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HANDS-ON Transfer of Technology Training

Cisco 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology - KB0112




CCNA Exam Review : 18 HRS (optional but reccommended)

: Unlimted HRS (optional but reccommended)

Average Trainee Evaluation
Evaluations in the last 12 months

This module presents you with the concepts and commands you need to configure Cisco routers in multi-protocol internetworks. 

This covers the NEW CCNA Certification Exam Code: 200-120 CCNA

During the course, you will build a Cisco network from the ground up. This experience, combined with lectures, discussions, exercises and challenging labs, will give you the hands-on experience you need to configure and maintain Cisco routers in the real world.

This training will provide students with the essential knowledge to install, configure, and operate simple routed......... LANs and WANs.

This course will prepare students pass the CCNA certification.


  • Design a simple LAN using Cisco Technology
  • Design an IP addressing scheme to meet design requirements
  • Select an appropriate routing protocol based on user requirements
  • Design a simple internetwork using Cisco technology
  • Configure routing protocols
  • Configure IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateway addresses on routers and hosts
  • Configure a router for additional administrative functionality
  • Implement a LAN
  • Manage system image and device configuration files
  • Perform an initial configuration on a router  


Instructor-led, classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.


Students should have a working knowledge of LAN Local Area Network and have taken the following courses or its equivalent:


  • CISCO Routers: 2901, 2801 and 1841
  • CISCO Switches: Catalyst 3550 Layer 3 (Multi-Layer) series, 2900 Series


Go to Online CCNA review for enrolled students only


  • Operation of IP Data Networks

    • Recognize the purpose and functions of various network devices such as Routers, Switches, Bridges and Hubs
    • Select the components required to meet a given network specification
    • Identify common applications and their impact on the network
    • Describe the purpose and basic operation of the protocols in the OSI and TCP/IP models
    • Predict the data flow between two hosts across a network
    • Identify the appropriate media, cables, ports, and connectors to connect Cisco network devices to other network devices and hosts in a LAN
    • Describe the operation and necessity of using private and public IP addresses for IPv4 addressing
    • Identify the appropriate IPv4 addressing scheme using VLSM and summarization to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment

  • IP Routing Technologies - Hands On Router Config

    • Packet forwarding
    • Router lookup process
    • Process Switching/Fast Switching/CEF
    • Hostname
    • Local user and password
    • Enable secret password
    • Console and VTY logins
    • exec-timeout
    • Service password encryption
    • Interface IP Address
    • loopback
    • banner
    • MOTD
    • copy run start
    • Configure and verify operation status of a device interface
    • Serial
    • Ethernet
    • Verify router configuration and network connectivity using
    • ping
    • Extended ping
    • traceroute
    • telnet
    • SSH
    • Show cdp neighbors
    • Configure and verify routing configuration for a static or default route given specific routing requirements
    • Differentiate methods of routing and routing protocols
    • Static vs. dynamic
    • Link state vs. distance vector
    • next hop
    • IP routing table
    • Passive Interfaces (how they work)
    • Administrative distance
    • split horizon
    • metric
    • Configure and verify OSPF
    • Benefit of single area
    • Configure OSPv2
    • Configure OSPv3
    • Router ID
    • Passive Interface
    • Discuss multi-area OSPF
    • Understand LSA types and purpose
    • Configure and verify interVLAN routing (Router on a stick)
    • Sub interfaces
    • Upstream routing
    • Encapsulation
    • Configure SVI interfaces
    • Manage Cisco IOS Files
    • Boot Preferences
    • Cisco IOS Images (15)
    • Licensing
    • Show license
    • Change license
    • Configure and verify EIGRP (single AS)
    • Feasible Distance/Feasible Successors/Administrative distance
    • Feasibility condition
    • Metric composition
    • Router ID
    • Auto summary
    • Path Selection
    • Load Balancing
    • Unequal
    • Equal

  • Configure and verify DHCP (IOS Router)

    • Configuring router interfaces to use DHCP
    • DHCP options (Basic overview and functionality)
    • Excluded addresses
    • Lease time
  • Network Device Security

    • Configure and verify network device security features
    • Device password security
    • Enable secret vs enable
    • Transport
    • Disable telnet
    • SSH
    • VTYs
    • Physical security
    • Service password
    • Describe external authentication methods
    • Configure and verify switch port security
    • Sticky MAC
    • MAC address limitation
    • Static/dynamic
    • Violation modes
    • errDisable
    • shutdown
    • protect restrict
    • Shutdown unused ports
    • errDisable recovery
    • Assign unused ports to an unused VLAN
    • Putting native VLAN to other than VLAN 1
  • Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshoot and Resolve routing issues
    • routing is enabled
    • routing table is correct
    • correct path selection
    • Troubleshoot and Resolve OSPF problems
    • neighbor adjancies
    • Hello and Dead timers
    • OSPF area
    • Interface MTU
    • Network types
    • Neighbor states
    • OSPF topology database
    • Troubleshoot and Resolve EIGRP problems
    • neighbor adjancies
    • AS number
    • Load balancing
    • Split horizon
  • Configure and verify Basic Voice Network   
  • Inter-VLAN
  • Configure and verify basic VOIP on router and switch.  



PRACTICE Exams: Unlimited HRS (optional but reccomended)

Review Materials will be provided for FREE


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I have taken CISCO 1 & 2 at CNCTC last March 2008 unfortunately i didnt get my certificate.
Can i still request for a copy of the certificate? I am also planning to take CISCO 3 & 4. Can I still take the course?
Thanks a lot. Happy New Year to all!!!

hello mark,

absolutely yes, you can still get your certificate and you can get cisco 3 and 4 as well Have Happy New Year to you and to all.

Sun 9am to 3pm Feb 07, 2009 Mar 07, 2010. sa spana po, may slot pa po ba sa sked na to?

@ Ryan

Marami pa pong slot na available.

questions regarding CCNA exam certification.
Question# 1. What will happen next after taking the course CISCO 1 to 4? Are we entitled for a free CCNA exam?
Question#2. If there is a fee for CCNA exam. May I know how much is the fee for CCNA exam so we can be certified as a CCNA?

Thank you verymuch!

hello jm2010,

Exam fee for CCNA certification is not included in the training fee. The CCNA exam fee is US250 plus tax. but if you have a credit card pay only US250 dollars in the pearson vue website.

CCNA exam inquiry. do you conduct CCNA exam after the training or it can only be done at the testing centers?

@ jm2010

yes nagcoconduct kami ng exam for ccna certification.

hi i'd like to inquire if you have a schedule training for CISCO 1 & 2 this february....i'd like to take sat. and sun. kse during weekdays d po ako available...

@ Roger

May sched po kami ng cisco sa Feb 13, 2010 magstart every sat, pag sunday naman Feb 07, 2010 ag sched. Pili nalang kayo ng sched na gusto nyo kung Sat or Sun.

Hi hEllo. What if I have no knowledge in PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting and Repair & Network Technology > can i still enroll?

@ ronan

we have prerequisite before you proceed to cisco training you should have a background in networking or pc lan/wan course and the prerequisite of networking is pc assembly.


Pede po ba ako mag take ng ICND1 exam sa inyo kahit di ako nag training sa cnctc? Ano po kaya ang requirements and proseso para makapagtake ako ng ICND1 exam sa inyo? Thanks!

Assuming nagkapagbayad na ako sa pearson vue for the ICND1, pde po ba sa inyo magtake ng exam? If so, ano po ung dapat kong ipakita sa inyo. Thank you po!

hi maam/sir

can i ask a contact number here in buebdia makati branch for me to inquire

about the course you are offering
or kindly email me at

@ Chris

It's 889-6042 to 43.

Can you please register me in this short course and I'm willing to pay a registration fee to push thru in this training course.

I would appreciate if you will contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Ok. 1 slot reserved for you. I just want to ask what is your preferred schedule weekday or weekend?

Please have sched for Mar 15, 6-9PM, M-F if possible.. Reserved 1 seat for me if sched is available... Thanks!

@ Recelio

ok sir one slot reserved for you.Inform po namin kayo kung matutuloy ang class s march 15.we need minimum of 3 stud para magstart.Thanks.

pd po b ko magtake ng cisco1 and 2 khit natake ko n to? may certificate n po ko s 1 and 2...

pa-reserve nmn po ako.. cisco 1 and 2 sat 3-9pm.. may slot pa po ba??

@ Rico

pls enroll one day before the training.Thanks.

@ grace

pde po..nasa sa inyo po yan mam.

@cnctc staff

nkapag enroll n po ako knina..

tuloy po ba bukas CISCO sa buendia?
pa inform nman po ako, nagpa reserve na po ako pero d pa ako nagbayad

@ August

ano pong schedule?

@ R.J.

the pre requisite course for cisco is networking.

kasama na po ba sa 7000 yung exam or training lang po yan?

@ rico

nde po kasama ung CCNA exam sa training 250 dollars plus vat ang CCNA exam fee

Sir ask ko lang kung may certificate itong kasama kahit po certificate of completion lang?Saka yun pong fee is for CCNA short course 1 and two na po ba?Thanks.

Hi ask ko na rin po kung paano magpa-reserve ng slot and may hand outs po bang kasama ang training?Thanks

@ Nort Mendoza

Sir call the preffered branch training center and have the reservation slot.Just leave your name and contact number for confirmation and references.yes may hand outs n binibigay.

Sir open po ba kayo ng Saturday for payment?Kasi po may work ako ng weekdays eh kaya ask ko kung pede weekend particularly saturday pede magbayad sa inyo?Thanks.

Good Day,

I am an incoming 2nd year student of BS Electronics & Communications Engineering and I have done some research and I found out that Cisco CCNA is one of the elective subjects of my course, but I don’t want to study it as my elective subject rather I want to study it in your school.

I’m interested in learning Cisco and be a CCNA certified. Please answer these questions:
1) What do you think is my advantage of being a CCNA certified as an EcE?
2) How should I prepare before enrolling in a Cisco course?
3) I want to study during my summer vacation, is it okay if I don’t have much knowledge about networking?

Thank you!! I wish for a response as soon as possible. :)))

@ North Mendoza

Yes were open on weekends from 9 am to 3pm.You can come in our office to pay at thi hours.thanks

@ Empi

Before enrolling the cisco training, you should have a knowledge in basic your case if you dont have yet any knowledge in networking i suggest that you have to take first the PC LAN/WAN course before the cisco training.

Being a CCNA certified is a big edge for you to get a high paying job and at the same time a big chance to be hired in IT companies.

tanong ko lang may traning center po ba kau sa CEBU?

Manny orillo,

Sorry pero wla po kaming training center sa cebu.

Please reserve one slot for me for this course: KB0112 - Cisco 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology. The schedule I prefer is: Sun 9am to 3pm May 02 to May 30. Please have me informed whenever I have the slot reserved. Then punta na lang po ako personally sa Office nyo for the downpayment.Ito po yung contact details ko: 09054302849/[email protected]

@ Nort Menodza

ok mam one slot reserved for you.

Sir po ako, ako po yung Norberto Mendoza na nag-e-mail. Thank you po I'll just drop by to your office for the downpayment po. Thanks a lot.

@ Nort Menodza

Ok Sir drop by na lang po kayo dito sa office for enrollment.Thanks.

pwede pa po bang humabol sa enrollment before May 8? next week pa kasi yung sahod eh

pareserve ng slot for KB0112. preferred sched is sat 3-9pm. thanks.

@ dale santiago

ok sir one slot reserved for you.

pareserve po, pupunta na po ako jan mamaya

@ eleazar

Ok Sir punta na lang po kayo sa Manila office.Thanks.

@ dale santiago

Sir may magstart pong class on May 8 sa Cisco 1 and 2 sa España Manila branch.Pls enroll one day before the training.

Sir.. meron po b weekdays sched for KB0112 - Cisco 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology? thanks...

Ooppss sorry.. disregard previous post.. I saw your sched from this site.. thanks!

may i ask if there is still available slot for this course KB0112 scheduled may 4 - may 11..

@ John

Sir may nagstart po kaming class today sa Buendia Makati.

Good day, Ask ko lang po kung kelan start ng enrollment for KB0112 sa May 30(Sun 3:00-9:00pm), please advise, thx

Paulino Almuete,

On going na po ang enrollment.

Do you have class schedule for CCNA 1,2,3,4 on August? Or at least CCNA 1&2 on August?
Best Regards,

Arbel Vinarao,

Opo magkakaroon ng sched for cisco course by august.

I would like for know those inquiries for this course lesson

Do you still have slot available for May 30? Can i just enroll and pay on that day?

@ Ven

Yes Sir may magstart po kaming class on May 30 @ 3pm to 9pm in Manila. Call us 736 2032 for confirmation.Thank you.

Saan po ba ang school nito kapag nag-enroll ako sa Buendia, Makati branch?

Please lang po, gusto kong humabol for the training...

sayang d na ako nakaabot nung may 30, 7pm na kc natapos ung isa kong worksho. sa June 27 na lang ako sasali.

@ Dennis Cabas-an

Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave or Maroni St., Palanan, Makati City. May schedule sir sa Tuesday June 15, 2010 M-F/9-3pm.

For other information call us @ 889-6042/43

@ Ven

Call us @ 889-6042/43 for reservation.Thanks

Ok po I'll wait for it.

cno po ba ung isang instructor from the other branch?? ung lalake po.. is he still teaching in your school?? Medyo gs2 ko kc ung way of teachings nya.. pro i think hndi xa sa branch nyo.. Nung time ko kc subtitute instructor lng xa.. BTW, im planning to go enroll ulit sa school nyo kc ung last time hndi ako kumuha certificate..


Sir puro lalake po instructor namin dito. Pakidescribe po kung cno un?

hello sir, just inquiring, when is the schedule for the next training? oks lang ba if mejo almost zero knowledge with the networking?

kindly send an email to sanuku[at]gmail[dot]com

m really interested in taking this short course but i need to check my sched with my work.


@ Heidi

The enrollment is still ongoing. You should have the basic knowledge in PC LAN/WAN or Networking Course before you to take the Cisco training.

sir, what is the difference between Slow Track Training and Fast Track Training for CISCO? i am interested to enroll but i would like to know which one is better. thank you.

@ Dodie

The difference between the slow track and fast track is the lenght of the course duration and the training fee.

follow-up question: Is CCNA BootCamp Training a combined Cisco 1&2 and Cisco3&4 courses?

I would like to know the requirements for CISCO courses enrollment. I am here in Naga City and I would want to know what to bring upon enrollment. Thank you.

@ Dodie

Yes its a combination of Cisco 1,2,3,4. No any requirements for enrollment.

thanks much.

My CCNA 1&2 ba kau na offer ngaun? Enrol sana ako on a saturday schedule. Thanks!

@ Jonats

Sir nagstart lang knina ung first meeting ng MAkati Branch, meron start bukas makati branch din pwede m pasukan ung first meeting m bukas then next sat na ung second meeting m kung interested k. Sunday 9-3 ang schedule tomorrow.

Call us @ 889-6042/43 for confirmation

hello ask ko lang po kung wala po ibang training school dito sa Q.C.? sa makatilang po ba at manila? thanks

@ dorie

Yes Mam Manila and Makati lang po kami located.

anu po number ang pde kong twagn mg inquire?

@ patrick mark ace b. austria

You can call 736 2032 in España Manila or 889 6042 to 43 in Buendia Makati.

hello po. may sched na po ba kayo ng CCNA 1,2,3,4 for september (weekdays)?

@ vivien

Hi.. First week of September is the schedule for CCNA Bootcamp or Cisco 1,2,3,4. Thank you.

Hi' i am interested sa course na to' Cisco 1 and 2, ask lng po my certificate po ba kayong ibibigay sa course na to?


Opo may certificate po na binibigay after the training.

Thank's a lot sir, by Oct. this year pko mkkpag enrol currently im employed as a IT Support/Admin here in saudi arabia,

@ Lito

Ok Sir will be waiting for you. See you soon.

am meron po kayong branch dito sa cebu?

@ melvin estrada

wala po kaming branch sa Cebu.

ask ko lng kng ano requirments nyo kpg kmuha ng cisco 1 and 2.

@ Daryl

Kelangan may basic knowledge po kayo sa PC Networking bago kumuha ng Cisco Training. Thank you.

what kind of knowledge?ngaral nko dti ng mga subnetting. ano ba dpat?

@ Daryl

Sir you should know how to crimp, you know how to compute ip addressing, how to set up local area network.

i know how to crimp. pro sa subnetting konti nlng naalala ko. pro may reviewer nmn ako nun pti dn sa pg set up ng lan. pwde nb ako enroll for ccna kpg gnun?

Going na po ako jan Espanya, Manila to enroll Cisco1-2. MAdami na din po pla nag-enroll kaya sure na tuloy na next week.
Please reserve ! slot for me...
Tnx po.

Sir, im an ECE and naging part pu yan sa college life q. I experienced crimping and ip addressing. I have to review n lng cguro coz that's 2008 pa. May book aq ng CCNA 1-2. Is that ok para maqualify aq sa training?

@ Daryl

If you really insist and willing to take Cisco 1n2 course. Then you can enroll Cisco 1n2 module

@ Jonnel

Ok sir you can enroll the training.Just be sure that you really have a basic knowledge in networking.

hi pde pa po ba magrefresh&maki-sit in sa classes sundays 3-9pm sa Buendia Makati,before po ako magenrol sa cisco3&4.

@arnel ocampo

yes sir pde kang magsit in

hi der! kelan po start ng class? anung date?

@ donnattt

Meron po kaming magstart na class on July 26 at 9am to 3pm sa Buendia Makati.

after po ng training my certificate po ba? or kylngan ko png ipasa yng exam pra makuha ng certificate o mgkaiba certificate po.. tpos po pgnpsa ko po yng exam anong certificate ko po nun?

ok lng po b yn kng yng knowledge ko po eh yng mga articles po n nbsa ko bout networking..pwede n po b yn requirement pra mkapgenrol ako..please reply po thnx?

@ raven

Sir kelangan may knowledge ka rin sa actual training ng Networkingn hindi lamang po sa nabasa nyo na articles. Pagkatapos po ng training nyo makakatanggap po kayo ng certificate of completion at kelangan nyong ipasa ang CCNA Exam para maging CCNA Certified.

Classmates ko nung Cisco 1 and 2 sa
Cisco 3 and 4 Aug 8, Guys tuloy tayo ha. Request natin si Sir Ogie ulit. magaling magturo si Sir Ogie.

@ Jayson M. Julian

Yes Sir nakareserved na sa inyo ang slot ng August 8 at 9am to 3pm for Cisco 3 and 4.See u..

Pareserved po ako ng
Sun 9am-3pm 09-12-2010.. Thanks

@ JP

Ok Sir one slot reserved for you.

why is your on-line reservation NEVER worked? anyway can you reserve the schedule Sat 9am-3pm which starts on 09-11-2010 for Cisco 1 and 2. im going to pay in person this week at espana. thanks

@ bienvicente luis o. perez

Our system does not support lower version of internet explorer you need to install firefox 3.5 or higher or internet explorer 8 to successfully reserve online

sir ung cisco 1-2 ksma n po b s 7.5k ung exam fee?o wla p po?tanx kc po bkt po iba ung s ccna bootcamp with exam..slamat po.

I just wanted to know the total fee for CCNA slow trac for all modules with exam fee. Thank You

@ Jackie Cabisora

The total training fee for CCNA SLOW track for all modules is P15,000 and $250 for the exam. Thank you.

Sir/Ma'am, Where is your office located?

Free po ba ang kahit pabalik balik ayos lang?

@ Aldo Gonzales

Our Main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila and Our Branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City.

@ Peewee

Yes Sir pde but pag marami pong students we don't allow it cause ipapriority po natin mga new enrollees. Thank you.

ask ko lng po kung maganda ba tlaga ang mga opportunities sa CISCO.. ComSci graduate kasi me last 2008 ndi ko pa nagagamit ang degree ko.. kya gus2 ko ulit mag aral.. programming kasi tlaga ang naging major ko noon..

Sat 3pm-9pm 08-07-2010 09-04-2010, si Sir James po ba instructor? tnx...

@ vasda

Hindi po sya ang maghahandle ng Sat 3pm to 9pm.

