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Your Personal Computer Can Be Useful Even If Its Old: Series 1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 28 Dec, 2010 23:56:52

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There’s a big question in mind when your old personal computer is on the corner and it seems that it no longer has any use since you just bought a new one. But why this is always a notion when you have newly bought gadgets which will replace your old computer? You feel really sad when you have to move on from using the old one to start using the newly bought PC, right? So to begin with, you have to consider many things to properly dispose off the old computer not to dump it like the conventional way but you may apply graceful disposal methods that will make it useful and still be productive as a business or personal machine.

Here are the best ways to make your old PC as productive as it used before and never be dumped to nothing. 

·          Put old computer to bargain

You can sell your old computer to a lower price which will be covering deductions because of wear and tear and depreciation. It is justifiable to sell it at a lower price or half the price when your old PC reaches 3 years or more for patrons and customers to bite on your asking price right away. This is the best thing to do when you are to dispose your old gadgets, especially, an old personal computer. 

·          Reduce the parts of your old computer

Another thing to do in reducing price of your old computer is to take off things that you like from it and sell it at a lower cost. You can still retain with you some of its important parts like memory modules, power supply, optical drive, graphics card, and case. Through this method you can still make use of essential parts of the old PC without sacrificing quality of your main computer when you sell it. 

·          Place your old PC to your living room

One of the best ideas to do when you are to move your personal computer is place it on any room, especially to your living room for electronic mail checking and surfing the net. It can also be used by your school children when they get lazy going to their own rooms to do their homework and assignment.

·          Old PC to act as secondary server

Your old computer can serve as a secondary server routing and linking connections to several or multi-network system. This will be advantageous because if you have another personal computer as a back-up, you’ll find it easy to store files accordingly and you can easily sort complicated projects in short span of time. 

We will continue discussing more things on the proper way of disposing or moving your old computers on the next part of this series. Keep on reading for more updates. 

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hello cnctc admin and instructors,dami nyong natutulungan sa mga lessons and traing na kinoconduct nyo sa skul.we are planning to set up an internet cafe,nais kong mag enroll sa inyo ng lahat ng kailangan kong matutunan about computer, i am 49 years old early retired.Ang concern ko ay high school level ang narating ko pero ang WILLINGNESS to LEARN ko ay mataas.Sana mabigyan ako ng pagkakataon na matuto at makapag aral s school nyo para magamit ko sa itatayo naming business na internet cafe! MORE POWER TO YOUR SCHOOL AND MAY YOUR GODS BLESSINGS BE UPON YPU ALL!


Hi Sir. Thanks for the compliments. We will be waiting for you Sir.. See you soon here at CNCTC. May God Bless you too.

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