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HANDS-ON Transfer of Technology Training

PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101


COURSE DURATION : 30hrs of HANDS-ON Training & 30-500hrs of OJT (optional)


Average Trainee Evaluation
Evaluations in the last 12 months

This Hands-On training teaches you everything you need to know to become an expert Technical Support Staff. It covers Basic to Advanced troubleshooting and servicing strategies. You need no further PC Repair training after completing this course. This course is an unselfish transfer of technology from CNCTC Inc through its experienced IT Trainers at a reasonable price. It is a two course training merge into one training.

This course will help you prepare for TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam


Instructor-led, Hands-On training approach.


  • Familiarity with Windows Operating System
  • High Level interest in learning
  • ............

LIBRARY: Available




Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Common PC errors
  • Types of Personal computers
  • Identifying key parts of a Personal Computer
  • Basic Software components
  • Overview of PC Operations
  • Operating Systems (OS)
  • Disk Operating System (DOS) How DOS works


  • Types of PC case
  • Functions of a CPU Case
  • Front Panel connectors
  • Removing CPU Case
  • Cleaning the PC case
  • PC Cooling System
  • PC Cooling system maintenance
  • Power Supply
  • Common Power Supply problems

Chapter 3 -   The PROCESSOR 

  • Types of CPU dual core, core 2 duo, quad core etc..
  • CPU socket/slot types
  • Comparing different types of CPU
  • How to identify CPUs physically
  • Physical installation of CPU
  • Installing CPU fan
  • CPU Benchmarking
  • CPU Overclocking
  • Upgrading CPU
  • CPU maintenance
  • CPU cleaning procedures
  • Troubleshooting & testing CPU using processor diagnostic test

Chapter 4 - The MOTHERBOARD

  • Types of motherboards
  • Motherboard layout, form factors
  • Motherboard Identification
  • Motherboard components
  • Motherboard BUSSES
  • Configuring motherboard jumper settings
  • Upgrading motherboards
  • Signs of trouble with the motherboard
  • Common motherboard problems
  • Motherboard Maintenance
  • Motherboard Cleaning procedures
  • Troubleshooting and testing motherboards                  

Chapter 5 -   The MEMORY

  • Types of Memory
  • Comparing different types of memory
  • Memory identification
  • Adding and Removing Memory
  • Memory packaging
  • Memory upgrading
  • Memory Maintenance
  • Memory cleaning procedures
  • Determine failed memory devices using memory diagnostics test
  • Troubleshooting RAM errors


  • Types of hard drives
  • Hard drive manufacturers
  • Hard Drive Identification
  • Identifying drive capacity
  • Hard drive controllers
  • SATAIDE/SCSI cables
  • Hard drive configuration (Master/Slave layout)
  • Hard drive installation
  • Upgrading to large Hard-disks
  • Optimizing hard disk performance
  • Hard drive maintenance
  • Hard drives problems troubleshooting and repairing
  • Types of diskettes
  • Floppy drive identification
  • Floppy drive controller
  • Setting drives and cable orientation
  • Replacing a floppy drive
  • Floppy disk and drive Care
  • Floppy drive maintenance
  • Floppy drive cleaning procedures
  • Floppy drive problems and solutions


  • CDROM drive
  • DVD/DVD+R/RW drive
  • CD-R drive
  • CD-RW drive
  • CD/DVD controllers
  • CD/DVD configuration (Master/Slave layout)
  • CD/DVD installation and upgrading
  • Transfer Speed
  • Device Data throughput
  • CDROM maintenance
  • CDROM cleaning procedures
  • Trouble shooting and repairing common CDROM drive problems
  • Troubleshooting External Storage device


  • Keyboards
  • Connecting keyboards
  • Keyboard maintenance
  • Keyboard cleaning procedure
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing common keyboard errors
  • Joysticks
  • Web Cams
  • Connecting a Web Cam
  • Maintenance of a Web Cam
  • Speakers
  • Connecting Speakers
  • Maintenance of speakers
  • Printers
  • Types of printers
  • Installing a printer
  • Diagnosing Printer problems
  • Solving common printer problems
  • Mouse
  • Mouse interfaces (PS2, Serial, USB and wireless)
  • Mouse cleaning procedures
  • Troubleshooting and repairing common mouse problems


  • Expansion Slots
  • Proper insertion of expansion card
  • Replacing and removing expansion card
  • PCIE / Display /Video or Graphics card
  • Graphics adapter installation
  • Adding ad Removing video card
  • Display card Maintenance
  • Display card cleaning
  • Symptoms of trouble with display adapter
  • Common problems of graphics adapter
  • TV Cards
  • Adding and Removing TV tuner card
  • Sound Cards
  • Adding and Removing Sound card
  • LAN Cards
  • Adding and Removing LAN card
  • Modem
  • Adding and removing Internal modem
  • Adding and removing External modem
  • Scanner

Chapter 10 -   PC PORTS

  • Serial Port
  • Configuring Serial port
  • Symptoms of trouble with serial port
  • Repairing common serial ports problems
  • Adding and replacing serial ports
  • Parallel Port
  • Configuring parallel port
  • Symptoms of trouble with parallel port
  • Repairing common parallel port errors
  • Adding parallel port
  • USB Port
  • Symptoms of trouble with USB port
  • Repairing common USB errors
  • Firewire Port
  • Symptoms of trouble with Firewire port

Chapter 11 -   PC Assembly/Disassembly

  • Safety Concerns
  • Heat Factors
  • Static Electricity
  • Electro Static Discharge (ESD)
  • Radio Frequency Interference
  • AC Power
  • Spikes, Brownouts, Blackouts
  • UPS
  • Common errors occurring after PC Assembly
  • Properly assemble a Personal Computer
  • Properly disassemble a Personal Computer

Chapter 12 -   BIOS/CMOS Management

  • BIOS
  • Function of a BIOS
  • Accessing CMOS Setup
  • Navigating and Changing CMOS values
  • Upgrading the BIOS
  • Troubleshooting system faults using POST
  • BIOS and POST codes
  • Using POST audio and Video error codes
  • Standard IBM POST error codes
  • Determining what POST can not test
  • Upgrading the BIOS

Chapter 13 -   Advance PC HARDWARE Servicing

  • PC Troubleshooting strategy
  • Designing a troubleshooting methodology
  • Establishing where to begin the testing
  • Determining common causes of failures
  • Finding and isolating the board with the problem
  • Utilizing advance diagnostic programs to test for:
  • Solving Interrupt (IRQ) and I/O conflicts


Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Common Windows errors
  • Desktop Operating Systems
  • Network Operating Systems
  • Overview of Windows Operating System
  • Windows Boot Process
  • Windows configuration files
  • Windows core files
  • Windows System Directories

Chapter 2 - DOS Essentials

  • MS-DOS Overview
  • Function of DOS
  • DOS boot process
  • DOS system files
  • DOS interface (CLI)
  • Types of DOS commands
  • Common DOS commands
  • Common DOS errors

Chapter 3 - Windows File Systems

  • FAT (File Allocation Table)
  • Types of File Systems (FAT16, FAT32, VFAT,
  • NTFS4, NTFS5 & HPFS)
  • File System Care
  • Checking the drive for errors
  • Supported File Systems of different versions of Microsoft Windows


  • Hard disk configurations
  • Hard disk partition
  • Primary Partition
  • Extended Partition
  • Logical Drive
  • Volume
  • Preparing a brand new hard drive
  • Partitioning a Hard Drive
  • Formatting a Hard Drive
  • Deleting Hard Disk partitions
  • Hard Disk Diagnostic test
  • Repairing the Master Boot Record
  • Fixing a damaged partition table
  • Repairing Hard Disk with Bad Sectors
  • Low-level Formatting a drive

Chapter 5 - Operating System Installations and upgrades

  • Hardware requirements
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Common errors during installation
  • Installing Windows 98
  • Upgrading Windows 98
  • Installing Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

Chapter 6 - Hardware Device Driver Installation

  • What is a Device driver?
  • Function of a device driver
  • Determining hardware model & manufacturer
  • Where to find Hardware drivers
  • Searching for drivers in the internet
  • Installing device drivers (Video card, LAN card, Modem, printers etc..)
  • Post-install operations

Chapter 7 - Software Installation

  • Software compatibility
  • Hardware requirements
  • Dealing with failed installation
  • Installation methods (Control Panel, Installer)
  • Installing Software (MS-Office, Anti-Virus, Network games programs etc..)
  • Software updates and Service packs
  • Uninstalling Software
  • Dealing with failed uninstallation
  • Manual Removal of installed Software

Chapter 8 -   Virus Management: Detecting and Removing

  • What is a virus?
  • Types of virus
  • Spyware, Adware, malware viruses
  • Preventing Virus infections
  • Protecting Key System files
  • Checking for Macro viruses missed by anti-virus programs
  • Protecting against script based virus.
  • Symptoms of an infected computer                          
  • Deciding what anti-virus program to install
  • Installing Anti-Virus programs
  • Installing Anti-Spyware, Malware and Adware program.
  • Diagnosing, Treating and Removing Virus infections

Chapter 9 - DATA RECOVERY Concept 

  • How disk drives work
  • Understanding Tracks, Sectors, Cylinders and Clusters
  • Master Boot Record
  • Partition table
  • Troubleshooting strategy concepts
  • Running Scandisk to check for disk errors
  • Correcting errors reported by scandisk
  • Causes and symptoms of a corrupted FAT
  • Repairing lost and cross-linked files
  • Surviving Disk Disasters
  • Understanding Disk error messages
  • Creating emergency rescue disk
  • Using Disk repair tools
  • Recovering Files and Directories
  • Recovering erased Files
  • Transferring recovered files to backup disk
  • Editing Disk sectors
  • Reviving non-bootable disk
  • Repairing the Master Boot Record
  • Fixing a damaged partition table
  • Dealing with accidental Reformatting
  • Unformatting a drive
  • Removing Disk Fragmentation
  • Using Backup utility program
  • Fixing common disk problems
  • Solving ?Invalid drive specification

Chapter 10 - Configuring and Troubleshooting WINDOWS

  • General Troubleshooting Methodology
  • What to do when Windows failed to start
  • Windows Plug n Play Architecture
  • Windows boot files
  • Windows Start-up process
  • Troubleshooting Windows Start-up problems
  • Dual booting Windows 98 with Windows XP/2000
  • Creating Emergency Repair Disk (ERD)
  • Solving common Windows errors
  • Windows XP Administrative Tools
  • Computer Management Console (Adding, Editing and deleting partitions)
  • System Tools, Services and applications


  • What is a Registry?
  • Registry entry structure
  • Modifying Registry Entries with Regedit and Regedit32
  • Backing up registry entries
  • Preventing registry backup failures
  • Repairing corrupted Registry files
  • Removing Unwanted Registry entries
  • Solving Registry entry conflicts


  • Disk Cloning Concept
  • Advantages of Disk Cloning
  • Issues to consider before cloning a drive
  • Preparing for Disk Cloning
  • Disk Cloning Software
  • Disk Cloning using GHOST
  • Dealing with accidental or mistakenly cloned drive (Uncloning a drive)
  • Common disk cloning errors
  • Solving Disk Cloning failures


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hello stacey,

nde kasama sa schedule ung OJT separate ang schedule nito. You will get your OJT after the traiing,

Gud Day!!!
San po ako pde mg inquire about this training.
im here po s Taguig.


kung sa tagig ka malapit ka sa makati branch namen pde ka pumunta dun para maginquire personally

Good evening po..

Kailan po kaya kayo magkaroon ng SUNDAY ang schedule sa PC Hardware & Sofware Troubleshooting & Repair..
Thanks po...

hello Rodel,

Sa January or Feb 2010 magoopen kame ng Sunday sched for this course

there is a certificate to be given after completing this course. Please reply. Tnx

hello yurie,

yes there is a certificate to be givein after completing this course.

...ilan po ba ang maximum students sa isang klase?...

kailangan po ba high school graduate?para makakuha ng course na ito.meron po ba kayong branch sa angeles pampanga? thanks!

good afternoon!
regarding this course, if i'm under the installment plan and after paying the down payment, until when can i pay the remaining balance? will it be possible for me to pay the rest of it upon completion of the OJT? i'm planning to enroll on Jan 11th.

@ joseph manlavi

for installment basis the remaining balance will be in the midway of the training and the ojt for troubleshooting is just an can enroll for the schedule on january 11th.thanks

which facility is better - the one in españa or in buendia...? i haven't seen it yet. Hope me discount pa at sana same din un price pag credit card... Plus... same din ba sya sa ibang training program sa tesda na libre or mas edge etong training nyo? sana rin pwedeng sit in pag konti lng nag enroll after ng training namin para insupport narin sa mga bago.. at ma refresh un natutunan namin.. also anong klaseng mga company un me on-the-job training? at sana merong silang pang sunday training para me option makapag career shift un nagtratrabaho na.. tnx...

Gusto ko lang po malaman exact address I am interested
. Pwede na po ba mag enrol 12 years old?

D2 po pala ako sa Pampanga mas malapit ako sa angeles city..meron po ba kayo branch d2 sa angeles city?

@ Michael Nacer

Same lang po ung facilities ng manila at makati. Pwde po mag sit in. Mas mura po sa amin compared sa iba.

@ Nanz

Wla po kaming branch sa angeles city. Manila and Makati lang po.

san po ba ang pinkamalapit na cntc kung galing po ako ng cabuyao laguna?

@ Jojo gregorio

Makati branch ang pinakamalapit sayo. Address dun is Rm 208 UPY Bldg. cor. Marconi St. Buendia Makati.

Napansin ko lng po na, parehas ung instructor ng kb0101 & kb0105. at same time pa, matu3kan po ba lhat ng students pag ganun at ilan po max. students per shedule? tnx

Kayo po ba magproprovide ng pagOOJT han?

pwde po mag suggest??? pa update po nung ibang topic ng course nyu.. outdated na po kasi ung iba. Like in Floppy Drives i dont think so po na itll be strong enough to include pa in the course,, and ung sa win2K server admin sana meron din po win2003 even konti lng diperensya, ung sa CRT sana may LCD din po., and still in IDE/SCSI cable my mga SATA na po. thanks! more powers! looking forward.

hello onize,

yes we are in the process of updating our course curriculum and training materials/manuals in two days time it will be finished.

thanks for your suggestions


Yup kami na magpoprovide ng OJT.


@ Weng

As of now our online training is not available. Fee is 5500 in cash.

Hi. i really like to learn all about your PC ASSEMBLY course from basic to advance so that whenever there's a problem with my PC i will no longer need to call for a technician. since this year is a bit tougher to look for a job, it'll be an addition if i have a knowledge in IT so that i can apply for an IT staff. i'd like to ask if you have any branch here in bulacan. im fro meycauayan bulacan. thanks.

hello Idris,

unfortunately we dont have a branch in bulacan.

ilan po students sa isang class.
Engineering related po work ko pero gusto ko magka-addittional knowledge sa Computer Assembly

@ obed

Minimum of 3 students maximum of 10 students.

sana pde divide yung mga course per module pra hndi msydo mbgat sa payment, chka pra maging time-efficient na rin..gusto ko sna magenrol kya lng tight sched kya sna one course completed a day...suggestion lng nmn po..:D thnx and more power...

i am interested in this course PC assembly. tanong ko lng kung saan yung OJT after the completion of this course and yung TESDA certification exam if it is already included in the 5,500 fee. thank you...

@ john

the ojt for troubleshooting is just an optional and the ojt will be @ makati or manila.The tesda exam is excluded to 5,500.

may I know how much is the fee for TESDA certification? is the certification exam will be done at the CNCTC manila campus? thank you.

is there any available slots or schedule this Febuary 08 to 12 from 9am to 3pm?

@ john

minimum of 3 stud to push thru the schedule on feb 08, 2010.

@ john

the tesda exam cost 1,000 and the exam will be done @ tesda camanaba @ caloocan.

Hi, this is not a comment but more of an inquiry. Our company will send our IT personnel to this particular training. may i ask what u are offering a certification program or do u offer such? our target participants want to be certified in this training. as for the ojt, where are they going to practice? pls reply. thanks...

hello veron,

This course together with PC LAN/WAN training is leading to the TESDA certified computer technician certificate CHS NCII Assessment exam. OJT will be conducted on computer companies located in mla or makati.

thanking you,

good afternoon!!!ano po mga requirements pg mageenrol po?? thanks

@ dic
finished atleast 72 units college education or college graduate.Thanks.

gd eve, san po ba banda yung training school nyo dito sa manila? and meron na po ba kayong ched for sunday class , what time may i know the tel. no. ng office nyo sa mla.

@ jessica

Rm 210 Doña Amparo bldg. españa samp., mla after UST going to quiapo beside mcdonalds. Wala pang sunday scheduled sa españa, mla. ang merong sunday is sa buendia, makati. Tel. no. 736-2032/736-5196


@ Joaquin bernas

We dont have branch in visayas. España, Manila and Buendia, Makati only. OK lang po yun as long as gusto niyo po matuto.

Do you have office po ba during saturdays sa espana? Im planning po kc na mg enroll for mar 1-12 sched sa feb27. Possible pa po kya?
May i know din po yung requirements?

hello gio,

yes bukas po kame every saturday you can drop by in our office from 9-3pm requirement to take this course is 72units in college or a college graduate.

Ano po yung dadalhin pag nag enroll except for fee? kalangan po ba ng TOR or IDs?

@ gio

Punta ka nalang dito sa ofis para magenroll. Wala ng dadalhin. Later nalang yung mga documents.

May bayad ba OJT nyo? Gaano katagal po naman ang sked para maka pag OJT after training? How long naman po ang OJT? Pls. answer all. I'm really looking for a good training center.

Antonio Sto. Tomas Jr.

Walang bayad sa OJT. Minimum of 300 to 500 hours ang duration ng OJT sa mga contacts namin na company. Mga 3 months yun.

aw. akala ko po 30hrs minimum? 300hrs na?


OO 300 hrs. po yun kasi ang minimum requirements ng mga company na contacts namin.

what are the official requirement to a student of tesda?

pwde po ba all saturdays lang

@ bernice buenaventura

Yes we have saturday class only @ 9am-3pm.

meron pa po bang sched for next month on this course????

pag d poh b nkaabot ng 72 units of college,d poh pwede mkapag-enroll??anu poh iba p way pra mkpag-enroll??tnx

khit wla poh b background on computer ,pwede mkapag-enroll??

@ jonel

atleast you should have a background in software application.


Oo may sched pa next month. Pakicheck nalang sa website kung kailan yung sched.

hi..meron po ba sked for next month??

@ jonel

sir yun po kc ang requirement namin for tesda courses.Thanks.

@cnct staff:

thanks..tight kc sched q this month..hope meron agad ipost sa site nyo..i really want to enroll..c=

what are the requirements pla for enrollment? and where?


Wala ng dadalhin kung mageenrol ka, atleast may 72 units ka in college or a college graduate. Saan mo ba preferred manila or makati? Thanks.

Ask ko po kung mron po kayo training schedule this coming summer particularly mid-April?

@ Edgardo J. Nogot

Yes meron po kaming schedule continous lang po ang aming shedule ng mga courses.

dun po sa training sked nyo sa PC assembly na mag uumpisa sa mar 13 (sat.),puede po ba na mismong sa araw po na yun mag enroll?bukas na po ba un office nyo ng 8am sa sat?

@ Edgardo J. Nogot

pde po magenroll on the day of the training just come 15mins before the start of the training

Can a high school graduate enroll in this PC troubleshooting course ? This is only this summer, so that when he intend to pursue a college degree level, he already have some ideas.


Requirements for the students before taking up this course is atleast they have 72 units in college or a college graduate. Thanks.

sir, ang training center po ba magprovide ng company sa mga gustong mag OJT na nakatapos ng pc hardware/software troubleshooting course?

@ chester

yes sir ang training center po ang magpoprovide for ojt.

do you have a training center here in cebu city?

@ michael

wala po kaming training center sa cebu.

yumh lahat po ba na yan yung module 1 at 2 at ojt kasama na sa 5500


Oo kasama na ung module 1 & 2 at OJT sa 5500.

Paano ako makapag inroll na hindi gaano kalaki yung pera ko?

ask ko lang ko po kung yung skeng 9pm-3pm?mali po ata ang ang time?gusto ko kasi ng ganung skedule.laguna pa po kasi ako.

ask ko lang po kung meron b syang manual?incase na mkalimutan some of the studied chapter meron mareview??


gaano ba kalaki pera nyo sir?

jojo gregorio,

9am to 3pm sire typo error lng me manual pong binibigay para sa training

sir, may schedule na po kayo ng PC hardware/software troubleshooting para sa buwan ng mayo at agusto? ano po pinagkaiba ng course KB0101/KB0103 sa KB0106? kailangan po bang kunin lahat ito bago makakuha ng ccna certification?

May schedule po ba kayo for the month of June?

may schedule po ba kayo ng course na ito: KB0101 - PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT. Para sa month ng June or July?

Good day, Sir/Ma'am may scheadule po ba kayo for this course na every sunday lang?.
kasi sa tulad ko na may work baka hindi ko po kayanin yung everyday class. and gano po katagal ang course?

@ chester

Yes sir meron taung schedules s may and august just visit our website for the schedules

@ Jess

Yes sir meron taung upcoming schedule for june and july.just visit our website regularly for the schedules thanks

@ mon

We have a schedule in makati branch.Sun 9-3pm.

sir ask lang when start for april or may this course and meron po bang certificate nito gusto ko mag enroll this april or may depend s sched nyo p.m nman po sa email ko mga sched nitong course salamat

meron ho kaung training center dito sa antipolo city rizal

@ andrei219

wla sir espana manila at gil puyat makati po

@ joel alejado

sir meron taung sched on april can call us at 736-2032 s espana manila branch for confirmation

Ask ko lang po about sa certificate,anu po ang title o nakasulat mismo sa certificate after the training?

2loy ba ang classes this april 12 sa españa..kase ung adobe cancel pala eh. gs2 q p naman magenrol..this april 12

may work ako kaya sana may available class sa saturdays 9-3 pm

PC ASSEMBLY then Laptop service naman ang gusto pagaralan

Jojo gregorio,

PC Hardware & Software troubleshooting and repair nakalagay sa certificate.


Cancel ang class kc kulang students. Resched next week ang schedule.


May available schedule ng every saturday 9am to 3pm start this coming saturday ang class. Enroll nalang one day before the training. Thanks.

punta ako sa tuesday to inquire tnx

@ archie

ok sir.

is there a cnctc in cebu city?

is there a cnctc in cagayan de oro city?

@ lucele

wala po kaming branch sa cagayan de oro.

@ Mylene Pedroso

wala po kaming branch sa cebu.

wat po exct adres nio??

Meron ba kayong branch sa olongapo city,Zambales

@ Rodney P. Asada

Wala po kaming branch sa Olongapo city,Zambales.

sir, 8 hrs po ba every day ang OJT hanggang matapos yung 300-500 hrs OJT time?

mayroon po b evening sched sir?




Meron po M-F / 6pm to 9pm ang sched.

mag bussiness kmi ng internet cafe anu ba pwedeng short courses ang pwede kong kunin na pasok xa bussiness namin tns po


Mag PC Troubleshooting ka mna then after that kunin mo rin ung PC LAN/WAN. Yan ang mga kailangan sa internet cafe nyo po.

hi!! im from baliuag, san po b pinakamalpit n training center nyo d2?

@ darwin

Our training center is located at España Manila and Buendia Makati.

Gusto ko po sana magenrol sa tuesday...yung 1-3 sched...pwede po bang same day n dn ako magenrol? my short course diploma rn po ba 2?

@ Mon

Sir may magstart po kaming class bukas sa Buendia Makati May 5 @ 1p to 4pm.After the training you will receive the certificate of completion.

sir, ano po pinagkaiba ng course na...

KB0101 - PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT

KB0105 - TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track)

Marc Palatino,

Ung kb0101 is PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT lang po. Ung kb0105 nmn combination of pc hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair and PC LAN/WAN and windows 2003 server admin.

mas ok po cguro kng KB0101 at KB0103 na magkahiwalay? kc my comp shop po ko mag 2yrs na pero sa technician ko parin ako ngpapagawa at reformat ng pc. balak ko mag enrol sa may.17 nag enroll nko online mgbayadako pag luwas ko.

@ marc palatino

Saang branch po kayo mageenroll sa España or Buendia Branch?

meron po ba kayo branch dito sa bulacan?

Hi! ask ko lang po kung pede pa humabol mag-enrol sa Sat class nyo that started May 8 sa KB0101 - PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT

@Billy Cabanilla

wala po sir kameg branch sa bulacam

@ Helen Osana

yes maam pde pa po habol na lng kayo first meeting pa lng naman

ok po, thanks! punta ako dyan either tomorrow or Friday to enroll. what do i need to bring aside from the fee?

@ Helen

Wala na pong kelangan dalhin punta na lang po kayo to enroll.

s espanya ako nag enrol. pero ok lng kahit s buendia. kng san mgstart nxt week. ilan nb ngerol s espanya? e sa buendia?

ano pong contact number ninyo sa buendia branch? pwede pa ba humabol ng every sat or sunday schedule?

@ kahz

Yes pde pa kayong humabol for Saturday class sa Buendia Makati.

@ marc palatino

Anong prefer po nyong shedule?weekdays or weekends?

mon-fri po 9am-3pm need ko po mtapos agad yng course. pwede po b sa monday na magbayad? kc manggaling pa po ako d2 s laguna. tuloy po b yng sked sa monday para s espanya or makati?

san po ba location nyo sa buendia? and contact number para makapag enrol na.. thanks

@ kahz

We're located @ Room 208 2nd floor Buendi Ave. Cr. Marconi St. Brgy. Palanan Makati City, you can call us 889 6042 to 43.Thank you.

sir tapos aq ng 2yrs comptech gusto q madagdagan ung kaalaman q.. pede b q mag enrol s inyo..

gud eve po,makakakuha na po ba ako ng tesda certificate sa course na KB0101?thanks po!

@ Rhyan

Yes sir pwedeng pwede mag enroll

@ AJ

Sir kaylangan m rin kuhanin ung networking course ntn and take and pass the assessment exam in tesda to get NCII Certificate from tesda.

pwede pa ba mag enroll?

kelan start ng klase?

may branch po ba ng tesda dto sa binan laguna?
may start po ba ng enrollment sa july?

kelan po shedule ng assesment exam?

@ jay

Meron start on Monday s PCTroubleshooting 9-3PM ang schedule. Ung exam, kaylangan mong ienroll ung Computer hardware servicing NCII ng tesda.para makapagexam k ng TESDA

@ Karen

meron tesda s Binan LAguna pero nde ko sure kung san dun igoogle mu na lng

may start po ba ng enrolment sa july?

sir ask ko lng kung may start ng klase sa july?kailan nman po ang enrolment nun?

@ Karenn

Yes sir meron taung class s july.anytime ang enrollement.

sir meron ba kaung branch sa batangas?

@ Ton2x

Wla taunung branch s batangas, Only Manila and Makati

bukas po b kau on sat. or sunday for inquiry? punta po kac aq jan sa ofic nyo?

@ kristopher

Yes sir open kami ng Saturday and Sunday @ 9am to 3pm.Thank you.

helow tpos o na yung KB0101... meron p poh bang mas advance kesa jan? kac gusto ko pang dagdagan ang kaalaman ko sa pag aayus ng PC... salamat

hello CARLO,

Pag tapos ka na sa kb0101 go to next level ka na pde mung kunin ung laptop servicing o kaya mag PC LAN/WAN and Win2k3 administration ka na

wat poh b nearest sa my tagaytay part na branch nyo poh

@ joshua r ramos

Wala po kaming branch sa Tagaytay. We're located España Manila and Buendia Makati branch po namin.

matagal na ko graduate sa high school may chance pa ba ako sa Tesda maka pag aral ng computer programing?

@ Gerry Tan

Pwede kn magtraining s amin basta may basic knowledge s compute and any software application

Under grad po ako a AMACC, pede din po ba ako magenroll sa inyo ng short courses. Thank you.

sir ano po ang pwedeng dalhin.kung mageenrol?

@ Mitch

Yes sir pwedeng-pwede.The training is open for all interested to enroll and gain knowledge in IT.

@ Karen

Sir pnta nlan po kau for enrollment.No other requirements needed.

laptop servicing o kaya mag PC LAN/WAN and Win2k3 administration?
How much yung enrolment kung sakaling i enrol k yang mga yan at ilang araw yung traing? pls Rep TNX

@ Carlo

The training fee for Laptop is P5,500 and the course duration is 30 hours for PC LAN/WAN and win2k3 administraion is p6,000 and 30 hours for course duration.

hands On ba lahat yung 30hrs? or may mga lecture pah kac ayoko ng nilelecture poh gusto ko yung tlgang hands on n lahat... Salamat pla sa.. price ng enrolment fee...

sir, gusto ko po malaman yung OJT program ninyo. pwede po paki explain po. thank you

@ carlo

yes the training is 90 percent actual, 10 percent lecture for the students assistance of course.

i am very interested on this course, PC Hardware and software trouble shooting repair and data recovery. I'm from south cotabato, saan po ako magpunta para makapag enrol po dito?
more power!

@ Annabeth Hinoso

We are located here in Metro Manila. We have branch in Buendia, Makati and Our Main Office @ Espana, Manila

is there any other sched that could fit my work schedule like 6-9pm but not m-f only fri-sat can i enroll in this training po? lourdes

@ Regie Capili

We have a night schedule on M-F 6-9 only

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sa online po paano ang pagturo nyo same ba sa actual pano ang lecture nya dito po ako sa pampangga

@ edgar

Wala po kaming online training its only supplementary in actual training.Classroom type po ang training namin more on actual.

sir sa monday start na po ba ng training for kbo1o1? sa monday ko po kasi balak mg enroll pde pa po ba humabol?

@ allan

Saang Branch po kayo mageenroll Sir? May magstart po kami sa Buendia Makati @ 1pm to 4pm.

sa espana branch po sir..pwede pa po b sa monday mg enroll?. and ask ko na rin po kung ung ojt aabutin po ba un ng months bago matapos or pde na di mag-take ng ojt..

@ allan

Yes may magstart kaming class sa España Manila @ 9am to 12 and pde po kayong mag enroll on Monday.Minimum of 300 hours po ang OJT.

Hi, a funny question here.. medyo pasmado ako would it be a hindrance pra matuto ako mag assemble ng PC? hehehe.. CS grad ako pero more on software lng tlga ang knowledge ko and basic networking which I learned from work. I really wanted to learn more. I want to be the IT person of my own PC shop in the future and I guess this short course is a stepping stone? pwede ba ako enrol here?

ah ojt na sir san ba ma aasign na place?malayo pa po kasi panggagalingan ko dito pa po sa morong rizal..

and ask ko rin po sir kung within 2 weeks tapos na po ba ung training and ojt?thank you...

I'm very interested in learning how to repair, maintain Small scale Hardware. I wonder how much this course, is it Php 5,550 or Php 5,500 x number of days? What's the phone # of TESDA Buendia, Makati?

@ Grace T.

Yes ma'am, pwedeng pwede po kaung magenroll.It is not a hindrance po ung pagiging pasmado nyo in taking the course. Especially if you really interested in taking the course

@ Allan

OJT will held either in IT company in Makati or In Paco Manila.The Training is 30 hrs duration while the OJT is 300 to 500 Hrs duration.

@ XeviousD.

Sir, This is CNCTC registered training Center in Tesda not TESDA itself. The fee is Php 5,500 for the 30 hours duration. The phone number in Buendia, Makati is 889-6042/43

dami nyong tanong mag enroll na kayo kung talagang gus2 nio... nyahahahahah.... mganda yang short course na yan... nag take ako nian sa sti at ngayon magaling na akong technician... try nio mga dudes....

ok sir, thanks for the info.enroll nalang ako sa next batch..

@ allan

Ok Sir.See u soon.

sir last question po sa makati and paco manila lang po ba talaga pwedeng mg ojt? sa may part po ng pasig wala po b? thank you...

@ allan

Wala po kaming OJT sa Pasig. Paco Manila and Makati lang po ang meron.

sir gud am,,panu poh ako taga olongapo ojt ba dito?

@ Josephine

Mam pwede kang maghanap ng pwede mong pagOJThan dyan if you like.

meron pa bo bng vacant 4 ojt??

my allowance po ba ang ojt????

@ audz

Wala pong allowance ang OJT.

good morning po! hmm.. taga La Loma QC po ako, saan po branch po ng tesda ako pwede magenroll?

after po ba nito kailangan ko pa rin magenroll sa next course?

sir kasama napo ba sa payment yung sa ojt?
amcc undergrad po aq..interesado po ako mag training sa inyo

@ Jeremy

Sir kung ang tinatanong nyo is mga free training ng tesda inquire po kayo sa malapit na tesda office sa inyo.

@ shyn

Yes included na sa payment ang OJT. Our requirements is you should have atleast 72 units in college.

Taga San Pablo City, Laguna po ako. Saan po pwedeng makakuha ng training through TESDA accredited Schools na malapit sa amin? Thanks!

hi! i do have a job, and just ask if is possible n matapos ko ung course ko na hindi n mg o OJT? im very interested in this course.. thks..

hi u've mentioned na 72-unit dapat? pano nmn ako pde po ba ako mkpag aral dyan kahet
high school grad lang?

@ alvert

Sir Sorry yun po kasi ang requirements namin.Thank you.

@ joey

Sir the OJT is just an optional its ok kung di po kayo mag oojt.

