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HANDS-ON Transfer of Technology Training

CISCO 3 and 4 - Switching and WAN Technologies - KB0134




CCNA Exam Review : 18 HRS (optional but reccommended)

: Unlimted HRS (optional but reccommended)


This training covers the essentials of Wide Area Networking. Topics include common Wide Area Networking (WAN) technologies, WAN Frame Relay encapsulation formats WAN link options, WAN design including core, distribution, and access layers, traffic patterns, server placement, and router configuration, PPP, ISDN, and Frame Relay. It covers also the functions and operations of switching technologies

This course will prepare students pass the NEW CCNA Certification Exam Code: 200-120 CCNA.


  • Describe the functions, operations, and primary components of WAN technologies
  • Describe the functions and operations of switching technologies
  • Describe and implement Wide Area Networking (WAN) technologies, WAN Frame Relay encapsulation formats, WAN link options, WAN design including core, distribution, and access layers, traffic patterns, server placement, router configuration, PPP and Frame Relay.


Instructor-led,classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.


     Students should have a working knowledge of LAN Local Area Network and have  taken the following courses or...... its equivalent:


  • CISCO Routers: 2901, 2801 and 1841
  • CISCO Switches: Catalyst  3550 Layer 3 (Multi-Layer) series, 2900 Series


Go to Online CCNA review for enrolled students only


  • LAN Switching Technologies
    • Determine the technology and media access control method for Ethernet networks
    • Identify basic switching concepts and the operation of Cisco switches.
    • Collision Domains
    • Broadcast Domains
    • Ways to switch
    • Store
    • Forward
    • Cut through
    • CAM table
    • Configure and verify initial switch configuration including remote access management
    • hostname
    • Managment IP address
    • IP default-gateway
    • Local user and password
    • Enable secret password
    • Console and VTY logins
    • exec-timeout
    • Service password encryption
    • copy run start
    • Verify network status and switch operation using basic utilities
    • ping
    • telnet
    • SSH
    • Describe how VLANs create logically separate networks and the need for routing between them
    • Explain network segmentation and basic traffic management concepts
    • Configure and verify VLANs
    • Configure and verify trunking on Cisco switches
    • DTP (topic)
    • Auto-negotiation
    • Identify enhanced switching technologies
    • RSTP
    • PVSTP
    • EtherChannels
    • Configure and verify PVSTP operation
    • Describe root bridge election
    • Spanning tree mode

  • Describe the types, features, and applications of ACLs
    • Configure and verify ACLs in a network environment
    • Standard (editing and sequence numbers)
    • Extended
    • Named
    • Numbered
    • Log option
    • Configure and verify ACLs to filter network traffic
    •  Configure and verify an ACLs to limit telnet and SSH access to the router

  • IP Services

    • Identify the basic operation of NAT
    • Purpose
    • Pool
    • Static
    • 1 to 1
    • Overloading
    • Source addressing
    • One-way NAT        
    • Configure and verify NAT for given network requirements
    • 8.3   Configure and verify NTP as a client
    • Recognize High availability (FHRP)
    • VRRP
    • HSRP
    • GLBP
    • Configure and verify syslog
    • Utilize syslog output
    • Describe SNMP v2 and v3

  • IP Version 6 addressing
    • Identify the appropriate IPv6 addressing scheme to satisfy  addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment
    • Identify the appropriate IPv4 addressing scheme using VLSM and summarization to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment
    • Describe the technological requirements for running IPv6 in  conjunction with IPv4
    • Dual stack
    • Describe IPv6 addresses
    • Global unicast
    • Multicast
    • Link local
    • Unique local
    • EUI 64
    • Auto-configuration
  • WAN Technologies
    • Identify different WAN Technologies
    • Metro Ethernet
    • VSAT
    • Cellular 3G/4G
    • MPLS
    • T1/E1
    • ISDN
    • DSL
    • Frame relay
    • Cable
    • Configure and verify a basic WAN serial connection
    • Configure and verify a PPP connection between Cisco routers
    • Configure and verify frame relay on Cisco routers
    • Implement and troubleshoot PPPoE
  • Configure and describe basic VPN.

  • Troubleshooting

    • Identify and correct common network problems
    • Troubleshoot and correct common problems associated with IP addressing and host configurations.
    • Troubleshootand Resolve VLAN problems
    • Troubleshoot and Resolve trunking problems on Cisco switches
    • Troubleshoot and Resolve interVLAN routing problems
    • Troubleshoot and Resolve ACL issues
    • Troubleshoot and Resolve WAN implementation issues


CCNA Exam Review Details:

Duration: 18 HRS (optional but reccomended)

  1. Schedules are Wednesday to Friday from 9am to 3pm
  2. 3 Days duration
  3. Group of 6 to 10 per batch
  4. Bring your Laptop with working LAN adapter or Wifi (If you dont have a laptop its ok PC will be provided for you)
  5. CCNA exam will be Scheduled in our training center after 1 or two weeks of your review or anytime you deemed you are fully prepared to pass the exam.

PRACTICE Exams: Unlimited HRS (optional but reccomended)

Review Materials will be provided for FREE


with FREE Flowing Coffee



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how long it takes to finish a complete cisco programm from 1 to 4

1 more thing how much it cost for a complete cisco programm?

Just email me at


@ raymond

the training fee for cisco 1 and 2 is 7,000 same with cisco 3 and 4 that is 7,000 also.

@ Mhond

for cisco 1 and 2 slow track it takes 30 hours ganun din sa cisco 3 and 4 30 hours but in cisco bootcamp it takes 40 hours.

kailangan po bang comptia A+ at CCENT certified bago kunin ang course na ito?