@ kiko

Yes marami pong magagandang opportunities sa Cisco.

may sched po ba kayo ng Cisco 1&2 and Cisco 3&4 ng weekdays sa Sep?gusto ko po kasi sanang sched ay M-F 9am-3pm.

@ vivien

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng upcoming sched. Just keep visiting our site. Thank you.

3 po kami ng mga friends ko na kukuha ng Cisco 1&2 and Cisco 3&4.pero ang preferred sched po sana namin ay monday to friday, 9am-3pm.gusto po sana namin ganitong sched:
Cisco 1&3 - Sep 6-10
Cisco 2&4 - Sep 13- 17

preferred branch:espana

3 po kami ng mga friends ko na kukuha ng Cisco 1&2 and Cisco 3&4.pero ang preferred sched po sana namin ay monday to friday, 9am-3pm.gusto po sana namin ganitong sched:
Cisco 1&2 - Sep 6-10
Cisco 3&4 - Sep 13- 17

preferred branch:espana

@ vivien

yes maam pde po naten iarrange ung desired sched nyo anyway nameet nyo naman ung minimum number of studs

Sama na rin ako sa schedule ng sept. 6-10 at sept 13-17.

Ano po ba yong "PRACTICE EXAMS & GROUP REVIEW: 40 HRS (optional but reccommended)" kasama na po ba ito sa fee na 7,500.

Cge po reserved ka nmn sa sched na un. Magiinform po kmi ulit pag ayos na lahat. Pagnatapos nyo po ung cisco 1 to 4 free na po ung practice exams and group review.

matutuloy po ba yung training this sunday Aug. 15 in makati. mag e-enroll po sana ako this sat.

hello.. what's Eric class sched?

hello.. what's Eric's class/sched?

@ brent

Sir still open for enrollment minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thanks.


sa isang module po ilang hours ang training nyan.. and 1 and 2 module = isa lng po ba ang pagtake ng exam. ant then module 3 4 ganun din po ba?

@ lits

Ang course duration po ng cisco 1 and 2 is 30 hours and for cisco 3 and 4 is 30 hours din. After ng training kung gusto po nyo kumuha ng exam for cisco magtake po kayo ng ccna exam. Thanks.

gusto po pala naming i-move yong preferred sched namin:
Cisco 1&2 - sep.13-17
Cisco 3&4 - sep.20-24
Time: 9am-3pm
Branch: Espana

by 1st week of sep pa lang po kasi kami uuwi.

may nag request po ba ng
Sat 3-9pm 08-21-2010 09-18-2010
na sched. may balak po kasi akong sumabay. thank you.

@ brent

Sir still open for enrollment at least minimum of 3 stud to start the training. Thank you.

Hi Sir/ Ma'am

Pwede po magpareserve ng sched ng CISCO 1&2. Start date 9-11-2010,end date 10-9-2010,Sat 9-3pm.

For two persons po.

Kilan po pwede magenroll at mgbayad?



Ok po irereserved po nmn kyo ng 2 slots. Enroll po kyo one day before the training. San po preferred nyo manila or makati?

ask ko lang po which sched will most likely meet the minimum number of trainees and start either on 08-21-2010 or 08-22-2010. kahit po sa espana or buendia, so i can join the group. thank you.

@ brent

Sir still open for enrollment as of now wala pa pong stud na nakareserved or enrolled either sa España or Buendia.

ok makati po mam..tnx


We would like to enroll po on Sept.11 Cisco1-2 Training . 3 po kaming mgppareserve. pwede po bang mgbayad on the scheduled date nlng? thanks!

ok mam pwede po keong mgenrol on da day.. ask q lng po if san nyo prefered manila or makati?thank u

ok thanks! sa España branch po kami mgeenroll.

would like to follow-up if the following schedules are available:

Cisco 1&2 - sep.13-17
Cisco 3&4 - sep.20-24
Time: 9am-3pm
Branch: Espana

@ vivien

yes madam available yang sched na yan we will be posting that sched later

Mam may landline ba kayo may ask lang po ako about sa schedule...

good day po, i have no formal education in computers but i have lots of experience with it starting with the pentium 1 and have a certificate in pc troubleshooting. i have plans to study computers this coming 2nd sem and is researching about networking on my own. my question is will it suffice to enroll in ccna 1 &2? because i want to try and get a certificate as a ccent (640-833 exam).

@ Noel

Sir you can call us 736-2032, 889-6042/43,2395577. Thank you.

@ xc

Sir may prerequisite course po kami before po kayo makapagtake ng Cisco course. Kelangan may basic knowledge po kayo sa PC Lan/Wan or Networking course.

@cnctc staff: Sir I am comsci grad and i have a 2 yrs and 8 mos exp sa gateway, acer brands as tech.supp, but I only have 4-5 months exp sa Dlink support sa call center, will that suffice to qualify cisco 1-2? pls email me. tnx! i am planning to enroll this course sa buendia for sept 13 sched. s mga nk'reserve sa sked nato 2loy po b kau mga sirs? :D

@ Rom

Sir you should have the basic knowledge in PC NETWORKING or PC LAN/WAN before you have to take the Cisco training. Thank you.

@cnctc staff: sir i have taken a short course in pc troubleshooting with networking sa informatics to compliment my experience in hardware knowledge since pentium 1. and pc lan/wan and networking wont be a problem for me. also i will be studying a 2 year diploma course as network engineer this coming september, and i plan to take up classes in ccna 1 & 2 in december. kung basic knowledge is ok with you guys then it wont be a problem with me.

Please reserve me...
I'll pay the course fee when the class start..
Cisco 1 and 2..
Espana, Manila...
Sat 3-9pm 09-11-2010 to 10-09-2010
Thanks ...^^

@cnctc staff: I understand sir. Thanks.

I work as a cc agent for Gateway, eMachines, Acer PC, desktop, etc and we troubleshoot hardware and software, including LAN and Wifi issues on PC/laptop alone and I also work for Dlink and we troubleshoot wired,wireless Router/Switches/modems,Lan,WLAN card via phone as helpdesk but I dont have solid working or hands on exp in network setup and tblshooting. I have minimum hands on training only during product training and during my college days wherein we have setup a LAN computer laboratory. I just wanted to know if these exp will suffice to take the cisco 1-2. Bka kc sa training ma culture shock po aq sa mga ksma ko.. 0.0

@ erwin

ok sir 2 slot reserve for u. pls contact us 4 final confirmation at 7362032. thnx

@ rom
ok sir u can take Cisco 1N2 .. ano po pang prefer nlng sched?

@ xc

OK sir it won't be a problem 4 us at least u have a basic knowledge in PC LAN/Wan. u can call us at Manila 7362032 or Makati 8896042/43 for more information.thnx

@cnctc staff

Sir ngreserve nq online Sun 9-3pm in Buendia Mkti branch. pero I was thinking also if I get Sat 9 - 3pm instead depends on my sked im currently working in cc unstable sked ko, kso 4 plng nk reserve sa sat sked bka madissolve din.. thanks po

Hi there... currently enrolled ako s cnap, but I'm thinking of opting out bcoz matagal pa bago ko mata2pos ung 4 modules.

ask ko lang, one is to one ba sa inyo during lab exercises?

@ Mike

yes 1 is to 1 po sa lab

may request for a reservation at espana dated
09-11-2010 class,can i pay a day before the class start?hoping for your response.

@ mark gil gorobat

Sir make a reservation online. Yes you can pay a day before the class. Thank you.

sir/mam,im eager to learn and enroll at your school.Can you allow me to pay fee dated sept. 11,2010 at sept. 11 class,due to fluctuate uncertain schedules.hoping for your consideration.

sincerely yours.......

@ mr.eager to learn

San po ba kayo sana mageenroll Sir sa España Manila or Buendia Makati? Call us 736 2032 or 889-6042/43 for the confirmation. Thank you.

@ Vivien,

Ma'am pasencya na po pero ung nirequest nyong sep 13 to sep 24 na schedule 4 cisco 1 to 4 ay di tuloy di po kc available ung instructor namin. Nagemail na po ako sa inyo before. Thanks.

kelan po ang next sched ni sir james? preferably weekends

Is there any training centers here in davao city who offer the follwing courses of CISCO, LAN AND WAN and others pertaining to computers (PCs and Laptops) and networking? I am a Certified Computer technician (CHS NC II)

@ liezel

Mam di pa po dumarating Sir James.

@ Caesar Paolo A. Dagaas

Sir wala po kaming branch sa Davao City.

when do u have a sked open for oct?say Oct 3?kasi i want sun sked.tnx

@ junifer

Mam just keep visiting to our website for the upcoming schedules by October. Thank you.

hi, tanong ko lng yung sched sa buendia Sat 9-3pm 09-25-2010, tuloy po ba simula ng training bukas? thnks.

was able to see sked oct3 in espana, do you have oct sked in Buendia? since Sept is already over. tnx

hi!sir ask ko lang po kung pwede po akong mag take ng cisco 1 &2 cors,ece graduate po ako and i finished tesda cors computer hardware servicing NCII w/ a 100 hrs ojt,pwede po ba akong kumuha cisco 1&2?thanx

@ eric

Yes pde ka ng magtake ng Cisco course Sir. Thanks.

do you have training center in Tacloban

@ ravince

Wala po kaming training Center sa Tacloban.

ask ko lang po kng pde open sched, kng kelan free ung time ko pde ako pasok.
para sa cisco 1 and 2. sana meron open sched. para maisabay ko ung trabaho at pag kuha ko ng cisco 1 and 2

@ Sean D, Alvarez

Heto lng Sir ung available sched nmen.. tnx

hello,ask q lang po kung after po ng cors duration yung practice exams,group review for 40 hrs ay may bayad din po ba yun?if gusto ng isang student,thanx po.

ung oct4-8 na sched, maituturo nyo na lhat ng topics pra s cisco 1 and 2 nun? prang ang bilis nman po...

@ eric

Hello. Sir wala na pong bayad ang 40 hours Group Review. Thanks.

@ Paul

Yes maituturo po lahat ng topics for 30 hours comprehensive and more actual po kasi ang training namin. Thanks.

saan po location niyo? may contact number po ba kayo?

ano po exact location nyo sa espanya? what building po ba ? kasi im near morayta eh

@ Yves

Located po kami sa España Manila and Buendia Makati. You can call us at 736-2032, 889-6042/43. Thank you.

@ Meow meow

Rm 210 2nd flr. Doña Amparo Bldg. Cr. G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila.

eh ung group review 40hrs, anu un may bayad pa po??

ask ko lng po.. ano po ba pre-requisite ng cisco 1 and 2 para pde maenroll??

anyways, as of now im only student, but i have a background on a+, ntpos ko kc ung MOC ng a+ sa dati kong skul(Letran) na partner ng Microsoft kya MOC tnuturo smin don.. pero im going 2 enroll for oct 18-22 training days 4 a+ again 2 recall and hopefully 2 learn more..

pero gus2 ko rin po mag cisco.. ung req. po sana nid ko malaman..


@ Paul

Wala pong bayad ang group review na 40 hours.

@ Paul

The prerequisite course is PC LAN/WAN or PC NETWORKING.

ICND1 (interconnecting cisco network devices part 1) po ba ito? yung exam 640-822?

widow lang po alam ko sa pc hindi masyado marami, pwede po ba mag enroll ng cisco?

@ joel palisoc

Sir pde po kayong mag enroll sa Cisco pero kelangan may basic knowledge po kayo sa PC NETWORKING or PC LAN/WAN. Thank you.

Sir pwede po ba akong mag enroll ng cisco 1 and 2 router and routing technology graduate po ako ng bachelor of science in computer technology po may background po ako ng Windows Operating System and PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting and Repair pero sa Network Technology hnd ko po masyado kabisado

Thanks po

@ gerry

Sir pde po kayong magenroll basta may basic knowledge po kayo sa PC Networking. Thank you.

Meron po ba kayong schedule na magsisimula ng Oct 25?

@ ako

May upcoming schedule this October 25.Before magstart ang training minimum of 3 participants ang kelangan. Thank you.

Hello Sir/Maam,
Hanggang kelan po ba deadline ng enrollment sa Oct.18 Sched sa Makati?
and sa CCNA 1-2 may exam rin po ba kami jan???

@ jonji

Sir please enroll one day before the training. Its minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

may training center po b kayo sa batangas

kahit medyo malapit d2 sa batangas

@ jimmy

Sir wala po kaming branch sa Batangas.

Sir magkakaroon ba kayo sa Makati ng schedule na 9-3pm? Tahnks.

Sat 9-3pm

Pwede po ba kumuha ng training kahit hindi IT or Computer course ang background?

@ robert

yes sir magkakaroon po tau.. just visit our site for the update of the schedule..tnx

@ bon2x
yes sir .. atleast have a basic knowledge for network technology, and familliarity of the operating system.. tnx

tnong ko lang din po kong kasama na sa course fee yong exam?thanks

Yes, please open a 9am-3pm weekend schedule for Makati

No sir seperste payment po un.. exam fee is $250.. training fee 7,500.. thx


ok sir.. tnx

Sir, do I have to bring my laptop during the training? How about the devices, is it one per student? tenks

@ renan
ok lng sir n idala nyo. one is to one ang device nten. thank u

hi,ask ko po kung ok lang makabili ng modules sa cisco 1&2? para pag magenroll by dec.dime mahuhuli sa discussion or sa training.thanx po.

hello. nag start na po class today? plan ko mag enrol for cisco 1&2 ...puwede pa ba humabol?? sbi kasi holiday???? pls send feed back .thanx

@ eric

Sir, releasing of module is on the day of training..thank you!

@ dave

Yes sir pwede po .

Sir correct me if im wrong
Trainingis P7,500.00
Then an additional of $250 if we will avail of the co-workers are interested in this course..thanks sir.. can you provide a full course info sent to our e-mail? nau_immigration[at]yahoo[dot]com

un bang 7,500 makasama na cisco 1 and 2?

@ Charm

Yes cisco 1 and 2 the tuition fee is P7,500.

hi, open p b ung schedule for cisco 1-2 this November? u cn contact me at 09276225009

Sir, every anong petsa po ang exam ng CCNA? please provide naman some info regarding CCNA exam... Thanks

sir iba po b ung bayad s training s exam fee? n 250 dollars? ibg sbhn ang total po ay 250 x 50= 12500p + 7500 = 20000 po lahat lahat?tanx po..

@ Rommel Taller

Open ang testing center Mon to Sun except Thursday and official holidays.Thanks

@ Reinier Propero

Yes sir, iba po ang training fee and exam fee.Training fee for 1n2 module is 7500 for cash basis, Sa exam fee naman is US$250.

hi po, may parking space po kayo for students (makati site)?

magsstart na ba ang training for nov.8 - 12 (9am-3pm)??

@ pj

yes sir meron po sa gilid ng bldg pero first come first serve pag puno na meron pay parking dun sa me 7 eleven lapit sa Buendia LRT right side pag going to makati from LRT taft. pde rin dun sa may EGI mall sa buendia taft magparking

@ kim

yes sir magstart na po makakarecieve po kayo ng confirmation message from us bago magstart sa monday please wait for our call or email


sir do you have schedule month or january? I am from Tacloban CIty and is working on regular hours. I can go on leave for a week the least. Thanks

mgkano po ang ccna exam sa inyo? thanks!

@ Lawrence

Yes sir have schedule next month until next year. You can visit our website anytime for the schedules

@ Perry

CCNA EXAM Fee is 250 US Dollars.


Nakapag take na ko ng CISCO 1-4, pero hindi ko masyado na gets dahil bihira mag hands-on. Parang nakulangan ako sa skills. Anu ba magandang course sakin. Graduate na po ako ng IT. Interested po ako maging CCNA. Diyan na rin sana ako mag exam sa inyo. Thanks!

I want to take the bootcamp sana dahil limitado lang time na mkakapgstay ako sa pinas. bcoz of work overseas. Kaya inisip ko yung option na magbootcamp. Pero tingin ko kailnagan ng sapat na oras para matutunan ng mabuti ang cisco. Incase na mkauwi ako ng july, usually ano bang sched na ginagawa nyo during that month. Mga first week ba ng july 2011 nxt year makakapgarrange kyo?

Pati ba Cisco 1800 series na bago ngayun ay matutunan namin? Actually i'm already working as an i.t staff, im a compuetr technician by profession but luckily natangap ako as a one of the network admin. Sa work, we're using cisco router 1800 series connected to shdsl modem and to ipvpn leaseline connection. If i take this cisco1&2 course, worth na ba para matutunan ko yung setup namin. at follow ko na lang yun cisco 3&4 by nxt year vacation ko. Coz i still need to take also rhct linux sytem &admin'n course just for the duration of 2 weeks.

what dyou think kakayanin ba? pls advice naman, ill apreciate all the help.


Hi. im planning to enroll however the sched would not match my working hours. can you schedule Sun 9-3pm beyond december 10?thank you


I suggest kunin mu ung CCNA bootcamp I am sure kaya mung ipasa na ung CCNA after the course since me background ka na ng CISCO 1-4


yes sir magkakaroon kame ng sched ng first week of july next year

Yes po matutunan nyo po ung 1800 series na CISCO routers in fact un po ang gagamitin nyo sa training

I am sure kaya mu na rin isetup ung routers nyo dyan after you finish CISCO1-4 you can even pass the CCNA exam if you want to.


we will check if its possible to open a new schedule for Sun 9-3pm beyond december 10

Hi po..Tuloy po ba sched ng Sunday 9-3pm 1-28-2010 01-09-2011?enroll na po sana ako mamaya after lunch?thank you

@ dewraiden13

Yes tuloy po ang class bukas.

Why is it not offered in Cebu....I am interested to study this course but sad its not here in Cebu....can you recommend school offering the same course?

Ma'am may sked na po ba kayo ng Janaury 2011 for CCNA.

Salamat po.

is it ok to take the cisco training and exam even if i dont have any deep knowledge in networking?

is there a practical training?(like hands on)

and can i take cisco security even without ccna certification and no deep knowledge about networking?

@ El

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for CCNA by January 2011. Thank you.


tuloy po b ung M to F 9-5pm, 12-20-2010 to 12-23-2010 ..???

naka reserved n po ako...

thnk you


sir inform ka namen bukas kung magconfirm ung ibang mga nagpareserve by email or text

hi sir/mam.ask ko lng ngtake po b ko ng cisco 1&2,pwede n po b ko mgtake ng exam khit ccent lng equivalent?license n rin po b un at my expiration for 3yrs?

What if I am working in the morning and I cant schedule myself from 3-9 could I cut down the number of hours per day?

mam/sir, nawala po kc ung form ko,ndi ko naiprint.mgpapareserve po sana ko for cisco1&2 on jan10-14,2010 sa makati.ung 1st registration ko po ay ang nselect ko po n location ay sa espana n dpat po ay sa makati.ndi n po ko mgkpgregister kc ng-exist n po ung email add kung mgreregister po uli ko e mgdodoble ung registration ko.mam/sir sa makati po ako aatend ng training,ndi n po sa espana.

@ jomel

Ok Sir one slot reserved for you. The enrollment is open. It's minimum of 3 participants before the class will start. Inform po namin kayo for any updates for the schedule of Jan. 10 -14 in Buendia Makati. Thank you.

ok po.thanks po...

di po ako maka reserve eto ang sinasabi-
Your request cannot be processed due to following reasons
1 You are already enrolled or registered with this course

pa reserved po ng
Sun 3-9pm 01-09-2011 02-06-2011

Student # 1106

hi.. ask ko lang kung pwede ko ma-pick up yung certificates namin.. nov. 6 - dec 4 3-9pm kami.. punta po ako dyan this saturday.. thanks!

pwede po ba payment through credit card? para kasi meron ako nabasa date dito sa forum na pwede

@ Michael

Ililipat na lang po namin ng schedule ang inyong reservation sa Buendia Makati or España Manila?

@ gel

Yes pde po kayong magbayad through credit card.


mag eenroll po ako sa sat. makati branch. schedule jan 8, 9-3pm. i already had my reservation. nakareceive dn po ako text from you kanina.

sa Buendia Makati po .. thanks

pano po ba magbayad sa paypal?

