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Macromedia Flash - Web Animation - KB0122




  • Instructor-led, classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.


  • Working knowledge in Windows Applications
  • Basic knowledge in using computers.  



Lesson One:  Introduction to Flash Mx 2004

  • What is flash
  • Why should we use flsh mx 2004?
  • From flash mx to flash mx 2004
  • The alternatives to flash mx 2004, javascript
  • The alternatives to flash mx 2004, css
  • The alternatives to flash mx 2004, dhtml
  • The eternal deal

Lesson Two:  My First Flash Animation

  • Starting
  • Making the animation

Lesson Three:  The Working Environment

  • Flash mx 2004 interface
  • The menu bar
  • Timeline
  • The layers
  • The working area
  • The views or zooms
  • The panels

Lesson Four:  Drawing And Working With Colors

  • Drawing in flash mx 2004
  • Tool bars (basic tools)
  • Tool bars (advanced tools)
  • Tool bars (options)
  • Color mixer panel
  • Color swatches panel

Lesson Five:  Working With Text

  • Starting
  • Text properties
  • Type of text
  • Static text...
  • Dynamic text
  • Input text

Lesson Six:  Sounds

  • Starting
  • Importing sounds
  • Sound properties
  • Inserting sounds
  • Editing sounds
  • Mp3 or .wav?
  • Gradient masks


Lesson One:  Starting: Working Of Objects

  • Selecting
  • Aligning objects using aligning panel
  • Info panel

Lesson Two:  Layer

  • Understanding layer
  • Working with layers
  • Working with layer (advance option)
  • Reorganizing layer
  • Type of layers
  • Working with layer (advance option)

Lesson Three:  Symbols

  • What are the symbols?
  • How to create a symbol
  • Libraries
  • Difference between and instance
  • Modify an instace
  • Properties panel of instance
  • Effects on instances

Lesson Four:  Graphics

  • What a graphics?
  • Type of graphics
  • Cretaing graphics and testing its properties
  • Introducing bitmaps
  • Importing a vectore file
  • Exporting a flash object as bitmap
  • Exporting a flash object as animation

Lesson Five:  Movie Clip

  • What is a movie clip
  • Verifying the clips properties
  • Creating a clips
  • Importing and exporting movie clips from library

Lesson Six:  Buttons

  • What is a button?
  • Creating a button
  • Shapes in the buttons
  • Text buttons. The importance of the active area
  • Including a clip in a button
  • Bitmap and buttons
  • Actionsin the buttons
  • Adding sounds to a button


Lesson One:  Motions Animations

  • The animation in flash
  • Tweening motions
  • Animation of text li>animation of lines
  • Tweening by motion guides

Lesson Two:  Form Transformation

  • Shape tweening
  • Transformation text
  • Shapes hint

Lesson Three:  Effects In Animation

  • Introduction
  • Effects on the motion tweening
  • Effects on the tweened symbols
  • Brightness effect
  • Tint effect
  • Transparency effect (alpha)

Lesson Four: Generating And Publishing Movies

  • Considerations on the size of the movies
  • Preloading
  • Distributing swf-like file to an autonomous layer
  • Distribution for web pages

Lesson Five:  Action Script

  • What is an action script?
  • The action panel
  • The operators
  • The actions
  • The objects
  • The properties
  • Examples of use of the actionscript
  • Examples of handling sounds with actionscript
  • Examples of actionscript in abstract objects
  • Creating a loader or preloader


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hi i would like to inquire if there's a schedule for this class by october in buendia makati on saturday class? thanks

@ rey

Sir wala po kaming schedule sa Buendia Makati only Espaņa Manila. Thanks.

pls contact me for the upcoming schedule, i cant catch up for sept 27

@ elmarie suetos

Ok Mam we will inform you for the next upcoming schedule. Thanks.

request naman po maglagay kasyo sa buendia pls

hangang ilang buwan po ang training ?

@ jeorgette marciano

4 consecutive meetings ang class for 24 hours course duration. Thank you.

Hi. Ron here. Former student in PC repair. Please contact me should there be any weekend schedule for Dreamweaver and Flash.. preferrably Buendia but also fine if Espana.

hi. inquire lang po, do you have ON LINE course for web animation? (home base)

@ Ron Lee

Sir as of now we don't have yet schedule for weekends and the training is located in Espaņa Manila office only.

@ yang albarracin

Hello. Wala po kaming online course for web animation.

hi! dun po ba sa Macromedia Flash, sure na ung sked na yan? im planning to enroll sana kaso d ako pwede ng thurs.. is it possible na mare-sked yan? tnx

@ Malu

The training will pursue as long as we meet the minimum number of students. At least 3 students is confirmed and enrolled.

i'm very interested to learn that course. please send me the upcoming schedules. hopefully there will be training near pasig city and saturdays schedule as well.

sana po may every sunday class para makaenroll ako kahit may pasok... :)

@ jayson
Ok po we will post every sunday class,Please wait for the update.Thank you!

im so interested with this course,wala bang mas malapit na training center here in bohol?thnx...

@ jane

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Bohol.

meron po ba alapit sa Valenzuela po yung course na macromedia web animation???

BY THE Way how many month po yung training????

gagawa po kami ng website dito po?
so ilang sundays po bale to?
saka po pano po if namiss po ung isang araw? pwede po ba umattend po sa ibang class? :)

@ joylien

Unfortunately wala po. located lang po kmi sa buendia makati at espana manila. Thank You.

@ joylien

Actually hindi po aabutin ng months yung training. It will take four days only from 3pm to 9pm to finish this course. Thank You.

@ jayson

Actually sir hindi po kayo gagawa ng website. tuturuan po kayo kung pano maglagay ng mga animation sa website. kung gusto nyo po matuto sa pggawa ng website kuha po kayo ng course na PHP and MYSql programming. Thank you.

mag kakaroon po ba kayo ng training sa Buendia, Makati ngayayong April or May?

Not avail this summer in espana??

@ Ronald,

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule dito sa buendia makati by April and May. please keep posted on our website. Thank You

@ Mimi

Magkakaroon po kami ng upcoming schedule this coming summer dito po sa espana Manila. please wait for the update. Thank you

Hi would just like to know what maybe the best course to take if i'm looking forward starting up business in relation to graphic designing or tarp making etc. thanks

hi ask ko lang po sana ang magiging schedule nyo ng admission by 2013? thank you.

@ ayeth butihi

The possible sched we have this coming year is every Week ends, continues naman po ang mga schedule namin. Thanks

wala po ba kayong schedule for weekdays?

@ mary ann

Unfortunately, wala po kaming schedule for weekdays, weekends lang po ang meron. Thank you

nag start na po ba tong course na to? and kelan po ung next schedule to start class?

@ mary ann

Enrollment is still ongoing. Sunday 3-9pm/ March 17 to April 14 the next open schedule. Thanks.

Kasama na po ba ang MacroMedia Flash software na install sa laptop for 5,500 fees?

@ ofel,

Yes pwede pong ituro sa inyo kung pano install ung software.

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