@ Nap Narag

Sir inquire po kayo jan na malapit na TESDA dyan sa inyo.

hi, pwd ba ung high school grad lng? kc ung tor ko nasa cebu hnd ko makoha kc mAY balance ako don... pro magbabayad po ako nang cash kapag pwd? sana po pwd kc interesado talaga ako ng mag.aral jan sa inyo....

heloo po..pareho lang po ba ang offer dito sa cebu? tapos what time po.

@ mae olavidez

Wala po kaming branch sa Cebu España Manila and Buendia Makati po kami located.

Sir ngaun k lng nkita 2, gus2 ko sana humabol..pwede pb?

@ Ella

Yes pde pa po. Saan location po ba nyo prefer magtraining?

Sir ask ko lng po ung ojt po b required or optional?

@ reginald

The OJT is an optional lamang po ng student. Thank you.

ok lng va kng high school grad??


@ nesty

Our requirements is you should have a 72 units in college or you're a college grad.

ahhhh!!!!the associate grad is accepted???

@ nesty

Yes associate grad is accepted.

kelan po kau mgkakaroon ng sunday sked sa epaña branch nyo?...saka included na po ba dyan ung tesda exam?

in any college school???
and after the training, kau na rin va bhala kng san kme mag ojt or kme pa maghahanap??

wala na va iba pang payments after na ma-cash ung course fee???

@ Perk

Visit always our website for the schedule updates. or call us our branch for the schedule.

@ Nesty

You can enroll in this course either you have 72 units in college. The OJT is optional to the trainiee. There is 100 pesos payment for the Manual. The tesda exam can only take in our training center if you take the Tesda Computer Hardware Servicing NCII course.

anong klangan dalhin para mkpa enroll?

mam/sir.. pano po pagnatapos ko itong course n to, tpos gusto ko itake ung NCII Assessment Exam, pero hindi ko p poh na itake ung NCI, pwede ko parn po b ma take ung NCII? and khit hindi ko n ba nadaanan ung NCI matu2nan parn b to?..

@ cris

No any requirements Sir punta lang po kayo sa aming opisina for enrollment. Thank you.

tsaka po pag natapos ko itong course n to,kyo n po ba mag magpa2sok samin s ojt o kmi p ung magha2nap

@ kirk

Kung gusto po nyo magtake ng NCII assessment exam kelangan po itake nyo din ang course ng PC LAN/WAN.After the training kung gusto po nyong mag ojt iischedule po namin kayo.

what are the requirements to enroll? what documents should i bring?

@ felix y. mohamad jr.

NO any requirements and documents needed for enrollment.

sir sabi mo kylngan ng 72 units in college? e sabi mo no requirements on enrollment, pno nyo malalaman kung may 72 units nga kung no requirements on enrollment, ano b tlg?

@ kiko

Sir nirerequire po namin ang 72 units in college kung ang kukunin po nyong course is CHS NCII but pag troubleshooting lang po hindi na po kelangan.

helo po.. meron n po bang student sa july 19 to 30 1 to 4 pm? magenroll sana ko, pero gusto ko muna maka sure kun meron n 3 student or more para ndi sayang time ko pagpunta sa sa makati branch? tnx

@ erwin24

Yes meron na nakaenroll.

meron p po bang slot? enroll me this wednesday sana.

@ erwin24

Yes meron pa pong slot pde na po kayo magenroll sa Wednesday.

ok po.. punta nlng ako dyan sa wednesday thnx

PLease e-mail me if you have available schedule for November 2010 for KB0101 with ojt.

Sa ojt po ba kayo po ba ung mag poprovide samin or kame hahanap ng company?

ah sir, required ang 72 units kung kkuha ng TESDA exam? kung hnd kkuha e ok lng kung kunin ang course n to? tama po b?

@ Edward

Sir our November sched will be on first week of the month. We have weekdays and weekends schedule. Keep visiting our site for our upcoming schedules. We will sched you for OJT after finishing the course. Thank you.

@ kiko

Yes Sir required ang 72 units kung kukuha ka ng CHS NCII course and the exam. Ok lang po na itake nyo ang course na ito. Thank you.

gud pm po sir, magkano lahat babayaran para sa kb0101? fix na ba tlaga yong Php 5,500?

gud pm po sir, magkano lahat babayaran para sa OJT kb0101? fix na ba tlaga yong Php 5,500?


@ arlan

The tuition fee for kb0101 is P5,500 in cash included na po sa P5,500 ang OJT. After finishing the course you will receive certificate of completion.

Sir/Madam how many months the training and ojt?

sir/mam..meron din ba kau sa iloilo?magkano po bayad

pano kng wlang pang gs2 m22?

I am not a fast learner but willing to learn about computer especially hands on training CNCTC. I need to wear a reading glass everytime i read. I am aready 43 years old and a mother of two kids. Do you think I can still catch up the topic as fast as young students? thanks!

@ eugene

The course duration of the training is 30 hours it takes 10 meetings for weekdays sched or 5 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays for weekends schedule.The OJT is minimum of 500 hours.

@ reggie

Wala po kaming branch sa Iloilo. The tuition fee is P5,500 in cash.

May Slot pa po ba sa Aug. 9-13?
Gusto ko kasing mag enroll sa date na yun ty po

@ Dennis

Yes Sir its open for enrollment at least minimum of 3 participants to start the training.

@ Marlyn Lu

Yes Ma'am you can still catch up to the training as long as you're willing and interested to learn. Thank you.

gud am po sir, exact location po ng training center nyo., encourage po ako na pumunta sa monday.. tnx

For Espana Manila

Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila
Click here to view the site map

For Buendia Makati

Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City
Click here to view the address sitemap

Dear Sir/Madam;

Just want to asked if you will accept non-high school graduate for this course?..


Gud Day! sir/mam. after finishing the course, san po ang location ng OJT? gusto ko kasi mag-enroll kaya lang baka kapag nag-OJT na, sa ibang lugar ma-assign. thanks.

@ agnes

As long as the student is willing to learn and have basic knowledge in computer.

@ Chris

The OJT located at Paco Manila or in Gil Puyat Makati.

sir, ask ko lng kung may plan kyo lumipat or magdagdag ng training centers, kc ns abroad po ako now e worried lng me n just incase n llipat kyo e bk hnd nko umabot, maybe january p kc ang balik ko dyn s pinas,very interested kc ako s course nyo. malapit lng kc ako s buendia.

@ kiko

Sir wala po kaming balak na lumipat dito sa Buendia Branch. See you soon..

good day
mam pano po malalaman kung pumasok po ung enrollment or ung reservation through online?

@ pert

Sir you can call us 736 2032 in España Manila or 889-42/43, 239 5577 for the confirmation of your enrollment or reservation. Thank you.

ito po ba ung first course na dpt ienroll pra makapag enroll sa cisco? tnx

@ isay

Ang prerequisite course po ng Cisco training is PC Lan/Wan kelangan may basic knowledge po kayo before nyo itake ang Cisco. Thanks.

ma'am/sir nagpareserve na po ako sa training ng PC troubleshooting na nasa schedule ng every sunday 9am to 3 pm at mag istart ung class sa august 8 eh nagkaproblem po sa budget kasi po dapat last week po ako mag eenrol ng installment, august 17 pa po ako makakasweldo na delay lang po ung salary ko. ask ko lang po kung pwede po bang humabol sa enrollment o kung pwede pong ma delay lang yung payment ko salamat po

sa buendia ako nakapagpareserve

I'm Arnold I'm interested to course oc: PC Hardware & Software repair. Sun 9-3pm.
I would to us when will start the class? and also to inquire if there is also class on sunday at espanya branch?

nadidsolve po ba ang class kapg one lng nakaenroll? if so,how many should be enrolled pra di madissolve? kac gusto ko mag enrol d2 pero puro reserve lng sa PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - course e. pls advse..--- inquiree

@ Amiel Varias

Sir we need at least 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

I'm interested to enrol at PC Hardware/software trouble shooting and repair. Please count me. i want sched Sun 9-3pm. here's my contact number 0923-4347958

Arnolfo Bello,

Ok sir 1 slot reserved for you.

meron po ba open na course starting mid september.. mga september 20 po??

@ kiko

Yes magkakaroon po. Just keep visiting our site sa ipopost po naming schedule. Thank you.

maam kelan pede makuha certificate? natapos ko na last saturday ung trouble shooting... julius dimla po name ko.

pede po ba sa monday, aug 9, sabay ko na rin full payment ko pagkakuha ng certificate...

@ julius dimla

Yes Sir pde po.

Gud pm po, gus2 q lang malaman kung ilang days yong module 1 at kung ilang hr.?

at kung magkano po pala per module po ba or per chapter?

pede po ba mag inquire thru telephone?

Ilan hours po ung OJT?

@ howell bernie j. rivera

Total cost for Module 1 and 2 is 5,500 in cash at ang course duration po is 30 hours it takes 10 meetings for weekdays sched 5 meetings for weekends schedule.Yes you can call us 736 2032 in España Manila, 889-6042/43, 239-5577 Buendia Branch. Thank you.

@ Rafael Santos

300 to 500 hours for the OJT. Thank you.

kayo po ba bahala sa OJT namin or kami pa maghahanap?

pwede po ba mag enroll sa buendia branch on saturdays?

Nag pa reserve po ako sa Makati branch pero 1 palang ata meron, sana may mag enroll pa para pede sa makati.

Pero kung hindi pede po ba mag transfer sa Espanya branch?

Question for OJT: Sure po ba may OJT after the course? eto po kasi hinahanap ko para sure na magamit ko yung mga napag aralan

Thanks in advance.

Pa reserve na keo sa buendia M-F 1-4pm.. para start na teo!!

@ Denver

Yes may company po kami kung saan pde po kayo mag OJT and maari din po kayong maghanap ng pag oojtihan nyo. Thank you.

@ china

Yes Mam pde po kayo magenroll sa Saturday. Thank you.

@ Rafael Santos

Yes Sir minimum of 3 participants po kasi need namin para magstart ang class ng Monday to Friday at 9am to 3pm. After po ng training iniischedule pa po namin ang inyong OJT. Thank you.

@ ezekiel

Sir confirm na po ang class on Monday at 1pm to 4pm sa Buendia Makati. Thank you.

formula on how to get the price !

@cnctc staff

mam/sir yung

M to F 1-4pm 08-09-2010 08-20-2010

tuloy siya?

pa inform po para dun ako lilipat

@ Rafael Santos]

Yes Sir tuloy po ang pasok sa Buendia Mon. to Fri. at 1pm to 4pm. Thank you.

may tutorial po ba kau na inoofer d2?? in case na ndi mka kuha ng 3 students??


meron po 1 on 1 training pero x3 po ung fee.

mag enroll na kau sa august 23 - sept 3 na sked sa españa, para umpisa na pagdating ko :)

sir tanong ko lang po, pano pag di po umabot ng 3 participants ang isang schedule pede po bang magtransfer ng ibang sched?

@ Paul

Yes pde po kayong magtransfer ng sched na kung saan meron pong magstart. Thanks.

Open ba kayo during saturday and sunday? baka kse sa 21 pa ako enroll for the 23 sked eh.

@ Marie Jo

Yes open po kami ng Saturday and Sunday at 9am to 3pm. Thanks.

Sir ask ko lang po if when schedule ng enrollment nu? May Sunday po ba kasi may work ako monday to sat thansk

mam pa-inform nmn po kng matutuloy ung sked sa buendia dis sunday......para po if ever na hndi matutuloy mkalipat po ako ng ibang sked or course or even ng location po..maraming salamt po....

@ dorene

Meron po kaming class every Sunday sa Buendia Makati at 9am to 3pm. Please call us for your confirmation 889-6042 to 43, 2395577. Thank you.

@ rupert

Sir may one stud enrolled na po sa Buendia Makati every Sunday at 9am to 3pm at may isang reservation pong nagconfirm for the sched. We need one more stud para magstart bukas. Call us 889-6042 to 43,239-5577 for your confirmation. Thank you.

Hi, please confirm my reservation on August 23 - September 3, 2010 - 9 - 12 (KB0101), España Branch. It is under the name of Marie Jo Salvador. Tried calling but no one is answering. Thank you!

sir/maam.desame poh bah d2 sa Baguio TESDA ung course na kbo101

@ mjsalvador

Ok Mam one slot reserved for you. Please enroll one day before the training. Thank you.

@ dilag lito

Wala po kaming branch sa Baguio City.

pwede b kong mag-enroll kahit high school grad lng ako?......

hi po.., tanong ko lang kung meron kayong ibang branch bukod sa buendia at españa? taga novaliches po ako...

@ jo

Sir wala na po kaming ibang branch pa.

sir ok lang b mag inroll dyan kahit di p ako aral ng computer? gusto ko lang kc matutong gumawa ng pc.

ung minimum hours po ba for the optional OJT ay 30 or 300 ?? tnx

@ virgilio catubig

Yes Sir pde kang magenroll dito as long as willing kang matuto.

@ mia

Mam most of the companies required po nila is minimum of 300 hours for the OJT.

Sa mga nagreserve for August 23 - Sept 3 sched sa españa, mag enroll na po kau, sunday pa ako eenroll. cya!

Sir/Maam: Pwede po bang malaman ang Cell No.# niyo?

I will enroll on 9am-3pm (Aug 23) class

sir, mam good morning po sa inyo tanung ko lng po kung daily po ang pasok or every sunday or what? willing po sna akong pumasok but gusto ko lng po malaman ang and how many hours po lahat till matapos ang pagaaral..salamat po.umaasa po ako ur response..god blezz.

@ jervey

sir dito mo nlng po kme kontakin manila tel no. 7362032, makati (8896042/43) thx

@ elmer

ok sir!

@ lebron fox

Ang available sched po nmen M-F 9am-12pm manila sched, 9am-3pm sat. for makati sched sir M-F 1pm-4pm, sat and sunday 9 to 3pm. 30 hrs duration.thank you

mam ask ko lng po pwede pa po ba marefund ung deposit if ever na hndi matuloy ung inenroll?...salamat po

@ rupert

Yes sir pde irefund pag nde na2loy or nadissolve ang schedule na inenroll mu


If makapasa at matapos q ba yung training, pwde aq OJT sa pinapasukan kong company?

Im planning to put an internet cafe....Wat course po b need me itake?....Basic lang po kc ang lam me....Please give me recommendations that can help me....

@ jessica

Itake mo itong course na ito Ma'am then kuha ka din ng PC LAN/WAN or Networking na course. Thank you.

pde ko b kunin ung kb0105? magkakarun pb kau ng sked ng sun? can u please advise me..... tsaka makakakuha prin b me ng certificate khit d me ma ojt?

mam my libre pa bo ba kayo? diba po accreditted po kayo sa tesda.

registered po tau from tesda pero d po tau nagproprovide ng scholarship. sa any tesda office nlng po keo mgtanong sir. . thank you !

sir pwede po b mg inquire jan sa office nyo sa araw ng linggo,my office po b kau? thankz po

@ Marfranco Yacon

Yes Sir pde open po kami ng Sunday 9am to 3pm. Thanks.

Wala pa ba new schedule for September onwards? balak ko kse before or after ng work ko mag aral ulit. (PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101) Thank you.

Good day Sir/Ma'am,
I'm a OFW, Ask ko lang if you accept scholarship sponsored by OWWA.

thanks and more power....

@ Junie

Sir meron po kaming upcoming sched ng September onwards just keep visiting our site sa mga ipopost po naming sched. Thank you.

@ jun

Yes Sir we accept scholarship sponsored by owwa. Thank you.

May schedule na po ba tayo sa PC assembly for September? Enroll kasi ako. Nag take na din ako dating short course sa inyo ng PC LAN/WAN Config last year.

@ silver

Yes Sir meron. San po ba prefer nyo magtake ng training? Thanks.

Sa buendia po, kasi dito ako nag wo work sa Makati. Sundays po ang kukunin kong schedule sana.

@ silver

Sir open for enrollment ang next schedule natin for every Sunday class. Minimum of 3 stud to start the training. Thank you.

Question: Pag sa Makati ka mag training dapat ba sa Makati ka rin magbabayad ng fee? 2. Di ba pwede cash?

@ Junie

Kahit saan po sir pde kayo magbayad pde sa espana or sa makati.

my i know if you offer outside province like roxas city area

ask ko lang po, kau na rin po ba magpprovide ng ojt?zka with nc11 exam na rin po ba tong course na to?tnx po.

kayo ba magpoprovide ng OJT?saka dapat ba 300 to 500 hours talaga un, di ba pede mababa dun kasi nagwowork na ko

wla poh b kaung free training anything bowt computer...

ask q rin poh b kaung training near quezon city????...

@ raech

Wala po kaming free training and wala po kaming branch sa Quezon City. Thanks.

@ jay

Yes kami na po ang magpoprovide ng OJT. Hindi po kasama ang exam dito ng NCII.Ang course po na included ang NCII exam ay ang Tesda Computer Hardware NCII ( Fast Track). Thank you.

@ chappy

Yes kami na po magpoprovide ng OJT its minimum of 300 to 500 po ang OJT na required. Thank you.

may mga exam center po ba para sa NCII, at pwede po bang kami na mismo ang kumuha ng NCII exam?.pero iaassist nyo kami kung saan.thank you.

what if hindi mo agad matutunan lahat,
pwede bang seat-in?

hi good morning! Inquire po kung meron ba kaung ibang branch in provincial areas?

@ ram

Yes pde po kayong mag sit in kung hindi po nyo kagad matutunan lahat.

@ noime

Hello good morning Mam wala po kaming branch sa provincial areas. Thanks.

may mga exam center po ba para sa NCII, at pwede po bang kami na mismo ang kumuha ng NCII exam?.pero iaassist nyo kami kung saan.thank you.

saan kayo banda sa buendia gusto ko po pumasok sa september 11, 2010

thank you

@ Esmeraldo Villanueva jr

Sir we're located at Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank you.

tesda accredited po ba kau?

good day po, ask ko lang po kung ano pong byaheng sasakyan papunta po sa makati branch po ninyo kung manggagaling ka ng fort bonifacio..tnxs po

Hello po, I plan to enroll. after the hands-On training, ung OJT po ba another payment?
and kung i pursue ko ung OJT ma credit po kaya ung time ko?

I'm enrolled at a university currently having Practicum OJT subject. Will it be credited po ba? 300 hours kasi needed. and i Alot ko nlang ung time sa Training Course that i will be attending.

Kindly reply asap, Thanks

@ Jammizi

Sir no another payment for OJT. Yes pde pong macredit but ikaw na po mismo makikipag usap sa company na pag oojtihan nyo kung papayag sila.

@ Paul

Yes tesda accredited po kame

Ano pong requirements n kelangn dalhin for enrollment? Balak ko po magenroll sa monday morning then pasok sa hapon, ok lng po b yun?

@ kris

No any requirements po punta lang po kayo dito sa opis for enrollment. Thank you.

sir/madam pareserve naman po, M to F 9-3pm 09-20-2010 - 09-24-2010 na sked, buendia branch.. mgenroll me friday..sana mtuloy ang class .. thanks

@ Ara

Ok mam 1 slot reserve for you. you can call us @ 889-6042/43 for confirmation

Ask ko lang po.. how much po yung training nyo w/ ojt?

@ Dani

The training fee is P5,500 in cash. Thanks.

tuloy po ba ung class s sunday schedule?

@ jessica

Still open for enrollment it's minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thanks.

sure na po ba yung sched starting tomorrow sa españa? kung 8am ako darating tomorrow can I enrol for it? thanks

@ Jay Cunanan

Yes Sir tuloy po ang class bukas at 9am to 3pm. Thank you.

Meron po bang scehdule ng KB0101 sa November 2010? any date po.

@ Edward

Yes magkakaroon po ng schedule first week of November. Thanks.

ask lang po how many days ma consume yun 30hrs at yun pobang balancesa tuition hanggangkailan pwede bayaran?


pano po kung 1 lang yung nag-enrol. ililipat ba sya ng sked? hlimbawa yung M to F 6-9pm. isa pa lang. eh next week na umpisa. thanks.

@ joel palisoc

Depende po sa mapipili nyong schedule kung weekdays or weekends. The remaining balance will be paid in the midway of the training. Meron po kaming upcoming schedule this end of September and first week of October. Thank you.

@ obed maleniza

Minimum of 3 participants po ang kelangan to start the training. Pde po kayong lumipat ng schedule na kung saan nareach na po ang minimum of 3 students kung isa pa lang ang nagenroll. Thank you.

mam pwede po ba ako kahit na naka 71 units lang ako in total...pls informed me po im am interested po mag enroll salamat po


Pwede po ba mag request ng weekdays na once a week lang.. Hindi po kasi ako available ng saturday and sunday dhil may work.. ang off ko po is tueday-wednesday..Sana po magkaron ng weekdays na once a week

hi wla po bang discount? kc sa tesda if alam nyo dba 3500 lang kasali nayong exam para NC2 mahal kc hirap namn hanap ng 5500

mam cecil tapos ko na PC hardware n software last sat. sa espana pwede schedule mo ako for OJT pra next ko na PC LAN. pwede sit in ako sa sabado coz bitin yong software na nasimulan ko. ok si sir dante and sir joseph, sa sat pwede ko na rin bang kunin certificate ko.

Are there parking spaces for the enrolled students?

sna magkarun kau ng sked na sat ng 3pm onwards or sunday anytime. gusto ko po tlga xe itake ito kya lang my work me til sat eh.

pwde po b dyan kahit nd high school graduate kase gusto ko po matutu ngh skills

@ Rem

Yes meron po.

@ jessica flores

Meron po kaming 3-9pm every Sunday sa Buendia Makati its minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

@ bryan mercado

Yes pde po.

SAAN po ba malapit ung location nyo po d2 po kase me sa caloocan city at magkano po b ang tuition fee????

@ bryan mercado
The tuition fee is P5,500 in cash. Buendia Branch near at LRT Gil Puyat Station and España Manila near at UST. Thank you.

study now,pay later. could be?

Do you have a training center here in santa.Rosa laguna?
Mgkanu kaya ang magagastos ko lahat?

@ ricky bolodo
Sir wla po kming training center Snta.Rosa Laguna.. We only have Sampaloc Mnila and Buendia Makati..Thank you

@ jandel
No sir.

is it possible po ba na ung sched sa sunday gawing 9 to 3pm na lang,

I am interested to take this course (PC Hardware and Software Troubleshhoting and Repair w/OJT).
My questions are:
1) I am 61 yro male, a retired employee of PILTEL, am I still qualified to take the course?
2) Do you have schedule for second half of Oct 2010?
3) Is there room for rent in the vicinity of the venue where I can stay in the duration of the training?
PS: I will be coming to Manila on the third week of Oct2010 from Gen. Santos City.

meyron po akong nephew na 17yrs high school grad. gusto ko po sanang enroll d2 sa PC hardware n software troubleshoot n repair course, sa makati, M to F 9 to 3 pm. puede po ba siya.

do u have sunday sched 9 to 3pm?

sana po magkarun kau ng sunday schedule sa espana branch nyo pra mlapit lang smen.cge n po pls.gusto ko po tlaga itake ang course na ito kya lang may work me til sat.sna po magkarun......

@ bernice buenaventura

As of now 3-9pm po kasi ang available na slot Sir but then magkakaroon pa din naman ng 9-3pm na sched. Thanks.

@ Teofilo M. Duabe

Yes qualified pa din po kayo to have the training wala naman pong age limit. May upcoming schedules po kami for second half of October. San po ba nyo prefer magtake ng training sa España Manila or Buendia Makati? Thanks.

@ teresita traboco

Yes pde po sya ang M to F 9-3pm po namin na schedule sa Makati is open for enrollment kelangan po namin ng 3 enrollees para magstart ang class. Thank you.

kailan po kayo magkakaroon ng 9-3pm sa sunday?

tanong ko lang po kung after the course eh OJT agad right after? and san po mag OJT?

wala poh ba sched ng saturday na 1pm onwards kasi my pasok poh ako sa office ng 9-12...

@ bernice Ann buenaventura

Sir just keep visiting to our site for 9-3pm schedule. Thanks.

d2 sa TTMIST calbayog samar may tesda rin, wla po bang offer n courses PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101 kgaya ng nsa espaÑa at buendia?

pumunta po ako sa ofc nyo sa buendia kanina (10/2/2010) around 5 Pm pero sarado na pala kayo ng ganun oras..

pwde b aqu mg enrol even graduate n aqu?

@ michael santos

Yes pde po as long as willing and interesado po kayong matuto. Thank you.

sana magkaroon na kayo ng sunday 9 to 3pm, this comming weeks ty

do you offer courses like these(e.g., PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101) in your davao city branch?if so, is it covered under the OWWA SESP program?

@ geoffry genil

Sir wala po kaming branch sa Davao City.

do you have sched. in negros oriental? i am from negros po. where can i possible to take the course?

@ Jay Rex G. Buenaflor

Sir wala po kaming branch sa Negros Oriental. Tawag po kayo sa Tesda na malapit sa inyong lugar. Thank you.

Sir/Mam sana po magkaroon kau ng mga branch in provinces like Iloilo... thank you!

my schedule po b n 9-3 M-F s my buendia???????????????? tnx poh

pwede po b pki email po skn ung complete address nyo n mlp8 d2 s my fairview q.c. pra po mkpag inquire po aqu ska mkapag enrol n rn f skali tnx po..............

@ michael santos

Sir 9-3pm schedule is open for enrollment minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

@ michael santos

Our Main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila na mas malapit sa inyo. Thank you.

ung ojt po b pwde jan n rn s inyo mg ojt dba optional un?

@ michael santos

Yes optional po ang OJT may mga company po tayo kung saan mag oojt.

f gus2 ko mg ojt mibibigay nyo po b un sir s mga company n contact nyo?

Sir wala po ba kayong branch sa Laguna? taga laguna po kasi ako.

@ michael santos

Sir i'm very interested po sa training course nyo po.just wanna ask lang about yung saturday schedule 9-3pm ilang minutes po ang launch tym since tumapat sya sa 12nn?so ibig sabihin hindi n sya 6hrs per session.

Sir. ano po mga requirements para makapag enroll?

@ Leear Marquez

Sir wala po kaming branch sa Laguna.

mg sstart n b s lunes ung sched nyo n 9-12m-f s espana

@ michael santos

Sir inform ka namin untill tomorrow hinihintay po namin confirmation ng ibang nakareserved. Thanks.

Sir/Mam my branch po b sa antipolo?

ano po yung pnk mlpit na branch sa atipolo?

please email po skin yung pnk mlpit na b


pwde po b kahit nd high school graduate

@ dan mark guasis

ang main po nmen is samploc, manila and our branch is buendia, makati. thx

@ericsun roman

pwede po sir bzta po may basic knowledge s computer.. thnx

good pm..i am an IT student before pro first year lng then nag stop ako..i want to enrol on your training center...kylangan pba ng transcript?kc hndi pa po ako nakakakuha nun eh!

and how much po pag one on one tutorial.thank you

@ cecilia marie
ok lng po n magtake keo ng training..atleast u have a basic knowledge in computer. .Thank u.

sir sa KB0101 kung sakaling sat 9-3pm po ang napili kung sked..ilang sat po ba bago matapos ang course

@manuel C. Ponce jr

5 consecutive meetings po sir.. tnx

I am interested to enroll in PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101. My only available time is sunday since i have work mondays to saturdays.

@ma. miguela fajardo

As of now mam.. wala png sched n every sunday..

sir bat d po ng appear ung coupon code ko s my pc hardware software e meon nmn ung link n nklagay dun peo ung s cisco ng appear nmn pnu un sir e pc hardware and software ang gus2 me i enrol s inyo............

@ michael santos

Coupon codes can only be used at the specified course..tnx

@ michael santos

Just visit the coupon code page everyday para makakuha po kayo ng code for PC Assembly

hi sir/mam. i enrolled for KB0101 last May but wasnt able to complete my course. can i still sit-in? actually i went back there sa espanya to ask about that, sabi ok lang daw. but that was 2 months ago pa i think.. So, gusto ko lang i-confirm talaga ngaun. now that i really got free time. thanks!

@ cj..

ok sir .. pwede po keo mag sit-in .. twag nlng po keo..

pde pa ba makahabol for enrollment for the course sa KB0101 and i just wanna ask kung halimbawa you already have knowledge about this kind of things pde bang mgjump into KB0102 or nde pde? pde ba kumuha ng exam para ma assess lng kung pde or hindi.. Tnx!

Maa'm/sir,hello po.ask ko lang po nagstart na po ba yung saturday class na ''PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair'' if ever po, pwede po ba humabol? Tapos yung na miss kung topic pede ko po ba kunin sa tuesday and wensday shedule dis coming oct.26 ang start?thank you po...

@ vin

Open for enrollment sir ang every saturday clas dis coming oct. 30.. yes sir pwede sit-in for other schedule.. thank you..

Ma'am/Sir ask ko lang ang tesda ba ay may bayad po ang training??or may libre na training kasi kailangan ko ma train ang pc hardwarre and software troubleshooting at gusto ko rin malaman kung paano gawin ang web design

sir/maam sn nmn po mgkaroon ng schedule s buendia ng nov.15 to nov.20 ng MWF 9am to 3pm. isa po ako s sure n mgeenrol, ang dating ko po kc s pinas e 12 p, hustle n po kc ung 1 to 4 n sched as what is posted po s sched nyo, sn po mbago yn at mgkron ng 9am to 3. request lng po sn.

@ Michael

Sir wala po kaming free training na course. Thanks.

@ kiko

Sir wala po kaming schedule ng MWF sa Buendia Makati only Mon. to Fri. 1pm to 4pm and every Saturday or Sunday sched. Thanks.

gusto ko sana mag enroll,ask k lang f my mas malapit kau n branch sa marikina?

@ lorna deslate

Ma'am our training center is in Buendia, Makati and España, Manila.. thank you. could i know the courses offered by tesda cebu city...tnx

s nov 29 po b e ano po ang possible n schedule 9 to 3 pm n po b? mahirap po kc isingit s schedule ung 10 days e...

@ rico

Sir punta po kayo sa Tesda na malapit sa inyo. Thanks.

@ kiko

magpopost din po kami ng nov. 29 ng 9-3pm. Thanks.

meron po bang pang gabi na sched.?..
6pm onwards? 5pm po kasi out ko sa work eh... interisado ako eh... mag kano po tuition fee?.... pa email na lang po sa permunission[at]yahoo[dot]com or scr[at][dot]ph

@ chester

Yes sir meron po kaming pang gabing schedule M-F / 6 to 9pm. Minimum of 3 students bago magstart ang class. 5500 pesos po ang fee.

sir ung 5k. module 1 and module 2 na un ha?

meron din po b kau d2 malapit sa caloocan at anu po ang qualification at requirements para po makapag enroll po sainyo

Gud pm po, ano po ang requirements pag nag enroll po ako ng PC HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE TROUBLESHOOTING AND REPAIR W/ OJT -KB0101

WALA po ba sa buendia makati sched. na sat. 9-3pm

@ jerome

Yes Sir the tuition fee of P5,500 sa dalawang modules na yun. Thanks.

@ bryan mercado

Wala po kaming branch sa Caloocan City. No any requirements needed and the Saturday schedule in Buendia Makati is on November 06, 2010 9am to 3pm. It's minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thak you.

nagpareserve na po ako sa pc repair every saturday sa makati branch wala pa rin po ba sked.kung sa espana po meron saturday pwede rin po.advise nyo na lang po ako

gaano katagal ang duration ng training at anu ang mga requirment? pwedi ba ung elementary graduate lang,

ask lang po ung 5,500 na bayad ay covered naba ung module 1 and 2

@ cesar

Sir still open for enrollment. Inform po namin kayo pag may magstart na ng class.

@ sonny

30 hours po ang course duration ng training. Yes sa module 1 and 2 P5,500 ang tuition fee.

do you have an outlet in Baguio?

@ Zyra Sakoy

Im sorry mam but only here in Metro Manila

@ sonny

sa palagay ko nde pde ang elementary graduate kc nde cnagot tanung mu e. baka pupulutin ka lng sa kangkungan kung sumali ka d2 sa course na to :)

@ Sonny

Sir required po n dapat high school graduate ang student. Pero kung may alam ka at willing kang matuto.pwede n rin po kaung mag-enroll.Be sure lang n alam mong gumamit ng computer.Thanks

sir / maam, ask ko lng po kung pwd mgpareserve thru this mail/chat? or kylngan p 2mawag? kung pwd po mgpareserve tru this chat, papareserve po sna ako, 1 person, pr s schedule n M-F 9-3 date 11-22-2010 to 11-26-2010. pkireplayan lng po ako d2 kung nreserve nko.

@ kiko

Sir one slot reserved for you. It's minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

How many months it takes to finish this course,after ojt do u have any referrals for us so be employed easily?

@ Ruel Layderos

The training duration is 30 hrs, we have schedule on weekdays M-F/9-12NN for 2 weeksor M-F/9-3PM for 5 Days and Weekends Sat/9-3PM for 5 Saturdays

hi!ask ko lng po may certificate po kaung bnibigay after completing the traning??tnx

@ cecil salvador

Hello! Yes you will receive certificate of completion after finishing the training.

sir pano ung mga interisado talga tapos 2 lang ung nag enroll di sayang naman ung time.. kung ma disolve ung course..

sir meron po bang lalabas na schedule for december?yung pang saturday lng po

@ ruby

Kaylngan mam Atleast three students ang enroll.Kung enrolled n po kau rescheduled un ng next week to fill the 1 slot.

@ nikki

Yes sir meron taung schedule s december. Try to visit our website for the upcoming schedules

god aft.sir my 2 weeks training po ba kau?trianing 4 pc repair,troubleshouting,common repair.very interested to learn about pc repair.

good eve. po tanong ko lang po don po ba sa chapter 1 - 12 nga ilang hours po ba ito bago matapos. o sa isang chapter ay 30 hours kukunin o pagaaralan?