Pde po kayong magbayad sa paypal punta na lng po kayo sa amen iassist po namen kayo

hi mam,

sure na po ba ung sked for jan.10-14 khit 2 lng nsa reservation?on monday po ay mg-eenroll n ko..

ok po punta na lang ako dyan bukas, tuloy na po ba ang sched bukas? 9-3pm sa buendia makati?


sir ang sure na sched na magstart na for jan.10-14 is espana 3 na kc nakaenroll sa Espana Manila na kayo sir kung pde kayo para sure na matutuloy ung sched


Sir sure na pong magstart bukas 9-3pm sa buendia makati 3 na kc ang nakaenroll

ok po. thanks

Kelan po ang sunod na sked ng M-F? next week po ba? consecutive ba ang schedules...

Sir/Mam y ndi nyo nman ko ininform thru text n ndi pla tuloy an training ng cisco sa makati?1 week akong nkleave.problema ko pa ngayon kung pano ko babalik sa comapny...inform nyo nman po ko ng maaga kung tuloy next week.


pa reserve nman po ako ng buendia/makati m-f 9-3pm January 24-28

email na lng po kayu for clarification at confirmation...



@ Mia

Yes next week po next schedule namin. It's open for enrollment.

@ dennis

Ok Sir one slot reserved for you! Sir gawa po kayo ng reservation nyo online. Thanks!

gud day po!
ask ko lng po f my sked for feb onwards for Cisco 1&2..

tuloy n po b cisco training next week?inform n lng po ako thru txt kung tuloy.tnx po

hi, nagcompare lang po ako sa ibang training centers ng mga topics for this course and found out na wala yung ibang topics like ospf, eigrp etc. ibig sabihin ba hindi na sila ginagamit?


Yes magkakaroon po ng schedule on February onwards.

@ jomel

Inform na lang po namin kayo thru text kung tuloy po ang class on Monday. Thanks!

@ Jeff

Ginagamit pa rin po yan hanggang ngayon.

pwede po ba ko mg-take ng icnd2 khit wla p kong icnd1?

Kung ginagamit pa, bakit po wala sa mga topics ninyo? Sori sa mga tanung gusto ko lang maging worth it ung ibabayad ko. =)

sir jeff an OSPF at EIGRP po ay mga routing protocols,kya impossible na hindi nila idiscuss o isama sa topics yan..

@ jomel

Ok lang sir basta natake nyo na po ang icnd1.

@ jeff

Yes sir kasama po sa discussion ang OSPF at EIGRP.

Hi, paki txt din po ako kung tuloy yung class sa makati on monday. M-F 9-3pm 01-17-2011 01-21-2011. naka pag pareserve na ako, sa monday din ang bayad kung tuloy sya.

ako rin. tomorrow n po ung training pero wla png ng-iinform kung tuloy..pktxt rn po ako.

san po location niyo sa espana..?

@ Joel Dion de Leon and jomel

Sir hindi po tuloy ang class natin resched po nextweek. Inform po namin kayo ulit for any updates. Thanks!

@ willy cruz

Our Manila office located at Rm. 210 2nd flr. Doña Amparo Bldg. Cr. G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila.

sir/mam, meron na po ba nag enroll sa M-F 6-9pm sa my espana?

kc po iniisip ko bka mmaya ma desolve ang subject eh, ts ala refund. pg dba nabuo ang batch of 6 maddesove yng sec. ng M-f 6-9pm?

thnx po....

@ louie vera

Sir its open for enrollment. It's minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Kung sure na po kayo gawa po kayo ng reservation nyo online then magaantay po tayo ng makakasama nyo. Thanks!

May open pa ba for monday na schedule 9-3 pm?

Open pa po ba M-F 9-3pm sa Buendia?


I am an OFW who's interested to study CISCO 1 & 2 Routers and Routing Technology. Do you offer a training schedule within the month of May becoz' I plan to take said training at the same time with my annual vacation during the month? Thanks a lot.

@ Arwin

Yes Sir open for enrollment pa rin ang schedule ng Monday to Friday 9-3pm.

@ Arwin

Yes Sir open for enrollment pa rin ang schedule ng Monday to Friday 9-3pm sa Buendia Makati. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class.

@ Dennis Palanca

Sir we don't have set of schedules yet for the month of May but you can email or call us prior to the month of May for the new sets of schedules. Thank you.

nag pa reserve na ako online last time..wala pa bang nag eenroll?

Hi Arwin

We have a schedule @ Espana Branch starting on tue 9-3pm/M-F schedule.But for makati, we did not meet the number of students.we need atleast 3 students confirmed and enrolled to start the training.


pde po b ilipat yng reservation ko sa 9-3/M-F sa espana?
Im planning to enroll tomorrow, and start at the same day, ok ln po ba un?

Baka may gusto sumama ng Sunday ang Schedule, Dalawa plang kc kmi. Sama na Kayo. txt nyo ako... 09185392663.

Saan po banda ung Buendia Branch nyo?

@ Val

Our Buendia Makati office located @ Rm 208 2nd flr. UPY Bldg. Sen. Gil Puyat ave. corner Marconi st., Palanan, Makati City.

just for clarification,

-ung $250 isfor the CCNA certification exam po diba?

-can I take the CCNA cert exam after Cisco 1 and 2?

- anong pinagkaiba ng completion certificate with the CCNA certificate?

-for example I took the slow track, after cisco 1 and 2 there would be a completion exam for $250? then I would take Cisco 3 and 4 naman tapos another completion exam? iba pa ung completion exam sa CCNA exam?

- If I take the Fast Track, Im only to take the exam once, CCNA exam agad?

@ leo

The training for Cisco 1,2,3 and 4 slow track is the Review to be certified as CCNA. The examination fee is $250 which is separated for the training fee.thank you!

when is the next batch for the Sun 9-3pm @ espana? I'd like to reserve for this thanks
pls contact mhe thru this num 09273601430.

is there any chance that the starting date of 1-30-2011 for the sun 9-3pm sched would be moved?

@ leo

Sir the Cisco 1 and 2 training will start tomorrow Jan. 30, 2011 in España Manila at 9am-3pm.

yes sir I know it starts today, when will be the next batch for the sun 9-3pm sched @ espana? I'd like to reserve for the next batch

@ leo

Sir please keep visiting to our site for the next schedule in España Manila every Sunday. Thank you.

hello po,

pde po ba magtake ng CISCO training yung hindi graduate ng any computer courses?


nakakuha na po ako ng CISCO 1 and 2 training pero last year pa po.. It was Feb 2010. Pwede ko po bang ituloy sa CISCO 3 and 4 na? and about s practice exam ng 1 & 2, pwede ko rin po bang kunin un kapag tinuloy ko ung 3 and 4??

@ Alvin

sir pwede po kaung magtake ng training ng cisco basta may knowledge po tau sa PC Networking(IP Addressing, LAN/WAN, Subnetting, Cabling)

@ Klaine Dorado

Yes sir pwede po kaung tumuloy s training ng 3 and 4 module ng CISCO.

Good afternoon. Gusto ko po sanang magenroll as Cisco courses (starting with this one) pero wala po akong PC Networking background.

Meron po ba kayong mairerecommend na course(s) na inooffer ng CNCTC/prerequisites na mabibigyan ako ng qualifications para makapagenrol sa Cisco 1&2 na course?

Salamat po.

@ chris

You need to take first the PC LAN/WAN networking course which is the prerequisite of CISCO 1 and 2.thank you

mam rose tomorrow morning ko kukunin ung ccna 1 and 2 certification ko.

i'm planning to take the cisco 1 and 2,do i still need to take PC LAN/WAN if i'm a graduate of BS Electronics Engineering?

@ Rosely

Pre requiste ng Cisco ang PC Networking pero kung may basic knowledge na po kayo ng PC Networking pde ka ng dumiretso ng Cisco.


What if nakakuha nako ng Cisco 1, Pwede ko na po bang kunin yung Cisco 2 and 3? Yung school kc na pinaggalingan ko, antagal mag open ng class for Cisco 2. #months nako naghihintay.

@ aerojazz

Hi. Our cisco training is package for Cisco 1 and 2 and Cisco 3 and 4. Pag mag eenroll po kayo Cisco 1 and 2 pa rin ang kukunin nyo dahil wala po kaming for Cisco 2 and Cisco 3. Thanks.

tanong nmn po f 2loy ung class ng feb13-march13 9am-3pm...
la kc ako nreceive na txt/kol f 2loy eh..nka file na ako ng change rd...
2mtawag namn ako la nmn sumsagot sa 3 contact #...

Hi.. tnong ko lng po about CISCO iba p po ang bayad s final exam?

Thank you!!!

@ Nash

Yes. The exam fee for CCNA is $250.

What happens if you do not meet the 6 person per batch will you dissolve the class even if there are 3 person enrolled?

@ rey corpuz
We need only 3 participants confirmed or enrolled to the training before the class will start. If the class will not go through it will dissolve.Thank you

ung Cisco 1 & 2 training nyo po ba e kapareho din ng: "Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1).?

How many students are confirmed as of the moment?I'll go for M-F March 7-11.Please let me know if the class will kick off. Thanks.

@ Joaquin

As of now the enrollment is still open. Please make a reservation online then we will inform you if the class we're going to push thru. thanks.

Hi! I'm an ECE graduate, can i enroll directly on this course w/o taking the PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting and Repair & Network Technology, i do know only the basics not much on the software troubleshooting. thanks

@ ces
yes, you can enroll directly CISCO 1 and 2 training.Thank you.

Can I take Cisco 1 and 2 training even do i had finished only 2 yrs computer science


Yes you can take the CISCO 1 & 2 training but at least you have knowledge in basic networking before taking this course. Thanks

Yes I have knowledge & experience in networking.
Thanks for the information.

Inquire lang po tungkol sa entry requirements. Basic to intermediate lang po lahat ng knowledge ko tungkol sa computers and networking can I still enroll in this course?

is there an upcoming schedule for this course on the first week of april??

tnung ko lang poh kung my sched na this coming april...and pano po ung pag tatake ng exam???how much ung bayad bago mag take ng exam...thank you...

@ Christian

As you said, you have a basic knowledge to computers and Networking then you can take Cisco 1 n2 module training.

@ Mugs

Yes sir we have upcoming schedule for April.

@ Paul,

We have upcoming schedule for April.If your going to take the exam, the exam fee is US$250 if you register online.

sir, is there any upcoming training sched for the month of June or July?

mam, pano ko po ilipat reservatin ko? from sampaloc branch,sun 3pm to 9pm to buendia branch ,sat 9am to 3pm...

@ maxin

Yes we will have upcoming schedule for the month of June and July.

@ jo

Sir please see this link to transfer your reservation from España to Buendia Branch.

mam, nag error po, i believe tama naman un std number ko and email address..anyway pwede ba ko mag walked-in na lang sa sat?..

@ jo

Sir ano ba full name nyo para macheck po namin ang student number nyo sa data base namin? Thanks

mam, looks like na transfer na, thanks po,..BTW may skype po kayo para call ko kayo ngayon..dito kasi ako province ngayon

@ jo

Sir wala po kaming skype. Inform na lang po namin kayo kung tuloy ang class sa Buendia Makati Sat. 9-3pm. Thanks.

ma'am rose,ask ko lng po how ko po mababayaran ung balance ko tru CC...
thanx2 po...


Pag babayaran mu ung balance mu through credit card click mu link na to then pag nasa loob ka na Check mu kung ung Payment Option mu is nakaset to Credit card /Paypal pag nde nakaset click mu ung "Change Payment Option" then click mu ung "Credit Card /Paypal"

After changing the payment option you can now click the "Pay Now" na link tapos pde mu nang bayaran balance mu through paypal

hi.. ilm thinking which is better to take up? PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103 -OR- Cisco 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology - KB0112

a very good foundation for CISCO training is the PC LAN WAN with windows 2003 training I suggest you first get the PC LAN WAN training before CISCO

sir ask lang kc nagtake ako sa makati last november 8-12 ng cisco 1 and 2... ok lng po bang makiseat in ulit kc balak ko po mag 3 and 4 na pero gusto ko sana magreview ulit para d ako mahrapan... tnx ^_^


yes pde po kayong magsitin wala na pong bayad free na po anytime pde kayo magresit

miss cha, remind ko lang po kayo na interested pa po ako sa sun sched 3pm to 9pm, espania branch,pero kung di matuloy po sa makati branch na lang ako next saturday... thanks po

@ joe
Ok Sir, inform ko na lang po kayo ulit kung ano pong meron na confirm class. thank you


I would like to know if you have schedule of CCNA1 class on May or June of this year. May i request you, if ever there is a schedule for the 2nd quater of this year, to send me a copy to my email.


Jan Banday

Miss Rose and cha, follow up ko lang kung tuloy un cisco 1&2 ? sa sat 9am to 3pm buendia or sun 3pm to 9pm sampaloc?, kung ano po ang unang matuly dun ako attend , thanks.

@ jo
Sir tuloy po ang class buendia schedule every saturday 9am-3pm march 26, 2011.thank you!

sir tanong ko po kc dati studyante ako d2 ako d2 sa cisco 1234 kng magkano ang exam lang at pwede po ba mag sir in para mag review.. thanks poh


ang CCNA Exam is USD250 drop by po kayo sa office para sa Practice Exams and CCNA review

pls. post a sched for Autocad... thanx

@ tootz
Ok sir please wait for the update of the schedule. thank you!

Pls post sched for MAY- Buendia exam center..also yung location..tnx

@ darwin
Ok sir. please wait for the update of the schedule. Our location is along Gil Puyat Ave, brgy. Palanan Marconi St, Buendia, Makati. Thank you!

PRACTICE EXAMS & GROUP REVIEW may additional fee po ba?

@ Archie Ledesma
Wala po. minimum of 5 students for the practice exam and review.

regarding lang po sa babayaran separate ba yung USD250 sa course fee na 8,500? balak ko po kasing mag enroll, i hope you will reply my question, thank you very much.

@ Randel

Yes sir, Separate ung USD 250 for the examination fee

May i ask if your good company is a Cisco Certified Training Center?

@Reymar Santos

we are not a Cisco Certified Training Center but we are planning to be one maybe in the near future. We are still studying if we will abandon our low cost CCNA training in favor of Authorized CISCO curriculumns

May certificate po stating na natapos ko kung sakali yung
Cisco 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology - KB0112?
pls. reply.,and I'm planning for it, this coming june thnks-ejay

@ edwin jay s. mendiguarin

Hi. Yes, we give certificate of completion after finishing the course.

Bkit 8.5k na po? Anu po ba nagbago?


baka mahal na daw gasolina kaya nagtaas :)

you have training center in Tagum city?PLS.REPLY.

@ milo

We don't have training center in Tagum City.

no schedule fo june 2011?

@ JC Banday

Our tentative schedule for the month of June is on June 6-10-2011, June 13-17-2011, June 20-24-2011. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training.

do you require any requirements to take this course??

if kung i take this course then i complete . .
mgkakaraon ba ako ng free ojt??

@ nesty

No any requirements is needed. Kelangan lang may basic knowledge ka sa PC Networking at walang free OJT for this course.

hi, do you have CCNA bootcamp/training scheduled?

please email me the details and cost.

The tentative schedule for CCNA BOOTCAMP is on May 02, 2011. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Fee is 15,500 in cast; for installment basis 16,000, downpayment 7500.Thank you!

Good morning, nag pla-plano po ako na mag take ng CCENT, anong course ang dapat kung kunin? at magkano ang aking magagastos kasama ang exam sa CCENT, thanks!

Pg di pa po ba complete ung 6 students hindi po ba magstart?

@ Wyrlo Rhambi Talua

At least minimum of 3 students lang po ang kelangan para magstart ang class.

nag pla-plano po ako na mag take ng CCENT, anong course ang dapat kung kunin? at magkano ang aking magagastos kasama ang exam sa CCENT, thanks!

@ cuda

Sir take Cisco 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology. Kelangan may background po kayo sa PC Networking before taking Cisco 1 and 2. The exam fee for CCENT is $125.

may bayad ba yung paggamit ng computer dyan if wala akong maiprovided na laptop???

@ bryan
Wala po sir. Kami na po ang magproprovide ng gagamitin nyong PC.

Any skeds for June 20 onward?

Sir/Madam If ever I enroll in your cisco 1 and 2 subject, Can I continue the cisco 3 and 4 from other cisco networking academy?


Can you post shcedules for june or july pls.


@ Lester F. Chavez

Ok Sir please wait for the updates of our schedule. Thank you.

Im an ece graduate pls give me an advice if cisco certification will be helpful to me from gaining a career in networking or is there something else or other course that I must take aside from cisco? Because I want to work in network industry? thank you

@ George

Yes Sir first you have to take the Cisco 1 to 4 training then after finishing the course you must take a Cisco Certification Examination and this will help you to get a job/career in Networking industry.

Hi po,

Kailangan po ba tlga 6 person per batch ang need para makareview for CISCo exam cert. panu po kung di umabot ng 6 pero lahat nman dito nag aral ng CISCo..posible po bang makapagreview pa rin at matuloy ang exam?

Ask ko rin po pala anu-ano pa po mga freebies pag nag-aral po ng CISCO dito? ;)

hi ask ko lang kung kelan pwede magenroll for june 19, 2011 schedule? para makapagenroll na ako.

@ Jaypee

Yes, posible pa rin matuloy ang review. Ok lang po kung hindi umabot ng 6 person.

@ Mark Jayson Jucutan

The enrollment is ongoing now. Pde ng magenroll on or before June 19, 2011. Thanks.

what if hindi nameet ung required students? possible po ba na ma reschedule?

@ Mark Jayson Jucutan

Yes, marereschedule po ang class pag hindi na meet ang minimum students.

CISCO network academy din po ba CNCTC?

anu po Preriquisite ng course na cisco kc i am wondering yung regular na ccna course is 4 semester eh d2 gagawin nyu lang na 30 to 40 hours... please answer lng po!

sir, kelangan po ba talagang ma-meet ung mga requirements bago po ako makapag-enrol. May basic knowledge po ako sa PC troubleshooting, since nag-take na ako ng trainings for both Basic and Advance PC troubleshooting, may mga nakalimutan na nga lang ako. And about naman s Networking, konti lang po alam ko dun. If ever na bumagsak ako sa assessment test, does it mean po ba na hindi po ako applicable na mag-take ng training. Thanks

@ robert

The prerequisite for this course is PC Networking, You need to have a very good understanding of LAN and TCP/IP. More on hands po kasi dito samin and less discussion sa mga theoretical.

@ Jen

Yes kelangan na mameet lahat ng requirements to enroll for this course. Basic knowledge in PC Networking is not enough to take the Cisco training. You need a good understanding of LAN and TCP/IP before you enroll this course

ah ganun po ba... kasi i'm currently working as a Network Control Center Engineer in our company, so gusto ko po na ma-enhance pa yung understanding ko sa Networking, if ever po pala, kelangan po talagang ma-ipasa yung test. by the way, enough na po ba yung certificate ko for enrollment. ang meron lang po kasi ako na certificate is ung basic computer technician, and linux. ung advance computer technician, hindi ko pa po nakuha sa training center na kinuhanan ko, ok lang po ba kung kulang yung papers na i-susubmit ko. thanks.


you can drop by to our office and see if you met the prerequisites but the way i see it i think qualified ka since you are working as network control engineer already in your company.


@ jen

Your much welcome.

wala po ba discount kapag old student na? pang 3rd course ko na sa cnctc if ever :)

may exam pa po ba bago magenroll dito?

@ Mark Jucutan
Wala po. before taking cisco 1 and 2. students must have knowledge regarding PC LAN/WAN Networking.

confirmed na ba yung sched sa 06-19-2011 Sun 9-3pm?

@ Oscar
Possible na pong mag start ang June 19, 2011 sir Buendia Sched. The final confirmation of the class will inform 3 days before the training. Thanks

kahit ba hindi CISCO certified training center, accredited ang magiging kumuha ng cisco trainings, magiging legal, valid and accredited ba ang pagkuha ng CCNA exam/certification?


