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Your Laptop Is A Valuable You Need To Protect

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 15 Dec, 2010 17:08:00

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We must admit the fact that our gadgets are prone to wear and tear, theft, and damage which are the risks factors involved. Most of all, I’m certain that you want your laptop be kept from being stolen which is a sure thing. Of course, you still like to protect the data your laptop has because you want to feel secured that your confidential information cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons even on reality your subconscious mind is still thinking of retrieving back your laptop which may be uncertain.

  • Prevent the theft to get through and have great chances on stealing your laptop

You can protect your laptop with a laptop case which is not obvious that you are carrying a laptop while traveling. It is better to use a backpack to protect your laptop from being stolen or snatched. Keep in mind to focus your mind on carrying your laptop and it should be close in contact with you when you are not using it and sitting down you may put it between your legs or on your lap. You need to secure your laptop with a cable and lock when you’re at home. A specially made lock for clamping laptops have security slot which can be attached to immovable objects and you can put it around tables. You can also bring your laptop to wherever you may want to go while you are staying at motels, hotels, or hostels or the best thing to do is to put your laptops in a safe room. Otherwise, you may ask the assistance of the reception for your laptop if it can be safeguarded in a safe house. You can settle using cable and lock if none of the above procedures work.

  • What’s on your laptop should be protected

The best move to do is to protect your laptop’s data even if it is meticulously protected. You need to encrypt important information such as transit letters, company secrets, and bank statements which thieves should not a have an access to. The way of thinking should be both ways; you don’t want to lose important information, neither you like unauthorized persons or strangers to have access to your data. If that’s the case, you may need not to use the same bag for packing your laptop and your external hard drive, use two separate bags. Better yet, the backup drive should be left at home and you may just carry copies of files you only need on a flash drive that you are carrying along with you while on a journey.

  • You can use Mozy as an online backup service

You must admit that there is only one in a million chances you can get your laptop back if it is already stolen. For this reason, to have better hopes to look forward when your laptop is stolen you may need to write down and save for keepsake your laptop’s serial numbers, model type and specifications which most likely can be found on the bottom of the notebook’s plate or sticker to act as a leeway to retrieve your lost equipment. You may also use combinations of service or software offers to increase the chances of finding your stolen laptop. Your stolen PC can be traced with the information its hidden software reports like if the unit is online, the IP address or its actual physical location will be revealed.

Now you’ve learned different techniques in protecting your laptops or notebooks for your convenience.

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