@ Ricky H. Dino

We have schedule from Mon to Fri for 9-12NN that is good for 2 weeks.Just look for the schedules available above this page then you can reserve online for us to inform you if the training will pursue or not before the scheduled Date.

@ Randy

Ang buong training is 30 hours duration.Lahat po ng topic s course na to ay maituturo within the 30 hours duration.

sir. ask ko lang po ung ojt kau po ba ang mgprovide o kami ang hahanap

@ Eldifonso

Meron kaming prinoprovide s students. for OJT pero pwede ring ang mga enrolled student ang maghanap.

ask ko po kung ksama board and lodging

anu po ba ang ipinagkaiba ng kb101 andd kb103 slow track to kb0105 fast track....

i want to ask if you will provide the ojt for us or we will be the one to look for it?

@ jhoe

Sir di po kasama ang board and lodging.

@ onel

The difference of slow track and fast track is the course duration. For PC troubleshooting is 30 hours, PC Networking is 30 hours and for fast track it's a combination of PC troubleshooting and PC Networking it's 40 hours course duration.

Sir gusto ko sana mag pa reserve sa sched na M-F 9-3pm start 12-06-10 to 12-10-10.
Sa manual po ba nandun din ang 2 modules na pag aaralan?Course KB0101.

can all these chapters on module 1 & 2 be covered in 30 hours of training?

@ abel

Yes nasa Manual po ang 2 modules na pag aaralan. It's minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

@ edwin tablan

Yes mapapag aralan lahat ng topics in 30 hours of training.

is this course now in cebu? i interested to study

@ Cabrera

Im sorry ma'am but we are located only here in metro manila.

sure na po ba bukas yung M-F na 11-30 to 12-10 6-9pm na schedule? just incase na mag enroll ako bukas before mag start yung klase?


Ms. Rose pa reserve po ng slot sa PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101

Sched: M-F, 9-3pm

Ilan students po required pra mgstart ung class sa KB0101?

Thanks po.

pa pm nlng po aq kng ma mmove yung schedule po nato:

M to F 9-3pm Start:11-30-2010 End:12-10-2010

Rom: 09228612182

will u provide the ojt for us?

@ Ed

Sir tentative po ung schedule ntn today. At least three students ang confirmed to start the training.Thanks


Sir,start po ung PC Troubleshooting training ntn s makati, Pwede po kaung humabol today kung gusto nyo po, Hindi po nasagot ung comments nyo kapon due to holiday. Thanks

@ Yeng

Yes we can endorse you to a company for OJT.

wen po b next class? di ko npo kc mhhbol yun sked today. Kung next po sana. Pki inform nlng po aq s next sked s mkti.

btw, how much po yung Tesda NC-II exam lang pg sa inyo po kukuha? pa pm nlng po. Tnx 09228612182, mtxtrowa_21[at]yahoo[dot]com

I apologize, I made an online reservation today, but instead of choosing the KB0101 I clicked on the PC LAN/WAN SETUP, Cabling, Wireless LAN Setup, TCP/IP and Windows 2003 Server Admin. Can you make an adjustment about that? I would like to enroll to KB0101 on Dec 18 every Sun from 9am to 3pm. Do I need to do it again online for the correct course I want? Or you can do it on your end? I already sent email about that and waiting for a reply. Here is my cellphone # 09173901563. Thank you and again I apologize.

@ Rosemarie Jacob

Mam we already transfered your reservation to KB0101 for the schedule of Dec. 18 that is every Saturday 9am to 3pm.

Thank you for your quick response.

Good day. meron po ba kayong training every Saturday afternoon or sunday? yan lng po kasi ang avail time. thanks. GOD BLESS!

@ Sherry Mae Baterna

Yes meron po kaming sched ng Sunday afternoon 3pm to 9pm.

Wen po mg start yung Sunday 3pm to 9pm? ds dec po ba? At saan pong branch? If ds dec, ill reserve now and go there to enroll. Thanks for immediate response.

@ Sherry Mae Baterna

December 12, 2010 ang tentative schedule po sa buendia branch.

cn u pls give me the 2011 schedule for pc technician course?tnx

Good day!Puede ko pa po b makuha un certificate para dun s kinuha ko po na kb0101 last march 2010?

@ Edgardo Nogot

yes sir pwede nyo na po kunin ung certificate nyo.

good day ahm nabasa ko po ung mga information about kb0101 at nagustohan ko po ahm may schedule ba kayo ng sunday kc un lang free day ko maam.,.,sana meron pwede po bang hulogan magkano po???

@ jason artus

May schedule po kami ng Sunday on Dec. 12, it's open for enrollment. Kelangan mameet po namin yung minimum of 3 participants to start the training. For installment basis additional P500 then the balance will be in the midway of the training. Thank you.

When po mg oopen ng schedule for this course sa Buendia mkti?

what is the steps of MANs connections. i hope u answer my question.

@ Rom

Sir Buendia Makati is open for enrollment. Please make a reservation online. Thank you.

@ roy pacheco

MANs connection is maximum of 10,000 meters. Above this consider as WAN.

hi,ask ko lng po kng after po ba ng 30 hours training proceed agad sa ojt?ilang hours po ba ang required to finish the OJT?and how about the exam sa TESDA?im just worried about the time duration in all activies, i have to go back to my work after a month vacation...thank you..

May course po kau sa pagconvert ng printer to continuous ink?

@ windy

Iniiskedyul po ung sa OJT mam kc marami pa pong nakaline up. 300 to 500 po ang required na oras pra sa OJT. Ung sa exam nmn po kailangan itake mo po ung dalawang course na PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair at PC lan/wan and Windows Server 2003 course before ka magtake ng CHS NC II exam.

@ cha

Meron lang po kami Printer Troubleshooting and Repair. Wala po ung sa pagconvert ng Printer to continous ink.

is this course available in cebu? where can I check the information? Thanks..

ano po mas prefer nyo na unang kunin? this course or ung COMPTIA A+ ?

ask q lng po kng kayo rin ang mgbibigay ng company na pg OJThan at if ever mtapos na ung OJT my chance ba na ma absorb ng company na pnagOJThan at ma hired?

ask ko lang po after ba ng ojt sa company may chance na maabsorb nila kami.tnx!

@ angelito

Wala po kaming branch sa Cebu.

@ raffy

Sir depende po sa background nyo, kung gusto po ninyo ng basic magstart muna po kayo sa PC Troubleshooting.

@ brix and jay

Yes kami po ang magbibigay ng company for ojt and possible din na maabsorb kayo ng company.

Sir kelan po ba pwede mag-enrol?.pwede b mgbayad sa mismong araw ng training?

kelan po magbabayad? tuloy napo ba this sunday? wla pa po ngtetext sakin kung tuloy na

@ sid

Yes pde pong magbayad on the day of the taining but minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Thank you!

@ raffy

Pde pong magbayad on or before the training. Naghihintay pa po kami ng other confirmation sa mga nagpareserved. Inform po namin kayo ulit for the updates. Thank you!

Sir bali po ba magttxt n lng po ba kau kng matutuloy ung training sa linggo?

to mam rose tuloy po ako sa sun, kaya lng po sa txt nyo is sun/9-3pm pero ang nkalagay d2 sa site nyo is sun/3-9pm, ano po ba tama?

@ sid

Sir sorry it's Sunday 3 to 9pm. Inform ko po kayo ulit kung tuloy. Hinihintay ko po confirmation ng ibang nakaresrved. Thanks!

do you accept ojt students or do we have to enroll first? i'm studying in AMA COMPUTER LEARNING CENTER in cubao

sir pwede pa ba mg-enrol dun sa Sun 3-9pm 01-09-2011 to 02-06-2011 na schedule???..nadelay lng kc ng dating ung pangtuition ko???

@ Ellyse Anvil V. Basa

You need to get our training for you to get our OJT we dont accept OJT who did not take our hands on short courses

@ sid

Yes you may attend if you want.

Hi! When will you have weekend schedules po for pc assembly course? I'm interested po to enroll but need to have it on weekends (in buendia). Thanks!

@ ice

Hello! The weekends schedule every Saturday in Buendia Makati is open for enrollment. It's minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Thank you!

After OJT, it is possible that the company will absorb us. Correct? if so, do they accept college undergraduates?

May I ask po directions on how to get to your buendia office if i'm coming from megamall? Also, may i know exact address po sa buendia branch nyo (pls spcify landmarks if any), and what time po open ang office nyo on weekdays? Thanks a lot!

@ ice

We're located at Rm. 2080 2nd flr. UPY Bldg. # 7 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Cr. Marconi St. Palanan Makati near at LRT Gil Puyat Station or after Imarflex Bldg. We're open at 9am to 5pm in weekdays.

After OJT, it is possible that the company will absorb us. Correct? if so, do they accept college undergraduates? please respond. thanks

saan school tO?

paano ko malalaman kung puedi pa ang sked. na gusto sat. 9-3pm buendia branch. thanks

@ francis

Sir we cannot guarantee you regarding that matter. Only the company can decide if they will hire you or not. Thanks.

@ gilmer cariaga

Sir antayin nyo po ang confirmation kung tuloy po ang class this Saturday. Thanks!

do u have another set of sched by march?

How will we know po kung tuloy sa saturday?
Will your confirmation be thru email, text, call or some other mode of dissemination.

@ rhyme

Yes may upcoming schedule po kami for the month of March.

@ ice

Nagiinform po kami thru email and text.

I am very thankful that I found this site because this is very helpful for me in order to learn about computer.

what covers the 5,500? Module 1 and 2?

wla po ba kau msmalapit d2 antipolo na school?

meron po ba kau d2 mas malapit sa cainta?

@ Jack Cristi

Yes the tuition fee is P5,500 for module 1 and 2.

@ jeff and Jack Cristi

Wala po kaming branch sa Antipolo and Cainta. We're located España Manila and Buendia Makati only.

if sakaling tuloy bukas.. pwndi humabol n ako sa pg enroll bukas??

Any of these schedule will push-thru as sched regardless of how many attendee will enroll?


yes sir pde po kayo humabol at magenroll bulas me mga open slots pa naman


There should be 3 participants before the sched will start minimum of three attendees.

nakapagreserve n ko s buendia ng 1-4pm. pano kaya pag hndi natuloy? guys enroll n kayo. un lng ung available sched ko

Could you give me a start date and end date schedule as well as days and time schedule for February in Buendia, Makati?

@ alfred

Sir pag hindi natin nameet ung minimum of 3 participants, reschedule po ang class natin by next wk. Thanks!

@ Efer

Sir just keep visiting on our site for the schedule on February. Thank you.

tanung ko lng poh kung natuloy ung sked ng sat 9-3 ngaun..thnx

@ jeffe

Sir, reschedule next week and pc troubleshooting class due to lack of students. minimum of 3 students bago magsimula. thank you

wala po bang night class sched kc po my work po me na 6-2 pm

wla po bang sched ng weekends?? un lng kc available time ko!

admin pwede b mag multiple reservation? kung sakaling hndi matuloy ung sched ko ng 1-4pm, lipat n lng ako ng 9-3pm para maumpisahan n. sacrifice ko n sched ko para matuloy lng.



@ eduard calimlim

Cge Sir magpopost din po kami ng pang gabi na class. Just keep visiting to our site for the updates of our schedule. Thanks!

@ monching

Meron po kaming weekends class Sir. Just keep visiting to our site for the updates of our schedule. Thanks!


Yes Sir you can enroll in this course. We're located at Rm. 208 2nd flr. UPY Bldg. #7 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Cr. Marconi St. Palanan, Makati.

@ alfred

Pde po nating ilipat ang reservation nyo Sir ng 9-3pm. As of now ung schedule po namin ng 9-3pm is still open for enrollment.

gusto ko pong mag enrol kaso lang, malayo ang makati. taga bohol po ako,..,

good morning to all..ask lng po kung hanggang ilang buwan ba ang training na ito?

good morning to all..ask lng po kung hanggang ilang buwan ba ang training?saka po malayo din po sa akin ang skol nyo kc tga mindanao po ako..tanx

how much is the enrolment fee,when to start?and if i pay in instalment, how much is the amount

do you have any branch here in cavite because im leaving in carmona

Good Day!

after this training, can i already take the tesda
exam to have the certificate? are you the one who will arrange for the exam in tesda?

Thank you!

@ jufel booc

Sir wala po kaming branch sa Bohol.

@ rogelyn

The total duration of this course is 30 hours.

@ marian garcia

The tuition fee is P5,500 in cash for installment basis is P6,000 upon enrollment the down payment would be P2,500 then the remaining balance will be in the midway of the training.

@ marian garcia

We don't have branch in Cavite.

@ liza

After taking this course kelangan nyo din pong ienroll ang PC LAN/WAN or PC Networking then pde na po kayong magtake ng assessment exam in any of TESDA testing center.

mam student po ako dun sa sat/9-3pm na schedule. pareserve po sna ako ng manual para this coming sat e my manual n ko..thanks po

@ baliat

Ok sir. Kunin niyo nalang po sa saturday.

is there a branch here is laguna?

@ jonald c. castro

Wala po kaming branch sa Laguna..

admin ano ibig sbhn ng 30-500hrs of OJT (optional)? ako bahala kung ilang oras ung ojt ko?

@ alfred

Yes kayo po ang bahalang mamimili kung ilang oras ang OJT nyo.

sir kayo po bang magproporvide if kung saan yung ojt?


@ kalen

Yes kami na po magpoprovide kung saan ang OJT nyo.

meron po ba kayong branch d2 sa leyte

thanks for the info sir,.now that i have a lot of information about this course papareserve nako thanks again.

am very interested to enrol in your buendia outlet. are you willing to receive installment paymen thru VISA card????

@ mel

Wala po kaming branch sa Leyte.

@ kalen

Your welcome! Ok Ma'am gawa na lang po kayo ng inyong reservation for this course.Thank you.!


Do you have other training center in Alabang or Binan?

@ Paterno Ruaya Jr

Yes Sir we accept credit card payment. Please enroll online then select the paypal payment. Thank you!

I am interested but i want to know if there is a branch here in cavite.

pina cancel ko yung reservation ko jan. 15 kc di pa tapos yung check for payment.nag pa reserve ulit ako kailan ko malalaman kung ok na ang sked.jan 29 sat. 9:00- 3:00 thanks.

2 n enrolled. 1 n lng kailangan. sana matuloy n s monday. admin pag enrolin mo n ung mga nagpareserve

@ Marilyn Ortiga

Wala po kaming branch sa Cavite.

@ gilmer cariaga

Yes tuloy na po ang class on January 29 at 9-3pm. Thanks.

@ alfred

Sir wait po natin confirmation nung iba pang nakareserved. Thanks!

sa espania manila meron po bang every sunday ang sked, o kaya night class

Hi Eduard

I'm sorry but we have only Sat/9-3pm schedule.

Thank you.

ano po exact address sa espana at makati??

Gud Pm, Sir gusto ko sana bukas mag-enrol pero sa tingin ko parang wala yata nag pa enrol para sa class bukas hanggang jan 28 sa Buendia makati. Kung pwidi bukas mag start paki text lang po ako 09214507079 at saka ang amount ng downpayment.

sir tuloy ba ung sheduled mamaya niya..

Tanong ko lang saan naman kami mag OJT?

@ jhei El
Our Main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila and Our Branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City.

@ Jonel

Hi. Ok Sir one slot reserved for you. Gawa din po kayo ng reservation nyo online then inform po namin kayo pag may magstart na class.

@ junie

Sir depende po kasi kung saan may available na OJT.

@ kalen

Anong schedule po kayo nakareserved?

today sir ung January 24.tuloy pa po ba? tsaka anu po ung exact location sa buendia sir? thanks,.

@ kalen

Our schedule for Jan. 24 will be resched on Jan. 31 due to lack of students. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class. We're located @ Rm 208 2nd flr. UPY bldg. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., corner Marconi St. Palanan, Makati.

naka enroll na ako sa cisco 1 & 2 pde ko ba i refund un at ilipat nalang sa short course na to. pde ba un?

@ Franz

Yes. Pde nyo pong ilipat ang course na inenroll nyo for PC Troubleshooting. Ano po ba ang prefer nyong schedule? Give us a call @ 736-2032. Thank you!

meron po bang sunday class sa pc hardware & troubleshouting kng meron po pareserve po ako

sa sked po mon/sat pwd po ba mga 5 to 9 ng gabi kng meron pareserve po ako

sa mon/sat meron po bang 5 to 9 class kng meron pareserve po ako

@ edward calimlim

Yes sir, we have sunday class schedule 3pm to 9pm on february 13, 2011 Buendia, Makati. Please do reserve online. Thank you!

Do you conduct training somewhere in Laguna area like San Pablo City?

Can I still enroll on Sat 9-3 pm sched tomorrow prior to the start of class. There's no one enrolled to this class. Please let me know if you're going to cancel the training schedule. tx me at 09081006137. thanks

sa pc hardware & trouble shouting sa espania may sked po n sunday class or mon-sat night class kng meron po pareserve po ako.



Unfortunately, Wala po kameng branch somewhere in laguna

is there any IT shortcourses in iloilo

How to avail on line training? i am in iloilo ,tks

@ shirleyrmi

Unfortunately our Online Setup has not been done yet, for the meantime we are on Classroom Type that more on hands on training and we don't have branch in Iloilo.

gud pm! tuloy ba ung schedule bukas january 31- february 4 ,9am-3pm monday - friday


Magstart po ang class bukas January31 to February 4, 2011 sa España Manila at 9am to 3pm.

sa espania meron po bng sunday sked, sa course na pc hardware & troubleshoting


sir pareserve po ako for 9-3pm Buendia tommorow.. wala pa kasing nagenroll sa recent resevation ko 6-9pm..paki inform nalang po kung matutuloy for's my no. 09157704039


@ eduard calimlim

Ok sir, mag oopen kame ng sunday class for pc trouleshooting. please wait for the update. thank you!

sir pwede pa ba mag enroll tommorow for 9-3 n class??

how much would be the reservation?session of installment basis.tnx

under po kayo ng tesda?
do you have branches near malabon?

@ Rodel

You can at least P2500 for the reservation of the installment basis sir.

@ Aaron Ardiente

Sir we are registered in tesda. Our training center is located @ Espana Manila and Buendia Makati.

sir, ask ko anong banko puwede bayaran yong reservation. salamat

Sir pwedeng pareserve po ako ng Sunday Class pero sa March pa po ako mag uumpisa sana. PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT ang gusto kung course po meron pa po ba kayung slot para sa march sir?this is my contact number 743 9942 my name is Ronald Monje sampaloc area lang po ako pakitawagan nlang po ako sir im interested with this course...pakiforward nlang din po kung anong requirements na dadalhin p salamat

@ Emere

BDO po

@ Ronald Monje

Ok sir we will reserve you a slot for march schedule

Sir ano po ang dadalhing requirements po and what is the exact date kung saan pwede magsimula po ang classs ko sa march po. Saan po malapit ang bldg nyo sa espana po sir

wala na bang saturday class sa espana branch para sa KABO101

@ Ronald Monje

Sir no any requirements is needed. As of now wala pa po kaming schedule for the month of March but the tentative schedule will be first week of the month. Just keep visiting to our site for the upcoming schedule. Our España Manila office near at UST 2 blocks away we're at Doña Amparo Bldg. Cr. G. Tolentino St. 2nd flr. Rm. 210.

mam.. meron bang mag sstart n class by month of march or april? #09392228209 eto po ung contact q. tnx

mam pwede bang magbayad na before the class...basta pa reserve nlang po ako this coming march po any date po kung kailan mag sisimula po ang klase po...eto po ang contact number ko 09158536319 pakiforward nlang po sa akin ang start ng Sunday classes po sa march sakaling dna po ako maka OL po thanks...

sir ito bang kb0101, pure hands-on talaga..and paano pumunta dyan taking lrt2?
yung sat class ilan ang maximum enrollees para matuloy siya?tnx...and meron pa bang ibang expenses pag on going na ang training..such us tools, pc parts, etc. that we need..tnx


how much will i spend if i will take ojt?

for 30hrs?
for 500hrs?

@ richard pelayo

Sir meron pa rin pong Saturday sched sa España Manila on Feb. 19 to March 19, 2011.

@ Reynald Cativo

Sir upcoming pa lang po ang ating schedule for the month of March and April. Just keep visiting to our site. Thank you.

@ Ronald Monje

Yes Sir pde na po kayo magenroll anytime but we need atleast 3 participants to start the class. Thank you.

@ emil soriano

Yes Sir more on hands po ang training. Aside from P5,500 na tuition fee P100 na Manual lang po ang inyong babayaran.Kelangan po ng 3 participants na nakaenroll para magstart ang training. Thanks.

@ sam

Sir the OJT takes minimum of 300 up to 500 hours.

@ sam

Wala po kayong babayaran na fee for OJT it's just an optional after the training.

in this course,how long does it takes?

@ jhelai

The total duration of this course is 30 hours.

Admin pwede ba akong mag Enroll ng PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101 kahit hindi computer related po ang natapos ko...Ab english graduate po ako 4yrs...

m interested of taking this course KB0101. do you offer that online?

I am interested to enroll for KB0101 but i am available only starting March 2011. When can you release the March schedule? Do you offer these online? If not, do you have other location near Parañaque City?

@ Ronald Monje

Yes. Pde nyo pong itake ang course na ito kahit hindi kayo computer related sa natapos nyo.

@ roselle

Unfortunately our Online Setup has not been done yet, for the meantime we are on Classroom Type.

@ ernesto rivera jr

Just keep visiting to our site for the upcoming schedules on March. We don't have branch office in Parañaque. Our office located only at Buendia Makati and España Manila.

ask q lng po if meron ba allowance un OJT nyo, ska dpende po b sa student kung gus2 nyo mg OJT? tnx

@ brix

Yes optional po ang OJT and depende sa company na pag oojtihan kung meron o walang allowance.

sir pareserve ako sa Espana Manila, sunday 3-9 pm..

sir ano nga pala difference ng KB0101 from KB0105, and pre requisite ba ang lower KB before taking up KB0105? ifever i find KB0101 not fit for me can i shift to KB 0105... tnx...

sir pa reserve aq sa 14 m-f 9-12pm

Bro emil mag kaklase na tayo sa Sunday3-9pm sa ESPANA papaenrol na tayo bro...taga saan ka bro emil soriano

bro mukhang di pa matuloy sched natin kasi 3 daw ang kailangan na mag-enroll para matuloy..sure ako na magcoconfirm pero sana may isa pang mag-join for sunday class..marikina ako..

@ emil soriano

Ok Sir one slot reserved for you. The difference of KB0101 and KB0105 is KB0101 is PC Troubleshooting only and KB0105 is PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking course.Plese see this link for reservation:

Thank you!

@ king

Ok Sir one slot reserved for you. Please see this link for reservation:

Thank you!

kelan po ang class sa march??at san po ang OJT ntong course?

bro emil manalangin tayo na sana may mag enrol ulet sa sunday 3-9pm merun yan para kompleto na tau isa lang nmn na bro sana may lilipat ng schedule...dito lang din ako sa sampaloc area lapit lang

marcjerald 3-9pm kana sa SUnday para 3 na tayo nila bro emil

im interested in kb0101. trying to contact landline 8896042-43 walang sumasagot.gusto ko sana makausap isa sa mga staff to guide me b4 ako pumunta buendia. tnx

@ CNCTC kailan namin malalaman na go yung reservation namin and yung course..kasi as of now may 3 ng reservation,when will be the last day of payment..tnx..

@ Ronald Coralde

I'm sorry Sir the staff is having on break that time.

@ marcjerald

As of now we don't have yet set of schedules for the month of March. Just keep visiting to our site for the updates of the schedules and the OJT will be schedule after the training.

To All:

The PC Troubleshooting in España Manila will pursue on Feb. 14-25, 2011 at 9am to 12nn. Thanks!

sir kuwa sana ako shed ng saturday pa reserve po ako punta nalng ako pag na kuwa ko na ung pang down ko ^_^...
plz contck me to my email


may job assistance po ba after training?

@ jerome pagauisan

Ok one slot reserved for you and please see this link for reservation:

Thank you!

@ robert

The tuition fee is Php5,000 for cash basis.

@ che

For job assistance submit your resume @

Thank you!

ok thanks sa info.. one slot reserved.

sir ano po ung requirements nyo di2 sa course na 2??
di ako grad ng collge high scul grad lang po ako

@ Jerome Pagauisan

Wla na taung ibang requirements sir..Pwede po kaung magenroll anytime.

@ Che

Ok one slot reserve for you.


sir kasama po ba sa course ung internet set-up, kasi gusto ko magtayo ng internet cafe and computer repair shop?

oopssdami na namin naka reserve ahaha guyz pang sat po ng madami tau^^....

punta nlng po ako 4 enrolling...k tnx

sir ask ko lang regarding sa OJT after macomplete yun course meron po ba kayong company list for OJT o kami po ang maghanap ng company?

anu po ung mga requirements????khit fresh graduate ng hihg school . .

cnctc staff...
pwede ba malaman kung matutuloy ang schedule for sunday..plan to go there on friday to pay..tnx

@ tiffanny

Kung magtatayo po kayo ng internet shop after po nyong itake ang Pc Troubleshooting itake nyo din ang PC Networking course nandyan po sa course na yan ang internet set up.

@ jerome pagauisan

Ok Sir punta na lang po kayo sa office for enrollment. Thanks.

@ noel

After the training iseset po natin ang schedule ng inyong OJT and kung may company po kayo na gustong pag ojtihan maari po namin kayong gawan ng recommendation letter.

@ nestor

No any requirements for taking this training.

@ emil soriano

Sir inform po namin kayo via text or email kung matutuloy po ang class on Sunday as we need at least 3 confirmation for those who reserved online. Thanks.

Emil bro kailangan pa natin ang isang kasama...admin pay din ako this coming sunday schedule for 3-9pm po

sir san po kya ko pwede mag inquire sa pasig po ako or pa send nlang po ng exact location po ninyo. and schedule kindly respond po

thanks po

@ jeremy

Our main office located at Rm 210 2nd flr Doña Amparo Bldg. Cr. G. Tolentino St. España Blvd. Sampaloc Manila and our branch office located at Rm 208 2nd flr UPY Bldg. # 7 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Cr. Marconi St. Palanan Makati City.

@Ronald Monje
sana nga may 1 pa na mag-join for sunday class.
kahit isa man lang from saturday ang sana ay lumipat sa sunday.
kc opportunity na din sa lilipat na maliit ang klase para mas focus ang concerns sa topic, mas matututo pa tayo...:-) marketing

free ba ito?meron ba neto sa occidental mindoro?

Admin paki inform din po ako kung magsisimula na po ang klase sa SUnday 3-9pm po eto cp number ko 09158536319 tapos landline ko po 7439942 po salamat


@ Myra

I'm sorry mam pero d2 lang po s Metro Manila ang Training Center Natin. And the training is not free.


@ JayJay Espeleta

Sorry sir D2 lang po s metro manila ang location natin

i want to enroll to this course i leave in alabang muntinlupa city,do you have branch here in muntinlupa?

ask ko lng po if ever nag enroll ba pero di po natuloy ung sked marerefund po ba ung pera? or nireresked nlng po?

@ Mercy

Our nearest center for you is our Makati branch. I'm sorry but we dont have in Muntinlupa.


@ Jie

yes mareRefund kapag nde po namen kayo maaccomodate or makabuo ng minimum of 3 students pero usually nireresched natin the following week or day.

pwede bang mag enrol kung walang pang bayad wala pa kc akong pera but gus2 ko ung offer nyo maalpit lng ako d2 buendia makati pls kindly reply regardig sa problem ko salamat....

pwede po bang pkitxt ako if tuloy sked ng feb 28 - mar 04, 9-3pm. either buendia or espana po. gusto ko na po kse magenrol yan nlng po kse ang free sked ko, nagpareserve po ako ng sked last feb 21-25 kya lng po d yta ntuloy un kse 2 lng kme nkareserve and wla atang nag nrol. ddretso npo kse ako ng nrol sa monday if tuloy medyo malayo po kse ang location sa marikina ang hahanapin ko pa po if sa buendia po ang matuloy, para po sna isang lakaran nlng ako. tnx

gud day po sana meron dito sa mindanao particular po sa pagadian.meron po ba?

nag start na po ba ang class sa sunday sked pwd pa po ba humabol,kailan po ulit magkakaroon ng sunday sked sa espania manila? pls reply me.......



@ edward calimlim

Sir minimum of 3 participants to start the training. kaya po hindi natuloy ung class dahil hindi na meet ang minimum students. Yes we will open schedule every sunday.Thank you!

Sir bago po pumasok sa klase kelangan po muna bayaran yung fee. thank you!

@ jie
Mag iinform po kame ulit sa inyo kung tuloy na po ang class by 28. thank you!

@ vhets
wala po kameng training located at mindanao. We only have Buendia, Makati and España, Manila. Thank you!

admin kailan ulet yung schedule yung ng Sunday 3-9pm bakit natanggal na po ang reservation ko...dapat tuloy parin po para makapaghintay kami ng kasama ni Emil soriano

tol edward 3-9pm Sunday na tayo kontak natin si pareng Emil soriano cyah yung kasama ka dati na nakareserve ng Sunday para tatlo na tao...pero bat nawala nmn na ang sunday sa schedule ng ESPANA bat ganun admin?tol edward calimlim txt mo ako 09158536319 kung resume tau sa sunday class ni Emil...

i can't decide this many months? so i can decide this day!!!! tnxz............!

plzz. tell me exact place sa buendia,makati?

admin tnx po, sna matuloy n ung sked sa 28, madami ng nagparesrve sa buendia sna me mag enrol na isa p pra sure na tuloy na, by d way po ung s buendia pno po kya ppunta frm cubao, ung sa espana lng po kse ako familiar. tnx po ule

admin bakit wala na kaung schedule ng sunday sa ESPANA

@ roger

We're located at Rm 208 2nd flr. UPY Bldg. # 7 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Cr. Marconi St. Palanan Makati.

meron din po ba kaung training sa zambales?

@ christopher cabarlo angeles

Wala po kaming branch sa Zambales

@ Ronald Monje

March 06, 2011 ang next schedule sa España Manila.

@ jie

Yes tuloy po ang class sa Feb. 28 sa Buendia Makati @ 9am to 3pm. Sakay po kayo ng FX papuntang Buendia, from LRT Gil Puyat Station lakarin na lang po nyo going to makati ave. after ng imarflex building or small bridge hanapin po nyo ang UPY Bldg. Cr. ng Marconi St.

kala ko admin nawala na reservation kong pang Sunday...salamat po...please paki remind po ako eto cp # ko 09158536319

tnx po admin

mam/sir wen po kau magbubukas nag sunday class sa espania,pls reply me..



gud day! do you offer job support or refferal locally after the training? thanks!

@ Ronald Monje

Ok Sir inform po namin kayo kung kelan magstart ang Sunday class ng España Manila.

@ jake

You can submit your resume @

i live here in laguna. so wala po bung malapit d2ng tesda na may course na ganyan? anu po mga requirements?

@ krezhalyn iry aquino

Wala po kaming branch sa Laguna. No any requirements is needed.

ask ko lng po kung may dormitory jan sa vicinity ng training center para po sa mga katulad kong malayo ang uuwian.imbes na mag commute everyday mag stay na lang jan for the whole training period.

how much

when study start

ask q lng poh ung exsact location nyo sa buendia/ makati

Mayroon na po ba kayo ng schedule ng April.15 onwards

@ larry salazar

The training fee cost PHP 5,500 in cash.We're located at Rm 208 2nd flr UPY Bldg. # 7 Gil Puyat ave. Cr. Marconi St. Palanan, Makati City. The class will start on March 07 at 9am to 3pm in Buendia Makati.

@ Josefina Manjares

Yes we will have schedule on April 15. Just keep visiting to our site. Thanks.

sa pc trouble shouting posible po bang magkaroon ng sked n sunday 9am-3pm kng meron po pwd pk contact nlang me s no. 09286094295


can i have the contact number of this training center pls? tnx

@ Eduard Calimlim

OK sir we will inform you as soon as we have the 9-3pm/Sunday for PC Troubleshooting

Thank You

gd day...wala ba kayong ibng branch sa visayas o dito sa negros occidental?at ask ko lng po kng meron ba kayong job support o refferal pgkatapos nang training....?

@ Misty

You can call us @ 736-2032/5196 for Espna and 889-6042/43 & 2395577 for Makati

Thank you

@ Fernando Jaca

We are only Located here in Metro Manila, particularly Espana Manila and Buendia Makati.

You can deposit your resume @ for the job support.

Do you branches in other provinces?

Do you HAVE branches in other provinces?

@ Junior Reckless

Unfortunately we don't have branches in other provinces.

other than the above mention do you have training center along commonwealth avenue ,quezon city

any requirements needed?

@ reynaldo edera

Unfortunately we don't have branch in Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City.

@ thea

No any requirements is needed.

will there be a schedule that starts on the 27th of March for your España branch?

@ charvie

As of now wala po kaming schedule sa España Manila ng March 27.

Kailan po nmin pwede makuha ung ccertificate? saka meron n po sched pra sa OJT? pc troubleshooting po course q last march 7-11. thankz

gd day pwedi poh ba ma- inrolled, meron kayong branch d2 sa bikol?


pde na po makuha cert nyo just drop by in our office. Naka schedule na po kayo for OJT inform namen kayo kung kela ang start

@mark andrew tesorero

Sir wala po kameng branch sa bikol pde pong magenroll dito lng po sa Manila or Makati

mam ok na po ba ung certificate??.isagani baliat po mam name ko


good evening ,
I took this course last year in Buendia branch sposored by OWWA and they ask for 2k pesos for deposit refundable after na makuha ang check sa owwa until now d ko pa po nakukuha ang 2k na deneposito ko sabi sa akin na tatawagan na lang ako one month since sinabe nila yon. Tanong ko lang po kong kailan ko makukuha an pera ko?
Salamat po and more power...Hoping na masagot ninyo...

