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HANDS-ON Transfer of Technology Training

PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2008 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103




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This HANDS-ON training gives you the knowledge and skills to design, build, configure and implement a Local Area Network/WAN. The training starts from the ground up, from planning to purchasing to designing and to cabling the network and to configuring the network so that it will be up and running. The training does not stop there because it includes Implementing, Configuring and Administering a Windows 2008 Active Directory Infrastructure It teaches you all you need to know to administer a Windows 2003 Network.

This course will help you prepare for TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam


Instructor-led, Hands-On training approach.


PC Hardware...... and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training

LIBRARY: Available




Chapter 1: Introduction to Local Area Network

  • Defining a Local Area Network
  • Application of PC Networking
  • Organization-wide computing
  • Workgroup computing
  • Resource sharing
  • Distance Learning
  • FTP and Web Access
  • Differentiating LAN, MAN and WAN
  • Network Standards
  • Network Operating Systems (NOS)
  • Characteristics of a NOS
  • Desktop Operating Systems (Client Operating System)                  

Chapter 2: Understanding Network components for LAN connectivity 

  • Client for Microsoft Networks
  • Network Adapter
  • Network Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks

Chapter 3: Configuring Network components

  • Installing Client for Microsoft Networks
  • Installing Network Adapter
  • Installing and configuring TCP/IP
  • Installing File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft
  • Networks
  • Setting Workgroup names and Computer names
  • Common errors in building a Network
  • Solving Network Connection problems

Chapter 4: TCP/IP & Subnetting

  • TCP/IP Overview
  • Function of TCP/IP in a Network
  • Static and Dynamic IP Addresses
  • Class A, B, C and D
  • Differentiating IP address classes
  • Network ID's and Hosts
  • Choosing Private IP addresses
  • Assigning IP addresses
  • IP Subnetting
  • Subnetting Class A, B & C address
  • Defining Subnet Masks
  • Troubleshooting TCP/IP
  • Using Network utilities (ping, tracert, ipconfig, arp,
  • nbtstat etc..)


  • Overview of the Internet
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Requirements for Internet connection (Modem, Tel.Line, ISP account)
  • Broadband Internet connection (Cable/DSL)
  • Cable and DSL internet connection setup
  • Common errors in connecting to the Internet
  • Solving common internet connection failures
  • Sharing Internet Connection using a ROUTER
  • Configuring a DSL Router
  • Managing IP address of DSL Router
  • Configuring the embedded DHCP server in the Router
  • Managing advanced features of the Router
  • Sharing Internet Connection using Wingate software
  • Testing for internet connection of the network
  • Common Internet sharing problems
  • Solving Internet connection errors


  • LAN Standards
  • Multi-LAN Networks and configuration
  • Backbone Designs
  • High-Speed LAN
  • Defining LAN requirements
  • Determining user needs
  • Network Hardware
  • Network Topology (Star, Bus, Ring and Tree)
  • Cabling the Network
  • Testing the Cable
  • Testing the Network
  • Post Installation operations



MODULE 2 - WINDOWS 2008 SERVER ADMINISTRATION - Active Directory Infrastructure

CHAPTER 1: Configuring Domain Name System (DNS) for Active Directory

Configure zones

  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS), Non-dynamic DNS (NDDNS) and Secure Dynamic DNS (SDDNS);
  • Primary, Secondary, Active Directory Integrated, Stub;
  • forward lookup and reverse lookup zones

Configure DNS server settings

  • Forwarding;
  • root hints;
  • configure zone delegation;
  • disable recursion;
  • server scavenging

Configure zone transfers and replication
  • Configure replication scope (forestDNSzone; domainDNSzone);
  • incremental zone transfers
  • secure zone transfers

CHAPTER 2: Configuring the Active Directory infrastructure

Configure a forest or a domain

  • Remove a domain;
  • perform an unattended installation;
  • Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT);
  • change forest and domain functional levels;
  • interoperability with previous versions of Active Directory;

Configure trusts

  • Forest trust;
  • selective authentication vs. forest-wide authentication;
  • transitive trust; external trust; shortcut trust;

Configure sites

  • Create Active Directory subnets;
  • configure sites infrastructure

Configure Active Directory replication

  • DFSR;
  • one-way replication;
  • Bridgehead server;
  • replication scheduling;

Configure operations masters

  • Seize and transfer;
  • backup operations master;
  • operations master placement;
  • Schema Master;

CHAPTER 3: Configuring Active Directory roles and services

Configure Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service (AD LDS)

  • Migration to AD LDS;
  • configure data within AD LDS;
  • configure an authentication server;
  • Server Core installation

Configure the read-only domain controller (RODC)

  • Replication;
  • Administrator role separation;
  • read-only DNS;
  • credential caching;
  • password replication;
  • read-only SYSVOL;
  • staged install

CHAPTER 4: Creating and maintaining Active Directory objects

Automate creation of Active Directory accounts

  • create computer, user and group accounts (scripts, import, migration);
  • offline domain join

Maintain Active Directory accounts

  • Manage computer accounts;
  • configure group membership;
  • account resets;
  • local vs. domain;
  • Protected Admin;
  • disabling accounts vs. deleting accounts;
  • creating organisational units (OUs);
  • delegation of control;
  • protecting AD objects from deletion;

        Create and apply Group Policy objects (GPOs)
  • setting up Group Policies for Domain/OU
  • Enforce, OU hierarchy, block inheritance and enabling user objects;
  • group policy processing priority;
  • group policy filtering;

Configure GPO templates

  • User rights;
  • ADMX Central Store;
  • administrative templates;
  • security templates;
  • restricted groups;
  • security options;
        Deploy and manage software by using GPOs
  • Publishing to users;
  • assigning software to users;

Configure account policies

  • Domain password policy;
  • account lockout policy;
  • fine-grain password policies

Configure audit policy by using GPOs

  • audit account logon events;
  • audit policy change;
  • audit access privilege use;
  • audit object access;

CHAPTER 5:  Maintaining the Active Directory environment

Configure backup and recovery

  • Using Windows Server Backup;
  • back up files and system state data to media;
  • backup and restore by using removable media;
  • perform an authoritative or non-authoritative restore;
  • Directory Services Recovery Mode (DSRM);
  • backup and restore GPOs;
  • configure AD recycle bin

Perform offline maintenance

  • Offline defragmentation and compaction;

Monitor Active Directory

  • Event viewer subscriptions;
  • data collector sets;
  • real-time monitoring;
  • analysing logs;


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i want to inquire

Good day..may i know the exact location where can we inquire?

@ Justice,

We are located at Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila and Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City

i want to inquire

hello elbridges,

How can i help you? Feel free to ask any questions.

saan po ang address ng school nio?

Hello rose,

We are located at Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila and Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City

@ rose,

We are located at Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila and Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City

It's depressing to know that you increased the training fee for -PC LAN/WAN Setup & Windows 2000 Server Admin (Active Directory). The last time i checked it the cost was like 5,500.


the increase in fee is applicable for new inquiries only but for those who inquired before it will remain 5,500

Kailan po magkakaroon ng next class nang Saturday? Sa España po..?

@ Carlo

Unfortunate wala pa po kameng open schedule for PC LAN/WAN na Every Saturday but we will open soon!Thank you

how to configure the wan system thrue internet

Im IT ojt now... my knowledge about network is short... my question is there have online tutorial in this website?

Kailan po magkakaroon ng next class nang sunday 9-3? Sa España po..? for the curse
PC LAN/WAN Setup, Cabling, Configuration, Wireless LAN Setup, Config, TCP/IP & WIindows 2000 Server. pls answer?

@ benny dona

Next sched for sunday class is on Jan 31, 2010.

@ Jonathan Camba

As of now we don't have online tutorial for that course. Thanks.

Sir/Ma'am ask q lng, pwede po b magtake ng PC LAN/WAN Setup n course khit ndi ngtake ng course n PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting...?...

@ Rowel Nachor

Oo pwede ka ng magtake ng PC LAN/WAN kung may knowledge ka na sa PC Troubelshooting.

sir/ma'am ask ko lng po about s PC LAN/WAN Setup & Windows 2000 Server Admin (Active Directory), graduate po ako ng associate in computer technology. I'm an experienced computer technician mostly hardware, hnd gnun kalawak ang nalalaman ko s networking gusto ko po snang mag enroll s PC LAN/WAN Setup & Windows 2000 Server Admin (Active Directory) thnx

hello po tanong ko lang po magkano po ba pag ngenroll dito sa PC LAN/WAN Setup & Windows 2000 Server Admin? Saka ok lang po ba kahit di ko na kunin yung PC Troubleshooting? Ok lang po ba kahit medyo may alam lang sa troubleshooting?

Sir /mam

Ask ko lang po sa PC Lan /wan Setup & Windows 2000 server admin .. meron po ba kayong Ginagamit na Storage Server / of File Server like HP Proliant or IBM X Server Series?

hello allan,

Nde po kasama sa course na to ung storage file servers But we have plans to include that later on


yes pde mo ng kunin tong course nato magamda naman ang foundation mo sa PC Troubleshooting.


Training for this course is 6,000. As long as you feel na kaya mu ng magnetworking e pde na po.


hello odonell,

yes sir me certificate after completion of the training.

Hello Everyone!

We would like to announce that we are upgrading our course curriculumn from Windows 2000 server active directory administration to Windows 2003 server active directory administration.

Warmest regards to all
cnctc admin

Hello, tanong ko lang po kung bakit walang nakalagay na outline para sa Chapter 7? ano po ang pwede namin matutunan sa Chapter 7 na to?
isa po kasi yan sa gusto ko talagang matutunan pero hindi ko po alam kung anong ituturo dahil wala naman pong nakalagay na outline...???

pwede pa po bang mag ernoll sa sat ng morning san kaya pwede magbayad at meron po ba kayong map para sa buendia, makati? sa Q.C. kc meh.

@ Thonio

About wireless security by implementing wep key, administration of wireless network, Implementing VPN through wireless router, etc..


king sa qc ka mas malapit ka sa espana mla namen baka 1 ride ka lng going to quiapo jeep


Hi, I just want to know your next sked for PC LAN/WAN?


I prefered the Sunday schedule.


good am,inquire lang po ako sana..if I take this course, dito na din po ba ako sa training center niyo magaaccess para sa Tesda Certificate?

saan po yung office nyo sa buedia

@ Jeffrey

Kung kailangan mo yung certificate galing tesda tapusin mo muna yung pc troubleshooting and pc lan/wan course after that pwede ka na magexam for Computer Hardware servicing NC II (CHS NC II) exam pag naipasa mo may certificate ka galing tesda. Pwede ka namin ipaschedule para sa exam.

@ Joey

Next schedule will be on March 07, 2010 at españa, manila.

@ Jomar

Rm 208 UPY bldg. cor. marconi st. buendia, makati.

Hello everyone,

PC LAN/WAN training will start on Feb 23, 2010 Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm at España, Manila. Thanks.

wow. Awesome. thanks for upgrading! ^_^

mam sa march 7 poh sched...po anu poh ba mga requirements sa pag enroll thnx..


requirenents is at least finished 72 units in college or a college graduate

pede lang po ba mag enrol s course n to khit hindi na kunin ung COURSE PREREQUISITE nito?


Kung may knowledge ka na sa PC troubleshooting course pwede mo kunin ung PC LAN/WAN course.

pati po file server kasama na po sa upgrade ng course?

sana makompleto na yung Sat class nito sa Buendia. from Zambales pa naman ako.


kasama na sa windows 2003 yung file server

my ojt din po ba ito?

helo po..anong address nyo,,interesado po ako para sa ganon madagdagan yung knowledge ko sa networking system,,,,,

@ yakan

Our main office is in Room 210 2nd floor Doña Amparo Bldg. España Blvd. G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila and Room 208 2nd floor UPY bldg. Gil Puyat Ave. Cr. Marconi St. Brgy. Palanan Makati City.

hi, just want ask what is the maximum number of students in each class, specifically in KB0103-PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration

Im interested on this course and i have knowledge naman na sa PC troubleshooting but its not documented nga lang... pwede na ba ako dumeretso sa KB0103? or do i have to take pa yung sa PC trouble shooting course?

-Rod Beltran

Follow up question ko lang din po:

yung package price nyo pa na na-naka published dito ay for the 3 modules na or per module lang po?


@ Rod Beltran

package na po ung price for the two modules.

kelan po schedule nito?

Rod Beltran,

Pakiclick po yung course schedules nasa left pane ng cnctc home page andun po lahat ng mga available schedules ng bawat courses. Thanks.


pag natakeup ko na po itong course na ito. ano po yung pedeng isunod d2. gusto ko kc itake yung administering windows networks and network infrastructure. kaso yung mga nakita ko eh puro mcp na or higher. wala po ba yung entry level na windows administration?

@ choy

pde na po kayo mag go sa mga mcp.

gud day po!!just wanna ask po kung ano ung mga requirements pag mag eenrol po ako in ur office.TNX....

@ enjaz

no any requirements punta na lang po kayo sa office personally.thanks.

kelan po sure sked nitong training? this march or april? ano po exact date?

gud day PO evaluation test p po b?

@ enjaz

no sir wla po taung evaluation test

can you recommend me a course about the networking which has a long distance for example in the company they are network from manila to valenzuela of their plant of steel rebars. also, in school from one building to other department (campus area network) thanks jsferrer217863[at]yahoo[dot]com

@ Jerome

you have to take the KB0103-PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration.

good day! galing po ako ng Xavier tech training center, pc repair and networking po ang natapos ko sa kanila. Itinuro po ako ng instructor ko d2 para mag aral ng LINUX. pero kailangan ko pa muna yung KB0103 bago LINUX di ba? Ask ko lang po kung pwede na po ba ako mag enroll sa KB0103?

@ C.G. Bacolod

KB0103 is our networking course po.minimum of 3 stud po need natin para magstart ang linux,

panu oumunta sa may Espana branch niyo? pede ba magLRT papunta?? gling akong taft..

hello drew,

pag galing ka ng taft sa me baclaran pde kang mag LRT baba ka ng central terminal tapos sakay ka ng jeep going to espana ung nga cubao, fairview at project 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 na jeep tapos baba ka ng unang overpass sa espana sa me morayta pag baba mu makikita mu na ung dona amparo bldg tawid ka sa kabila.

hi, im interested to take one of the courses offered, KBO 103... do i need to complete the KBO 101, KBO 102 to take this course?
also i would like to take exam so i can be certified... im from palawan.

@ rethelyn

It is advisable that you have to take KB0101 before taking KB103 especially if you to take the assesment exam.

what is the nearst time for this course?


The course will start on Monday 1 to 5pm in España, Manila and will start also on Monday 9 to 12pm in Buendia Makati branch.

Is there any slots available for this course?


yes sir slots are still open

Nag start na ba ito?

@ wenry villablanca

ano pong schedule sir?

Saan na branch ang meron ng siguradong sched na mag-start this month of May on weekends. Kindly specify the sched & branch. Tnxs!

@ MCoy

Sa España Manila po may magstart na class bukas May 2 at 9am-3pm.

I want to enroll CISCO courses by second week of June. Your posted schedule is too early for me at the moment.

@ JOhnmar Literal

Sir our schedule is still open for enrollment minimum of 3 to start the class.

sir kailan poh uli start ng kb0103 ska mgkano poh tuition in full payment

sir next sched po ng kb0103 ska requirements poh para makapg enroll....pwde poh ba mgpa reserve

@ jc

6,500 po ang tuition fee ng PC LAN/WAN for cash basis.san po ba nyo prefer na magtraining sa Manila o sa Makati?

Sir magkano po ung tuition fee nyo sa cisco? and san pong place meron kayong training nun? around marikina city po ba may malapit po ba kayong training venue dun?

hi I'm a computer engineering graduate but i need more knowledge about networking. what short course should i take?


Cisco 1 & 2 is 7000 pesos in cash and for cisco 3 & 4 is 7000 pesos din. Wala po kaming branch near marikina city meron lang po kami sa manila or makati.


You have to take the PC lan/wan and windows 2003 server admin course if you want to learn more about networking.

Interested po ako magtake ng CCNA course nyo this June. Eto po ba yung pre-requisite course. May weekend sched po ba, kasi working po ako.ano po dapat ko submit and pwede ba ako pumunta sa location nyo para dun na makipagusap. Ano pong time open?thanks.

@ mhike

Yes Sir this is the prerequisite course for cisco 1 and 2. No any requirements. May weekends sched po kami pls drop by to our Manila or Makati office. Thank you.


want to take the TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII Exam. Can I enroll for PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration slow track only khit may extra charge coz I already know how to troubleshoot. If it's possible, do you have May 24-28 sched at 9-5pm?

@ Aries

It is required to take the whole training of COMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICING NCII course.Anyway, the training includes both the troubleshooting and pclan/wan course.

To All interested participants,

We would like to inform you that this course - PC LAN/WAN Setup, Cabling, Configuration, Wireless LAN Setup, Config, TCP/IP & Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration will start on May 31, 2010 Monday 6-9pm @ buendia, Makati minimum number of students have been met. Thus It will definitely start without delay

You can enroll on or before the start of the training.


Good day!

I just wan to ask if there is already enrolled for June 7-11 or 18 at the Makati branch?

@ AJ

Open for enrollement can call us @ 889-6042/43 for the update.

may sked na po sa Makati this month of june?

@ jeff

Yes meron na po kaming schedule for the month of June. Open for enrollment minimum of 3 to start the class.

ano pong araw nung sked sa june?pano po mag reserve ng slot?