Yes legal, valid and accredited ang pagkuha ng CCNA exam/certification. Actually kahit hinde ka kumuha ng CISCO training. Pde ka magexam for CCNA as long as kaya mu maipasa ung exam. But i reccomend na kumuha ka ng CCNA training para 100 percent pasado ka at nde masayang pera mu

confirm na to?

ilan na po ang ngenroll? sa sunday sked 9am-3pm Buendia? till when po ba ang enrollment cut off?

@ Oscar

Inform po namin kayo ahead of time kung tuloy po sa June 19 ang class for final confimation. Thanks

@ Jaypee

Wala pa pong nakaenroll. The enrollment is ongoing now.


I have taken the module 1 from a Cisco Academy in one the university. If i wish to continue at your training center, how do I proceed given the 1&2 @ CNCTC is rolled into 1 schedule. And what is the difference from the Module 1 taken at the University against your module.

Thank you.

Kris Bayaton

MY Class mates and i are planning to take the cisco trainning we are 3rd year students San Beda College. pwede po b kami mag enroll ng cisco kahit n nag aaral p lang po kami????

@ jomel

Yes, pde po kayong magenroll ng Cisco training.

ask ko lang online po b ang exam??? at saan po gagawin ang exam sa room po ba??? and separated po ang bayad ng exam diba???

additional question pa po need po b 1-4 para makapag exam kami???


CCNA Exam will be administered in our Training Center at Espana Manila.

It is not required but recommended to take the CISCO 1-4 training

Hello! I'll be going home this July. Planning to enroll on the July 11-15 schedule of slow track. Magkano po ang reservation? Confirm po ba na matutuloy yung sched? Tnx

@Kris Bayaton

You need to start from our CISCO 1and2 The main difference between us and in the university is that our training is more on Actual hands on CISCO routers and switches experience more on actual and less in theory that's why you need to meet our prerequisites for this course first before you can enroll


Reservation is free just go to this link to reserve

We will inform you 5days before the start of the training if the schedule is confirmed.

Do you have plan to open a new schedule this coming July for sundays? This is only my available time to take the training. hope you'll open.


gud day... last novermber 2010 nag take po ako ng cisco 1 and 2 ask lng kung pwede makisit in ulet by july bago ako mag take ng cisco 3 and 4 para lng po ma refresh muna?? tnx tnx

@ rexter
Yes po pwede po kayong mag sit-in.

@ Giovani
Yes we will post schedule every sunday by july. please wait for the update. thank you.

Good Day!

Im planning to take Cisco 1&2 on August 1-5 2011 and Cisco 3&4 on August 8-12 2011. You have available schedule for this date?
Thank you in advance.

@ JB

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the mentioned dates. Thanks.

kelangan po ba talaga kunin ung KB0101 at KB0103 courses before makakuha ngKB0112 and KB0134?

@ Nesann

That's the prerequisite course kelangan may background muna po kayo dyan to take Cisco course.

about po sa CCNA certifications, pano po ang pagkuha ng exam? after every completion po ba ng course, magtatake ng exam like after the completion of course KB0112, may exam na agad tapos iba pa po yung exam after ng course KB0134?

@ aims
Tapusin mo po muna ang CISCO 1 to 4 training bago po magtake ng CCNA certification examination.

meron po ba kayong Schedule for Aug 2011
na CCNA 1-2

@ Josefino Yunsay

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for August. Please wait for the update.

Pa reserve naman po for Cisco 1&2 August 1-5 at Cisco 3&4 August 8-10 2011.

Pa reserve naman po for Cisco 1&2 August 1-5 at Cisco 3&4 August 8-12 2011. kung meron na schedule paki email na lang po ako.


@ Brix

Hi, Sir please wait for the updates of our schedule para makagawa po kayo ng reservation. Thanks.

sir puwede bang mag enroll dito khit hindi nakakuha ng requirements/pre requesites pero graduate po ako ng 2 years course sa ama..may certificate din ba tong 1 and 2?thx

@ kristhian

Kelangan po before po nyo kunin ang course na ito may knowledge na po kayo sa PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking. We give certificate of completion after the training.

how much does the CCNA courses cost? per course?

@ Rommel

Cisco 1 and 2 it cost Php 8,500 in cash same with Cisco 3 and 4 it's Php 8,500.


graduate na ako ng IT and first is i want to know if i still have to enroll the pre requisites for this course first before taking KB0112 or pwede na rekta kb0112.

Second is im doing a self study on cisco icnd1 and icnd2, i want to take the CCNA exam do you give this examination? and for how much for php w/ tax?

3rd is in my school theres no majors for IT, its like its all major >_<, or a graduate in IT major in nothing, what courses will you recommend if i want to work in a call center/BPO and what entry level position will i get for the recommended courses

Hi po,

Im a computer engineering graduate and has knowledge w/ pc lan/wan. do I still have to take any prerequisite exams? if not po san po me pwede mag enroll na? do you have schedules ng 12-6pm?

@ Elaine

Hello. Kung may knowledge na po kayo sa mga prerequisite course pde na po kayong magenroll sa Cisco. Pde po kayong magenroll sa España Manila or Buendia Makati.

I am very please with your programs. Why won't you give trainings in cebu city for computer hardware troubleshooting and repair?

@Eric Mrtinez

In due time po malay natin baka makapagopen po kami ng branch jan sa cebu city.

Hi, sa buendia branch ba pwede mag deposit ng payment? What do i need to bring?

@ Lanvin

Yes, pde po kayong magbayad in person.

Natapos ko cisco1-4 year 2009 sa cnctc makati... pwede ba ako mag seat-in with no cost? Kung pwede...paano ba ang sistema? kailangan kong mag antay na hindi puno ang klase o pwede na akong magpa reserve?

Pa-reserve po Saturdays.Sat 9-3pm.Espana,Manila

@ Anthony

Please call 889-6042/43 para po maischedule kayo for seat in. Thanks.

@ RadRaff

Please see this link for reservation Thank you.

hi cntc, graduate po ako ng BSECE at balak kong mag enroll ng cisco 1&2 kelangan ko pa bang tapusin ung pre requisite na training?

@ ryan-RECE
Basta po may knowledge na kayo ng basic networking. pwede niyo na pong kunin ang CISCO 1 and 2. Please reserve online.

hi! ask ko lang if my certificate po ba ung cisco 1 & 2 ?

@ ma. cecile concordia

Yes may certificate after Cisco 1 and 2 training.

is it only tesda manila?

@ roldan gup- ay

what do you mean Sir?

is it possible na magka night sched kayo ng cisco? mga 6 pm? thanks

hi! do you have a Cisco trainer Name Goldwyn, it is possible po ba magpasched sa time niya?as what i heard magaling daw siya...

@ Neil Fuentes

Sige Sir mag oopen po kami ng night schedule 6pm to 9pm. Please wait for the updates of our schedule. Thank you.

Good Day,

I would like to enroll in the CISCO 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology - KB0112. However, as per instructions above, it has requirements such as PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair (KB0101) and KB0103. Can I enroll in KB0112 course without those requirements?

Please respond. Thanks!

Puwede po ba kayong mag-open ng schedule for Saturday 9:00-3:00PM starting AUGUST? ngayon ko lang po kasi nabasa tong thread. Bukas na ang pasok.

Please Respond po.

@ marillon

As long as may knowledge na po kayo sa hinihingi naming pre-requisite course pde na po kayong maenroll sa course na ito.Magstart na po ang class bukas sa Buendia Makati. Pakiantay na lang po ulit ang next schedule na ipopost namin for the month of August. Thank you.

Sir irepost ko lang po ulit yung question ko.

1. Puwede po ba kayong magopen ng Schedule na Saturday 9:00-3:00PM starting August?

2. Yung review po ba e pede din bang magkaroon during weekends? Kasi Monday to Friday ang work ko.


Yes sir meron po kameng schedules every Saturday 9:00-3:00PM starting August We will post it later

Wala pong review ng weekends weekdays lng po but you can have your review through our Online CCNA Review if you want

mam kasama na po ba sa 9k yung exam fee?or hiwalay pa un?

hindi pa kasama yun fee dun, 250 dollars for the ccna test, whether yung long test or yung may part 1 at part 2 ang kukunin mo

ok I will wait for updates, better yet kindly inform me na lang kung meron na @ my email thank you.

Mam ung sked po na sun 9am to 3pm starting july 31.. tuloy na po ba? 2 pa lng kc ung enrolled, ..nag pareserved na po aq, pero bka sa first day na lng aq magbayad.. ok lng po ba?

nga pala sa españa aq nagpareserved

@ raniel

Ok lang po kahit sa first day of training na kayo magenroll. Thanks.

@ Raniel

Tuloy na po ung class for cisco 1 & 2 sunday 9-3pm. May mga nagconfirmed na rin po dun sa mga nakareserved. Panglima na po kyo.

ok po.. thnx

Your welcome!

Tuloy po ba ang sched sa Aug 1 M-F ng Cisco 1 and 2? pprserve sana ako

pag ece graduate na po ba kahit hindi na kunin un pre-requisites?

@ jim perez

As of now the enrollment is still open. Please see this link for reservation

Thank you.

@ jay

No need basta may knowledge na po kayo sa PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking. Thanks.

pano po kung hindi masyadong knowledgable sa PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking, makaka sabay parin po ba ko sa lecture nyo?

@ jay

Sir kelangan may strong knowledge po kayo sa PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking baka mahirapan po kasi kayo na makasabay sa lecture. Thanks.

After Training ng Cisco 1 and 2 may exam?
tapos ibang fee nmn un!?

@ kem

Kelangan po nyong matapos ang Cisco 1 to 4 training para makapag take po kayo ng CCNA Exam and it cost $250.

natapos ko na ung cisco 1-4 kaso 1 year nako nakagraduate gusto ko sana magtake meron bang online training na pde habang dito lang ako bahay?

@ gervi

Unfortunately we don't have yet Online Setup.Thanks.

we had cisco subject in our school that was added in our curicullum but i only finished cisco sem3 can i just continue sem4? do i still have record in netacad? its been several years since i graduated.....

how many student needed to start the class

@ archie

Minimum of 3 participant to start the training.

I reserved 1 slot, my plan is to pay on the first day of training...what if it didn't make it atleast 3 participant? what will hapen?

@ archie

If the training will not push thru on the said date we will just reschedule the class same time and day.

wala pa po ba kaung sched for september?

@ gladys

Meron na pong open for enrollment on September 5-9 schedule at Buendia, Makati.Thanks

yung schedule na 3-9pm every sunday tuloy na po ba kasi diko na makita sa listed nyong sked baka nabura e nakaenrol na po me dun... inquire lang po tnx


@ Eser

Yes Sir start na po sa August 14, 2011/3-9pm ang class for Cisco 1 and 2. Thanks.

Hi. After po ba matapos ng course na ito, required po bang magtake ng exam?

@ bino,

Hindi nmn po required na magtake ng exam. Nasa inyo po kung gsto nyo o hindi.


I am interested in your CISCO training but the only available time I have is during Sundays only. I am from Cagayan Valley. Do you trainings scheduled only during Sundays?

Thank you.

I mean do you have trainings during SUndays only...

@ Lee Buban,

Yes we have every sunday schedule it's 9am to 3pm or 3pm to 9pm. Available in Espana, Manila and buendia, makati.


ano po yung exact adress niyo sa spania? at telephone no. niyo po? plz rply po pra maka pag inquire ako.. salamat po ng marami..

Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila,
Tel.# 7365196

Sir, Ok lang ba kahit hindi na kunin yung pre-requisites pwede naman siguro kahit iba yung subject code diba. IT 3rd year po ako. pwede bang icheck nio na lang ung mga past subjects that i take?

@ Justine
Yes po sir. Pwede niyo na po kunin ang Cisco training. I think your background in regards with your studies as IT 3rd year Student is enough for you to take the training. Thank you!

I would like to ask, kung anong short course ang appropriate sa akin, Im working as a Electrical officer sa barko.Im handling all LAN and WAN pero superficial lang ang knowledge bout Networking. Kung etong course ba na ito or itong "pc-lanwan-setup-and-windows-2003-server-active-directory-infrastructure-administration"..Thanks

@ jon tiburcio,

Unahin nyo po muna kunin ung PC LAN/WAN setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration then after po nyan pra mas maging broad ang knowledge nyo about networking isunod nyo po etong CISCO 1 & 2 and CISCO 3 & 4 training.

ask ko lng po if sa 8,500 po ba kasama na ung exam fee? thanks


kung kasama exam e di abonado na cla USD201 lng ung Course Fee and exam is USD250 :)

@ Paul,

Di po ksama ung exam fee. Ung 8,500 po is for the training lang po yan.

sir, pwede ba sat or sun lang ang pasok? thanks.

@ erick balagot
Yes po pwede.

anu po ung passing rate ng training center po n 2?

@ mark321
Ang passing rate po namen is 99.9%.thank you!

I reserved a slot for me, may I know sir the exact address in buendia? Thanks.

@ dam

Our Branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St.

pde po pareserve on saturday 9-3 sa Espana?
makikisit in lang po

@ radraff

Ok Sir pdeng mag sit in. Just give us a call @ 736-2032. Thank you.

kailngan po b tlga n kunin ung KB0101 at KB0103 bago makuha ung cisco 1&2?

@ Arnold

Sir kelangan may knowledge or background po kayo sa KB0101 at KB0103 before po kayo kumuha ng Cisco 1 and 2.

Tanong ko lng po kong yong "PRACTICE EXAMS & GROUP REVIEW: 40 HRS" Bali optional po yon, kong sakali kukunin ko din po yon, eh may additional fee pa po ba yon or kasama na po sa full payment na Php 8,500 / Php9,000? Saka yong CCNA exam online review kasama na rin po ba yon sa payment?

ah ok,my knowledge nmn po ako dun so pwde ko n po enroll ung cisco 1 & 2. tnx

@ Arnold
Yes sir pwede niyo na po enroll ang cisco 1 and 2. thank you!

up to date po ba ang training dito?

@ jay

Yes, updated po ang training at training schedule.

Gud pm. gusto ko po sana kasi kumuha ng cisco certification pero ang tanong ko po.. kailangan ba mag exam muna para magkaroon ng certification? o sa training palang pag tapos may certification na ..

@ jake

Sir kelangan tapusin nyo muna po ang Cisco training then pde na po kayong magtake ng CCNA Certification as long as kaya nyo na pong ipasa ang exam. Thank you.

Sir ask ko lang prerequisite po ba ung CCENT to CCNA. kahit me Exp nah gusto ko sana mag advance sa CCNA training. Thanks .

@ migs

Ang prerequisite po namin sa CCNA Training ay ang PC LAN/WAN or PC Networking course. Kelangan may knowledge or background po kayo dyan. Thank you.

pa-sit in po sa Sat 9-3pm 10-08-2011


@ Radraff

Yes sir, pwede po kayo mag sit-in just give us a call @ 736-5196. Thank You!

bale panu po un maghihintay pa po ba ng students? magiging 4 po ba kme sa class on oct 8?

@ radraff

Sir yung schedule po natin ng Oct. 08 still open for enrollment. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thanks.

mam kung di po natuloy yung cisco ngayun pareserve po ako for nextweek.. inform nyo nalang po ako kung natuloy po thankyou

@ Mark Jerome

Ok sir, inform po namin kayo, minimum of three participants to start the training. Thanks.

Ok na po ba ung Oct 8 na sched?

@ kelvin

Sir inform po namin kung tuloy na ung class. Hintay lang po natin ung confirmation nung ibang nakareserved.

mam, ask q lng po, 2loy po kya ung training ng cisco on this date oct.10-14, 2011?

nag start na po na ung classes sa espana Sat 9-3pm 10-08-2011 ? pde na p oba ako makisit-in?

Sir I am planning to take training for cisco 1 and 2 naklita ko po 8,500.I am an 4years I.T I qualified to take a training for cisco 1 and 2?and pwede rin po ba na d muna mag exam agad?

Hellow again!!!gusto ko po sana malaman kung pagkatapos ko po ba ng training in cisco 1&2 meron po ba kaming matatangap na certificate na nag training ako ng cisco 1&2?

@ albert

Tuloy na po ung CISCO 1 & 2 class bukas sa Espana, Manila ng 9am to 3pm.

@ radraff
Yes, nagsimula na po, puno po ang slot di po muna pwede ang Sit-in for the batch, kung OK lang po sa inyo pwede po keong mag Sit-in Buendia Branch every Sat/3pm to 9pm po. Thanks

@ Eds,
Yes po your qualified to take the training CISCO 1 and 2, For the examination po asa inyo po kung kelan ninyo gustong mag take ng exam.

@ Eds,

Yes you will receive certificate of completion after the training.

mam, dun po s buendia, makati, 2loy po kaya 2morrow ung cisco 1 & 2 ? mag eenrol po sna aq 2morrow ..

mam tuloy po ba yung class ng cisco bukas sa espana?

@ mark jerome angelo e. avellano,

Yes po tuloy na ang class for CISCO 1 & 2 bukas.

@ albert

Hindi po tuloy ang class for CISCO 1 & 2 sa buendia. makati kasi kulang ang students. Minimum of 3 po bago magstart ang class.


kung gusto mo sir sa Espana ka na magtraining tuloy na po ung schedule bukas dun

Hi, tanong ko lang po kung pwede ba ako mag walk-in para bukas sa cisco 1&2, tapos jan na rin ako magbabayad sa office nyo kung sakali. Thank you.

newly grad po kung nung march ng BSIT kelangan ko pa ba kunin ung pre-requisite nyo or 2loy nako sa 1 & 2...or mas maganda kunin ko muna un?

@ kenz

Pwede na po kayong tumuloy for CISCO 1 and 2. Thank you!

Hi sir bago po ako dito.

Ask ko lang po kung ok lang itake tong course na to kahit na hindi na-enroll ung pre-requisite pero may knowledge naman sa LAN.


@ Iwantaction

Yes sir pwede niyo na po enroll ang cisco 1 and 2. thank you!

mam anung address po yung branch nyo sa buendia. nsa building din po ba yun.. my dalawang nkareserve na kasi dun bka dun nalang po ako thanks

@ Mark Jerome Angelo

Our branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City.
Thank you.

ok mam thank you

ano ung mga kelangan dalhin sa enrollment?

@ ken7

No requirements is needed upon enrollment.

mam, ung sched po s buendia na oct. 17 -21, 2011, 2loy n po kya un?

@ Albert

Sir inform po namin kayo until tomorrow wait pa namin confirmation ng ibang nakareserve.
Thank you.

Hello po nag inquire po ako knina jan sa España at nag enroll dto sa website nyo pra sa class tom. at tom dn yta ang payment, ang time n inenrollan ko po is 3-9pm, tuloy po b yun?? kasi sbi nxt wik n po yta ang sched,resched dw.

@ Onin

Sir reschedule po nextweek.
Thank You.

Hello po, panu ko po mlalaman if tuloy n sya? thru email po b or what??

@ Onin

Iemail ka nmn o kaya tawagan po nmn kayo may contact number ka nmn dun sa reservation mo.

ok po thanks po, sunday lang kasi ako pwede. Hantayin ko n lang po email or tawag nyo

Hi po..2loy po ba ang training bukas ng slow track??

Buendia branch

@ Carmona

Sir reschedule po nextweek ang class pero incase na madagdagan po kahit isa lang bukas pwde tau magstart sa tuesday. pwede po ba makuha contact # or make a reservation online.

tapos na po... pano po pag tuesday po tayo mag start hangang sat narin po ba un???

Magcoconfirm po ba kayo? If ever po na tuesday magsimula posible pong extend na lang ng time from 9am to 5pm.

cge po.. ok lng po..txt me nalang po tomorrow kung 2loy po sa tuesday..tnx

sir mangagaling kami ng pangasina so far 3 po kmi may murang accommodation ba kayo na mairerecomend. balak po namin mag attend dun sa oct 24-28 na sked.


yes sir meron pong mga affordable accomodations dito sa me espana namen marami pong dormitory dito at transients bording


ok inform ka po namen if magstart tom

sir sa buendia po balak namen. meron din po ba dun murang accommodations? bukas po kayo ng sunday oct 23?


Please check this place baka magustuhan nyo


Hello po bkit po wala n ang sked pra this Sunday?? wala n po b tlga sked.pang sunday??

move po nxt week ung training?

