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CCNA Bootcamp (Fast Track) - KB0138




CCNA Exam Review : 18 HRS (optional but reccommended)

: Unlimted HRS (optional but reccommended)

MODULE 1 -  KB0112  Cisco 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology


This module presents you with the concepts and commands you need to configure Cisco routers in multi-protocol internetworks.  During the course, you will build a Cisco network from the ground up. This experience, combined with lectures, discussions, exercises and challenging labs, will give you the hands-on experience you need to configure and maintain Cisco routers in the real world.

This training will provide students with the essential knowledge to install, configure, and operate simple routed LANs and WANs.

This course will prepare students pass the CCNA certification.


  • Design a simple LAN using Cisco Technology
  • Design an IP addressing scheme to meet design requirements
  • Select an appropriate routing protocol based on user requirements
  • Design a simple internetwork using Cisco technology
  • Configure routing protocols
  • Configure IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateway addresses on routers and hosts
  • Configure a router for additional administrative functionality
  • Implement a LAN
  • Manage system image and device configuration files
  • Perform an initial configuration on a router  


Instructor-led, classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.


Students should have a working knowledge of LAN Local Area Network and have taken the following courses or its equivalent:


  • CISCO Routers: 2901, 2801 and 1841
  • CISCO Switches: Catalyst 3550 Layer 3 (Multi-Layer) series, 2900 Series 


Go to Online CCNA review for enrolled students only


Operation of IP Data Networks

  • Operation of IP Data Networks
  • Recognize the purpose and functions of various network devices such as Routers, Switches, Bridges and Hubs.
  • Select the components required to meet a given network specification.
  • Identify common applications and their impact on the network
  • Describe the purpose and basic operation of the protocols in the OSI and TCP/IP models.
  • Predict the data flow between two hosts across a network.
  • Identify the appropriate media, cables, ports, and connectors to connect Cisco network devices to other network devices and hosts in a LAN

IP addressing (IPv4 / IPv6)

  • Describe the operation and necessity of using private and public IP addresses for IPv4 addressing
  • Identify the appropriate IPv6 addressing scheme to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment.
  • Identify the appropriate IPv4 addressing scheme using VLSM and summarization to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment.
  • Describe the technological requirements for running IPv6 in conjunction with IPv4 such as dual stack
  • Describe IPv6 addresses
    • Global unicast
    • Multicast
    • Link local
    • Unique local
    • eui 64
    • autoconfiguration

Hands-On Router Config

  • Describe basic routing concepts
    • CEF
    • Packet forwarding
    • Router lookup process
  • Describe the boot process of Cisco IOS routers
    • POST
    • Router bootup process
  • Configure and verify utilizing the CLI to set basic Router configuration
    • Cisco IOS commands to perform basic router setup
  • Configure and verify operation status of a device interface, both serial and ethernet
  • Verify router configuration and network connectivity
    • Cisco IOS commands to review basic router information and network connectivity
  • Configure and verify routing configuration for a static or default route given specific routing requirements
  • Manage Cisco IOS Files
    • Boot preferences
    • Cisco IOS image(s)
    • Licensing
      • Show license
      • Change license

Network Device Security and IP Services

  • Configure and verify network device security features such as
    • Device password security
    • Enable secret vs enable
    • Transport
    • Disable telnet
    • SSH
    • VTYs
    • Physical security
    • Service password
    • Describe external authentication methods
  • Configure and verify DHCP (IOS Router)
    • configuring router interfaces to use DHCP
    • DHCP options
    • excluded addresses
    • lease time

IP Routing Technologies

  • Describe basic routing concepts
    • CEF
    • Packet forwarding
    • Router lookup process
  • Describe the boot process of Cisco IOS routers
    • POST
    • Router bootup process
  • Configure and verify utilizing the CLI to set basic Router configuration
    • Cisco IOS commands to perform basic router setup
  • Configure and verify operation status of a device interface, both serial and ethernet
  • Verify router configuration and network connectivity
    • Cisco IOS commands to review basic router information and network connectivity
  • Configure and verify routing configuration for a static or default route given specific routing requirements
  • Manage Cisco IOS Files
    • Boot preferences
    • Cisco IOS image(s)
    • Licensing
      • Show license
      • Change license
  • Differentiate methods of routing and routing protocols
    • Static vs. Dynamic
    • Link state vs. Distance Vector
    • Administrative distance
    • split horizon
    • metric
    • next hop
    • ip routing table
    • Passive Interfaces
  • Configure and verify OSPF (single area)
    • Benefit of single area
    • neighbor adjacencies
    • OSPF states
    • Discuss Multi area
    • Configure OSPF v2
    • Configure OSPF v3
    • Router ID
    • Passive interface
    • LSA types
  • Configure and verify EIGRP (single AS)
    • Feasible Distance / Feasible Successors /Administrative distance
    • Feasibility condition
    • Metric composition
    • Router ID
    • Auto summary
    • Path selection
    • Load balancing
      • Equal
      • Unequal
    • Passive interface
  • Configure and verify interVLAN routing (Router on a stick)
    • sub interfaces
    • upstream routing
    • encapsulation
  • Configure SVI interfaces


  • Troubleshoot and Resolve routing issues
    • routing is enabled
    • routing table is correct
    • correct path selection
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve OSPF problems
    • neighbor adjancies
    • Hello and Dead timers
    • OSPF area
    • Interface MTU
    • Network types
    • Neighbor states
    • OSPF topology database
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve EIGRP problems
    • neighbor adjancies
    • AS number
    • Load balancing
    • Split horizon


MODULE 2  - CISCO 3 & 4 - Switching & WAN Technologies


This training covers the essentials of Wide Area Networking. Topics include common Wide Area Networking (WAN) technologies, WAN Frame Relay encapsulation formats WAN link options, WAN design including core, distribution, and access layers, traffic patterns, server placement, and router configuration, PPP, ISDN, and Frame Relay. It covers also the functions and operations of switching technologies

This course will prepare students pass the CCNA certification.


  • Describe the functions, operations, and primary components of WAN technologies
  • Describe the functions and operations of switching technologies
  • Describe and implement Wide Area Networking (WAN) technologies, WAN Frame Relay encapsulation formats, WAN link options, WAN design including core, distribution, and access layers, traffic patterns, server placement, router configuration, PPP and Frame Relay.


Instructor-led,classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.


  • Students should have a working knowledge of the Windows Operating System & CISCO 1 & 2 - Routers & Routing Technologies


  • CISCO Routers: 2901, 2801 and 1841
  • CISCO Switches: Catalyst 3550 Layer 3 (Multi-Layer) series, 2900 Series 


  • Go to Online CCNA review for enrolled students only


LAN Switching Technologies

  • Determine the technology and media access control method for Ethernet networks
  • Identify basic switching concepts and the operation of Cisco switches.
    • Collision Domains
    • Broadcast Domains
    • Types of switching
    • CAM Table
  • Configure and verify initial switch configuration including remote access management.
    • Cisco IOS commands to perform basic switch setup
  • Verify network status and switch operation using basic utilities such as ping, telnet and ssh.
  • Identify enhanced switching technologies
    • RSTP
    • PVSTP
    • Ethercnannels
  • Describe how VLANs create logically separate networks and the need for routing between them.
    • Explain network segmentation and basic traffic management concepts
  • Configure and verify VLANs
  • Configure and verify trunking on Cisco switches
    • DTP
    • Auto negotiation
  • Configure and verify PVSTP operation
    • describe root bridge election
    • spanning tree mode

IP Services

  • Describe the types, features, and applications of ACLs
    • Standard
      • Sequence numbers
      • Editing
    • Extended
    • Named
    • Numbered
    • Log option
  • Configure and verify ACLs in a network environment
    • Named
    • Numbered
    • Log option
  • Identify the basic operation of NAT
    • Purpose
    • Pool
    • Static
    • 1 to 1
    • Overloading
    • Source addressing
    • One way NAT
  • Configure and verify NAT for given network requirements
  • Configure and verify NTP as a client
  • Recognize High availability (FHRP)
    • VRRP
    • HSRP
    • GLBP
  • Configure and verify Syslog
    • Utilize Syslog Output
  • Describe SNMP v2 & v3

Network Device Security

  • Configure and verify network device security features such as
    • Device password security
    • Enable secret vs enable
    • Transport
    • Disable telnet
    • SSH
    • VTYs
    • Physical security
    • Service password
    • Describe external authentication methods
  • Configure and verify Switch Port Security features such as
    • Sticky MAC
    • MAC address limitation
    • Static / dynamic
    • Violation modes
      • Err disable
      • Shutdown
    • Protect restrict
    • Shutdown unused ports
    • Err disable recovery
    • Assign unused ports to an unused VLAN
    • Setting native VLAN to other than VLAN 1
  • Configure and verify ACLs to filter network traffic
  • Configure and verify an ACLs to limit telnet and SSH access to the router