@ jeff

June 07 po ang schedule namin sa weekdays at June 12 pag weekends. Call us 889 6042 to 43 for confirmation.Thank you.

hello may tanong lang po may training center ba yan dito sa cebu gusto ko po kasi mag enroll ng cisco

@ loverboy

Wala po kaming training center sa Cebu Manila and Makati kami located.

hello, gusto ko po mag take ng cisco training but it has a prerequisite of "PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103" meron pa po ba nyan this coming july? please email me..


Oo magkakaroon ng schedule by July. Weekdays or weekend preferred mo? Pakicheck nalang sa site kung kailan ung schedule

sir good day

clarify ko lang po yun po bang course na KB0103
(PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration) ay pareho lang po ng 70-294
(IMPLEMENTATION and Administration of MS Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure).. napansin ko po kc pareho sila ng link...

meron po ba training course na 100% active directory ang topic.. kailangan ko po kc sa current work ko.

anu po ba ang mairerecommend ninyong course

@ nivz

Sir ito na lang po yung kunin nyo na more on Active Directory po tlga IMPLEMENTATION and Administration of MS Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure. Thank you.

Good Day!!!
hi,ask q lng poh if there are already student enrolled in PC/LAN program at espana branch, scheduled M-F/July5-14/1-5pm and pede q poh bang malaman if how many student are enrolled na in this program..thank you..

@ yohan

Yes meron na pong 2 student enrolled MF 9am to 5pm sa España Manila.

ok lng va kng wala pa alam about this course???

@ nesty

You should have a kwowledge in the prerequisite course that is PC Hardware and Software.

sir Im a computer Engineering graduate and my wife is an ECE graduate, gus2 nmin kumuha ng course n to, kylngan pb nmin kumuha ng prerequisite course n PC Hardware and Software?

Sir additional question lng; i just need to know these kc b4 mgenrol,
1. actual workshop po b ito n hahawak kme ng server at mgcconfigure from scratch, o puro theoretical / lecture lng?
2. After completeing this course, pwd nb ako sumabak at mkpgtrabaho as like starter network administrator, or before that e kylngan ko p kunin ung ibang course nyo like ung Exchange server at bootcamp?


nde nyo na kelangan kunin ung prerequisite.

Actual Training po to more on actual hands on training minimal na lng ang lecture.

After the training pde na po kayong sumabak for IT admin job matutunan nyo lahat ang trabaho ng network admin in a windows 2003 server platform

Sir s course b n to mgkabukod p tong 2 modules? separate enrolments and fees pb ito o isang bayaran at continues tong module1 and module2?
sk sir during the workshop b ok lng n mgtanong ang students at just incase ipaulit s prof? or because of the tight sched to meet ung 5 days n schedule e paspasan ang turo?

@ kiko

Sa course po na ito magkasama na po ang module 1 and module 2. Isang bayaran lang po it cost 6,000 at continous din po ang lesson.Pde po kayo mag ask ng mga questions at ipaulit sa instructor.

meron n po kau sched nito ngaun august?
balak ko kc kumuha nito after ng pc assembly & hardware ko sa inyo. ayoko kc ng fast track nun nc II. sobra haba ng oras.. so after ko ng pc hardware take ko nmn tong Lan/wan.. how much po discount ko kun take ko yun dalawang course n yan? and my slot p po ba sa pc hardware slow track un sched ng july 19-30 M-F 1-4pm?

@ erwin24

The schedule on August will be first week of the month. For the second course less 200. The schedule on July 19-30 M-F 1-4pm is open for enrollment. Thank you.

Are these courses require individuals with background on IT? Or you also welcome newbies in the IT world?

@ JennBB

You have atleast basic knowledge in PC troubleshooting for taking up this course. Yes we welcome newbies in IT world.



Malapit po ang training center sa UST kung galing ng Cubao after UST 2 blocks away akyat ka sa Doña Amparo Bldg. or kung galing ka ng Quiapo sakay ka ng jeep papuntang España baba ka sa first overpass then tawid ka beside Mc Donalds ang Doña Amparo. Yes pde mong itake ang course na 'to.

hello po, pwede ko ba enroll sabay ang kb101 at kb0103? kasi morning naman ang sched ng kb101 tas afternoon naman ang kb0103...

@ ces

Yes Mam pde mong pagsabaying ienroll ang kb101 at kb0103.

hi, i already have knowledge/experience on pc hardware assembly and troubleshooting. i'm a coe student and i just wanted to learn more about networking. can i enroll this course even without taking it's pre-req? thanks

@ patrick

Yes you can enroll this course even without taking the prerequisite course.

sir mag-eenrol sana ko on-line pero the system told me that i already enrolled or registered pero ng ako ay mag enroll dati via online iba ung sked tapos ngayont, iba na naman ung sked. ok lang ba na magbayad na ko sa BDO na iba ang sked n inaplayan ko?


based on our records nagreserve kayo ng course with the ff details:
Centre Buendia, Makati
Schedule M-F 9am-3pm
Start Date 08-02-2010 End Date 08-06-2010
Course PC LAN/WAN SETUP, Cabling, Wireless LAN Setup, TCP/IP and Windows 2003 Server Administration

tawagan nyo na lng kame sa 8896042 para mapalitan ung sked na pinareserve nyo. then pde na kayong magdeposit ng Php500 for your reservation fee sa BDO then pag mageenroll na kayo dto na lng sa office namin.

Pero kung gusto nyong icancel ung reservation nyo at gusto nyong ienroll na ung course online tawag na lng kayo samen para macancel namen ung reservation at once na nacancel then pde mu nang ienrol ung course online

ok. pero pwedeng sa start ng klase n magpa enroll jan? bayaran ko muna ung 500 n reservation fee.


@ Norman

Saang branch po kayo mageenroll Sir?

Sir, ask ko lang sa linux course redhat system administration... i like to know kung more on terminal use or commands ang ituturo??? ung po kc pinaaaral sken ng boss ko

sir e2 pong pc PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration magka-iba po ba ang bayad sa module 1 at module 2??? thanks interested kc ako...

Can i still enroll w/out taking up its prerequisite?

@ Rex

Yes Sir pde ka ng magenroll basta may basic knowledge ka sa Hardware and Software.

sir e2 pong pc PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration magka-iba po ba ang bayad sa module 1 at module 2??? thanks interested kc ako...

i can see that puno na po yung sked nyo, so di na po kayo tatanggap ng mga late enrollees?? or mgpapareserve na lang po yung mga gusto humabol for the nxt batch?? thanks so much!

@ kier

Sir ang module 1 and 2 isa lang po ang bayad the training fee is P6,000 in cash.

Hi nag enrol ako thru online ok lng b sa First day n ang payment-cash?

@ Janet

Yes Mam ok lang po sa first day na ng class ang payment. Thanks.

wala ba kayo sunday class sa buedia nitong PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103 ? saka installment pede din ba 1st day ng class? tnx

@ Carlo

Wala po kaming schedule ng Sunday sa Buendia Branch.Pde pong installment basis but additional 500. Thank you.

Ei sir pwede po ba na sa august 2 na magpa register at magbayad and the same time magtake na rin ng training.

contact no. please

@ mar

Yes Sir pde. Saang location po nyo prefer magtraining sa Manila or Makati? Thanks.

makati po....

@ mar

Sir call us 889-6042/43 or 239-5577 for your confirmation. Thank you.

confirm po para sa 9am to 3pm na schedule.

@ mar

Sir iinform po namin kayo for the confirmation of the class on Monday need po kasi namin ng 3 participants para magstart ang class or you can call us 889-6042 to 43 or 239-5577. Thank you.

Thanks for the information. I'll attend po. thanks again


Is there any update regarding the schedule of KB103.? Is August 2-6, 2010 will push through.


sir/maam my sked po ba kau this sept.?
please reply immediately, enroll ko po sana PC LAn/wan..
thank you........

@ alfie anusencion

Yes Sir may upcoming schedule po kami on September. Just keep visiting our site sa ipopost naming schedule. Thank you.

sir pwede ba akong kumuha nita kahit na hindi ko kiniha ang KB0101 training?

@ emir moreno

Yes Sir pde but kelangan pong may basic knowledge po kayo sa Hardware and Software. Thank you.

sir may schedule po ba kayu nito this August 16, 2010?

basic knowledge sa hardware/software pero wala actual training pwede ba yun??? for kbo103

tanung ko lang.. nagpareserved kasi ako sa KB0101.. pero dito sa nabasa ko sa mga inquiries.. eh pede itake ung KB0103, meron akong knowledge sa PC hardware&software repair.. pede bang ichange ko ng KB0103 dun inireserve kong KB0101. thankz..

@ Mark11

Yes meron po its open for enrollment.

@ robert

Ok lang po basta may basic knowledge po kayo.


Yes pde po nyong palitan reservation nyo for kb0103.

wal po ba malapit sa cainta

sheryl gonzales,

España, manila and buendia makati lang po.

saan address nyo sa Buendia?

@ arnold

Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City.

good day.
tuloy ba class sched tomorrow?
aug. 16-20

pano pag punta sa office nyo sa makati?
galing ako dito sa calamba laguna

ok lng po ba kahit wala pang own laptop.Galing po ako sa traning center now aug. 21 klan po pwede mag en-rol at the sam time pumasok narin.every sat or sun. lng po ako pwd.

matutunan ko rin ba dito yun pag setup ng network ng computer cafe..

@ jcpb24

Yes Sir mapapag aralan nyo po ang pagseset up ng network ng computer cafe.

@ JoJo

Yes Sir ok lang po kahit wala po kayong own Laptop. Pde po kayong magenroll on or before the day of the class. Meron po kaming every Saturday 9-3pm sa Buendia Makati on Aug. 28 at every Sunday 9-3pm sa España Manila on Aug. 29.Thank you.

hi my branch po ba kau near makati or mandaluong?tnx

@ apol

Hello meron po kaming branch sa Buendia Makati. Thank you.

do you have branch in Cebu City? if, where?

@ Reynaldo

Wala po kaming branch sa Cebu City. Thanks.

nkpgpreserve n po ako ngaun pre pwd po bng mgstart nxt sat sept 25?

@ eric

Yes pde Sir.Call us 889-6042 to 43 for the confirmation. Thank you.

Sir, makakahabol pa po ba ako sa training na nasimulan na, kung sa September 25 ako magstart?

may branch ba kayo sa calamba laguna or alabang??

@ kin martin

Sir wala po kaming branch sa Laguna at Alabang.

Sir/ Mam, may training pa po ba kau ng PC LAN/WAN Setup, Cabling, Configuration, Wireless LAN Setup, Config, TCP/IP & Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration this 4th quarter? May prerequisite course po ba before makapag take? pls email me at scorpion_ndt82[at]live[dot]com. Thank you!

Gs2 ko poh sana mag aral ng course nyo na KB0103, dito poh me now sa cainta Rizal. Meron poh ba kaung pinaka malapit na branch malapit dito. Nagwowork poh kc ako dito sa sta lucia mall. johngarcia0722[at]yahoo[dot]com. yan poh email ko. salamat poh at kaawaan kayo ng puong maykapal.

@ Norman

Ang prerequisite course for PC LAN/WAN is PC Troubleshooting. Yes keron po kaming schedule this 4th quarter. Thanks.

@ John Garcia / BSIT

Sir mas malapit po kayo sa main office sa España Manila. Thank you. God Bless you too.

ask ko lng po kung available kau ng sunday for the class (PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103) this october.. tnx po

@ jayson
yes sir meron po.. tentative sched is October 10.thank you

I'm goin to move my reservation, to España Branch that will be start on sunday Oct. 10, 2010. thanks

Do you have branch here in cebu?

@ rodrigo

Ok Sir call us at 736 2032 for the confirmation. Thank you.

@ Godfrey Conde

Sir wala po kaming branch sa Cebu City. Thank you.

Sir/Mam wala po ba kaung weekdays evening schedule sa main office nyo (Espana Manila)?

sir/mam if mgtake me ng KB101 and KB 103 , enough na po kaya un to prepare me for the TESDA NCII exam?

ask ko lng po, bkt ung oras ng sched nyo ng Monday to Friday s buendia branch e 9 to 12 lng? 3 hours lng un, papatak 15 hours lng un kung 5 days lng base s nkpost n sched nyo.pki linaw lng po sna AKALA KO PO B 30 HOURS.

@ may

Yes Mam pag natake nyo na ang KB101 and KB103 pde ka ng magexam ng CHS NCII.

@ kiko

Sir ang Mon to Fri 9-12nn ay papatak ng 10 days session ang nakapost na sched should be Sept. 27 to Oct. 8. Nagkaron lang po ng typographical error. Thanks.

ayos-ayosan nmn e schedule d po tayo mga bata na parang nag lalaro laang.saamin kc saang ang time namin or iba nmn gimik nyan para nmn komita.

ask lang poh yong module 1 at module 2 6000 naba lahat nyan?? baka my iba pang babataran pg dating sa training.tnx poh

@ alfonz

Yes for module 1 and 2 total training fee is P6,000 in cash and 100 for the manual. thanks.

hi, dya have the schedule on november til december? wanna know agad para makabook na agad ako ng ticket. tnx.

@ mjsalvador

Yes may upcoming schedule po kami on November and December. Thanks.

When po nio ipost yung schedule ng november at december? pwede na ba agad malaman? para maayos ang itinerary.

@ mjsalvador731

First week of November may schedule na po kami.

Sir my pre requisite tong kors na to diba? pede ba hindi ko na itake un? kasi nag take na ako ng pc troubleshooting sa iba.

@ arvin

Sir kung nakapag training na po kayo ng troubleshooting pde na po kayo magenroll in this course. Thank you.

Sir please include me , Sat 9-3pm 10-02-2010 10-30-2010 open

magkano po ba ang 1 on 1 tutorial?

I'm planning to take PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration, ok lng ba na hnd ko na i take un pre-requisite nun which is PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training..? Thanks....

@ MIchael Flores

Ok Sir one slot reserved for you. Thanks.

@ yanz

For one on one tutorial you have to pay the minimum of 3 students Sir. Thank you.

@ Raiza

Ok lang po kahit hindi na itake yung prerequiste course basta may basic background po kayo sa PC Troubleshooting. Thank you.


magkakasched pa ba tayu ng saturday 9am-3pm sa Espana ng PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration


may schedule na ba kayo for last week of Nov or in the first week of Dec?

@ daniloff

Sir Manila weekends schedule is every Sunday only Saturday sched located in Buendia Makati. Thanks.

@ nereus

Just keep visiting sa site sa ipopost po naming schedule on November and December. Thank you.

di ko po mkita kung panu magpareserve ng slot d2
thanks =)

@ daniloff

Sir follow this link Thank you.

hello Sir/Maam!
Ask lang po... Gusto ko lang po kase matutunan networking e, anu po ba pagkakaiba neto sa mga matutunan ko sa CCNA? Anu po lamang ng course nato sa CCNA at anu po lamang ng CCNA sa course na to?
Thanks! Confused po kase...
And gusto ko po sana yung sched sa 18 sa makati... Gang kelan po pede magbayad at san po magbabayad?

hi, im planning to take PC LAN/WAN setup windows server 2003, anu po ba much better to cisco router/routing.... na e take na course may background na kc ako sa trouble shooting and repair pc.. and basic for cabling and networking configuration.. TNx...

@ jonji

Sir ang PC LAN/WAN is basic Networking pre requisite po ito ng Cisco Training. Thanks.

@ allan

Sir pre requisite ng Cisco ang PC Networking course kelangan may basic knowledge ka about this course before po kayo mag Cisco Training. Thank you.

E sir pede ba magbayad ng Sunday???
Or di kaya Sir e sa start na mismo ng training magbayad?

@ jonji

Sir saan po nyo prefer itake ang training sa Manila or Makati? Please enroll one day before the training its minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

sa makati po.. tinry ko tawagan yung number nyo sa makati pero wala na pong nasagot e.... e pano ko po ba malalaman kung tuloy na pu yung sa monday?????
Pede ba ko magbayad bukas?

how long before the entire course? and within 30 hrs. of class the tuition fee is 6000?

@ jonji .. sir contact po keo 2 dis number

6,000 cash basis.. 5 consecutive meetings 9-3pm.. thank u

@ jonjie
sir txt po keo s number n to kung confirm keo 09073013977 or call 8896042/43..para s clas bukas

Sir/Mam, ask ko lang po kung pwede ako mgtake or ienroll ko lang ung windows 2003 active directory infrastructure administration. I already take up the module 1. the PC LAN/WAN setup. NC 2 holder na po ako at need ko lang eto module 2 para mg upgrade. thnx and more power

hi just wanna ask if do you have any schedule for this course for january?

The course price indicated includes module 1 and 2?

@ Jimpea

Yes we will have a schedule on January.

@ Rhon C

Yes sir Included n both module 1 and 2.

if i will take this course, is this enough naba para makakuha ako ng CCNA bootcamp and Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuration?

6k module 1 and 2? 30H? will that really cover everything including hands-on?tnx

is there any training center located particularly at bicol region?

sir..pwede po ba magtraining ang d pa tapos ng pre-requesite? anyway, i am good in PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair? and i am teaching related subjects for more than 6 years

@ Rhon C.

Yes sir.pwede ng kunin.

@ Jimpea

Yes sir pwede ng kunin ang CCNA bootcamp at Windows server 2008

@ Rhon C

Yes sir, lahat un macocover ng actual Training

@ Rene

We are only located here in metro manila.Yes you can take the course without taking the prerequisite as long as you have a knowledge on it.