@ onin

Sir na reschedule po sa october 23, 2011.
Thank you.

tuloy n po kaya ang sked. pra sa Sunday??

@ onin

Basta po mameet natin ung minimum of 3 participants magstart ang class sa sunday.

sir pwede po bang ilipat ung reservation namin sa Espania kung sakali? 10-24-2011 | 10-28-201

@ mervs

Yes pde po please see this link to manage your course

Thank you.

Hello, wala po b makakasama jan sa Sunday class sa mga tao dito para matuloy po ang Cisco 1 & 2 ntin. thanks! Sched. time 9am to 3pm

good afternoon po.. nakareserve po ko sa class ng cisco sa espana ng 26, kung kulang parin po mgeenroll pakiinform nalang po ako sa branch sa makati.. baka tuloy na po yun e 4 na kasi sila..thanks

@ mark jerome angelo e. avellano

Okay Sir inform ka namin kung tuloy po sa Buendia Makati.

class ng 24 po pala mali..ok po thanks

@ mark jerome angelo e. avellano

Okay Sir noted.

paki mail nlng po ako kung 2loy po sa sunday sa buendia makati sunday narin ako mag eenroll wala po ko reservation. kenneth_seven[at]yahoo[dot]com

@ ken7

Okay Sir please make a reservation online please see this link

Thank you.

matutuloy b ang sunday 9-3 sked sa España??

monday ba or sunday sa buendia makati? 9-3pm

@ onin

Sir reschedule po ang class ng Sunday 9-3pm sa Espana Manila due to lack of participants.

@ ken7

Sir reschedule po ang class ng Buendia Makati on Monday 9-3pm, meron pong magstart sa Espana Manila on Monday 9-3pm.

yung sat. 9-3pm nyo ngaun n sked sa Buendia ay ntuloy ba??? walang tuloy n sked sinyo this sun. sa buendia?

If there is any changes sa buendia makati comment nlng po d2 for update thanks


Reschedule po ang class for Cisco 1 and 2.Thanks

wat time po ang skedyul nyo sa Makati today??

2loy po ba bukas sa buendia makati 9-3pm?

@ onin and ken7

Sir reschedule po ang class sa Buendia Makati. Meron pong nagstart sa Espana Manila 9am to 3pm. Thanks.

pde pa pa-sit in on every Sat 3-9pm

@ radraff

Yes po pwede if the class is confirm. Please call us 2 days before the training for the confirmation of the class.thanks

hi cnctc good day c demi gongob po ito d2 sa jeddah saudi jan pa po ba yong dati kong instructor ni c Sir Ruel oowi kasi ako ng december toloy ko sana yong cisco 1,2 ko hindi ko kasi natapos noon kasi alis na ko pero na tapos ko yong pc lan ,maraming salamat musta sa lahat ng staff ng cnctc buendia

@ Engr. Demi Gongob
Yes po sir, dito parin po sir ruel. Ok po sabihan niyo na lang po kame kung kelan niyo po gustong ituloy yung Cisco 1 and 2 ninyo. Thank you!

Tuloy ba CISCO 1 & 2 today Nov 6, 2011. 3-9PM?

@ Ted

Sir reschedule po ang Cisco 1 and 2 today 3-9pm.

Thanks for the reply. So if Nov 6 is rescheduled. When is the next sched? Nov 13 3-9PM?

@ Ted

Yes November 13/3-9pm is the next schedule. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Thank you.

pagkapasa ccna na ko ganun???

@ Cedrick

Yes pag naipasa nyo po ung Exam CCNA certified na po kayo.

may ongoing class na po ba every saturday sa espana na pde po mag-sit in?

sa espana nko nag pa reserve sa makati kac sa 13 laban ni pacquiao un ahahah

@ ken7

Okay Sir noted. Thanks.

after matapos ung training? certified ccna na ba? or mgtake prin po ba ng ccna exam?

@ aris manuel garcia

After finishing Cisco 1 and 2 & Cisco 3 and 4. Magtatake po kayo ng CCNA Exam to be certified.

pde bang mag enroll nlng mismo sa center maam khit d n mag pareserve sure nmn na mag eenroll

@ kemalenain

Mas maganda po kung magpareserve kayo online pra mainform namin kayo kung matuloy ang class. please go to this link for reservation

2loy ba bukas sa buendia sa espana kac cancel mag buendia ako kung 2loy po kau

full po ba ang bayad nito? may sketch po ba kayo ng branches nyo?

Ala pa bang schedule mon to fri? Seat in po sana ako last august pa ako nag aantay e

@ ken7

Sir wala po kaming magstart na class bukas sa Buendia Makati.

@ Phil

Php8,500 po pag icacash nyo pag installment basis naman po magiging Php9,000. Downpayment should be at least Php4,500. Please see this link to view the location Map in España Manila and in Buendia Makati

Thank you.

@ exploited_2008

Meron po kaming nagstart na class sa España Manila.

nag start ung sa espana? aw sabi d 2loy.

okay na po ba na prerequisite ung networking na nkuha ko sa school?

@ Nivram

Yes OK na po.

tanong lang po, pwede po ba ako magenrol dito sa cisco 1 and 2 kahit hindi ko pa tapos ang kb0103? kb0101 lang po natapos ko. may knowledge naman po ako sa lan/wan kasi po COE natapos ko.

@ edward
Ok, may knowledge naman na po kayo for PC LAN/WAN training pwede na po ninyo makuha ang Cisco 1 and 2. Thank you!

grad po ako ng 2 yr course.. can i take up cisco 1 and 2

good day!
i'm an OFW and want to upgrade my knowledge in networking especially in Cisco. Im BS ECE grad but my vacation will last by Dec 13 of this yr. I've seen the possible schedule for me but my question is,how many students should be enrolled before the said schedule would go on?and can i just take CCNA exam i abroad? thank you and more power

thanks for the response! di bale iton cisco 1 & 2, ito na po ang 9000? kasi sa iban training center, iba ang cisco 1 at 2. Ano po ba ang pre-requisite nito at may diploma rin po ako makuha from TESDA?

@ Arnold

Yes you can take Cisco Training.

@ nilo tausa

Minimum of 3 is the required number of participants to start the training. Yes after finishing the course you can take the CCNA Exam in abroad. Thank you.

@ Phil

Yes Php9,000 pag installment basis po ang tuition fee for Cisco 1 and 2. Pre requisite course is PC Networking or PC LAN/WAN and certificate of completion po ang matatanggap nyo after the training.

meron po b dyn n kukuha ng cisco 1 & 2 sked ng nov.21-25?khit espana o makati...pls txt me po pra mlaman k if m22loy tau,,thnks 09487802409

@ marvs

Start na po sa Monday (Nov. 21-25) ang Cisco 1 and 2 sa Buendia Makati/9am to 3pm. Thanks.

May branch bag kayo s Cagayan de Oro city?

@ Arnold

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa cagayan de oro. were located at espana manila and makati only.

may ongoing class po ba sa espana every saturday or sunday cisco 1-2 na pwede po mag-sit in? magrerefresh lang po sana ako before po ako mag cisco 3&4 tnx.

goodpm po.. wala po bang matutuloy na class bukas ng cisco jerome po ito.. yung nagenroll po nung monday pero di ko na po naituloy di napo ako pumasok ng tuesday to friday ..sunday nalang po ako ppsok pkiremind nalang po ako..thankyou

my exam tong module na to diba??

@ Cedrick

Yes sir meron pong exam ICND1 po yun.
Thank you.

@ Mark jerome Angelo

Okay sir inform nalang po namin kayo kung magkakaron kami ng sunday class.
Thank you!

@ Radraff

Sir just give us a call @ 736-5196 kung guzto nyo pong magseat-in. Thank you.

mam first week papo pala ng december ang pasok ko..pwede po ba ako mag seat in bukas sa buendia

@Mark jerome avellano

Yes sir pwede po kayo maki seat in sa buendia makati. bukas na po mag-start.
Thank you.

ok po mam thanks

@ Mark Jerome Avellano

Your welcome sir!

tpus exam ko din yun 3 and 4 para CCNA na ko ganun ba yun??

@ Cedrick

Yes pag naipasa nyo na po ang icnd2 CCNA certified na po kayo.

Hello Mam,

Question sa Exam po ng ICND1 and ICND2 pwede po bang pag isahin na lang?

@ mhelvin

Sir CCNA Exam po ang tawag dun pag isahan na exam.

Hi sir

Im new here. I just want to ask something. May mga copy po ba kami na sarili during the lecture? Another thing is, pano po ung process ng pag enroll, is it online or pwede po mismong dumiretso sa office?


@ Bam

Yes may mga binibigay po kming copy sa inyo na manual during your class. yung enrollment po pwedeng online payment, bank deposit or just pay in person po dito sa office. THank you!

Sir, inform ko lang po kau na mag-eenrol ako sa Friday sa Espana para sa course na Cisco 1 & 2, para sa Sched na 12-05-2011 to 12-09-2011. Hindi kasi ako makapagpareserve online.

Sir nakapareserve na po pla ko para sa nxtweek n schedule 12-05-2011 to 12-09-2011. Paki inform po ako kung maoopen ung sched ko para hundi na ko luluwas ng Maynila. Thanks po.

pwede po bang credit card ang gamitin para sa payments?

@ Richard
Ok sir punta na lang po kayo dito for the enrollment.Thank you!

Yes po pwede Online payment through paypal.

hi tanong ko lng po sa pre-requisites requirements kac may knowledge na ko dyan.. pag mag eenrol po ako ng icnd1&2 qualified na po ba ako. actually related po kac sa IT work ko.. tnx..


Yes qualified na po kayo kung may knowledge kana sa prerequisite course.

ok po thanks .....


Your welcome sir!

good day!
grad lang po ako ng 2yr computer tech'n year 2006 and gusto ko sana enroll ng cisco1-4... and included na po ba doon yong cisco certification???...
thnks a lot...

@ Ed

Not included po sa tutuion na Php 8,500 ang certificiation exam. USD 250 po ang cost ng CCNA exam. Thank you.

diba pwede nmn magenroll ako dito tpus enrol ako nung sa cisco 3n4 nyo dun nlng ako magexam?? tama ba?

@ Cedrick

Yes after po nyong matapos ang Cisco 1 and 2, Cisco 3 and 4 training pwede nyo na po kayong magtake ng exam.

Magkano po ang icnd 1? $125 po ba?

hi, Just want to know if I can take Cisco courses even if I don't have any IT background. My course is far related to computers. hehehe

@ alderson

Yes sir $125 po ang ICND1. Thank You.

@ Jennielyn Fernandez

You need to take first the course pre-requisites of this training the PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair, and PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration to enroll this course. Thank you.

kelan pwede mag seat in? Last year pa ko nag aabang


Pde po kayo magsitin tomorrow sa espana 9-5pm kung matutuloy po bukas

graduate po ako ng Computer Technician Course sa AMA CLC; at naka 3rd year sa Computer Engineering... eligible na po ba ako sa Course na ito (CISCO)?

@ dante

Yes qualified na po kayo basta may basic knowledge kana sa networking. Thank you

Meron pa po ba sa Feb na schedule?

@ Darryl

Yes po magkakaroon po kami ng schedule sa February.Please wait for the update. Thank you.

graduate po ako ng computer science sa AMA. i'm from tacloban. target ko po sana mag enroll sa jan 16th na sched nyo. tanong ko po kung yang 8,500 e kasama na po ung exam fee?

Yung Cisco 1 and 2 sabay? isang bayaran lang yun ng 8500 for cash?

@ raeshaud

Hindi po kasama sa P8,500 ang exam fee. USD250 po para sa certification exam.

@ Arby

Yes P8,500 po ang training fee ng Cisco 1 and 2 for cash basis.

what for example i have knowledge on networking and basic troubleshooting but i dont have certification to prove it. do i have to take pre requisite course? if not what do i need to do?

@ Neil

Okay, you can enroll this course without taking the course pre-requisite if have already a basic knowledge in networking and trouble shooting. Thank you.

ano po pre-req bago mak kuha ng CCNA exam? may CCENT pa po ba ?

@ ac

Ito pong training na ito Cisco 1 and 2 & Cisco 3 and 4 para makakuha na po ng CCNA Exam.

so all in all 27,500php including the exam for CCNA? So after Cisco 1 - 4 pwede na kumuha ng CCNA exam not *CCENT* as entry-level? kc meron po sa description na CCENT entry-level before CCNA associate for certification. thanks

sino po ba ang puede naming matawagan regarding sa reservation? magpapasched sana ako ngayong feb 20. number ko po.

@ raeshaud
Tawag na lang po kayo dito sa office 7362032 or please visit this link for the reservation of the class

Can we take the CCNA exam after we finished the CISCO 1 & 2 but not yet took the CISCO 3 & 4?

@ bam
If you think you are ready to take the exam yes you can, but I can advise you need to take first the CISCO 1,2,3 and 4 training for you to be prepared for the CCNA examination.

Another concern, can we take the exam anytime or there is specific date for the exam?

@ bam
Yes you can take your examination anytime. Our test center Pearsonvue is open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm except holiday.

Kailan kaya ako makaka pag seat-in cisco1-2. Last year pa ko nag aantay pero hanggang ngayon kung walang schedule..puno na.

@ Exploited_2008

Give us a call para maischedule po natin kung kelan kayo pwede mag sit in or please keep posted kung kelan po may magstart na training. Thanks.

can i take the Cisco 1 and 2 w/out this:

PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101
PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103

currently a working as an IT helpdesk

@ mike

Yes you can take this cousre without taking the course pre requisite as long as you have a basic knowledge for Pc assembly and Networking. Thank you

May chance po b na magkaroon kayo ng sched na after office hours? Sa ngayon kasi kahit sa weekend classes wala nag eenroll.


Unfortunately wala po kaming schedule na after office hours. pero try po namin magopen. please wait for the update. Thank you

sir saan po kayo sa espana? kung gusto ko po ba matututo ng networking at makuha ng paisa isa ang mga course nyo pwede po ba? saan ako dapat mag umpisa kung naka first year computer information technology lang ako at first year 2st sem computer engineering 1999 pa ang huling pasok ko sa school... ano po ba ang maganda unahin ang (PC LAN/WAN SETUP, Cabling,Configuration, Wireless LAN Setup, Config, TCP/IP and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Administration) or yung (TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam) pwede din po ba ako kumuha ng cisco at iba pang courses na offer nyo? gusto ko sana isa isahin nag mga ito.. pero wala akong 72 units. salamat po

meron ba kayong discount kung sakaling pabalik pabalik na ang student nyo at kumukuha ng ibat ibang course nyo?

Bukas po b kau pag Sunday?

@ Richard

Yes po bukas po kami ng every sunday from 9-3pm. Thank you

I just wanna ask po if I can re schedule my training supposed to be this feb.20 but i may not be able to attend because of some matters. I already reserved the course and confirmed. Please let me know if I can reserve another schedule? Thank you

sana naman may pasig area kayo. hindi kasi accessible ung review centers nyo :(

@ james

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa pasig area. located lang po kami sa espana manila at Buendia makati. Thank you

@ bam

Yes you can reserve another schedule for this training. Thank you


@ rick

Our main office located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila. Thank you

Sir open po ba kayo ng sunday for enrollment?

@ bam

Yes open po kami ng sunday from 9am to 3pm. Thank you

Sir magpapaeschedule po kami sa april 9-13. 5 teachers from Camarines Sur.

@ Ian Benitez

Okay. Please make your online reservation @
para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa april 9 yung class for this course. Thank You.

tuloy po ba ung schedule ng march 5 sa buendia...

Hi Admin,
I just wanna ask if i am eligible to take the "CISCO 1 and 2 slow track", i am a fresh graduate of Computer Engineering course. I really felt that madami pa akong dapat matutunan after graduation and i really think na being a CISCO cert will be best for me..

and another question:
Is this program will help and prepare me to take the CCNA exam.. i really wanna be a CCNA.

I am really interested with the program.

@ jonathan flores

Yes tuloy po ang class sa March 05 for Cisco 1 and 2 at 9am to 3pm.

@ Wo Harmon Scheiz

Kelangan may working knowledge na po kayo sa PC Networking as a prerequisite course for Cisco 1 and 2. Yes this program will help you for the preparation of the CCNA Exam but you have to finished it till Cisco 3 and 4. Thanks.

Hi im a ECE undergrad i would like to know if i can still take this course, w/o taking the prerequisites we have subjects before that is related to those prereq would that suffice of taking this? Please let me know. Thanks. My name is Epoy.

@ Ephraem Jerusalem

Yes, you can take this course w/o taking the course prerequisites if you have already a working knowledge for PC Networking. Thank you

hi.. im carlo IT graduate..if ever po b n mgenroll ako ng CISCO 1 & 2 after training, kailangan po ba n maipasa ko pa ung exam bgo ako mkakuha ng certificate katunayan n ngtraining po ako ng CISCO.. mhalaga din po kc ung certificate eh.. thanks...

After po ng training ninyo for CISCO 1 and 2 magbibigay po kame ng certificate of completion, iba pa po ang marereceive ninyong certificate kapag naipasa ninyo ang examination


I would like to know more information about your live online training for Cisco 1 & 2 slow track training.

@ Bernard Mascardo

Please go to this link to to view the demo of the Webex tool that we used for online training. thank you


I would like to ask if providing us a Registration in NETACAD is included in this enrolment package?

@ Rai

No Sir we don't provide Registration in NETACADD only for the training.

hi cnctc san kayo sa buendia makati?

Hi. Regarding dun sa practice exam na 40hrs after this training, how much does it cost?

Tsaka, like other trainings, pwede ba magsit-in uli sa course na toh?

@ Loyd

Where located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank You

@ chen

Wala pong bayad yung Practice exam nyo na 40 hours free po, yes, after the training pwede po kayo maki-seat in basta inform or give us a call. Thank You


Kelan po next schedule nyo for CISCO 1,2,3,4 after ng April/May training?

Good day!
Former student po ako ng Cisco 1and2 at 3and4. Pwede po ba akong magsit-in sa klase?
Prefer ko po yung weekdays. Tuloy po ba yung klase sa April 10?

@ rick

By june na po kami ulit magkaroon ng schedule after ng April/May schedule. continues po ang schedule namin. Thank You

@ alvin

Yes, pwede po kayo maki- seat in, just inform us or give us a call @ 8896-043. Thank you

Nice, thanks....
Drop by na lang sa Monday Next Week sa Buendia. Update ko na rin po yung school certificate ko kung kelan mare-release??? Sa Buendia Makati ako nagtraining ng CISCO 1 to 4.

@ Alvin

Sir wala po kaming pasok sa Monday April 09 Araw po ng Kagitingan , resume po kami sa April 10. Thanks.

magkaroon ba kayo ng sked na Monday to Friday this coming May?

Do you have branch in Batangas, Laguna or in Lucena City?

Would highly appreciate if you could advise me your provincial branches.


@ Raye

Yes, Magkakaroon po kami ng Monday to Friday schedule this coming May. Please keep posted on our website. Thank You

@ Manny A. de los Reyes

Unfortunately, wala po kaming branch sa Batangas, Laguna or in Lucena City. Where located Only at Espana Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You


Good Day,

Do you have online training for CISCO Voice?And2 po kc ako sa Abudhabi,UAE.and I'm planning to take CCNA 1 to 4 sa vacation ko dyan on june do you have schedule that time for CCNA 1 to 4? and Different po ba ung CCNA certification sa CISCO voice certivication?


@ Francis
Yes we do also offer online training for CCNA Voice at magkakaroon din kame po ng schedule for the month of June for CISCO 1-4. Ang CCNA and CISCO voice certification po ay magkaiba.

Good day po!

I wanna ask if magkakaroon po ba kau ng sunday na sked sa live online training nyo?..i have work po kc from mon to sat and naka-based po ako here in pangasinan..and how much po ung course fee?,,

@ ruth

Yes, magkakaroon din po kami ng Sunday schedule for Cisco 1 and 2 Online training and the training fee is P9,500. Please keep posted for the upcoming schedules. Thank you.

Good Day.

Ask ko lang po about Cisco 1 and 2 may certificate of completion po ba if d mag take ng ccna exam? what can you recommend for me Im a CoE graduate.. kasi inline sya sa job ko ngaun.