Are you offering CISCO Discovery or Exploration?

@ chester

no sir hindi n 1n2 lang ang kaylangan

@ Dominic Sabio

Yes sir. The trainings are Cisco 1n2 - Routers and Routing Technology. and the Cisco 3n4-Switch and Wan Technologies

pwede akong mag enroll ng cisco 1-4, kahit na di ko kunin yu prerequisite nya... gusto kong magpagexam ng cicso.. actually 5 years na experience ko sa IT gusto ko lng mag karon ng mga certification... raymund..

pwede po ba akong mag enroll ng cisco 1-4, kahit na di ko kunin yu prerequisite nya... gusto kong magpagexam ng cicso.. actually 5 years na experience ko sa IT gusto ko lng mag ka ron ng mga certification... raymund..

@ Ryamund Tolentino

Basta may basic knowledge po kayo sa Networking pde kayong magtake ng Cisco 1 to 4.

Ate Rose, basta enrol kami Sun 9am-3pm. Si Sir Ogie parin.. Thanks

Ate Rose Aug 08 Sunday 9 to 3 Reserve me please. Si Sir Ogie ulit sana magturo samin.

@ Billy and Jayson M. Julian

Yes Sir nakareserved na sa inyo ang slot ng August 08 at 9am to 3pm si Sir Ogie po ulit ang instructor nyo. Thanks. See u.

buendia sked sunday 8/810 9-3

eh same day ung last meeting nmin sa cisco 1&2 3-9pm
so hindi pala kami pde mag enrol T_T

@ natz

Sir sila po yung batch ng every Sunday na 9am to 3pm katatapos lang po nila nung July 25 nagpareserved po sila ng August 8 with the same time.

si Sir james po ba instructor ng Sat 8/7 to 9/4? 3pm-9pm?

wala nang available sked this sat?
sino instructor this sunday?
pasend nman po ung number ng mga kasama ko last cisco 1&2 sked sun 3-9
5 kami dun, nandun po sa log book nyo ung mga info dun din number ko. tnx..

kung tuloy ung sked sa sunday 9-3 cno po ung instructor nmin. paki reply n lang here basahin ko mamaya. tx ko n lang ung mga clasmate ko para makapag enroll na.

@ natz

Sir inform po namin kayo untill tomorrow kung sino po makakapaghandle sa class nyo ng Cisco 3 and 4. Thanks.

kelan ung next ccna 3-4 ni sir james? kami ung dati nyang s2dents sa ccna1-2. tnx pls reply asap

@ maricar

Mam si Sir James po kasi nasa province ngayon hindi po namin alam kung kelan ang balik nya.May sched po ng September 11 3pm to 9pm pero ibang instructor ang maghahandle.

Hi, no sat sched for cisco 3&4?

@ anne

as of now mam wala p pong saturday sched for cisco 3N4. . by october p. thnx

tuloy po ba yung class ng cisco 3&4 sa sunday?... cno po instructor

@ gen

Sir next Sunday Sept. 5 ang class ng cisco 3 and 4 cancel po ang class for tomorrow. Sir Eric Macatuggal po ang instructor.

ma'am sure na po ba yung class sa sept 5?

Wait lang po natin confirmation nung mga ibang studs. Inform po kita hanggang mayang hapon kung tuloy. Tnx!

mam confirm ko lang po yung class ng cisco 3&4 tom po yung 9-3pm

Hi! Sinong magturo po sa Sat 3pm-9pm 09-25-2010 to 10-23-2010?

2loy ba ung ccna 3-4 sa espana (sep 27-oct1)? sino instructor?

pa-reserve po ako ng isang slot para sa cisco 3&4 from oct 11-oct 15 9am-3pm

@ Varien Ramos

Sir please make a reservation online. Thank you.

do you accept payment options by card?

thank you very much

@ charles red jr

yes sir we accept credit card payment through paypal by enrolling online Use this link to enroll select the paypal / card option

Hi there. Are students allowed to retake the course 1-4 for free once they finish the said course and just wanted to refresh again anytime?

@ yani

Yes maam.. just call us before u may sit-in.. 7362032/8896042/43... thank you..

i have to finish all 4 before i take the certification exam,right?

@ josh

Yes you have to finish all before taking the exam.

pwede po ba ko mg-take ng icnd2 khit wla p kong icnd1?

kelan po ulit ang sked ng m-f after jan 31?

@ jomel

Sir kelangan nyo munang kunin ang icnd1 before po kayo kumuha ng icnd2.

@ josh

The next schedule after Jan. 31 will be on Feb. 07-11, 2011.

can you please reserve me for that schedule?i'm having trouble with the reservation, the page says that i've already reserved for a class.or email me with the details.thank you!

@ Josh

Can you please give me your complete name or call us @ 7362032 to give me the details needed for the reservation in this course.


when po available ung certificate ko?Aaron Josh Mangunay po..certificate for 3 and 4..

hindi pa din po ba released ung certificate ko?


Do we need to present certificate of Cisco 1 and 2 mods before we enroll into this course?
Is it a strict pre-requisite?
Thanks in advance!

@ Ed

No need to present your certificate if you're already finished the Cisco 1 and 2 training.

pwede po ba mgpa sked ng cisco3&4 ds april 17-may15?buong batch po kc kmi ng cisco1&2 nnung feb13-march20 na plano mg 3&4 dat date with sir eric...