Are you going to open another course like this on March or April? I'm currently in East Timor and planning to go home for vacation on March so it'll be great if I can enroll while I'm there next yr. Thank you.

@ Pearl Leonardo

Yes were open on March and April next year to all courses.

boss gusto ko lang ma verify kung may hands on training ito. Visual learner kasi ako. tnx

@ Jonnel

Yes more on hands on po ang training.

boss tanong lang ulit, kung may sched kau na 5 days lang matatapos yung training? yun lang kasi binigay sakin ng company para matapos ang training. d na kasi ako aabot sa Nov. 15 sched nyo. tnx

@ Jonnel

Yes may 5 days training po kami na Monday to Friday 9-3pm. Call us at tell nos. 736-2032,889-6042/43 for more inquiries. Thank you.

Nov. 22-26 ba ang next schedule ng 5 days training? d na rin ako aabot sa Nov. 15

@ larry

Yes after Nov. 15-19, 2010 schedule the next schedule is on Nov. 22-26, 2010.

wala po akong makita kung saan ang address ninyo. can u give the location pls. Taga novaliches po ako and i want to enroll to PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103

@ Donato A. Corpuz

Manila: Rm 210, Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Sampaloc Manila.

Makati: Rm 208, Upy Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. Palanan Makati City

please help, cannot enter the sched. date at reservation page.


Select the course in the course box first after selecting your desired course It will automatically display the available course scheds and other details.

If you still have problems viewing the course scheds. You need to upgrade your browser to IE7 or higher you might be using an unsupported browser

ask po kung may sunday class kau sa buendia


@ jayson

Wala po kaming Sunday schedule sa Buendia Makati.

pde ko bang avail ito, para lang maka pag exam ng TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam, my basic PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training na ko sa ibang vacational school

@ dan

Yes pde po.

my additional charge pa ba ung exam? magkanu naman?

@ Dan

Yes sir. Kau po ang maghahandle ng exam fee.

good day! i want to enrol in PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration.. is this course still offer in summer, particularly 3rd to 4th week of May?

tanong lang po, kung pano malalaman kung yung sched sa Nov.22-26 M-F(9-3pm) ay mag reresume?
ok lang kahit buendia or espana.

@ ener

Yes we still offer in Summer. We will have upcoming schedules by May.

@ Jonnel

Sir just make a reservation online then iinform po namin kayo kung matutuloy ang class on Nov. 22-26 M-F at 9am to 3pm. Thank you.

since Nov.22-26(M-F) sched is cancelled, do i have to create another reservation for the next sched. for the same time?

I want to enroll PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 server. Is it necessarily to have a prerequisite?

@ Jonnel

No need to make another reservation Sir. We will just inform you when the class will start. Thank you.

@ aner

Sir you should have the basic knowledge in PC Troubleshooting. Thank you.

sir,gud day po ask me lang po is ano po ba ang pangkaraniwang gamit na system ng mga automotive dealaer?

Sir/Ma'am good day, do you have upcoming training schedule for January 2011 for PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration?

@ Joven Magpusao

Yes sir meron po taung schedules. Start po tau s first week of January, Jan 3 ang tentative schedules

do you give certificate upon completion of the course? i need it badly coz i am on the academe..tnx

do you have any schedule for last week of january and schedule for february?

@ rene

Yes we give certificate of completion after finishing the course.

@ jimpea

Yes we will have schedule for last week of January and for February.

pano namin malalaman kung 2loy ang training and what is the minimum number ng enroles pra ma2loy ang training..tnx

i am from bicol sayang ng pamasahe ko kung d ma2loy...tnx

@ ener

Kelangan po namin ng 3 participants na nakaenroll para magstart ang training. Saang branch po ba kayo nakareserved and ano pong schedule? Thanks.

sa espana on dec 20 to 24 M-F..wala po ba kaung notice of confirmation na pinadadala para assured din kami na ma22loy ang training? tnx

@ ener

meron p sir inform po namen kayo before dec 20 bago magstart ung course kung matutuloy

hi just to clarrify your given sched for Sat 9-3pm sched date is it correct 01-29-2010? what supposed to be this?

I am interested to enroll installation and setup of win server 2003 as soonest this december short courses. thanks
Sat 9-3pm 12-18-2010 01-29-2010

@ ley

Sorry po mali lang po ung year na nailagay ang schedule is Dec 18, 2010 to Jan. 29, 2011 dapat. Iedit nlang po nmn..Thank you

Good Day po! ask lang po ako kung meron kayo branch sa davao city po?

@ xydel

Good Day too! Wala po kaming branch sa Davao City.

Hello..ask ko lang po kung pwede po ba ko kahit under graduate po ako ng high school,gusto ko po kasi pag aralan about computer,pc lan/wan.thanks po!

@ Aliah Mae

pde po magstart po kayo sa basic computer ung MS Word Excel powerpoint and then pataas pero depende pa rin sa way kung pano ka matuto kung mabilis ka magisip pdeng pde ka pero kung mabagal ka magisip mahihirapan ka lng

M-F 9-3pm 01-17-2011 01-28-2011

Tama po ba yung date??? since 6 hours per day xa. or supposedly until Jan 21 2011 lang po xa??thanx po

pa confirm naman po kung tama yung sked below which supposedly until Jan 21 2011 since 6 hrs per days po yung duration nya. thanx po.

(M-F 9-3pm 01-17-2011 01-28-2011)

@ nairobi13

Yes the schedule is Jan. 17-21 at 9am to 3pm for 6 hours a day. Thanks.

Hi, Ano po ba ung course na magandang kuhanin kung sakaling magtatayo ng computer shop business involving online gaming/internet, etc.. Para po sana malaman kung ano ang usual problems and how to troubleshoot.

Thanks po.

Hi. Ano po ba ang magandang course na kuhanin pag nagtayo ng computer shop business, para po sana malaman kung ano ang usual problems at kung paano mag-troubleshoot. thank you.

@ giovanni gallego

Sir ienroll nyo po itong course na ito PC Assembly and PC Lan/Wan.

good day,
mag inquire lang sana ako if may exam pa para makaenrol sa course na to?, graduate ako ng computer technology kaso last 2007 pa, kaya wala na masyado alam sa basic. sometimes nag aayos naman ako ng pc at maintenance na rin, baklas-kabit, format and repormat.

@ angelo

Sir wala pong exam para magenroll in this course.

sir ilan student minimum required para mag-start ang class

@ mike

Sir, minimum of three students before the class will start.

to cnctc staff,

sorry for late reply sa txt, confirm po yun reservation ko,, pwede po ba icash ko nlng sa sunday morning? 1-23-11, my lakad po kasi ako tom and sa sat.


Hello Sir,,,

Tanong ko lng po sa march my opening ba kayo sa course na ito? pwede ko bang mlaman kung anu date ng start in advance... tnx,,

Hi Nol

We have schedule on the first week of march sir.

Ask ko lang po kung yung schedule date for feb. tnx

Ask ko lang po yung schedule date for feb. tnx

@ Lustre

The schedule for Feb. in España Manila is on Feb. 7-18 M-F/1-4pm, Feb. 19-March 19 every Sat/9-3pm in Buendia Makati.

buendia makati - wala po bang sunday yun schedule? thanks
pwde po ba credit card?

Please inform of incoming schedules for this course - PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103

for the month of March and April. Thank you my contact number is 0939 842 0377.

@ rhony tanael

Hi. Unfortunately we don't have Sunday schedule in Buendia Makati. We only have every Saturday 9-3pm. Yes, you can use your credit card for payment just enroll online and select paypal payment. Thank you.

@ Ruel M. David

Hi. Ok Sir one slot reserved for you and keep visiting to our site for our upcoming schedules for the month of March and April. Thank you.

Pwede po malaman kung cno magtuturo ng PC LAN/WAN dyan s buendia branch for feb. 19, 2011? thanks.


Instructor will be John Rey Go

Do you have March Schedule for: PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103

@ Jayjay L. Miranda

Yes. Magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of March for PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration.

ok please send me the schedule for March for: PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB010 thank you.

meron po bang schedule ngayong february every sunday?

@ jayjay miranda

Tentative schedule for pc LAN/WAN networking by march is march 07,2011. thank you!

@ julius
Next schedule for PC LAN/WAN is on february 13,2011 every sunday class at Sampaloc,Manila.Thank you!

inquire ko lang do i have to take the PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training??? before taking this course?

baka meron po kayo sched ng Feb 21-15

@ Michael Chan

Sir, if you have already a knowledge for PC Troubleshooting you ca proceed taking the PC lan/wan training.


@ Darwin

Sir meron po taung upcoming schedule ng Feb 21-25/9-3pm.

good morning ask ko lng po pde ba ako mag aral tru online plis assist me im interested..thnks

@ yhasser

Unfortunately our Online Setup has not been done yet, for the meantime we are on Classroom Type.

pwede ba walk in sa feb 13 sa espana??

@ mar

Yes pde po but before po magstart ang training we need to reach the minimum of 3 participants.

salamat sir paki update lang kung sakali matapos pabalik kc ako sa qatar gusto ko mag study tru online

mag apply po sana ako for training..........pano po kau mag contak?>>>>>>>>>>>>>,,ung M to F 9-3 pm gav po ba un?............

@ jerome pagauisan

Call us @ 736-2032 in España Manila and 889-6042/43 in Buendia Makati. Mon. to Fri. schedule starts from 9am-3pm.

sir magkakaron po kayo ng schedule for the month of july (2nd week or 3rd week)? nasa manila lang po ako for 2 weeks within this period..., pls advice nyo po ako in advance, pasensya na po at sobrang advance na paginquire ko....

@ jun

Hello! Yes, magkakaroon kami ng schedule for 2nd or 3rd week for the month of July. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training.

Hi po, ask lang po ako kung meron kayong schedule sa Buendia this coming April or May?

hi! ask ko po qng mag start b ung class ng networking this monday feb.21

@ Ronald John C. Sayson

Hello! Yes magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of April and May.

@ Sherwin Maranan

yes me possibility po na magstart ung sched sa monday kc apat na ang nakareserve inform po namen lahat ang nakareserve kung magconfirm cla once me magconfirn na 3 tuloy na po ung sched for monday

Hi there! Are you we going to take an OJT before getting our certificate? It would be great if there is an OJT.

@ Butch

We only allow OJT for the PC Troubleshooting course and the TESDA Training Course


@ Lucky
Wala pong discount for old students, but if you want to get discount avail our coupon code here in our website. thank you!

bilis po ba makakuha ng trabaho pagpasado ka ng assessment sa tesda....or pede po ba e convert sa CS pag may certification ka na nian....salamat po

i was advised po sa buendia office na mamomove yung sched for PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - sa March 5 Start Date and April 2 End Date?dahil nagkasakit daw yung intructor for Feb 19 sched. Thanks po. para maadjust ko din yung final ko sched sa work.

@ Cainto, Ariel P.

Dipende sir sa Position na Inaaplyan m and other qualifications po ninyo. Tawag po tau mismo s Civil Service in regards to conversion

I want to be part of March 5,2011 schedule? Saan po ako maaaring mag pa reserve? Pls advice me asap. Tnx


im really interested in taking a course from your school... you may find me asking questions here everyhwher especially in cisco, redhat linux and here win2003 course forum because i realy want to learn and make sure that i will make the right decision and get a correct course to learn coz its only once i can do this coz i dont have enough funds, i hope you understand.

Anyways, can i just ask regarding this course if we wud also like simulate an actual comany aor business to implement and apply this one so that we cud learn it properly? and also does deploying and managing a software using GPO also included in the course?
thaknk you very much,

update naman po dun sa March 5 sched for PC LAN/WAN... sa Buendia?


Yes GPO is included in the training. You will build a WIndows 2003 Network with Active DIrectory You will configure and Administer all essential services of and Active Directory Domain see outline for detail coverage of the training

"This course will help you prepare for TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam" anu po pinag kaiba nito sa pc hardaware servising na NCII ???


kasama po itong course nato sa TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam ang coverage ng pc hardware servicing na NCII ay PC Repair at PC Networking

Yung mga schedules niyo po ba ay inclusive na po of OJT hours?

@ Neil
Hinde po sir. The 30 hours duration is a Hands-on training for the course.Thank you!

Gup pm. Are you still open for enrollment? How can I register for this course?

@Engr. Antonio

yes sir we are open for enrollment you can register online by clicking this link

Sir, if ever mag isa lang po ako na nag enroll for the april 9 to may 14 schedule, tuloy pa din po ba ang training?

@ Engr. Antonio
Hinde po sir. minimum of 3 participants to start the training. It will move next schedule.

good day kapapareserve ko lng 3 na kami sa batch ko tuloy na ho ba ito kahit 3 lang kami?

@ John Lawrence N. Paulino
Yes sir tuloy na po ang class.

good day!
ask lang po yung NCII tesda assesment exam po written exam po ba yun?, shall they include hands on exams?. may certificate po ba pag maka tapos mag training.


Ung NCII tesda assesment exam is composed of Written Exam, Oral Exam and Actual Exam Pag naipasa mo TESDA Certified Computer technician ka na ang certificate ay issued by TESDA mismo

After training me certificate na binibigay po

yung fast track may exam na kasama diba? how bout itong slow track will it include the exam? or do we pay for that?

@ John B
Fast track training TESDA NCII ay with exam na po un but the slow track training is not included.Thank you!

can i enroll in this course kahit hindi ako kumuha ng PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training??


depende po sa backgrond nyo sa computer repair iaasess po kayo ng instructor kung qualified po kayo for this course

good day! i just asking about how many students are needed to start the class session? I would like to enroll neither the two branches which will be early going to start this class.

@ michael cayanan
For the class we need 3 participants to start the training.


@ cnctc staff
tanong ko lang kung may pasok sa April 9


wala pong pasok sa april 9 holiday po

Hi, what are those topics or can you pls specify the covers in Module 1 Chapter 7: Wireless LAN Configuration so we have an idea what is all about.. thanks

what was the requirments in course KB0103?

@ Charles

A Basic knowledge for the PC Assembly

Thank you

how to enroll here???

@ paul jayson esteves
You can drop here in our training center to enroll in person or you can enroll Online through paypal. Thank you!

Me and my 2 officemates would like to enroll for PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103 this coming May 2. Our work schedule starts at 11 AM till 8 PM with Thursday and Friday as restdays. Can we have a schedule that will not hit our work schedules?

@Emmanuel Dela Rama

yes we can make schedule for you and your officemates. we can open sched on your rest days which are Thursdays and Fridays. Maybe Every Thurday and Friday from 9am to 5pm

how much the fee in enrolling the subject like the PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103.

@ raymond

The tuition fee for the PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration is Php 6,000 in cash.

i'm a previous student of cnctc, can i have a sit in on the course i had taken before.??

@ jose mari

Yes, pde po. Call us for the schedule.

pwede po bang 2000 lang down payment

ano pong kailangan kong proof na naging student ako ng cnctc para makapag sit in ako kasi wala na yung resibo ko, certificate na lang meron.

@ jose mari

Sige Sir pls. bring your certificate of completion.

Sir tanong lang kung may sched na 1/week except weekends? like kunyari puro wednesday lang?

@ enzo


@ henrich

Sir wala po kaming every Wednesday lang na class.

mam rose, nag start n po b un PC LAN/WAN d2 s makati may09-13, m-f 9-3pm?

@ vivian apresto

Yes Ma'am nagstart na po today ang PC LAN/WAN dito sa Buendia Makati.

KB0101 at KB0103 anu pu yan pagnatapus my certificate o mageexam ka muna bago makakuha??

@ Cedrick

May certificate na po makukuha pagnatapos mo ung KB0101 at KC0103. Para makakuha ka nmn ng certificate galing tesda kailangan mo maipasa ung exam.

ah inyo din kami mageexam??

@ cedrick
No. You will take the exam to the school accredited by TESDA. We will assist you for the schedule of the exam.Thank you!

Hi. Yun po bang class sa Espana from 05-16-2011 to 05-20-2011, sure na matutuloy pag may isa pang student na mag-enroll?

isang tesda exam lang ba?? yung KB0105....

tuloy po b yung
05-22-2011 to 06-19-2011 (Sun 9-3pm)

@ Romel

Sir please make reservation online then iinform po namin kayo for final confirmation kung matutuloy ang class on 05-16-2011 to 05-20-2011. Thank you.

@ cedrick

Yes, isang exam lang po ang KBO105 yun po ang Tesda Computer Hardware Servicing NCII exam.

@ enzo

Sir as of now our status is still open for enrollment. We need at least minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Please make reservation online, we will inform you if the class will push thru on May 22, 2011. Thank you.



Depende po sa inyo kung gusto po nyo maavail ang TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII magtake po kayo ng exam sa TESDa.

plan ko po magtayo nang internet and gaming shop, ano po ba na courses ang dapat kung kunin? please send your reply in my email add rufinbrendo[at]yahoo[dot]com. thanks and waiting for your reply

@ brendo

Take PC Hardware Software and Troubleshooting Repair & PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration.


@ jim
June 6-10 will be our tentative schedule this coming June .Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you!

do i have certificate after the training?? thanks..

@ Kimjayson
Yes you will receive certificate after the training.

do you hav a tentative schedule also for july? thanks

could u send me confirmation now if my reservation for next week will push tru? i hv to know for i hv to travel earlier tomorow nyt to be able to attend the seminar..tnx

@ dave

The tentative schedule for the month of July is on July 4-8, 2011 9am to 3pm. July 11-15, 2011.