WAN Technologies

  • Identify different WAN Technologies
    • Metro Ethernet
    • VSAT
    • Cellular 3G / 4G
    • MPLS
    • T1 / E1
    • ISDN
    • DSL
    • Frame relay
    • Cable
    • VPN
  • Configure and verify a basic WAN serial connection
  • Configure and verify a PPP connection between Cisco routers
  • Configure and verify Frame Relay on Cisco routers


  • Identify and correct common network problems
  • Utilize netflow data
  • Troubleshoot and correct common problems associated with IP addressing and host configurations.
  • Troubleshootand Resolve VLAN problems
    • identify that VLANs are configured
    • port membership correct
    • IP address configured
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve trunking problems on Cisco switches
    • correct trunk states
    • correct encapsulation configured
    • correct vlans allowed
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve Spanning Tree operation issues
    • root switch
    • priority
    • mode is correct
    • port states
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve interVLAN routing problems
    • Connectivity
    • Encapsulation
    • Subnet
    • Native VLAN
    • Port mode trunk status
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve ACL issues
    • Statistics
    • Permitted networks
    • Direction
      • Interface
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve WAN implementation issues
    • Serial interfaces
    • PPP
    • Frame relay
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve Layer 1 problems
    • Framing
    • CRC
    • Runts
    • Giants
    • Dropped packets
    • Late collision
    • Input / Output errors
  • Monitor NetFlow statistics
  • Troubleshoot etherchannel problems

CCNA Exam Review Details:

Duration: 18 HRS (optional but reccomended)

  1. Schedules are Wednesday to Friday from 9am to 3pm
  2. 3 Days duration
  3. Group of 6 to 10 per batch
  4. Bring your Laptop with working LAN adapter or Wifi (If you dont have a laptop its ok PC will be provided for you)
  5. CCNA exam will be Scheduled in our training center after 1 or two weeks of your review or anytime you deemed you are fully prepared to pass the exam.

PRACTICE Exams: Unlimited HRS (optional but reccomended)

Review Materials will be provided for FREE


with FREE Flowing Coffee



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i'm allready working as an IT assistant hadling both system and network administration and i just want ot get ccna certification, what will be the differences if i will take the ccna bootcamp(fastrack) rather than the slowtrack...

hello marvin,

the difference between slow track and fast track is in the lenght of the training slow track course duration is 60hrs and fast track is 40hrs duration. Of course if you are a fast learner and familiar with LAN.WAN than you can opt to get the fast track otherwise you shoild get the slow track,

Do you also have Cisco Cerification exams like CCNA/CCNE in your center? And how much does it cost?

hello Gerard ,

yes we offer CISCO exam in our center CCNA or CCNP the exam fee is US250 plus tax. but if you pay using credit card to the Pearson VUE site it wiill cost US250.


ask ko po kung mag take ako ng ccna1 at matapos ko may certificate na o kelangan pang mag exam pra mgkaroon ng certificate? salamat po

@ cris will receive certificate of training if you finished the hands on training but if you like to avail the ccna certificate you have to take and pass the exam to be a certified CCNA.

Is there any discount on training fee for government IT worker who wants to avail the CCNA Bootcamp? The government only allows a P1,200 a day training fees for a trainee. Thanx.

i am from tuguegarao city, i have called and emailed ur office but still my queries are not yet answered. hope this time will b answered, anyone concerned?

i want to enroll networking courses online,..what are the modules i need to finish in order 2b qualified to take the CISCO-CCNA exam?

do i need to pass the TESDA-NCII PC hardware servicing exam as pre-requisite?

God BLess u All!

whom will i contact for the online training program? and how will i enroll pls give me a smart number or an email add to address my queries abt online training for me to take CCNA exam,...thanks a lot!

@ Art

We only give discount for the students who take a second course with us.

@ Ruzkinah

As of now our online training is not available. Please contact this number 09215139947. First you have take pc troublehooting course then after that PC Networking and then cisco 1 to 4 course before taking up the CCNA exam.

Is CCNA boothcamp still open in Makati?

Jose Dennis Alimario,

Yup CCNA Bootcamp is still open for enrollment in makati.

Is CCNA bootcamp in Espana Manila still open? what are the schedules?

Is the course schedule for CCNA BootCamp for ESPANA Manila updated? is for 2010 sched?

Raymund Sison,

Please click on the course schedules at the left pane for the available schedules of this course. Thanks.

Sir/Mam,,, OFW po ako,,, ask ko lang po kung pwede ako mag enroll for ccna sa online lapit na kasi uwi ko at 20 days lang vacation ko so dapat pag uwi ko my sked na ako para namn hndi msayang days ko,,, pls advise lang nyo po ako at bka po pwede narin mkuha ung cel # ng registrar nyo call ako kung kelangan,, slamat


yes sir pde na pong magenroll online eto ung number na pde nyong tawagan 09215139947 ask fpr cecil


I would like to know is the average passing percentage of your former students who took the CCNA exams in one take after they attended your fast track bootcamp?

How much do the CCNA exams cost? Are you an authorized testing center? Also, I would like to inquire when CCNA exams will be held for April 2010.

@ Gerardo

Our CCNA Bootcamp is focus on the actual training using CISCO equipments.we are not responsible if the student are going to take the exam then, either they passed or failed. But in our records, Our students who took the exam notified us that they have passed the exam in one take only.

We are also authorized testing center for CCNA Certification. You can call us at 736-2032 for more information.

Do you have a branch in Cebu City or other schools accredited by your training center? Do you have a training schedule for the month of July, 2010?

Hi, just want to ask if there is a CCNA course offered in TESDA Davao City

Dennis Palanca,

Sorry but we dont have branch in cebu.

Joel Ceballos,

Just inquire there in tesda davao city.

hi, after you're done with cisco 1-4, can you already take the ccna examination for certification?

you don't need to take up ccna voice, security and finish everything under cisco training right?


assuming ill be taking cisco ccna certification

1. what courses are required of me to complete first?
** according to one of cntc staff, i need pc troubleshooting and pc networking so is that the
TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) course ?

if not, can you please list down all of the courses that are required to be completed before taking ccna certification?

one of the articles here noted that students wanting to be network admin should take up PC LAN/WAN SETUP, Cabling, Configuration, Wireless LAN Setup, Config, TCP/IP and Windows 2003 Server Administration but this course has course pre-requisite so i guess going back to it, WILL the Tesda Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) do?

thank you!

hello marj,

After taking CISCO 1 - 4 you can take the CCNA exam already no need to take voice, security etx,,

hello marj,

If your goal is to become CCNA certified and dont have any background yet in PC networking we suggest that you get first the PC LAN/WAN and windows 2003 training

hi, i actually have networking background but would like to delve deeper so taking the pc lan/wan and windows 2003 is on my list but my question is - will i be asked for the computer hardware/software repair training before i can take up cisco cert? i recently had a hardware-related training, there were hands on but not as intensive as yours would probably entail.

please read the comments below in one of the posts before

@ Ruzkinah

First you have take pc troublehooting course then after that PC Networking and then cisco 1 to 4 course before taking up the CCNA exam.

cnctc staff - 05 Feb, 2010 - 10:05:25

i guess my question really is - for those who aspires to work as netwrk admin, what courses would you advise one to take? could you kindly note down all in order?

thank you so much! i appreciate this.


May I inquire if I can withdraw my enrollment for KB0138 - CCNA Bootcamp (Fast Track) because there are no other enrollees and transfer it to Cisco 3 & 4?

Please advise.


marj ,

here's the course track for network administrator
1. PC Hardware and software troublehooting and repair
2 PC LAN/WAN and Windows 2003 Server Admin
3 Finally, CISCO 1 to 4 course

@ eman,

yes sir pde pong itransfer ng slow track ung fast track nyo please call us to arrange your schedule @ 7362032 look for cecil


nagbayad na po ako for fast track. so makukuha ku parin ung sobra nun?pano ung set up po nun?.

How much is your CCNA Bootcamp (Fast Track)?


hindi po b kayo mag kakaconduct ng seminar d2 sa baguio or offer us your program here?? tnx po....

@ Mike

CCNA Bootcamp(Fastrack) Fee: 12500 cash basis

@ Jeff

Sir d2 lang ang venue ng training s manila and makati branch.

i have already taken cisco 1 and 2 during college do i still need to enroll for :

1. PC Hardware and software troublehooting and repair
2 PC LAN/WAN and Windows 2003 Server Admin

before taking the CCNA bootcamp fast track?

when will be the last day of enrollment?

