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HANDS-ON Transfer of Technology Training

COMPTIA A+ Essentials and Practical applications - KB0106


Course Duration:  40hrs

Why get this Course?
After this course you will have the knowledge required to understand the fundamentals of computer technology, networking, and security, and will have the skills required to identify hardware, peripheral, networking, and security components.
You will also acquire the skills to install, configure, upgrade, and maintain PC workstations, the Windows OS and SOHO networks. You will learn all the troubleshooting techniques and tools to effectively and efficiently resolve PC, OS, and network connectivity issues and implement security practices.

Course Delivery:

Instructor-led, classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.

Course Prerequisite:

Course Outline:

COMPTIA A+ Essentials

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • CompTIA A+ Training Course Overview

Chapter 2: PC Hardware

2.1 BIOS Settings
  • How to Install BIOS Upgrades
  • Working with Your Computer’s BIO
  • Configuring Your BIOS Settings

2.2 Motherboard Components
  • An Overview of Motherboard Types
  • Motherboard Expansion Slots and Bus Speeds
  • Motherboard RAM Slots
  • CPU Sockets | Motherboard Chipsets
  • Motherboard Jumpers and Connectors

2.3 RAM
  • An Overview of Memory Types
  • Understanding PC Memory

2.4 Expansion Cards
  • Installing and Configuring Expansion Cards

2.5 Storage Devices
  • An Overview of Storage Device
  • External...... Storage Device Connection Types
  • Understanding PATA | Understanding SATA
  • Understanding SCSI | An Overview of RAID

2.6 The CPU
  • An Overview of CPU Socket Types
  • Understanding CPU Characteristics | CPU Cooling Techniques......

2.7 Interfaces
  • Computer Interface Speeds and Distances

2.8 Computer Power
  • PC Power Connectors
  • Computer Power Specifications

2.9 Computer Components
  • Designing Custom Computer Systems

2.10 Display Devices
  • An Overview of Display Device Types
  • Display Specifications

2.11 Connector Types     
  • Display Connectors and Cables | Device Connectors and Cables

2.12 Computer Peripherals
  • An Overview of PC Input Devices | Multimedia Devices
  • Computer Output Devices

Chapter 3: Networking

Network Connectors
  • Network Connector Types

3.2 Network Cabling
  • Network Cabling

3.3 TCP/IP
  • TCP/IP Subnets | An Overview of IPv4 and IPv6
  • TCP/IP Addressing

3.4 Common Network Ports
  • Common TCP and UDP Ports | Common Network Protocols

3.5 Wireless Networking Standards
  • An Overview of Wireless Networking Standards
  • Wireless Encryption Standards

3.6 Installing a Wireless Router
  • Installing a SOHO Wireless Router

3.7 Internet Connection Types
  • Internet Connection Types

3.8 Network Types
  • Network Types | Network Topologies

3.9 Common Network Devices
  • Network Devices

3.10 Networking Tools
  • Common Networking Tools

Chapter 4: Laptops

Laptop Hardware
  • Laptop Expansion Options
  • Replacing a Desktop with a Laptop

4.2 Laptop Displays
  • Laptop Displays

4.3 Laptop Features
  • Laptop Features

Chapter 5: Printers

5.1 Printer Types
  • Understanding Laser Printers | Understanding Inkjet Printers
  • Understanding Thermal Printers | Understanding Impact Printers

5.2 Installing Printers
  • Installing and Configuring Printers

5.3 Printer Maintenance
  • Laser Printer Maintenance | Thermal Printer Maintenance
  • Impact Printer Maintenance

Chapter 6: Operational Procedures
1.0 Hardware

6.1 Computer Safety Procedures
  • Managing Electrostatic Discharge
  • Computer Safety Procedures

6.2 Environmental Controls
  • Managing Your Computing Environment

Communication and Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Professionalism

6.4 Dealing with Prohibited Activity
  • Dealing with Inappropriate Activity

CompTIA A+ 220-802

Chapter 1: Operating Systems

Microsoft Operating Systems
  • An Overview of Windows Vista
  • An Overview of Windows 7 | Windows Features
  • Windows File Structures and Paths | Windows Upgrade Paths

1.2 Installing Windows
  • Planning a Windows Installation | Installing Windows XP
  • Installing Windows Vista  | Installing Windows 7

1.3 The Windows Command Line
  • Network Command Line Tools
  • Operating System Command Line Tools
  • Using Windows Recovery Console and Command Prompt