@ audy r. quebral

Ang matutuloy po na class sa Espana Manila ay ang 1pm to 4pm May 23 to June 3, 2011. Meron naman pong magstart sa Buendia Makati ng 9am to 5pm May 23 to May 27.

helo good pm mayroon po ba kaau branch sa cgayan de oro city?

@ emma balcueba

Hi, Emma. Unfortunately we don't have branch in Cagayan De Oro City.

m2loy po ba ang sa makati june06 to june10?


Basta mameet po ung minimum of 3 students possible po na matuloy ang class on june 06 to june 10.

ilan na po ba ang na reserve? sana mag confirm na sila para matuloy...ty po

@ reynaldo

Sa ngayon po may 2 ng nakareserved. We will wait for their final confirmation kung matutuloy po sila sa June 06. Gawa din po kayo ng reservation nyo online. Thank you.

hi cnctc,

ask ko lng po kasi nagpareserve na po ako ng short course for KB0101, every sun from 5/29 - 6/26. pwede ko na po ba isabay ang KB0103 sa schedule na Sat 6/4 - 7/2? pra isang bayad n lng po ako pagpunta ko po sa cnctc (makati office)...

@ jmoquerio

Yes pde nyo na pong isabay ang enrollment nyo for KB0103 sa schedule na Sat 6/4 - 7/2.

meron na po ako reservation im just waiting for the confirmation nung dalwa para matuloy at makabayad na din agad ako...let me know kung nag confirm na yung dalawa para proceed nko sa makati opis for payment...ty

@ reynaldo

Isa po kayo sa 2 nakareserved Sir. Inform ka namin ahead of time kung tuloy po sa June 06 ang class nyo. Thank you.

matuloy na po ba yung course? please advice..ty

@ reynaldo

The enrollment is ongoing now. At least 3 participants po ang kelangan to start the class on June 06, 2011. Thank you.

how much po ang total fees para magkaroon ng certification? Ilan days/weeks/months ba ang magugugol ko dito?
san sa buendia?
san sa makati?

@ Sam

The tuition fee for this course is PHP6,000 in cash. It takes 5 days of training. The prerequisite course is at least you have basic knowledge in PC Troubleshooting. We're located at #7 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Cr. Marconi St. Brgy. Palanan near at LRT Gil Puyat Station or IMARFLEX Outlet Bldg.

puede na po ba kmi mag enroll..dalawa na kmi mag confirm para matuloy lng ang training....tagal ko na din kc intay ang confirmation nyu e..


meron po bang evaluation/assesment kasi gusto ko kumuha ng KBo103 course w/o taking yung KBo101 course. how basic po yung basic knowledge in PC troubleshooting na prerequisite ng KBo103?

@ reynaldo
Yes po open na po kame for enrollment. pwede na po kayong mag enrol.Tnx

@ tess
Ok mam pwede na po kayong mag enroll.

@ alvin salcedo
Kaylangan po na may basic knowledge regarding hardware and software PC troubleshooting before taking the pc lan/wan networking.

Good day, gusto po naming mag-enroll dito sa "pc-lanwan-setup-and-windows-2003-server-active-directory-infrastructure-administration---kb0103" ....
Bale 4 po kaming gustong mag-take ng training na yan.. ang tanong lang po namin, pwede po bang i-take yang training na yan without taking the "pc-hardware-and-software-troubleshooting-and-repair-w-ojt---kb0101"??? We're planning to travel on saturday na po sana eh, and we're from la union pa.

@ cj
Kung meron na po kayong alam regarding Operation System or some knowledge about computers pwede nyo na pong kuhanin ang course na PC LAN/WAN Networking. Anyway please email us your contact number at cnctcinc[at][dot]thank you.

@cj, kailan yung target sched nyo for KBO103?
@cnctc, thanks for reply think I have knowledge on both. hanap lng ako ng magandang sched.

Good day! this is CJ, just want to ask kung ilan na po naka-reserve for June 13 and June 20 for pc-lanwan-setup-and-windows-2003-server-active-directory-infrastructure-administration---kb0103.. thanks.. :)

@ alvin
Ok sir if may mahanap na po kayong schedule just reserve online. Thank you.

@ cj
Schedule for june 13 at España, Manila isa plng po ang reserved and for June 20 sched apat na po ang reserved.

hi sir/mam planning po aq na mag pa enroll sa Espana, Manila M to F 9-3pm(06-20-2011) ok lng po b na pumunta on that date (06-20-2011) para mag pa enroll en magbayad? taga pampanga p po kc aq

hello po, meron na po ba kau manual para sa PC LAN/WAN? naubusan kc kmi nung last day ng training nmin..kung meron na po drop by nlng kmi jan para makuha at bayaran...tnx!

@ drew

As of now may 5 na nakareserved for the schedule of PC Networking on June 20-24, 2011/9-3pm. Yes, pde kang magenroll on the day na magstart ang class but we will let you know ahead of time kung confim na ang class on Monday. Kelangan po kasi namin ng at least 3 participants na mageenroll to start the training. Please make a reservation online para mainform po namin kayo.Thank you.

@ reynaldo

Hi Sir, drop by po kayo dito sa office bukas to get manual for PC Networking. Thanks.

do you have any schedule by august?

@ big daddy

Yes. Magkakaroon po kami ng schedule this coming month of August.

Mam nag start na po ba ng klase sa course na eto ung kb0103? kung nag start na po xa pwede po bang humabol ako? paki inform nalng po ako sa e-mail or text po sa 09498196825. I need it ASAP po.. thanx

@ Edward

Saang branch nyo po ba mas prefer na kunin ang course na ito? Meron pong open schedule sa España Manila ng June 19 to July 17, 2011/Sun. 9-3pm. Thanks.

Do you have Saturday & Sundays schedules?

@ Rod Caindoy

Yes, we have Saturday schedule in Buendia Makati & Sunday schedule in España Manila.

Hi! Good Day!
Ilang sessions o meeting po meron kung naka-enroll ako sa module 1?

@ alvin

In this course magkasama po ang module 1 and module 2 for 30 hours course duration.

balak ko po i take ung kb105.. if ever po matapos ko ung training.. may chance po ba na matulungan nyo ko na makahanap ng work related s course yan... I.T. grad po ko, kylangan ko kc ng work ngyon.. hoping for ur rply, tnx!.

balak ko po i take ung kb0103.. if ever po matapos ko ung training.. may chance po ba na matulungan nyo ko na makahanap ng work related s course yan... I.T. grad po ko, kylangan ko kc ng work ngyon.. hoping for ur rply, tnx!.

Papaano naman po ang Course Fee??
Kung kukuha po ako ng installment, bali Php6500.00, dalawang module na po yon? Bali Php6500.00 ang total ng dalawang module??

@ alvin

Yes, the tuition fee for installment basis is P6,500 for the 2 modules.


yes we can assist you in finding a job related to your course

If I were a CHS-NCII holder, could I have a discount on this course? Even If had taken the assessment on other TESDA accredited institution.
I'm just checking if I could still afford the training for this year.

wala ba dito sa cebu tulad po nito Transfer of Technology Training

@ alvin

We don't have branch in Cebu. We're located España Manila and Buendia Makati.

hi do you have sunday schedule in makati?

sir seeing your modules...kaya po b i-cover lahat yan within 30hrs?

@ dhez buthor

As of now our available schedule in Buendia Makati is Monday to Friday and every Saturday. We will try to open Sunday schedule soon.

@ gio

Yes, macocover po lahat ng topics within 30 hours.

ito po ba yung course para matuto mag set-up ng computer shop/internet cafe, ito lng nman kc ung gusto ko. sana po mg-offer kyo nito by sept. kc naka enroll p ako sa cisco ccna 1 ngaun s isang training center din....e nagkamali yata ako ng kinuha...masyado advance tapos puro module lng : (

@ gio

Yes, ito nga po at magkakaroon din po kami ng schedule this coming month of September.

Sir, meron pala pre-requisite na "PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training" itong course na ito, kelangan ko pa ba ung pre-requisite? graduate na po ako ng computer systems technician sa AMA pero matagal na...pwede po ba na idiretso ko na enroll ung PC LAN/WAN?

@ gio

Yes prerequisite po ng PC Networking ang PC Troubleshooting. Kung may knowledge na po kayo or background pde na po kayong mag proceed sa PC Networking.

good day po..nkareserve po ako ngaun sa PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting, july4-8..pede na po ba ako magpreserve ngaun for july11-15 schedule? kung pede po, ggmitin ko ung student # ko ngaun? at anu po ssakyan papunta sa buendia branch nio, from gil puyat lrt station..tnx

@ Nesann

Sir please see this link to manage your course, kung galing po kayo ng LRT Gil Puyat Staton pde nyo na pong lakarin going to Makati Ave. Hanapin nyo lang po ang Marconi St. Palanan # 7 UPY Bldg.

tnx po..akala ko kc malau kya magjip sna ako..

@ Nesann

Your much welcome. Malapit na lang po kaya pde nyo ng lakarin.

hi sir, pwede po kaya mka hingi ng course outline per day.....f wat chapters ung makukuha within a day, kung meron po...kindly email n lng po giorgio_jordano[at][dot]thnks po

Good day,

I want to enroll sa KB0103 na course, for June 18 to 22, yung 2 module matatapus ba ito sa 5 days?

@ Jojie lagrosa

Sir July 18-22 schedule po ba ibig nyong sabihin? Yes, matatapos po ang training in 5 days for the 2 modules.


Sir, ask ko lang if kelan yung re-schedule nung July 10 to August 7 sa Makati?


Yes, P6,000 is the tuition fee for this full package (Module 1 and Module 2).

@ Isaiah Pascua

Sir it would be on July 17 to August 14, 2011.

good eve, ask lang pwede ba mag start ang course even reserved lang student? how many student minimum to start the course?

@ Macky

Minimum of 3 students to start the training. Magiinform kami 3 days before the training dun sa mga reserved students kung confirm ang class.

sana matuloy na this coming sunday yung sa buendia :)

Please inform me kng matutuloy this coming sunday 17 para mala enroll n ako

@ Rodel & MarkTagle

Ok Sir inform po namin kayo ahead of time pag nagconfirm na po ung 2 pang nakareserved. Thanks.

im trying to reserve a slot and it prompted me
1 Please select schedule
2 Please select course track
3 Please select payment type
4 Specified validation code was incorrect

i checked the form and i cannot find where to fill out those information

@ big daddy
please try to fill this link try to click the drop down menu for Course to Enroll field You need to use IE7 or up version or Firefox 3.5 or higher. If still you can't reserve please send to me your information in this email cnctcinc[at]yahoo[dot]com to reserve you online.

Sir/Ma'am, hindi po ba possible magkaroon ng schedule every saturday sa espana? :(

@ nhald

Sir we will try to open Saturday schedule in España Manila.

Yey! Thanks Much! :)
Looking forward to it po.. kindly advise\mail po pag available na.
Sana this august mag-open na :D

@ nhald
OK sir. Thank you

available na po ang schedule ng PC/LAN networking august 8-12 Mon-Fri 9am-3Pm?

nagpareserve po ako sa schedule na un. matuloy po kayo un?

@ avieh

Reschedule po ang class on August 8-12, 2011. Inform po namin kayo ulit for the updates of the class. Thanks.

Don't you have any schedule in Cebu? Are there any office?


Sorry but we don't have branch in cebu.

Hi. I'm planning to enroll this coming sept (sat) and may i know if pre-requisite is required for this subject though I'm graduated as a comp sci? I'm currently working as accounting assistant for almost 5 yrs and I would like to take a CCNA subject. Hope to hear from you soonest.

@ bino

Sir the pre-requisite for this course is PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair. Thanks.

ok lang ba mag-enroll dito kahit walang PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair na course? Graduate po ako ng 2yr course for computer technology at nagta-trabaho na for more than 7 years as computer support technician.

@ Randy

Basta may background or knowledge na po kayo sa PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair pde na po kayong dumiretso sa PC Networking.

Hi. Do I need to take Evaluation exam first before I enroll this course?Thanks.

@ bino

Wala na pong Evaluation Exam basta may knowledge na po kayo sa pre requisite course.


1. Paano po ang procedures for enrollment? Nareserved ko na 'tong subject na ito. May requirements po bang kailangan dalhin?

2. Hanggang anong oras po ang office nyo pag-weekdays? Nagwowork din po kasi ako sa makati din, dadaanan ko na lang po if ever na may requirements na isasubmit.

Thanks a lot.

@ bino

Wala pong requirements na kelangang dalhin. Open po kami ng weekdays 9am to 5pm. Thanks.

my class po ba pag sunday sa buendia?..

@ waldy
wala pong schedule ng sunday dito sa buendia, sa manila main po ang meron.

Hi cnctc,
okay lang ba kung hindi ko na i-take yung pre requisite for this course?

@ xtian

Ok lang po as long as may background or knowledge na kayo sa PC Troubleshooting.

hi... good day! this is chad . i would like to inquire if available every mon.??? co'z im working well . so my vacant day is a monday.
if avaible every mon. im welling to enrolled the course i wanted. tnx's....

@ chad peñaflor

Hi Chad. Unfortunately we don't have a schedule for every Monday only. We have Monday to Friday, every Saturday and every Sunday.

ok. so, for example every sunday only . how much to be given and how long to finished the course or months.???

goodmrning po mam.. jerome po to yung student ng laptop trouble shooting pareserve po ako yung class ng september 5 jan sa espana thankyou..

@ jerome
Ok Sir reserve kana po namen. Inform ko na lang po keo 3 days before the training for the confirmation of the class. thank you!

hi! wala pa din class sa espana every sat... sadness...

@ nhald
Ok we will post schedule September 3 to October 1/3pm to 9pm.Thank you

Hi! nakapagpareserve na ko sa course na to. pwede ba sa monday nlng magbayad?

@ Jay

Yes pde pong sa Monday na lang magenroll.

Pwede bang magsend kayo ng formal letter regarding the training?

@ Jhonuard J. Aguhar

Ok po isend nalang po namin ung letter sa email nyo.

Good day! Ms. Rose may I request to sit in on this course this coming sept. 10 at buendia makati? I already take up this course last week. Just to refresh for what we have took before. thanks and Godbless

@ Michael C.

Hi Sir yes pde po kayong mag sit in but the topic for tomorrow is the first day of peer to peer. Thanks.

ah ok. So may I request to sit in/reserve a sit on third day of the session(Sept. 24)? May I know also if our Certificate for this course are already made or done. When and what time can we get our certificate in cnctc makati office? thanks

@ michael C.

Yes you may sit-in,Your certificate is already available.You can get your certificate Mon-Fri/9am-5pm or Weekends 9am-3pm.Thank you!

sir in 5 days training ilang certificate po ang makukuha namin if i enrolled


Isang certificate lang po.

magstart po ba class on monday about this topic or course kasi gusto ko po pumasok at mag aral!! sa monday morning nalang po ako mag bayad

@ Edward Nhel Orela

Magstart ang class sa españa, manila kung confirmed po kayo. Need nlang namin ng kahit isa pa pra matuloy ang class tomorrow.

What are the procedures in enrolling the course PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration?

Also, what is the minimum number of students needed to start the course?

Thank you very much.

@ Jasme Silvestre

Kelangan may background or knowledge po kayo sa PC Troubeshooting as a prerequisite course for PC LAN/WAN. Minimum of 3 participants is needed to start the training.

Okay may CCNA license na po ako gusto ko lang talaga matuto ng Active Directory and Windows 2003 Server.
Pano po yung mode of payment? Thanks

@ Jasme Silvestre

Ah okay. The tuition fee is Php6,000 in cash, Php6,500 for installment basis. Downpayment is Php3,000 and the remaining balance will be in the midway of the training. Thanks.

So ibig po bang sabihin nyan hindi na po kailangan to take the prerequisite kong may background or knowledge na po sa PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103? Saka talaga po bang required na 3 student ang kailangan bago mag start ang class? or pweding isama sa ibang branch kong sakaling kulang yong student? For example po sa Buendia 1 student at sa Espana 2 student pweding mag merge na yon para mabuo yong 3 student required?

Clear ko lang po yong unang question ko po.
So ibig po bang sabihin nyan hindi na po kailangan to take the prerequisite kong may background or knowledge na po sa PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training? Saka talaga po bang required na 3 student ang kailangan bago mag start ang class? or pweding isama sa ibang branch kong sakaling kulang yong student? For example po sa Buendia 1 student at sa Espana 2 student pweding mag merge na yon para mabuo yong 3 student required?

@ Eric Madrigal

Yes po hindi na kailangan kunin ung prerequisite kung may knowledge na kayo dun. 3 ang minimun na participants bago magstart ang class. Oo pwde natin imerge ang student ng manila at makati pra matuloy ang class.

Sir pwede pa-reserve sa Sept. 26?

pwede po ako humingi ng exact address and landmarks sa espana at sa buendia? kasi di ko pa po kabisado masyado dito sa metro mania.

@ Ramon Andrada

Sir please see this link for reservation

Thank you.

@ Elvis

Our Main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila & Our Branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Pde po bang malaman kung saan po kayo manggagaling? Thanks.

Hi, are you going to have a schedule in December? Thanks!

@ Gela
Yes, Please wait for the update of the schedule.thank you!

hi, i would like to take the CCNA Bootcamp, pero prerequisite nyo ung above, can i take this one without taking the prereq for this? i have basic knowledge with PC and NEtwork TS as i am working in an IT company and a graduate of CS.