@ Jay

No need for you to take the prerequisite course. The enrollment for CCNA BOOTCAMP is still ongoing.

Do you still offer fast track with exam?

@ JC

Yes we offer the CCNA Bootcamp ( Fast track ) training but the exam is excluded to the tuition fee of fast track training.

Can a former trainee of TESDA on computer hardware servicing for NCII take a cisco 1 and 2?

@ martin

Yes pde nyo pong itake ang course ng Cisco 1 and 2.

what else are included in training fee? are meals included?

I have an owwa scholarship grant worth 15 thousand .. i wonder if i can apply that grant to your ccna bootcamp training. Just wish you have deals with tesda just like other schools to cater for people like me who wanted ccna training..I'd appreciate your reply.. thanks

@ Ernesto C. Villanueva Jr

yes sir you can use your OWWA scholarshop just give ua a call anytime.

@ Ernesto C. Villanueva Jr

meals are not included

Will the practice exam and group review have extra cost?

Is by any change credit card payment can be accepted?

@ Alben Alteza

No Sir the group review is for free. We accept credit card payment just enroll online. Thank you.

Are there pre-requisite courses needed in order to be elible for this course or I can start immediately?

@ Robert John Reyes

The pre-requisite course is PC LAN/WAN you should have at least basic knowledge in this course. Thank you.

May I ask if you could open a schedule for Sunday? For CCNA Bootcamp at Buendia.

@ Rhod Valdez

Yes meron po kaming schedule minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

Please reserve a slot for me, Sunday schedule is my preferred. Thanks!

Rhod Valdez,

ok 1 slot reserved for you.

pwede ba online studies ng ccna at ano requiremet wala kasi oras para sa pag pasok..and pano ang payment? ito gusto pag aralan, ccna at ccnp

Is KB0138 course break down to two module?? if so, is this 80 hours course??
I am looking for just 40 hours course b/c i am at taipei, taiwan.
Please let me know..

@ hello

Sir the total course duration for this course is 40 hours not 80 hours. Thanks.


In your fast track course fee na 25000k exam included na po diba? ano po for module 1 and 2 na ba or module1 lang....?

@ raymund tolentino

For Cisco 1,2,3,4 na po yan with exam. Thanks.

Hi, I need avschedule available schedule for October's training. Thanks

@ Kenneth Clavio

Yes Sir may upcoming schedule po kami for the month of October just keep visiting the site para sa ipopost po naming schedule. Thank you.

Hi Just wanna ask about the CCNA certification what should be the requirements for having the CCNA certification what courses should be completed first? is it the Cisco 1-4 courses only? or you recommend to take first the courses of PC Lan/Wan and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Admin?

because i while ago i have taken the Cisco 1-4 courses in my college school, and i passed the 4 courses The Fundamentals/Routing Protocols/Switching/Wan is it possible to take the CCNA certification exam?

@ Jhaireh

Sir you can take the exam anytime you want there's no prerequisite in taking the exam as long as you're confident to take and pass the CCNA exam.

total course fee is
Cash php25,500 + Installment php 26000 ??
What is the installment fee??
How can i make down payment??
Please email me.

Do you have another date for 5 days course after september??
I don't have paypal account yet. please instruct me how to pay through paypal.
what is the address for training center at manila?
please email me..

@ Kenny


Yes Sir we will have schedule after September. For paypal payment use your credit card and if you don't have a card you can pay thru bank or pay in person.Our España Manila office located at Rm. 210 2nd flr. Doña Amparo Bldg. Cr., G. Tolentino St. España Blvd. Sampaloc Manila. Thank you.

pde na po ba magpa-reserve ng ccna fastract sa november 22-26 2010.. 1month lng po kasi ang bakasyon ko pag-uwi ko jan s pinas.. ty

jun dasas

pde na po ba magpa-reserve ng CCNA Bootcamp (Fast Track) - KB0138 sa November 22-26 2010.. 1month lng po kasi ang bakasyon ko pag-uwi ko jan s pinas..
pki-email nlng po ako ng detalye..ty

jun dasas

pde na po ba tau mag open ng schedule for CCNA Bootcamp (Fast Track) - KB0138 by november 22-26, para mkapag reserve npo at my sumabay na sa akin,para ma meet ang minimum requirements ng attendees. me..salamat po.

Jun Dasas

@ jun dasas

Yes Sir pde po. Saang location po nyo prefer itake ang training? Thanks.


thank you for the quick reply. Ask ko lng po:

1. Saang branch po kaya naka setup ang Pearson VUE for exam taker?
2. one time exams po ba ang setup for this course o dalawa.. isa sa icnd1 at isa sa icnd2?o one time exams direct to ccna?
3. mga certified po b magtuturo?ilang taon npo silang nagtuturo?
4. my reinforcement po ba sa mga student after ng training?i.e.,intensive review(using latest material review)?look and feel ng exams kung ano interface?
5. ilang oras po ang lecture?
6. ilang oras po ang actual?
7. ilang oras po ang review after ng training?
8. espanya po prefer location o khit buendia, kung san meron magpapareserve na iba para maituloy po ang training.

marami po akong question.paki email nlng po ako ng detalye:

salamat po

Jun Dasas

I have some questions about the CCNA bootcamp. I am an american working over seas in afghanistan. Will be meeting my wife in the philippines for christmas(she's filipina). I would like to get my CCNA while i am in the philippines. I will have the time, just want to get a good idea of what to expect. Can you have someone email me so i can get some answers about the course.


No reply yet to my inquiry. Hope to hear from you soon.


Jun Dasas

Hi, just want to know what are the prerequisite for CCNA Bootcamp? I have completed CCNA Basic Networking but that was a long time ago.

@ Joselito Doctolero

You have atleast a basic knowledge in pc networking, cabling, ip addressing and subnetting.

magkakaroon po ba kayo ng sched ng bootcamp sa october?

@ vivien

Yes mam magkakaroon po ng schedule on October.

I just want to know when will your December 2010 training commence. Likewise can I ask for your company quotation on this training because they will sponsor it on my behalf. kindly include the 40hrs review on the package. I will take the package with exam on it. Also we will pay bank transfer or credit card send me details about your bank account details too.

Kindly send your response thru my email address provided. Thanks.

What i mean is our company will be the one to pay for the expenses. Also we will pay you thru bank transfer or credit card. I need the quote for training request documentation purpose in our staff development. Thanks

@ nel
Ok sir. what is ur email address?

[email protected]

in this course boot camp all stated above will be covered?

@ Boyet Molina

Yes Sir all the topics stated above will be covered. Thanks.

i'm waiting for your email.

mam, do we get a certificate of completion after this bootcamp?

@ jo

Yes after finishing the course you will received certificate of completion. Thank you.

I just want to know kung may sched kayo for dec 13-17, 2010 for ccna fast track kasi bakasyon ko yan there san pinas. thanks

@ nel permitez
As of now mam wala p po taung sched for dec. just check our site 4 CCNA fast track schedule. thank u

Are you planning a CCNA bootcamp for November 2010? What dates?

@ Kaz

Yes we have upcoming sched for November just keep visiting our site. Thank you.

do you have any plans of extending your bootcamp at naga or legaspi?

what are the dates for the november bootcamp?

@ kaz..

november 6.. españa, manila sched.. thx

what is the next schedule after nov 6?thn

are you planning to have a M-F bootcamp in November that I can attend?

@ sandro
By jan. 2011 next sched.. pls check our website for he update of the sched 2011.. thank u..

@ kaz

yes sir. .

kindly inform me thru my email for the m-f sched this nov so i can file for a vacation leave.tnx.

i am also interested in the m-f schedule for november. need soon to make travel arrangements.

@ kaz..

ok sir first wik of nov pocble sched.. pls check our website for the update.. tnx

can't make the first and second week. will check to see if you have schedule Nov 15-19 or 22-26. thank you for the response.

@ kaz

Yes we will have schedule on Nov. 15-19 and Nov. 22-26 just keep visiting our site. It's minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Thank you.

Mag pupushtru ba ung CCNA training nyo this coming Oct.31,2010 @ buendia makati branch,how many enrolees na ang nag confirmed on this schedule?Thanks

@ rob.. yes sir .. minimum of 3 before the classs will start .. thank you..

1. Are you still planning a CCNA bootcamp for Nov. 15-19 and Nov. 22-26?

2. Is your office open on Sunday for registration?

do you accept credit card payment, mastercard?

@ Kaz

1. Yes we have open schedule both Makati Branch and Manila/M-F/9-5pm.

2. Yes we are open @ sundays for registration

@ jemera Tanedo

Yes you can used credit cards for payment through online enrollment using Paypal

i read that you need 3 registrations to have a class. when is the last day to decide on keeping or canceling the nov 15-19 bootcamp?