@ Cornelia Madella

In regards to your comments, as soon as we receive your OWWA Check you can also refund the 2K initial deposit. In this matter can you please call us in this branch so that we can settle your problem.Thank you.

any schedule in th e 2nd week of april?

may fee pa ho ba OJT?

@ marie
Mam mag oopen po kame ng schedule for 2nd week of april.Please Wait for the update.
Thank you!

@ marie
Ang OJT po wala ng fee.

THANK YOU ma'am/sir! I want mon-fri schedule, april 17-22 at espana

Ok Mam Pareserve nalng po online. Thank you

ask ko lng kung natuloy ung march 21 class s espanya kc may minimum ata kau n 3 students per class. balak ko kc sana mag-enroll para s march 28 e mukhang wala pa akong ksama kung hindi un mag-merge. =Z

bd3p nmn, bkt na cancel ung march 21? lumuwas pa man din ako kgabe galing isabela.... ung sa march 28 sure na po ba?

@ grace
Yes mam hinde po natuloy ang class dahil po kulan ang studyante. reschule po ulit ng mrch 28. pareserve nalng po online. thank you!

@ lester
Sinabihan ko po kayo na cancel ang class dahil po kulang ang studyante. minimum of 3 students before po mag start ang class. Iinform ko na lang kayo ulit for the schedule of march 28. Salamat po!


@ Marie

You have to take both KB0101 and KB0103 before taking the NCII Assesment Exam. After the training, we will assist you in taking the exam.

Mam yung po bang schedules niyo e inclusive na po of OJT hours?


nde po separate po ung OJT hours sa standard training hours for the training

Ma'am, ask ko lang po kung nagbi2gay kayo ng free training sa mga libya repatriated? o di kaya kung may discount na ma avail..

hmmm mam ask ko lang po if how much po fee.... gusto kz sana magtrain jan...
pwd po ba weekend ung pasok... kz my sa wkdays juty kz me sa work....tnx po mt ko reply nyo...

@ jim
The fee is 5,500 cash basis. Yes nag ooffer din po kame ng every weekends. Please reserve online. thank you!


Hello me schedule po ba weekends?kasi mon to sat po pasok ko..ty po

@ Joy Zuniga
Nag ooffer din po kame ng every sunday. pero as of now po kc may on going class pa po tayo. Wait nyo nalng po update namen sa schedule this coming april.

Do you have Sunday classes or evening class?

@ Kathyrine B. Langreo
Yes we have schedle sunday class Buendia, Makati this coming april 3.Thank you!

Is there any place in CAvite where I can take this course during summer (vacation)

@ Lenalee C. Borromeo
None. Only our training center is located at España, Manila and Buendia, Makati. Thank you!

after the training, may tesda certificate ba ito?

@michael lizondra

Wala pong tesda certificate ito kung gusto mu nang TESDA certificate kunin mu ung

TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam na course

ask ko lng po kung pwede mag-enroll kahit undergraduate?


depende po ano pong undergraduate kayo undergraduate sa high school or college?

magkano po sa inyo ang test exam for IT lincensure?tnx!

@josephine saligumba

ano pong IT Licensure exam ang kukunin nyo? kung TESDA CHS NCII Exam Php450 po and exam kung sa mga IT Certification exams naman depende sa Exam meron USD250 for CCNA, USD168 for COMPTIA and USD80 for MICROSOFT Exams

undergraduate po ng college.
ask ko n rin po kung anu pa ang requirements para makaenroll? salamat.

ma'am ask ko lang po kung meron dito sa tacur
ong sultan kudarat.

what are the requirements in enrolling in this course?

@ Cornelia Madella

In regards to your comments, as soon as we receive your OWWA Check you can also refund the 2K initial deposit. In this matter can you please call us in this branch so that we can settle your problem.Thank you.
cnctc staff - 19 Mar, 2011 - 10:11:03
good day po sa inyo,
follow-up lang po kung may balita na sa owwa check. sorry po d ko kayo matawagan c nasa dagat po ako..
salamat po..


wala pong requirement to enroll just drop by to our office and enroll

@Leopoldo H. Luig Jr.

sir wala po kameng branch dyan


If you meet the recommended prerequisites pde na po kayong magenroll

@cornelio medalla

We were told by OWWA na nde pa po narerelease ung cheke nyo wait lng daw po tayo

There's no schedule here in Cebiu City

could you allow a study now pay later term? May i know your exact location at buendia makati?

After I finish this course, can I received a diploma.

what if i enroll now. . .then natapos ko . . mei marereceive po ba ako na diploma??then kau na po ba bhala kng saan ako mag oojt or ako pa po un mghahanap . . wla na din po ba requirements in this course??

Tanong lang po ..
May certificate of training po ba yang kasama??saka anytime po ba pwede mag exam ng Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Assesment sa tesda? o meron pong specfic dates???
may trainings po ba kau n included na ung pagtatake ng exam?

thnks.. :)

Sir/ Ma'am i want to ask lng po about the schedule this saturday april 9,2011 im little bit confused lng . i just want to know if their still a classes on that day because it is a holiday ryt??? Im planning kaxe to enroll that day because it fits my schedule . I want lng a confirmation if you will move the schedule on the other day April 10, 2011. I hope for your immediate response to my email TY.

@ Anna Marie Babor
We don't have training center in cebu.We our located here in España, Manila and Buedia, Makati.thank you!

Hi, nestor
Sir we don't allow study now pay later. Only our payment type is cash basis or installment,50% for down-payment and 50% for the remaining balance upon midway of the training. We our located here Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank you!

@ sally ramos
Yes, accomplishment of the training.

Helo nesty,
Yes,meron po kayong matatanggap na diploma. Upon enrollment wala ng ibang requirements, regarding sa course kinakailangan na marunong kayo sa operating system at interesado po kayong matuto.Thank you!

@ raquel
Yes po meron ng kasamang certificate. Accomplishment po ng training. Sa pagtake ng exam meron mong specific date na ibinibigay. Meron po kameng training with exam TESDA NCII which is yung KB0105 but you need to give us a photo copy ng Transcript of Records nyo or atleast 72 units in college.Thank you!

@ lee pineda
The schedule class for April 9, 2011 will move April 16, 2011 due to holiday.Thank you!

Balak q po n mgtake ng exam ng TESDA NCII

Ok lng nmn po cgurong hiwalay qng kunin ung kb0105.. tama po b?! (KB0101&KB0102)

After q po bng kunin un.. iaasist nyu po ba q s pgkuha ng exam o aq nlng ung bahalang gmwa ng paraan pra mkpgtake?!

-kung namove po ung start ng klase sa april 16 pde p po b mgenroll after april 9 or kailngan po tlg n mgenroll n q on or before april 9 pra mkasama k s klase?!

-ska ung sa ojt po?! kau po b ung mgpprovide ng company pra s ojt o aq p po ang mghahanap? ska my allowance po b un o wala?

Ty ma'am for the info :)

tanong lang poh gz2 q sana mgaral ng tech.. eh my schd poh b kyo ng sunday?? ? lang poh.. hmmmp pwde poh s isang wek eh 1day k lang pmasok..kylangan poh bang araw2 k pmpask... thxx kc poh my work ako eh..

@ raquel
Yes pwede mong kunin ang slow track training,iaasist ka po namen for the examination for TESDA NCII. yes po pwede kayo mag enrol before or on the day of the training April 16. April 9 class will move due to holiday. thank you!.

Meron kameng every sunday class 3pm-9pm this coming April 10 Buendia,Makati. Minsan lng po yan sa isang linggo. Salamat!

kelan po kaya mgkakaroon ng Sunday class sa espania pra sa course na KB0101? mlapt po kmi sa espana e, and my work din, so snday lng po ako available.

@ Miqui Garcia,

Sir ongoing pa i\ung Sunday schedule natin. Possible Schedule for Sunday is May 24, 2011/3-9pm

gudam po.. kelan po ba magkakaroon ng LCD MONITOR SERVICING AND REPAIR and how much po yung course fee. please answer. thankl you

Kelan poh ulet yung start ng Sunday Class ninyo?
Tsaka sa pag-take ba ng TESDA Certification dapat may transcript pa?

@ Isaiah Pascua
As of now wala pa po kameng schedule ng sunday class but we will post as soon as possible just please wait for the update. Yes our requirements for TESDA NCII with exam is the photocopy of your transcript,at least 72 units in college and 2 copies passport size picture.thank you!

Do you have other branch along cavite areas?In studying computer course, how long it takes, how many days or months?

@ Rosemarie Gray
Wala po kameng branch in Cavite areas. We only have training center here in Buendia,Makati and España,Manila. It takes 30 hrs duration,5 consecutives meeting mon-fri or every Saturday or Sunday. Thank you!

im interested,send me feedback info in fb search u po (arnel paur)my not working anymore kung chat pwede

Hello po Sir/Mam.. Ilang Months or days ang OJT sa KB101? then saan po naka base ang schedule sa OJT?

@ Joan
Our OJT is 300 to 500 hours duration, base in Quezon City.

Usually gano katagal matapos ang isang coarse @ magkano inaabot ang isang coarse?

Mam/ Sir, may branch ba kau dto sa quezon city? san banda po? and how much the Ojt Fees? thanks

wala bang ganyan dito sa socsksargen area?


Umaabot po ng 1 week for 6 hours a day na pasok or 2 weeks for 3 hours a day at kung every Saturday or Sunday ang pasok it takes 5 consecutive Saturday or Sunday. For this course the tuition fee is Php 5,500 in cash.

@ apriljoy

Unfortunately we don't have branch in Quezon City. Our office is located in España Manila and Buendia Makati. Wala pong bayad ang OJT, is just an optional kung gusto po nyong kunin after the training.

@ emmanuel silverio

Wala po kaming branch sa socsksargen area.

sa espana and buendia lang ba branch nyo? meron ba sa cavite? I saw that the schedule for mon - fri only last for one week time. Un lang ba time for lecture together with hands on? If hindi un, ilan months aabutin ung course? and ung format ng training. pki explain po. thanks..

@ darrel dejan

Yes, España Manila and Buendia Makati lang po ang branch namin. Wala po kaming Branch sa Cavite. The total course duration is 30 hours, more on hands po ang training.

hi im renz from Cebu ask ko lng po kung meron ding short courses regarding computer dito sa Cebu ..thanks po


@ renz

Hello Renz unfortunately wala kaming branch sa Cebu.

@ liezel

Hello. Wala kaming cellphone repair course and wala din kaming branch sa Cagayan De Oro.

hello...uhm tanung lang po, kung kayo na po ba ang bahala sa ojt after matapos ung course??


where was the tesda school i found im in valenzuela city


yes kame na po bahala sa ojt after matapos ung course

Gud day sir, may discount po pag kumuha ako ng dalwang short course ng sabay? for example, cisco 1 at PC Hardware and Software troubleshooting?

@ jp

Sir get coupon code to get discount.

Sunday class available?

@ Veronica Dalusong

The tentative schedule for Sunday is May 22 to June 19, 2011 in Buendia Makati.

ok p po b un sched m-f 9-3 04-25-11 to 04-29-11?

Bakit Po nawala na ung every saturday na April 30 ang start???

@ vivian apresto

Resched po ang m-f 9-3 04-25-11 to 04-29-11. The class will be on May 2-6 at 9am to 3pm in Buendia Makati.

@ Raquel

Our April 30 schedule is still open for enrollment.Minimum of 3 participants to start the class.

saan po ba ang adress na tesda sa buendia makati? At tanung ko din po sa tesda po ba ng taguig city anu po ba ang mga free training courses nila?

@ Rosalito A, Brinas

Our branch office is located at Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan. Tawag po kayo sa Tesda kung anong free training course nila. Thanks.

wen po magkakaroon ng sked s espania ng pc trouble shouting? pwd po me contact sa # 09286094295 kng magkakaroon ng sked.tnx

@ eduard calimlim

Anong schedule po prefer nyo sa class ng pc troubleshooting? Thanks.

ser how to get a discount if there is?

@ vin

Get coupon code to avail discount. Thanks.

mga 9am-3pm po sna...


may job assistance ba ito? if u done the training successfully, may guaranty b na makakakuha ka ng trabaho wd high salary rate?


@ eduard calimlim

Magpareserve po kayo online pls. see this link for reservation

Thank you.

@ eduard calimlim

You can call us at tell nos. 736-2032, 889-6042/43.


You can submitt your resume at for job assistance.

tanong qo poh magkano tuistionfee?tnx at kung meron poh kau branch dito sa valenzuela?

sir ala po b sunday class s manila branch?
or anu po ung next sat sched?

@ krizha

The tuition fee for this course is Php 5,500 in cash. Wala po kaming branch sa Valenzuela.

@ chad

Meron pong Sunday schedule sa Buendia Makati. As of now sa España Manila wala pong Sunday sched. Please wait for the update for Saturday schedule. Thank you.

what will we bring? do we have to bring notebooks?

@ mic

Yes, just bring notebook for the lecture.

may branch po ba kau dito sa laguna?

@ Nathan

Unfortunately we don't have branch in Laguna.

sir ung sat sched sa may 21 pde po b un mgenroll at d same day?or should be days before the sched?thanks

@ chad
Yes po pwede kayong mag enroll before or even on the day of the training May 21, but you need to reserve online. thank you!

good morning po. pano kapag 1 lang yung student?

Hello po!

Gusto ko sanang mag aral na sa KB0101 this month, kaya lang yong day off ko po sa work every tuesday lang. pwede po ba mag request na mag open ng sched. every tuesday? naka pag enrol na kasi po ako sa buendia kaya lang hindi pa ako naka pag start kasi conflict yong sched ko sa work.

Good day!!! sir,madam, Tanong lang po, pagkatapos po ba ng course ay kasunod na ang ojt? san naman po company mag oojt? isa po ako student na nangagailangan ng ojt at ng course na to. thank you!

pwede bang magdown muna sa mga short courses....

@ Faye

Pag isang student pa lang po ang nakaenroll at hindi po natin nareach ang minimum of 3 on the date supposedly na magstart. The date of the class will resched.

@ franz

Yes, pde po munang mag down payment.

@ Joan

We will try to open every Tuesday class.

Ask ko lang po, after po ba ng course may ojt na agad kayo na bibigay? san company po?tnx

@ sheena

By schedule po ang OJT. Thanks.

I'm OFW,and be back home this May24.I'm interested to enroll on course KB0101, can you please send me your schedule this coming june.


@ Hipolito Lontoc

Our tentative schedule this coming month of June will be on June 6 to June 10, June 13 to June 17. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

Thanks po!

God Bless...

ask ko lng po sir panu gwin q di q nprint ung reservation q for may 21?uultin q po b mgpreserve?

@ chad

Ok lang Sir. Wag na po kayong magpareserved ulit. Thanks.


punta ka sa Manage My Courses Click mu to Enter mu student Number mu and Email click search Makikita mu ung pinareserve mung course Click mu ung Print this Form na link

im interested to enroll KB0101 but i dont have free sched this month. Do you have Sunday sched on June onwards? And when will your office post it?

Thanks Alvin

@ Alvin Salcedo

Yes Sir, we will have Sunday schedule on June. Just keep visiting to our site for the updates of the training schedules. Thank you.

kayu po ba tatawag sa amin regarding sa ojt kung matapos na ung course? thanks po..

@ jay

Yes tatawagan po namin kayo kung may slot na for OJT.

wala ba kayo cell number para hindi ako mahirapan magkontak sa inyo.wala pa kc telephone sa llugar namin.

@ wenefredo virtudes

You may call or text at mobile number 09322326526.

mam, kelan po ba pwede makuha ung certificate? nun last wik lang po natapos...

bawat courses my certificate o mageexam para makakuha? (nalito lang)

Good day,

Inquire po ako kung nag oofer po ba kau ng online study? Malayo po kasi ako sa Manila. I'm really interested sa mga courses nyo. Pls let me know asap.
Thank you!

@ Henry

Sir within the week. Pero itawag nyo po mna bago nyo kunin kung available na para hindi masayang punta nyo dito.Thanks.

@ Cedrick

Yes po may certificate na ibibigay bawat course na matatapos nyo.

@ John Mark Santos

Pasensiya na po pero wala po kaming online training.

ah okie...thanks....mga may 16, enroll nako ahehe

ask ko lang po pano kung di ako mka-attend this coming saturday - 9am-3pm shift kasi may lakad lang ako na importante, pwede ba ako mag-sit-in sa ibang shift?

@ Pau
Yes po pwede po kayong mag sit-in sa ibang batch.

mga nakukuhang certificate by exam na iba na rerenew ba yun?? (y/n)

ilang araw po ba matatapos ang training na ito?

@ james

For weekdays schedule of Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm it takes 1 week or 5 days training to complete the 30 hours course duration. For weekends every Saturday or Sunday 9am to 3pm that is 5 Saturday or 5 Sundays.

Goodeve po sir/maam, ask lang po kung hanggang ilang students ang pwede sa course na to?
naka reserve palang po ako sa Monday ko pa po planong mag bayad..

ask ku lang mam kung may handout po kayo na ibibigay samen.. ^^

@ jayson
Yes po meron pero another payment po yun which is P100. Thank you!

madam start n po b tau sa monday/tomorrow?

@ paulo

Yes Sir start na po ang class nyo bukas sa Buendia Makati 9-3pm.

sir/mam nagpa-reserve po ako para po sa course na ito,, kaso nga lang po hindi ko po makita ang date kung kelan po ang start ng klase,, kelan nga po ba?? thanks po...

@christian reyes

Check mu ung details ng pinareserve mu through Manage my Courses link here Enter your Student Number and Email then click Search you can now see the Schedule of the courses your reserved

ilang days po ba aabutin ang com. hardware servicing nc2 course kung mto f ang sched?

6 months ba tong course n 2!! and wala ba sa caloocan!? this coming june b wala opening?

May minimum students po ba para ituloy ang isang class?

@ joan morados

Aabot ng 1 week ang training for CHS NCII course ng Monday to Friday.

@ ronnie senorin

40 hours ang course duration ng course na ito. Wala kaming branch sa Caloocan.

@ Nel

Minimum of 3 participants ang kelangan to start the training.

dis june b may class and if ever may mga enrolees nrin b?

@ dhemo senorin

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng class sa June. Enrollment is still open.


sir/mam,, matututo po ba ako sa course na ito kung paano po gumawa ng anti-virus program?? thanks po...

@ Nonoy Barrameda

Yes, tumatanggap po kami ng scholarship na galing sa OWWA.

@ christian reyes

Hindi po tinuturo dito kung paano gumawa ng anti virus.

if I'm not mistaken ma'am, this course is only 30 hrs?

@ Julie

Yes Ma'am this course is 30 hours of course duration.

can anyone take your courses??or does it nid to be an IT student or have an IT interested in enrolling but i dnt hav any background in IT but i have many experience in reformatting and little troubleshooting in laptop..i want to learn more..

hi po.. tanung ko lang po kung wala pa po bang open na ojt?? para po dun sa batch ng MAY 2-6...


@ mr.malaca

Yes Sir anyone can take this course. It does not need to be an IT student to take this course.Thank you.

Sir pwede po ba magkaron ng schedule ng sunday sa espanya branch?..tnx

magkakaroon po ng schedule ng sunday sa espanya branch? maari nu lang po me cont.# 09286094295

hi po.. tanung ko lang po kung wala pa po bang open na ojt?? para po dun sa batch ng MAY 2-6...


Meron bang schedule for the month of July to August or any month aside from the schedules given?

@ jerome

Ok po magoopen kami ng sunday schedule sa españa, manila.

@ eduard calimlim

Ok po magoopen kami ng sunday schedule sa españa, manila.

@ henry

Magiinform po kami sa inyo kung pwede na po kyo magOJT.

@ Lui

Yes po magoopen po kami ng schedules for July to August pakicheck nlang po sa site namin ung updated schedules.

Thanks for your reply. Hope you can arrange for a weekend schedule in Makati branch for KB0101.

sir/mam pwd ko po ba malaman ang contact # niyo.pag my mga nagpa enroll na pc trouble shouting bilang niyo n po ako,contackin niyo po me sa# 09286094295 para mkpag paenroll...

@ Alvin Salcedo

Sir we have Saturday and Sunday schedule, open for enrollment in Buendia Makati.

@ eduard calimlim

Sir call us at tel nos. 736-2032 in España Manila and 889-6042/43 in Buendia Makati.Ano pong prefer nyong schedule weekdays or weekends class? Thank you.

Do you issue certificates after the training course?

@ Michelle Ong

Yes we give certificate of completion after the training.

Tuloy po ba yung class sa Sunday? Yung 3 to 9 pm?

@ Isaiah Pascua

We will inform you later kung tuloy po sa Sunday ang class. We're still waiting for final confirmation ng mga nakareserved. Thank you.

@ Isaiah Pascua

Sir tuloy na po on Sunday ang class ng PC Troubleshooting at 3pm to 9pm.

i just wanna know, if the Php 5,500 course fee,
will cover all the course outline above from module 1 - module 2?.
how many months or days will that course fee covers?,
on the description above it says there that 30hrs. of HANDS - On training and 30 - 500hrs of ojt which is optional,does it mean there is another fee for that ojt?...
i'm very interested on this course,kindly give me more information regarding on my questions..

Good day and Thank You!!. ^_^

@ rhea

Yes, the tuition fee of P5,500 is cover all the course outline from Module 1 and Module 2. It takes 5 consecutive days for weekdays or weekends class. No additional payment for the ojt which is an optional only.

Ask ko lang how to avail yung free na course sa tesda?

@ german

We do't have a free training. Call TESDA office near at your place if there's still free training to avail. Thank you.



the training will be accomplish for 5days, based on the schedules above it shows there that there will be 6hrs/ class.
when is the OJT get optional?
what are your requirements for enrolment?
i'm from CEMBO, Makati City, How can i get there at your Buendia, Makati branch?
So I can personally inquire....

Thank You so much!.

@ eduard calimlim -

Meron po kaming magstart today na class sa Buendia Makati at 3pm to 9pm. You may call or send sms at 09322326526. Thank you.

@ alvin

Hi,Alvin. No requirements for enrollment. Kung galing ka ng Cembo Makati sakay ka ng pa Guadalupe then sakay ka ulit ng jeep or bus na papuntang LRT Buendia or Leveriza, pababa ka sa Marconi St. after ng Bautista St., akyat ka 2nd flr. UPY Bldg.Thanks.

mam, tnong ko lang po sana,, halimbawa po ba na natapos ko po ang training sa course na ito eh pwede na po ba ako kumuha ng certification sa tesda para po maging isang "licensed" computer technician? sabi po kasi sa iba kelangan naka-graduate din po ako ng 2-year course eh,, thanks po...

kapag po ba bumaba na po ako ng LRT buendia eh malapit na po ba ako sa office nyo?? thanks po

@ christian reyes

Kelangan po na may knowledge or naka pag take ng training na PC troubleshooting at PC LAN/WAN course before you can take the TESDA NCII Exam and we required students to have atleast 72 units in college.

@ christian reyes

Yes po malapit na kayo sa Buendia, Makati office namen arround 5 minutes walking we are located at Brgy. Palanan, Marconi st, Gil Puyat Ave, Buendia Makati.Thanks

hi! ask ko lng po if espana at buendia lang po ba ang branches ninyo?at yung sa buendia ano po ba ang landmark nito para mas madali puntahan.thanks po.

Please send to me your contact number and address @ gringo.toribio[at]rmkr[dot]com, 639278799826.


@ dennis

Hello. Yes, España Manila and Buendia Makati lang ang Branches namin. From Gil Puyat Station walking distance going to Makati Ave. nearest landmark is IMARFLEX Outlet Bldg and small bridge. Thanks.

pwd po mg ask about s evaluation form for OJT? san ung website po nun ?

@ Jerico B. Pangilinan

Wala po kaming particular evaluation form for OJT.

1:1 po ba yung gagamitin na mga computers at iba pang equipment?

@ jp

Yes one is to one po ang gagamitin na computer.

pero mam,, siguro naman po magagamit ko po ang certificate na makukuha ko po sakali po na matapos ko po ang course,, at saka po, kahit po ba 4year undergraduate pwede?", basta po naka-72 units??

@ christian reyes

Yes, magagamit po nyo ang certificate na makukuha nyo at basta may 72 units pdeng mag exam ng TESDA certification. Thanks.

mam/sir meron po bang pang night schedule,, ung 6-10pm ng gabi?

@ fundador joebert

Ok Sir we will try to open night schedule. Please wait for the update of our schedule. Thanks.

can we learn through internet schooling? The sitew is quite far.

san po usually ang ojt at ilang hours po???????/ngbibigay po b ng ojt certificate after ng ojt.......

GOOD MORNING PO tanong me lang po kung may branch po kayo dito sa bataan?

@ roberto madrelejos

Wala po kaming branch sa Bataan.

@ Mary Grace M. Virata

Usually meron po kami sa Paco and Makati area. Hingi na lang po kayo ng certification kung saan kayo nag OJT.Thanks.

meron po ba kayo ofice n pinaka malapit dito sa tanauan batngas??? kahit sa calamba laguna o sa batangas city mismo??

@ Juanseph Opulencia

Wala po kameng branch na malapit sa batanggas city. Dito lang po kami sa manila and makati located.

may pasok ba sa june 20?Holiday po yata yun?start kasi ako dyan ng june 20, 1-4 pm
tnx jr

@ Demetrio Canlas JR.
Kung declared holiday po ang June 20 mamomove ng June 21 po ang class. We will inform you kung mag start po ang class. thanks

continues po ba ang mga sched nyo?meron poh ba kayung offer sa mga susunod na month?

@ rosiel
Yes po continues ang schedule po namen.every month po yan.

Greetings! I just want to ask the short course KB0101 - PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT, if the Course Outline shown in your website : Module 1 Chap 1-12 and Module 2 Chap 1-12 will be all included in P5,500.? Please clear me on this 'cuz I want to enroll my brother asap.What is your office landline. Thanks.


Yes Module 1 Chap 1-12 and Module 2 Chap 1-12 are all included in P5,500.

my brother did not go to college, it's allow to take this course?

gud day po..ask k lng kung mag e2roled ako s saturday class pwd p b me magpalipt ng sked ng weekdays

@ rich
If he has a basic knowledge regarding computer and operating system we will allow him to take the training at least the students willing to learn.

@ renante
Pwede po.

Do you accept high school graduate to enroll for the course PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair?

@ jox rabaya
Yes we accept, unless the students willing to learn, and atleast have a knowledge regarding basic computer and operating system. thank you.

Gusto ko po sanang magenroll ng KB101 kc ito lang po ngayon ang kaya ng budget ko pero kung makuha ko man po ito ano po kailangan kong gawin para makapagexam sa tesda. Yung kasunod po ba ng course outline nito ay ung KB103?

@ esn

Yes, after po nyong matake ang KB0101 kelangan nyo din pong kunin ang KB0103 na course code.

hi.. im a registered nurse.. but since, sa computer ang passion ko.. gusto ko sana mg aral ulet ng mga short courses.. gusto ko sana itake ung KBO1O1.. ok lang po ba un kahit wala ko backround about computer? do u think enough na po ba yan? marame na ba ko mtutunan jan, at mkakahanap na po ba ko ng work after ko itake yan? salamat po

@ emz

Hello. Yes, ok lang po kung wala kang masyadong knowledge sa computer. This is a basic course naman at marami kang matututunan.

hello po! tanong ko lang po kong pwede mag aral sa inyong training school ng high school graduate lang ?at kung sakali pwede papaano ang enrollment process jan..kasi till now naghahanap pa ako ng school para makatraining ako..pls. gusto ko malaman agad yong sagot nyo. at salamat po!

hi,yung sa buendia makati po june 18 na po pala ang start ng scheduled class every saturday..pwede pa po kaya akong umabot if june 25 pa ako magstart pumasok?computer technician naman po ang course ko dati di lang po ako nka grad,malayo po kasi kung sa espana pa ako mag eenrol..thanks po..

@ marybeth

Yes, pde po kayong magenroll. Please see this link to make a reservation online para mainform po namin kayo kung kelan ang confirm na magstart ang class.

@ aniceto m. avellano,jr.

Sir nareschedule po ang June 18 na class due to lack of participants. Gawa po kayo ng reservation nyo para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy ang class sa June 25. Thanks.

kailan po magkakaroon ng schedule ang pc trouble shouting sa espania,pls reply me, or contact me 09286094295

sir/mam bilang niyo na po ako kng my ng pa enroll n sa pc trouble shoutng sa makati, pls imform me or call me w/this no. 09286094295 kc im not always open my net.i`ll be waiting for ure responce.....

@ eduard calimlim

Ok Sir inform na lang po namin kayo for the Sunday schedule in Buendia Makati kung kelan ang next schedule.

Ung pong sched na June 21,2011 4 days na lang po dahil holiday this June 20,2011. Pano po un dba dapat mga 5 days po siya.

Paano po magcommute papuntang Manila branch n'yo from Pasay? Ano pong sasabihin sa jeepney driver na bababaan?

And tuloy po ba yung sa June 21 sched?


@ esn
Ginawa po namen 4 days ang sched from 9am to 5pm na po which is the class is 30 hours in duration. Kaya po huhugutin na lang sa oras yung monday na walang pasok. Thank you.


From Pasay going to Manila branch take a jeep ride going to cubao, project 1 to 8 or fairview take off at Morayta in espana. You can now see a seven story gray building that our location

gusto ko po sana mg traning.. kailan po yung start?

@ rej
Which will you prefer weekdays or weekends? We hae tentative schedule on june 25 at España, manila. please reserve online.thank you.

@ rej

Saang branch nyo po ba prefer na magtake ng training sa España Manila or Buendia Makati? Kung confirm po kayo na mageenroll meron po kaming magstart sa Buendia Makati on June 25/9am-3pm at sa España Manila June 25 also/9-3pm.

GUdPM panu po kung 1 person plng po ang nkakapagenrol halimabawa po yung sked n sat 9-3 ng espana, manila mgiistart b siya o maghihintay p siya ng 2 thnx

@ rap

Kelangan po maging 3 po sila para magstart ang class. Pag isa lang po ang nakaenroll mag aantay pa po ng dalawa pang makakasama.

mam, ilan po ba yung minimum enrollees para makapag simula n po ng class?

@ jp

Minimum of 3 enrollees Sir para makapagstart ng class.

Dear Madam/ Sir,
what's your advantage in some other computers nowadays?or from other like sti and ama.
thank you so much. your response are highly appreaciated


ask q lang po.. la bang paraan para makakuha ng discount sa training nyo poh..??... im so interested po, pero lack of budget lang... 5500 or 6k is a big amount n rin...

i was planning to take 2 trainig course poh.. la poh bang discount un... or maybe basta mabawasan lang ung babayarann...


Our advantages from other training centers are listed here please click this link


Yes we are giving discounts through coupon codes please go to this link for the discount coupons

elow!!! can a undergrad nursing can enrolled in your school? im in 3rd year when i stop schooling i had take nursing but i dont have interest in my course. my mother just push to take that course. im interested in your offer courses.

ilang days po ung training ang mag kano po ung enrollment fee? wala nabang bawas? actual teaching po ba yan?

@ sherihan abdulajid
Yes you can enroll to this course at least you have a basic knowledge in computer.

@ mark
yes po actual training po ang teaching, the course fee is 5, 500 for 5 consecutives meeting.

im a working mom is der sunday school classes

@ flory sibuma

Yes, we have Sunday schedule.

pede po b every sunday lng ang class? ilan months po pg short course?

@ gladys

Yes pde. Meron po kaming Sunday schedule in Buendia Makati 3-9pm. For 30 hours 5 Sundays ang training.

mininimum of 3 participants po diba, bakit po yung M-F 9-3pm 4 na yung nakaenrolled, bakit po open pa rin yung status, di pa po ba nagstart?

may globe # ba kau pwede tawagan?

@ aims

Natuloy na po ung schedule na M-F/9-3pm sa buendia, makati.


Eto po globe number na pwde nyo tawagan 09265575520.

need pa po ba magpareserve or pwedeng diretso enroll na agad? either yung sat.9-3 po sana ang or sun.3-9pm sa buendia yung kukunin naming sched, san po pwedeng direct na mag-enroll?pwede po ba mag-enroll ng saturday/sunday?sino po yung hahanapin?

Saan ginagawa yung ojt?

nag-try po ako nung sa reserve course nyo dito sa site, ayaw po kasi may error sa required fields, wla pong select option yung sa course schedule and course fee pati may error sa payment option, pano po makakapagreserve, pwede pong diretso enroll na

nagpreserve po ako sa sched na M-F 9-3pm July 4 - 8..pano ko po malalaman if matutuloy yung class? kasi po di ko lam kung magbbyad na ba ako..


You need to select the course to enroll first and then the course schedules and course fees will appear. Pag nde po nagappear ung course schedules maybe you are using Internet explorer version 6. You need to update your browser to IE7 and Up or Firefox 3.5 up tnx


We will get in touch with you a few days bago magstart ung class inform ka nemen kung confirm na ung schedule tnx

tanung ko lng po kung may lunch break ang 9-5pm na sched? marame po ba mlapet na food chain sa cnctc (españa)?

@ Nesann

Yes, may lunch break po tayo at marami pong malapit na fast food chain dito sa España.

are there any other branches that you have which is nearest to new york ave. cubao, qc,
i'm interested in your pc hardware and softeware couse,but the branch that your offering is far from were i'm currently staying,pls do tell me the exact number of days needed to finished this course if im gonna enroll in your saturday class. thx

meron na po bang nagconfirmed para sa pc assembly hardware troubleshooting na class, july 4-8, 9-3pm?