Yes pde naten buksan ang date na april 17-may15


Maam pde na po kayong magreserve dun sa april 17-may15 3-9pm na ung sched kasi me CISCO 1 and 2 si Sir Eric ng 9-3pm May 15 pa ung pang morning ni Sir Eric

la po bang sched for CCNA module 3 & 4 na pang sat sa buendia makati branch? kaya siguro kakaunti lng ngapapareserve kasi sunday lang yung open. open nmn kayo ng saturday na pasok for CCNA 3&4. thanks

@ geoffrey kim caringal

Ok Sir magoopen din po kami ng Saturday class for Cisco 3 and 4 just keep visiting for the updates of our schedule. Thank you.

where can i find job of cisoc if i graduate?

meron po bah CCNA sa bukidnon?

@ slark p. gondar
Wala po kameng branch diyan sa may bukidnon.thank you!

Mam Rose, kelan available ung practice exams and group reviews?

@ billy

Group of 6 per batch po ang review. Inform ko po kayo pag may makakasama na kayo.

San po ba testing center ng certification of cisco?

@ Anthony L.

Sa amen po ang testing center ng cisco pde kayong magexam sa amen click this link to register

tanong kolang po... kailan ang examinaiton nito?

@ Gemino, Junie Lou

Ibig po ba nyong sabihin kung kelan ang exam for CCNA?

May schedule na po ba for June ang Cisco 3 and 4? Ok po bang i-enroll ko ito kahit s Meralco foundation ako nag module 1 and 2?

@ mark5656

Yes, pde po nyong ienroll ang Cisco 3 and 4 dito. Please wait for the updates of our schedule. Thank you.

i'm confused with this one

can you further explain how will this be distributed on the course?

Sir/Madam If ever I enroll in your cisco 1 and 2 subject, Can I continue the cisco 3 and 4 from other cisco networking academy?

The 30 hours duration is for the hands-on training, and after taking up the Cisco 1,2,3,4 Training if you want you can take the practice exam and group review for 40 hours duration at least 6 person per batch.

hi po...
ask ko lng la kc option sa manage my kors ung PAY MY TRAINING FEE,pno po ako mka nrol gmit cc?

@ jo ann

Hello Ma'am select paypal option for payment using your credit card.

ma'am rose gud day po!
ask ko lng po f pwde ako pumxok mmya ng 3-9pm & to follow nlng po ung nrolment ko on line..d po kc ako mka nrol sa system nyo gmit paypal...f ndi po cancel ko nlng po resrvation ko& pa sked nlng po ako po kc sumsagot sa message ko sa mobile # nyo..thanx!

@ jo ann

Ok mam cge po.

Question: Kailan ulit magkaka saturday class si Mr Larangan sa Espana?... for cisco 3 - 4 para maka pagpareserve ako.

@ mike
This coming saturday po Mr Laranang will handle the class cisco 3 and 4 training at Buendia, Makati.

@ mike
Sorry for the info. CISCO 3 and 4 class, españa schedule mga last week of july pa po magkakaroon. Possible po Mr. Laranang will handle the class. Please wait for the update of the schedule.Thank you

mam, andrew here. prof sa DLSU-dasma. ask ko lng po if pwede maka hinge ng copy ng handouts? nawala po kasi ung akin. xenxa na.. and thnx. i'll wait for your reply.. thnx

@ andrew adanza
cge po.tawag na lang po muna po muna kayo bago pumunta ng office. thanks

Sana open kayo ng schedule for Cisco 3&4 August 8-12 2011. mag enroll kc ako sa Cisco 1&2 August 1-5 2011. para deretso na yung training ng Cisco 1-4.


@ Brix

Yes Sir magkakaroon po tayo ng schedule on the said dates. The class will push thru as long as we meet the minimum of 3 participants.

sana magkaroon ng sked sa espana ng cisco 3 & 4. from bulacan pa kasi ako. layo kasi ng buendia.hehehe..

dear cnctc,
kung magkarun ba ng sked sa espana, pwede po ba ko lumipat dun kahit nakareserve ako sa buendia?

@ jay teodoro

Yes, pde po kayong lumipat ng España Manila kung sakaling magkakaroon po sila ng start na class.

pwede p bang isunod from cisco 1&2 and cisco 3&4? o kukuha muna nang exam every course finished, salamat


Tapusin nyo po mna ung cisco 1 to 4 training bago kyo magtake ng CCNA exam.

Sir, magkakaroon po ba kayo ng schedule ng Cisco3 and 4 every sat or sunday 09:00-05:00 pm? thank you

@ ping

Nagkakaroon po kami ng Saturday and Sunday schedule but it's 9am to 3pm or 3pm-9pm. Thanks.

hi this is don, wala p rin bang ngpareserve ng CISCO 3& 4 sa buendia?Ilan yung minimun student para makapagstart ng CISCO 3& 4?

As of now po wala pang reserve student for CISCO 3 and 4. Minimum of 3 students to start the training.


Baka Magstart ung July 25 M-F at Espana Manila kung magtutuloy ng CISCO 3and 4 ung nag CISCO1and2 ngayon i will inform you if it will start tnx

malayo kasi para sa kin yung espana.e kilan yung sunod n sched juz incase d matuloy sa july 25?

@ Donald Arangote

August 01 po ang susunod na schedule.

mam pakireserve po ako aug1 M to F sa buendia.Thanks

@ don

Sir please see this link for resevation

Thank you.

pwede rin po b mam aug1 na lng ako mgbayad.first day ng training?

@ don

Yes, pde po. Minimum of 3 students po ang need to start the class on Aug. 1. Thanks.

ok po mam.e pano po mam pag ako lng ngenroll by monday it means d matutuloy yung training ibabalik nyo n lng yung registration fees?