@ Rye

Yes po hindi na kailangan kunin ung prerequisite kung may knowledge na po kayo dun. Thank you.


Ask ko lang if with exam na ba to? If not, how much po exam after taking this course?


Is the 70-290 exam for Microsoft still available??? The course outline has a comparison with the 70-290.

Is there a certification exam for this course?

@ Tonz

Sir under po ito ng TESDA CHS NCII.

sat sched sa espana please :(

@ Dang

ok mam try po namin mag-open ng saturday schedule dito sa espana. Thank you.

hi, working po ako as call center agent, medyo pabago bago ang sched ko., may sched po ba kayo ng 2 days session lang every week? tska pag nagtake po ba nitong course na to may certification na sa TESDA for NCII? thanks

@ Adeb

May schedule po kami ng every Saturday or Sunday once a week po ang training. Certificate of completion ang makukuha nyo sa amin after the course. Kailangan nyo pong magtake ng Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Examination at pag naipasa nyo po ay magkakaroon kyo ng Certificate galing Tesda.

hi, confirm ko lang po if matutuloy yung Nov. 7 training namin sa España, Manila for this course PC LAN/WAN Setup? Nakabayad na po me 5,000 pesos. Ibibigay ko na lang yung 1,000 balance if tuloy yung mga kasama ko sa Nov. 7. Pls let me know on or before Nov. 6. Thanx po.

@ Tonz

Okay sir inform ka namin kung tuloy po sa Espana manila. Thank you.

ask ko lang po, do you have sched for KB0103 on saturdays only? IT staff po kasi ako sa isang company, we only want to avail it once a week.

@ Ailene Alday

Yes ma'am meron po kaming every saturday schedule on Nov. 19 to Dec. 17,2011. Thank you.

Yung Php 6000 po is good for how many modules po and for how many days?

@ Ailene Alday

Good for two modules and five consecutive meetings po ma'am. Thank You

Hi! isa po ako dun sa mga nagpareserve for for buendia branch for PC LAN/WAN Setup course.. for sat 9ma-3pm schedule - and so far nakikita ko na apat na kaming week na maguumpisa ung schedule nmin... pwede nyo po ba ako iinform kung ok na silang matuloy kami? kc gusto ko tlga eh..

@ Andcelly

Ok po inform ka namin kung tuloy na ung class.

gud pm..mam/sir mgpapareserve sana k sa training na inoofer nio codename kb0103 sa Nov 21....ask k rn kung lang students bgo magsimula ang training and just in case n umabot un date ng training at 3 or 2 lng ang students n ngenroll my tendency po b n macancelled un training....salamt...

balak kng magenrol sa espana branch..kung san ako malp8...

@ jp

Sir please see this link for reservation Minimum of 3 persons po ang kelangan para magstart ang class. Thank you.

Start na ba ang KB0103 sa Saturday?

@ Macky BSC

Yes magstart na po ang KB0103 on Saturday sa Buendia Makati.

Ask ko lang kung accredited ba ang CNCTC ng OWWA about sa SEAFARERS UPGRADING PROGRAM nila.Please check yung link below,

@ jon

Sir tumatanggap po kami ng OWWA scholarship.

hi sir, plan ko sna punta sa makati branch nyo...pano po pumunta dun? manggagaling po ako sa EDSA-Araneta Center. thnks

Do i need to take KBO103 before ako mgtake ng CISCO? Im from Pampanga pa and willing ako mg take ng CISCO course sana either sat or sunday schedule.

@ jhoy

Yes you have to take KB0103 before taking CISCO training. We have Saturday and Sunday schedule. Thanks.

@ gior

Sakay po kayo ng bus LRT Ayala/Buendia/Leveriza baba po kayo sa Marconi St. before ng maliit na tulay.

Okie Thanks po Sir, anyway im an IT grad pero 2003 pa ako ng grad, cguro need ko i take pra ma refresh na dn..panu po pumunta either makati branch or espana from SM North.

@ jhoy

From SM North to España Manila sakay po kayo ng jeep papuntang Quiapo, after UST two blocks away before MC Donalds. Thanks.

ok lang ba kunin ang course na to kahit di ko na kuha ang prerequiste nito

ilan na po ang nag-enroll for Dec 5 start? and if hindi ako mkpagstart ng 1st day, can i take yung first lesson some other day to compensate?

@ kevin

Okay lang po basta may knowledge na po kayo dun sa pre requisite course. Thank you.

@ jaja

3 participants na po ang confirm so the class definitely will start on Dec. 05 at 9am to 3pm. Yes pwede po kayong pumasok sa other schedule kung di po kayo makakapasok ng first day. Thank you.

What if kung my work experience kna as IT Staff?, do i really need to take this course pa pra mkaenroll ng ccna fast track?

@ carlovouy

Kung may experience or knowledge na po kayo pwede na po kayong dumiretso sa CISCO Training.

hi balak ko sanang kumuha ng module na to tapos nito mag cisco naman ako question lang gaano ba ka equip yung magtuturo certified ba sya and pwede bang mag refund pag hindi ako satisfied sa teacher

hi good day, tanung ko lang if..matapos po ba itong training ee meron certification of complition?

@ znujram

Good Day! Yes meron po kayong matatanggap na certificate of completion pag natapos nyo po ang training. Thanks.

@ christopher manera

Yes certified po ang mga Instructor namin. No Refund Policy po kami. Cancellations of training should be made 3 working days before the training. Thank you.

pano po magenrol para sa online training. abroad po kc ako. bka pwede nyo ko i advice kung ano gawin. ano po ba mga reqwuirements para mkapag aral online.

@ i.t. ako(i tnga)

Sir please check this link how does Online training it works Thank you.

balak ko po bukas pumasok. pwede dn po ba na bukas nlng dn ako magenroll tapos sabay pasok na din?

pahabol lng po. ano po ba kailangan dalhin pag mageenroll at pag papasok?

@ yeah

Sir reschedule po ang class ng PC LAN/WAN both Manila and Makati. Wala pong nabuong class.

bale kelan ulit mgkkron ng sked?

@ yeah

May next schedule po kami next week dec. 19, 2011. saan nyo po ba prefer mag-training dito po ba sa buendia makati o sa Espana Manila po? please make a reservation online @ Thank you

ano ba mga requirments sa pageenroll? sa espana ako mgeenroll

@ yeah

No requirements is needed upon enrollment. Inform po namin kayo pag may magstart sa España Manila. Thank you.

Meron po bang class na mg i start sa sunday (España)?

@ jhoy

Our Sunday schedule in España Manila is still open for enrollment.


Im calling to your office #7362032 but i'm calling the wrong number...Mg inquire po ako if merong class na mg start bukas? habol po sana ako enroll..Please advise..Thank you


Wala pong magstart na class tomorrow kc po hindi na meet ung required number of students. Minimum of 3 participants bago magstart ang class.

okie thnks po, pero sa makati na branch meron po ba mg i start na class starting bukas? habol po sna ako tas bukas na dn ako mg enroll...okie lng po ba yon?
please advise na rin po..thanks much..

@ jhoy

Yes meron po kaming magstart na class bukas sa Buendia Makati Mon. to Fri. 9-3pm. Enroll na lang po kayo bukas. We will be waiting for you. Thank you.

sana meron kayong saturday sched for PC lan/wan setup sa Espana. please inform me if meron or meron na. thanks.

@ Rhon Castillo

Okay po try namin mag open ng saturday schedule sa espana manila. wait for the update. Thank you.

Pede rin po ba kami mag OJT after nito?

tuloy pa ba to sa monday? kc prang pagkakaalam ko sarado ang mga kalsada kc dahil sa shooting?

dhila pla sa pista ng nazareno

@ google

Yes tuloy po ang class sa Monday January 09, 2012/9-3pm.

dun ko kc blak magenroll sa espana. dba sarado lhat ng kalsada dun?

@ google

Sir hanap na lang po kayo ng ibang way para makahabol po kayo sa klase. Thanks.

hello po. Pwede po ba ako maki-sit in sa makati branch? I took PC Lan/Wan Setup last june2011 sa Espana... ok lang ba un? Thanks!

@ maemi

Yes pwede po kayong mag sit in basta may magstart pong class.


Tuloy po ba schedule tomorrow Jan 14, 2012 sa buendia? Im a former student at espana branch last 2007 and i want to sit in for refresher.. Is it ok?

ah ok po. thnx! tuloy ba un schedule tom sa Buendia?

@ Arnie

Yes tuloy po. Okay pwede po kayong mag sit in bukas.

@ maemi

Yes magstart po bukas ang klase ng PC LAN/WAN.

Is there an upcoming schedule for this course this February on Makati Buendia?

@ ernie

Yes there will be upcoming schedule for this course by February in Buendia Makati.

meron po ba mgstart na class this saturday sa buendia?

@ Jaja

Meron po kaming nagstart last Saturday second meeting na po this coming Saturday.

Pwede po bang humabol sa PC Networking class sa buendia? Refresher po ako.. Thanks!@

@ chen

Ibig po ba nyong sabihin dati na po kayong student at nais po nyong mag sit in?

after ko mag-take ng training sa inyo may certification exam ba kau mula sa microsoft at magkano ang bayad sa exam.

ilan po minimum number of enrollees para matuloy ang training

@ denong

Minimum Of three participants to start the training. Thank you

For Espana Branch..kelan po next enrollment? pwede po ba Jan 22? thanks

@ Melanie

Yes may ngstart po ngayon sa espana manila for the 2nd module kaya ang next schedule na po ay sa February. please wait for the update. Thank you.

bukas po ba office nyo bukas sa espana?

Next week di pwede mag enrol and start? kelan po sa Feb start?

parang nagmahal bigla tong course na to? prang 6k lng ata dti pag cash? kelan ngmahal?


Pwede po kayong mag enroll pero ang start na po ulit ay sa February 12 to March 11, 9am to 3pm.

@ yeah
opo nagmahal na po fee P6500 na po kapag cash. bago lang po namen itinaas!

pwede ba mag enrol kahit d nag take nung prerequiset???

Hi mag enroll sana kaming dalawa ng kasama ko, possible ba na Sunday January 29, 2012 mag start? we're from ortigas, san ba yung best location is it Espana or Buendia?


@chris if magstart na kau sa jan 29, 3 na tau baka pwede na open ung class nun..kasi sabe nil feb 12 ndaw magstart next class e..CNCTC pwede ba un?

@chris;melanie if magsta-start kayo sa Sunday please count me in!

I prefer s buendia branch. Ano ba yung Sunday, as in every Sunday or Sun to Thurs?

@ jeckt
As long as may alam na po kayo sa pre-requisite ng course pwede na po ninyong makuha itong course na ito.

@ cris
Ang Next schedule na po is February 12 to March 11, kakastart lang po kasi last week 2nd module ng class na ito. Best location po na malapit sa inyo ay sa Buendia.

@ Melanie
Ang next schedule na po is February 12 to March 11 kakastart lang po kasi ng class 2nd module last week, kung gusto po ninyo pwede kayong humabol for the class at España.

@cnctc possible ba na we can start this coming Sunday? at Buendia considering the two of us, and i think Melanie and Ed here are also interested total of Four of us. Please let me know.

@cnctc ask ko lng po kung yung dalawang module ng KB103 is magkasama na dun sa P6,500 na payment. tnx

Yes sir P6,500 ang payment magkasama na po yung dalawang module ng KB0103.

How to reach CNCTC makati buendia branch if I'm from Baclaran?

full na po ba ang schedule ng sunday clas ng KB0103 ????

sa my buendia??

@ ernie

From Baclaran sakay na lang po kayo ng jeep na dadaan sa LRT Gil Puyat. From LRT Gil Puyat station walking distance na lang going to Makati Ave. after kami ng Imarflex Building and small bridge. Look at Marconi St. Palanan and UPY Bldg.

@ jeckt

As of now wala po kaming open na schedule every Sunday sa Makati ang may open na schedule po ay ang España Manila. Saturday schedule po ang open ng Buendia Makati pag weekends.

good day jas want to ask the sched of live online training of computer hardware servicing, the exact time and the amount i have to pay..ito po ba e kailangan pang mag attend ng class ng actual or purely computer =online training and learning po?? pls reply

@ wheng

as of now we don't have schedule for online training in computer hardware servicing. but we will try to open. please keep us visiting on our website. Thank you

Tuloy na ba schedule this Feb 18 sa Buendia?

@ chris

Yes possible po na magstart ang training sa Feb. 18 basta may minimum of 3 participants na nakaenroll. Thanks.

ask ko lng nkapag-take na po ba nitong pc lan/wan pwede na po bang kumuha ng exam for mcp?

Ask ko lang po, wala ba tong ung may bundle na exam?

nag-aaccept po ba kayo ng scholarship from OWWA kagaya ng sa MFI at Informatics for short courses??

@ ernie

Yes tumatanggap po kami ng scholarship from OWWA. Thank you

follow up questions lng po. What are the requirements to avail the OWWA scholarship? Sa CNCTC ba ipapasa and kayo na bahala magcoordinate sa OWWA? Paano po ba ang process kc I want to use that OWWA scholarship to enroll KB0103

cnctc, kelan po kau mag open online class for pc/lan wan? ako po ung paid na na nagcancel for classroom training...still waiting for online class

@ Melanie

As of now po wala pa po kasing nageenroll para sa online training.pero inform nalng po namin kayo kung may magstart kaming class for online. thank you

Goodam/pm anong address po s espana manila? thanks

@ rnold ventura

Our main office is located @ Rm. 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila. Thank you

hi... can i sit in this coming sunday sa espana for PC LAN/WAN? student sa makati, kakatapos lang namin last saturday and unfortunately I missed the first meeting. thanks!

@ Jasmin

Yes pwede po kayo makiseat-in kung matuloy po sa sunday. please give as a call @ 736-5196 for the update.Thank you

Start na po ba ito bukas sa Makati?

@ chris
Yes po start na ang training na ito scheduled February 18 to March 17,2012 at Buendia, Makati

Hi! Ask ko lng if pwede ko ba Take tong course na to (PC LAN/WAN) even if hindi ko n itake ung prereq n course n troubleshooting? I'm a 4yr grad I.T po. thanks!

@ Robin Dizon

Yes okay lang na hindi mo na itake ang prerequisite course as long as may knowledge na po kayo sa course. Thanks.

Hi! nkapagpareserve po ako this coming monday(feb 27). Ok lng po ba kung ung payment ko(cash) eh on the day ko mismo byaran or Saturday po dpt paid n koh? thanks.. and may mga need po b akong dalin requirements (eg. TOR, etc) ?

@ Robin Dizon

No requirements is needed upon enrollment. Yes pwede po kayong magbayad ng tuition fee on the day or before po ng training.

When po actual schedule nito? Buendia / Espana? I would like to enroll sana.

@ chris

Our schedules is open for enrollment both Manila and Makati. What date do you prefer to take this course? Thanks.

saturday sana? Possible ba? or baka meron na this coming Sat.. I'm from Ortigas

Pano po mag apply ng scholarship for OWWA member

@ chris

Sa March 24 pa po kasi yung schedule namin dito sa buendia makati. pwede po kayo mag pareserve online sa link na ito para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po yung every sat. schedule namin. Thank you

@ robert

Punta po muna kayo sa OWWA pra magpaassess kung qualified po ba kayo sa scholarship ng OWWA at kung naassess na po kayo saka kayo punta sa Training center para kumuha ng mga requirements for Owwa scholarship. Thank you

Hi follow up ko lang po ung online kung meron na? Thanks

@ Melanie

Sa ngayon po mam, wala pa pong nagiistart sa online training. inform nalng po namin kayo kung meron pong magstart. Thank you

walang saturday class nito sa espana? kelan magkakaron? thanks

@ R.A

Magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for every saturday dito sa espana manila. please keep posted on our website. Thank you

Do you have a schedule for saturday and sunday only?

@ Perceval Aldea

Yes, we have a schedule every saturday and sunday. Thank you

Hi! may posibilidad po ba na mag-start ung training sked mar.19 khit n 2 plng ang ngpareserved? thanks

@ Robin Dizon

Hello! Kelangan pa po natin ng isa para magstart po ang training sa March 19. Inform po namin kayo pag magstart po ang training. Thanks.

Ma'am/Sir, Plan ko po mag enrol sched 3-24-12. ask ko lang po kung pwd po sa 24 narin po ako magbayad ng fee. I'm from pangasinan po kc :)

@ Elmer Ramos

Yes, po pwede po kayo magbayad on the day of the training bago magstart yung class.please make your reservation @ pra mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa march 24.Thank you

hi, do any office here in cebu?

@ joselito nieves magsanay

Unfortunately we don't have branch in Cebu.

after the training, may exam? and certification?

Magkakaron n po b ng saturday sched either spania or buendia and when?

@ janet

Yes, meron na pong Saturday sched sa makati on March 24/9-3pm. Thank you

ask ko lng po ulit.. kung after the training is may exam and certification?

@ Bernie

After taking PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking pwede po kayong magexam for TESDA CHS NCII to get TESDA Certificate but we give also certificate of completion after finishing the course.

May I ask Sir/Ma'am bakit po wala na ung schedule ng 3/24/12 sat 9am-3pm sa taas? already reserved na po ako don thru online. Tuloy po ba ang class?

@ Elmer V. Ramos

Nakapost pa din po sa taas ang schedule ng March 24 Saturday/9-3pm sa Buendia Makati. Inform po namin kayo for final confirmation kung tuloy po sa Saturday ang class. Thank you.