@ jovie ann ojascastro

Wala po kaming branch na malapit sa New york ave. Cubao, Quezon City. 5 consecutive days for Saturday class.

after finishing this short course will give us any certificate which is accredited by tesda? and can you tell me the easiest way to get to your place if im coming from cubao, and how long are you offering this course??

kailangan po namin malaman asap kung tuloy klase

ilang buwan po itong short courses?

@ jovie ann ojascastro

Sir after finishing the course you will receive certificate of completion. Take and pass the Assessment exam for you get the CHS NCII certificate from TESDA.Kung galing po kayo ng Cubao sakay po kayo ng jeep na papuntang Quiapo then baba po kayo sa kayo sa G. Tolentino St., nearest landmark after UST two blocks away makikita nyo na po ang Doña Amparo Bldg. The training takes 5 consecutive days.

@ edmund

Sir as of now 2 pa lang po kayong nagconfirm. Wait pa po tayo ng isa pang magconfirm para magstart ang class sa July 04. Thanks.

@ Peach Sago

Ang total duration ng course is 30 hours. 5 consecutive days po umaabot ang training.

panu po magpunta ng cnctc pag galing po tondo? malapit po sa abad santos lrt station

@ Nesann

Mag LRT ka Sir baba ka ng De Jose Station then sakay ka ng jeep pa Morayta. Tawid po kayo sa may overpass tabi ng MC Donalds akyat po kayo sa 2nd flr ng Doña Amparo Bldg. Rm. 210.

mam/sir kailan po magkakaroon ng schedule ang pc trouble shouting sa espania manila? pls inform me.bilang nyo po ko 3 participants inform nu po ko d2 #09286094295

@ eduardo calimlim,

Cge po inform ka nmn kung may class na for sunday schedule.

Hi po, how to get at Buendia, Makati cnctc? anong landmark po nito? from Makati din po me but then, di ko alam kung san banda tong training center.. please inform me with mobile number 09214287620

@ Noemi Ricardos

Kung galing po kayo ng Makati sakay po kayo ng jeep papuntang LRT Buendia or Leveriza. Pababa po kayo sa Marconi St. before po ng maliit na tulay, look for UPY Bldg. akyat po kayo sa 2nd flr. Rm. 208. Thank you.

tuloy na po ba yung July 11 schedule for PC Trouble Shooting Monday to Friday?

2loy na po b sa 17 yung pc trouble shooting...............grace

@ Arsenio N. Arellano Jr.

Sir inform ka namin for final confirmation kung matutuloy sa July 11 ang class. As of now wait pa po tayo ng confirmation ng mga nakareserved. Thanks.

@ mary Grace virata

Inform po namin kayo ahead of time pag may kasama na po kayong magcoconfirm sa kanilang reservation para magstart ang class sa July 17. Thanks.

hi! I am going to enroll by july 17, but i'll be dropping by before that date to make the payment. what is the best time to go there? thank you!

@ arnie

Sir our office hour is from 9am to 5pm. See you soon. Thanks.

tuloy po ba ang start ng class sa sat july 16?

ok lang ba kung sa july 16 na magbayad ng initial 2500.00 before magstart ang klase?

@ ronald rumbaoa

Yes, tuloy po ang class sa July 16. Pde po kayong magenroll on the day na magstart ang class. Thanks.

high Graduate pwede po bang mag-enrol meron ng alam sa electronics


yes po pwde po kayo magenroll as long as willing po kyong matuto and dapat may computer basic knowledge kyo.

kelan po matuloy ang training na pinareserve ng july 11-15?

un po sked na cancel. sa buendia makati po ako nag pa sked. kelan po i resked un?

@ avieh

July 18-22 po ang next schedule for PC Troubleshooting but it's still open for enrollment. At least minimum of 3 po ang required number ng participants to start the training. Inform na lang po namin kayo pag may makakasama na kayo. Thanks.

I'm looking for a company na may OJT for students. Ask ko lang po kung meron po bang On The Job Training dito? Tumatanggap po ba kayo ng mga students na galing sa ibang schools or universities?
Thanks po :)

kelan po ba ngeexpire ang code na nakukuha po?

wala po ba kau sched na pang sunday morning, sa makati buendia, para sa pc trooble shooting

ok lang po magparesched po ng training. gawin ko n lang po na August 8-12 M-F 9-3 pm. ang sched ko po dati is July 11-15.. pls advice.. thanks.

@ avieh
OK. please go to this link to rescheduled your training

@ emelie de leon
the coupon code is valid in 1 year before it will expire.

@ marlon
magkakaroon po kame ng sunday schedule sunday class mid of august. please wait for the update of the schedule.

question po.. san po ba sa buendia ung training school kung galing po ako ng cavite? and kelan po ung next training? willing po kse ako matuto. lalo na sa pag repair at troubleshoot ng ilan days or weeks ung training..ty po.

hello i am very interested in your online courses but i dont know how to proceed with the enrollment re student # or key. im here in bacolod how do i go about this?

@ Stephen Visda

We're located at Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Umaabot po ng 5 meetings ang training. Weekly po kami nagpopost ng schedule.

@ Josenia Samson

HI. Unfortunately we don't have yet online training. We're on classroom type and it's actual training. Thanks.

meron po ba nito sa caloocan?

@ claudean

Hi. Unofortunately wala po kaming branch sa Caloocan. Manila and Makati lang po kami located.

Good Day :) I would like to ask if the said Fee of P5,500 is for both modules or just the 1st module then another fee for the 2nd module? And my other question if for the OJT, what does it mean by "optional"? Does it mean that it is not yet included in the course? Is there another fee involved to avail of the said OJT? I would be appreciative of your reply to my questions, as I am really interested on your course offer. Thank you very much and God Bless :)

@ Ronald Sakdalan

Yes, the fee of PHP5,500 is for both module 1 and 2. The OJT is only optional, there is no other payment for this.

hi po,
ask ko lang po ano pong mga branches or shop ang accreditted ng OJT ?

@ Judy murillo,

Meron po kami sa Paco Manila at makati area for the OJT.

meron po ba kau contact # cellphone # po kc wla me time magopen ng net eh para mkapag folow up po me sa inu pag my ksama n po ako pa enrol;e2 po ung # ko 09286094295

ilang buwan po ba tatagal itong short courses? makakakuha po ba ako ng certificate. diba po computer technician din po itong field dito pls reply po asap.

may certificate of training po ba matatanggap kase need ko po sa requirements going abroad.

@ eduard calimlim

Call us at 736-2032. Thank you.

@ carlo ilustre

The course duration is 30 hours that means the training takes 5 session. Yes, meron po kayong mareresib na cerificate of completion pag natapos nyo po ang training.

@ greg

Yes, meron po kayong matatanggap na certificate of completion pag katapos ng training.

diyan na rin po ba kami kukuha ng CHS NCII? pag tapos ng training? or pupunta pa po kami sa tesda for that? and pag mag eenrol proceed na kami sa lugar niyo?

@ carlo
For the enrollment process dito nalang sa office.We will assist you for NCII examination after taking the training, just bring the requirements needed.Photocopy of your transcript of record at least 72 units in college and three copies of your picture Passport size.

sana po magkaron kau ng schedule na sunday 9-3pm sa buendia makati, ng makpag enrol naman

@ marlon

Ok po we will try to open Sunday 9-3pm schedule. Thanks.

can i take chs ncII exam if i will only enrol this course? or take the 2 courses in fast track? i have 72 units in college.

@ greg

Sir you have to take PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking course for you to take the NCII exam. Thanks.

di po ako makakuha ng sched. wala namang na send na student number.

@ carlo ilustre

Chineck ko po ung database namin pumasok na po ung reservation nyo for PC Troubleshooting course M-F/Aug 01. Eto student number nyo 2514.

cover po ba ang chapters 1 to 12 sa 30 hrs training?

@ dindo milo

Yes cover na po ang chapter 1 to 12 sa 30 hours of training.

hi... around pasig meron po ba kyo?

@ jordah

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Pasig. España Manila and Buendia Makati po kami located.

is it possible na magkaroon kayo ng schedule on a saturday or sunday at españa branch? i am very much interested on this po kc. thank you.

@ len

Meron pong nakapost na Saturday schedule sa España and for Sunday schedule we will try to open. Please keep visiting on our website for the updates of the schedule. Thank you.

Mam/Sir, may natuloy po ba ang clase kanina (8/8/11) sa KB101?

tuloy po ba ang KB0101 sa Aug. 13, 2011, SAT 9-3pm

@ riza

Mam we will inform you tomorrow for the final confirmation of the said schedule for KB0101. Thank you.


regarding the OJT, may separate payment to enrol for OJT?.. san ang assignments ng OJT?.. from Bulacan p kasi ako... at may allowance ba or suweldo during the OJT?

@ Jayvee

Hello! No additional payment for OJT. You will be assign at San Juan Greenhills at wala pong allowance or suweldo na ibibigay during the OJT. Thanks.

pwd po ako sun 0r sat 9-3pm.pls inform me pag tuloy ang class tomorrow.para makaenroll at down na rin.tnx

@ riza

Inform ko po kayo na may magstart po kaming class bukas (Aug. 13, 2011) at 9am-3pm sa Buendia Makati. Thanks.

hi good pm. Please inform me if there will be a class this coming Monday, August 15,2011. Thanks...:)

@ Joan

Saan po ba kayo nakareserved Ma'am?

actually naka enrol ako noong april 6, 2011 pa kaya lang hindi ako naka pasok noong exact schedule ng reservation ko, that was april 10, 2011. piro nag inform ako before ang class na hindi ako makapasok kc nag conflict yung sched ko sa work ko. kaya ngayon gusto ko sana i move yung reservation ko ngayong monday nalang, para mapasukan ko na.

sa Buendia Makati ako.

Pano po makakapag-enroll ang undergraduate? Anong mga kailangan sa pag-eenroll?


yes pde mung imove sched mu this monday go to this link

@Michael E.

You can enroll online or drop by to our office for more details

Wala po bang Tesda exam yung KB0101?

@ Jenny Santilan
Mam, pwede na po kayung kumuha ng TESDA exam basta po marunong kayo sa KB0101 at may knowledge karin dapat sa PC Networking na course.

Good day :) Wala na po kayong sked na available for once a week lang sa Espana Branch yung tuwing sabado lang? Sana meron :)

Kapag nagsimula na ang sched di na pwede bang humabol


Nakakuha na po ako ng KB0101 sa makati.. i want to take na po the CHS Tesda NC II.. panu po ang procedure? slamat po..

@ jeff
Pwede pa po, at yung hinde nyo mapapasukan pwede ninyong isit-in sa ibang batch.

May knowledge na rin po ba kayo sa KB0103 PC LAN/WAN? kung meron na po punta lang keo dito sa office and fill the TESDA application form para po maisabay namen keo sa mga mageexam and please bring photocopy ng Transcript of Records po nila and 3 copies ng picture nyo passport size white background with collar, pero kung wala pa po please take the KB0103 PC LAN/WAN set-up training. thank you


Yes po.. Im ComSci Grad naman po.. open nman po kayo ng weekend ryt? san office po ba?sa Makati or Espana? and last, how much po for the application and exam fee? Thanks po..

@ jmoquerio

Yes, open po kami every weekends. Pde po kayong pumunta either sa Espana or Makati. Nasa Php450.00 to Php500.00 po ang exam fee.

hello po, pwede po bang sumit-in ulit muna sa pc troubleshooting before I take the PC Networking? for refresher lang? hehe.. kinuha ko na po sya last october.. sa espana branch din. Thanks.


nag attend po ako ngtraining po ninyo jan sa makati KB0101 pc trobleshooting. hindi ko pa po kasi nkukuha ung certificate, ask ko lng po kng pwede p b ako mg-ojt kng may marerefer po kayo company.

@ grace

Yes, ok lang po na sumit-in. Just give us a call para maschedule po kayo for seat in. Thanks.

@ gani

Punta na lang po kayo dito sa opis to get your certificate. Schedule po namin kayo for the OJT.

hi im interested po mag training.ilang araw po ba ang training ng pc hardware and troubleshooting repair?thankss.


Kung M-F ung sched 5 days training tapos na po. Kung every weekend naman it's either Sat or Sun ang mapipili nyo 5 consecutive weeks po.

mam, pwede po ba seat-in this wk? cannot be reach globe mobile nyo. ty (waiting for confirmation)

@ rrc

Sir anong schedule at saang branch po nyo gustong sumit in?

kahit saan po pwede, pero kung meron sa espana mas ok...


Sa buendia, makati ang may class sa españa, manila wla po this week.

mam ask ko lang po kung pwede ko ng makuha yong 2k kung diposit

may i ask, aside form espana and buendia, san pa merong training center na mas malapit dito sa montalban rizal, gusto ko sana mag enroll kaya lang kc malayo jan sa lugar na nabanggit nyo.gusto ko sana malapit lang

i would like to ask if there is a study pay later options in your program? thank you and more power.

@ Michelle Angeles

Wala po kaming branch sa Montalban Rizal.

@ Mateo Moronia III

Sir the only option for payment is either for cash or installment basis.

HI!Magkakaron po b kayo ng classes by november and san po ba pinakamalapit kung sa bulacan ako mangagaling...Salamat po....

@ Richard

Hello! Yes magkakaroon po kami ng schedule by November. Kung galing po kayo ng Bulacan mas malapit po kayo sa España Manila.

sir magtatanong po ako. graduate po ako ng IT. sa IT po e programming ung pngtuunan namin ng pansin. gusto ko po sana kumuha ng cisco course kso nga lng po wla akong knowledge sa networking. dun naman po sa pc troubleshooting course nyo binasa ko po ung course outling e parang alam ko na po ung iba dun. ano po ba magandang gawin ko kuha na po kya ako ng cisco course?

@ John

Kunin mo mna ung PC LAN/WAN & Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Administration bago ka magtake ng Cisco course. Yan kasi ang prerequisite bago mag Cisco.

Ask ko lang po kung ilang students ang required bago mag start ang training? interested po kasi ako sa sept 12 to 16 na schedule nyo...

@ Jazel

Minimum of 3 participants bago magstart ang traininig. Pareserve na po kayo online.

ano po bang ratio ng male:female sa school nyo po? at ano pong age ung madaming pumapasok sa inyo?

@ luis

Sir depende po sa mga mageenroll but usually mas marami pong nageenroll na lalaki sa troubleshooting at mas marami namang nageenroll na babae sa programming.

hi gud pm..ask ko lng kung gaano katagal ang kors na pc hardware and software troubleshooting and repair??

@ Ronald Sola

30 hours po ang duration ng training. Kung M-F ang schedule nyo within one week tapos na po ang training kung every weekend naman ang schedule nyo 5 consecutive weeks po un.

just want to inquire kung saan ung exact address sa buendia makati.pano pumunta dun from edsa, robinson u have cell number,busy po lagi un landline..1)if mgenroll ako dun sa sept 19-23,sure na b ung na magstart ung training ng date na un or mamomove sia kpag kulang un enrolees.2)may additional charge b or fee dun sa OJT? 3)gano katagal ung OJT?

Mam/Sir, uuwi po ako sa January 2012, meron na po bang schedule for January sa hardware and software troubleshooting? need ko kasi bumalik ulit d2 sa ME sa January 29. thanks po.

@ thomas
Meron po kameng tentative schedule ng january 9-13.Minimum of 3 participants po bago mag start ang class.Thank you!

Sir, Magkakaroon po ba kau ng Schedule ng every SAT or SUN po this NOVEMBER 2011 for PC HARDWARE and Troubleshooting or NETWORKING?? THanks!

@ Robin Dizon

Yes Sir magkakaroon po kami ng schedule every Saturday, Sunday this coming month of November for PC HARDWARE and Troubleshooting & PC NETWORKING.

na move po ba ang sked nyo para sa sunday 9-3pm sa buendia makati, kelan po ang start ng class

@ marlon

September 25, 2011 po ang next schedule para sa sunday 9-3pm sa Buendia Makati. Still open for enrollment. Minimum of 3 po ang kelangan to start the class.

may schedule na po ba for advance pc troubleshooting this coming november?


Magkakaroon po b ng Schedule for PC troubleshooting, PC Networking JANUARY and FEBRUARY Next Year? THanks!

@ Robin

Yes, po magkakaroon kami ng schedule ng pc troubleshooting and networking on January and February. Minimum of three participants to start the class. Thank You!

@ richard jimenez

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule this coming month of November.

ok thanks ...
i'll wait for the shedule ....

@ richard jimenez

Your welcome Sir. Ok po paki wait na lang po updates ng aming schedule. Thank you.

magkakaron ba ng sched for saturday thia coming november? thansk

@ Rai

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule every Saturday.this coming month of November for PC HARDWARE and Troubleshooting. Thank you!

Ano ba itong exam na ito? TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam. ano ang future dito.

Lahat ba ng naka lagay sa course outline sa PC hardware/software ma ta-tackle.At Sunday bukas ba ang enrollment nyo? thanks.

@ Romy Cayabyab

National Level Certificate po ito ng IT Computer Network Technician pde nyo pong gamitin as skilled worker certificate here and abroad. Yes lahat po ng topics macocovered po at bukas din po kami every Sunday. Thanks.

sir 1month din po ba ito?

@ Lance

For weekends schedule aabot po ng 5 Saturdays or 5 Sundays. Thanks.

eto po ba ung course na kailangan pra sa tesda ncii, thnx

@ jayno

Yes ito po ung course na kasama at ang PC LAN/WAN course for TESDA NCII.

wow ang gaganda ng mga pag aaralan bakit ngayon ko lang nakita tong site na to!!!! .. sir can i ask me schedule po ba this coming november im interested undergo for this course .. and also panu po yung payment nito saka po anu po ba yung tesda certificate? para san po yun thx po

@ keno

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng schedule this coming month of November. For the payment pde po kayo magbayad online thru bank deposit, paypal by using your credit card or just pay in person. After po nyong magtraining ng PC Troubleshooting at PC Networking pde po kayong magexam ng assessment at pag nakapasa po kayo makakakuha po kayo ng TESDA CHS NCII Certificate n magagamit po nyo here and abroad. Thank you.

oh so 2 course pala ang need ko i take isang PC trouble shooting at Networking meron po bang mag kasama yan dalawa para isang bagsakan? .. im really excited sana mag november na ...

@ keno

Yes meron po kaming package ng 2 course yun po ang tinatawag nating TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam. It cost Php10,500.


I'm considering on taking up an online course on PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair. How much does the course cost and how do I go about enrollment procedures and payment terms.



meronpo bang ganyan dto sa davao city yung short courses lng .

anu po yung with exam? pwede po pa explain

@ kwene

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Davao City. Located po kami sa España Manila and Buendia Makati.

@ keno

TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII (Fast Track) po yung package namin na with exam. Its a combination of PC Troubleshooting (slow track) and PC Networking course (slow track).

@ jose marzan

Hello! The course cost Php5,500. For the payment its either online thru paypal or bank deposit. Thank you.

maam merun ba kayong sched na every saturday lang sa buendia makati? ta anong oras po ito? 1 months lang po ba yung training? gusto ko po kunin yung pc hardware and software troubleshooting and repair w/ ojt. pwede po ba ako kumuha kahit college undergrad lang ako? interested po ako.

merun po ba kayong class ngayun october? tapos yung november class po nyu kilan po mag start? san po banda yung office nyu sa buendia? merun po ba kayung branch dito sa mandaluyong? from mandaluyong po ako. tnx!

@ Rhap

Yes, meron po kaming schedule ngayong October 10 - Oct. 14, 2011. and sa November 7 - Nov. 11, 2011 naman po. Minimum of three participants to start the training. were located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa mandaluyong. Thanks.

mam ask ko lang po kung seperate kunin ang pc repair at networking after po nun puwede rin po kumuha ng exam ng TESDA at mgkaroon ng OJT gaya dun sa fast track?

@ noel

Yes pde po nyong kunin separate ang PC Trobleshooting at PC Networking. Pde rin po kayo kumuha ng Tesda CHS NCII exam at meron din po kayong OJT after the training.

hi po ask ko lang about sa ojt automatic na po ba yun after yung training week meron n agad naka assign napagoojthan..kayo po ba magproprovide ng company papasok na lng po ba kme dun... and gaano po katagal aabutin thank you po...

maam mag kano po ang tuition fee sa course na pc hardware and troubleshooting and repair? gusto ko po kunin yung every saturday lang na clase. what time po ba pag every saturday lang?

@ Rhap

The tuition fee for this course is Php 5,500 in cash. minimum of three participants to start the training. the class started from 9am to 3pm. Thank you.

@ Sarah,

Inform po namin kayo kung kailan ang schedule nyo for the OJT kasi po may mga nakaline up din. Kami na po magpoprovide kung saan kyo mag OOJT. 300 to 500 hours ang duration ng OJT.

hi po.. meron po ba kayong sunday schedule para sa PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair? at kelan po yun? thanks!

@ daylen

Hello. Yes we have Sunday schedule in Buendia Makati Sun 3-9pm/10-09-2011 to 11-06-2011 and Sun 9-3pm/10-09-2011 to 11-06-2011 is open for enrollment. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Please see this link for reservation

Thank you.

thanks for the info.. i have another question.. ok lang ba na ito lang KB0101 ang kunin?or kelangan pa yung KB0103 to take that tesda exam? thanks again!

@ daylen

Kung magtatake po kayo ng Tesda Exam kelangan nyo din pong kunin ang KB0103. Thanks.

pede ba OJT lang kunin ko hahaha. nag aral na kasi ako nyan eh kulang lang ako sa working experience haha.

@ folproof

Sir unfortunately binibigay po namin ang OJT after po matapos ang training for this course.

kelangan po ba talaga yung ojt? or pwede ung training lang then wla ng ojt?

@ tohritz

Yes pde pong mag training lang optional lang po yung OJT.

Kayo din ba mag co-conduct TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam after matapos yung course? Puwede pa e-mail sa akin yung requirements for live online training? Thanks.


Sa TESDA Assessment center po icoconduct ang exam kame na po magpaprocess isubmit nyo lng ung mga requirements na ibibigay namen sa inyo For Live Online training please see this link

wla ba d2ng malapit na tesda center.kc sobrang layo naman dyan...tga montalban kc ako

mam ask ko lang kung marami ba kayong company list na puwede pag trainingan ng mga successful student? may mga company partner ba kayo for their OJT?

@ Noel
Yes po may mga company partner po kame for OJT na binibigay sa mga dating students namen na natapos na ang training.

Hi, undergrad po ako ng comtech matagal na. Ok lang po ba yun kahit d tapos ng college?

few things i would like to know

i have to be enrolled in both kb101 and kb103 to take the tesda exam right?

i would like to enroll at buendia next week.,
10/17 sched., should i just walk in., and pay . or do i have to make reservations?

and what are the requirements to take the course &/i have to bring?

also after finishing 1 course., do i get a certificate? or do i have to finish everything and take the tesda exam?
(by i mean certificate., non-tesda)

@ Haruhuiyuu

Yes po pwde po kayo kumuha ng training sa amin kahit undergraduate po kayo.

@ julius francisco

Yes you have to enroll both KB0101 and KB0103 for the preparation of your TESDA Certification Exam. Please make your reservation online We need a xerox copy of your Transcript of Record. You will receive a certificate of completion after the training.

what if i cant present my TOR for the moment? does that mean i cant enroll the course?

@Julius Francisco

You can enroll Pde pong to follow na lng ung TOR nyo

i already send in my application for reservation.. last question...
should i pay on the 1st day.. or before the 1st day of training... xP

@ Julius Francisco

Yes you can pay on the first day of the training. minimum of three participants to start the training.
Thank you.

hi., pdeng mahingi ung num nyo..
nung nagtxt kc ung tungkol sa reservation..
nabura ko eh.. xP.. sa buendia., 10/17.
tuloy po ...

Hi taga mindanao po ako and i am very interested to enroll...ano po ba ang pwede kong gawin para maka pag enroll ng CHS? help me pls. this is my number 091053536494

hi, is anybody from CNCTC still online? I just wanted to verify if PC troubleshooting class Buendia is in on Saturday Nov22 or Sun Nov 23. I placed a reservation for saturday, not sure which will push thru

@ karen

Ma'am may magstart pong class sa Buendia Makati bukas at 9am to 3pm Sunday (October 23, 2011).

Hi po. Pwede rin po bang mag-enroll sa KB0101 kahit high school graduate?

@ missy

Yes pde po kayong mag enroll sa KB0101.

@ missy

Yes Ma'am pwde po kayo kumuha ng training sa amin kahit highschool graduate lng po kayo as long as na my basic knowledge po kayo sa computer.

gud day po sir/mam, ask ko lang po kung pwede po bang mag enroll ng course na ito on the first day of training kahit di nakapag pareserve? tnxs po

Meron po ba ng CHS
sa binangonan....
Gusto ko sana mag pa enroll.....

@ Paul

Good Day too! Sir gawa po kayo ng reservation nyo online para mainform po namin kayo sa mga magsstart po naming class. Please see this link for reservation

Thank you.

@ Melches Tubig

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Binangonan. Located po kami sa Epaña Manila and Buendia Makati. Thanks.


good day..tiga Navotas City po ang pinaka malapit na branch ng tesda is sa Caloocan City po..Tanung lang po..Meron po bang course na ito sa branch ng Caloocan City?? Salamat po..

nka enroll po ako sa course na ito which is scheduled for next week (nov7). Will I receive a notification kung matutuloy nga ang training next week?

@ Cyrill T.

Yes Ma'am you can receive a notification through Email or Call kung matutuloy po ang klase neo. Thank You

@ Bart Doque

Sir mas maganda po kung inquire nalang kayo dun. Thank you.

anong school ho ba itong nag offer ng short course sa sampaloc manila?

please give me info about the school kasi gusto e enroll yung anak ko po.

@ Norma

School for IT Training po ma'am. Thank you

mam my schedule po ba ng course naito tuwing linggo kasi po nag wowork po ako eh linggo lang po ang available ko

pag umattend po ba ng course .. may makukuha din po bang training manuals

@ John Cruz

Yes po meron po kayong makukuhang manual.

pano po un tga bulacan aq, me malapit po b kaung branch?

@ Marlon

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Bulacan. España Manila and Buendia Makati lang po kami located.

sa san pablo city laguna my branch po ba kau?

@ Vhal
Wala po kameng branch sa San Pablo City Laguna. Located lang po kame dito sa España, Manila and Buendia,Makati.Thank you!

pag na enrol ako may roon po bang mag papa ojt han na malapit sa laguna. kasi taga laguna po ako.

How is the online training done? what are the requirements on the student's end?

@ rito
Please visit this link for the process of online training

@ allen

Unfortunately wala po kaming malapit na OJT sa Laguna.

NCII ba toh??

@ Cedrick

Yes under po ito ng Computer Hardware Servicing NCII.

wla yung slow track??

mam i'm just confused kung effective po ba talaga na matapos ang two module course within 5 meetings? ksi po nag inquire po ako sa MFI in Ortigas they divided this two module in two different course the only difference is mas tipid lang po sa CNCTC. kapag naginquire po ba kami ng personal puwede po ba namin masilip yun training facility ninyo regarding sa mga equipment and laboratory kung updated thanks!

@ Cedrick

Sir PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair is slow track course.

@ noel

More on Hands On po ang training kaya effective po ang 5 days training for the 2 modules at pwede rin po nyong makita ang training facilities namin. Thank you.

which courses good for three months only

@ shane

Unfortunately we don't have courses good for 3 months. Thanks.

ah okie....kaso wla pang exam toh...

@ Cedric

Yes sir wala pong exam yan.

is the whole thing still offered in online training? or limited topics are covered here?

@ chrisel pavia
Yes,still for online training the whole topics will covered.

pde pa ba magenroll d2?! ngaun? or sa monday?! gusto ko kc mag enroll d2..

@ JorS

Yes pde po kayong mag enroll dito. Saan po nyo mas preferred na kunin ang course sa España Manila or Buendia Makati?

magstart ba ang class kung less than 3 ang enrollee? im planning to enroll at mukhang wala pang nageenrol for nov 19.

@ francis

Reschedule po ang class pag less than 3 ang enrollee. Give us a call @ 889-6042/43, 239-5577. Thank you.

Hi there,

Can you please give me an idea what would be the extra excluding the school fees for studying this course. And would you provide the place for OJT?


@ Sarah Veloso

Hello! You would be pay Php100 for the Manual of PC Troubleshooting and OJT is located at Makati and Manila. Thank you.

KB0101 PC HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE: just wanna clarify the schedule for Sunday, is it 3-9pm or 9-3pm???

@ Jovi

It's sunday 3-9pm po sir.



do you have branches here at quezon city??
near at bulacan?


You Can pay through Bank Deposit, Paypal or just pay in person. lunch and dinner is not included. Thank You.

@ kenny lloyd

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa quezon city. were located at espana manila and Buendia Makati only. Thank You!


I am following the thread since the day I've learnt this site and trainings, nakapag pa reserve na rin po ako for Nov 27 po sana kaya lang na post pone dahil kulang nga po sa student na mag-eenroll, at ang sabi po sa naka usap ko sa phone nung tinawagan ko hotline nyo ay next sunday ang next sched, paano po kapag kulang parin, resched nanaman po ba ulit? Hangga't kulang resched po talaga ulit? Sunday lang talaga naiwan ko na sched na pwede ako Ma'am.

gud pm po.
-ask ko lang po what if kukuha ako ng KB0101 & KB0102.. pwede po ba na ako kumuha ng TESDA CHS NCII Assessment exam? or kailangan pa ng KB0103?
-after each course (KB0101) may certificate po ba ng completion na mkkuha?
thank you & hoping for ur immediate answer..

@ Ian

Hello! Yes minimum of 3 participants po ang kelangan to start the class. Inform po namin kayo pag matutuloy na this Sunday. Thanks.

@ sophia

Good Day! Kelangan mo pa rin kumuha ng KB103 para makapag exam ka po ng TESDA CHS NCII Assessment. Each course after the training makakatanggap po kayo ng Certificate of Completion. Thank you.

-gud am. ask ko lng po kung lahat po ba ng chapters sa isang module maituturo within one week?
-meron po bang ganitong course sa TESDA na vocational(6 months-1year)period of time?
thank u po..kung meron kelan po ang enrolment?


Good Day!

Yun Thank you po, ibinalik nyo po yung schedule ng Sunday, once po ba na nakapag pareserve na ako last time na naresched, need ko po ba ulit magpareserve ulit online o di na po kelangan?


@ Ian

Good Day! Hindi nyo na po kelangan mag pareserved ulit. Wait nyo na lang po advise namin kung magpupush thru na ang class this Sunday. Thank you.

hi ask ko lang kung may 6 months kayo na course????

panu ojt nito?

@ sophia

Unfortunately wala po kaming 6 months na course. Thank you.

@ Cedrick

Kung iaavail nyo po ang OJT after the training iischedule po natin yun. Thank you.

my salary yun??

@ Cedrick

I'm sorry pero wala po kayong matatangap na salary during your OJT. Thank You.

gud day po..ask ko lng po sir maam..ung 5,500 po bang babayaran ilang months po ang traning na un..interesado po kasi akong mag enroll..

@ leonides calderon

30 hours po ang duration ng training for this course. Good for 5 consecutive meetings po ang class. Thank you.

Question lang po. May hands-on training po ba dito or puro lecture lang?

and Paano po pumunta sa Buendia branch kapag galing Gil Puyal LRT station? may jeep po ba or bus? Thank You :)

@ Chris

More on hands-on po ang training. From LRT Gil Puyat Station pwede nyo na pong lakarin going to Makati Ave. Dito po kami sa Marconi St. Palanan after po kami ng Imarflex Building or maliit na tulay akyat po kayo sa UPY Bldg. 2nd floor Rm. 208. Thank you.

pano po pag online training pano mgstart ung training

@ Jey

Minimum of 3 students po bago magstart ang class. Pacheck nlang po ung link na to for the reservation online

ask ko lng po, kasi balak ko po mag enrol for dec 19-23 sched.. ang problem po, di po ako makakadaan this week, pwede bang pumunta na ko ng monday then magstart nadin agad??

@ juliet

Maaari po bang gumawa muna po kayo ng reservation nyo Online then iinform po namin kayo within this week kung matutuloy po ang class natin sa Dec. 19-23. Kung sakaling magsstart po sa Monday pwede po kayong magenroll on the day. Thank you.

how many hours ung ojt per day?

@ pj

The OJT is 8 hours per day.

what if i had other works, how can i finish my ojt? and ojt is necessary for this course to learn.

@ pj

OJT is just an optional.

good day po sir, ask ko lang po san po ang eksaktong baba ko papunta po sa branch po ninyo? bale mangagaling po ako ng fort bonifacio makati tnxs po

is there any certificate with all of your online courses?

We/I hope na magopen po kayo ng Sunday class sa Espana,Manila. If that is possible, count me in. I'am currently working from Tuesday-Saturday, Sunday lang ako free. I'm sure marami din po na interested sa Sunday class. Hope to hear from you. Thanks..Brian

sir pde po b mgenroll undergrad?

@ Paul

Pagsumakay po kayo ng LRT ang babaan nyo po ay Gil Puyat Station pwede nyo na pong lakarin going to Makati Ave. Dito po kami sa Marconi St. Palanan after po kami ng Imarflex Building or maliit na tulay akyat po kayo sa UPY Bldg. 2nd floor Rm. 208. Thank you.

@ Justin

Yes, you can receive a Certificate of completion after the training. Thank you.