@ don

Meron na pong 2 nakaenroll sa España Manila kaya tuloy na po yung class nila sa Monday.

d ako pwede sa espana mam malyo para sa akin.


Ok po. Next schedule nlang po kayo ulit kasi walang cisco 3 & 4 na magstart bukas sa Makati.

Ms. Rose sa 21 na po kami magsstart ng cisco 3 and 4 nila sir roel laranang. pareserve parin po ako ng slot. kasama ko parin po mga kakalase ko sa 1 and 4. pero di lang po ako makakattend ng first meeting kasi po may aasikasuhin po ako ng importante. thanks po.

@ Mark Jucutan

Ok Sir thanks for the information.

Ms. Rose, baka pwede pa schedule ng cisco 3 & 4 sa September 5 - 9.

@ Lawrence Motas

Ok Sir please wait for the update of our schedule. Thank you.

magstart n ba class sa lunes kahit 2 lng n sure na students basta si sir Leo magtuturo!?..

@ Kem,

Yes po tuloy na sa monday ang class for Cisco 3 & 4. Sir leo po ang trainor.

hi po my sked po kaya kau ng every sunday for cisco 3 & 4 starting sept 18 sa espana?.. thnks

@ raniel

Ang possible schedule na po namen is September 25-October 23/9am to 3pm po.thank you!

awtz ...ok po.. pareserved na lng aq dun...

Any schedule for Cisco 3&4 this October?

@ Chito

Our tentative schedule is October 03 to October 07, 2011/9-3pm. Thanks.

Hi po, tuloy pa po ba ang sked ng sept 25, sun 9-3pm sa espana?.. aq pa lng pala nag enrol e... awts...

@ Raniel

Sir inform po namin kayo hanggang bukas kung tuloy ung class, hinihintay lang po namin ung confirmation nung iba.


tuloy po ba class sa espana sep 26-30?

@ Philip

Inform po namin kayo hanggang bukas kung tuloy po ang class on Sep 26-30.

Is the P8,500 fee for the training only? How much is the exam fee? pls somebody help me out I'm trying to compute how much I need to save. can someone send me the details? thnx

@ Leo

Yes Sir the Php8,500 is for the training only. The CCNA Exam cost $250.

Hi , any schedule again for weekend class at espana?.. Sana matuloy na po this time.. thanks2 :)

@ raniel
Tentative schedule is October 2/9am to 3pm.minimum of 3 participants before the class will start.thank you!

thaks po..

im done with cisco 1,2,3.. gusto ko kunin ung 4... pwede naman po sumabay d2 sa fast track na toh db? para maqualify ako for taking the ccna exam?
kindly send a reply to my email... tnx..

@ peter fernando

Sir package po kasi ang CISCO Course namin magkasama po ang Cisco 1 and 2 & Cisco 3 and 4. Kung gusto po nyo Cisco 3 and 4 na lang po ang ienroll nyo. Thanks.

awtz na dissolve na naman ung sked ng klase ng 9am-3pm every sunday sa espana..huhu, sa makati na lng po aq e2nroll, my 2 nang nakreserve e... pano po ba makarating ng cnctc buendia from Ayala? thanks

@ raniel

Sir from Ayala sakay po kayo ng jeep bound to LRT Leveriza or LRT Buendia. Drop by at Marconi St. look for UPY Bldg. akyat po kayo sa 2nd flr. Rm. 208.

Ms. Rose, If ever Cisco3&4 may saturdays, count me in right away or Monday to Fridays na 9am-3pm class, kunin ko by November. Really need to finish this. Many thanks!

@ Mbindoy

Ok po. Noted.

please count me in for sat (oct 29) class, cisco 3&4. much better lang sana sa if sa makati. thanks

@ nikki
Please fill the reservation link thank you!

Thanks po

tuloy po ba yung class sa sat? Tnx

@ nikka

Inform po namin kayo hanggang bukas kung tuloy po sa Saturday ang Cisco 3 and 4. Thanks.

wala na pong every sat? thanks

@ Nikka

Meron po ma'am sa Nov. 05, 2011 open for enrollment po. Thank You.

Meron po ba bayad ang group review and practice exam after getting cisco 1,2,3 and 4

Ala po bang sched ng review during weekends dito sa cisco courses?

@ Gilbert

Wala na po kayong babayaran sa group review and practice exam as long as na natapos neo po sa amin yung cisco 1-4.

@ Elie

Wala mam, Weekdays lang po. Thank you.

gusto q po sana mag tayo ng computer shop kaso wla aq alam sa computer o troubleshooting, ano ba short courses pwede q pasukan.. tnx

@ rochell gilwa
Take po ninyo yung course na PC ASSEMBLY, Hardware and Software Troubleshooting /Repair and Data Recovery with OJT (Slow Track). Thank you!

Hello, meron bang group review of 1 week kapag cisco 3&4 lang kinuha? walang cisco 1&2. thanks

@ Nikka

Dapat nakuha nyo po ung Cisco 1 to 4 training.

Hi, tuloy ba ung Sunday 9-3 sched ng 3&4 from buendia?.. thanks..

@ Ynad

Yes tuloy po ang Cisco 3 and 4 bukas sa Buendia Makati 9-3pm.

ask ko lng po kung pwde ako sumabay s mga taga sun cel s sat 9-3pm.tska pwde po b ung payment s last session n?ksma din nila ko nun s cisco 1&2.

s sat n po un

@ Arnold Medina

Yes Sir pwede po kayong sumabay sa kanila. Kelangan nyo pong magbigay ng down payment upon enrollment. Thank you.

panu yun kung dito rin ako kumuha ng PRE-REQUISITES nyo na nakalagay..wlang discount yun pagtake ako nito??? ahehe

mgkno nmn ung downpayment?