@ Loyd

Yes, After ng training you will receive certificate of completion kahit na hindi po kayo magtake ng CCNA exam. Thank You.

Thanks.. kung take pa ako ng CCNA exam how much will it cost?

@ Loyd

The CCNA Exam cost USD295.

How much po lahat pag ito po ang kukunin ko (CCNA Exam, Cisco 1 & 2, Cisco 3 &4 and Bootcamp) I am newly BSIT graduate but with past working experienced as Network Engineer Support. Btw, can I use a voucher kasi graduate po ako sa AMA College tapos may ibibigay po ang Cisco na voucher magagamit ko po ba ito and how much po ang discount if any? At isa pa po can I use my MASTERCARD credit card for payment? Please email me back, I'm planning to take 1st week of May, is there any available spot? Thanks a lot.

@ Larry

The CCNA Exam cost USD295, Cisco 1 and 2 cost P9,500, Cisco 3 and 4 cost P9,500 and CCNA Bootcamp cost P18,000. Yes, you can use your voucher, depende po kung magkano po ung discount ng voucher nyo, un po ang ileless sa babayaran nyo and pde nyo po gamitin ang credit card nyo for payment through Online Registration and our Testing Center is located in España Manila .

Thanks po for the response. What would you suggest po for me na best na kukunin ko to pass the CCNA 640-802 Certification. Is it necessary for me to take the CCNA Bootcamp or Does Cisco 1&2 and Cisco 3&4 Trainings are enough preparation for the said Certification? Or do I really need the Bootcamp Training? Or do you recommend that instead of getting the Cisco 1&2, 3&4 ay yung Bootcamp Training na lang? Thanks po. Medyo tight lang sa budget pero gusto ko naman po na makapasa ako. Thanks again po.

I want this kind of training sometime in June, could you please provide the contact info and schedule of training for june

Good Afternoon. I'm a fresh graduate and I was thinking of enrolling in your center. (If I were given a chance) Though I had a background in CISCO since we took it for a semester but I think it's not enough. so do you think I can enroll in this program?

Can I still take this program even by having just a little knowledge about CISCO?

@ kenny

Yes, you can take this course, as long as you have a basic knowledge for CISCO or Networking. Thank you.

Do I get a certificate after taking this course?

Clarify ko lang po if ung cisco 1 & 2 ay magkasama na sa 9500 like cisco 3 & 4? So 19k lahat ung cisco 1 - 4? thank you.

@ kenny

Yes, after the training you will receive a certificate of completion. Thank You.

@ vahn

Yes, 9,500 po ang course fee for Cisco 1-2 same with cisco 3-4, kaya 19,000 po lahat pag-kinuha nyo po yung Cisco 1-4.

Hi! Tatanong ko lang sana kung pwede ko ienroll ang CISCO 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology (Slow Track) Training? Wala kasi akong idea kung yan na ba agad o kailangang may iba pa bago yan na dapat ko ienroll? Saka bukod ba ang bayad sa training at exam fee? Thankyou po!

Kailangan ba CCENT muna bago CCNA? saka pwede ba ienroll ung cisco 1 and 2 para sa certification ng CCENT? tapos nun CCNA? Pasensya na, mejo nalilito lang kasi ako kung ano una at pwede. Salamat

@ Danielle

Kailangan pong may knowledge kayo sa Networking. bago mag-enroll sa course na ito, yes bukod ang training fee sa exam fee. Thank you

@ Angela

Pwede na po kayong dumeretso ng CCNA exam para maging certified po kayo. Thank you

So hindi ako pwede mag-enroll kung wala akong knowledge sa networking? So mgkano ang bayad sa training? at exam fee?

Hi Ma’am, I’m elmer currently enrolled in pc lan/wan setup & w2k AD. Ask ko lang po if magkakaron po kau ng sched cisco1&2 sat 9am-3pm this may2012, after po ng pc lan/wan setup plan po kc naming ng friend ko mag enroll. Thanks!

@ Angela

The tuition fee for PC Networking is P6,500 in cash, Cisco 1 and 2 cost P9,500 and CCNA Exam cost USD295.

@ elmer ramos

Saang branch po nyo prefer magtake ng Cisco 1 and 2 Sir sa España Manila or Buendia Makati? Thanks.

i prefer sa buendia makati po 9am - 3pm 5/19/12 on your sched

@ elmer ramos

okay, please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po ang class sa May 19,2012. Thank You

greetings! i already finished CCNA 1 and 2 in other training center, i would like to ask if i can pursue my CCNA 3 and 4 training on your training center? and perhaps take the final certification exam for CCNA. thanks!

@ Al-Dhakier

Good Day! Yes you can pursue your Cisco 3 and 4 with us and you can take your CCNA Exam in main office España Manila. Thank you.


Natapos ko ung Cisco 1 ko sa ibang center and nagbabalak sana akong kuhain ung Cisco 2 ko sa inyu pwede ba yun? kasi nakalagay sa module nio 1 and 2 magkasama? if pwede magkanu naman ang bayad para sa Cisco 2 lang?

tanong lang po, pwede po ba cisco 1 and 2 agad kunin ko or required talga na my background?

@ Edwin

Hindi po pwede na yung cisco 2 lang ang kunin mo, kasi magakasama po yung cisco 1-2. Thank you

@ magtatanong lang

Yes, pwede nyo po kunin ang Cisco 1-2 as long as na may basic knowledge po kayo sa PC Networking. Thank You

Need po ba kunin ang cisco 1&2 , 3 & 4 pra makakuha ng exam for cisco certication? Ilan po ang passing percentage ng mga kumukuha ng exam at nagtraining sa inyo?

wla na po ba ung sched may19 9am - 3pm?

@ Jagstang

Yes kailangan matapos nyo po muna ang Cisco 1 and 2, Cisco 3 and 4 na training to get CCNA exam. 99.9% po passing rate po namin.Thanks.

@ elmer ramos

Meron po kaming schedule ng May 19/Sat 9-3pm in Buendia Makati. Enrollment is still open. Thanks.

ask ko lng kung meron sched ng CIsco 1 and 2 this coming sunday 9-3pm

cancelled pala ang sched ng cisco 1 and 2 last sunday sa buendia tumawag ako at sabi sakin this coming sunday daw baka matuloy ask ko lang kung my update ba para this coming sunday..


Ilang hours po ba yung cisco 1 and 2 training? kasi nalilito po ako if ilang hours.
nakalagay kasi dun course duration:30 hours, remote lab access: 20 hours, practice exams and group review 40 hours. so 90 hours po lahat ganun?? kindly check me if I'm wrong thank you

ask ko lang if mag eenroll dito, kailagab pa ba i-fill up ung form sa site niyo? Or pde punta na lang sa office then magbayad?

@ willie

Sir pakiwait nyo na lang po advise namin kung tuloy po ang Cisco 1 and 2 class this Sunday sa Buendia Makati. Thanks.

@ Gener Al Padre

Ang course duration po ng Cisco 1 and 2 training ay 30 hours.

ask ko lng kapag nagtake ba ko ng CISCO lessons my kinalaman ba to sa windows 2003 kasi most of the companies are using windows 2003 server ngun anung kinalaman ng cisco dito confused lang tnx.

Good am po. Magkakaroon po ba kayo ng class ng sunday 9am-3pm sa buendia ngayong June?

@ blair

Yes, Magoopen po kami ng schedule sa Buendia Makati ng every sunday 9-3pm. please keep posted on our website. Thank You

Hi, Ask ko lang po kung nagbibigay po kayo ng voucher exam at ilan percent po? thanks!

Hi po ask ko lng po kng mag trainining po ako may certificates naman po kayong eh bi2gay diba after the training thanks.

@ elmer ramos

Unfortunately hindi po kami nagbibigay ng mga voucher exam. Thank you

@ Morris

Yes, after Completing this course you will receive certificate of completion. Thank You

But cnctc did offer ng cisco exam? i mean if pwde na po magexam sa cnctc rin po ba? Tuloy po ba class ng 5/19/12 sat 9am - 3pm? i already reserved on this schedule.

@ elmer ramos

Yes Sir our Testing Center is located in our main office España Manila. Please wait for our final confirmation if the class on May 19/Sat 9-3pm will be push through. Thank you.

ask ko lng kung my kasama bang VOIP pag nagtake ng cisco 1-4 sa inyo. thanks

ask ko lng kung my posibilidad bang matuloy ang may 20-june 17 every sunday ng 9-3pm sa buendia for this course

Matutuloy po ba ang class this Sunday, May 20? Please post an update po.Thank you.

@ willie

Possible po na mareschedule nextweek May 27,2012 kasi iisa palng po yung nakareserve sa ngayon. Hindi po kasama ang VOIP sa Cisco 1-4 ibang course na po yun. Thank You

@ vahn

Possible po na mareschedule nextweek May 27,2012 kasi iisa palng po yung nakareserve sa ngayon. Please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa May 20. Thank you

hindi po natuloy ung sched 5/19/12 sat 9am - 3pm posible po ba malipat next week saturday 26?

@ elmer ramos

Yes, reschedule po nextweek May 26, due to lack of student. Thank You

does the cnctc accepts credit card payment?

Must a student graduated a four year degree course before taking up CISCO 1 & 2? And how much is the tuition fee?

@ Jomar Billan

Yes, we accept credit card for the payment through paypal payment. Thank You

@ Saphire

Kahit college level lang po kayo pwede po kayung kumuha ng Cisco training. The course fee for this training is 9,500 in cash. Thank You

Good pm po. Sana po magkaroon ng Schedule ng Simula June 24 Sunday 9am-3pm sa Buendia, Makati. Balak po kasi namin mag.enrol. 6 po kami mag.eenrol. Thanks po.

Nagpasched po ako for may 20 class. Pero hindi natuloy. Automatic po ba malilipat ung reservation ko sa may 27 or magpapareserve ule ako? Thank you.

@ blair

Okay po, try po nmin mag-open ng schedule for June 24 every Sunday 9am to 3pm dito sa Buendia Makati. or please give us a call @ 889-6043. Thank You

@ vahn

Yes, kami na po ang bahala na maglipat sa reservation nyo. tapos wait niyo nalang po ang confirmation namin. Thank You

pag nag take po ba nung cisco 1,2,3,4 need pa po bang mag bootcamp or pede ng mag take ng ccna certification exam?

@ marc casacop

Hindi mo na kailangan kunin yung CCNA Bootcamp. kung natapos mo na yung CISCO 1-4 pwede kana mag take ng exam for CCNA Certification. Thank You

Ilan po minimum ng student yung kelangan para mpursue yung class for cisco 1&2?

@ arze

Minimum of 3 participants po ang kailangan to start the class. Thanks.

guys kung sino yung mga ngpareserve ng cisco 1 & 2 na nka schedule sa 27. .ituloy nio na wag na kaung mgback out pra mkpgstart na tayo. . .thanks

ano po requirements para po maka enroll?

tuloy po ba class ng 26 sat 9-3pm? i think 3 na po ang reserved at isa po ako don last week hindi lang natuloy ang class.

@ rodel

Kailagan my basic knowledge po kayo regarding sa PC Networking to enroll this course. Thank You

@ elmer ramos

Wait nyo nalang po advice namin kung tuloy po sa sat. May 26 ang training. Thank You

Good Day!
Former student ako ng CNCTC. Tuloy po ba ang klase sa May 27, 3-9pm ng CISCO 1and2? Magsi-sit-in sana ako....

@ alvin

Yes tuloy po sa Sunday 3-9pm ang Cisco 1 and 2.

pano po pumunta sa opis nyo sa buendia galing po ako ng baclaran?tuloy po ba ung may 28 na sched sa buendia

magkanu po yung exam??

@ jonathan

From Baclaran sakay po kayo ng LRT then baba po kayo ng Gil Puyat Station. Tapos Lakarin nyo na po papunta dito sa Marconi St. UPY bldg. after lang po kami ng Imarflex Bldg. Thank You

@ jzar

Ang exam fee po ay 295 USD. Thank you


Good day!!!

Tanong ko lang po kung paano makakuha ng Cisco ID? nag scheduled ako ng appointment s inyo s june 19 10:15pm ang exam ko CCNA 640-802, ano po ang ggmitin ko login? yung po bang niregister ko sa cisco yung ang ggmitin ko para ma-take ko ang exam ko? please let me know. Thank you.

OPPPsss!!! sorry mali po yung time. June 19,2012 10:15am po ang exam ko. Thanks.

@ Larry

Magkukuha nyo lng po yung Cisco ID nyo kapag naipasa nyo yung Exam. ipapadala po ng Pearson Vue sa Address nyo after One month. Thank You

Hi po tanung ko lang po kung open ba ang office nyo pag sabado?

@ loyd

Yes, open po ang office namin ng Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Thank You

ask ko lang kung bakit sabay yung cisco 1 and 2? and wat po yung pinakatotal fee neto?thanks

@ Renz
Pinagsama na po namen ang CISCO 1 and 2 actual training, course fee Php9,500

pano po ang pagpunta sa buendia?pwede po ba kahit walang background sa kb0101 at kb0103? computer hardware lang po.

@ Mighty
Located po kame at Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City malapit po kame sa LRT Buendia then walking distance going to marconi St. Kung wala pa po kayong background kaylangan nyo po munang kuhanin ang KB0103 before you proceed to CISCO CCNA training

I really want to be a ccna, anu po yung passing rate nyo sa ccna exam? thanks.

@ allen

Ang passing rate po namin for CCNA exam is 99.9%. Thank you


pwede po ba ako mag enrol ng Cisco 1 and 2 kung may background na ko sa KB0101? Thank you

@ Arsenio Ereso

Kaylangan din po na may background kayo for KB0103 bago po ninyo itake ang CISCO 1 and 2

maraming salamat po, nag enroll na po ako, kelan at san ako pwede magbaya? pwede po ba mag bayad dyan sa office nyo sa Buendia Makati, dito lng po kasi ako sa may OWWA Pasay

@ Arsenio Ereso

Okay, wait mo nalang ang confirmation namin kung tuloy po yung schedule. pwede po kayong magbayad on the day of the training bago magstart ang class. yes you can pay here at buendia. Thank You

Tuloy na tuloy na po ba yung schedule nyo for 6/23/2012; Sat 9-3pm? I can see na maraming nagpa-reserve, just want to confirm kung na-meet na po yung minimum requirement ng enrollees?

every 3 years po ba nag eexpire yung ccna certificates? and if mag retake ng certificates mas hihirap po ba yung mga exam thanks..

tumatanggap ba kayo credit card?

@ Charmaine

Yes, tumatanggap po kami ng credit card through Paypal payment. Thank You

@ Paul

Okay, wait mo nalang po ang confirmation namin hanggang bukas, kung tuloy po sa 6/23/2012 yung class. Thank You

Thanks for the response. Until what time po open ang office nyo sa Buendia? I went there last night, mga around 7:00pm pero close na kayo.

@ Paul

We're open from 9am to 5pm. Thank You

Hi, do the trainees have the option to bring their laptops during their training?

@ blas

Yes, nasa inyo na po kung gusto nyong magdala ng laptop or hindi. provided namn po namin ang mga PC during your training. Thank you

i'm a 4th year student now..after graduation gusto ko sana mag aral ng cisco..magkano po ba ang magagastos?

@ Julius William Phua

For cisco 1-2 will cost you 9,500 in cash same with cisco 3-4. Thank You

bakit ganun wla sumasagot ng phone nyo sa buendia. i was calling afternoon hours. Close na ba ang review center nyo dito?

@ james

Please call us @ 889-6042/43, 239-5577. Thank you.

same number that i called this week. but no answer

@ james

We're open Monday to Friday 9-5pm and Saturday and Sunday 9-3pm. Thank You

i'm an ece graduate do i have to take the pre-requisite course first? can i take the KB0112 course directly??? tnx...

one more... do you provide free manuals??? and do you give certificate of completion after finishing the course??? tnx :)

@ Steve

Yes you can take the KB0112 course directly as long as you have knowledge on the prerequisite course. Free manual and you will receive certificate of completion after the training.

ok tnx for the info... is there a ccna training every month?? i'm planning to enroll in your training center at españa btw...

@ Steve

Yes we have schedule every month for CCNA Training. Hope to see you here soon. Thanks.

Hi there... If I took this course (KB0112) am I going to be ready to take the CCENT exam??? or in other words is this course the same to the scope of 640-822 ICND1?? pls enlighten me :)

what if i enroll CCNA2 ONLY.

@ Steve

Yes, after finishing this course you can take the CCENT exam or the ICND1. Thank You


Wala po kaming CCNA2 na offer, magksama po kasi yung cisco 1-2 namin na course.Thank You

Hi good day! Ask ko lang po if may minimum na number of students na kailangan para magpush thru ang isang klase niu? Interesado po kasi ako sa weekday classes niu, kaya lang wala pa ata naka-enroll reserved pa lang. Hoping for your response.

Thank you. :)


Minimum of 3 participants po ang kailangan to start the class. Gawa po kayo ng reservation nyo online then wait nyo na lang po final confirmation namin. Please see this link for course reservation

Thank you.

Sir if mag attend po ako nang training makakahiram po ba ako nang cisco router and switch at home for studying purposes?


No it is not possible. If you want to practice at home we have the Remote Lab Access.

hi good morning! kapag po ba nagenroll ako ng cisco 1-2 kasama na din po ba ng exam for CCENT? or should i pay for the exam pa?

@ Jomar Billan

Hindi po kasali sa exam fee yung payment for cisco 1-2, another 150 USD for exam. Thank You

Kung matapos ko po yung CCNA 1-4 slow track how many certificate of completion will I get? Ini-endorse nyo rin ba mga trainees n'yo s mga Companies? Just curious :) tnx

@ Steve

You will get Cisco 1 and 2 certificate of completion and Cisco 3 and 4 certificate after finishing the course. Pwede po kayong magsend ng resume @

Thank you.

HI Admin,

Ilan po lahat ng CCNA exams? thanks

@ Bryan

Dalawa po kasi ang option nyo sa pagtake ng exam, either yung isahan lang or yung isa-isahin mo yung cisco exam like ICND1 and ICND2. Thank You

is it also possible to take the CCENT exam without taking the ICND1 course? Let say i have the foundation on ICND1 can i take it directly? Thanks!

is it also possible to take the CCENT exam without taking the ICND1 course? Let say i have the foundation on ICND1 can i take CCENT exam directly? Thanks!

@ Jomar Billan

Yes, you can take directly the exam without taking the training, as long as you have already knowledge to the course. Thank You

how much would it costs the CCENT exam? do you have schedule on the exam?

@ Jomar Billan

The exam for CCENT is USD150. We're open from Monday to Sunday 10am to 5pm for the scheduling of exam. Thank You

Sir kung mag exam lang po ako nang ccent tumatanggap po ba kau nang cash? kasi wala po akong credit card/master card/paypal.

sir nasa qatar po ako ngayun pero pauwi napo ako within 2 months, it staff po ako dito, anong cisco course ang advise niyo na kunin ko na meron kayo? for starters sana, di kasi ako marunong sa routers e, and how much po, please reply, yepril08[at]yahoo[dot]com... please email me, thanks

@ Allan

Yes, tumatanggap po kami ng cash for exam fee. Thank you.

@ marc

Magumpisa po kayo sa CISCO 1-2 Routers and Routing Technology, pero kailngan may knowledge po kayo sa course pre-requisite niya na Networking or yung PC LAN/WAN. Thank You

if I'm going to take an exam to one of your testing centers, do you have exam review and exam practice? thanks!

@ Jomar Billan

I'm sorry but the exam review and practice exam is for those student who are enrolled with us. Thank You

when is the schedule for next batch? i interested to take CCNA modules 1 - 4 and take an exam.

@ edgar

Our next schedule is on July 30, 2012/9-3pm. Open for enrollment. Thank You

is there schedule for weekends only??

@ edgar

Yes Sir we have every Saturday and every Sunday schedule in España Manila and Buendia Makati.

Do you have satellite location here in Davao City? I would like to enroll.

@ Grace

I'm sorry, but we're located only @ Esapaña Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You

Hi, I'm an IT grad and may subject kami sa school before na basic pc troubleshooting and networking, pwede ko na ba i-take itong cisco 1-2 agad, or kailangan talaga i-take ko mung yung pre-requisite? And kailangan ba talaga na i-take pareho yung PC hardware/software at PC LAN/WAN bago makapagtake nitong cisco 1-2, or pwedeng isa lang dyan?