Meron po bang schedule for May Batch, tapos po sunday at saturday lang ang pasok.

@ Dhandee C. Mercado

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule by May. Please keep posted on our website. Thank you

Tuloy po ba sa March 24, 2012 yung claSS na toh?


@ sandy

May reservation na po ba kayo online? Please wait for our final confirmation tomorrow. Thank you.

ok lang po ba na di na ako kumuha ng pre requisite nito. IT graduate po ako.

after taking the course then apply in an IT company,can you assure me that i have a big chance of landing a job or employment base on the training and knowlegde gain from this training center?

other thing is,are you recognized by TESDA?

@ John

Yes, pwede mo kunin ang training na ito kahit hindi mo na kunin yung course pre-requisite, as long as na my knowledge na po kayo regarding sa PC assembly. Thank you

Pwede bang umattend kahit walang pang-downpayment? after holyweek po bayad?

@ reimann

Hindi po pwede, kailangan po na may down payment kayo. Thank You.

ilan po ung minimum students na required pra m2loy ang isang klase? gusto ko po sna n mg-enroll s M to F 9-3pm 04-09-2012 04-13-2012 kso d p ako sure...tnx

hi john.. sana nga maging sure na yang sched na apr 9-13.. kase mag eenroll din sana ako don.. pero d ko alam kung ilan na talaga ung sure don..

@ john

Minimum of 3 participants ang kailangan before po magstart ang class. Pareserve po kayo online please go to this link

Thank you!

@ rhailey

Wait po nyo final confirmation namin Sir, mag aadvise po kami sa inyo 3 days before ng training kung magsstart ang class. Thank you.

ask ko lang po..
pwdi ko po ba itong unahin e'take bago yung
KB0101, na pc troubleshooting prerequisite?

tpos next ko nlang yung

IT grad. po ako..
gusto ko lang kasi mg'training for advaced KB0101.

@ ok

Yes pwede po as long as may basic knowledge na po kayo sa PC Troubleshooting.

M to F 9-5pm 04-10-2012 04-13-2012 open -- 3
sigurado na po ba itong sched.?

boss pede b po ba i apply ng system administrator itong vourse na to O IT technical Support... ? if ever mag enroll ako sa april 16 salamat po

boss pede rin b mag park at safe b mag park ng motor sa training center nyo? salamat po

Boss anu po ba ang schedule sa may? need ko po malaman. un pang sunday schedule po ah. kasi may work me ng Monday to saturday. Okie lang po ba ito lang ieenroll. I.T grad po kasi ako.

@ IT

Nareschedule po ang April 10 to 13, next schedule po namin April 16-20. Thank you.

@ Victor

Yes, after finishing this course pwede nyo po iapply ng system administrator or technical support. See you soon. Thank you.

@ Dhandee C. Mercado

Ang Sunday schedule po namin sa España is April 15/Sunday 9-3pm and May 06/Sunday 3-9pm sa Buendia Makati. Thanks.

ilang months po aabutin ang training,at yung training price for the whole training na po ba yon?

@ Kent Jones A. Kelly

The course duration is 30 hours which will take for 5 meetings. Yes, P6,500 is the total course fee for the whole training.


meron po bang magiging schedule on May na pang sunday? Pls email me ASAP. i need to know it.

@ Dhandee C. Mercado

Yes, Magkakaroon po kami ng schedule this coming May for every Sunday. Please wait for the update. Thank You

Do you issue certificate after the training?

I have a Sun Broadband connection USB does it work correct when you will take the online training using this type of connection?

What additional gadgets will I use to participate on online training like this?

hi..good pm, follow up ko lang kung meron na online training na? Kung wala parin pwede naba ako mag ask ng refund? thanks

@ Joseph John Dizon

Yes we give certificate after finishing the course. System Requirements

To be able to get our Live Online training you need to have the following Computer Hardware and Software requirements:

1. Pentium 4 or Higher computer with at least 1gig of memory (RAM)
2. Web Cam Installed and working
3. Speaker and Microphone Installed and working
4. Webex Client Software Installed and working (automatically installed once you join the class)
6. DSL or Cable Internet with at least 384kbps connection speed. The higher the internet speed the better.

may schedule po sa sa may june 4-9? interested po kasi kaming mag enroll..tnx!

@ jin

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule sa June 4. please keep posted on our website. Thank you

ilan po maximum student ang pwede nyong i accommodate per session?

Can i ask if my schedule po ng sunday ng may after ng may 20??? i need to know ASAP. para po makapag pareserve. Only for Espana Branch. Thank you.

thx for the info...ahmm..ok lang ba kumuha ng trainings nyo kahit under grad ng IT?

@ deee

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule after ng May 20. Please wait for the update. Thank You

@ nice

Maximum of 10 participants. Thank You

@ jin

Yes, you can enroll this course kahit na undergrad lang po kayo ng IT. Thank You

NO certificate exist with this number (HPG1XXUJ)

NO certificate exist with this number (A5DY012X)

maam..p'check po..
bkit ganyan? wla po sa record yung cert. ko?
n'double check ko na po yung letters and number still wla parin..p'check po..
sayang binayad ko..kung hindi sya nka' database nyo..
p'ayos naman po.. this the schedule for the rest of the year? Interested po ako mag training kaso nag iipon pa po ako ng pang bayad sa training fee...maybe July or August meron na po akong pera. Thanks.

meron na po ako basic knowlegde computer hardware and software,puede na po ako umattend sa training course na yan?if ever po na makatapos ko yung course with certificate,anu po ba ang future career dito?pls.reply

sa reservation po,if ever na madisolve o macancel ang skedul ng course?marerefund pa po ang reservation fee?

tuloy po ang schedule sa april 30 kahit 2 or 3 participant lang?

@ Marvin

No sir, continues po yung schedule namin dito. please keep posted on our website for the update. Thank You

@ marlon

Yes, matutuloy po ang training kung tatlo po yung participants. Thank You

@ jon

Yes, pwede nyo pong i take ang training na ito. then after completing this course with certificate pwede na po kayong mag-apply as system associate or system administrator. Thank you.

Ano pong exam ang pwedeng kunin after this training? Pwede rin ba itong prequesite for 70-640 and 70-642? Thanks po.

kelan po ako pwedeng pumunta ng office jan sa makati para kunin ung certific8 sa pc trouble shooting nung nov. ung d8 ng training nalimutan ko lang kunin.,, thanks

@ marlon

Yes, available na po, pwede nyong kunin anytime dito sa Makati branch namin. Thank You

Mam/Sir , ongoing pa po ba ung sun course ng pc lan wan and windows 2003 ad ? O close na po ? thanks po

may chance po ba na pwedeng i-merge yung class para sa mga nagpareserve for tomorrow? tig-dalawa po kasi ng nagpareserve for both branches of cnctc parehas na kulang na lang po ng isa, I'm still hoping na matuloy bukas. Hopefully may magpareserve/enroll today and tomorrow na rin. Thanks.

Magkakaron po ba ng saturday classes nito this May?

para sa manila branch po pala yung question ko. thanks!

@ jovit baun

Our enrollment is still open. What schedule po ba ang prefer po nyo? Thanks.

@ ray

Reschedule po ang class today both in España Manila and Buendia Makati. Next schedule will be on May 07 to May 11. Thanks.

@ RA

Every Sunday 9-3pm po ang schedule namin sa España Manila at sa Buendia Makati po ang Saturday 9-3pm schedule.

Mag papareserve na po for may 20 schedule. paano po ba??

@ deee

Please go to this link for reservation
Thank You.

ask ko lang po if tuloy na ung schedule sa may 7 for basic networking? thanks

@ Sheen

Mam wait nyo na lang po final confirmation. Nakareserve na po ba kayo?

nkreserv po ako s may14 s buendia pero mukhang wala png ibang ppreserv pde mgpreserv tom after ko mconfirm sked ko pr mkhabol ako s sked ng may7-11

pag nagpareserve po ba ang ibig sabihin ba nun ay cash basis po?

@ arnold

Okay punta nalang po kayo dito bukas para mag enroll kasi tuloy na po yung schedule ng may 7. Thank you

@ Chino

Wala pong payment ang reservation. saka lang po kayo magbabayad kapag confrim na yung class. Thank You

@ Sheen

Mam tuloy po ang class for PC LAN/WAN bukas May 07 schedule.

nakapareserve na po ako sa sched na may 14-18, how sure po ba na matuloy and sched na yun, yun po kasi pinakapossible na schedule pwede kong salihan.

@ lao

Basta ma meet po natin yung number of three paricipants possible po na matutuloy ang training. wait nyo nalng po ang confirmation namin kung tuloy po sa May 14. Thank You

may chance na mag schedule po kayo sa espana pag sat? or fixed na po yung sun?


@ allen

Okay, we will try to open Saturday schedule at espana manila. please keep posted on our website. Thank you


san po ba sa buendia to para mapuntahan? interesado po kase ako sa sat session may 12 na class, pa email na lng po kung saan at anong oras pde mag enroll, salamat po

do i need na magpasa ng requirement like resume or photocopy ng vaid id? , and before po ba mag start ang training dapat full paid kana?


Tuloy po ba ung saturday may 12 class?? 2 kami na interested mag apply suggested by our company. please let us know if tuloy ung may 12,

immediate response if Highly appreciated.


@ eduard

Our office is located at Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Pwede po kayong mag enroll sa Saturday before 9am. Thanks.

@ allen

No requirements is needed. Upon enrollment you can pay for full payment P6,500 or installment basis downpayment is P3,500. Thank you.

@ tor

Yes tuloy po ang training sa Saturday May 12 at 9am to 3pm in Buendia Makati. Thank you.

inquire lang po, having 3 reservations already, does that mean the sched will push through, how soon we'll be notified po? i reserved for May 14-18 sched, thanks

@ lao

Hihintayin pa po natin ang confirmation ng mga nakareseved pag may 3 na pong nagconfirm, class will start on May 14. Please wait for our notification 3 days before the training. Thank you.

is this the course with certification exam for microsoft? certifate recognized abroad.

ask ko lang po kng after na matapos ko etong training na eto anu naman po kaya ang pakinabang o trabaho na maapplyan sa mga matutunan ko dito?

@ josh

Pagnatapos nyo na po itong course na ito pwde na po kayo magapply sa mga company as system administration or Network Admin. Thank you

tuloy po ba ung sched na May 14?thanks

@ lao

Pwede po ba malaman kung schedule sa buendia makati or sa espana Manila po? Thank You

panu po ba magpareserve?yung po bang nasa reserve list ay nakapagbayad na po ba sila ng cash po ba?

buendia makati sched po

@ josh

Please see this link for course reservation
ung mga nakareserved po na nagconfirmed ay mageenroll before or on the day of the training.

@ lao

Wait nyo na lang po final confirmation namin kung tuloy po sa Monday/May 14 ang PC Netwotrking class sa Buendia Makati. Thanks.

tuloy na po ba ung sched May 14 sa Buendia Makati po

@ lao

Yes, tuloy na po sa Monday May 14/9-3pm yung Pc lan/wan dito sa buendia makati. Thank you

inquire ko lang po san po ba magagamit ung windows server 2003 anu po ung advantage nito?

Good day po! isa po ako sa interesado mag aral about sa IT field e.g. "PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103" currently andito po ako sa ibang bansa at balak ko po sana pag bakasyon ko by JANUARY 2013 ay mag aral sa kurso na to. Concern ko lng po: (1). If ang location ko ay nasa Bacoor Cavite, pwede po ba ako makapag enrol sa Buendia location? (2). ilang days/week/month ang bawat kurso ang bubuohin bago matapos? (3). Ano ang mga requirements if pwede pa ang isang tulad ko makapag enrol?... maraming salamat po Sir/Ma'am sana po mabigyan nyo ng pansin ang email ko na to or mga katanungan kasi po interesado po talaga ako pag uwe ko diyan sa Pinas baksyon po kasi ako ng mga two months.

@ Rolando Del Monte

Good Day! Yes, pwede po kayong mag enroll sa Buendia Makati. Duration po ng training ay 30 hours, 5 meetings po ang training to complete this course. Ang course pre requisite lang po namin kailangan may knowledge po kayo sa PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training. Thank you for your interest Sir. See you soon.

I have reserved a slot for the course PC LAN/WAN Set-up yesterday, and I see that I was the third person who reserved for a slot, I just want to know if the schedule on May 21-25, 2012 will pursue and when should I pay the enrollment fee?

Thank you very much.

tuloy ba ang PC LAN/WAN Set-up ngayong 21-25 sa bendia? thank you..

Good pm poh! pwede poh bang magenroll ng PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103 kahit wala pong PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training?

@ Raymond A. Yu

Yes, tuloy na po sa Monday May 21, to May 25, 2012 yung PC lan/wan sa buendia Makati.pwede po kayo magbayad on the day of the training. Thank You

@ Al-khaser J. Hatalan

Yes, you can enroll this course as long as you have a basic knowledge regarding PC Assembly. Thank You.

paano po mg lagay password sa router

@ erick.real jr

Kailangan nyo pong magenroll sa course na ito para malaman nyo kung paano maglagay ng password sa routers. Thank you

wala po ba kayong sunday class dto sa networking???

@ jeckt

Meron po kaming Sunday schedule for this course on June 03 to July 01,2012/9-3pm at Espana Manila, Thank You

Good Day Ma'am,

Gusto ko po sana mag enroll sa course niyo P/C LAN/WAN SET-UP AND WINDOWS 2003 ....
but the problem is i don't have the knowledge of PC hardware and software trouble shooting and repair.
if you have the software trouble shooting i am willing also to enroll that course.
and slang hours ang training course for PC hardware and software trouble shooting?
so i can balance my time para makapag enroll din for P/C LAN/WAN training course.
i have only 1 month and half to stay in the Philippines. I am currently working abroad.

@ Bhel Murray

Kailangan nyo po munang ienroll ang PC Hardware Software Troubleshooting and Repair. Ang course duration po nito ay 30 hours good for 5 meetings. Thanks.

sa my buendia makati la po bang schedule for sunday class?

@ jeckt

Meron din pong available schedule ng every sunday sa espana Manila. Thank you

saan po banda sa espana,manila ?

@ neil

We're located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila.

san po malapit yung buendia makati?

pagnatapos ko po ang course,anu po ba ang trabaho na puede ko po aplyan po.gusto ko po ksi kumuha ng course na eto.anu po ang maisuggest nyo na puede ko po aplyan?

bka pde po mag request ng sunday class jan sa buendia makati???

@ bong alino

After po ng training na ito pwede po kayo mag-apply as system admin sa mga company. Thank You

@ jeckt

Okay, we will try to open Sunday schedule at buendia Makati. please keep posted. Thank you

@ Jasper Dizon

Malapit lang po kami sa LRT Gil Puyat station, then walking distance na po papunta dito sa Marconi St. after lang po kami ng Imarflex Bldg.. Thank You

Thank you mam/sir for your consideration....

pano mode of payment? cash lang ba? or pwede credit card? thanks.

@ Paulo Fausto

Yes, pwede po ang credit card through paypal online payment. Thank you

how accurate the online training? and how much the cost?

pwede pa bng humabol sa spana manila sunday class yong nag start nung sunday 9-3pm schedul???

@ jeckt

Yes po pwede pa po kayo humabol. Thank You

wala parin po open sa sunday class....

tuloy na tuloy n po ba yung sa buendia this coming saturday?

baka pede mg open this 6/24 sa makati site

@ jeckt

Meron po kaming open for enrollment sa June 24. please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po yung schedule. Thank You

@ willie

Okay, we will try to open June 24 for Buendia Makati. please wait for the update. Thank You

@ Jasper Dizon

Yes, tuloy na po yung class sa buendia makati Bukas June 16/9-3pm. Thank you

may ojt din ba dito sa course na KBO103? im interested. thanks

@ jeff

Unfortunately wala pong OJT dito sa course na ito. Thanks.

pano po ba kinukuha yung KB0103? para makapag enroll po ako ng training for cisco...

Sa mga tapos na mag PC Hardware at PC LAN/WAN. Apply nakayo sa CNCTC para sa TESDA CHS NCII exam. Just pay P450 para maischedule yung exam. We need 4 more examinee para mag pursue exam ng batch namen sa CNCTC. Thanks.

mag oopen ba kau ng class sched ng 9-3 sa buendia makati

@ jaype

magenrol po muna kayo sa course na ito bago nyo kunin yung cisco. ito po kasi ang course prerequisite ng cisco. Thank You

@ marlon

Okay we will try to open 9-3pm schedule for buendia makati. Thank you


@aq si ace
pnta po kayo sa TESDA Taguig.dun po kayo mag- inquire pass po kayo requirements nyo dun.thank you

may i ask when will be the next schedule for this course? KB0103
i didnt enroll sa Pc software and hardware trainings nyo but i have the knowledge can i still pursue this course.
and pede ko b malaman kung pano pumunta sa mga site nyo ,both buendia and españa branch from cubao LRT/MRT station, uyou may email it to me .thanks . God bless!!!

@ vijay alvarez

More upcoming schedules pa po aside sa mga schedule na nakapost ngayon sa site. Yes you can enroll in this course as long as you have already knowledge in PC Troubleshooting. From Cubao sakay ka ng LRT2 baba ka ng Recto Station then sakay ka ng jeep Morayta Gastambide then tawid ka na lang sa overpass beside MC Donalds hanapin mo po ang Doña Amparo Bldg. 2nd flr/ rm. 210. Kung papunta naman sa Makati branch sakay ka ng MRT baba po kayo Taft station then sakay ng LRT1 baba po kayo sa Gil Puyat Station then pwede ng lakarin going to Makati Ave. after lang kami ng Imarflex Bldg. or maliit na tulaty dito sa marconi St. UPY bldg. po kami 2nd flr rm. 208. Pwede din po kayo sakay ng bus LRT Leveriza/Buendia dadaan po mismo sa Marconi St.

di po ba 6K lang kapag cash?