@ Cedrick

Sir nakafixed na po ung tuition fee.

@ Arnold Medina

Php4,500 po ang down payment.

May schedule po ba ng Cisco 3 and 4 on the 1st week of December?

@ chris

Yes may open schedule po. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class.

Saturday po sana Meron po ba sa Buendia? Please advise time schedule also. Thank you

@ Chris

okay sir try po namin mag-open ng saturday schedule dito sa Buendia Makati. Thank you.

Hi Mangamusta lng if may Saturday sked po for CCNA 3and4? Thank you

@ chris

As of now meron pong Saturday schedule sa España Manila.

How about Buendia?

@ chris

mag-open po kami ng every saturday schedule dito sa buendia makati pero by january n po. please keep visiting on our website. Thank you.

Okay please include me for Cisco 3 and 4. here's my email add. christopher.adlawan[at]gmail[dot]com

@ chris

Okay sir inform nalang po namin kayo kung may mag-start kaming class. Thank You.

gdmrning tanung ko lang po kung sinu po ang instructor ng cisco 3 and 4 sa buendia ng december 19

@ Mark Angelo Avellano,

Mr. Roel Laranang po.

ok po thanks

ask ko lang po kung anong steps para maging cisco engineer.

Sir tanung ko lng po if kumuha ako ng ccna 3&4 sa inyo eh discounted ba yung voucher ko? tpos ko na kc cisco 1-3..

@ jeffrey

Pwede ko po ba malaman sir kung anung voucher po yung nakuha nyo for exam po ba or sa training po sa cisco. Thank you.

Wala pa po bang schedule for 3 & 4 sa Buendia every Saturday?

@ chris

Meron po kaming every saturday schedule dito sa buendia makita on January 28/9-3pm. thank you

Wala p po aqng voucher sir
Kc db pg sa academy k ntpos ng 1-4 discounted ung voucher mo ng 75% dw. 3 lng kc ung ntpos ko sa academy ngaun kukunin ko sna ung 3&4 sa inyo khit tapos ko n yung 3..mkkkuha po b ako ng voucher n gnun s bnbgay ng netacad pg ntpos ko ung 3&4 s inyo?

meron na ko voucher ng 1 to 4 from my academy? my discount ba ako mkukuha pag kumuha ako ng cisco 3-4? or cisco 1-2?

@ james

Magagamit nyo po yung voucher nyo pag magtatake na po kayo ng CCNA Exam.

Tuloy na po ba yung January 28? If yes please count me in here's my email address: christopher.adlawan[at]gmail[dot]com May discount ba old student?

@ chris

Unfortunately wala po kaming magstart na klase sa January 28. Thank you

tanung ko lang po pwede ba akong kumuha ng 3&4 wAN kahit wala pa ako 1&2 LAN.Graduate po ako ng network Technology sa AMATEL or may reviewer po ba kayong binibigay kahit d mag take ng course para mag exam nalang para maka pasa sa CCNA.Paki email naman po ang sagot sa tanung ko.Thank You.

@ Michael Aclan
Kung meron na kayong knowledge regarding CISCO 1 and 2 pwede na ninyong itake ang CISCO 3 and 4 directly.Ang review materials po ay ibinibigay lang sa mga enrolled students.

good am. Ask ko lang po kung pwede ba magtake ng CCNA Exam sa inyo kahit na di mag-eenrol ng Cisco 1-4? Exam lang po kasi un need ko. How much po kapag exam lang?thanks...

@ arvin

Yes, pwede po kayo magtake ng exam sa amin kahit na hindi kayo sa amin ngtraining. 295 USD po ang exam fee. Thank you

ah ok.may review program din po ba kayo? magkano po?thanks...

@ arvin

Unfortunately para sa mga pass student lang po namin yung pwedeng mag-review. Thank you

pede po ba ako mag enrollng cisco 1 and 2 grad po ako ng 3 year electronic engineering technology qualified po ba ako

@ antony

Yes, pwede po kayo mag-enroll ng cisco 1-2. Thank you

Sino po yong instructor sa españa. Sun 3-9 schedule. tnx

@ vincent

Si sir alvin austral po ang instructor sa espana manila ng sunday 3-9pm. Thank you

wala po bang schedule na pang saturday this march sa cisco 3 and 4?

@ amfi

Magkakaroon po kami ng schedule ng every saturday for cisco 3-4. Please wait for the update. Thank you

Tanong ko lang po kung kelan ang schedule ng May? At sino po ang instructor ng cisco 1 and 2?

@ Bell

We will have a schedule for May 07 to May 11, May 14 to May 18 and etc. Please keep posted for the other upcoming schedules for this course. Cisco 1 and 2 Instructor will be Mr. Roel Laranang or Mr. Leo Alico.

Anong month po kau mag open nang sched na every saturday/sunday for cisco 3&4.

Anong month po kau mag open nang sched na every saturday/sunday for cisco 3&4 sa buendia branch. Meron ba this march. tnx

@ Vincent

Yes, Meron po kaming schedule ngayong March 18/3-9pm available @ espana manila. Thank you

ask ko lang po... i try to take exam 1 and 2... den i failed... tpoz dme n nka exam sa2 and 3... but nag review me 1-4.... from simulation... to actual.... bumili me kc sarili me mga router and switch.... den alam me n lahat gawin from subnetting, Static, RIP1 and 2, BGP, EIGRP, OSPF sa route pati sa Switch VLAN, ACL at etc... n i try to actual with my work.... kulang nlang exam.... meron pwede b exam lang kunin me at my discount b ask me lang po?

ano requirements to access para mka access po sa remote nyo via TELNET po....