@ Brian

Okay sir, we will try to open Sunday schedule at espana manila. please keep us visiting on our website. Thank You.

@ biboy

Yes sir pwede po. as long as na interested po kayong matuto. Thank You.

how long is the training will take?

@ Mark Supan

It will take five days only from 9am to 3pm to finish this course. Thank You.

optional lng po b yung OJT? Can I take this course w/o undergoing the OJT?

@ ernie

Opo optional lang yung ojt. Yes you can take this course without undergoing the ojt. Thank you.

wala ba kaung branch sa pasig or ortigas area?

@ alvin

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa pasig or ortigas area. Thank you

Sir anu anu po ba yung kasama sa tuition fee?kasama nb dun ung manual? balak ko po kasi magenroll.pati yung sa ojt kau po ba ang maghahanap para sa amin ng pagoojtihan or kmi?

ksma nb s fee yung OJT or another fee kung iaavail yung OJT?

@ alvin

Excluded po yung payment ng manual sa training fee sir, Yes kami po ang nagrerefer sa inyo kung saan kayo mag ojt. Thank you.

@ harry

Wala pong payment yung OJT sir. Thank you

Do you offer this course during summer?

sir yung pagoojtihan po ba namin ay pede rin kaming ihire as employee? nagaabsorb din ba cla or the just prefer an ojt only. cAn you give us some sample company?

sir do you have a branch here at bacolod city?
days at weeks lang po ba ung training nyo?wala po bang months?

@ anj

Yes this course is available during summer. thank you.

@ zyrus john

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa bacolod city. yes gnun lang katagal ang mga training namin. kasi short term course lang po mga offer namin. Thank you

hello po good day..
tanong ko lang po kung meron na kayong schedule of classes (date) the whole year of 2012 or kung kelan po magstart ang klase ng month of sept..
thank you po

@ shao

As of now wala pa po kaming schedule for the month of September. Please keep posted na lang po for the upcoming schedules. Thank you.

mam yun schedule po sa sunday (january 29) sa makati branch ilang student na po yun nakaenroll

@ noel

As of now Sir wala pa pong nakaenroll for Sunday schedule meron pa lang pong 6 na nakareserved.

mam/sir, nasa bohol po location ko at globe wimax lang server na gamit ko, ok lang po ba yon kung sakaling mag enroll ako as online training, wala bang hazzle in your part and sa part ko naman. i know some of the course outline but this class is a pre-requisite sa laptop servicing at yon ang mas interesado ako. meron po ba kayong maipayo or advise kung anong dapat kung gawin, ok lang ba kahit nandito ako sa bohol. wala bang class dito :)

good day!
Teacher po ako sa high school and i want to know kung me assessment na available po kayo. from lubang island mindoro po ako

@ Amir

Mam inquire po kayo sa malapit na Tesda Testing Center sa inyong lugar para sa available po nilang assessment exam. Thank you.

san po exact loc. nyo, marikina po ako.

@ richard

Our Main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila & Our Branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City.

im not familiar with espana sir/mam.
near UST po ba yan? or?

@ richard

Yes, two blocks away after ng UST and before of MC Donalds.

matutuloy ba ung class sa jan 16 monday pc repair? thanks pls remind me asap . to enroll

@ manny

Tuloy na po sa Monday ang PC Troubleshooting Training 16th of January 2012/9-3pm.

matutuloy po ba ang enrollment or class ng pc assembly sa espana manila sched sat. 9-3pm?pede napo b magenroll?

@ Alvin

Yes, possible po na matuloy sa saturday yung training. pwede namn po kayo mgbayad on the day of the training bago po magstart yung class. Thank you.

Pwede po ba mag downpayment, for training PC Assembly on Jan 21?

@ RC

Yes po pwede po kayo magbayad ng downpayment sa January 21 for this course. Thank you

wala po bang sunday sked sa espania manila?


good day!!

i already reserve a slot for the course . kelan po unq start nq klase??

bkt po ngiba ung sked ng sun 3-9pm n mgstart ng 1-29?

@ Eduard calimlim

Wala po sir every saturday lang po meron sa amin. pero try po namin mag-open ng sunday schedule dito sa espana. Thank you

@ eduard calimlim

This is our contact number 736-5196 @ espana manila and 8896-043 for buendia makati. Thank you

@ khen2093

Okay, pwede po ba malaman mam kung anong schedule po kayo nagpareserve? Thank you

@ harry

Hindi po kami ng iba ng schedule sir. open for enrollment parin po yung January 29/3-9pm. paki check nalng po ulit sa website namin. Thank you

Confirm ko lng po, khit di na po ituloy sa optional na OJT makukuha na po kgad ung certificate? how many working day po b4 makuha? nagpareserve na po ako and plan ko na magpunta sa center nyo to enroll this week. Jan 30 to Feb 3 pinili ko. sana may magenroll na din po pra matuloy ung klase. lilipat ako sa center nyo dahil mas mabilis ung klase

@ Eurice

Yes, pwede mo na kunin yung certificate mo after ng training kahit na hindi mo tapusin yung OJT. inform nalng po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa Jan. 30 Thank you

ilang student poh bah kailangan para makapag klase?

I already reserved for sun 3-9pm pero bakit po tumaas yung tuition?

sir may murang accomodation ba para sa mga tiga probinsya na walang matutuluyan?

ako din po, i already reserved for 3-9pm sked, bkit biglang tumaas yung fee?

Malaki po ba yung possibility na matuloy yung klase ng 01-30-2012 to 02-03-2012 with 5 reservations?

@ Eunice
Yes po malaki po yung possibility na matuloy ang class for 01-30-2012 to 02-03-2012.

@ Jayson
Minimum of 3 participants po bago po magsimula ang class!

@ Angelo
Yes po tumaas na po yung fee, pero sa mga dati pong nakapagpareserve na magbibigay po kame sa inyo ng discount na kung ano po yung dating fee na nakita ninyo yun lang po ang babayaran ninyo!

@ harry
Don't worry! sa dati pong nakapagpareserve na magbibigay po kame sa inyo ng discount na kung ano po yung dating fee na nakita ninyo yun lang po ang babayaran ninyo!

sir, pupuwede po bang credit card ang ibayad kahit na sa personal magpunta dyan.

@ Michael
Yes po pwedeng credit card ang ibayad online payment through paypal.

tuloy po ba ang training sa sun 3-9pm?

@ angelo

Yes tuloy po ang training sa Sunday 3-9pm sa Buendia Makati.

tumaas na kagad ng 500..bago un uh

how many meetings po itong course na to? pwdng pa reserve po ako ng saturday schedule.. san po located ung office nyo sa Buendia?

@ Jesmer Nungay

5 consecutive meetings po itong course na ito. Please see this link for course reservation Located po ang office namin sa

Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City.

Wala po ba kayo ibang site? tulad dito sa Baguio??

@ Dave

Unfortunately we don't have a branch in Baguio City. We're only located at España Manila and Buendia Makati.

Ask ko lang po is there a possibility na magkaroon ng Saturday or Sunday class ngayon February 2012 sa Espana branch?

@ vangie

Yes po magpopost po kami ng every saturday and sunday schedule for this course. please wait for the update. Thank you

Tanong ko lang po kung ano ang pinakamalapit na LRT station sa Manila office ninyo at paano po ako makapunta sa Manila Office if manggagaling ako ng LRT? Ano po mga dapat kong sakyan?Thanks...

@ arvin

Kung sasakay po kayo ng LRT baba po kayo ng de jose station, tapos sakay po kayo ng jeep papuntang morayta overpass, then tawid po kayo sa kabila pra makita nyo yung Dona amparo bldg akyat po kayo sa 2nd flr. rm. 210. katabi lang po nmin yung MC Donald. Thank you

Tnx for opening Sat class in Espana :) ... may i ask na rin po if nagbibigay kayo ng early bird rate sa mga early enrollees :D I am planning to enroll sa Saturday class sa Espana, Feb.25-March 24, 2012.

Salamat po :)

@ vangie co

In this site makikita po natin kung meron at ilan po ang nakaenroll or nakareserved sa course.

Good day mam/sir ask ko lang po kung may matatanggap po bang certificate right after this training at makukuha po ba agad ito?

@ Paul

Yes you will get certificate of completion after finishing the training.

Good day po ask ko lang po kung pwede po bang magbayad ng fee sa araw ng mismong training basta nakapag reserve ka?

@ Paul

Yes po pwede kayo magbayad sa mismong araw ng klase basta po tuloy yung training. Thank you

sir/Madam: Im from batangas asked ko lang po kung meron training o training center na ganito dito sa batangas. Interesado po talaga akong matuto.salamat po.

@ john kennedy

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa batangas. where located only @ Espana manila and Buendia makati. Thank you

san banda s buendia yong training center nyo? paano pag galing ako s trinoma mrt? thanks! ykon

@ ykon

Kung mag MRT po kayo baba po kayo sa Taft station then sakay po kayo ng LRT1 baba po kayo sa Gil Puyat Station. From LRT station pwede nyo na pong lakarin going to Makati Ave. After kami ng Imarflex Bldg. at maliit na tulay. Located kami sa Marconi St. UPY Bldg.

ask ko lang ma`am/sir kau na ba bahala sa kompanyan na pag ojt namin o kami parin ang mag hahanap, at anung address ng nasa buendia mag eenroll sana ako

gud day!,
ask ko lang kung anong mga requirements ang kailangan pra maka avail..
ung mga credentials ko kc nasa former school ko sa matatagalan pa bago makuha,,
gusto ko kc mag enroll this month...

add ko na din...
di ako umabot ng 70+ units sa college,but meron akong 4 yrs work experience sa cp, pc and laptop troubleshooting.. meron din akong mga short courses na kinuha but di nmn accredited sa tesda ang school...

pwede kaya ako makapag enroll sa ganitong background?.

@ mrswabe

Yes, kami po ang nagbibigay sa inyo kung saan kayo mag OJT. pero kung may alam po kayo na company na pwede kayo mag-OJT okay lang din po yun sa amin. Located po kami sa Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City

good day ma'am sir,
may requirements ba sa pag enroll dito sa short courses o sa anumang kurso offer ninyo, kung meron man anu ano ang mga requirements ninyo bukod sa pera ?

sir/ma'am ask ko lang kung ito lang ang may ojt (PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair) yung iba po bang kurso na offer ninyo ay may ojt ba ? kung meron anung kurso d2 ang may ojt ??

No requirements needed po for training!

@ axion
Nagbibigay din po kami ng OJT sa ibang course, like Troubleshooting, PC LAN/WAN set-up and Programming courses.

updated po ba ang page na ito for those who enrolled and reserved na? KC nagpareserved npo ako sa Feb20 sched sa Makati buendia but Im planning topay the fee on that date din. Pwede ba yun?

@ ernie

Yes updated po itong page na ito para sa nakaenrolled at nakareserved. Maaari po ba naming malaman ang inyong full name para makita po namin sa aming system at ang inyong contact number. Thanks.

ma'am/sir ask ko lang kung mag babayad ba kami sa ojt ???

@ mystery

Actually wala pong bayad yung OJT. Thank you

Gud am mam!
ask ko lng po kung pde po mag enroll mismo sa mismong start ng training? at san po kau banda sa espana..ty

@ Lester Oliver

Yes pwede po kayong magenroll on the day of the training. Our exact address is Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila.

san po ung office sa makati? im planning to enroll KBO101. tnx

@ jesmer nungay

Our branch office located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank You

may free po ba na manual,,buks or handouts ung every course???

Eto yung nag-aapear sa screen everytime na nagpapareserve ako "A student with same email already exists. Did you forget your Student Number? Click this link to retrieve your Student Number " Even if I input my STUDENT # ganun pa din so I dont know if the reservation was done.

@ byran

May mga course po kami na free po yung manual like cisco course. pero yung ibang training na po namin ay may bayad another 100 for manual. Thank you

ask ko lang po kung paanong schedule ang gagawin sa may work na mon-fri.

Meron po tayong weekends schedule Saturday or Sunday para po sa mga students na hinde available for weekdays.

Paanog schedule pala ang gagawin sa ojt na may work na mon- fri

@ mr.swabe

Weekdays lang po ang available schedule namin for OJT and it's only an optional.

Maari ko bang malaman kung anung pangalan ng kompanya ang papasukan namin sa ojt ?

gud day po ask ko lang po kung 6,000 pa rin po ba ang fee na babayaran ng course na ito kung mag dadownpayment po ng 3,000? naconfuse lang po kasi ako sa installment tnxs po.

ma22loy n po ba s sat??

@ Pol

Kapag installment basis po ang payment nyo magiging 6500 na po ang babayaran nyo. pero kung cash basis 6000 lang po. Thank you

@ dan

Kasalukuyan palng po kami nagiinform sa mga nakareserve, kung sakali po ba magcoconfirm po kayo? please make your online reservation @ pra mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa sabado. Thank you

Gud day po paki inform naman po ako kung tuloy po yung schedule na 02-27-2012 to 03-02-2012, yan po sana ang parereserve ko sa Buendia branch tnxs po

@ Paul

Yes, start na po sa Monday Feb. 27 ang training ng PC Networking at 9am to 3pm. Thanks.

wala po ba sa Cebu?

@ baldo

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Cebu.

ask koh lang poe f ilang buwan poe ang bawat course at ung 6k poe bat isang course na poe bah un at wala nah poe bah kaming ba2yaran nah iba pang bagay ksi my plano poe akong mag enroll poe sa inyo poe eh at my sched. nah po kau for next sched. for another batch

@ arnold

karamihan po sa mga training course namin ay good for five meetings only. yes po 6k po ang course fee. another 100 for the manual. ang next schedule po namin is on marh 05. please make your online reservation @ Thank you

@ amy

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Cebu.
located lang po kami dito sa espana manila and buendia Makati. Thank you

i'll be paying via bank deposit, may i have the account number?

@ Darlyn Lacay

This is our account number 50095609. Thank you

For what bank is the account number you provided?

May I also have the complete address for Buendia Makati branch and the location map?

ilang month poe bago matapos ang clase at ilang oras poe matatapos ang clase kada araw poe

30hrs duration good for 5 consecutive meeting Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm/6hrs a day.

@ Darlyn

BDO bank account Number. Our branch office located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. please go to this link to view the location Map Thank you

good noon...san po b ung pagoojthan sa greenhils doon nlng po aq mgoojt xka anu po ang kelangan....

helo mam..i just want to know lang po if i can just go in your school pay for the tuition..and then start for the training that same day?and what are the requirements needed? not always online but i have my mobile no.09324604452
thanx and godbless

@ myles

You need to make your Online reservation first @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po. pwede rin po kayong punta sa office para magenroll pero hindi po namin masigurado kung on that day may mgstart na training. we need at list three participants to start the training. Thank you.

hi.. ask ko lang kung may ojts na pangweekends?

@ marie

Unfortunately wala pong OJT n weekends, weekdays schedule lang po meron. Thank you

anung kumpanya ang pag ojthan namin salamat

Hi, tanong ko lang kung pwede ba kahit babae ako? marami ho kasi akong computer at gusto ko lang ako mismo ang mag ayos.
ano po ang tel. number n'yo at paano ako mag reserve?

meron ba kayong manual sa mga bookstore? gusto ko muna basahin manual nyo

@ Roselyn Makino

Hello! Yes pwede po kayong magenroll for this course. Give us a call at 736-2032 in España Manila and 889-6042/43, 239-5577 in Buendia Makati. Thanks.

@ oderick gapuz

Yes meron po kaming Manual pero binibigay lamang po namin ang Manual pag nakaenroll na po. Thanks.

hi...san po b ung pgoojthan sa greenhils tps n po kc aq PC troubleshooting ojt nlng po aq...db sa greenhils po ang ojt?

@ franklin

Open Pinoy po yung company na pwede kayong mag OJT sa greenhils. pero kailngan pa po namin kayong schedule kung kelan kayo mag ojt. Thank you

30hrs lng po b ung 6k

@ lester

Yes po good for 6000 po yung 30 hours. Thank you

Sir ask ko lng kung ilang enrolled individual and kelanangan para mag start yung class?

@ Marvin

We need at least three (3) participants to start the training.Thank you

may company po ba kayo around makati or mandaluyong lang na pwede mapag ojt-han?

Hi, would there be going to have a schedule for Saturdays at the month of April? Or starting this April? Please offer a schedule for the said month. I really want to attend training for that time because that would be after Holy Week.

Thank you.

@ Glad

Yes, there will be upcoming schedule for saturday at the month of April. Please keep posted on our website. Thank you

yung course fee po, Php6000 po babayaran lahat na po un?

@ cess

Yes po 6000 po ang course fee pag cash, pero pag installment additional 500. kaya magiging 6,500 n po pg installment. Thank you

ask q lng po f pano nyo mala2man f aq po ung ngbayad ng tuition pra s course n un f via bank payments?

@ Lhen

Dalhin nyo po dito yung payment slip para malaman namin na nagbayad kayo ng tuition fee via bank payments. Thank you

magkaiba po ba ung bayad sa Module 1 at sa Module 2?

mata-tackle po ba lahat ung Module if ever na magkasama ung Module 1 and 2?..

@ Hakim, Darwin R.

The tuition fee for this course is P6,000 for Module 1 and Module 2 na po ito. Yes mapapag aralan nyo po lahat ng topics dito sa Module 1 and 2.

Ilang months po ang course to ?

Mapapagaralan po b lahat ng topics within 1 week? And pure hands0n and actual b ang training?

@ Ayan

Yes po mapagaaralan nyo po lahat ng topics within 1 week and more on actual training po.
Thank you

@ Eury

The course duration for PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair is 30 hours which is good for 5 meetings.

anu po pinagkaiba ng KB0101 sa KB105 except sa exam and OJT? which one is better?

anu po yung ratio ng student 1:1 po ba..pag'hand'on na? thank you!

@ znujram

Yes, one on one po ang mga student pagdating sa actual or hands on. Thank you

Pag natapos ba yung training in five days, OJT ba agad o baka waiting ang mang yari saamin o scheduling yung OJT


After po ng training iischedule po natin ang OJT. Thanks.

can we find company who is hiring for ojt with salary provided?

just want to inquire if your offering this course in cebu? thanks

@ Joseph Angel
Unfortunately we don't have training center in Cebu, we are only located at España,Manila and Buendia,Makati.


can i ask what course should i take to become


@ Zordick
You need to take first the following courses:

- PC Assembly Hardware, Software Troubleshooting Data Recovery
- PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration
- CISCO 1,2,3 and 4
- Implementing IP Routing (Route)
- Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH)
- Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT)

Hi po ask ko lang if merun certification makukuha from this traning..may ojt rin po ba..thanks

maam, cecil, 2loy po ba tom. yung
training for pc troubleshooting?

@ rosan

Yes, after po ng training you will receive certificate of completion, Yes may OJT rin po. Thank You

@ znujram

Yes, tuloy na po bukas april 16, 2012/9-3pm yung PC trouble shooting dito sa espana manila. Thank You

ask ko lang po kung ung payment for tuition can paid on 1st day of class??nagpareserve na ksi ko...un po..mamats..

@ ronnie

Yes, you can pay your tuition fee on 1st day of the class. Thank you.

pede po ba mag make up class, nag take po ako ng pc hardware and software at networking, nung year 2009, gusto ko po kasi sanang kumuha ng tesda certification, thanks

@ Ramir

Yes pwede ka mag sit in, just give us a call. Thank you.

GOOdday PO maam/sir just want 2 ask LNG poh if meron po BANg any req. pra 2 take THIS course I GRAduated HRM po BUT GUSTU Q po tlga matutuTO NG EXTRA SKILL ill be IN PINAS @ OCT. WANt 2 ASK diN poh IF How mAny days Yung OJt :) kasi 3odays 2 45DAYS lng PO AQ makakaya KO PO BANg makumpleto YUNG OJT if ever na makapasoK AQ SA COURSE nyo po :))THANKS po in adVANCE

@ noel

Wala naman pong any requirements sa course na ito, as long as na marunong po kayo magcomputer. 300-500 hours po. pero optional po yung OJT. Thank You

my libre po b kaung hands on training about computer??

@ ryan ortiz

Please see this link to join our free training contest

Thank you.

good day. do u also offer trainings during weekends. may work po kc ako naun ee.. if so, where can i see the schedules from your website. tnx

nd2 n pla hehe sorry

@ elly bryan

Yes, Meron po kaming schedule ng every weekends, please go to this link para makita nyo po yung mga available schedule namin Thank you.

NO certificate exist with this number (HPG1XXUJ)

NO certificate exist with this number (A5DY012X)

maam..p'check po..
bkit ganyan? wla po sa record yung cert. ko?
n'double check ko na po yung letters and number still wla parin..p'check po..
sayang binayad ko..kung hindi sya nka' database nyo..
p'ayos naman po..

@ znujram

Sir as we've check successfully completed this Hands On training naman po at tama po ang certificate number nyo. Please try to check using Mozilla firefox.

hindi po ba magkakaroon ng sked na Sunday 9-3pm?

@ nhey241123

Okay, Mag-oopen po kami ng schedule ng 9-3 pm for every sunday. Please keep posted on our website. Thank You

gudnoon po!!what month po kya magkakaron ng schedule pg sunday.?

@ jeff

Our open Sunday 3-9pm schedule is May 27 to June 24, 2011. this the schedule for the rest of the year? Interested po ako mag training kaso nag iipon pa po ako ng pang bayad sa training fee...maybe June or July meron na po akong pera. Thanks.

@ Marvin

Magkakaroon po kami ng upcoming schedule on June, July. Continuos lang po ang scheduling namin. Please keep posted. Thank you.

hello po. san po ba sa buendia makati to?

@ leah

Our branch office located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank You

Sir/madam, Tanong ko lang po kung pwede mag jump agad sa KB0103 kahit wala pang KB0101 pero may basic knowledge na sa Course KB0101. Salamat

san po ang training en amount po ng tuition?


good day, Inquire lng po..pwede po ba na once a week or twice a week ung training? ma work po kasi ako as computer technician., gusto ko lng po magkaroon ng shrot course diploma or certificate. thanks

@ RR Paclibar

Ang available schedule po namin ay Monday to Friday at every Saturday and Sunday only. Thank You

@ jeffrey nahil

Located po kami sa Espana Manila at Buendia Makati, 6,000 po ang course fee. Thank you

@ winston

Yes, pwede na po kayo mag jump sa KBO103 kung may basic knowledge na po kayo sa KB0101. Thank you

Hi may Cebu branch kayo?

Ilang student po ang minimum para magstart yung klase? at kung di po maabot yung minimum na student makacancel o magreschedule po ba yung klase? magbabakasyon lang po kasi ako dyan sa manila for 15 days. Ang sakto lang po na schedule sakin ay yung June 4-8.

@ Winston
Minimum of 3 participants before the class start. Pag hinde po maabot ang minimum participants marereschedule po ang class.

@ reka

Wala po kaming branch sa Cebu. We're only located in España Manila and Buendia Makati. Thanks.

hello po.. un po bang mga nagpapareserve sa inyo eh sure na mgeenrol pgdating nung date na nkareserve sila? salamat po..

Yes ma'am sure silang nag eenroll

ano pong date na move yung online sked ng sat. and sun. class? salamat

@ john aie paul almodovar

Nextweek po ulit yung next schedule namin May, 19 for sat. and May 20 For sunday schedule. Thank you

Good Day, just want to ask if by month of July on going po ba ang offer ninyo ng PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair w/ OJT - KB0101? Salamat at yung OJT po ilang hours po iyon?

@ Carlo Gedangoni

Yes, available parin po ang course na ito by the month of July. yung ojt namn po is 300 hours. Thank You

Plano ko sana mag enroll sa subject na ito at sa PC LAN/WAN instead of TESDA CHS NCII fast track. Pag ganun ba ginawa ko may additional fee pa ako ibibigay for the exam? Kayo din ba maglalakad nung scheduling of exam sa TESDA?

Sa mga interested po sa course na CHS NCII with Exam (Fast Track) KB0105 dalawa na po kaming participants for the dates 05-28-2012 to 06-01-2012.. if interested po kayo sali na po kayo samin para matuloy yung class :)

@ al

Yes, additional 450 po for exam fee. tapos kami narin ang magprocess sa papers nyo para sa scheduling ng exam nyo. Thank you

Okay salamat sir. Pano naman pag cheque gagamitin ko pmbayad? Pano ba process ng enrollment? Kelangan ba mag online reservation muna?

@ al

Pag-check payment po gamitin for the payment ipangalan nyo lang po sa account name namin na Computer Networking Career and Training Center Inc. Yes you need to make your reservation first para mainform po nmin kayo kung tuloy po ang training. Thank You

HI ask ko lang if tuloy ung class for May 26?

@ sandy

Hello! Enrollment is still open. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Thank you.

good am po meron poba dto sa laoag ciy ilocos norte nyan gustokopo mg training.

MAAM SIR yung acctual poba my offer dto sa ilocos tesda?yung hindi online.


@ manny

Yes meron pong actual training sa tesda, mag inquire nalang po kayo sa pinakamalapit na tesda center jan sa loag city. Thank You

hi san magenroll if sa makati? still available pa po yung mga slots? and on going pa din po ba ang enrollment? thanks.

@ earvin

Hello! Our office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Yes enrollment is still open. Thank you.


Para maging Certified Computer Technician ako - kailangan ko kunin ang KB101 at KB103 or pwede na KB105 na agad kunin ko parang maging Certified Computer Technician?


sir,me n my husbnd is interested to enroll on line with repairs n troubleshooting computer we dnt have basic knowldge of cmputer what course would u suggest we take were interested days starting on 18 that ends on 22

ilang hours or month po para matapos ang buong course?

@ zordick

Yes pwede nyo pong itake ang KB0101 and KB0103 or KB0105 para makapag take ng CHS NCII exam sa TESDA.

@ earvin

The course duration of the training is 30 hours which will take for 5 meetings/5 days.

saan po banda sa buendia yung training school ninyo

@ Polinar, christopher
Located po kame at Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Landmark po namen is near LRT Buendia

anu mas ok kunin KB0101 and KB0103 or KB105?

for example KB0101 and KB0103 ung kinuha ko, may extra payment pa if magtake ako ng exam?

may uniform ba ung school na to?

@ zordick

Yes, another 450 for the exam fee. Thank You

@ YanYan

Wala pong uniform. Thank you

hi! poh taga cebu poh ako hindi poh bah 2 available sa cebu-lahug tesda mam..
need reply asap...
thank you..
hope u will reply me..

Hinde po kame TESDA, accredited lang po kame, sorry but we don't have an idea kung meron po jan sa cebu-lahug TESDA.

Good day, palagi po bang available ang ojt ng mga course na ito para lalo pong matrain ang mga interested like me? thanks..

Good Day Tanong ko lang kung may Ganito po bang course sa TESDA LAS PINAS? thanks.

cnctc po ang magbibigay ng ojt o kailangan po kaming maghanap?

@ MarcoPaolo

Sorry pero Wala po kaming idea kung meron pong offer ang tesda Las pinas sa course na ito. Thank you

@ jeff

Yes, kami po ang nagbibigay ng ojt sa inyo. Thank you

ask k lang po kung nag a2cept po kayo ng payment thru credt card..ty

@ renante gutierrez

Yes you can use your credit card through Paypal Payment. Thanks.

Sa mga tapos na mag PC Hardware at PC LAN/WAN. Apply nakayo sa CNCTC para sa TESDA CHS NCII exam. Just pay P450 para maischedule yung exam. We need 4 more examinee para mag pursue exam ng batch namen sa CNCTC. Thanks.

can i go directly to your office to enroll and pay in cash?????

@ ronnie

Yes, pwede po. Thank You

meron po ba ito d2 sa cdo area?

@ reniel

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Cagayan De Oro.

Regarding po sa ojt may extra bang bayad kung gusto kong mag OJT ng 500 hrs. Kayo po ba pipili ng company kung san mag OJT?

ano po ung pinakamadaling way papunta sa Buendia Makati branch? Manggagaling po ako sa Pasig..

@ kat

Wala pong extra payment for OJT. Yes may location lang po kami kung saan pwede mag OJT.

@ ima

Malapit po kami LRT Gil Puyat Station then walking distance na lang po going to Makati Ave. After lang po kami ng Imarflex Building or maliit na tulay. Dito po kami Cr. Marconi St. # 7 UPY Bldg.

Magoopen po ba kayo ng mas maagang schedule pag sunday??

@ mae

Okay, try po namin magopen ng 9-3pm for sunday schedule. Thank You

Thank you po. :)

@ Mae

Your Welcome!

Ano po basically ang difference nito don sa KB0105 na course maliban sa OJT?

@ Rai

Ang KB0105 po ay combination ng PC Troubleshooting at PC Networking course.

merun poh ba kau dto sa cubao, ung scheduled s every sunday...

@ mae laong

Wala po kaming branch sa Cubao. Located po kami España Manila and Buendia Makati.

Hi. Can I go to your Buendia Branch & enroll on the 9th & start immediately? Where's the exact location of the center? Is there a certificate after this course? Thanks.

@ Maria Clarissa Domingo

Hello! We're located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. You will get certificate of completion after finishing the course. Thanks.

meron po b kaung training nang computer tech.nang 1week lng?at pde npo bng mkakuha nang certificate?

Hi, whats the youngest age that you accept ?
Are there any other requirements ?

@ kim christian h. coretana

Yes, our training for computer Tech. is good for five days only. and after the training you will receive certificate of completion. Thank you

@ AtoZ

Wala po kaming age limit, ang course pre requisite lang po namin dito ay dapat marunong siyang magoperate ng Computer. Thank You

How much po for this course? Same lang ba sa online training? Tnx.

@ Cherry

The course fee for this course is 6,000 in cash. yes, same lang po ang fee sa online training. Thank You

Re: KB0101

Panu po yung OJT nito? San mag-OOJT? thanks!

hi... this is ronnie aguilar.. i would like to cancel my reservation (buendia, 7-16 to 7-20, pc hardware and software troubleshooting) i'd rather move it to august 6-10 schedule... thanks!!!!!

@ ronnie

Okay, noted po. Thank you

@ Bryan

Sa Microsmith at Microserver po yung location ng OJT. at pagkatapos po ng training iniischedule po namin kayo kung saan kayo mag-ojt. Thank You

panu gagawin dun sa live online training?
ganda kasi ng sched e. sun 9-3pm

@ Rolando Angel

Please go to this link to see how the online training work. Thank You

may certificate po ba to at accredited po ba to ng tesda?

@ gerald

Certificate of completion lang po marerecieve mo sa amin. Thank You

sir after the training sabi niyo po kayo na po ang mag iischedule ng OJT namin if ever na gusto namin. may need pa ba para sa OJT?

@ gerald

Yes, kami po ang nag-iischedule ng OJT nyo. Resume po kailangan para sa OJT. Thank You

god day po, pano po ba mag enroll and study online?

im 28 yrs old, is there still a chance that i can find a job after completing this training and passed the tesda exam??

Hello po. meron po ba kaung course schedule for PC Hardware and Software troubleshooting ng October 2012 preferably M-F sana and where po ung location? ilang days po ung course kung sakali?

@ tom

Yes Sir there still a chance that you can find a job after completing this training and passed the tesda exam and please see this link how does online training it works and enrollment procedure

Thank you!

@ Lhen

Hi! Yes both branch sa España Manila and Buendia Makati magkakaroon po kami ng schedule this month of October Monday to Friday good for 1 week po ang training or 5 consecutive meetings.

salamat po sa answer..ano po ung exact date ng course schedule ninyo ng October? saan ko po makikita ung schedule? for AutoCAd din po sana kung meron din for October..para alam ko po kung what date ako uuwi dyan sa pinas. nandito po kasi ako ngayon sa Dubai UAE..thanks po ulit

@ Lhen

Continues po yung schedule namin dito, may weekdays and weekends po kami. please go to this link para makita nyo po yung course schedule namin. Thank You

Sir, if i will take the PC Software and Hardware Troubleshooting, do i need to take the PC LAN/WAN also para magkaroon lng ng completion certificate? required po ba tlaga un or pwedeng hinde na? one month lng po kc ung vacation ko baka diko matapos within that period. how can i enroll in the course? pwede ba magpa reserve muna then ung payment pag uwi ko na po dyan? if naka reserve na po ako, how can i be sure na hnde po macacancel ung reservation/course ko? baka po kc naka reserve na ako then dna pla tuloy ung class..please advice..thanks po uli

@ Lorelyn

Ma'am pag natapos nyo po ang PC Software and Hardware Troubleshooting makakatanggap po kayo ng certificate of completion, optional po kung ieenroll nyo din po ang PC LAN/WAN. Yes, pareserved muna po kayo online then advise po namin kayo 2-3 days before ng training kung magstart po ang class. Minimum of 3 participants po ang kailangan to start the class. Thank you.

nasabi po sa mga courses dito na pwedeng mag take ng exam sa Tesda NC II. gsto kong mag enroll kaso nag ddalawang isip ako kc parang malalaktawan ko ung NC I kung meron man pong exam para sa NC I sa Tesda.

ask ko lang kung may availabilities schedules kayo nang saturday classes lang? tnx

@ Rudy Tan, Jr

Yes meron po kaming Saturday schedule 9am to 3pm in España Manila and Buendia Makati.

Hi Admin,

Question po, pag kinuha ko po kb0101 at kb0103 separately, meron po bang free exams sa TESDA or magbabayad pa din sa exams?

yung kb0105 kasi is kb0101 + kb0103, right?

wala kasing nagrereserve ng kb0105 sa schedule na available ako eh so balak ko munang kunin yung kb0103 then kb0103 afterwards.

any suggestions po? thanks!

wala po ba dito sa Cebu?