@ Kate

Yes, pwede nyo na po kunin yung Cisco 1-2 basta may background na kayo regarding sa PC Assembly at PC Lan/Wan.Thank You

Mag enroll kami 2 gf ko sa fri for cisco 1.. sana madagdagan pa.. minimum of 3 daw ee..

Ung sched na mag start sa sept 01.. 9-3pm..

Yung Cisco 1-4 ba may exam pa? How much?

@ artee

Inform na lang po namin kayo before Saturday/Sept 01 kung tuloy po ang class. Thanks.

@ Darius

Yes after Cisco 1 to 4 training pwede po kayong magtake ng CCNA Exam it cost USD295.

Tanong ko lang po kung pwede ako enroll sa course na ito kahit hindi ako maalam sa windows server? I am a graduate of computer system and network technology kaso hindi kami na train sa windows server... please I need your suggestion....

@ Carlo

yes po pwde kahit wla kayong alam sa Windows Server ang importante may knowledge po kayo sa basic networking.

wala pa po ba naka enroll? kasi gusto ko na sana magstart din kung may nakaenroll na..

@ ardie

reserve po muna kayo, para ma-inform ka namin kung may mag Start ng Class. Thank you

Paano po kung nakapag bayad na for enrollment tapos hindi makakapagstart dahil wala pa sa tatlo ang nag eenroll? Pwede po ba sa start day na magbayad?

@ Sam

yes po, pwede po kahit on the day na yung bayad mo. Thank you

hi po ask lang po pde po ba sa starting date na mag bayad ng 5k cash para sa enrollment this schedule Sun 9-3pm 09-23-2012 10-21-2012 thanks.

@ Raymond

Hello,yes puwede po kayong magbayad on the day ng start ng class. We need at least 3 participants to start the class on September 23/Sunday 9-3pm.Thank you.

Wala na ba yung schedule ng Sunday sa Buendia, Makati? Last time I checked, may nakareserved nang 4... Mag inform po ba kayo through email if cancelled or move yung start date ng class?

@ Nicole

Meron po tayong Sunday Sched, may nakareserved ng 4, Yes po inform po namin kayo through text and email basta may reservation na po kayo online. Thank you

Mam/Sir, Paupdate naman po ng mga sure na mageenroll sa ESPANA M-F 09-10-2012 to 09-14-2012. Pareserve po ako ng isang slot. pwde po ba sa starting date magbayad?ilan na po ba nakaenroll?thanks.

@ Renz

Resched po next week ung class due to lack of students. Ang magstart po sa Sep 10 for cisco 1 & 2 class is sa buendia, makati. Yes po pwde kayong magbayad on the day. Pareserve nlang po online

pwede poh ba magbayad through credit card???

@ Jackson

Yes pwde po paypal payment through online.

Ask ko lang po yun sched na Sun 9am to 3pm sa Buendia, may chance po b kayang mag open pa un? Salamat

@ tops

Yes Sir, Mag-oopen po kami ng Schedule na Sunday 9-3 pm.Thanks

Please phingi po ng cell number na pwede po matxt para mlaman kung may matutuloy na gntong course sa españa, sat 9-3pm. or sun 9-3pm..thanks!

@ Gmichael

You can contact us with this number 09073013977.Thank you!

Any confirmation po kung tuloy training schedule on sept. 24-28 sa buendia? Thanks

@ Mark Gil Resurreccion

good day po.Sir paki antay na lng po yong tawag or text namin today or tomorrow po for confirmation.thank you

bring your own laptop ba sa lecture? or provided nyo na?

@ Jerry

Its up to you sir if you want to bring your laptop.But all you need in the training will be provided.thank you.

Admin, Tuloy na ba Cisco 1 & 2 Schedule start October 26, 2012?


@ Arnold R. Checa

We will inform you 3 days before, if the class will start. Thanks

Admin Sorry! Tuloy ba Cisco 1 & 2 Start 10-06-12 to 11-03-12 in Buendia ? inform nyo lang po ako para magka pag enroll na ako.


@ Arnold R. Chea

kindly wait for the confirmation coming from us sir.will gonna send you message or call you once the class will start or confirm.thank you.

Pano pumunta sa buendia branch niyo pag galing sa baclaran lydias? Yung jeepney sana kasi masikip sa bus pag umaga. Anong plaka? Thanks in advance.

mas ok po sir kung mag lrt na lang kayo tapos baba kayo gil puyat station.tapos lakad na lng kayo konti sa may marconi st.lampas ng over pass.thank you.

Thanks pero mukang mas mapapalayo ata ako pag nag lrt ako. Any other options like i've said na jeepney? Sorry to bother.

tuloy po ba ung oct 6 na training sa cisco 1 and 2??


kindly,wait for the confirmation before 4pm today.thank you.


confirmation on cisco 1& 2 sir?may i have your full name please?thank you.

@ nemesis

our cisco 1&2 class for tomorrow will be reschedule due to lack of particpants confirmed.thank you.

may i ask then how many people who were able to confirm and how many students do you need to get to start the class.

@ nemesis

at least 3 participants po sir ang kailangan at confirm sila to start the class.thank you.

can you open a branch here in cagayan de oro city in mindanao.

@ nod
good day sir.maybe not for now. let us see in near future.thank you.

tanong lang po.. Is it possible to make in the test center itself? Thanks

tanong lang po.. Is it possible to make a payment in the test center itself? Sorry for the double post.. Thanks


Yes sir.thats better na lng kayo sa test center para sigurado.thank you.

hi po. confirm na po ba yun Cisco1&2 class on Oct 13 ? since hindi daw natuloy last Oct 6 ?

its not yet confirm since till now 2 participants was least 3 students need to start the class.anyway if you have our reservation wait for our confirmation.thank you.

just a follow-up question. I was informed last Oct 5, that Cisco1&2 scheduled to start Oct 6 at Buendia branch, was re-sched to Oct 13 for some reason. I forgot to ask the name of the lady that called me that time. the question is, did that class did push thru or not ?

Admin, tuloy ba sa oct 13, 2012 cisco 1 & 2?
if ever na matuloy inform nyo ako para maka enrol na ako. sure na ako.


@ Arnold R. Checa

We will inform you 3 days before. Thank you

Hi admin, can i pay the installment using a credit card?if not can i pay it on october 15 instead. I would like to be included on the oct 13 training for cisco 1 and 2 if it will push through.

@ nemesis

Ok sir you can pay it on oct. 15. Just wait for the Confirmation if the class will start. thanks

any updates??about tomorow

@ nemesis

The Cisco 1-2 class is not a confirmed class, we will re-sched it next week. Thank you

hi. are there any office transactions during saturdays at makati branch?

@ Jam

Hello, Yes ma'am we're open Monday to Sunday. Thank you

any updates about the schedule?

kailangan pa ba magdala ng laptop sa training?

@ Renato

Hindi na po kailangan magdala ng Laptop sa training but it's an optional kung gusto nyo pong magdala. Thank you.

May I know who's the instructor for weekends and What is his/her credentials?
I'm planning to take a training for weekends.

Any update on the Saturday 9am-3pm schedule? Tuloy po ba?

@ James

Yes, tuloy po sa Saturday 9am to 3pm/October 27 ang Cisco 1 and 2. Thanks.

bendia branch?

@ nemesis

Yes tuloy po ang class sa Buendia Makati Saturday 9-3pm/October 27. Thanks.

hi, pls. advise course schedule for online cisco class. tks.

@ leo

Okay, please wait for the update. Thank You

wala po ba sched ng CISCO 1 and 2 for Saturday 9 am to 3 pm sa makati.

2013 anu pong schedule ng ccna [email protected]?

@ Arsenio Ereso

Meron po kaming schedule ng every Saturday sa Dec. 12, 2012 dito po sa Buendia Makati. Thank You

@ jomar acosta

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule ng cisco 1-2 sa 2013. please keep posted. Thank you

talaga bang magkasama ung cisco 1 and 2 sa inyo? sa MFI kasi hiwalay ung 1 and 2.

hello. ito na po ba ung ICND1? after finishing this course, can i take the 640-822 exam in order to have the CCENT certification?

@ jayson

Yes, magkasama po sa amin ang cisco 1-2. Thank you

@ George

Yes, you can take the exam for ICND1 after finishing this course. Thank You


would like to ask if the 9500 already includes the certification exam?


@ Francis Aquino

No, another USD 295 for exam fee. Thank You

Good Day!
pwede po bang mag take ako ng cisco 1 and 2 without taking the pc lan/wan 2003 active server iam BSCS graduate and currently work as Tech support local ISP company.

@ AL

Yes, you can take this course as long as you have a basic knowledge for Networking. Thank You

hi wala bang sched for january na Sat 9-3

@ Charm Caranzo

Mag-kakaroon po kami ng Saturday schedule for the month of January. Please wait for the update. Thank you

Hi, I'll be enrolling before the classes start on Monday 12/9/2012. Is that okay?

@ Third

Yes, you can enroll on Monday before the class will start. Thank You.

are you cisco registered?

Ask ko lng kung confirm n ung mga sked nyo for january 2013. Tuloy b ung class khit kunti lng ung enrollee?

@ felix

Still open for enrollment, we need atleast three participants to start the training. Thank you

hi ask ko lang po kung pwede gamitin yung remote labs nyo (is that the right term?) for practice kahit tapos ka na mag take ng class or during the period of time na enrolled lang?

@ angel

Yes, pwede niyo po gamitin yung remote labs namin kahit tapos na po kayo ng training. Thank you

gud npo b kyo s jan 2 or 3 blak ko po kcng mgpunta jan,pra mgpa asses s cisco 1 en 2,open npo b kyo s jan 2

@ Sherwin

Yes open na po kami ng Jan 02. Punta nlang po kayo dito sa office namin.

Regarding the Cisco 1 & 2 training, what if I do not have working knowledge in its pre-requisites (PC hardware/software Trouble shooting and repair & PC LAN/WAN), but we had it discussed in our college subjects, can I still enroll in this CCNA1&2 training? How about let’s say zero-knowledge in this course, can that person still enroll in this training?


You can directly take the course CISCO 1 and 2 if you already took the pre-requisite however if zero knowledge then you can take first the pre-requisite of the course.

pano po scheduling ng ccna exam review? meron din ba reservation para dun nang sa gayon ay pwede makijoin at matuloy ung review?thanks!

pwede po ba mag exam kung cisco 1 and 2 lng natake? or kelangan 1 to 4?

pano po pala kung matagal na nakapag take ng cisco 1-4. pwede pa rin ba mkijoin sa free review kung hindi pa ito natatake?

kailan po ung start ng cisco 1 and 2 sa february??

@ angel

Yes, pwede po kayong magpareserve sa free review. basta po sa amin kayo nagtake ng training for cisco 1-4. Thank You

@ doreza

Yes, we have a schedule on February 4 to February 8, 2013. Please wait for the update. Thank you

meron po bang sked ng sat 9-3pm for cisco 1 and 2 on feb? Thanks

@ cez

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule ng every Saturday for the month of February. Please keep posted. Thank you.

hi CNCTC , ask ko lang need ba kunin ang Course Cisco 1 &2 , 3 & 4 before exam pra mging CCNA?

@ 5thGenCorei9

Yes po kailangan matapos nyo mna ung training for cisco 1 to 4 before magtake ng CCNA exam.

ano po pagkakaiba nitong bootcamp saka ung cisco 1&2 then 3&4.. same lang ba sila pati yung oras?

Hi Sir,
Im an IT graduate and would like to take this CCNA course. Am I stil required to take the pre requisite courses?



Same lang po ang itinuturo which is for CCNA po yan, ang pagkakaiba lang po is yung duration ng training 30hrs each (CISCO 1and2, CISCO 3and4) for CCNA Bootcamp fastrack is 40hrs.

@ Jay of Makati

No need for you to take the pre-requisite of the course as you are an IT graduate.

sir...pano po aba gagawin kung na erase ung confirmation...pde po b pa send ulit ng confirmation sa sa reservation sa email ko tnx...

@ paul bryan

Yes, inform nalang po namin kayo ulit for final confirmation if the class will push through on Feb. 04, 2013 Thank You

Sir, kelangan po talaga magtake nung pre-requisites para makakuha ng cisco 1 and 2? ECE po ako. Interested ako magstart on Feb 4, Monday. Pwede po ba humabol?

@ Blind Melon

Kung may Basic knowledge na po kayo sa Networking. pwede niyo na kunin ang cisco course without taking the course pre-requisite. Thank You

Ask ko lang po if, cisco 3-4 lang po ang na enrolled ko sa inyo, pwede parin ba ako maka gamit ng remote labs niyo after ko mag cisco 3-4?

@ daryl

Yes, makakagamit pa rin po kayo ng 20 hrs for remote lab. Thanks.

Do you offer 1 on 1 training?

@ Douglas

Yes, we offer one on one training but you need to pay the three slot. Thank you

Available din po ba ito in province like tesda batangas?

@ odhyck

Hindi ko lang po alam if available yan sa inyong province. located lang po kasi kami dito sa españa manila and buendia makati. Thank you

what is the passing rate of your ccna and mcp exam?

@ allen

Our passing rate for CCNA and MCP exam is 99.9%. Thank You

under sa Cisco ang bawat category mom iba iba rin po ba un training fee?

Pwede po ba weekend yung class? may work po kasi ako ngayon eh?

@ mikejay

Sir the tuition fee for the whole training for Cisco 1 and 2 is Php 9,500 in cash. Thank you.

@ angelo

Yes, may weekend class po kami every Saturday 9am to 3pm/ 3pm to 9pm and every Sunday 9am to 3pm/3pm to 9pm. Please make course reservation @

Thank you.

Good day!
ask ko lang po kung magkanu po yung exam
for CCENT certification and ilan po yung passing rate ninyo for ccent

@ allen

The exam fee for CISCO is USD295, in peso 14, 868 inclusive 12% vat. the passing rate is 99.9%. Thank You

May tanong lang po ako. Ano sa inyo ang ICNDI and ICND2? Yung tawag na CCENT?

@ liezyl

Yung ICND1 is for Cisco 1-2 then yung ICND2 is for Cisco 3-4. Thank You

Good Day!

How much the exam fee for ICND1 alone?


@ allen

Good Day!

The exam fee for ICND1 cost USD150. Thanks.

HI.. tanong ko lang po ung sched nyo sa cisco 1and 2... ung nakalagay po sa post nyo is
Sun 3-9pm 03-04-2013 04-07-2013...

March 4 po is monday...
March 3 po b dapat un or march 10??

salamat po...

@ Ren

Okay, na edit na po namin ng March 03 to April 7, 2013. Thank You

Ask ko lang kung yung certification sa cisco - 4 na ibinibigay nyo eh pareho nug sa meralco at UP na CISCO NETWORKIG ACADEMY? tnx.

pwede po ba akong mag exam sa inyo kahit sa ibang training school ako nag training ng cicso 1-4?

@ Antonio R. Leonardo

We are not connected to CISCO ACADEMY, Individual training provider po kame.Thank you!


Yes po pwede po gawa lang po kayo ng account ninyo sa pearsonvue or you can visit here for registration.Thank you!

hi po pag natapos ko po sa inyo ang cisco 1 hangang 4. at sainyo ba ako mag eexam ng cisco for cerfication ng CCNA


@ allen

Yes, sa amin po kayo mag-exam ng CCNA after niyo matapos ang training. Thank You

sir iam graduate of com. sci. and i have a certification from tesda CHS nc 2 .. gusto ko na mag training ng CISCO 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology (Slow Track) Training or bka puwede na yong CISCO 3 and 4 Switching and WAN Technologies (Slow Track) Training ... ano po ba mas ok gusto ko lng ksi palawakin ang idea ko sa networking..

salamat po!

@ florian diaz jr

Okay, You need to take first the cisco 1 and 2 before taking cisco 3-4 para hindi po kayo mahirapan na intindihin yung cisco 3-4. Thank You

kailangan ko pa b kunin ung mga pre-req courses (above) bgo ko mkpag enroll ng cisco 1-2?

@ shamie

Yes, kailangan nyo po munang kunin ang pre requisite course before taking CCNA training but if you have already knowledged or background on the pre requisite course you can take directly the CCNA Course. Thank you.

wala po ba kayong offer sa Zamboanga City? pahingi naman po ng info or contact number na pede kong pag tanungan sa Zambonga city.

@ Luwis Santiago

Unfortunately, we don't have a branch in Zamboanga City. we're located only @ España Manila and buendia makati. Thank You

chs II ng tesda ok na po ba un para sa pre requisite nyo?


I am currently working as a Technical Support Specialist for an IT company and I am thinking of taking this course. I did not graduate with an IT-related course but I can say that my experience has taught me enough when it comes to the pre-requisites of this course. Do you recommend that I still take the required pre-requisites or not? Please advise. Thanks.

goodevening sir/madaam!
ask ko lng po pagnatapos ba ung cisco1 and 2 my exam po ba?magkano po bayad?pano kung hnd po ako magexam o kya hnd ko maipasa ung exam...can i continue po ba sa cisco 3 and 4?tnx!

@ mc efren joy

I suggest na tapusin mo mna ung CISCO 1 to 4 training bago ka magtake ng exam. 295USD po ang fee for CCNA exam.

@ omar

Yes po ok na po ung TESDA CHS NCII training pra makapagtake ng CISCO 1 and 2 course.

@ Lance

Hello. Yes, you can directly take the Cisco training. Thanks.

ah tnx po kala ko kc kada module my exam...ok cge im planning to take cisco training sa inyo tnx!

@ mc efren joy

Okay, please make your online reservation @ Thank You



Okay, please make your online reservation @ then we will inform you if the class will push through. Thank You

Ano po nangyari sa 4-22 to 4-26 na schedulesa Buendia? Full na po ba o nacancell? Nagpa reserve po kasi ako ng slot.

@ Eric

Hindi po nakancel yung schedule for April 22 to April 26. still open for enrollment. Thank You

Hi Cnctc,

Ask ko lng kung confirmed schedule po ang April 22-26 Cisco 1 and 2 modules. Ilan students po ba para matuloy ang class?


@ TJ

We need at least three participants to start the training. please make your online reservation @ then we will inform you if the class will push through on April 22. Thank You


I already made a reservation for the said schedule in España branch. Just waiting if the schedule will push through.

Thank you for the response.


@ TJ

Ok sir we will inform you if the class will proceed or not. Please wait for the final confirmation. Thank you.


Hope to have a word from you so I can file my leave asap :).

Thank you very much.


kilan mag start yan? pwed mag enrol? san training center?

@ ayan

May mga schedule po tayong available nakaagay po sa taas, kaylangan po ng tatlong participants bago po mag start ang class. Pwede po kayong mag enroll please make a reservation with this link

Sir, Gaano po kya ktgal ang training at gaano po kya ktgal bago malaman ang result pag ng exam??

sir any testimonials from your previous students? who has pass the CCNA examinations

@ robincyril

The Cisco 1 and 2 training will take for 5 meetings same with Cisco 3 and 4. Right after the exam malalaman nyo po kaagad ang result. Thanks.

ahm. pwede ko po bang hindi na i-take yung pc hardware and software troubleshooting and repair with OJT .??

kasi incoming 4th year College na po ako sa pasukan nkpag take na po ako last sem ng Computer Networking so I have a knowledge about networking.

@ john erwin

Yes, pwede mo ng skip ang pc troubleshooting and pc networking kung may knowledge kana sa course pre requiiste ng Cisco course. Thanks.

salamat po

anu po requirements para makapag enroll??

@ Jemar

Wla pong requirements na kailangan upon enrollment.

I really want to take the CCNA training and exam pero may question po ako sa pre requisite. I took Computer Hardware Servicing sa TESDA for 2 weeks and I'm currently repairing computers and laptops and may computer shop din ako and I set it up by myself. mag te-take parin po ba ko ng pre requisite for CCNA training? Thank you

ano po yung passing grade para makapasa sa Exam .?

@ Elijah

No need to take the course pre requisite basta may knowledge ka regarding sa networking. Thank You

what if ndi nmn complete pre requisite?