@ Marlon
Kung well prepared na po kayo for the exam pwede pong examination na lang kunin ninyo.Examination fee is USD295.

@ Marlon
You need to have an internet connection to be able to access our remote lab access.Remote lab access is offered only to our enrolled students.

ic kaso nsa visayas me pwede po b n ang exam d2 online nman me.... online nman ang netacad ng cisco d2 me exam bale ang payment dyan sa inyo... tnx po....

wla po bang schedule for april

@ mike

Yes, mag-oopen po kami ng schedule this coming april. Thank you

Hi, mag kakason po ba ng sched n pang april every sat 9am-3pm?

Hi, magkakaroon po ba ng schedule yung cisco 3 and 4 na pang saturday at 9am-3pm??

@ amfi

Yes, mag-oopen po kami ng schedule this coming April from 9am to 3pm. Thank you

sa buendia makati po b mag kakaroon ng ganung sched?

@ amfi

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng schedule sa Buendia Makati on April. Please keep posted. Thank you.

pwede ba ako kumuha na agad ng cisco 3 and 4 kahit ndi paako nakakuha ng 1 and 2?

@ bryan

Sir kailangan nyo po munang unahin itake ang Cisco 1 and 2 before po kayo mag Cisco 3 and 4. Thank you.

How much ang exam ng CCNA sainyo? Planning to go for the slow track pero yung price posted dito doesn't include the exam fee.

Hellow..isang beses lang ba ako magbabayad ng $295 kapag itake ko ang exam sa CCNA 1-4..I'm planning to enroll sa school nyo..kapag natapos ko ba ung CCNA 1-2 pwedi naba ako mag exam? or kailangan ko pang taposin ung CCNA 3-4..

me open schedule this April ba sa buendia ng Cisco 1 and 2? and also Cisco 3 and 4?


@ cris
Opo meron open schedule Cisco 1 and 2 April 16 to 20, 2012 from 9am to 3pm, Cisco 3 and 4 April 23 to 27,2012 from 9am to 3pm

@ Dexter

The CCNA exam cost USD295. Meron din po kaming package na CCNA Bootcamp training with exam it cost P31,500. Thank you.

@ Minard
Opo isang beses lang kayo magbayad ng USD295 kapag mag take kayo ng exam for CCNA. Ang coverage po ng CCNA exam is CISCO 1 to 4 kaya kaylangan ninyong tapusin ang CISCO 1 to 4 training

pwede bang kumaha ng CCNA Exam ung hindi nakatapos ng cisco 1 to 4?,

@ carlo

Sir kailangan nakapag under po kayo ng training ng Cisco 1 to 4 para maipasa po nyo ang CCNA Exam.

tanong ko lang po kung yung CCNA bootcamp at cisco 1&2 at cisco 3&4 at parehas lang?

plano ko po kasing kumuha ng CCNA bootcamp pero kung parehas lang ito ng cisco1,2,3,4 ay ano po ang mai-su-suggest nyo na kunin ko.

@ techfanatic

Yes, pareho lang po yung cisco 1-4 sa CCNA Bootcamp. Pero kung begginer po kayo mas mganda pong kunin nyo ang cisco 1,2,3,4. kasi po ang CCNA bootcamp ay para lang sa mga may knowledge na regarding cisco. Thank you

Thanks for the response. Ok I will take the Cisco1,2,3,&4.

Anyway, I'm currently out of the country and am planning to take the course sometime in the last week of June to July 2012. I'd like to know if you have schedule already for this period so I can plan my program when I get back there.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Warm regards,


Also, I'd like to know if you have parking space in your Buendia facility. Actually, I want to attend here as I am residing in Paranaque.


Hi, ask ko lang how does the live online training work? and should I opt to take that option, anu yung mag requirements (like laptop, software, etc) para dun?

I'm an IT instrutor working abroad and i would like to teach CCNA in the future but I need to take first Cisco 1-4 from CNCTC this coming July. Are we going to use the Cisco Academy Curriculum? If yes, can i register both students and instructors? Will I be able to register my student in the Academy afterwards? Which will you prepare me to enroll, the bootcamp or the regular one, because i've been a Network Administrator in profession for 9 years but didn’t take any formal training.

Sir, pano kapag natapos na yung CISCO 1-4,.nag ooffer po ba kayo ng review for them ,..

@ Jerome

Yung review po namin ay para lang sa mga Past student namin. Thank You

ah bale kung nag enroll ako ng Cisco 3&4 at naipasa ko sya, dun lng ako pdeng mag take ng review,.ah ok salamat po ,. plan ko po kasi mag take ng Cisco 3&4 next month tapos mag pa certificate,..

@ Jerome

After finishing Cisco 1 to 4 modules pwede na po kayong mag paschedule for PRACTICE EXAMS & GROUP REVIEW. Thanks.

cnctc offers credit card payments?

@ Jomar Billan

Yes we accept credit card through paypal payment.

ask ko lang po kung ano ba yung exam fee na USD 295? bayad ba yun para sa final exam for cisco 3 & 4 lang or para ba yun sa CCNA certification exam?

@ dhax

Ang USD295 po ay bayad para sa CCNA Certification.

may CCNA Exploration training na ako ng 1 & 2 sa ibang training center, ask ko lang kung Exploration v4.0 din ba yung inooffer niyo sa 3 & 4? thanks


do you have any other schedules for the month of August?


@ aleks

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng ibang schedule for the month of august. Please wait for the update. Thank You

mam. pano po kapag my ccna voucher ako. . tpos sa testing center nyo po ako mgeexam.. mgkano nlng po ang babayaran ko. . wala po akong credit card.