Panu po namin malalaman na TESDA accredited po kayo? thanks.

@ bernie

Hindi po 6, 500 po pag cash. Thank you

Tumaas na tuition fee.. I remember 6k lang yan on the past months.

ask ko po kung ang schedule ng kb0103 (sat. 9-3pm 7/21) magstart na ba eto? balak ko na po kasi mag-enrol kung sure na eto since may 5slot nang nakareserve.

@ jays

Yes, Nagtaas na po kasi kami ng price. thank you

@ joven

Pareserve nalang po kayo ng online sa link na ito para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa July 21 ang training. Thank You

ma'am/sir nakpagpareserve na po ako. ask ko lang po kung tuloy na this coming saturday ang class sched. @ Buendia 9 - 3pm 7/21?

@ joven

Wait nyo na lang po final confirmation namin kung tuloy for this coming Saturday ang training for PC LAN/WAN. Thanks.

please confirm me asap kung tuloy na ang class sched @buendia 9-3pm this saturday. Para po makapg pa enroll na din ako....thanks

@ joven

Reschedule po bay nextweek July 28/9-3pm. Thank you

tuloy na po ngayon saturday ang class sched @buendia 9-3pm saturday ngayon 7/28? pede bang sa saturday na din ako mag-enroll at magbayad before magstart ang class? thanks

@ joven

Yes, tuloy na po ang class sa Saturday July 28, 2012/9-3pm. Thank you

tuloy po ba ung schedule sa sunday sa espana?

@ rai

Possible po na matuloy. please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa Sunday. Thank you

Tanong ko lang po kung pwede mag enroll sa module 2 lang... kasi natake up ko na po ang module one sa aking vocational study..


@ Carlo

Yes pwede po kayong magenroll sa Module 2 lang.

Sir, magkano naman po ang training fee kung module 2 lang?...


@ Carlo

3500 po ang fee. Thank you

sir pwde po ba module 1 lng po how much po

@ jhong

Opo pwde module 1 lang kunin mo. 3500 ang fee.

sir, start na po ba ito sa monday?


Yes start na po ang class ng pc lan/wan bukas ng 9am dito sa españa, manila.

i am interest to have the courses of PC Assembly and LAN/WAN Setup.

Nag-offer ba kayo ng in-house training. Nasa 4-5 pax, Medyo mahirap kc umalis ng bahay dahil maraming bata ang dapat bantayan.
Transportation and food will be provided.
If you can give me a reasonable package it will be highly appreciated.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanks and Regards,
Orlenz Roy
Quezon City - Project 8

@Orlenz Roy

Yes puwede po in-house training.Where is your location po?


Pwede makipag-usap in private.
Please send me the email address or email me at roy[at]petrolsteel[dot]com


@Orlenz Roy


Magbabakasyon po ako March next year, tanong ko lang po sana kung available pa po mga short courses nyo during that time interesado po kasi ako. Thanks.

@ aj

yes Sir, definately there is schedules for next year.

I reserved a slot for the PC LAN/WAN course but i guess quota for enrollees was not reached. i cancelled my reservation for sep 17-21 and reserved for the sep 24-28 sched. Please inform me if this course will push thru or not. Thanks.

Can I enroll in PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Module? without taking its pre-requisite, PC hardware troubleshooting. I already have in dept knowledge of PC trouble shooting from self experience.

@ Gabriel

If you already have knowledge in PC Troubleshooting then you can directly take the course PC LAN/WAN training.Thank you!

@ M. De leon

yes we will inform and confirm u once this course will push thru...

I reserved for the 09-23-2012 (3pm to 9pm) class in Espana. Would the class push through?

@ Mc Gee Acebedo

We will inform you 3 days before the training.Thank you

wala pa bang enrolled sa 10/0712 sched for this course?? makiki sit in sana..


as of now sa buendia lang po may ganyang sched pero ala pa po nakaenroll.thank you.

I want to take the course in this date 10-22-2012, I want to know how can I enroll and pay asap.


kindly do the reservation sir on this schedule.or you can give your name, no. and will do for enroll you can pay on the day of the class starts.thank you.

Marvin F. Tacud, ezick11[at]yahoo[dot]com


kindly give your contact no. as well sir.thankyou.

@ CNCTC I was reading the requirements in the forum section and it says that I need transcript of records, which I do not have! The college that I attended before closed down. I'm british/filipino and I badly want to take this course. I'm currently employed with microsoft here in philippines. I want to eventually take some MCP courses as well. How do I go about this? I really need some help on this.

@ mike

Yes, you can take it atleast you have any background regarding this course. Thank you

could send me an invitation address to my director...The Regional Director, COA Regional Office No. IV, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

sana po matuloy tong scheduled training Sat 9-3pm 11-24-2012 12-22-2012 . PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration - KB0103.

@ anthony

Hello Good Day!Wait for the confirmation of the class sir, we are waiting for the confirmation of the others. Thank you

i have 42 units only in colege 1st yr only , pwd b ako s course nato? aftr dat i wl tke pc lan wan course. im very interested. thank u..

hi, nagtraining ako sa Makati branch nyo last Feb 2012, pwede ba ako mag sit-in this coming monday sa Espana branch? M to F 9-3pm 11-05-2012 to11-09-2012..

@ Jazz

Yes, pwede po kayo mag-sit in sa Espana Manila sa monday kung matuloy po ang training. Thank You

@ louie

Yes, pwede po kayong magenroll sa course na ito. Thank You

kelan po mag kakaroon ng sked ng sat etong kors n toh sa Espana? TIA

kelan po magkakaroon ng sunday schedule course na ito sa buendia branch?

Meron ba kayong schedule sa Espana sa monday na pwede ako mag sit-in?

@ kiel

Okay. we will try to open every Saturday schedule at españa manila. please keep posted. Thank you.

@ Darwin

Okay. we will try to open every Sunday schedule at Buendia Makati. please keep posted. Thank you.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to know if there is a course about mobile repairing or equivalent for that matter or ICT Information and Communication Technology

@ George Santos

Good Morning! The only we have is Computer repair which is PC Troubleshooting. Thank you

How many enrollees are preferred to start/run a class? Thanks!


We need at least 3 participants to start the class.

sana si SIR JOHN ung maging instructor ko d2, un daw ung magaling according to my friend n naging student ni sir john.. sana sulit ang bayad lalo n sa mga instructor :)

Anu po mangyayari pag nagmiss ako ng isang kahit isang araw lang ng training?

@ kuborikikiam

Pwde niyo po itong i seat-in sa other batch. Thank You

Tuloy po ba ung training for lan/wan pc setup bukas Nov19

pano po mag pa reserved d2 sa course n toh? actually sure n ko d2 sa course na toh. sa espana frm dec 3-7

@ jonathan marinas

Hindi po natuloy dito sa España Manila, sa buendia makati lang po ang may nagstart. Thank You.

@ kiel

Okay, please go to this link for online reservation. Thank You

ilan n po ang sure student sa sked na nov 26 - 30 sa Espana?

@ kiel

Sir magiinform plang po kami. Pakihintay po ung text or call namin 3 days before kung confirm na po ung Nov 26 na class. Thanks.

hi, i'll be sitting in tomorrow for the missed class on pc lan/wan taken last week. thank you.

@ Third

Hello, we don't have class tomorrow November 30 is holiday. Give us a call for the schedule of your make up class. Thank you.

Hi Good morning cnctc, ask ko lang if pwedi po ako mg'sit in.. ang dating student ng cnctc..??

Dati po akong student.


is there any branch in cebu area??

@ marjunz

Yes pwede po kayong mag sit in kung dati po kayong student. Thanks.

@ jeff

Unfortunately we don't have branch in Cebu City.

how to apply for a scholarship?

gusto ko po sana ng linux training pero sana po my scholarship po kayo. panu po mgapply for the said scholarship program?

sir, after taking the PC assembly and PC lan/wan courses, eligible na po ba sa Tesda NC II exams?

@ dani

Yes, kasi yan po ang covered ng exam for NC II. Thank You

Hi, kapag natapos po itong course na to pwede na po mag exam para maging MCP? kung pwede na po, magkano po ang bayad sa exam?

@ Mackoy P

Yes, you can take the exam after finishing this course. the exam fee for MCP is USD80. Thank You

Hi, Pwede din po ba dyan na sa center nyo mag exam ng MCP?

hi after ko po mag take nito pwede na akong mag exam ng MCSA ?


@ Mackoy P

Yes, pwede po kayo magpaschedule ng exam dito sa center namin. Thank you


Need na po bang magbayad kung ire-reserve pa lang yung slot? and need po bang magdala ng sariling laptop during class? thank you.

@ kc

Wala pong bayad ang pagpapareserve. Kahit hindi na po kayo magdala ng laptop nyo may mga pc naman po dito na gagamitin.

how long is that course?

@ jmark

It will take five consecutive meetings only. Thank You


When can we get a confirmation from you po if tuloy yung class or not? January 13 po yung class na pina reserve ko. thank you.

@ kc

Okay, Wait mo nalang po confirmation namin haggang bukas kung tuloy po sa jan. 13 yung training. kasi dalawa palang po kayong reserve. Thank You

If ever po, willing akong mag take ng class sa España branch nyo. :) basta matuloy lang. Thanks.

Good afternoon, ako po yung nag pa reserve dun sa CISCO 1-2 kahapon. Pede po ba dito na lang ako mag pa reserve for the same date?

@ kc

Tuloy na po yung training bukas dito sa Buendia Makati. Jan. 13/3-9pm. Thank You

@ Kevin

Yes, pwede po. Thank You

Paconfirm na lang po kung tuloy yung class for Jan 14. Thank you.

@ Kevin

Yes, confirm na po bukas Jan. 14, 2013/9-3pm yung training sa PC LAN/WAN dito sa buendia Makati. Thank You

pwde po b mgenroll sa KB0103 kht alang training sa PC hardware and software troubleshooting?tnx

@ arvin

Yes, pwde po as long as na may knowledge po kayo sa PC Assembly. Thank You

nag offer po kayo ng occomodation if taga malayo un mgtratraining?

sorry *accommodation

Hi, kelan po pwede makuha yung certificate nung kakatapos lang na PC LAN/WAN sa espanya last jan 18? thanks po

@ Macky P

Yes, pwede niyo na po kunin. Thank You

san mo OJT nito? at ano po pinagkaiba nito sa TESDA computer hardware servicing NCII?

@ Marielle Oliva

Wala pong OJT ang course na ito. ang pingkaibahan ng course na ito sa Tesda ay pingsama yung PC assembly at PC Lan/wan. Thank You

Hi, napirmahan na po ba yung certificate ng PC LAN/WAN na nag end last jan 18 under kay sir john rey goh?? pwede na po ba kunin?

@ macky p

Yes, meron na po. pwede niyo na po kinun anytime. Thank You

hello good day , i already reserved for Feb16 to Mar16 Sched of PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administrator .. May I know how many students are require to make this traning possible.


@ Matador R. Benavides

We need at least three participants to start the training. thank you

Good day

Can i take this training PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administrator even i didn't take the PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training..

I hope this is possible coz very interested in this training course and it help me too much..


Matador (Matt) R. Benavides

@ Matador R.Benavides

Yes, you can take this course as long as you have a basic knowledge in PC Assembly. Thank You


@ Matador R. Benavides

Your Welcome!

my nag cmula nbang sunday or saturday class sa buendia regarding sa course na to sir/mam? set in po sana ulit ako sa course na to....

@ jeckt

Wala pa pong nagstart n class dito. Thank You

eto din po ba yung course para magtake ng MCP? Ano po ung code ng exam ng MCP na ite-take after kunin itong course? Ano po passing percentage nyo dito sa MCP?

nag start na po ba ung class sa buendia ng saturday or sunday class? last week or this coming weekends?

ask ko lang what's the next schedule of sunday classes after feb.24-march.24 at espana,manila?

can you please site sample jobs/positions we could apply for after finnishing this course?

thanks and more power

@ lance armstrong

Yes, nagstart na po yung class dito sa buendia Makati nung last Saturday pero yung Sunday hindi pa po. Thank You

@ Echusen

Yes, kailangan may knowledge po kayo sa windows server 2003. ang code po ng exam for MCP is 70-291 at ang passing rate po namin for the exam is 99.9%. Thank You

@ Jay

Ang next schedule po namin is on March 03 to March 31, 2013. pwede po kayong mag apply sa mga company as Network admin.Thank You

Hi, ask lang po kung kyln ang next schedule for sunday classes at Makati?, also pde ba yung PC LAN/WAN module lang kunin?, thanks!!!

@ Alvin

Ang next schedule po namin is on March 10 to April 4, 2013. Thank You

hi ask ko lang kung tuloy ba yung PC LAN/WAN sunday class on march 17-april 14 españa branch? wala po kasi sumasagot ng call pag tinatawagan. thanks. hope for your urgent reply.

@ drew

Yes, po natuloy ngayon yung training March17, 2013. pwede pa po kayo humabol. Thank You

pde po ba pagsabayin ang pc assemby at pc lan/wan na courses?

@ richard

Yes, pwede po, may course po kami na TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII na pinagsama yung dalawang course. Thank You

Hi! ilan araw at oras po ito?

@ Dave

The course duration for this course is 30 hours. good for five consecutive meetings. Thank You

thanks! win 7 na po ba gamit?

@ Dave
Windows XP, 7 and Windows Server 2003 po

thank you CNCTC!

@ Dave

Your welcome.

Sir/Mam tuloy po ba yung training sa April 6 ng PC LAN/WAN in Buendia sure po kasi ako sa training na yan

@ Monching

Yes, tuloy na po sa April 6 yung training. Thank You

tanong ko lang pwede ba humabol kahit nag start na? and pa post naman ng duration ng training na to.

kindly send me details: address


ilan po minimum na students para mag start ang clase?

@ JP

Minimum of three participants to start the training. Thank You

Hi Sir, Tama po ba ung 6500 good for five days n un? I mean overall payment na po ba yun? INtertested kasi akong kumuha after kaya nito mkukuha ko ung gnitong qualification:• Computer Literate with Networking, Programming, LAN, WAN, MPLS, AVAYA, PABX, PC assembly, Desktop Support, Configuration, Administrative Knowledge and System Configuration,• Experienced in LAN and WAN setup and configurations.
• Experienced in IP Telephony (configuration, installation, and testing).
• Can work with minimal supervision.
• Knowledgeable in administrative system and design.
yan kasi ung required sa inaapplyan ko..tnx

Pahabol pa po. may certification b to after this training? tnx

@ Ron

Ang pag-aaralan niyo lang po sa course na ito ay tungkol sa Networking at windows server 2003 active directory Infrastructure Administration, yung iba po ay hindi na kasama. yes, after the training, you will receive certificate of completion. Thank You

may sched na po ba kayo this coming August 2013?

@ damuho

Yes, po magkakaroon kami ng schedule for the month of August. please keep posted for the update. Thank You

SQL tutorial po nagooffer kau?

after mag take nito pwede po ba mag take ng mcp Exam 70-291? covered po ba lahat sa 70-291 sa course na to? at pwede mag take sainyo? magkano po? salamat po!

Good Day!
by monday mag enroll na po ako for this training pwede po mag pa schedule every sat 9am-3pm yung class. kahit last week na po ng april or first week ng May sana lang mapuno agad yung 3 participants.

@ AL

Yes pwede po, or you can make your online reservation first @ Thank You

@ lev

Unfortunately, we don't have a tutorial for SQL. Thank You

available pa po ba ung April 28 schedule na 9:00am to 3:00 pm?

@ Jack Paul Agonia

Yes, available po. you can make your online reservation @ Then we will inform you if the class will push through on April 28. Thank You

Ask ko lang po kung pwede mag enroll pag walk in? thank you po!

Ask ko na din po kung may Pre-assessment test pa bago makapasok po? thank you ulet

@ Steven

No need to take pre assessment test as long as you have knowledge in PC Troubleshooting. Thanks.

@ Steven

Yes pwede po kayo mag enroll basta confirmed po yung class and please make course reservation online @

Thank you.

greetings! ask ko lng po kng my certificate dn ito after ng training? ilang students ba ang kailangan pra sure na ippush ung schedule? pero pg kulang irre-sched? and last pag sure na ung sched saka lng magbbyad? thanks!

pwd po ba credit card?

@ Jake

yes pwde, online ang payment thru paypal.

@ Mia

Opo may certificate po na binibigay after the training. Minimum of 3 participants bago magstart ang class, pag di po nameet ung minimum students ireresked lang po ung training. Pwde po magbayad on or before ng training.

mam sir saan po ba ang location ng building nyo nangperdonal po ako mag tanong sa inyo

@ angelo

Our main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila and our branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank You

ung schedule sa May 5, tuloy po ba un? hindi ba ma move po ng schedule? thanks

@ Jack Paul Agonia

Possible po na matuloy yung schedule. please make your oline reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa May 05, 2013. Thank You

another question, for example na my ma skip ka na isang araw, possible bang mayrong make-up class? nag reserve kc ako sa may 5 kaso sa may 12 kelangan kung umuwi ng province, kaya di ako makaka attend kung magkataon.pano kaya un?