1.4 Operating System Tools
  • Using Computer Management | Using Windows Device Manager
  • Windows Users and Groups | Windows Local Security Policy
  • Using Windows Performance Monitor
  • Managing Windows Services | Windows System Configuration
  • Using Task Scheduler
  • Understanding Windows Component Services
  • Windows Data Sources  | Windows Print Management
  • Windows Memory Diagnostics | Using Windows Firewall
  • Using Windows Task Manager  | Windows Disk Management
  • Windows Migration Tools  | Windows Run Line Utilities)

The Windows Control Panel
  • The Windows Control Panel | Windows XP Control Panel Options
  • Windows Vista Control Panel Options
  • Windows 7 Control Panel Options

Configuring Windows Networking
  • Windows Homegroup
  • Establishing Windows Network Connections
  • Windows IP Address Configuration
  • Configuring Network Adapter Properties

Windows Preventive Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance Best Practices
  • Preventive Maintenance Tools

1.8 Windows Security
  • Windows Security Settings

1.9 Client-Side Virtualization
  • Client-Side Virtualization

Chapter 2: Security

Security Prevention Methods
  • Physical Security Techniques  | Digital Security Techniques
  • Security Awareness

2.2 Common Security Threats
  • Common Security Threats

2.3 Securing a Windows Workstation
  • Workstation Security Best Practices

2.4 Disposing of Sensitive Data
  • Disposing of Sensitive Data

2.5 Securing a SOHO Network
  • Securing a Wired and Wireless Network

Chapter 3: Mobile Devices

Mobile Operating Systems
  • Comparing Android and iOS

3.2 Network Connectivity and Email
  • Mobile Device Networking
  • Configuring Email on Mobile Devices

3.3 Securing Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Device Security Best Practices

3.4 Mobile Device Hardware
  • Comparing Tablets and Laptops

3.5 Mobile Device Synchronization
  • Mobile Device Synchronization

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Theory
  • Troubleshooting Theory

4.2 Common Hardware Problems
  • Troubleshooting Common Hardware Problems
  • Hardware Troubleshooting Tools

4.3 Hard Drive Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Hard Drives
  • Hard Drive Troubleshooting Tools

4.4 Troubleshooting Video
  • Troubleshooting Video and Display Issues

4.5 Troubleshooting Networks
  • Troubleshooting Networks  | Network Troubleshooting Tools
  • Network Troubleshooting at the Command Line

4.6 Operating System Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Operating Systems
  • Operating System Troubleshooting Tools

4.7 Troubleshooting Security Issues
  • Troubleshooting Common Security Issues
  • Tools for Security Troubleshooting
  • Best Practices for Malware Removal

4.8 Laptop Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Laptop Issues
  • Laptop Disassembly Best Practices

4.9 Troubleshooting Printers
  • Troubleshooting Printer Problems
  • Printer Troubleshooting Tools

Exam Fee Installment  Down
Due Date  Manual 

COURSE FEE with 2 Exams:
Cash Installment  Down
Due Date  Manual 


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san po pwede kumuha ng CompTIA exam?


Dito po sa amin meron pwde kyo kumuha ng compTIA exam.

magkano po ang cost ng compTIA exam?

im intterested in this subject...
after po ba nitong course na to e makakakuha po agad ng exam for A+

pwede po bang kumuha agad ng exam (CompTIA A+) at magkno po ang fee?

magkano po ung pagkuha ng exam for comptia A+?

@ joebert

$168 for the comptia A+ exam.

@ Jason

$168 for the comptia A+ exam.

@ steven

$168 for the comptia A+ exam.

I am interested in the Comptia A+ course. Is there a schedule around early July 2010? Is the regular track for 1 week duration?

Pareserve po ako ng Jun 14 / 9-5pm..paki email po saken ung details kung na ireserve nga ba ako o hindi..thanks..

hello.. I want to ask regarding the Comptia A+ certification?? and the Network+? do i need to take an A+ before enrolling to Network+?? Do you provide the examination?

Thank you

@ Jojo Aliwalas

Yes sir we have s schedule on July at least 3 students should be enrolled to start the training in your preferred schedule.

To CNCTC Staff:

Thanks for the response. Please advise the dates, location and duration of the training in July? Is the fee still P12,500?


@ Jojo Aliwalas

Ok sir we will inform you soon.The tuition fee will not change.