@ Neil

Depende po kung magkano yung discount ng voucher nyo. kung 50% po ang na avail nyo ang babayaran nyo pa po in peso is 7, 560. Thank you

ma. kasama na po ba yung tax sa 7560?

@ Neil

Yes included na po yung 12% vat diyan. Thank you

Hi! Do you use for your online quizzes and exams? I'm planning to pursue my training here. Thanks

hi! magkakroon po kayo ng schedule for the month of August? Yung every sunday lang po, kasi I'm working on weekdays. Thanks po!

@ avaz

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng Sunday schedule for this month of August. Please keep posted for the upcoming schedules. Thank you.

open po kayo sa espana sa monday ? mag take ccna exam po sana.

@ Aizen

hindi po kami open ng Monday,.Holiday po yun.Thank you

Good day!

May i ask what is your office exact address in España? I want to inquire personally.


@ Alvin
Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila. Thank you

Magkakaroon po ba kayo ng every saturday 9-3pm?

@ Michael

Yes po pakicheck nalang po sa website yung schedule namin. Thank you

How can we reserve online? Thanks

@ Hazel

just go on our website and click the link there for reservation.thank you.

Hi pano po yung October 29 - November 26. lahat po ba ng araw na yun gagamitin? or skip yung holiday? (nov 1 and 2?)

@ Bill Cruz

skip po yung sa holiday, move po yung end ng klase. Thanks

Sir, meron po bang voucher kapag nakatapos ako ng Cisco 1-4, kasi mlaki po tulong nun for discount

@ Jerome

Good Day! Wala po kaming ino-offer na Voucher after the Training Sir. Thank you

I will be going back there in the Philippines on April 2013 for a vacation.I want to enroll CISCO 1 and CISCO.When can i know the schedule?Thank you.

also CISCO 3 and CISCO 4 on April 2013

@ Dennis

Hello, We have a schedule every weekdays and week ends, just visit our website to see the schedules.Thanks

Can i reserve for the month of April CISCO 1-4. April 8-12 and April 15-19.Thank You!

Pwede po ba ako magenroll sa cisco 3 and 4 w/o taking cisco 1 & 2? medyo mabigat po kc sa budget natake ko n nmn yung cisco 1-4 nung college (way back many yrs ago) gusto ko lng po mapractice ulit yung actual and medyo mahirap na course.

@ dennis

Yes, you can reserve online but please keep posted for the April schedule. Thank You

@ angel

Yes, pwede niyo po kuhanin yung cisco 3-4, without taking cisco 1-2. Thank you

must i take CISCO 1-4 before writing the exams?

@ remi

Yes, you can take first the cisco training before the exam. Thank You

is there any review materials that you will give when i take this course?

if i take this course,i finish CISCO 1 and 2..should i pay the required fee if i can only take the CISCO 3-4 only?

@ Jerome M. Pascua

Yes, nagbibigay po kami ng review materials after taking this course. no you should pay only the course fee for cisco 3-4 which is 9,500 in cash. Thank You

san po ung buendia branch ng cnctc

@ jc cesista

Our branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank You

Is there any possible schedule for the month of april? Other than the dates above? Preferrably after april 6?

@ Sheri Megino

Yes, we will be having a schedule for the month of April. Please keep posted for the update. Thank You

hi sir/mam

balak ko po sana mag aral sa inyo ng cisco. eh tanong kolang po eh may studyante na po ba kayo na pumasa sa CCNA


@ jeff

Yes, madami na po ang pumapasa sa amin for CCNA exam. 99.9% po ang passing rate namin dito. Thank You

ibig sabihin po eh paramin na po ba sainyo na mga studyante na naging CCNA CERTIFIED.

@ Jeff

Opo marami na kaming students na CCNA Certified.

ok salamat balak ko kasi mag aral ng cisco sa inyo ngayong april

@ jeff

Your welcome Sir. Gawa na lang po kayo ng reservation online

Thank you and see you soon.

Good day,

Gusto ko po sana mgaral ng Cisco kso Mon & Tuesday lng aq available kc may work ako..pwde po b un?un lng kc off ko eh..


@ Marky

Good Day!

Unfortunately wala po kaming available na schedule for Monday and Tuesday only for Cisco training. Ang schedule po namin ay Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm, Saturday 9-3pm/3-9pm and Sunday 9-3pm/3-9pm.

Thank you.

hi sir tama po ba iyong cisco 3&4 is P9,500 for the two modules? Thank you po.

@ Jim.

Yes, tama po. Cisco 3 and 4 cost Php 9,500. Thanks.

hi sir thanks!

@ Jim

Hello. Your welcome.

hi po

kung makapasa po ako ng exam fro icnd1 and icnd2 may certificate po ba ako. tnks

@ Jeff

Yes may certificate ka ng makukuha.

Is there a chance to have a Saturday 9am-3pm schedule for Cisco 3 and 4? Thank you.

@ tops

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule ng every Sat. 9-3pm. please wait for the update Thank You


Good day! I just want to ask if the schedule of Saturday 3pm-9pm in Buendia, Makati will proceed next week?

@ Alvin

Good Day! Enrollment is still open. Please wait for the final confirmation 2 to 3 days before the training date. Thank you.


Wala pa din pong Saturday 9am - 3pm na Cisco 3 and 4 class? Kelan po kayo mag uupdate?

@ tops

Okay, we will try to open every Saturday 9am to 3pm schedule. Please wait for the update. Thank You

meron po ba na cisco 3 and 4 pag sat? may update na po ba?

