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For todays highly competitive IT job market, you have to be fully equipped to start a very successful IT career. You should have the appropriate knowledge and sufficient skills especially if you are a fresh graduate and longing for getting an entry level jobs immediately. Do not always expect that since you are applying for an IT job applicable for fresh graduates, It does not mean that you are fully qualified for the job unless you are one of the top 20's in your class, very smart or a dean's list. For, there are also applicants armed with 6 months or 1 year experience. Well, to offset this advantages you have to be prepared and trained enough in a work-like environment. That's why we have designed short courses that emulate a work-like environment to give you the skills needed for any IT related jobs that you wish to have, so that during job interviews you will not end up saying "I am not familiar with that but Im willing to learn.."

In the IT industry jobs are classified as follows:
1. IT Hardware
2. IT Software
3. IT Network

You choose which of the three mentioned above that interests you most.

I'll try to give you insights of these three fields of interest.

IT - Hardware is the easiest jobs among the three.
Here are the jobs related to IT Hardware:

1. Technical Support Specialist
2. Computer Technician
3. IT Staff
4. Help Desk Manager
5. IT Sales Rep
6. etc..

although it's the easiest IT job ever, its indeed a challenging job for beginners but if you get used to it you might get bored because you might always troubleshoot and repair the same problem again and again. If you reach this point you might consider jumping to the next level - IT Network.

Remember that most Network Administrators started their career as Technicl Supprot Engineer they usually find their way up by upgrading their skills in networking.

If you are interested with this kind of job we suggest to get the entry level course of:
PC ASSEMBLY, Hardware and Software Troubleshooting/Repair and Data Recovery with OJT

2. IT - Network
Here are the jobs related to IT Network:

1. Network/System Administrator
2. Database Administrator

This is the second easiest IT jobs.

There are companies who have existing Networks running in different platforms, they have servers running in Windows and servers running in linux and there are also companies using only a single platform either windows Server or Linux server.
A network administrator should possess the required skills to administer this kind of networks.

If you wish to become a Network Administrator, We suggest that you will get the entry level short course of:
PC LAN/WAN SETUP, Cabling, Configuration, Wireless LAN Setup, Config, TCP/IP and Windows 2000 Server Administration
After finishing this course then you decide wether you want to be a Windows Server Administrator or a Linux Server Administrator or both.

If the company your applying for is looking for a Linux Administrator job then you should get our Linux System and Network Admiistration training or If they are looking for Windows Network administrator you might consider getting our MCP or MCSE certification track.

Ther are also companies with large network infrastructures that are using CISCO routers for their Wide Area Networks (WAN) and requires that their administrators are certified by CISCO.

We suugest that you get our CISCO 1,2,3 and 4 and pass the CCNA exam with flying colors.

3. IT - Software is third easiest.
Here are the jobs related to IT Software:

1. Programmers
2. Software Developer
3. System Analyst
4. Web developer
5. MIS Manager
6. etc..

Obviously this jobs require utmost intelligence, you should have an above average IQ level (average IQ can be considered but with conditions :)) to be a auccesful software developer

If you think you have what it takes to be a programmer then we suggest you get our entry level course of:
Visial Basic 6 Programming

If you are a non-IT individual and still practicing your mouse and keyboard skills then we suggest to get our BASIC IT TRAINING which is MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Internet


Your future depends on your judgement if your a graduate of Bachelor of Science in IT/Computer Science or mathematics I suggest you get the IT Software jobs. We will help you build a strong foundation to start your programming career.

If you are a graduate of ECE or Computer Engineering we strongly suggest an IT Network job. We will help you build your career in PC networks.

But of course there are exceptions it doesnt necessarily mean that if you are an ECE or COE you should go for IT networks job, you can always choose, if you feel that you are comfortable with programming then go for it same is through with IT or Computer science graduates If you feel more comfortable doing LAN/WAN job then go for it. What if let say you want it both? your great if you do i will salute you! its a PLUS point for you but its hard to master both because when you are hired in a particular company you are designated as either a programming guru or a Network guru you can not perform both functions especially if your employer is in the top 5000 companies. maybe you can do both if your hired by small and starting up company.

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surely gave me insights on what to get from you guys......and let me tell my friends and others to be part of this trainning also...
Thank You Very Much

thanks very informative

want to further my i.t skills as my job is too
demanding .and make my future demanding on it jobs

Please email me what is appropriate training for me, I know computer Basic but I want to learn more, how much do i need to pay and can i take the course online? how can I get the certificate , Im here in Cebu but Im working

how about if i'm not a computer studies graduate but i just want to learn the networking stuff since i've already under gone a 15 days computer technician training course
.. can i still get a short course in ur school or should i forget about it?

@ Jeffrey Guillermo

If you have a basic training for computer tech. you can enhance your IT knowledge by getting our PC networking course.This will give you a depth knowledge in the fields of IT.

Do not just decide to forget learning the IT field specially if your very much interested to learn.

Hello guys im interested enrolling in laptop servicing, i already have 3yrs working experience as a tech support and took up pc assembly(micro hardware fundamentals and hardware servicing) which i took in meralco foundation. Do i need to take your pc assembly course? Thanks

@ Mikel


You don't need to take our PC assembly course, You can proceed taing our Laptop Servicing Training.

im currently working as an i.t staff for a wholesale/retial groceries company, but as an i.t staff iwas also assigned to maintain our pos system. because the pos system we're using was actually bought and they have their own tech/system support, what i and my colleagues only do is to do backup of dbase, maintain the network and system operation from mornign to end of the day and basically knows and learns the basic operation in getting reports and sales for the comapny and all users. We are using from Windows 2003 to Redhat linux as OS and Cisco devices for the network. That is why i want to learn REDHAT and CISCO when i hav a chance. My question is, wud it be possible to learn redhat and cisco in under a month, coz thats all the time that ihav whenver i go for holiday. Thanks. and im thinking if ther'll be any discount for 1on 1. Thanks

Im an IT grad And want to become A cisco Certified What can you offer me! Thanks!

Hi. I'm planning to take a short course for IT this coming September. Would you suggests what course should I take? BTW, I'm currently working as Accounting Assistant for almost 5 years but I'm a Comp. Sci. graduate. Right now, I have so much interest in Networking. Hope to hear from you soon.

@ Emil

yes sir its possible in under one month to comlete yes there will be a discount for one on one training

@Wilfred L.Ozaraga

We can offer you Hands On CISCO training and Testing Center for CCNA Certification


You can take the PC Networking Course PC LAN/WAN training and then CISCO 1 to 4 and then take the CCNA Exam to be certified It would be much easier to get an IT job if you are CCNA certified

Thanks. Can I take "PC LAN/WAN SETUP, Cabling,Configuration, Wireless LAN Setup, Config, TCP/IP and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration" course without taking the "PC ASSEMBLY, Hardware and Software Troubleshooting/Repair and Data Recovery" course? I would like to start this coming Sept (most probably sat schedule coz this is the only time I have). Appreciate your prompt reply.

Thank you once again...

@ bino

You can take the PC LAN/WAN SETUP, Cabling,Configuration, Wireless LAN Setup, Config, TCP/IP and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration if you have already the knowledge in PC ASSEMBLY, Hardware and Software Troubleshooting/Repair and Data Recovery.


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thanks so much for all post. Very nice and good.

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