May nag enroll or nag reserve na po ba for June 14 or 21?Gusto ko po sana mag pa-reserve sa COMPTIA A+ regular track.

@ Dave Domanais

Yes Sir one slot reserved for you minimum of 3 to start the training.

sa mga mageenrol sa regular track, paki sked na lang natin sa june28. yung ncII sana kukunin ko kaso parang hindi makakumpleto ng 3 students. dito tatlo na kami nila dave at jojo. magkano nga pala ang bayad sa certification exam?

hi meron po ba kayong schedule na 9am to 12 nn lang, may pasuk po kasi ko eh, thanks

To those na willing to enroll comptia a+ regular track just inform me anytime mg-eenroll ako.kailangan ko lang ng kasabay kc minimum of 3.pls email me at dave_sp22[at][dot]thanks.

ang mahal naman amp

where is it located, i am interested in classroom setting, not one on one.

@ abby

We're located España Manila and Buendia Makati.

may mga nakaenroll n po ba for july?

ilang days po ung regular track?

Hi, Is there any developments on the given schedule in comptia a+? pls inform me by email and kindly reserve 1 slot for me in regular track or if there is any saturday sked class it would be much better.thank you..

san poh pwde mag enroll

@ Jim Peres

Still open for enrollment sir.At least 3 students should be enrolled to start the training.

@ Jim Peres

M-F 9-5pm
5 days din sir

@ Dave Domanais

Ok sir we will inform you as soon as we finalize the number of students that are willing to enroll.

@ Frederickbaclao

Sir pwede kaung magenroll online.Just vist our website:

Hi wala pa ho ba nag eenroll for A+?? Soonest Schedule possible ho sana Mon-Friday.. Tipong August 16-20, August 23-27.. Paki inform na lang ho ako.. Binigay ko na dun sa isang Staff ko yung number ko si Charible para if ever they wanna contact me thanks... Sure student baka here baka may gusto sumabay..


Wala pa po kc enrollee. Cge po inform po nmn kayo. Thanks.

@cnctc staff
Ok thanks paki update na lang agad ako if ever 0927285578, yan yung mobile ko.. Soonest time possible sana thanks looking foward sa pag enroll senyo

09272855787 kulang yata na lagay ko number thanks

no weekends schedule?

hello, Ms. ROSE. baka meron po kayong sched every SUNDAY..pakidevelop naman po para hindi naman hirap ung mga may pasok sa weekdays. para na rin magkaron agad ng estudyante, interesado po ako sa COMPTIA A+..thank you in advance.


Ok Sir inform po namin kayo pag meron na po kaming Sunday sched. Thanks.

gud pm. yung 1 on 1 fee ay 24500, wat if mag dalawa kami, bali yung babayaran lang namin ay 12250 bawat isa?

@ yanz

Gud am Sir ang 1 on 1 training na P24,500 is only good for one person. Thank you.

to those interested po sa schedule 10-11-2010 to 10-15-2010, enroll na po tayo.. sure na po ako. minimum is 3 students. JOIN na po kayo... thank you.

ilan po ba ang minimum number of enrolles? sure naba talaga ung sched na 10-11-2010 to 10-15-2010?

@ yanz

Sir minimum of 3 participants to start the training on 10-11-2010 to 10-15-2010. Thank you.

gud morning ms ROSE, na develop mo na po ba ung SUNDAY sched? please paki UP or paki post naman po dito para makita ng mga interested students for weekend schedule. thank you.


Cge Sir ipopost po namin yung weekend schedule. Thanks.

SUNDAY schedule is UP! enroll na po kayo.. COMPTIA A+ 3pm - 9pm.

hello ms ROSE, start na po ba bukas ung SUNDAY SCHED?? paki text na lang po ako kung kumpleto na ung participant at kelan mag start ung SUNDAY SCHEDULE. thank you.


Sir dipa nameet yung minimum of 3 participants kaya di pa tuloy ang class. Inform po kita pag magstart na. Thanks.

hello, wala po bang SUNDAY schedule? please post. thanks.


Sir nakapost na po. Thanks.

sir, maam.. ask ko lng po ilan po ba minimum student req. don sa 10-18-2010 to 10-22-2010 na M-F 9am-5pm class??

im going to enroll na kc dis week.. pero di ko alam kung magstart ung class kung ako plng mag-isa ung enrolled at dat class..

@ euLo

Minimum of 3 participants Sir para magstart ang proposal schedule.Thanks.