@ kaz

1 day before the start of the training po. We will inform all reserved students prior to start of the training for confirmation. You will receive a call or email from us if you made a reservation for the said schedule

who was the instructor for this bootcamp?

please reserve me for the nov 22-26 schedule.tnx.

what is the difference between a bootcamp training with the regular one? Will i get the same results of learning from both. i mean which one is better. or is it the same?

@ xplod:

Mr. Jose Allan Villa Escusa, CCIE.

@ Sandro

Ok sir we will reserve you a slot.kindly confirm us in which location you preferred to attend to.

@ Kurdt

The differences between the Bootcamp and regular training is just the duration hours.You can get the same result of learning in both trainings. You can take the Bootcamp if you are a fast-learner.Thank you

any location please.i have already filed my leave for that dates.tnx.

can you please send me all the details about the next class available?i'm willing to enroll as soon as [email protected]
thank you!

@ sandro

Sir it's still open for enrollment. We need atleast 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

Hope you will open Sunday Schedule

@ Richard Tolentino

Yes Sir we will have Sunday schedule just keep visiting to our site. Thank you.

Hi, I have a voucher for CCNA which I got because of me getting a 91% in the final exam in Cisco 4. Nakalimutan ko na kung ilan percent ung discount, but my question is, magagamit ko po ba siya? Thanks!

my sunday schedule ba na ccna bootcamp - fasttrack


@ Ron

As long as the voucher ir not yet epired, the you still used it.

@ Richard

We have a schedule on Tuesday Atleast 3 students is enrolled to start the training thanks

Is the training starting at this coming tuesday

@ Francis

The training schedule does not started today.The schedule is move on december 6-11.

tuloy na po ba ung sched na 12-06 - 12-10? thanks!

@ Ron

Yes Sir tuloy na po ang schedule ng 12-06 to 12-10, 2010 at 9am to 5pm.

do you have schedule for feb? thanks

@ jimpea

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng schedule sa February.


mayron ba kau dito sa mindanao...
sa iligan ...?

@ Aldie Alia

Wala po kaming branch sa Iligan, Mindanao.

Do you have training schedules set by January 2011? If so kindly email the proposed schedule/s:

I would like to request at least a tentative schedules you will have on 2011? Please advise. Thank you.

do you have a CCNA Bootcamp (Fast Track) either on 3rd or 4th week of january?

ccna bootcamp fast track. . every saturday lang talaga sya?. . .9-5pm?. .starting jan 8 and it will end to feb 5?. . .kung every saturday lang sya. . .it will fit on my schedule. . and magenroll aq. . .please reply asap. . thanks!. .

I am planning to take the CCNA BootCamp (Fast Track) this coming March 2011. Do you have a tentative schedule for this month? Thank you.

@ Ranchel

Yes it's only every Saturday 9am to 5pm. It's open for enrollment minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

@ Rodolfo G. Doromal Jr.

The tentative schedule this coming March is on March 07-11, 2011. Thank you.

thanks! it is ok if ill going to enroll on saturday?. . .tapos hahabol nalang ako sa class?. . im not able to enroll w/in this week kc. . . and mga certified din ba ang mga nagtuturo?. . .


It says here na minimum of 3 students. Sa ngayon 2 pa lang ang reserved.

I will be going to your center this Saturday to enroll, matuloy kaya kahit 2 lang?

@ Clark Eligue

hello! Sir we need atleast 3 participants na mageenroll para magstart ang class. Thank you!

paano po ba magpareserve??? need na po bang down if magpapareserve??? ....... yong bootcamp po sana for feb 7 sa buendia....

@ Christopher Neil Quinzon

Please see this link for reservation:

You can pay on or before the training date. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class.

wala po ba kayong sat/sun class?

ayon oh tatlo na

Hi, I visited your buendia office this afternoon to supposedly enroll and inquired about the ccna bootcamp for feb 7. But I was advised that the training time was changed from 9am-5pm to 3pm-9pm? so as far as i understand it's only 6hours. The training is 5 days so the total training hours will only be 30 hours contradict to the stated total training hours of 40hours. Please enlighten me about this matter thanks.

I've made the reservation online expecting 9am - 5pm schedule, because I'm working as well and already fixed my work schedule to fit the 9-5pm sched. Since it was changed, I'm now not sure if I can attend on feb 7. I'll try to fix again my work sched and see if I could attend this feb. If not, maybe I'll see you on the next sched. Tnx!

Hi cnctc staff, I'd like to confirm if the scheduled class will be from 3pm-9pm this feb.7 - 11 schedule @ buendia, makati as opposed to what is stated in your class friend called your office and she said that the class will be a 3pm-9pm class will only cover a time frame of 6hrs/day or 30hrs all in in case this is true will there be an extension to the training hours to make the training up to 40 hrs?

Tuloy na ba yun feb 7-11, makati? if so.. pwede ba mag enroll sa first day mismo?

Hello CNCTC Staff:

Good day.

Just want to ask if you already have schedules for April (1st week)?

thank you very much.

@ Rommel G.

Hi. As of now we don't have yet set of schedules for April but we will have on the 1st week of April.Just keep updating to our site. Thank you.

Anyone interested in April classes after Holy Week?

Hello again CNCTC staff:

i would like to confirm of you received my e-mail inquiry regarding the training? Your response is very important for the planning in advance...thank you.

By the way, we plan to have (sana) our training in your Makati branch.

Hi.. Anyone else planning to take the bootcamp for March 7 til 11? I think Im the only one who reserved for the training for now.. =(

Do you have CCNA training schedule betwwen May 1 to May 17, 2011. I'm an OFW and here only for a shot vacation.

Thank you.

Please post dates for 1st week of May. Thanks.

Hey Gency, I am also interested in those dates. Hopefully, they will open a class for it . thanks.

@ ryan aquino
Yes, We will post schedule 1st week of may. please wait for the update of the schedule. thank you!

Just want to ask if you have schedules for the holy week this coming April?


No scheds for holy week we are closed on holy week

Schedule for April 25?

Please post schedule for April 25

Do you have schedule for May?

Sorry, Do you have schedule for May 16-20?

Marc Gumabay,

Ok we will post a schedule for May 16-20.

pwede po ba kayo mag post ng schedule for july a month earlier like june? kung ok lng po at possible lang po. para po mas marami ang mkapaghanda at makapagisip... thank you po.

@ kurdt
Ok sir will post schedule for July . Thank you!

Does the Schedule May 2-6 will push through? if so, i would like to inquire how to register.
kindly reply asap. i need to finalize things before my vacation leave.. thanks

I will be in the Philippines in July. Is there a schedule for July yet? please send all information. Salamat po.

@ Marc Gumabay

As of now the enrollment is still open for the schedule of May 2-6. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Please see this link for reservation:

Thank you.

@ Robert Bennett

Our tentative schedule for July will be on July 4-8-2011, July 11-15-2011, July 18-22-2011, July 25-29-2011. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

pauwi rin po ako ng pinas sa july, and definitely i will take this course kung meron lang mkakasabay at cguradong matutuloy.

@robert bennett
---Sir, kelan po ba balak nyo sa july, para dalawa na po tayo at isa na lang intay natin.


I'm planning to enrol in CCNA bootcamp(fast track), do you have any schedule for June 6-10? How much will it cost?

@ Emanuel Mercurio

Yes, we will have schedule for June 6-10. Just keep visiting to our site for the updates of our schedule. The training fee for this course is P15,500 in cash.

4 na tayo nakareserve sa 5-23-2011 buendia sana ma2loy na to para wala na hassle

wala po bang schedule for sunday or saturday? sana meron yun lang bakante ko

@ vito corleone
Ok we will post every saturday or sunday. Please wait for the update of our schedule. Thank you!

Any schedule for Saturdays or Sundays?

ilan po ang percentage ng mga pumasa sa certification na student nyo?

@ Jun

Yes meron po kaming open schedule for Saturday and Sunday.

Eyeing for Sat/Sunday sched

@ ef

Ok Sir please wait for the updates of our schedules for Saturday and Sunday. Thanks.

do you have schedule in Aug,2011

@ Noi Yunsay

Yes sir magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for August. Ano preferred nyong schedule weekday or weekend?

Hi, any Sat/Sun schedule for this course in mid July to August?


@ jun

Meron po tayong Saturday schedule sa España Manila. It's open for enrollment. Thanks.