@ noel delmiguez

Unfortunately, wala po kaming branch sa cebu, we're located only @ España Manila at Buendia Makati. Thank You

@ bryan

Yes, another 450 for TESDA NCII Exam. opo pareho lang yung KB0101 at KB0103 sa KB0105. Thank You


wala pa rin po reply sa email ko bukas na po yung pareserve ko schedule. if ever po na walang ibang student sa españa sa buendia na lang ako mag enroll. reply po asap thnx

para po b makakuha ng NCII exam kailangan po ba ung KB101 and KB103 or kahit isa lng dun?

@ bernie

Yes, kailangan mong matapos yung KB0101 at KB0103 para sa NCII exam. Thank You

bakit wala pong sat and sun schedule s manila?

sana meron SUNDAY SCHED sa MANILA tnx.

@ bernie

Meron po kaming Saturday schedule sa Manila sa August 4 to September 1/9-3pm. open for enrollment. Okay try po namin mag-open ng Sunday schedule sa Manila. please keep posted. Thank you

hi! just want to ask, how many students in a class? the maximum count of students.


sir possible po ba na magkaroon pa ng discount sa fee para sa bawat module na makuha?

open b cash nio pag sat?????

s reservation, my naMention tungkol s preferred meal???? my free meal b???


@ jhen

Minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 participants in a class. Thanks.

@ Carlito

Please check this link to get training course fee discounts

Thank you.

@ ronnie

Open po kami ng every Saturday 9-3pm. Thanks.

now ko lng na browse ang site na to..sana next month open pa ule,para mapaghandaan ko na.i really wanted to enroll this course.

yes po magkakaroon parin ng open schedule continuous po ang scheduling namen, Just make a reservation po

pano to??? bukas n sana aq enroll... pero wala pang ibang nakaenrol s Aug 6-10 s buendia....

how much?

@ Tobs
Course fee is Php6000

Follow up ko lang po kung may listahan na kayo ng mga mag O-OJT. thanks!

hi interested po ko na mg enroll kb0101 ung ojt po b 500 hrs tlg or optional na pade ms lower than 500hrs,ano po b ung minimum time na pwede..thanks.

@ alan

Yes, optional po yung 500 hrs. minimum of time po ng OJT is 300 hrs. Thank You

Hi,good am po meron po kau night sched or sunday?emplyed po kasi ako gusto ko sana magtraining kso 9am to 6pm po ung duty ko...tnx

@ Roj

Okay, we will try to open Sunday night schedule for this course. Please keep posted. Thank You

kung mag ojt po ba may salary or allowance po ba yun?

@ carl

Wala po kayong matatanggap na allowance or Salary during your OJT. Thank YOu

ok po, kayo po ba magbibigay kung san kami mag-oojt? thanks

@ carl

Yes, Kami po ang magbibigay kung saan kayo mag-OJT. Thank You

nagbibigay rin po ba kayo kung san kami pd mag apply?

@ carl

Yes, you can send your resume @ Thank you.

paki update na lng po ako kung tuloy pa sa monday sa buendia, thanks

@ carl

Okay, Noted po. Thank You

hi po merun po ba kyong branch malapit sa valenzuela for that trannig po.?.thanks

@ felicity

Unfortunately, we don't have a branch in valenzuela. we're located only here @ Espana Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You

meron pa po ba to sa october or december? at ilang days po?...thnks

pwede pa po b mag pa reserve sa schedule ng 08-22-2012? nag pareserve ako sa fast track ng 08-27-2012 balak ko ichange nalang.

Do you have a trainng available on December 2012? or are you conducted training to the company alone?

Do I have to go to OJT? I am currently working. How long does that take?

@ vahn

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng schedules for this month of October, December. 5 meetings po ang training for this course. Thanks.

@ bong

Yes pwede po meron po kaming nagstart na class sa España Manila. Thanks.

@ Friday Biana

Yes we will have a training schedule for December 2012 and yes we are conducted training to the company for at least minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 participants. Thank you.

@ Third

The OJT is just an optional. The duration for the OJT is 300 hours. Thanks.

Is your office open Saturdays? I'll be paying the paying the training fee

@ Third

Yes Sir we're open Monday to Sunday. Thank you.

confirmed na po ba yung sa september 17?


Magiinform pa po kami dun sa mga nakareserved malalaman nyo po 3 days before kung confirm po ang class.

paano po ba ko makakapunta sa espana branch ninyo from quezon city circle? ano pong sasakyan at saan po ba bababa?

@ reynald

Sumakay kayo ng Jeep or FX papuntang Quiapo or Buendia then sabihin nyo poh ibaba kayo bago mag Morayta lagpas po ng UST, katabi po namin ang Chick-boy.Thank you


sakay ka lng sir ng jeep papuntang quiapo or taft.tapos po baba kayo sa may morayta over pass.may makikita kayong chicboy resto harap po nun Dona Amaparo Bldg. Rm.210 po.

paano po ba makakapunta sa buendia branch
galing Market-Market Taguig?

ANU POH BA ANG sasakyan?

e sir kung tesda ito di po a libre and tuition fee?di po ba nakaka discount o kaya nakakakuha nang scholarship sa tesda para malessen ang tuition fee


sakay k po ng jeep papuntang crossing tapos sakay kayo ng bus papunta ayala/buendia/lrt leveriza.sabihin nio baba kayo Marconi st. corner po nun yong UPY bldg.rm.208 dun po kmi.

hello gud eve,,,as i read in the newspaper?this training have a ojt assistance?or job assistance?

yes po my ojt pero optional po yon.its up to you po.

hi sir goodday, inquire lang pwede ko bang mag enrol sa inyo tru owwa ofw po kasi ako, say sa oct 15 incoming sched nyo? thanks carmy


Owwa scholar po b kayo?or myrun po b kayong voucher from Owwa?

confirmed po ako :) monday to sunday po ba kyo bukas?


Yes we are open Mon. to Sun.

1 week lang ba talaga 2? mamaster kya ng ganun kabilis?

@ noy

yes, its more on hands on.what course are you planning to take up?

i want to reserve a slot for PC Hardware & software troubleshooting for Oct 6 - Nov 3 Schedule.

please email me if my reservation was set. Thanks

@ Gabriel

definitely sir

@ Gabriel

yes we will reserve you for the schedule u want.

I have reserved 8th october till 12th october for pc hardware and software trouble shooting, could my schedule be set for the afternoon till evening? if okay, I'd like it 2-8pm. I have work from 2am-11am.

Nasa ibang bansa ako..pwedi ba ako sa Live Online Training nio or need kong umuwi ng Pinas para makapag-enroll?

good pm sir pg ng OJT po b s tesda may bayad din po b un?

@ Ernie

You can enroll for Live Online Training, regarding the payment you can pay through online Paypal.Thank you

@ yhan

Wala pong bayad ang TESDA OJT. Thank you

Hi. pag nag enroll ako tomorrow or the next day, aabot pa ba ako sa 9/24/12 na sched? Thanks.

Interested po akong mag enroll sa course na PC hardware and software troubleshooting and repair ,ano pong Training center itong nasa Espana manila , malapit lang po kasi kami dito ano po ang address . This kind of course is also available in on line training?

@ Neil C. Macavinta

yes Sir, mayrun pong online training tong course na to.More on hands - on training po kami.

Pag natapos ba tong course na to may certificate? thanks.


yes maam, may certificate po kayo.thank you.

Maam anu poh requirments nyo d2.?

meron poh ba kayong branch d2 sa san pedro laguna?

@ Eros

Wala naman po mga requirements, just take the online reservation. We don't have a branch in San pedro Laguna.Thank you

Hello po! Ask ko lang po sana kung anong pipiliin kong option kapag gusto kong mag enroll sa isang course ninyo. Dapat po ba reserve mula online or enroll online kaagad? If ever nakapag reserve/enroll na ako online, tapos gusto kong palitan ung date, pwede po ba i-reschedule? ano pong requirements sa re-scheduling? thanks po

@ Lhen

You can take first the online reservation. Yes Ma'am, you can re-schedule it, and there is no requirements for the Re-scheduling.Thank you.

Hello again! Thanks po sa pagsagot sa queries ko. If nakapag reserve na ako online, ano po ung next step na gagawin ko or hihintayin? Kelan po ba ako maikokonsider na enrolled na sa subject? Thanks again

@ Lhen

Next step ma'am is wait na lang po nyo confirmation sa amin if start or tuloy na po yong class on that schedule.thank you

@ Lhen

macoconsider na enrolled na po kayo sa subject once you are already paid iether by cash or installment basis.thank you

magandang araw po, tanong ko lang po ang address po sa Espaniya,Manila po na pewede po akong magenroll

paano po kung cash po san po ako magbabayad po

@ Ana Christina Arellano
we are located at Rm.210 Dona Amparo Bldg.G.Tolentino St. Sampaloc, can pay directly to our office upon enrollment.thank you

open pa ba kau nxt year? mga january or february?

@ noy

Yes sir, mag oopen po kami ng schedule ng january and february. Thank you

Admin, ask ko lang po kung tuloy ang pc assembly start oct 6,2012?


@ Joselito B. Amacan

good day po.just wait for the confirmation 3 or 2 days before the class start.thank you.

pwde din ba makakuha ng certification exam, pag itong course ang ieenroll ko?

@ shane

this course will prepare you for the TESDA NCII assessment exam to get the certification.thank you.

could you please send us a communication letter inviting two of our computer technicians to attend the said training scheduled on 10-08-2012 to 10-12-2012 at buendia, makati. please address to our president, REV. FR. CIRILO O ORTEGA, SVD. In this way we could enroll for the said training. Thanks

ask ko lang po kayo po ba mag proprovide nung company for OJT if ever na kuhaain?

can i have some sample of achievement chart of computer hardware and servicing..i need your help

@ rej

yes sir.kami po maghahanap ng company kung saan kayo mag-oojt.pero kung may alam kayo puwede rin po kami magbigay ng recommendation letter.thank you.

2loy ba ung sked nyo sa 10-08-2012? pwede magenrol ng 8 am sa 10-08-2012 taz diretso n klase ng 9am?

@ noy

mAy i know sir what course is that?thank you.

sana matuloy napo yung naka schedule ng
10-15-2012, paki inform po kagad ako kung 2loy po


hopefully sir.dont worry we will definately inform or confirm you once the class starts.thank you

magkanu poe ang total pg bbayaran ng isahan ang tuetion..?


@ paul

The Course fee for PC Troubleshooting is Php 6,000 in cash for installment it will be Php 6,500. Thank you

@ paul

Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank you

tuloy napo ba yung traning sa monday 10-15-2012 sa buendia makati

@ angelo

may 2 confirmed na po, isa nlang po inaantay. Thanks

Hi sir can i just go directly there today coz i wanna take these course, be there

@Carmelita D. Zabala
ok Ms. Carmelita will wait for you.thank you.

minimum 300hrs po ung ojt right?ask ko lang po may job refferal po ba kau pag natapos na po ung training..thanks

Sir, how can i confirm about my class schedule on Monday 22 October 2012? I will pay my course fee by cash on your Espana office on Monday also at the start of class. thank you

sir/mam confirm napo ako dito sa date na ito 10-22-
2012,paki txt nalang po ako kung matutuloy, pag tuloy
po sure po akong pupunta, number ko napo mismo
yung nakalagay sa reservation form ko
salamat po

@ lhan san juan

Yes minimum of 300 hours for the OJT. You can send your resume @ Thank you

@ Lhen

Hello, We will inform you three days before regarding on that schedule ma'am. Thank you

@ angelo

Ok sir we will inform you three days before if the class will start. Thank you

ask ko din po san po ung place nung ojt?medyo mlayo po ung place ko tga rizal po xe ko eh,

@ lhan san juan

OJT is located at España Manila.


Need pa po ba mag OJT? Gusto ko sana mag enroll pero I don't have time for OJT. Nagbibigay ba kayo ng certificate dito?

@ Jane Doe

Optional lang po ang OJT. Yes, nagbibigay po kami ng certificate of completion pagktapos ng training. Thank you.

Hi po, ask ko lang po kung after ng 1week training paano po yung mechanics ng OJT at kung recommended po ba mag-undergo OJT.

@ Marvin

Hello! After the training iischedule po natin ang OJT nyo. The OJT is just an optional. Thanks.

pwede poh b plbc n lng un certificate....pdala n lng me ng pera pangpalbc.....bataan p poh kazi me....carlo angelo po toh ng bataan.....

@ carlo_angelo_braga

Yes pwede pong ipa LBC ang certificate nyo.

anu po ba maitutulong ng makukuha mung certificate dto sa course na to...

pwede po ba khit hndi nakapareserve at mag eenrol nlng directly in center?

@ Ron ryan Baba

Yes, pwede po but before magstart po ang class kailangan po natin ng at least 3 partcipants para magstart ang training. Thanks.

Sir ask ko lang if totoo po ba ito? Kasi po dami ng kumakalat na site na ganito pero yung iba hindi po totoo. Pasensya na po

Pag natapos mo ang course na to at hindi ka graduated ng vocational course makakapag take ka ba ng exam para sa certificate?.. Tnx.

Kapag ito lang ang natapos mong course at hindi ka graduated ng vocational course makakakuha ka ba ng NCII certificate? . . Pls response' .

Kelan po ang enrollment ng PC Hardware and Software troubleshooting and repair sa Tesda Lagawe?
Ilang taon o buwan po bago mkuha ang certificate?

will you send me through e-mail the schedules of the enrollment in tesda lagawe and what courses?

@ soy

Yes, We offered IT Courses in our training Center. Thanks

@ Ron ryan Baba

Hello, If you have 72 Units you can take the NCII exam,and If you want to take the NCII exam you need to Enroll the PC ASSEMBLY and PC LAN/ WAN. Thanks

@ Jollibee Paitn

Hello, Our Training Center is Accredited only from TESDA, If you want to know the Schedules just visit the website of TESDA LAGAWE. Thanks

hello po..pwede po ba magtake ng couse KBO1O1.. kht hndi familiar sa windows operating system.

ilang months po ang KBO1O1 bgo po mtapos ksama ang ojt?and then anu pong meron kpg naipasa mo ang TESDA CHS NCII ASSESMENT EXAM?..curious lng po ako

is this pc maintenance course an online tutorial or an in class course

@ sen

Yes, pwede po kayong magenroll sa course na ito kahit na wala po kayong knowledge sa windows operating system as long as na interested po kayong matuto. Thank You

@ sen

Good for five consecutive meetings lang po ang KB0101, and two months for the OJT.Thank you

gud a.m po..anu po ang requirements na nid dalhin pra mag enroll?tnx po

anu po ang pnakmalapit sa marikina na pwede po akng mag ojt?

ok lng po ba mag take ng KBO101 kht h-skul grad lng?

@ sen

Yes, pwede po kayung magtake sa course na ito kahit na high school grad. lang po kayo, wala po kaming OJT malapit sa Marikina, at wala pong requirements na kailangan dalhin yung payment lang po. Thank You

pls.send me if san me papadala un pera n pangpalbc ng certificate....pra mapadala me na rin poh un pera...tnx

hello po..wat computer course po ang mgandang kunin if u want sa col center mag work..?

@ sen

Kung pang technical support po ang aaplyan nyo PC Trouble shooting po kunin nyo. Thank You

Good evening po! follow up ko lang po yung sa certificate ko.please send me your details..thank you po!

Hi admin!
If I wont take the optional ojt, will the price be lessen?if not, where will I have my ojt?

@ carlo_angelo_braga

Account Name: Computer Networking Career and Training Center, Inc.

Account Number: 50095609

Thank you.

san po pwedeng magtake ng nc2 taga rosario cavite po ako .computer technician po tnx.

good day po. possible po ba if I only want to take the Module 2.advanced pc software configuration,hardware troubleshooting and data recovery only.beco'z i already taken basic and advanced pc troubleshooting from other learning school but i only want to refresh in this module only and How much po if 1 module only? thank

pwede po bang sainyo mag take ng nc II exam kahit hindi sa inyo nag training??please response sir..thanks

Admin, pwede rin po ba sa makati?at magkanu po ang reservation/examination fee for NC2

@ jayson alfiler

Sorry, pero hindi po kami ngpapaexam dito ng NC II, training lang po ang meron sa amin. Thank You

@ jayson alfiler

Wala pong bayad ang course reservation, ang fee ng NC II exam is 450. Thank You


so sa españa po ako mag eexam?open po ba kahit saturday yung main office nyo sir??kelang ko lang po kasi yung info kasi employed po kasi ako para hindi masayang yung pag absent ko po


Hanap po kayo ng pinakamalapit na assessment center ng tesda jan sa cavite dun po kayo pwde magexam for NCII.

my mga requirements pa bo bang kailangan ? pls pm me here's my email carylrequeron[at]rocketmail[dot]com thank you :)

@ caryl

Wala naman pong requirements na kailangan dalhin, yung payment lang po. Thank You

good day sir/mam,
ask ko lang po kung pwede na po bang kami mag OJT, san po mag sesend ng resume
kami po yung bacth ng Oct.15

tnx po angelo Enrollment Number: 5946

hindi ba pdeng mag take NCII exam ung nagtake lang ng laptop servicing training?
pakireply po..thanks!

sir pwede po bang mag enroll dito kahit hindi 72units ang natapos sa college? kasi po I'm not sure if 72units na po na take ko kasi hindi ko pa po nakukuha yung TOR at Grades ko. I heard kailangan nka 72units sa college bago makapag enroll, 2yr course lang po kasi kinuha ko. Graduating ako this year kaya gusto ko po mag enroll dyan.

@ camille

Pwede po kayong magtake ng NC II pero kailangan may knowledge po kayo regarding sa PC Networking. Thank You

@ soy

Yes, pwede po kayong magenroll sa course na ito kahit na wala po kayong 72 units earn in college. thank You

Hi. Pwede ba ako mag enroll on Sunday, November 18, 2012 kahit same day na start nang class? Yung pang 3pm-9pm?


Yes po pwde magenroll on the day ng training. Pareserve po mna kayo check this link pra mainform po kayo kung confirm na ung 3pm class.

Mayronn ba kayong branch sa Cebu City?
Mas malapit kasi kami doon.

@ Serge Gulay

Unfortunately, wala po kaming branch sa Cebu City. we're located only @ España Manila at Buendia Makati. Thank You

I want to join. Malapit ako sa Buendia Area.
Yung 11-26-2012 - 11-30-2012 na sched, need ko 1 slot. Saan ang exact address? Give me the info, punta po ako jan... rrusiana[at]live[dot]com ->email ko po

what is your exact address in Buendia Makati city?

do you have contact number, para if i have further concern i can ask?

@ Roel R

Our branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati. or please call us @ 8896-043 and 239-5577. Thank You

@ Nimuel

Our Branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City and give us a call @ 8896-043 and 239-5577. Thank You

pwede po magtake ng NCII kht po hndi nkpg 72 units..pero nagtake ako ng PC ASSEMBLY at LAPTOP SERVICING..tnx po..

@ sen

Yes, pwede po kayo magtake ng training for NCII. Thank You

kyo po ba nag po-provide ng mga ojt place para sa mga trainee nyo?

@ eiro

Yes, kami na po ang bahala na maghanap ng place kung saan po kayo pwede mag- OJT. Thank you

Regarding the Ojt-Meron po ba kayo contact sa Las Pinas or Alabang area kung saan pwede mag ojt after the course? Also ano po usually sched ng ojt mwf,tth? for instance ilang hours po per day?

@ van

Sorry, pero wala po kaming contact sa las piñas at Alabang area para sa OJT. Ang schedule po para sa OJT is Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Thank You

pwede po ba makuha yung certificate after matake yung course right away and then saka na lang magtake ng ojt?

@ angel

Yes, pwede niyo po makuha agad yung certificate niyo after ng training. Thank You

merun b kami i.d pag magtake ng course nato? valid til kelan? in wat benefits
nxt yer im taking diz course.tnx

@ louie operiano

Wala po sir. Thank You

pno po mag take ng online training ano po ggwin pno po mag enrol? ilang days at oras po un at magkano po

computer hardware and all software coruse detil in my email send plz

@ ann

Magpareserve po muna kayo for online then inform nalang po namin kayo kung confirm yung nireserve niyo. 30 hours po ang course duration nito and good for five meetings only.Thank You

@ asif ali

Okay, i will send it to your email. Thank You

hi! CNCTC..ok lng po ba kng hndi ako nkapagpareserve tpos bgla nlng akong pupunta sa branch ninyo pra mag enroll.

@ sen

Yes, pwede rin po, kaso mas maganda kung magpareserve po muna kayo para mainform namin kayo kung tuloy po yung schedule. Thank you

HI CNCTC nagpareserve na po ako kelan po pwede mag enroll sainyo? or may aantayin p po akong email nyo? 01-07-13 po un...ty

@ Eric

Okay, wait mo nalang po ang confirmation namin three days before the training. Thank You

Hi, interested po ako sa course nyo about PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair. Ano po yung mga requirements. At nakatira po ako sa Pasig saan po ang mas malapit Espana, Manila or Buendia, Makati. Bago lang po ako dito sa Metro Manila. Thanks in Advnce

As check sa lower part ng mga comments wala naman req. any way yung location nalang pinagpipilian ko.

walang offer ata gn2 sa calamba TESDA.. san b my pnkamalapit?

@ zek

No requirements needed. Mas malapit po kayo sa buendia, makati branch.

@ chan

Malapit po kayo sa buendia, makati branch.

hi CNCTC..thru txt po ba ung confirmation na marerecieve ko?kng ung start date po ng course reservation is 01-07-2013 end date 01-11-2013.kelan po ung exact date ng confirmation nyo?tnx po..

sketch nyo po ako plsss.frm buendia MRT station.wat is da next vehicle to ride,and where im going to get off?

@ sen

Hello. Yes, marereceived nyo po ang confirmation thru sms. Inform na din po namin kayo na start na po sa Jan. 07 from 9am to 3pm ang training for PC Troubleshooting dito sa Buendia Makati. Baba po kayo MRT Taft Station then sakay po kayo ulit ng LRT baba po kayo sa Gil Puyat Station from LRT station walking distance na lang po going to Makati po way ng lakad nyo. Hanapin nyo lang po ang Marconi St. and located po kami sa UPY Bldg. 2nd floor Rm. 208. Thanks.

ano na po status ng scheduled on jan 7 - 11 sa espanya? pwede na po ba mag enroll? or di parin po kumpleto students?

@ Macky P

Start na po ang class ng PC Troubleshooting on January 07 sa Espana Manila. Yes, pwede na po kayong pumunta sa Manila office para mag enroll. Thank you.


I would like to inquire if these course training is available for client service. I handling 17 people as Field Staff and i would like to refresh and enhance their technical skills at company cost expense. Our office is located at pasong tamo extension cor, edsa. Will it be possible to your instructor in our office. If so, how long will iit take to finish 12 chapters?

Please revert.

Hi --Correction;

I would like to inquire if these course training is available for client service. I am handling 17 people as Field Staff and i would like to refresh and enhance their technical skills at company cost expense.

Our office is located at pasong tamo extension cor edsa. Will it be possible to send your instructor in our office. If so, how long will it take finish 12 chapters?

Please revert so I could process necessary docs.


gud am.ask ko lng po kng pwde ung alternate na sked ng online training?

@ Don36

Yes, pwede po. Thank You

pagkatapos na pagkatapos po ba ng training, ojt na po ba kaagad? thx

@ jon

Kailangan po muna namin kayo maischedule para sa ojt niyo. Thank You

tanung ko lang po kung magkano bayad sa online training

@ andrian ferrera

Okay, for online training will cost you 6,500 in cash. Thank You

I have a question on this short course it says here that the OJT is OPTIONAL. May additional na bayad kung mag-OOJT??

@ Mark Gareth

Wala pong bayad ang OJT. Thank You.

i want to take this course, since I am working now, Is it possible not to take OJT, anymore?


Meron ba kyo opening ng same training na to on last week of jan. or feb? thanks

@ DarylJean

Yes, pwede po kahit hindi na kayo magtake ng OJT. at meron po kaming schedule for the last week of Jan. 28 to Feb. 01, 2013. and last week of Feb. 25 to March 01, 2013. Thank You

question po : meron po kau sched from Feb 5 - 13? between this days?

@ Roel101

Wala po kaming schedule ng Feb. 5. ang available schedule po namin is every Weekdays and week ends po. Thank You

hi admin..
after po ng reservation.. meron po ba dadalin na docs sa training day?
like printed copy ng email?

me schedule napo ba kayo march onwards?

@ jason

Kahit hindi niyo na po dalhin, kasi may record naman po kayo sa database namin. Thank You

@ sha

Yes, Magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of March. Please keep posted. Thank You

wala pa pong nag enrol for Feb 28? hayssss... nag pareserved ako for sure na magbabayad ako, kaso sa first day sana ng training... sa 28 sana kaso wala pa pala... :(
mag enrol na kau pls...

Good Day!Kung sakaling natapos ko na po yung Hands on training course, diba po may OJT pa po ano po ba yon? Jan din po ba pwedeng mag OJT? May work po kasi ako ng Monday to friday pero gusto ko po kasi magtake ng Pc Troubleshooting course yun nga lang po iniisip ko po san po ba pwede mag OJT? Thank You

hello sir, yng laman po ba ng manual ay yng lahat2x na topics na nasa module? ilang pages po total? thanks. :)

@ ROel101

Sa ngayon po ay wala pang enrolled sa Feb. 28. Thank You

Good morning. Tuloy po ba yung schedule nyo sa Jan. 26, sa buendia branch?

@ Jeff

Yes, nasa manual lahat ng topics na nasa Module. 113 pages po lahat. Thank You

@ Rich

Advice po namin kayo haggang mamayang hapon, kung tuloy po bukas yung training. Thank you.

for confirmation, tuloy na po sa monday ung pc traoubleshooting? mag enrol na po ako... thanks

@ Roel101

Yes, tuloy na po bukas sa Buendia Makati. Thank You

may free review po ba kayo dito kahit through online po

Hi, tungkol po duon sa schedule sa España, Manila. Ask ko lng kng pede ung mag walk in this 02-04-13 para mag enroll and magbayad na rin

does this course includes repairing of damaged electronics parts in hardware like capacitors, resistors, etc. ?

@ Daniel

Wala po sir, Pero nagbibigay po kame ng review materials during the training.Thank you

@ Gabriel

Yes Sir pwede pong magenroll even on the day ng training however tawag po muna kayo before the schedule kung confirm po ang class,Minimum of 3 participants before the class start.Thank you

do we get a certificate/diploma etc. after the course.

@ Paul

Yes, you will receive certificate of completion after finishing the course. Thanks.


May question po ako. Kung matatapos ko po bang itong course na to pwede rin ba akong kumuha ng NCII exam sa inyo mismo

@ Mark Gareth

Yes, pwede po kayong kumuha ng exam for nc2 after finishing this course pero mas maganda po kung kunin niyo din yung PC LAN/WAN na course. yun po kasi ang covered ng exam for NC2. Thank You

Tuloy po ba yung schedule ng 2/04 -2/08 sa buendia makati?

@ Rei

Reschedule po sa Buendia Makati nextweek Feb. 10, 2013 , pero sa España Manila ay tuloy po sa Monday Fe. 4, 2013. Thank You

@ Roel101
Mr Roel if you want enroll k ng feb18-22, ksi mageenroll din ako sure yon. para isa na lng kulang pwede na tayo magtraining.

pwede pa po bang magenroll for sunday class for tesda pc hardware and software troubleshooting and repair? working po kasi ako ngayon and sunday is my only available time. please advise po. thanks!

para po pala sa Makati ang inquiry ko.. thanks!

@ angeline

Yes, enrollment is open. Please make course reservation @

Thank you.

Sir, graduating student po ako ngaun pero gusto ko po sana mag enroll this month na pano po ba? tmtawag ako sa hotline for further questions pa po sana? Sana po masagot muna yung mga inquiries ko bago magenroll. salamat.

@ Marvin

Give us a call @ 736-2032, 736-5196 in España Manila and 889-6042/43 and 239-5577 for your inquiries. Thank you.

1. Yung ojt po ba may pay or allowances?
2. meron po bang actual repair sa training?

3. sa feb 11 po ako mag start after po ng training kelan po ako makakapag ojt?
and is there a possibilities na maabsorb po ako ng company?

ask ko lang po tuloy po ba ang training sa sunday for this course sa Makati? thanks!

@ Paul

Yes, the training is more on actual, there is no allowance for the OJT. after po ng training niyo schedule muna namin kayo for the OJT. Yes possible po na makakapasok kayo ng work sa company as a technical support.Thank You

@ angeline

Wait niyo nalang po confirmation namin hanggang Saturday kung tuloy po ang training sa Sunday. Thank You

sa february 11 na session ang ieenroll ko pwede po bang on the day of the training ako mag bayad or kailangan atlease one day before the session/training?

@ Paul

Yes, pwede kang magbayad on the day of training. wait mo nalang po confirmation namin kung tuloy po sa Monday. Thank You

Im interested in this training mag kakaroon paba ng ibang sched gusto ko sana for the month of march weekend preferably saturday employed kasi ako. ASAP! thanks!

tuloy po ba yugn sa feb 11

@ Rommel

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of March. please keep posted for the update. Thank You

anu po buong address
sa espania at buendia?

@ Paul

Our Main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila and Our Branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City.


Ask ko lang po pag nag pareserve ba ako ng course may ibibigay ba kayong certificate or papeles. kasi nag wowork ako kailangan ng employer ko ng katibayan na nagpareserve ako ng course.

my friend @ abroad recommended this school...though im not an IT expert, i want to learn more regarding the said field of planning to enroll for march schedules ....can u guide me ls


Ok, Please make a reservation with this link

@ Mark Gareth

Yes, meron po kaming binibigay. Thank You

hi po ask q lng po my training po ba kau niyan ng cmputer servicing sa april po


@ angelica

Yes, meron po kaming schedule for the month of April. Please keep posted for the update. Thank You

@ Jem

Okay, please make your online reservation @ then we will inform you if the class will push through on March 4-8. Thank You

May office work po ksi ako mon-friday magmamandatory leave lng po ksi ako. sana po kung wla po akong makakasama ng mar4-8 magkaroon po kayo ng Mar 9-30, badly needed lang po.

Hi cnctc

May tanong lang ako about sa OJT programs na inoofer nyo, anong companies ba ang affiliated na inoofer nyo sa students?

good day sir. may question lng me regarding sa qualification nyo to be a student sa training center nyo. qualified b ang kahit hindi grad ng pc courses (ex. comp technician course and etc.) pero literate nman sa computer. for learning purpose lng ho sir. planning to enroll this march or april.

@ irson

Good Day Sir. Yes, you can enroll in this course. See you soon. Thank you.

@ jem

Okay Sir we will inform you soon if the class on March 04-08 or March 09 to April 06 will be push through. Please make course reservation @

Thank you.

@ Bob

OJT will be held at PC Rescue and located in Blumentritt España Manila. Thanks.


ask ko lang po meron po ba kau dito sa cavite area. maricel sesima

@ maricel sesima

Unfortunately we're located only @ España Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank you

good afternoon sir ask ko lang po kung anu po ang mga requirements?

is it possible to have just 4hours a day of ojt until macomplete? maganda ojt para masanay, but need to work also..

@ JR

Basta may knowledge po kayo sa windows Operating System. Thank You

@ jeff

Hindi po pwede, kailangan 8hours a day po ang OJT. Thank you

Sir paano kung sa online ako mag training my OJT bah? Sana gusto ko mag OJT para matoto ako. Nag reserve ko sa online training kailan ang umpisa. let me know thank you so much.

@ liezyl

Yes, may OJT din po for the online training. We will inform you if we got already the 3 participants to start the online training. Thank you.

sana yung sa March 11-15 mag march 4-8 nalang magenroll pls!

@ jem

Okay, inform nalang po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa March 04, 2013 ang training. please make your online reservation @ Thank You

mag eenroll po sna ko bukas ng pc troubleshooting , undergraduate po ako ng computer eng'r technology sa emillio aguinaldo college anu po ang kailangan kong dalhin na requirements ?

@ jr faraon

Kailangan may knowledge po kayo sa windows operating system yun po yung requirements para sa Course na ito. Thank You.

open po ba ang cnctc espana ng sunday para mag enroll for march 4 2013?

@ jr

Yes, open po kami ng sunday from 9am to 3pm. Thank You

can i enroll my son who is in 3rd year high school? He knows windows OS.


bakit hindi pa din magstart yung class ng sunday 3-9pm sa espana ahit 3 na yung nakareserve?

@ Joel Q

Yes, you can enroll your son for this course. Thank You

@ Echusen

Cancelled po kasi yung isa sa nakareserve. please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo. kung tuloy sa sunday. Thank You

bakit nawala yung class ng sunday 3-9pm na naresched sa march 10? nawala yung reservation ko?

@ Echusen

Hindi po kasi natuloy yung March 03 kaya nailipat po ito ng March 10. Thank You

Ilan po ba dapt ang mag enrol sa isang class para matuloy po ung training?

Mag e enroll po sana ako sa pc hardware and software troubleshooting, bale grad po ako ng computer engineering na course. ANo po ba ung mga kailangan na requirements.?

meron po ba kayo na binibigay na certificate after ng training?

@ Lou Riza Cuadra

Minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Wala pong requirements na kailangan. Yes, makakatanggap po kayo ng certificate of completion after finishing the course. Thank you.