How many exam do i have to pass to become A+ certified?? (220-701, 220-702)

do i have to pass them both or i only need to pass 1 to become a+ certified..

Hi all,

Mam Rose pwede po ba magkaron ng every tuesday schedule?

Baka may gusto din mag enrol na every tuesday or wednesday lang schedule ma'am Rose

@ jay

As of now sir our available schedule is Monday-Friday... minimum of three before the class start.. thank you..

If I will take this short course, can you help us find a testing center for certification?

@ Jundee Basilides

Sir we're providing the certification exam located at the main office in España Manila.

regarding sa compTIA A+, ask ko lang po kung yan na talaga yung exam para makuha mo na yung certification or yung ibibigay nyong exam po eh pang practice exam?

interested po ako dahil gusto ko na pong kumuha ng A+ certification

@ Ramon Menor

Yes sir, Certification Exam na po yan.thanks

ask ko lang po sir/mam kung mayrun po rin bang kasamang book o manual for review purposes para magamit namin sa exam?

@ noel

Yes, meron pong manual na binibigay.

are training certificates available? thanks

@ Nika

What certificates you are asking for?

how much is the one on one for A+? and anytime po ba available ung one on one? kc i'm planning to enroll on april ung mon-fri schedule ninyo thanks

@ Emily

Hello. For one on one tutorial po babayaran nyo po ang minimum of 3 slots. Give us a call kung kelan nyo po plan itake ang course. Thanks.

Gud day po..

may plano po sana akong kumuha ng A+ course w/ 2 exams..

nabasa ko po sa may lower page na kaylangan muna ng minimum of 3 person bago magstart ang course..

Pero wala pa po kong nakita dun sa may upper page na nakaenrolled..

pwede po bang paki inform po ako kung meron na pong katulad ko na interested kumuha ng course?!

Thanks po & God bless.


yes madam inform namen kayo once ne me magconfirm na 2 participants


Pls open a class in buendia branch: Sun 3pm onwards.

May open po ba kayo na class m-f next week i want to enroll po kc thanks

@ Emily Lim
Yes po. just wait for the update of the schedule. tnx

OFW po ako pwede ko ba makuha to thru owwa or tesda for payment at mga ilang araw na session to.Salamat n God Bless!


@ obet
Wala po sir. We only located here in Buendia, Makati and España, Manila. Thank you!

Kindly advise if there will be an available slot for KB0106 during weekends. Thank you.

@ arnold Dizon

Ok Sir inform ka namin or please keep visiting for the updates of our schedules. Thank you.

sir plan ko sana magenroll sat. schedule Aug.13 kaya lng wla pa nakaenroll, min. of 3. kindly inform me kapag meron na iba nagenroll. thank you.

@ lino

Ok, We will inform you for the final confirmation of the class.Please go to this link for the reservation of the course. Thank you

Hi, whats the difference between A+ and PC hardware and Software troubleshooting?

sir ano po pinagkaiba ng A+ and pc hardware and software... pede ba to pagsunurin? kung sakali?

@ Choy

Yes,Pwede po pagsunurin yung PC hardware and software leading to TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NC II (National certificate for PC Technician) and yung A+ ay pra sa Comptia A+ (International Certificate for PC Technician).

Sir ano po ung dalawang exam d2?

Hi po! Wala po ba online studies para po sa COMPTIA A+?

Yun dun po ba sa 2 exams.. ayun po yung makukuha na namin yun A+ Certificate? International Certificate po sya?

Paano po ba yun 1 on 1?? thank you

hi, hindi na ba kayo magkakaroon ng bagong schedule? let's say M-F 9-5pm? at ang start will be March 21 onward? Thanks

@ Bam

Yes mag-oopen parin po kami ng weekdays schedule for Comptia a+ by march. Thank you

Between mar. 20- april 10? Possible kaya? Thanks po.

Can you give me a schedule for the month of June,2012 and hopefully around the morning time? I'm planning to take multiple classes from you including N+ after passing A+.


I have been a computer technician for more than 10 years, Can i just take the exam without the training?

Anu passing percentage nyo dito sa particular training course nato???

@ Jeriecho

Please keep posted for our upcoming schedule on June. We will try to open morning time for weekend schedule. Thank you.

@ Jake Garcia

Yes, its up to you Sir. You can just take the exam.

@ Cedrick

99.9 percent po passing rate po namin dito.