Hello CNCTC STAFF, meron po ba tayong Sunday Schedule for this BOOT CAMP? Sunday lang kasi kami available, 2 kami sana mag eenroll and BOOT CAMP sana ang preferred namin. Please tell to us to fix our schedule, and how many hrs. and kung san ang BOOT Camp kung Sunday ang schedule. Thank You & advance..

@ ozmozz

Sir we will try to open Sunday schedule.Please wait for the updates of our schedule. Thanks.

ok.. thanks.. i hope as soon as possible, we plan to take on this July...

@ ozmozz

Ok Sir.

Is this available at Tesda Baguio Branch?


What is the diff between CCNA bootcamp and the CISCO 1&2 and 3&4?

@ melchor
In line with the course they are both the same, Only the hours make them diff. CCNA BOOTCAMP is a fast track training that takes 40hours in duration while the CISCO 1&2 30 hours duration plus 30 hours for CISCO 3&4.

Panu sir kung may voucher n aq para sa certification exam??magakano naman ang bawas sa course fee??

sir what will you prefer... the slow track or fast track for me na didrecta enroll ng cisco?

@ eser
Kung may background ka na po ng CISCO pwede niyo pong pasukan ang fast track training pero kung basic knowledge lang po ang alam niyo sa networking mas mabuti pong kunin niyo ang Slowtrack training. Thank you!

sir, just like ozmozz asked, pwede ba kayong mag-open ng slot para sa fastrack bootcamp for sundays @ 9 to 3pm? mas prefer kasi yun ng mga may work, most often yun lang ang free day namin.. thanks..

@ greenapple

Ok Sir we will try to open Sunday schedule for CCNA Bootcamp. Please keep visiting to our website for any updates of the schedule. Thank you.

also very interested with the bootcamp scheduled on a sunday/weekend for the same reasons.
that makes 3 with the intent -- ozmozz, green apple and myself. please give a feedback soonest.

@ jin

Where is your prefer location Sir so that we can arrange your schedule for every Sunday. Thanks.

preference is sampaloc and will support the majority to start the bootcamp soonest. i hope ozmozz and green apple have the same area preference...

Sir kapag nagtake po ba ako ng Cisco1&2 at Cisco 3&4 need ko pa po ba magtake ng CCNA Bootcamp? Thanks!

Hi i would like to take cisco 1 and 2 where is you office located at Espanya?how will it cost me..

@ marlon
where located at Rm.210, DOÑA Amparo Bldg. Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. sampaloc manila. Fee is 8,500 in cash for cisco 1 & 2. Thanks!

@ gellian
Hindi nyo na po kailangan itake ung CCNA Bootcamp kung nakuha nyo na po ung slow track training na CISCO 1 & 2 and CISCO 3 & 4.

Thank you sir! Ano po mga credentials na need ko ipresent for enrollment sa Cisco 1&2.

Sir need ko po pala magtake ng KB101 and KB103, what credentials and requirements do I need to present for enrollment? Thank you...

@ gellian
Wala naman po kayung ibang dadalhin na requirements to enroll this traning, yung payment lang po. Thank you...

kung may basic knowledge na po kayo sa KBO101 at KBO103 pwede po na po kayo magtake ng training for CISCO. pero pagwala po you need to take the training first,yun po kasi ang course pre-requisite nito. Thank you...

magkano po yung review nyo sa CCNA, pwede po bang review lang / exam


Do you have schedule for Oct. 3-7?

@ Caiylle,

Yes we will open that schedule soon. Please visit our site for the update.





Yes we will have upcoming schedules on December for CCNA. Please keep visiting to our website for any updates of our schedules. Thank you.

Hi Interested on the OCt. 3-7 schedule is there a minimum student for this course?
Thank you

@ Leo

Yes Sir minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

Hi are you open on saturday oct. 1 for me to enroll for the schedule Oct. 2-7 , 2011.

@ leo

Hello. Yes, we're open every Saturday and you can enroll. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class on Oct. 03-07, 2011. Thank you.

Mag iinquire lang po sana.. gs2 ko po kc kumuha after i graduated next yr. gs2 ko malaman kung anu po mas okay kunin kung fast track or slow track..

@ Benjo San Diego

Sir we recommend na kunin mo ang slow track training. At the same time kelangan may knowledge or background kana sa PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking.

@benjo -- Hi, im currently working sa isang IT company. i have basic PC And NEtwork Troubleshooting skills, i need the CCNA Certification, is it ok na hindi nako kumuha nung prerequisites?

@ Rye

Okay lang Sir na hindi mo na kunin ang prerequisite course as long as may knowledge na po kayo.

May schedule n b kau ng CCNA Bootcamp para sa December?

@ gardz

Our schedule for the month of December is December 05 to December 09, 2011/9-5pm. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

Thank a lot to you administrator of CCNTC.
Pakireserve po ako Gerardo madayag jr.
Anu po email add nyo for reservations

@ gardz

Your welcome. Sir for reservation please see this link Thank you.




@ Robin

Yes Sir magkakaroon po kami ng Dec. 12 to Dec. 16, 2011 na schedule for CCNA Bootcamp.

good day..

can i trained po ba if ever im from cebu? does the online training po ba is applicable?

Hi Charibel,

Si Robin Mariano ito. Kami ung nagpa reserve ng sched para sa week ng Dec 12. Naka usap ka namin over the over nakaraang araw. I hope you still remember. Nakita ko kasi na merong isang nagpareserve ng week of Nov 7. If ever hindi makumpleto ng 3 tao sa pinili nyang sched baka pede and if interested syang sumama sa akin sa Dec 12 sched na napili ko para at least 2 na kami sa schedule at matuloy na ang aral namin? Sana ma contact mo ung taong iyon at pumayag sya. Let me know.



@ Denver Albarado

Yes applicable po sa inyo ang Online Training kung kayo po ay nasa Cebu. Minimum of 3 participants po ang kelangan para magstart ang class. Thank you.

@ Robin
Ok po try ko po kontakin if ok lang sa kanya. Inform na lang po kita. thank you!

@ Robin

Ano po uli email address nyo sir?

Hi Charibel.,

Ang email add ko ay roblou_mariano[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Pag confirm na sya sa Dec 12 CCNA fast track tuloy na ba and training namin kahit na dalawa lang kami.

Sana matuloy para di masayang a uwi namin.

Pls inform me ASAP.



sana sa january marami magpareserve sa fast track.

@ Robin

Okay Sir inform po namin kayo as soon as possible for Dec. 12 CCNA Bootcamp class.

@ ald3rson

Just keep visiting on our website Sir for any updates of our schedule. Thank you.

hi..i am planning to take kb103 since it is a pre-requisite for cisco 1&2. but until now there are only 2 reservations, including myself. may i know if i can take kb0138 directly since there are already 2 people who made reservations for dec 12-16 schedule. i have little knowledge in networking and computer repair. thank you.

Sir, kung hindi po ma-open ung schedule sa 12-05-2011 to 12-09-2011 n nireserve ko sa cisco 1 & 2 magfafast track n lang ako sa 12-12-2011 to 12-16-2011 na schedule. Para kumpleto na kaming tatlo kasi may nakareserve ng dalawa.

@ richard
Ok po sir Inform ka na lang po namen kung ano pong matutuloy na class. thank you!

@ richard

sir ano po email address nyo para mainform po namen kayo kung 2loy ang class?

[email protected]

Sana po kung available ung cisco 1 & 2 next week, eh available din ung cisco 3 & 4 the following week para tuloy tuloy ang training ko. Kung hindi po magfafast track n lang ako.
Thanks po.

@ Richard

Cge po sir basta inform po namin kayo.

Hi! gusto ko lng malaman if need ko pa magenroll ng kb0101 ska kb0103 before ako tumuloy ng cisco 1&2 ska 3&4. or pwede ba na direcho na ako sa cisco 1&2? salamat!

Bkit walang sunday o khit saturday ng hapon, gs2 ko d2 mgenroll eh

@ Arnel Santiago

Sir kelangan may knowledge or background kayo sa prerequisite course. Kung meron na po pwede na po kayong dumiretso sa CISCO Training.

@ carlovouy

Okay Sir we will try to open Saturday or Sunday schedule for this course.

tanung ko lang po kung magkano po ang cisco certification exam kapag my voucher po? after completing 4 modules. thanks

how is the live online training done? M to F 6-9pm 01-09-2012 01-26-2012 open

Tanong lang po kung pwede na dumiretso sa CCNA fast track kahit hindi na mag take ng pre req course. May background na po ako sa CCNA from school.

@ Jesrie Calimbas

Yes sir pwede po as long as na may knowledge na po kayo sa CCNA. Thank you

Follow up question. Ma aapply ko po ba dito yung voucher na naobtain ko from school? Yung may discount for the ccna exam?