Good day ... Ask lang po kung may schedule po ba kayo every sunday for the training? working po kasi ako from monday to saturday and im planning to take the course and ask then kung every module na natapos may certificate na makukuha?... Graduate ako ng BSCS major in computer network administration kaya maybe may Skip lang ako sa Course,. Thanks for the reply

@ Joey Callos

Yes, meron po kaming schedule for every Sunday. please make your online reservation @ thanks

sir/maam, my skdyul po ba ng cisco 1&2 sa june3? manila or makati. salamat po

@ kaka

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for June 3, 2013. please make your online reservation @ Thank you

9500 po ung fee for cisco 1&2?
covered na po lahat un?

@ jehrome

Yes, the course fee for cisco 1-2 is 9,500, covered na po yun lahat ng topics. Thank You

sana pagsamahin na lang yung sched ng sat and sun. para matuloy na yung training for ccna sa espana.

Ask ko lang po kung macredit po kaya Cisco1-4, IT student po ako ng AMA Project 8, at sa course ko po may "Data Communications & Networking 1 hnggng 4" Cisco po yun and nkasama sa curriculum namin, mccredit n po kaya yun pag dito ko po kinuha? Or ipapaulit pa kaya nila sakin yun? Tnx.

PM na lang po sa mar11_tin23[at]yahoo[dot]com

@ Ram Nitran

Individual training provider po kame hinde po macrecredit sa school ang CISCO 1-4 na makukuha po ninyo dito sa amin. Thank you!

kahit may certificate ng cisco1-4 hindi pa din ihohonor ng school?, sayang naman. hindi ko pa din kasi naitatanong sa school, gusto ko sana dito ienroll yung course.

@ Ram Nitram

Itanong po muna ninyo sa inyong school. Thank you

good day... ask ko lang if ok lng kahit wala ako nun kbo101-kb0103...pero graduate po ako ng 2yr course comptech....

yung CCNA po ba ay free yung 18hrs na yun

sa august po ba may schedule kau for cisco 1-4? thanks...please answer my questions....yung review po na 18hrs magkanu? and the CCNA exam how much??

@ khai

okay, lang po na hindi niyo na kunin yung KB101 at Kb103 as long as na may knowledge po kayo sa networking. yes free na po yung 18hours. Magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of August. please keep posted for the update. thank you

How much would be the resevation fee?

@ Kino

There is no fee for the reservation. Thank You

Do you have office hour in your España branch during saturday?

@ Kino

Yes, we're open every Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Thank You

kapag inenrol ko ba ung ccn1 & 2 kelangan ng proof sa pre-requisite? balak ko po kasi ung sa windows erver active directory lang ang i-take ko..

@ lloyd

Hindi na po kailangan basta may knowledge po kayo sa networking pwede niyo na kunin yung cisco 1-2. Thanks

ung sa schedule po ng class? fix na po ba ung start nung date?

Good Day!
kasama na po ba yung meal sa payment for this course. thanks.

@ lloyd

Hindi po,kasi continuous naman po yung schedule namin. Thank You

@ noel

Hindi po kasali. Thanks

Hi I made a reservations for cisco 1&2, will there be a chance to move the pre plotted sched? 2 pa lang kasi kmi naka reserved.

may training po b na longer than 5 days?

@ ian

Wala po. good for five days only. Thanks

@ Walter M Rogel

kung hindi po natin ma meet yung minimum of three participants ma move po ito ng ibang schedule. Thanks

I made a reservation for your July 1-5 schedule. When should i actually enrol this course? Is it okay kung sa June 29 or June 30? Hindi kasi ako based sa manila ngayon.

@ Kino

You can pay the course fee on or before July 01, please wait our final confirmation as we need minimum of 3 participants before the training starts. Thank you.

gud afternoon.. ask ko lng kung pwede bang kumuha ng cisco 1 and 2 khit fresh graduate ka palang?

@ Joven Osumo

Yes, pwede po. as long as na may knowledge po kayo sa Networking. Thank You


1. Kung CCNA 1-2 lang ang natapos pwede na ba magkatrabaho?or kailangan talaga na ccna 1-4 ang natapos para matawag na CCNA?

2. magrerecommend ba kayo ng trabaho or company after CCNA?

3. Mahirap ba maghanap ng trabaho about CCNA?

thank you

@ Elijah

Yes, mas maganda po na tapusin niyo yung cisco 1-4 then pass the exam para mas mabilis po kayong makahanap ng trabaho. Thank You

Wla na po ba tayong training for july na sat?

@ jehrome

Magkakaroon po tayo ng schedule for July every Saturday. Please keep posted. Thank you.

Good day...

ak ko lang po kung pde training kapag natapos na po yung modue 1-4 tsaka magtake ng exam..pakiemail nman po ng details..


Good day..

ask ko lang po yung sked nyo for buendia center na 3-9pm di na po ba mababago ng 9-3pm..


@ uly

Yes, after po ng training nyo for Cisco 1 to 4 pwede na po kayong magtake ng exam as long as prepared na po kayo. May schedule po kami ng Saturday 3pm to 9pm at Sunday 3pm to 9pm. Thanks.

I want to develop simple program for time and attendance from biometric, can you suggest what course I can enroll for this?

Good Day!
after ko po ng training for cisco 1and 2
pwede na po ba akong mag exam ng icnd1
for CCENT certification ? mag kanu po pla yung exam at ilang percent po yung passing rate nyu for this particular exam?

@ AL

Yes, pwede po kayo magtake ng exam after ng training. ang exam fee po for ICND1 ay USD150 in peso po 7,560 included na po diyan yung 12% for vat. 99.9% po ang passing rate ng exam. Thank You

hi good day ...
~ ahm my review pba ngayong july kase gusto ko po sana mag review before makapag exam?
~ mag kanu po pala ang payment sa pag rereview?
~ meron po ba ng saturday and sunday?
~pwde po paki send nman sa email add ko kung paanu po thank you...
pls responce.

i do really need an answer. please response to my questions if what i mass should to do i really want to review cause it was my first time to take this exam and i was came from nueva vizcaya, so i don't want to waste everything eave earned and find a steady job..please email me...

and when will can i be start to review?
how much i will cost for the review?
can be Saturday and Sunday?
thank you so much
happy to delight you. '

Good Day!
kung mapapasa ko po ba yung ICND1 makakakuha po ba ako ng certificate for CCENT? thanks

ask lang din po kung makakakuha po ako ng CCENT certificate after i passed the ICND1 gaanu po katagal? thanks

@ pickles

Sir our CCNA Review is for enrolled students only.

CCNA Exam Review Details:

Duration: 18 HRS (optional but reccomended)

1.Schedules are Wednesday to Friday from 9am to 3pm
2.3 Days duration
3.Group of 6 to 10 per batch
4.Bring your Laptop with working LAN adapter or Wifi (If you dont have a laptop its ok PC will be provided for you)
5.CCNA exam will be Scheduled in our training center after 1 or two weeks of your review or anytime you deemed you are fully prepared to pass the exam.

Thank you.

@ AL

Not until you finished the ICND2 exam. Ipasa nyo po muna ung 2 exam to get the CCNA certificate or just take the CCNA Exam in one time . Thanks.

what if i am not a student anymore? can i take a review for the exam? kase gusto ko ma i re fresh ung memory ko kase natengga ako ng isang taon...
..what should i must to do?
para maka kuha ng review and pass the exam?

@ pickles

Yung CCNA review po namin ay para lang po sa mga enrolled student namin. Thank You

i mean CCENT certificate not CCNA i want to know if theres seperate certificate between CCENT and CCNA. since i want to take first the ICND1. thanks

@ Al,

Once po na naipasa mo ung ICND1 exam CCENT certified na po kayo then kung maipasa mo na rin ung ICND2 CCNA certified na kyo.

Tanong ko lang po kung pwedeng magtrabaho ang isang colorblind na network administrator ng Cisco system. Interesado kasi akong mag enroll sa training.Thanks in advance.

Sir may certificate po ba after nun training?

@ ferdie

Pwede po kayo magenroll sir kahit color blind ka. Thanks.

Hi , pero required ba pag sa trabaho na kailangan makadistinguish ng colors? Thanks sa Reply..

hello po, nag-reserved na po aq ng training, ask q lang mag-kano po ang exam pag magtetake din aq nang exam sa inyo pagkatpos ng training q ng Cisco 1 & 2?

@ Franz

Hi, the CISCO certification exam cost USD295. Thanks.

ok po, ask ko lang din po kapag ung sa bootcamp po ba ang kinuha q anung exam po po ang bundled dun sa 32,000 na pakcage? thanks

@ Franz

The course fee of PHP32,000 it covers the CCNA 1,2,3 & 4 training plus the CCNA Certification exam. Thank you.

ahh, ok po.. bale ituturo din po lahat dun sa CCNA Boocamp nyo ang lahat ng kailangan namen malaman sa CISCO Module 1-4 sa ganung kaikling sched? cenxa na po talaga po kasing kukuha din ako kaya po madami po aqng tanong salamat po

ask lang po clarify ko about dun sa 40 hrs course duration at remote lab access 60 hrs. Bale 100 hrs talaga siya lahat for 32000 kasama na exam? at ano ba pagkakaiba dun sa ccna exam review na 18 hrs sa ccna practice exam? may bayad ang ccna exam review tama po ba ako? pa xenxa na malaking halaga kasi talaga babayaran want to make sure lang


Mas makakamura ba kung kukunin ung Cisco 1-4 + CCNA Exam kesa kunin muna ung cisco 1 & 2?
And how much po ung total fee nitong course na Cisco 1 and 2? Thanks

@ Franz

Yes po ituturo lahat.

@ Zac

Opo mas makakamura po kayo. Fee for Cisco 1 & 2 is 9500 pesos in cash

@ don

Ung 40 hours po is for the training. Ung 60 hours po na remote lab ay binibigay sa mga students namin na maaccess ung console server namin pra makapagpractice kahit nsa bahay po cla. Yes ung 32000 pesos na fee is kasama na po ung exam. For ccna exam review check this link then ung sa CCNA PRACTICE EXAMS pagagawan po namin kyo ng account pra maaccess ung practice online exam namin. Kasama na sa 32000 ung ccna exam review.

gudpm sir. nagpareserve po ako dis coming Aug 12 - 16, ilang person po ba ang kailangan pra matuloy ang 1 week training. paano nyo po kami iinform na tuloy o hindi matutuloy ang nasabing sched? thanks

@ Joseph B. Lumbao

Minimum of 3 participants po ang kailangan before po magstart ang class. Iinform po namin kayo via sms kung tuloy po ang class o hindi. Thanks.

Thanks for the response, last questions na lang po.

1. How much po ung package ng cisco 1-4 + CCNA Exam

2. I'm a graduate of B.S. Information technology tanung ko lang po kung kelangan pa ba i-take ung courses na "PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101 & PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103" before makapagenroll ng CISCO COURSES?


Good am tanong q lang po na kung kukuha aq ng CISCO 1-4 SLOW TRACK with CCNA EXAM bale 32000 din ang magagastos q? tama po ba?

@ Zac

If may knowledge na kayo sa prerequisite pwde nyo na po ienroll ung cisco 1 to 4 training. Fee is 31,500 po in cash for CCNA Bootcamp (Fast Track) training with exam.

@ Franz

Ung 32000 po na fee is for CCNA Bootcamp (Fast Track) training. Kung slow track po ang kukunin nyo ang fee for cisco 1 & 2 is 9500 then 9500 din sa cisco 3 & 4 tas 295 USD po for the CCNA exam.

pwede po ba ako mag Sit in sa makati kahit sa manila branch ako nag training?

@ ram

Yes pwde po.

200-120 na po ba ung course outline nyo? or 640-802 pa po?

good eve,

ask ko lang po kung pwede mag-enrol sa review for ccna? yung review lang po since katatapos ko lang po nga module 1 to 4, but sadly not contented on their review program.. sa inyo po? pewde po b and how much po?
thanks po in advance... :)

after ko po matapos ng cisco 1and2 training pwede na po ba akong mag exam for icnd1 or ccent certification? thanks

sana mag start na po yung training ng cisco 1 and 2 this week end kahit 2 lang ang patricipant.

@ randy

Yes after finishing CISCO 1 AND 2 pwede po kayong magtake ng icnd1 or ccent certification. Thank you.

@ jam

Sir please wait for the final confirmation until tomorrow if the class on Monday will push through. Thank you.

@ Jim Lim

Please keep posted. We will update our course outline soon 640-802 to 200-120.

Thank you.

@ jay

Sir our CCNA Review is only for enrolled students. Thank you.

sir, is there any branch you have in bacolod city? please let me know.

@ arnel villanueva

Sir unfortunately we don't have branch in Bacolod City. Our office is located in Espana Manila and Buendia Makati. Thanks.

totoo po bang $250 na lang yung ccna exam from $285? thanks

@ randy

Hindi po USD295 po yung ccna exam. thanks

meron po ba hotline number na pede tawagan for inquiries

@ gerson gomez

Give us a call @ (02) 736-2032, 736-5196, 889-6042/43 and 239-5577. Thank you.

Hello,interesado ako sa course nato,kaso wla me background sa computer,how to avail this course?if one on one with the instructor matatapos ko kya ng 1month ang cisco 1-4 with boothcamp?pls let me know kung mgkano ang bayad,
Thanks from California

sana mag start na po yung training this coming saturday ng cisco 1 and 2 sa espana.

ask ko lang po kung nagtuturo c sir john rey ng cisco sa buendia. thanks

@ john

Hi, you have to take first the course pre requisite of this course which is the PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking and for one on one training po babayaran nyo po ung minimum of 3 participants. Thank you

@ noel

Unfortunately hindi pa po nagtuturo ng CISCO course si Sir John Rey. Thanks.

pwede po bng hati hati ung pagbayad nung Fee?

@ Cons

Pwede po hati hati ang bayad untill the end ng training. Installment basis cost Php10,000

magkano po ung online training for ccent exam?

@ franz

Cisco 1 and 2 cost P9,500 and Cisco 3 and 4 cost P9,500. Thanks.

To confirm: If I take the "Cisco 1 and 2" and the "Cisco 3 and 4" courses I could then take the CCNA exam? Also, are the courses taught in English?

Are foreign students allowed to take the slow track? do you have entrance exam pa? ilan ang total number of days including remote access and review? pano po ang visa kung from Libya ang mag aaral?

Good day...

Kailan po magiging available sa inyo yung bangong module ng Cisco..


@ Kano Dave

Yes, after completing the course you can take the CCNA exam. and the instructor taught in English. Thank You.

@ Paula

Yes, allowed po sa amin ang foreigner na magtake ng training. wala pong entrance exam at good for five meetings po yung training. Thank You

may exam po ba after nang cisco 1 and 2?

@ cons

After finishing the Cisco 1 and 2 training, you can take the old exam which is 640-822 ICND1 Last day to test: September 30, 2013 and for New version of ICND1 Exam Is Now Available
Beginning October 1, 2013, the 100-101 ICND1 exam will be the only exam available for registration. Candidates who register for the 100-101 ICND1 exam should prepare using 100-101 ICND1 exam topics.

required po ba na kunin unng exam? or pwede pagkatapos nlng ng cisco 3and 4?

@ cons

Tapusin nyo po mna ung cisco 1 to 4 training then pwde na po kayo magtake ng exam kung ready na po kayo.

Kelan po kayo mag start ng new module sa October 2013 pa po ba?

@ Randy

This September po iaupdate na po namin. Keep posted nlang po pra sa new module.

Hi, meron na po bang mag sisimulang class?

@ jayson Julian

Open schedule palang po minimum of 3 bago po magsimula, We will inform reserved students 3 days before the training.Thank you!

Mam/sir tanong ko lng po regarding sa sa cisco 1 & 2 kung may ksama po ba books module or pwde babasahin para pwde mag review kahit sa bahay lang...

@ Mark

Yes may ibibigay pong training manual for Cisco 1 and 2. Thanks.


kailan po lalabas yung bagong module po ng cisco


Paano po makakakuha ng Training Manual for Cisco 1 and 2?


@ Tim

We give free manual only for the existing students. Just visit our office to get manual. Thank you!


Still on process of updating the module. We will post it soon on the site. Thank you!

Is this the updated new CCNA exam module

Good day! pwede magtanong just in case po na kumuha ako ng CISCO 1 & 2 pwede na po ba magtake CCNA exam or need pa magtake ng CISCO 3 & 4 to take CCNA exam??

@ Joshua

No we do not recommend taking the CCNA Exam without taking CISCO 3 and 4

Thanks!! by the way, Sir/Maam pwede rin po ba magtake ng CCNA exams ang mga college undergrad? qualified po ba maging CCNA kahit college under grad ka?

@ Joshua

Yes pde po kahit undergrad

-magkano po babayaran pag nag take ng ccent cert?
-after trainng, review na po ba agad, tapos after review exam na?
-pareho lang ba ung tinuturo sa CCNA bootcamp tsaka cisco1&2, cisco3&4? ano pinagkaiba? ano mas dapat kunin pag beginner pa lang?(with basic knowledge in networking)

pakisagot naman po ng tanong ko. balak ko kasi mag enroll. salamat.

sir tanong ko lang po pde po ba kuha ng exam lang na ICND1 at magkano po kaya? thanks po..

Hi, do u have sunday schedules on November 10? We would like to make reservations if you'll open a schedule in Buendia branch this coming Sunday. Thanks.

how much po ung exam for ICND1?
balak ko po kasi training muna ng ICND1 tapos kunin ko ung exam na pang ICND1 posibble po ba to?

hi, may num kayo ni sir roel, check ko lang kung ok pa yun voucher na nireserve ko thanks

hi, may num kayo ni sir roel, check ko lang kung ok pa yung nireserve kong voucher, thanks

We are looking for network admins, our salary range is from 20K to 60K depending on the applicant's skill.

Hello, pwede pa ba magenroll sa mismong araw ng start ng training?..Sa Dec 15 - Jan 19 po na sched...:)

hi! ask ko lang po kung may admission test po dito sa cisco 1 & 2

Kailan po yung next sched para sa cisco 1&2. sched po every sunday. salamat .


Pwede po send nyo sa email ko yung list ng schedule for every saturday only kasi my work ako ng monday to friday interested po ako mag training ng cisco 1 and 2.

eto po yung email add ko. Alvin.Quintero83[at]yahoo[dot]com


Hi, ask ko lang po kung anu yung real training fee for course CISCO 1 and 2 ROUTERS and ROUTING TECHNOLOGY? kung itong 9,500 na nakalagay dito or ito pong 6,000 na nakita ko sa site ninyo --

Em po ulit to..sorry for the's the right one

hi.. just want to inquire.. is there a phone number i can call to ask questions...

hi.. just want to ask.. is this cisco 1 training that you have is the first step in cisco.. im a computer engineering graduate... just want to know where to start... please reply or email me .. thanks

Do you have an advance schedule for the month of June 2014 for CCNA at your Buendia, Makati branch..? Im currently working here in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and attending classes for Cisco every friday (Jan.31-Mar.21,2014)

open po kayo tomorrow? saka pwede ko na po ba kuhanin ung Certificate of completion for cisco 1 & 2?

Sir I want to take this course but is there a chance that I can take it without taking the require pre requisite?

hi po,, nag enroll ako dati sanyo, cisco 1-4 last december 2012. yet hindi pako nkakakuha ng exam,, dati may nkasabay ako sit-in lang xa sa klase namin, review lang daw xa. ok padin bang maki sit in sa klase? la bang bayad yon? thanks..

kapag natapos na po ba yung training, cisco certified na?

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Hi tuloy po ba class for may 18 2014.
Naka complete po kami min of 3 reservations, thanks.

good day.. pwede ba mag enroll agad dito. or kelangan may itake muna bago ito?


Can you send me a proposal for June 16 -20 9am-3pm slot,

Thanks and regards,

Goodmorning sir/mam! Itatanong ko lang po kung ung sa 9500 po is trainng + exam?? or training lang? salamat po!

good morning,

i would like to take cisco 1 and 2 routing and routers technology - KB0112. do i need to take its pre- requisite or i can enroll for cisco 1 & 2 directly?

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