Sir/Ma'am paano po pala kung gusto po ng OJT? Last day ng training na po namin kanina (PC assembly & troubleshooting). Nakalimutan ko pong magtanong kanina sa office bago umuwi

ask ko lang po kung possible na may OJT ng saturday and sunday or kahit saturday lang, may work po kasi ako yun lang po ang vacant time ko and gusto ko po talagang mag OJT na. hope you can help. Thank you!

ano po yong exact address ng training center sa bendia makati

@ Andrian Jacob Zaragoza

Yes, po pwede po kayo magtake ng OJT. magsend lang po kayo ng resume sa pccomp_rescue[at]yahoo[dot]com Thank You

@ jem

Sorry pero available lang po ng weekdays schedule ang OJT. Thank You

@ Lou Riza Cuadra

Our branch office is located @ Rm. 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati. Thank You

question po: ilan months of training?

@ jambe

30 hours is the course duration and good for 5 meetings. Thanks.

tuloy po ba ung schedule ng training on Sunday, March 17 sa Buendia branch?

@ chen

Inform po namin kayo 2 to 3 days before March 17 kung tuloy po ang class sa Sunday. Thanks.

ilan po ba ang minimum student to start? (buendia branch)

@ chen

Minimum of 3 student to start the class. Thanks.

gud pm po...wer po sa espanya ang training center nyo...pde mahingi complete add..tnx

@ maldo bayot

Our Main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila. Thanks.

ano pa bang avail na computer course sa inyo?ung sa tesda po d2 sa my buendia...

tuloy po ba training on march 17? buendia branch?
panu ko po malalaman student number ko?
I forgot the email i used before eh. I enrolled last june 2011, PC LAN/WAN Setup, full name is CHenne A. Maigue

@ chen

Hinihintay pa po namin yung confirmation ng nakareserve. ito po yung student # niyo sir 2232. please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy sa Monday ang training. Thank You

@ chuckie

Yung PC Troubleshooting po at PC LAN/WAN. Thank You

yong payment ng course panu ang process?

@ levi

Pwede po kayo magbayad sa aming office personally or pwede rin po yung through bank deposit and Through paypal online payment. Thank You

ung pang sunday sched po pwede po sa office na bayad?? and tlga po bang sa march 24 na start nun??thanks

may certificate din po ba ung PC assembly? thanks

@ ramil praxides

Yes, dito po sa training center namin kayo magbayad. inform po namin kayo three days before the training kung tuloy po yung schedule. And after the training you will receive certificate of completion. Thank You

hello sir matuloy po bang ang training sa sunday schedule online. kailangan ko po malaman kasi may work po ako para makahanap ako nang replacement. student no. 5352 reserve. salamat.

@ liezyl

Hi, please wait for the final confirmation. We will advise you if the online training on Sunday will be push through. Thank you.

sir. nka reserve na ako. bbayad nlang. 5543 student #. may inquiries lng po sana ako bago magtake ng training. sana po masagot. text/call sana? thanks! more power!

@ Marvin

You may call @ (02) 7362032 | 8896042 | 8896043 | 2395577 for your inquiries. Thank you!

I want to study live online training on PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair with OJT. What will I do? Please email your recommendations.

@ Fructuoso O. Salao

Please make your reservation online see this link we will inform you 3 days before if the class will push through or not.

ask ko lng po kung may schedule kayo ngayong darating n june 2013 para s PC LAN/WAn setup and windows 2003 set up-KB0103. ok lng din po b n magtake nyan khit hnd kumuha ng PC hardware and software troubleshootin. salamat po.

@ jeffrey

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of June. Please keep posted. Okay lang po basta familiar na po kayo sa windows operating system. Thanks.

tuloy po yung sched sa may buendia. 0408- 0412?

pwede po b un s mismong araw n me ng training mgbayad? kkareserve me lng po. confirm nyo po me kng tuloy s monday ung s pc assembly s buendia.

Ask ko lang po kng ilan ang minimum na participants para matuloy ung course? maraming salamat

@ rei

Hindi po tuloy yung training sa Buendia Makati. reschedule po nextweek April 15, 2013. Thank You

@ cheryll o. lanuzga

Hindi po tuloy yung training sa Buendia Makati. reschedule po nextweek April 15, 2013. sa España Manila po ang magstart so Monday April 08, 2013. Thank You

@ roi

We need at least three participants to start the training. Thank You

malapit po b ung espana branch nyo s tren espana station?

@ che

Yes, malapit lang po. isang sakayan nalang po ng jeep papuntang morayta overpass. ThanK you

Ano po difference ng course nyo with the pc troubleshooting/networking course being offered at TESDA Taguig?thanks

wow nice I want to train computer ,now I am computer technician .... I want to expand my knowledge in computer...

@ Ricardo

Okay, please make your online reservation @ thank you.

san po ojt nito? may training din po ba kayo sa mga monitor/ lcd repair?

meron pala, kelan po kaya mag oopen ulit yung PC Monitor Troubleshooting & Repair?

@ mhel

Sorry, pero wala po kaming course para sa LCD/Monitor. the OJT is located at España Manila. Thank You

sa españa at beundia lng po ba ung my computer technician?at 4 days lng po ung training?

@ reynbrant del pilar

yes po espana, manila at buendia, makati lang po. 5 days po ang training.

Hi Sir/Ma'am,

Inquire po ako for if how many are needed to start a class for Buendia, Makati [schedule Sat 9-3pm] interested po ako..

Hi, ask ko lng po saan po ginaganap yung OJT??

Saan ang OJT po it after the training yun OJT?

@ lawrence navarro

We need at least three participants to start the training. Thank You

@ jess

Ginaganap po yung OJT sa España Manila. Thank You

@ Sonny

Yes, after po ng training yung OJT niyo. sa esapaña Manila po ang OJT. Thank you

wala po ba kayong pang gabi na sked..nagwowork po kasi ako..gusto ko sana mag training..6pm out ko sa work...

tuloy po ba ang training sa April 22-26.


hello sir magtanong lang po ako hindi na matuloy yong schedule live online training sa pc hardware kasi nawala ang schedule nyo. thanks so much

@ liez

Nilipat lang po namin sa ibang schedule. Thanks

@ angel avila

Okay, try po namin mag-open ng pang-gabi na schedule. Thank You

gud day po mam sir ask ko lang po if
pwede po ba ako makapag enroll sa kursong ito kahit wala pa po akong expirience about computer repairing pero gusto ko pong matuto, nakapagaral naman po ako ng tertiary, BS civil engr. first sem lang po yun.
ask ko lang din kung ano ang mga requirments ninyo para makapag enroll?

@ angelo cariño

Yes, pwede po kayo magtake sa course na ito kahit na wala po kayong alam sa repairing as long as na marunung po kayo mag-operate ng Computer. no requirements needed.Thank you

thank you maam
ask ko na lang po kung available ang curse na to sa june o kya po sa july?

@ angelo cariño

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of June and July. please keep posted. Thank You

sir! meron po ba cxa around caloocan or bulacan? tsaka san po q pwedeng mg inquire about po sa course? pwede po ba akong makahingin ng contact number?

@ negz

Unfortunately, were located only at espana manila and buendia makati. Thank you

kelan po ulit start ng bagong class? sa isa pong module, ilng months mo mttpos?

@ negz

Meron po kaming schedule for April 29, 2013 open for enrollment. good for five days only yung training. Thank you

kelan po ba start ng pasok ???
pag saturday ang schedule??

meron po bng certificate ito?
or certificate of participation pag ntpos.gusto q po mgenroll ng may 20.inquire lng po..

@ gel

Meron po kaming posible na mag-start sa May 04, 2013 from 9am to 3pm dito po sa Buendia Makati. Thank you

@ val

Yes, after po ng training you will receive certificate of completion. Thank You

ahm maliban po sa 6k na babayaran
may iba pa bang babayaran?
baka kasi po tapus na yung training may additional na naman.

@ angelo cariño

Maliban sa 6k na tuition fee additional 100 pesos po pra sa manual kung gusto nyo po bumili then wla na pong ibang babayaran.

may direction po ba pano pumunta dyan galing Guadalupe?

30hrs po ba ang duration nitong course?

@ jam

Sakay lang po kayo ng jeep papuntang lrt gil puyat station. tapos baba po kayo ng Marconi st. then look for UPY bldg. rm. 208 after lang po kami ng bautista st. Thank You

meron pong certificate to pag natapos ?

Good day! nakuha ko na po yung training ng PC hardware and Software noong 2011, pero hindi ko pa po kinuha yung OJT.. so, pag kinuha ko na po yung OJT ng PC hardware and Software repair, kukuniin ko padin ba ulit yung training? Thanks

@ john erwin

Yes, meron po kayong matatanggap na certificate of completion after the training.

@ Ronald Amit

Hindi nyo na po kailangan kunin ulit ang training pag gusto nyong mag OJT. Thanks.


Salamat po

Ask ko lang if lahat ng trainings nyo is may certificate/s?

Okay, no need to reply sir nabasa ko na na merong certificate :)

Ask ko lang kung how many days tong training na to? Does M-F schedule means 5 days training? Thanks.

@ Marco Roxas

Yes, lahat po ng courses na offer namin ay may matatangap kayong certificate of completion after ng training. Thank You

@ Marco Roxas

Yes, good for five days training lang po . Thanks

ask lang anu ratio neto ? 1:1 ba ?
1 pc per 1 student ba ?

@ carl

Yes, one on one po ang PC every participants. Thanks

sir,ano mas better kunin. Ung 5days comprehensive computer technician ng TPC or itong s testda. Ano po pgkakaiba ng dlwa?

i am interested, however, do you have scheduled trainings in Baguio City

San po yung OJT nito?? Thanks po.

@ rael

I'm sorry but we don't have a training center in Baguio City, we're located only at España Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You

@ John

Sa España Manila po. thanks

Ano po pangalan ng company na pagoojt-han?


D ko po mareserve or enroll ung course nato. Kc ngenroll nako and got my student number for JAVA. anu pong gagawin to enroll for the 3pm-9pm sunday sched sa espana?

makukuha po ba namin ang certificate after OJT o... may exam pa?
ask ko lang din po kung ina-absorb ba ng kumpanya ang mga OJT's bilang employer nila,
kung sakali lang po.

@ jojo

Punta lang po kayo sa manage my courses para ma edit niyo po yung schedule niyo. Thanks

@ Lee

PC rescue po. Thanks

ok napo..nreserve ko na ung PC assemble for this sunday 3-9pm. Thanks!

may school po ba kayu dito sa cagayan de oro city??

Whole day po ba ang duration ng OJT o half day lang? Ask ko din po kung pwede bang pang week end nalng?

lahat ba ng chapter itatackle? o isang chapter lang?

@ jojo

Okay po thanks.

@ Rod

Unfortunately we don't have training center in Cagayan De Oro City. Thanks.

@ Angelo

Yes, whole day po ang pasok sa OJT from Monday to Friday. Wala pong available na OJT ng weekends lang. Thanks.

@ randolf

Yes, lahat po ng chapter ay pag aaralan. Thanks.

gud day sir! ano po ung training for 1 week lang po un... ang layo ko kasi sir at ngwwork po ako as comtech dto sa amin probensya for 3 years na. about sa online teaching prang mahirap ata dto sa amin ang online... sir ppano kaya kung bbili na lng ako ng mga module nyo..

Sir pwede po ba ung under grad mag en roll ng course nyo? TY po

Sir! Ask ko lang po kung hangang ilang buwan po yung short courses nyo? penge na rin po ng contact number TY po.

@ Roldan De Oro

Yes, pwede po kayo mgtraining sa amin kahit na under grad lng po kayo. good for five days lang po yung training. please give us a call at 736-5196/8896042/43. Thank You

mam wala pa po bang sched for july sa buendia?
sa sunday po para po maka enroll na ako...

Sir! Ask ko lang po kung meron ka ung 3 to 2 month course. At lahat po ba ng Chapter ituturo sa loob ng five days?

@ angelo

Mag-oopen po kami ng schedule for every Sunday ng July para sa course na ito. Please keep posted for the update. Thank You

@ Roldan De Oro

Sorry pero mostly po sa mga course namin ay good for five days lang po. yes, naituturo po lahat ng module sa loob ng limang araw. Hands on po yung training. Thank You

mag kanu po ang bayad pag mag aral sa inyo?

@ paul

The course fee for PC Troubleshooting is Php6,000 in cash. Thanks.

meron po ba kayo night class? mga 6p onwards?

@ richard

Wala po kaming schedule for 6pm onwards. meron lang po sa amin is yung 3-9pm. Thank you

Ung online kelan nagsimula thanks

@ Roi

Wala pa po kaming naguumpisa sa online training. Thanks

gud day po;

do you have a training center here in cebu city? or any affiliated sa inyo, if any ano pong training center dito.

@ laden

Unfortunately, we don't have a training center in cebu city. we're located only @ España Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You

im very interested sa Training program , makukuha ba agad ang certification nito.. salamat....

@ Manuel Alfred Lim

Yes, you will receive the certificate of completion right after the training. Thank You

pwede po ba mag enroll sa january

@ jojo

Yes, you can enroll anytime. Thanks

Yung schedule june 17 to 21 pwede po bang makakuha ng confirmation kung tuloy pa yun

Tanong ko lang po kung ilang meetings sa PC Hardware and Software sa Espana, Manila. :) Salamat po.

@ machoy

Yes, tuloy na po yung class bukas dito sa Buendia Makati. Thanks

@ Justn Roy

Good for Five meetings. Thanks

tanung ko lng poh kung pde poh ako mag enroll d2 gamit ung program ng OWWA for OFW and their beneficiaries??

@ KC

Yes, pwede po. punta lang po kayo sa owwa para magpa-access. Thanks

Tanong ko lang po kung kasama na sa 6k na fee yung 30-500hrs na optional ojt? Thanks po.

sir, i am an industrial electronics technology graduate not so adept in i.t. can i enroll in this short course, as of now manila lng ba talaga ang cnctc or meron na itong regional counterpart i am interested to acquire your unselfish way of the so called transfer of technology in a reasonable price.

sir, sa iloilo province kasi ako need na kasi mag study about i.t. to be competitive sa working place meron ba matuluyan dyan na boarding house or pang transient boarder just in case makapag decide ako na mag enroll sa inyo?

@ Gelai,

Yes po kasama na.

@ jay c.

Opo dito lang po sa manila wla pa po kami branch sa province. Yes pwde nyo po enroll tong course. Meron po mga boarding house or pang transient na malapit sa building namin na pwde nyo tuluyan.

ilang katao ba ang kailangan para matuloy yung isang slot.

@ andgates

Minimum of 3 participants before the class starts. Thank you.

Hello. May I ask if there's a scholarship program for this institution? :)

Thank you.

@ Maria Louise

Sorry pero wala po. Thank You

ma tackle po ba lahat ng course sylabus na nka post sa PC hardware and software troubleshooting and repair?per day po ilang chapter ang ma discuss?tnx po.

@ maynard

Yes, pag aaralan po lahat ung course outline na nakapost dito. Thanks.

may certificate of completion po ba kau bibigay sa mga students after ng course?salamat po.

Updated po ba yung list of enrolled students dito sa site? Kasi halos wala pa naka-enrol sa Ermita, Manila..

I've seen "coupon codes" to be entered for discounts? Where can I get a coupon, or how is it possible to get one?

Here's my email: purpleplum09[at]yahoo[dot]com

@ maynard

Yes, you will receive certificate of completion after the training. Thank You

@ Luis

Yes, updated po. Thanks

@ Purple

Please go to this link to grab a coupon code. Thank You

windows 7 n po ba ang tinturo rito?

I'd like to enroll on this course. Do you have Sunday schedule this July?

@ Sonny

Yes, meron po po kaming schedule on July 14/3-9pm. open for enrollment. thank you

2 na yung reserved sa july 1-5.. isa nlang! ^^ baka pwde palipatin nlang ung nag enroll sa Espana.. para start na tayu sa July 1... ^^


Inform po namin kayo 3 days before kung tuloy o hindi po ung class sa July 01.

di po b kau mgkakaroon ng schedule s gabi like 6:30pm onwards after ng work?

@ donna

We will try to open schedule for 6:30pm onwards . Please keep posted. Thanks.

San po mismo sa makati? Sa city land ako sa harap ng pnr.

Question: For example, hindi na maximize to 3 person yung enrolled students sa isang schedule, may refund po ba? or ililipat sya sa ibang schedule to fill up?

Pa reserve po nang July 15-July 19.
Espana 9-3pm.
May specific number of enrollees ba dapat para matuloy yung class?

@ Brian

Our branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Malapit po kami sa LRT gil puyat station after lang po ng Imarflex bldg. Thank You

@ remi

Please make your online reservation at then we will inform you if the class will push through. we need at least three participants to start the training. Thanks.

@ Hanna

Sorry pero no refund po. maililipat lang po sa ibang schedule. Thanks.

About sa OJT po, yung student na po ba bahala maghanap ng company for OJT na 30-500hrs. or tutulungan din kami ng CNCTC, Inc.?

@ Gelai

Meron din po kaming contact para sa OJT or kung may contacts din po kayo pwede din po kayo dun. Thanks.

Maam rose nakalimutan ko palng itanong sa inyo yung manual
kasi nung nakaraang linggo di ko pa nakuha eh paki follow up nalang po tnx,

@ Angelo carino

Ibibigay ko po sa Sunday ung Training Manual mo sa PC Troubleshooting Sir. Thanks.

what is the difference of this course wl KB0105? after taking this course , you are qualified to take NCII exam in tesda? thanks

@ leo vitanio

The difference between this course to kb0105 is a combination of two course which is the PC assembly and the PC LAN/WAN. Yes,you can take your NC II exam in tesda after completing tnis course. Thank You

Yung OJT po ba with pay na yun sa company na pago-OJT-han?

hi i'm mark cordeta ahm wala po bang programming sa accridited ahm pwede po rin bang mag OJt jan sa in you about sofware hm thoursday at friday lang po.

ahm pag nag OJT po ba ako sa in you may bayad po ba un . ahm mag kano po kung sa kasali.

@ Gelai

Sorry, pero wala po kayong allowance sa ojt. Thanks

@ mark cordeta

Weekdays po yung schedule for OJT at wala din pong bayad. Thanks

hi,ask ko lang po kung may sked kau ng saturday sa espana, manila..

at kelan po ung opening???

panu po magpareserve ng slot sa saturday na sched?

@ jez

Yes, meron po kaming schedule sa July 13, 2013. you can make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy yung schedule. Thank You

kailan po ang next schedule? I'm really interested.

@ Sonny

We have Weekdays and weekends schedule. please make your online reservation @
Thank You

Gud pm! Tanung ko lang po kung 2loy to for tommorow
At spana branch!?

@ leo

Yes, tuloy po ang class bukas sa España Manila at 9am to 3pm. See you tomorrow. Thanks.

gud pm po mam, ilang days po ang ojt?

@ jamila ombra

OJT is 300 hours which will take 1 month and 3 weeks from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Thanks.

july 29 - aug 2 tuloy ba yon interesado ako

@ benjie tansioco

Basta ma meet po namin yung minimum of three participants possible po na matuloy yung training. please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy sa July 29, 2013. Thank You

meron po ba kayo ganyan na course dito sa TESDA laoag city ilocos norte po, yan course na po yan ang hinahanap ko po dito kasi need ko maka kuha ng certification po at mag kano naman po ang tuition fee po?

@ raymond

Unfortunately, we don't have a branch in laog city. we're located only here at España Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You

hi good day!..ask ko lang sana kung san banda office nyo po sa makati at espana at may contact number po ba kayo?.

@ Ramon D. Galura

Hello Good Day! Our España Manila office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila and Buendia Makati office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. You can call us @ (02)736-2032, (02)736-5196, (02)889-6042/43, (02)239-5577.

Thank you.

hi good evening.
ask ko lang po kung may nakaready na po ba na pag oojt'han if ever na matapos ung course? may allowance po ba un? tnx..


Is there an online training that i can enroll in?

Hope to receive your reply soonest.

Thank you.

@ glenn

Yes po meron. Wala pong allowance na binibigay.

@ Dante Julian

Yes we have available schedules for online training. Every Saturday 3 to 9pm and every Sunday 3 to 9pm.

high school grad. lng po aq gusto q po sna mg-training s tesda anu po ba pwede about computer,,,,,d2 po s Cabanatuan City

Sir, how many sessions will there be for the sunday schedule?i am eagerly interested to take this class.tnx

@ Melchor

Ang kaylangan po ninyong kunin ay ang PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair and PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration. We are only located at España,Manila and Buendia,Makati

@ Jem

Sessions are good for 5 consecutive meetings Actual Hands-on training.Thank you!

Hi, tanong ko lang po if sa manila, espana branch ka po b mag training, sa espana area din po ba un pag oojt'han and kng sa makati buendia naman po sa makati area un pag oojt'han ... company po ba un pag oojt'han namin? ty po ...

@ Arjay

Yes company po yung pag oojtihan at located po ang OJT sa may España Manila, wala pong available na OJT sa Makati. Thanks.

interesado po ako magtake nung training, meron po ba kayo cellphone number? or maybe you can txt me the details, yun po bang 12 chapters na nakalagay ang ituturo lahat? at anu po ba ang available sched nyo,malapit po ako s aespana, tnx my name is abbha,,

@ abbha queri

Give us a call @ 736-2032, 736-5196, 889-6042/43, 239-5577. Yes, maituturo po lahat from Chapter 1 to Chapter 12. Monday to Friday, every Saturday, every Sunday po available schedules namin. Thanks.

tuloy po ba class tomorrow Aug 5 - 9 ?

@ Arjay

Reschedule po ung class next week due to lack of students.

askko lgng kung may age limit, n puede sa beginner/s,thank you!

@ george garingan

Sir wala pong age limit. Pwede po kayong magenroll sa training na ito. Thank you.

When is the payment of the fee? I reserved a slot this coming 18 of August, I was wondering, when will I pay the fee? Before I start or after you confirm that I will be attending the training?

meron po ba kayong branch or sister company/school dito sa pangasinan?

could u send me a soft copy of ur curiculum for course PC hardware and software t-shooting and repair and schedules at my email add: for my son. I want to enroll him at this course because he wants to learn more about computer hardwares and softwares. tnx

@ baby

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Pangasinan. Located po kami sa España Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank you.

@ Dean

Hi, you can pay the course fee on or before the training. Minimum of 3 participants before the class starts. Thank you.

Tuloy po ba ung saturday class August 17?

anu po ung requirements?merun dn po ba kyong pang'gabi?my work po kc ako at intrisado po ako mgtraining sa inyo...

Dear Sir,
Good Day. I am the govt official of Bangladesh, Interested to attend the full time training course on "MODULE 1 - ADVANCED PC ASSEMBLY, HARDWARE CONFIGURATION & SERVICING" on
M to F 9-3pm 09-30-2013 10-04-2013.
Let me inform the details about the courses along with the course fee and the registration process.

Best Regards,
Md. Abul Hossain
Computer and GIS Unit
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council
Farmgate, Dhaka- 1215
E-mail: abulhos_barc2002[at]yahoo[dot]com
Cell Phone No.: +8801765880233

Hi po cnctc! Ask ko lang po kung nagstart na po yung class for aug/19-23 m-f. Tawag po kasi ako ng tawag kahapon sa office nyo. Tuloy pa rin po ba yung class today.

@ Md. Abul Hossain

The course fee is Php6,000,please fill out the online reservation form of the course to this link you will receive a confirmation message 3 days before if the course will push through. Thank you!

@ Steph

Hinde po natuloy ang class ng August 19-23 due to terrible weather and flood po, Reschedule it on August 27,2013. Thank you!

hello. tanong ko lng po kung ok na ung certificate namin.. course po ay troubleshooting we started 8/12/13.. ended last 8/16/13.. and tanong q din kung ok lng mag sit in sa makati? TIA

@ Rico

Yes, available na po certificate nyo Sir. Yes, pwede din po kayo mag sit in sa class ng Makati. Thanks.

pwede pa po ba mag enroll? kelan po ba start ng klase nyo sir?

will there be sunday class in makati?

@ Jerrom Abainza

Yes pwede po kayong mag enroll. Meron po kaming magstart na class for PC Troubleshooting on Tuesday, August 27-30 from 9am to 3pm sa Buendia Makati branch. Thanks.

@ donna

Yes we have Sunday schedule in Buendia Makati/September 01 to September 29, every Sunday 3pm to 9pm. Thanks.

Naguguluhan po ako kung ano ieenroll ko, kung Tesda CHS NC II w/ Exam or PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair and PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration. Basic knowledge lang po ako sa computer and troubleshooting. please help me to suggest kung ano kukunin ko thanks!

Sir iba po ba ito sa CHS NCII ??

May certificate po ba makukuha after nito?

Wala po itong exam?

@ Gian Del Rosario

It's up to you Sir kung kukunin mo ung fast track course which is the TESDA CHS NCII (40 hrs) or the slow track PC Troubleshooting (30 hrs) and another (30 hrs) for C LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory. Thanks.

sir wala po bang ganito sa nueva ecija...

@ garciakenneth

Unfortunately, wala po kaming branch sa Nueva Ecija. Our office is located in Espana Manila and Buendia Makati. Thanks

Dear CNTC,
Magtatanong lang po sana ako kung talagang naka focus po ba sa computer repair ang company na pwede mag ojt sa pc assembly although optional po ang ojt, pero malaki po ang dagdag kaalaman pag may ojt ang isang student trainee. Sana po, may sagot po kayo.
Thanks a lot.

meron po bang tesda dito sa angeles city, pampanga na short-term courses

Can i ask the complete address at Buendia Makati Branch?

@ Novelita

We are located at Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City

Maam rose kailan makukuha ung certificate sA pc troubleshooting?

@ Brian

Can I have your full name Sir? Thanks.

dear cnctc,
tanong ko pag kinuha mo na ba ung fast track ng tesda hardware servicing with exam ok lang kahit hindi na kunin ung mga sumusunod tulad ng pc hardware and software troubleshooting?

Are you the one who will provide company for our OJT or are we?

@ Jomar

We will the one will provide a company for your OJT after the training. Thank you!

im 6 months pregnant but i would like to enroll
can i?

@ girly saraus

Yes, you may enroll for a course there is no problem on it. We allow students who are willing to learn. God bless and your baby.

Sir.ask lang po sa loob ng 30hrs mkkakuha na kea ako ng work na2 i mean kya na kea un? tnx po

Good afternun.san po ba ko pde mg inquire or tumwag na number kc interested po ako eh..Thnks

@ jojo

Yes Sir mapapag aralan na po lahat ng topics for 30 hrs na course duration ng training. Thanks.

@ jojo

Give us a call @ tel nos. 889-6042/43, 239-5577, 736-2032, 736-5196. Thank you.

do you have a mobile number to contact?

mayron po bang ganyang kurso na offer sa mga TESDA d2 sa Nueva Ecija, hung mayroon saan d2 at kailan ang enrollement.

yes I have at 09193589039

@ Adonis

Please give us a call @ tel nos. 736-2032, 736-5196, 889-6042/43, 239-5577. Thank you.

@ alex

Please inquire po kayo sa TESDA office na malapit po sa inyong lugar. Thank you.

Dear CNTC,

ask ko lng po kung kelan ung next Opening pra
PC harware and software troubleshooting and repair late n kse hehe. Follow up Question kung reviewing lng po b e2 sa NCII o kyo n nagpprovide ng exam at Certificate ng Tesda

thanks Info :)

hello.. ask ko lang po kung pwede bumili ng book/manual lang? thanks.. :)

Gud day po, ask ko lng po qng isa pa dn ang student nyo this coming monday,mkakapgstart na po ba kau sa pagtuturo? Thanks

@ Kopi

Sorry pero hindi po kami nagbebenta ng manual. para lang po yun sa student namin. Thank You

@ jamila ombra

Hindi po tuloy yung schedule kung nagiisa lang po kayo. need po kasi namin ng three participants bago magstart yung training. Thank You

Weekdays po ba ung ojt? Good day po

Good day!
Ask ko lng po kung anong date yong next class ng course module1 sa October? thanks.

yong date po ng pang saturday class sa buendia branch ang gusto ko po malaman kung kelan ang next schedule nya kc mag enroll po aq..thanks

@ jamila ombra

Yes, weekdays po. Thanks

@ janice

Sa Sepetember 28, 2013 po yung next schedule namin. Thank You

Does the P6000.00 enrollment fee include
module 2, is there a phone number I can call to inquire further?

@ Eduardo P. Claravall

Yes the 6000 pesos enrollment fee is for the whole module which is module 1 and module 2. Espana, Manila 7362032 and for Buendia, Makati is 8896042 to 43.

ask ko lang po about sa ojt. kayo po ba ang mamimili or kami bahala maghanap ng company for ojt?

@ Andrew Angeles

May mga contacts po kami para sa OJT or kung may alam po kaypong pwedeng pag ojtihan pwede rin po. Thanks.

good a.m po saan banda kayo sa espana manila, at ilang araw ang curso ng troubleshooting sa laptop po.

Mam/Sir, Ask ko lang po kung san pa po available yung courses na to? Sa Cavite ko kasi ako. May malapit po ba?

After completion of the course, yun po bang OJT ay kayo magpu-provide at ito po ba ay free? May age requirement po ba sa course na ito?

Hi pwede ba magenroll dito nursing grad? I want to have a background in IT din sana...I'm currently working as a tsr sa isang bpo...

and ung sa ojt? is it required im working full time kasi... gusto ko lang isabay to during my restday ..


good am po tanong ko lang po kung tumatanggap po kayo ng mag ojt,comsci student po ako??

good day!!!
meron po ba kau sa marikina?

Good afternoon, tanong ko lang po kung updated po ba lahat ng topics dito po sa course na ito? thank you.

Good afternoon, tanong ko lang po kung updated po ba lahat ng topics sa taas dito po sa course na ito? thank you.

mag-confirm na po kayo para makapag-start na tayo. please...

kasama na po b ung ojt sa 6,000? tska ilang oras po per day ung ojt?

Do you offer classes for PC hardware & software repair in May 2014? I am planning to enroll but that would be the only available month for me. PLease email me the details

gsto ko mg enrol pde ba sa monday na mismo agahan ko nalng ?Reply pls..

hi pde pba mg enrol bukas ?reply pls

meron po bang sat and sun na sched sa makati?

Ang CHS course pag nakatapos po diba ay comptech ang magiging job mo?... hindi po ata kasali sa training ang printer repairs at laptop dissassemble ,assemble etc... kasi po kumuha ako ng course na ito at sa awa ng dios nakapasa naman pero kulang na kulang po talaga ang training maraming hindi naituturo gaya ng printers ,laptops, at sa networking naman po ang pag configure sa mga devices gaya ng modem /router...tanging desktop computers lang ang naituro sa amin....kung di pa mag self research para ma expand ang knowledge about CHS .....

pano pag magisa lang ako? tuloy pden?

kelan po next schedule sa Buendia, Makati na Sat. ?

good afternoon .. ask lang po sana kung meron po ba kau job asstance sa mga makakagrad?? then .. how many months or year po ung training .. thank you po

tanong ko lang po, ma didiscuss na ho ba ang lahat ng nasa Module1 and 2 within this course? and in one payment?

I'm planning to enroll next month or march. Thank you.

may minimum # of students po ba para po matuloy ung classes? thx.

Hello po ! San Po ba banda ang branch ninyo sa Makati ? Ung exact location po thanks!

Hi! I attended this course last 2012 pa. Open pa din ba maki-seat-in this February? If Yes, how many students? And ano yung # na pwede tawagan for confirmation..thanks

HI po itatanong ko po kung pwede pa mag OJT kase magdadalawang taon na ng makakuha ako ng certificate ng TESDA pero di pa ako nakapag OJT!! pwede pa ho ba??

gudday po sir... Nkpag inquire n po me s sss about s educational loan. Pwde ko po bng iapply s mga trainings nyo ung loan. Gus2 ko po tlgang mgtraining ng pc assembly.. Tnx

gudday po sir... Nkpag inquire n po me s sss about s educational loan. Pwde ko po bng iapply s mga trainings nyo ung loan. Gus2 ko po tlgang mgtraining ng pc hardware.. Tnx

gudday po sir... Nkpag inquire n po me s sss about s educational loan. Pwde ko po bng iapply s mga trainings nyo ung loan. Gus2 ko po tlgang mgtraining ng pc hardware.. Tnx.

Hello... panu po kung ikw lng magisa sa class na nakaenroll nd na po un matutuloy?

hi, paano po mg pa reserve ng schedules?

hi gud day, paano po b mgpa reserve ng schedule?

sir/maam kaylangan ba HS grad??

provided na po ba mga gagamitin tools???:)))))))

30hrs lang ung training ?????

may certification po ba ito??

Hi is there a TESDA free training for CHS in your school? Thanks po

address po ng buendia branch thanks!

Hi po ask ko lang po kung pwede pa po bang mag enroll ngayong month nato. Saka pwede po ba kahit highschool graduate lang?

6 mos lang po ba ito or 1 year??? may sat and sunday po ba kau na sched?my work po kasi ako from mon to fri

Gudday po sir... Parehas lng po b ng outline and training ung pc hardware ng tesda sa outline ng tpc. Gusto ko po kc mag aral kya lng nalilito ako kng alin ang ms mganda. Pasnsya na s tanong.tnx

gudpm po sir... Gus2 ko po mag aral ng Pc hardware and software troubleshooting kya lng kpos s budget. My installment po b kyo pr mkapg take ng training. Magkno and pano ung process.tnx

gudpm po sir... Gus2 ko po mag aral ng Pc hardware and software troubleshooting kya lng kpos s budget. My installment po b kyo pr mkapg take ng training. Magkno and pano ung process.tnxgudpm po sir... Gus2 ko po mag aral ng Pc hardware and software troubleshooting kya lng kpos s budget. My installment po b kyo pr mkapg take ng training. Magkno and pano ung process.tnx

bkt di ako mkapg message

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