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Your Personal Computer Can Be Useful Even If Its Old: Series 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 29 Dec, 2010 14:14:15

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This is the second part of our discussion about how you could dispose off or keep your old computer in a right way.

Here are the next things to do to make your old computer still productive and useful.

·          You can turn your old computer into a gaming machine

You may consider turning your old computer into a vintage gaming machine which is the best tool as game server using an older unit. Let’s suppose that you are using an older Windows version or games under your Disk Operating System, for you to run the systems mentioned you may install a newer Windows version like 98. The games which you can use for the older PCs are: Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, DOS Box, Planetscape: Torment, and Good Old Games.                                                                                        

·          Turn it to a permanent game server

In addition to the previously mentioned games you can use for your old personal computer, Freelancer needs to be included on your list. Your old system can be used as a permanent server for games such as those that were stated earlier, all you have to do is to see and verify if the game you’ll be using can be used on a local PC server host. 

·          You can turn it to computing distribution tool

Another thing you can do to make your old computer useful is to turn it into a computing distribution tool for a good cause, network computing, as prime searching machine, and a base for extraterrestrial intelligence searching. 

·          You can give it as a gift to your love one

On this part, the best thing you can do to make your old personal computer useful is to give it to others as a gift or souvenir to one of your love ones, let’s say a cousin or a sibling who is living outside your home. There’s no other gift better than what you can give to your relative such as your old PC. Instead of dumping or sell it at half the price, if for any reason your old machine has a sentimental value to you, it is better to give it to one of your family members because you can still see it when you visit their home.


You’ve just read the second part of our subject about how to make your computer useful when you get to buy a new one. You have learned four additional tips to make your computer useful and productive as it should be like: you can turn it into a gaming machine, permanent game server, computing distribution tool, and as a gift to your love one. On the third part of this series, you’ll learn more ideas on how to make your old computer useful. 

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