Depende po sir kung magkano po yung discount ng voucher nyo. Thank you.

@ Jesrie Calimbas

Yes, pwede mo gamitin yung voucher na naobtain mo sa iyong school para magkaroon ka ng discount for CCNA exam.

Just reserved for the CCNA fast track for next week. Tanong lang po kung pano ang procedure kapag Bank Deposit ang payment option?

@ Jesrie Calimbas

Sir enroll po kayo online then you can pay Peso Account Deposit.

Bank Name: Banco De Oro (BDO)
Account Name: Computer Networking Career and Training Center, Inc.
Peso Account Number:50095609

After depositing the course fee. Please inform us about your payment by calling us at 7362032 or Fax your deposit slip to 310-6011 (Official Receipts to be issued at CNCTC office) Thank You See you soon..

Tanong ko lang kung pwede magbayad sa start ng classes. Di ako nakapag deposit. Palitan ko na lang yung payment option to pay at cnctc office.

@ Jesrie Calimbas

Yes mam pwede po kayong magbayad sa start ng training. Thank you.

ask ko lang po kung ngpapaexam pa rin po ba kau ccna? dko po kasi kau malocate sa pearson VUE? thanks


Yes nagpapaexam po kame ng CCNA me technical issue ang pearson sa pagdisplay ng site namin sa website nila it will be resolve next week but all is good you can schedule your exam with us drop by na lng po kayo samen

sir/mam tanong ko lng po may sked po ba kau ng ccna fast track this june 2012

@ karl
Unfortunately wala pa po wait nyo nalang po ung updatre ng schedule

ah ok po tnx magvacation kac ako by june ng 3 weeks lng kaya nag i inquire na ako ng mas maaga..abangan ko na ln po sked..tnx..

@ Karl

Okay po sir, then pareserve nalang po ng online pag naipost na po namin yung schedule. Thank you

What's the difference between your CCNA fast track (bootcamp) and slow track course?

@ Mike

The only difference between CCNA Fast Track and Slow Track is the course duration which is Fast Track is 40 hours and Cisco 1 and 2 slow track is 30 hours and Cisco 3 and 4 slow track is 30 hours also.

Was there any difference between the learning exprience CCNA fast track (bootcamp) and slow track course?

@ mike

With regards to the topic of Cisco Fast Track and slow track is the same.

yung price ba na nakapost nyo is fix na wala ng additional charges

@ bryan

Yes, fixed na po ung tuition fee na nakapost po dito sa site, no additional charges.


I just like to ask if you can provide the ccna bootcamp with exam schedule for December 2012 and January 2013?


Roberto Chanco

@ Roberto Chanco

Our schedule for the month of December is on December 03 to December 07, December 10 to December 14, December 17-21, 2012 and for January is on January 07 to January 11, January 14 to January 18, January 21 to January 25, January 28 to Feb. 01, 2013.

Anu po ba ung percentage passer rate ng CCNA Bootcamp (Fast Track)?

@ nard

Sir 99.9% po ang passing rate namin for CCNA. Thanks.

Meron din bang practice exam at review sa slow track? Advisable na ba kunin tong CCNA pag nakuha ko na prerequisites niya?

@ Dexter

Yes after taking Cisco 1 and 2 slow track and Cisco 3 and 4 slow track may practice exam po ito. Pwede mo ng kunin and CCNA training pag tapos nyo na pong kunin ang prerequisites.Thanks.

pede po mag enroll nito kahit wala akong pre requisite? tapos trough online training wla pang ng papareserve pag ng pa reserve ba ako kahit 1 lang mag uumpisi na ba yung class sa assisgned date.

@ kenjisan

Yes pwede po kayo mag enroll in this course as long as may working knowledge na po kayo sa mga prerequisite course. Minimum of 3 participants po ang kailangan para magstart ang class ng Online Training. Thanks.

hello tanong ko lng po after training po ba ng fastrack may binibigay po kau na certificate of completion

@ carl

Yes, after po ng training you will receive a certificate of completion. Thank You

we have a exam center here in cagayan de oro, and they mentioned that if you have a voucer you will have 50% discount on the exam payment? you will give voucer?

one more qeustion, schedule for 4-28-12 was removed. did it start?
what happens when only 1 person is enrolled on through online and starting schedule is finish? will you update people who are enrolled? can you give me info on procedure after we enroll through the net.

since I cannot edit my post let me ask another question:

Is PRACTICE EXAMS & GROUP REVIEW: 40 HRS (optional but recommended)

available trough online training?
any additional payment?

kindly answer all my 3 comments, ty.

@ kenji

The April 28 was reschedule due to lack of participants. The next open schedule is May 05. Unfortunately we don't give a voucher. You can avail the Practice exam and remote lab access through Online. No additional payment for this. Thanks.

is there other way to transact payment for pearvson CCNA exam other than credit card?

the one who pays my exam don't have credit card available.

@ Kenji
yes there is other way to transact payment for CCNA examination, you can pay here in our office España, Manila

paevson trasaction accepts EON debt card?

Sa office niyo lang ba sa España pwede magbayad? Kung oo, pano mag commute dun kung galing ako intramuros? Ano palatandaan tulad nung imarflex sa buendia office niyo?

@ Inquire

Yes, kasi sa espana manila lang po ang registered na testing center sa pearson vue. malapit lang po kami sa morayta overpass. katabi lang po namin yung Mc Donald. Thank you


Yes pde po ung EON debit card basta me nakalakay sa card na Visa o kaya Mastercard

mag oopen po ba kau ng bootcamp CCNA 1-4 this coming MAY 28..- june 1?

@ willie

Yes meron na po kaming schedule na nakapost for May 28 to June 01. Thanks.

May 28-june 1 po pano po pareserve? taga baguio po ako, pro sure po ako n mgeenrol. Pwde po bang pareserve? baba po ako sa saturday. Sure n po b yan n mgstart sa 28??

@ Jerico Damoco

Sir please see this link for course reservation
Minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Thank you.

ok tnx a lot po.kng open po kayo ng saturday, baba n ako para mgenrol. Direcho n po ako s Makati for full payment?

i'm interested in taking this course as a review for ccna exams. is it ok if i don't have the prerequisites?

@ dan

Yes, it would be okay as long as you have already the knowledge in the pre requisite course.


I just want to take CCNA exam. Is there a schedule somewhere between Nov 13-14, 2012. Thanks.

@ Barry

Yes we will have a schedule for the month of November 13-14 for CCNA Exam. Thank You


just want to ask if there will be upcoming schedule for the month of august for bootcamp? thanks

@ chokies

Yes, we will be having a schedule for the month of august. please keep posted on our website. Thank You.

hi im noel, ask ko lng po if may upcoming sked kau ng april - may or march to may? uuwi kc ako magbabakasyon. please response to my email: nds120280[at]gmail[dot]com

Gus2 ko kc mag exam ng CCNA...

@ Noel

Yes, we will be having a schedule for the month of April and May. Please keep posted. Thank You

i am planning to take ccna cert. exam on september. can i join the bootcamp even if i haven't taken the pre-requisites? I took cisco academy in college. and our instructor informed us that if we got 70+ score for first take in ccna 3 or 4 in their final exam, there will be a discount for exam fee. is this true?

@ glen

Asked your instructor or school regarding this matter. Thank You

Kailangan ba tlga kunin ung mga pre-requisite for the CCNA Bootcamp and Exam? At pagkinuha ko ba un seperate certification pa rin ba un for the CCNA? At meron ba kayong available date starting November 10 hanggang december . Please Reply . Thank you :D


I'll be in the Philippines by Nov 2 2012, any schedule I can enroll for NOVEMBER?

@ Bert

Yes kailangan nyo pong kunin ung mga prerequiste course pero kung may knowledge or background na po kayo sa PC Troubleshooting at PC Networking pwede nyo na pong kunin ng diretso ang CCNA Bootcamp. Yes CCNA ceritifcation po ang tawag dun sa exam kahit kunin nyo po ng separate at magkakaroon po kami ng schedule this November at December. Thank you.

@ Von Calumpiano

We will have schedule for Nov. 05 to Nov. 09, Nov. 12 to Nov. 16 and etc. Sir please keep posted for more upcoming schedules. Thank you.

hi, graduate kasi ako ng computer engineering,itatanong ko lang sana kung kelangan ko pabang kunin yung mga prereq nyo before ko iTake yung CCNA bootcamp training?? Thanks!