I hope mgkameron ng sked on 1st week of september dis year..

@ JagstangFender

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the first week of September. Please keep posted on our website. Thank You.


for Comptia A+, the prerequisite is blank. does that mean that wala siyang prerequisite? if meron man, ano un?

@ Richard

Ang course pre requisite nito ay dapat may knowledge ka regarding sa computer. Thank You

Up ko lng po, any sked available for month of august ? Thanx

@ Jagtangfender

Magkakaroon po kame ng schedule for the month of August wait niyo na lang po for the update, we will post it soon!

you said, taking the exam is just ok without enrolling the course. Where can I apply for certification exam?

@ elmaries suetos

Our testing center is located in Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila. Thank You

Just a recurring question, if you have average knowledge on computers and networking you can enroll on this course?

@ Noel,

Yes you can enroll on this course. Thank you.

for the 2 exams that will be includes

will it be have a ratio of 2:2

exams and certification?

anu ba makukuha certs d2 si r Comptia a+ lng?

meron ba kayong sched para sa 2nd week of january 2013..

@ jojo besite

Janaury 13 po ung susunod na schedule namin pag di po natuloy ung january 06 na nakapost na schedule

Good Day. After taking this course , will i have my comptia certificate?

@ jhastin

Yes, certificate of completion. Thank You

pwede po ba exam mag take agad na exam, or kailangan po ba kuhanin muna ang course bago magexam.

@ matt

Yes, pwede po kayo magexam kahit na hindi niyo na kuhanin ang course na ito. Thank You

hi cnctc , ask ko lang available po ba ang course & certification for Comptia Security+ ? A+ & N+ lang po kasi yung nklgay sa website nyu. Thanks!

@ Fenderjagstang83

Hello. Yes, available po ang training and certification exam is located at España Manila office.


Hi, How much if I'm taking 2 Exams for Comptia A+ without your training?


@ Mhel

The exam fee for Comptia A+ with 701 is USD183 same with 702 USD183.Thank you

Sir ano po pinagkaiba kapag 2 exams ang kinuha?

@ Phicntos

Dalawa po talaga yung exam for Comptia a+ para ma-certified po kayo. Thank You

Ah ok, kailan po uli kayo magkakaron ng bagong schedule for comptia a+ balak ko po kasi mag enroll..

@ Phicntos

Ang next schedule po namin ay sa March 16, 2013 for España Manila and March 17, 2013 For Buendia Makati. please make your online reservation @ Thank You

Sir bali ilang days po ang training at paano po ang schedule ng pasok?

@ Phicntos

The course duration of this course is 40 hours good for 7 meetings. The open schedule is Saturday 3-9pm in España Manila and Sunday 3-9pm in Buendia Makati. Thanks.

Ang ibig ko po sabihin eh ano po ang mga araw ng pasok from march 24 to april 12?

Every sunday 3-9 from march to may di po ba?

@ Phicntos

Yes, every Sunday lang po yung pasok from 3pm to 9pm. Thank you

are you accepting credit card payment - RCBC Bankard

@ Sonny

Yes, we accept credit card through paypal payment. Thank You

tuloy po ba tong april 7 schedule sa makati?

@ Sonny

Reschedule po ang Comptia A+ class due to lack of students. Thanks.

Hi cnctc! Please advise me kung may course na CompTIA A+ this April. Pwde lng kasi ko either M-F 9-3pm or Sat 9-3pm at sa Espana lang pra mkapagenroll. Coming from province pa kasi. Thanks!

@ Robert

Yes, meron po kaming schedule ng every saturday for april 13, 2013 from 3pm to 9pm. wala po kaming schedule for weekdays and saturday na 9-3pm. Thank You

Good day!

When will be the next schedule of your course sir/mam?

I am very interested with it. Please indicate the price also, dates (from training until examination) and the location of training center.

Thankyou and God Bless!

@ Engelbert Machado

Good Day! The tuition fee for this course is Php 16,500. Open schedule in Espana Manila is Saturdy 3-9pm/April 13 to May 25 and Sunday 3-9pm/April 14 to May 26 in Buendia Makati. You can schedule your exam online @ PearsonVue and testing center is located at Espana Manila. Thanks.

