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How to become a CCNA certified professional


So you want to be a CCNA certified  professional? Actually It's an IT individuals goal to be a member of the league. CCNA is short for CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE  it's an IT certification given by CISCO Systems to test your knowledge and skills to install, configure and administer a small to medium sized routed networks. 

CISCO is one of the leading providers of networking products and one in every big companies in the US and around the world are using CISCO devices for  their WAN networks. That's why CISCO certifications are the most popular and sought after certifications in the IT industry. Many medium to large sized IT companies prefer to hire a CCNA passer because they recognize the efffectiveness and quality of the certification.

CISCO nowadays keeps on updating their exam to keep up with the fast changing trends in WAN technology. They have included new topics and added more simulation questions in the exam to test the hands on knowledge of the examinees. Anyone can become a CCNA by simply passing the exam and getting a score of at least 800.

Here are the recomended steps to successfully pass the exam

HAVE A VERY GOOD FOUNDATION IN NETWORK ADMINISTRATION - A very good exposure to LAN or PC Neteworking is employment to a computer company that deals directly with networking products and deploys them in the workplace. But if your not lucky enough to be employed with this companies. You can get your hands on experience by attending IT Trainings or boot camps for PC Networking and administration just ensure that what youre attending is more on hands on training.

ATTEND CCNA SHORT COURSES OR BOOT CAMPS -  Even if you have experience in administering a computer networks, It is not enough unless you have tried to configure and install a routed network using CISCO routers and switches. There are training centers that offer CCNA bootcamps  or short courses just make sure that you will learn by doing and not learn by listening. 

READ STUDY GUIDES AND REVIEW MATERIALS FROM CISCO AND THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS such as TESTKING, PASS4SURE AND OTHERS  - CCNA boot camp will help you pass the exam. boot camps will give you the hands on experience you needed for the simulation questions of the exam. Its a short course  and usually these are fast paced hands on training programs and it will be a good idea to supplement your training by reading study guides and review materials for the written part of the exam. Well to be honest with you, you can actually pass the exam simply by memorizing the answers for the hundreds of questions of the exam. But I am telling you that is not a good way to pass the exam at the end you will realized your mistake. Why? because when you will apply for an IT job later. Your employer will ask you to demonstrate all the skills you wrote in your resume and since you lack hands on experience with CISCO devices They will kick your fat ass out :) In turn you are diminishing the value of the CCNA certification.

SCHEDULE AND BOOK YOUR EXAM - Go to Authorized Pearson Vue testing centers and pay for the exam fee of PHP 11,000 plus. Its a lot of money so be sure to pass the exam on your first try. If you fail you can always take the exam againbut you have to pay another PHP 11,000 plus again.

UNLESS you did all of the above steps then I am pretty sure you will not pass the exam. Just believe in yourslelf and gather alot of confidence. You will surely pass and finished the exam without spending the allotted time for you.

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fix done


I'm a Marketing and Sales Professional and I want shift career and start with IT industry..... Most of my IT friend recommends CCNA certification..... please give me advise on what trainings should I take first...... thanks.

@ Argent dulce

You should have a working knowledge of LAN Local Area Network and have taken the following courses or its equivalent:

-PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair - KB0101

-PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103

Thank you.

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