@ Yen

Kung may background or knowledge na po kayo sa mga prerequisite course pwede na po kayong dumiretso na mag enroll sa CCNA Bootcamp. Thanks.


how much po ung ccna exam fee including tax?

thanks po. :)

For Starters po pede na po ko mag-CCNA Boot camp? ano po ba advisable?


how much po ung ccna exam fee including tax?

thanks po. :)

@ Paul

Kung beginner po kayo sa cisco mas advisable ko po na kunin niyo yung slow track which is the Cisco 1-2 and Cisco 3-4. Thank You

@ Glen

The exam fee for CCNA including Tax is 14,868. Thank You

Hi, ask q lng po kung pwd mgtake ng icnd1 exam sainyo at kung magkanu. . . .tnx po...

@ Yan

Yes po pwde kayong magtake ng exam sa amin, fee po for ICND1 is USD 150.

Thanks, panu po mgbyad at ska mgpasched ng exam sainyu,im plannin to take the
icnd1 exam b4 end of september, icnd2 b4 end of november.

@ yan

Okay, Punta po kayo sa office namin para magpaschedule at magbayad, then kailangan lang po ng two valid ID para sa exam. Thank you

Do you have schedule this October? When? Please advise. Thank you.

@ dang taburnal

yes, we have a schedule this October 01, 2012 Mon- fri. Thank you

kailangan po ba magdala ng paper and pen para sa computation sa exam?

@ dan

no need na pong magdala ng pen at paper for the examination Sir.thank you

Ask ko lang po if ano ba prerequisite nyo for CCNA bootcamp, need pa ba kunin yung cisco router 1, 2, 3, and 4 courses? I'm an ECE grad by the way.

@ Jerry

If you have a knowledge of Lan/Wan and networking you go on the course.thank you

Nag taas na po ba Exam ng CCNA? how much ung tinaas? Thanks. - AJ

ano po buh ung exam dito?hands on or written?

@ AJ

Yes, nagtaas na po yung exam ng CCNA from 250 USD to 295. Thank You

@ ton

Online po ang exam dito. Thank You

wla pa po bang sat 3-9pm sched?

@ ammalicsi

Okay, try po namin magopen ng sat. 3-9pm.please keep posted. Thank you

Good day po! I just passed the ECE board exam and I dont have any work experience yet. Ask ko lang po, can i take this course and the exam? Thank you!

@ Jen

Yes, you can take this course and the CCNA Exam but you should have knowledge in PC Networking as the pre requisite course. Thank you.

Hi, I am janous, I already finished CCNA Exploration 1 and 2, and I am planning to get CCNA Certifications, how much would it cost included the exam.

@ Janous Abad
Good day! the fee for CCNA exam is USD295. Thank you

hi,ask q lng po kung pwd mgpasked a week b4 mg tke ng ccna exam,kung pwd weekend?
ska mgkano lahat ng bbyaran,thanks. . .


yes pwde po kayo magpasked open din kami ng weekend. 14868 pesos po ang exam fee.

Vacation po ako sa december tanong lang san banda sa SPANA Manila ang office nyo gusto kong mag enroll sa hands-on training sa cisco.

@ Ramon L. Faller

Our Main office is Located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila. Thank You

sir mag kasama na po ba ung exam dito para sa Cisco 1,2 & Cisco 3,4? Pancin q lang prang mas mkkpatipid aq sa fee kung ku2nin q itong fast track kesa sa slow track? tama po b q?

@ eiro

Hindi po kasama ang exam fee sa training fee for cisco, another 295$ for exam fee. kung fast track ang kukunin niyo kailangan may knowledge na kayo sa cisco. Thank you

Ask ko lang po if my availble kayong training on march 2013 kasi like ko take ng ccna bootcamp fast track ok lng ba khit nde pko nkahawang ng cisco router and switches? kindly send the details on my email vista_newbie[at]yahoo[dot]com tnx

@ arman

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of March 2013. Please keep posted on our website. Thank you.

@ arman

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule on March 2013. Okay lang kahit di kapa nakahawak ng cisco router and switches. Hands on naman po ang training nyo dito. Please keep posted for the upcoming schedules. Thanks.

sir/mam ok lang po ba kahit newbie sa networking? kse sobrang basic lang ng alam ko and kung me sched na kayo for march and april para pakapag file na ko ng leave sa work


@ allan

Yes, pwede po basta may knowledge po kayo sa networking at magkakaroon din po kami ng ng schedule for the month of March and April. please keep posted. Thank You

wala po kayo long term na review?

@ christopher

Yes, wala po. short term course lang po kasi kami. Thank You

nakatake na kasi ako nung module yung 1 to 4 pero gusto ko sana mareview overall yung bootcamp ganun yung gagawin?

ask ko lng po.. ung Course fee with Exam P31,500. ano pong exam ksma nun? for CCNA 1&2, 3&4 n po ba un? thanks.

@ shamie

Yes, yun na po yung payment for CCNA Exam. Thank You

may i know your contact or school number po thanks. so interested

@ izza

Give us a call @ (632) 736-2032, 736-5196 in España Manila and (632) 889-6042/43 and 239-5577. Thank you.

Sorry po mejo naguluhan po ako. so ung 31,500 for Modules 1-4 and exam? ung exam po ba is also for all those modules po? thanks

@ Shamie

Yes, yung training fee with exam is 31,500 and yan din po ang covered ne exam niyo yung module 1-4. Thank you

Thank you

is this schedule can be moved?

Sat 3-9pm 02-23-2013 04-13-2013 open -- 2

Or do you have any other start date this march for buendia branch.

@ shamie

Yes, reschedule po. our next schedule is on March 2 to April 13, 2013. please keep posted for the update. Thank You

thank you.

@ shamie

Your welcome! Thank You

Do you have April 1-5 Schedule?

@ Mark Sanchez

Yes, we will be having a schedule on April 01 to April 05, 2013. open for enrollment. please wait for the update. Thank you

Thank you for your reply.

Is there any chance that schedule could be moved? Can i schedule my exam on saturday right after the training?

@ Mark Sanchez

Kung hindi po natin ma meet yung minimum of three participants mamove po ito ng April 8 to April 12, 2013. Thank You

hi do you have schedules for april 15-19?

saan ung exact location ng buendia branch niyo?

@ sheylosa

Hello. Yes, we will have schedule for April 15-19. Our office is located at Rm. 208 2nd floor UPY Bldg. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Cr. Marconi St. Palanan, Makati City. Thanks.

sir pwede po ba mag take ng exam ng saturday or sunday right after ng 5 day CCNA fast track bootcamp

@ Mackoy

Yes, pwede po kayo magtake ng exam after ng training niyo. punta lang po kayo sa main office namin sa España Manila para magpaschedule ng exam. Thank You

Sir/Mam ask ko lang po kung kailangan kupapubang kumuha ng course pre-requisites if graduate nako ng BSIT????

@ Shi-Shiw

Kung may knowledge na po kayo dun sa prerequisite hindi na po kailangan pang kunin pwde na po kyong dumiretso sa course na to.

Wala pa po ba sched sa May?

@ Val

Magkakaroon po ng schedule for the month of May. Please keep posted. Thank you.


I enrolled for CCNA1-4 last May 2012 and I am planning to review again, ok lng ba na seat in for those modules for my review. Thanks

@ Jigs

Yes pwede po kayong mag sit in sa Cisco 1 to 4 class. Just give us a call. Thanks.

Hello cnctc, may I please know what your passing rate is?

@ Rae Justine Chan

Hi. Rae Justin. 99.9 % is the passing rate. Thanks.

I'm a licensed Electronics Engineer, do i need to enroll first on the pre-requisites program to enroll in this course

@ Kristine

Yes, but if you have a knowledge regarding the course pre-requisites you can enroll this course without taking the pre-requisites. Thank You

if we are already a licensed electronics engineer, are we still need to take the prerequisites? thanks

@ Brian

Okay, you can take this course as long as you have a background for the course pre-requisite. Thanks

Hi.whats the difference between normal course & course with exam?im confused.Thanks.

@ Rhoel Lambino

Okay, yung course fee po yun lang yung babayaran niyo kung training lang ang kukunin niyo. pero yung course fee with exam included na po dun yung payment for CCNA exam at yung training fee. Thank You


Regarding po sa course fee with exam, yung exam po ba yun na yung Certification exam for CCNA?

@ jayjay

Yes the exam is for CCNA Certification. Thanks.

Do you have a schedule for June/July yet?

@ Daniel

Yes, we will be having a schedule for the month of June and July. we have weekdays schedule and weekends. please keep posted. Thank you

may certificate ba kami makukuha after ng bootcamp.??

@ Seph

Yes meron po kayong certificate na makukuha after the training.

Hi Sir/Madam,

Is CNCTC a certified Training Partner of Cisco?

ask ko po kung kailan mag start ang training para sa june.? ung session ng class ay pra sa saturday or sunday.???