Hi cnctc, pwede bang iopen nio for 5 consecutive weekdays nalang to, kahit one time lang, i checked the email trail mga ilan naman na kami nagrequest. hindi kasi convenient sa hindi taga manila ang every sat or sun eh magastos. please reply thank you

@ Rj

Okay, we will try to open weekdays schedule. can i ask kung ilan po kayong participants? Thank You

mag open po kayo ng weekdays ?
ngayong May ?

ang available time ko lang po kasi sa pasukan is 7-11
may klase na po kasi ako ng 12 eh

@ john erwin

We will try to open weekdays schedule. Please keep posted. Thanks.

Sir ask ko lng pwede ko po ba i take to khit high school grad lng??my experience nmn po ako sa internet cafe ko at ng service repair ako. tnx

Meron pa po bang other schedule for the month of july? And ilang students dapat ang mag-enroll para matuloy ung class? Thanks

@ xisi

Yes, pwede niyo po kunin ang training na ito pero hindi po kayo pwedeng magtake ng exam for Comptia a+. Thank you

@ Guild13

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of July please keep posted for the update. we need at least three participants to start the training. Thank you

meron po bang pre requesite a+?

@ ryanads

kaylangan po na may background po kayo sa Pc troubleshooting and basic networking course.

ok na po ba ung NCII computer hardware servicing na pre requisite?

Eto na po ba yung A+ Certificate?

@ Rommel

Yes, this course is for Comptia A+ Certification. Thanks.

What is your passing rate for the 2exams sir/mam? is it 99% na you will pass it if we enroll on your institute?

@ cPe.karl

Yes, our passing rate for exam is 99.9%. Thanks

hello, pwede bang exam lang? kung pwede, magkano kapag ganun? Salamat

@ mike

Yes pwede po. ang exam fee po for 701 is USD183 then another USD183 for 702. Thank You

My bro is coming home fr Oman po this mid July and he's very interested po to enroll. Timely for his vacation kung may July sked kc balik Oman siya po end of Aug. may seat available pa po ba? Thank You po2.

@ Jpanne mampolino,

Eto po ung open schedule namin every Saturday 9am to 3pm July 13 to Aug 24, 2013 sa Espana, Manila at every Sunday 3 to 9pm July 14 to Aug 25, 2013 sa buendia, Makati.

Why po nakalagay sa CompTIA website na walang prerequisite ang pagkuha ng exam for CompTIA A+ pero sa inyo po may prerequisite na kailangan?

When are you going to provide training for Comp TIA A+ series 800? Series 700 will be old.

@ Jose Manalo

Wala pong prerequisite na kailangan to take Comptia A+ exam. Kung ready ka na kunin ung exam pwde po.

@ GE Sintos

Soon po. Check nlang po website namin for the updated Comptia A+ training.

hello po

inquire lang po ako if ever tuloy yung class starting this 9/15

also, anong 2 exams po yung kasama?

@ Patrick

We will inform you 3 days before for the final confirmation of the class however it is now possible to start the training because there are 6 participants reserved for the class. 801 and 802 po ang kasamang exam. thank you!

Saan po pwd mag exam for CompTIA A+? im knowledgeable in PC Troubleshooting, Installing Hardware/Software, Networking.. kahit hindi na po ako magtake ng training, pwd na po ba mag take ng exam? ano po ung concept ng exam ? Actual or Written? thanks

pwede po bang cheque?

hi. may enrollee na ba for the january 2014?

Admin wala ba shedule sa buendia ng Comptia+ ng saturday 9-3pm? dalawa kami magkasama kami sa office sure na kami. kahit mga feb 8, 2014 ang start. tnx!

may certificate of training po ba after ng 40hrs of training?

magkakaroon po ba ng schedule ng sunday next month Feb?

After March 22, kelan po ulet opening. mag-enroll po sana ako. Preferred Schedule is Saturday 9am-3pm... thanks po

hi, do u have schedule for July? pls PM if it's available

San po makaka enroll para sa comptia a+ training/course.
Yung asap po sana, thank you

anu po ung with two exams? anu pinagkaiba? and pag nakapasa sa exam naun may certificate na agad? ilang meetings po ang 30 hrs? Thank you so much.

anu po ung with two exams? anu pinagkaiba? and pag nakapasa sa exam naun may certificate na agad? ilang meetings po ang 30 hrs? Thank you so much.

hi can i ask kasi ang 200-801 is outdated na for compTIA A+? ung latest kasi is 220-801 and 220-802.

ung inyo ba 220-801 and 220-802 na? thanks. pa email nlng sken .

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