from a medium, usually, your anti-malicious ware or antivirus program is able to do verification of the file before you open it. To check if the software is safe to download, you may view the window where the symbol of the file is located; for showing the context menu, you have to right-click the icon; and for scanning initiation, you may click the entry because the software security may have Scan file labeled or something nearly the same.  

Serious damaging effects on your computer will be avoided if you learn how to regularly update your software, do Web research, and trusting your software. 

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