@ seph

Ang schedule po namin ay sa June 1, 2013 for every saturday and June 2, 2013 for ever Sunday. Thanks


Lahat po ba ng ngtatake ng cisco training sa CNCTC pumapasa sa CCNA exam? Thanks.


@ Arnie

Yes, 99% po ang pumapasa sa exam for CCNA. Thanks

I precisely wanted to thank you very much once again. I'm not certain what I could possibly have gone through in the absence of the aspects contributed by you on such subject matter. Entirely was a terrifying concern for me personally, however , being able to view the skilled fashion you solved the issue took me to leap for gladness. I will be happy for this support as well as believe you find out what a powerful job you are always accomplishing instructing some other people using your webblog. I am sure you haven't met all of us. Benjamin

Hi, Anu po updated scheule ng CCNA boothcamp for sat. sched? Anu po landline nyo? wla ksi sumasagot dun sa mga contact number nyo na nka advertise sa web. tnx

@ arnnie,

Meron kaming schedule on June 22 to August 03, 2013 every Saturday 3 to 9pm. 7362032 / 7365196 espana, manila and 8896042 to 43 for buendia, makati.

If I take the m-f fastrack training for ccna do I test on that friday?

Also, How much is it total including the exam fee? Is there a cheap hotel nearby?

I am interested in your fast track CCNA Bootcamp. Do you have any dates for the middle of Aug - Sept? And is the instruction in English?

@ Randy Miles

Yes, we will be having a schedule for the month of august and September and they will teach in English. Thanks

Good day! what is you rate/ratio of passing ccna? 99% seems to high, is there any numbers(not percentage) because i have enrolled on one of your ccna courses. Thanks!

Hi inquire lang po if take po ako ng exam sa inyo pero nag take lang po ako sa inyo sa cisco 1-2 pwede po ako mag sit in for review ng exam for ccna?

I am trying to get training during the first week in August 2013, do you have any class convening during that time? I'm interested in your CCNA bootcamp including the exam. Please send me as much information as possible my e-mail address as follows: ric_loanzon[at]yahoo[dot]com

@ irish

Kailangan natapos niyo po sa amin yung cisco 1-4. pero pwede po kayo mag-sitin for cisco 1-2. Thanks

@ rickloanzon

Yes, we will be having a schedule on August 05 to August 09, 2013. Please keep posted for the update. Thank You

Hi SIr/Ma'am I already take CISCO 1-4 last April 2009.. Ahhmm pwd ko p po b makuha ung Certificate and pwd po bang mki sit in sa CISCO 1-4?

@ Mark Oliver Nicolas

Saang branch po kayo nagtraining Sir? Yes, pwede po kayong mag sit in sa Cisco 1-4 class. Thanks.

Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila.

Sir Joel G. po instructor..

@Mark Oliver Nicolas

Yes, po pwede kayo mag-sit in. Thanks

magkakaroon po b kyo ng sked ng 1st week of Aug?hndi kc ako mk2hbol ng 21 Espana sna 2wing Sunday

@ emil

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of August. Please keep posted po for the upcoming next schedule sa España Manila. thank you.

Hi, Any update for the schedule of Sat. Schedule of CCNA training?

@ AJ

Reschedule po next week July 27, 2013. Please make your online reservation @ Thank You

Is M to F 9-5pm 07-29-2013 to 08-02-2013 CCNA Bootcamp a confirmed schedule? I already made a reservation. Thanks.

@ tokyoet

Yes, tuloy po sa Monday yung training July 29/9-5pm at españa manila. Thank You

ask lang po clarify ko about dun sa 40 hrs course duration at remote lab access 60 hrs. Bale 100 hrs talaga siya lahat for 32000 kasama na exam? at ano ba pagkakaiba dun sa ccna exam review na 18 hrs sa ccna practice exam? may bayad ang ccna exam review tama po ba ako? pa xenxa na malaking halaga kasi talaga babayaran want to make sure lang

Please send me a quotation for CCNA Bootcamp KB0138

@ don

Ung 40 hours po is for the training. Ung 60 hours po na remote lab ay binibigay sa mga students namin na maaccess ung console server namin pra makapagpractice kahit nsa bahay po cla. Yes ung 32000 pesos na fee is kasama na po ung exam. For ccna exam review check this link then ung sa CCNA PRACTICE EXAMS pagagawan po namin kyo ng account pra maaccess ung practice online exam namin.

@ Jose Angelo Balhani

Ok will send it to your email.

Hi cnctc, May I have your schedules for September for both Espana and Buendia if the schedule has been made already. I need it to plan ahead of time thank you.

Can you send me a copy of your schedule?

Hello CNCTC, follow up ko lng po ung CCNA bootcamp for Saturdays sa Buendia Branch. Matagal na po ako nag pa reserve please give update kung possible pa nag Saturday sched. thanks.

Do you plan to provide a bootcamp at the Makati facility for 16Sep-20Sep or 23Sep-27Sep?

@ Kano Dave

Yes we will open schedules on that date. Please wait for the update.

can you open a schedule for 2nd week of December 2013?

@ Earl

Yes we will open schedule second week of december we will post it on the site a month before. Thank you!

I would like to take this CCNA bootcamp on Oct. 21 - 25, 2013, but not posted yet. How can I make a reservation- location is Makati?

@ Alfred

October 21-25,2013 is already posted on the site. Please make a reservation with this link

-magkano po babayaran pag nag take ng ccent cert?
-after trainng, review na po ba agad, tapos after review exam na?
-pareho lang ba ung tinuturo sa CCNA bootcamp tsaka cisco1&2, cisco3&4? ano pinagkaiba? ano mas dapat kunin pag beginner pa lang?(with basic knowledge in networking)

ano pong difference ng certified CCNA at sa natapos lang po yung training?

hindi po ba na ke-credit yung cert ng training lang?

thanks you

Helo po Sir/ Madam,

Musta po? Gusto ko po mag attend ng Cisco Training next year at target ko po makapasa nga CCNA certification. Ask ko po sana kung okay lang na atteng ako ng CCNA Bootcamp fast track training course ninyo tapos ang kukunin ko pong exams eh ICND1 (100-101) at ICND2 (200-101) at hindi po iyong CCNA (200-120)? Kung sa ganyan pong scenario, mga magkanu po ang babayaran ko lahat? Bale May - June 2014 po ang balak ko pong kumuha ng training at diretso narin po ng exam kung sakali. Kayo narin po ba bahala na mag register sa VUE para sa mga exams po? Paano po pala ang bayaran, kasi company ko po ang magbabayad, pwede ba nila deposit sa account ninyo or cash basis lang po ang tinatanggap ninyo? Ano po ang chances na ma postpone iyong pinili ko pong schedule, kasi po andito po ako sa ibang bansa at malimit lang umuwi dyan sa atin. At malaki po ba ang chances ko na makapasa sa CCNA certification kung sa inyo po ako mag enroll?



Ask kolang po sana yung exact address ng mga school taga pampanga po kc ako and im currently at Afghanistan working inside US Base i am planning to go home po to take the training and the exam this coming January... maraming salamat po


i took a ccna course with you for the past year and got my certification. since ccna has a new course outline which i think started last June or July,can I sit-in for your upcoming classes for review purposes?


Can I take this course kahit na di ko nakuha yung pre requisites? May experienced na aq sa pc repair... and AD administration I work now as an IT Admin/Support in a private company here in Makati. gusto ko lng ma enhance skills ko sa networking at mgng certified.


I want to know if you have schedule on May 5-9 CCNA fast track. Thanks


I want to know if you have schedule on May 5-9 CCNA fast track. Thanks

Regarding the payments, do you accept credit cards?


Do you accept credit cards?

hey.. just asking .. what is the first step on this.. i mean what course i will take first in cisco.. im an computer engineering graduate... can you help me .. thanks. ( email me )

Do you have an advance schedule for the month of June 2014 for CCNA at your Buendia, Makati branch..? Im currently working here in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and attending classes for Cisco every friday (Jan.31-Mar.21,2014)

Hi, I took Cisco 1-4 training here last 2012 and i heard that the CCNA exam has a different curriculum now. . do i have to retake Cisco 1-4 if i want to take the CCNA exam this year?

hi, I took Cisco 1-4 training here last 2012 and i heard that the CCNA exam is different now. If i want to take CCNA exam this year do i have to take Cisco 1-4 again?

Hi Sir/Ma'am,

I want to ask if I take Cisco Bootcamp KB0138, will I also received a training certificate?

Sir magtatanong po ako,kc po gragraduate palang po ako ngaun march 12, BS Computer engineering,and i want to take CCNA Training and exam from your school,ano po kaya ang unang need ko itake salamat po from quezon lucena pa po ako,Godbless

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