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Your Personal Computer Can Be Useful Even If Its Old: Series 3

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 29 Dec, 2010 16:53:53

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At this point, we will continue to discuss three more options for you to make your old computer useful for your own good or for others benefit. It’s very sure that there are guaranteed ways which can turn your old PC into a whole new tool with a different purpose.

Now, let’s talk about the remaining ways for making your old PC workable. 

·          Convert your old personal computer into an experimental box

With your old computer in mind and if you don’t have plans to give it out and still planning to make it useful, you may convert it to an experimental box. There are a lot of ways you can do and experiment for your old PC to be more and go beyond its limits. For your plan to turn it to an experimental box be materialized, you may use operating systems such as UNIX, MAC, and Linux. Most of the time, installation is easier with older hardware and you can create dual-booting system on your main personal computer with the built-in support from Linux. 

·          Local School donation of your old computer

You can also donate your old computer to one of your nearest local schools for the sake of the students who are in need of additional computers to use in their school laboratory. Of course after donating your old computer, you’ll never know what the recipient plans on the machine is. On the other hand, it is very sure that your computer didn’t go to nowhere but it still has uses and can help other people or entity. 

·          You can convert your old computer into a Home Server or Network Attached Storage

The best thing to know is, if you bought a new computer and still have an old computer, you need not to go anywhere or to anyone to give it because you can still retain that in your home an can be used as a home server or an NAS for free. Your computer can be used or access by multiple users in your home which is certainly you and your family members. 

From this time on, you’ll never have to think on ways to dispose or retain your old personal computers when you bought a new one. Precisely, if you follow these advices you can guarantee to yourself that what you have spent on buying your old PC unit shall not be wasted and it still can be turned into a useful machine. Needless to say, when you are about to replace the computer that you currently use, you’ll know what to do when you need to let it go.  

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