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YouTube Video Enhancing User Scripts

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 27 Feb, 2011 22:02:16

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There are 4 YouTube video enhancing user scripts. These are:


· Lights Out of YouTube

This user script will be better preferred if you don’t want to explore other features and options, and what it can do is to only dim the videos of YouTube. Through an icon this one works as soon as it brings a background that is partially transparent upon clicking the icon; a black background is created when the icon is clicked; and the light can be brought back as you click the icon. The only browser supporting this user script is Firefox.


· Enhancer of  YouTube

The Enhancer of YouTube is a user script that is rich in features and as soon as you click the icon Light it allows you do light-dimming for any videos of YouTube. Except for the player controls for Enhancer of YouTube, everything can be dimmed by the icon because you can put back the light on by clicking anywhere. The supported browsers of this feature are SeaMonkey, Opera, Flock, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


· Cinema of  YouTube

You can choose the color of the background along with the size of the video from the right with handy bar and everything will be hidden using Cinema of Youtube. By default using Cinema of Youtube, the videos will be able to open with this extension. In the usual mode while clicking for video opening, you need to hold the CTRL key down. The options for Cinema of Youtube allow you to perform the following – Auto-play disabling / enabling; Default video size can be set; and Video description disabling / enabling. The browsers supported by this feature are from 3.5 to 3.6 versions of Mozilla Firefox.


· Turn Off the Lights of YouTube

Another extension that is cross-browser which supplements your viewing of YouTube video is Turn Off the Lights of YouTube. This works through an icon that looks like a small lamp which is visible in the toolbar of your bookmarks that fades to dark the page and the video becomes the focus. Now, to bring back the light on, you may again click the icon. You may go to View / Toolbars / Customize in the menu and the “Turn Off the Lights” add-on should be dragged onto your toolbar after the installation if you don’t see the button for Lamp. This extension has some exciting features including multiple video sites that are being supported like videos which are embedded, videos of YouTube, videos of Hyper Text Markup Language 5, and many other similar sites; as well as several image sites like Flickr, Image Search option of Google and many others. The supported browsers of this extension are Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera. 

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