@ james brion

ang next schedule po namin for Saturday is on May 4, 2013. open for enrollment. Thank you

Sir, Gaano po kya ktgal ang training at gaano po kya ktgal bago malaman ang result pag ng exam??

I finished my cisco 1 & 2 last April 27, 2013 and i already reserved for cisco 3 & 4 this coming May 25. I have a question for taking ccna exam. CNCTC offer voucher for ccna exam?

@ robincyril

Good for five days po yung training, at malalaman niyo po agad yung result ng exam pagkatapos ng exam niyo. Thank You

@ Edmon Gutierrez

I'm sorry sir, but we do not offer a voucher for the exam. Thank You

Hi po. ask ko lang po about dun sa certificate ko po, d ko po kasi nkuha ung 1 & 2 ko na certi. at mag eenrol po sna ako ng 3 and 4 this month. my open po ba? thanks ako nga po. ask ko dn po pla kung si sirroel po ba anjan pa? thanks

@ eddie ranola

Hello, please get your certificate @ Buendia Makati office. Enrollment is still open for Cisco 3 and 4, gawa kana lang po ng reservation online. Yes, nandito pa po Sir Roel.

Hi, I'm planning to take Cisco 1 & 2 this June & hoping to take Cisco 3 & 4 after. However, your schedule only offer until June 7, 2013. Will you open another schedule for Cisco 3 & 4? Thank you

@ Dhei

Yes, we will be posting another schedule for cisco 3-4. please keep posted. Thank You

Hi hello i would like to ask, if you have training center here in cebu, coz we want enroll the CISCO 3 and 4. thanks

@ Jeffrey Quijoy

Hi, Unfortunately we don't have training center in Cebu. We're only located @ Espana Manila and Buendia Makati.

Thank you.

Good day po...ilan po ang minimum student para matuloy yung klase?

@ Edmon

We need at least three participants to start the training. Thank You

If matapos ko na po yung ccna training cisco 1&2 and Cisco3&4. Pwede po ba sa cnctc na mag take ng CCNA exam? Magkano po yung pagtake ng exam??

@ Edmon

Yes, pwede po kayo sa amin magtake ng exam for ccna after the training. USD295 po ang exam fee. Thank You

hi Ilan po yung passing rate nyo for ccna exam?

@ irish

Ang passing rate po namin for CCNA Exam is 99.9%. Thank You

Do you accept credit card for payment?

@ Ferdie,

Yes you can use your credit card thru paypal payment.

magkaschedule po kaya ng july 15-19 sa buendia?

@ Don Rico Mendoza

Yes, meron po kaming schedule for July 15 to July 19, 2013. Thanks

Pwede po ba mag sit in ng cisco3-4 sa inyo kahit mag take lang ako sa inyo ng cisco 1-2 may konting knowledge narin po kasi ako sa cisco 3-4. thanks.

pahabol po sa inyo rin kasi ako magtake ng ccna exam. for review na lang po sana gagawin ko.

@ irish

Hindi po pwedeng mag-sitin sa cisco 3-4 kung cisco 1-2 lang po yung nakuha niyo sa amin. kailangan nakuha niyo po kasi yung cisco 1-4. Thank You

kung sa inyo po ako kukuha ng training for cisco1-2 and cisco 3-4 i have a 99.9% chance to pass the ccent or ccna exam? tama po ba?

Kelan po mag kakaroon ng training ng cisco 3-4 sa espanya?

@ irish

Yes, po. Thanks

@ lan

Meron po kaming weekdays and Weekends schedule. Or please make
Thank You

tuloy po ba ang cisco 3-4 bukas july 28?

@ rico

Yes tuloy po ang cisco 3 and 4 sa Buendia Makari, July 29 to August 02, 2013. thanks.

hello sino po magtuturo ng cisco 3&4 sa aug 19

Do you have a class schedule for late September? Will you be offering courses 23Sep-27Sep or 30Sep-04Oct?

@ onyok

Hindi po natuloy ang cisco 3 and 4 last August 19 due to terrible weather. Cisco 3 and 4 class will start on August 27, Tuesday and Mr. Roel Laranang po ang Instructor. Thanks.

@ Kano Dave

Yes, we will have schedule for 23Sep-27Sep or 30Sep-04Oct. Please keep posted. Thank you.

I see that you have a 23Sep-27Sep course scheduled at the Espana center. Will you be offering same dates for the Makati center? I'm staying in Makati (very close to your Makati center)... it's too far from the Espana center.

Disregard my last question! See you posted the Makati schedule. Thank you po.

-magkano po babayaran pag nag take ng ccent cert?
-after trainng, review na po ba agad, tapos after review exam na?
-pareho lang ba ung tinuturo sa CCNA bootcamp tsaka cisco1&2, cisco3&4? ano pinagkaiba? ano mas dapat kunin pag beginner pa lang?(with basic knowledge in networking)

May package po ba kayo na included na ang certification exam?
Please email me @ ronald.olano[at]mail[dot]com

ilang araw po ang training ng slow track ng cisco 1-2

hi cnctc, I took Cisco 1-4 here last 2012 and i heard that the CCNA exam is now different. If i want to take CCNA exam this year, Do i have to re take Cisco 1-4 again?

Hi CNCTC. I'm interrested in taking up CISCO 1-4. Just wanna ask if how much will it cost? Thank you.

Hi CNCTC. I'm interested in taking up CISCO 1-4. Just wanna ask if how much will it cost? Thank you.

I enrolled Cisco 1&2 last Jan- Feb and I'm planning to take Cisco 3&4 this June. I hope you can open up Sunday 9am-3pm class. Thanks.

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