@ Jack Paul Agonia

Sir pwede mong imake up class or magsit in sa next batch.

Thanks a lot!!! :))

may i request to transfer may down payment for training in lan wan setup to cancel ko na lang po muna yung training ko dito sa nalang po ako muna mag training dagdagan ko na lang po yung down ko para ma meet yung down payment sa tumatawag po ako sa phone nyo pero walang sumasagot.


@ Allen

Na transfer ko na po yung course niyo sa Vb.Net programming. wait mo nalang po ang confirmation namin kung tuloy yung training. Thanks

Hi, pano po malalaman kung tuloy ung schedule na nareserve? makaka receive ba ng email?tnx.

@ Jack Paul Agonia

Yes makakareceive kayo ng email, text or tawag po.

tuloy po ba training ng PC LAN WAN sa espana on May 6? Pls let me know... 09397178289 - Roel

tanung ko lang kung tuloy din ba yung training sa buendia sa may 6? salamat

@ RoelRW

Okay, itetext po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa may 6 yung training. Thank You

@ Steven

Mag-iinform palang po kami. or please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy sa May 6. 2013 yung training. Thank You

Pano po ang mode of payment halimbawang nagpareserve na tapos gusto talaga mag seminar? Thanks

@ Ahds

Ang mode of payment po is pwedeng Cash or Installment. Thank You

what if po kung nag take ako ng Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam

pwede po ako mag enroll dito ?

tuloy po ba ang training bukas? thank you po!

Hi CNCTC, i already reserve a schedule for today (PC/LAN), but unfortunately an emergency matter came that i needed to skip the schedule for today. I wish to reserve again a schedule on May 11, this time in Makati. But when i try to reserve the course, the process is not pushing thru. Kindly tell me what to do.. thanks.

@ john erwin

Pag nakapag take kana ng TESDA CHS NCII, no need to enroll in this course. The PC LAN/WAN course is already included in TESDA CHS NCII training. Thank you.

@ steven

Yes, tuloy po ang class bukas sa Buendia Makati at 9am to 3pm. Thanks.

@ Jack Paul Agonia

Hi, no need to make course reservation again. You can manage you reservation in this link

Thank you.

i have now my enrollment fee....but my problem now is i am only a first year college automotive 35 years old now and i dont think i can afford to go for one more school year to have that 72 unit requirements fore computer technician just a janitor by the way...many times i have reserved here but i failed to enroll because i lack financially....but now i have earned tyhe money.....its the 72 unit requirements made me ask you......should i enroll or not?.....please help me....i want to become a technician....thanks

Kailan kayo ulit magkakaroon ng next schedule for sundays?

Kailan next schedule ng PC LAN/WAN Cource na Pang Saturday Thanks Po

do you have a schedule for this class on first week of August? currently, I am on assignment abroad and will be back to Philippines on August if you could please consider me.

@ Stephen

Ang next schedule po namin for Sunday. Thank You


Ang next schedule po namin for Saturday is on May 11,2013. please make your online reservation @ Thank you

@ Krishna Chua

Yes, we will be having a schedule for the month of August. please keep posted for the update. Thank You

@ Stephen

Ang next schedule po namin for Sunday is on May 12, 2013. please make your online reservation @ Thank You

to miss Che,

si jv po ito, ung nag apply for tesda NCII assesment with rj and al. tuloy po ba un bukas or sa friday mam? thank you

Gusto ko po sanang mag training ng may 13-17 2013, ibig po bang sabihin bukas pa din au kahit election(may 13), at pede po bang magenroll sa araw ng training...balak ko po sana sa makati kumuha...tnx

@ ron

There will be no class on May 13 Monday, due to the election day. The training schedule will be May 14 to 17 from 9am to 5pm. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Please make online course reservation @

Thank you.

@ jv

Sir cancelled po ang tesda exam bukas. Mag aadvise na lang po kami ulit kung kailan ang exact date ng Tesda NCII exam. Thanks.

nag pa reserve na po ako para sa 05-20-2013 05-24-2013. ok lang po ba sa mismong start ng class mag bayad? full payment naman. sakop po ba nito ang mcp 70-291 na exam? at pwede mag take sainyo after ng training? how much? tnx po!

wala naman sumasagot sa landline nila.. gusto ko sana mag enroll and mag tanong...

pwede po ba kumuha neto khit d na kumuha nung


PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training

alam ko naman na rin po yun dahil napag aralan nanamen sa academe. pwede po kaya rumekta na dito sa course na to ?

@ markymadz

Please give us a call or email us for your inquiries. Thank you.

pwede po ba kumuha neto khit d na kumuha nung


PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training

alam ko naman na rin po yun dahil napag aralan nanamen sa academe. pwede po kaya rumekta na dito sa course na to ?

@ carl

Yes pwde mo na kunin tong course na to kung alam mo na ung PC Troubleshooting na course prerequisite.

reserved for may 19 sunday class buendia.. waiting for 2 more...

kung sakaling kulang sa minimum number of trainees ang nakapagenroll sa isang class, tuloy pa din ba yung class?

@ Jerome

Reschedule po ang class pag hindi po namin nameet ung 3 students. Thanks.

just two(2) more students for may 19 class in buendia..

Sa mga naka reserve na sa May 20, magbayad na tayo. para masunod yung sched natin.

@cnctc - magbbyad na ako ng ngayon sana, papunta na ko diyan, anong sasabihin ko sa bus driver para ibaba ako dun sa overpass sa tabi ng kfc? (your main office)

bakit di kayo sumasagot ng telepono cnctc?

@ Jerome

Sabihin mo lang po sa bus driver na ibaba po kayo sa morayta overpass. thanks

sir hands on to training po ito dba ?

@ carl

Yes, more on hands on training po ito. Thank you

Sure na ako sa monday. sa monday ako mag bayad sa training day.

akala ko makaka receive ako ng text about the may 19 class.. waiting til yesterday......

@ Don

Tuloy na po sa Tuesday yung training ng PC Lan/wan dito sa Espana Manila. May 21/9-3pm. Thank You

@ markymadz

Reschedule po yung training sa May 26, 2013. inform nalang po namin kayo kung tuloy yung schedule. Thanks

ok. so tuesday hangang sat. ang training sa españa? thanks!

cnctc manila hindi npo ba gumagana mga telephone numbers nyo? gusto ko lng po sana mag inquire regarding po dun sa scheduled TESDA NC II exam namin from May 9 sabi nyo last week of May na.
tuloy pa po ba?

Gud day! Tanong ko lang..d b ang duration ng training is 30 hrs? and from 9am-3pm ang training hours per day? bali 6 hours sa loob ng isang linngo(which is "5 days") 30 hours un...ano po un wala ng breaktym? or if merun 1 hour break...hindi po b dapat hanggang 4 pm ang tapos? salamat po.

@ Don

Hindi po, bale Tuesday to Friday po yung training niyo kasi mag 9-5pm po kayo. Thanks

@ JV

Inform nalang po namin kayo kung kelan po yung exam niyo for NC II. Thanks

bukas po office nyu sa saturday dba po?
balak ko na kc mag bayad for training neto sa 27 na kasi yun.
pero paano po kung d umabot sa tinakdang studyante ang ma enrolled ? pano po yung may refund ba mttngap yung nakapagbayad na or tuloy paden yung training?

san part po ito sa Espanya?

@ Carl

Pwede naman po kayo magbayad on the day of training kung tuloy po sa monday. refund or cancellation of training three days before the start of the training po dapat mag file kayo sa admin.Thanks

@ keichan

Our main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila. Thank you

sige po pa inform nalang po kung tuloy ang training sa monday mam slamat po

@ carl

Okay Sir wait nyo na lang po advise namin kung tuloy po ang class sa Monday. Thanks.

Nkapag-register na po ako for Sunday sched :) thank you po

@ keichan

Okay, wait mo nalang po confirmation namin kung tuloy yung schedule na nireserve niyo. Thank you

Ask ko lang kung pag aaralan din ba dito ung structured cabling? Example mag dedesign kami ng computer shop then mag design/plan kami kung pano mag cable sa work area.

M to F 9-3pm 06-03-2013 06-07-2013 open -- 4

Good evening...tuloy po ba yang schedule class nyo na yan?

Pwedi po bang by monday June 3 na mag enroll?

tapos na po ako sa course na to pero gusto ko pong mag sit in, may fee po ba kung umattend ako ng the whole week as a sit in student?

@ Jet

Reschedule po sir nextweek June 10, 2013. please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po yung training. Thanks

@ Ronald

Wala na pong payment pag sit-in. Thanks

Pwede po bang kuhanin ang course pc lan/wan set-up and window 2003 server active directory infastructure administration kahit di ko pa nakuha yung pre-requisite?

@ fernando

Yes,you can take this course as long as na may knowledge po kayo sa PC Assembly. Thank You

paano mag pa reserve at paano malalaman kung tuloy ang training. kung saturday sched ang kukunin 6/15 - 7/13. ilang sessions po na 9-3pm?plano kong magpunta dyan this saturday for training.

@ fernando

Please go to this link for reservation. tatawagan or itetext po namin kayo sa contact number na ilalagay niyo sa reservation. good for five days po yung training. Thank You

Don't think twice... if you want to solidify your basic knowledge in networking...enroll na!..went through this training and in my surprise most of the students are IT "graduates" . yeah you heard it right graduated, na meron pa nga currently working pa in IT industry ...but still marami pa rin matutunan dito...mismo gling n rin sa knila kahit graduate ka ng IT dito mo plang mggwa ung actual hands iba pang scenario...mas maganda eto muna kunin bago mag"CISCO"...para maganda ang networking fundamentals mo! its worth it. go to the testimonial on this site for other comments.

Ask ko lang po, bakit may sched na 9-5pm tapos meron din 9-3pm? Thanks.

@ randy

Wala po kaming schedule na 9-5pm. Thanks

Tuloy po ba yung schedule Sun 9-3pm 06-30-2013 07-28-2013?

ask lang po kung ok lang po bang ito ang kuning course..undergrad po ng IT..

@ Earl

Yes, tuloy po bukas yung training sa espana manila. Thanks

@ debbie

Yes, pwede po basta may knowledge po kayo sa PC Assembly. Thanks

ask q lang po kung anong bldg. po ninyo d2 sa buendia?

@ benedict rivera

We're located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank You

Good morning.. yung 7k module 1 and 2 n po ba yun o separate modeule pa? 7k module 1 7k module 2? para sa "" pc lan/wan setup and windows 2003 server active directory
infrastructure administration - kb0103 ""at kung magkakaroon pa po ba ng ibang sched kse po kakatangap ko palang sa trabaho at interesado akong mag aral ulit..

@ louie fabellore

Good for two modules na po yung 7k. yes magkakaroon pa po kami ng ibang schedule. please keep posted. Thank You

goodafternoon! pwede naman po siguro direct register sa inyo? yung hindi na po mag online registration?

Hindi po ako makakapasok ng pang-5th class ko sa Sunday due to very important office event... But I'm still willing to complete my training. Paano ko po iyon makukumpleto?

@ mark mangaya

Pwede naman po kayo pumunta sa office para magparegister pero gagawa pa din po kayo ng online reservation. Thanks.

@ keichan

Kung hindi po kayo makakapasok sa last day ng training nyo, magsisit in na lang po kayo sa next batch ng class. Thanks.


@ keichan

Your welcome!

Kailan po ang pinakamalapit na date ng exam nito? Pwede po ba malaman kasi taga Laguna pa po ako


Anong particular exam po ang itatake nyo? Open po ang testing center sa Espana Manila ng Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Thanks.

Gud pm. Pwede pa ba magenroll para sa class this Saturday sa Buendia?

@ Rommel

Yes, pwede po. Thank You

am i allowed to take this course? marunong naman po ako sa pc repair and troubleshooting (basic) due to my past work, though wala akong formal training.

@ Jayson

Yes, pwede niyo po kunin ang course na ito basta may knowledge po kayo sa PC assembly. Thank You

Good eve, sir. May manuals din po ba na available for online training? Live po ba yun or videos? Thank you po. :)

@ jeff

Yes, meron din pong manual para sa online training. Thank You

Sir, pano po makukuha yung certificate of completion and hard copy ng manuals kung online training? Wala po ba kayong training videos? Para pwdeng ireplay after ng scheduled training. Thanks!

hi, i just enrolled on this course. ok lang po ba magbayad ng cash pagpasok ko on august 5? same lang din po ba yung venue ng training sa office? thanks in advance..

@ jayson

Yes po pwdeng magbayad on the day ng training. Inform po namin kyo 3 days before kng tuloy o hindi ung class sa aug 5. Yes po same lang.

@ jeff

Ipapadala po namin ung certificate of completion nyo. Ung manual po maaaccess nyo po un online. Yes po pwde nating irecord ung video pra maireplay nyo.

@ jayson

Ok po inform namin kyo.

kung matapos ko po ba itong training pwede po ba akong mag exam ng MCP 70-291? and parehas po ba ako makakakuha ng certification of completion for this training and kung mapasa ko yung MCP 70-291 exam?? thanks!

I am interested to enroll the PC Lan/Wan Setup and and Windows 2003 Server... Training but I'm not interested to take NC Exam. I know how to repair PC but I don't have a formal training. Am I qualified for this training. Thanks

@ randy

Yes, after finishing this course pwede po kayong magtake ng MCP 70-291. Pag naipasa nyo po ang exam makakuha po kayo ng MCP Certification and makakatanggap din po kayo ng certificate of completion pagkatapos ng training. Thanks.

@ Michael

Yes, you can directly take this training. Thanks.

naka attend na ako dati sa course na to, can I attend again? free?

anu kailangan kong gawin?

I cannot make an online reservation for this course, im an student before of pc hardware, even i fill my student number, it shows errors! Thanks

@ Leo

Can I have your student number please? What course and schedule you are going to take this time. Thank you!

hi good pm.

gusto ko mag enroll sa course na to. pero ayaw ko mag enroll sa PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training
pwede bang skip na lang to???


I have already reserved this course. I want to pay via bank deposit. Where do I need to deposit my payment? Thank you.

@ gel

Yes, pwede po as long as na may knowledge po kayo sa PC assembly. Thank You

@ Micheal Mamuric

You can pay at BDO account name: Computer Networking Career and Training Center. Account Number: 50095609 Thank You

I just paid via BDO bank deposit. Do I need to forward the payment details via email? Tuloy pa po ba yung training? I opted for the August 31 schedule. Thanks.

@ Michael Mamuric

Yes, please send the scanned copy of the deposit slip at cnctcinc[at]yahoo[dot]com
The class will start on August 31/Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Thank you.

Good pm! Tuloy pba to tommorow sa espana branch? Thanks

@ leo

Yes po tuloy perp sa Tuesday po magstart ang class ng PC LAN/WAN sa Espana Manila. Thanks.

Dear CNTC,
Kung makompleto po ba ang mga courses na required para makakakuha ng CHS NC2 EXAM, pwede po ba magtake ng TESDA exam na ito? At since training center po kayo, malamang hindi po dito kukuha ng CHS NC2. Ang tanong ko po, saan po ba at paano po ang proseso para makapagtake ng chs nc2 exam ng tesda. Thanks.

@ Adolfo

After the training for the courses needed we will process your NCII examination schedule and requirements. Thank you!

hi po.. need ko po ba taposin yung 4 courses na yun para makapag exam ng nc2? tnx po..

@ xtechno

Hello, PC Hardware Software Troubleshooting and Repair & PC LAN/WAN course po ang kukunin nyo to take the TESDA CHS NCII. Thank you.

Hi Good day, tuloy n po ba training sa 09/22/2013? buendia branch para sa PC/WAN LAN Windows 2003 admin..
thank you

@ rowell

Possible po na mareschedule sir, kasi kayo palang po yung confirm. Thank You

tanong ko lng ung binibigay nyo b n certificate after mtapus ung training is n re-recognize b cya s ibang company higher institution or abroad?

Happy new year! tuloy po ba yung lan/wan sa jan 6-10? thanks!

HI. Kindly post the updated schedule (those for Sunday class only) for the course PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infra Administration. Thanks

Hi Sir/Mam

I'm a graduate of Information technology and I'm currently working for Microsoft, is the cnctc will provide the materials, like computer? or we need to bring the materials needed for the training?

makapag training o maka in ba ako sa feb 23?

may schedule pala sa march 2 matuloy ba yang klase nakapag inquire na ako wala man lang feedback sa akin

Do we get a certificate just for the training, or do we need to get the exam? Thanks

me chance bang malipat yun nakaenroll ng sat sa sun para ma complete yun required students sa pag start ng class?

hello po hindi po ako nakapagtapos ng highschool gusto ko po sana mag aral ng tesda tungkol po sa computer ang kukunin qng caurse may bayad po ba to paano po mag enroll thanks po.

after the training po bah exam agad?

wat do we need or what is the requirements for applying the training>>

Wala po kayong sunday schedule dito po sa bUendia?

Hi Sir/ Madam,

Good PM.
Ask ko lang po, my certificate po ba once na matapos yung course? I need some certifications kasi at gusto matutunan to before pa ako kumuha ng mas advance like CISCO. Please advice.


plan ko po kasi na magtake ng PC LAN/WAN Setup...(KB0103) na course..required po ba na magtake muna ng PC Hardware and Software troubleshooting or okay lang na dumiretso na ko ng KB0103?yung networking po kasi talaga target ko then kung matapos ko po yung course na yun ipursue ko po for cisco..

Hi po! Pa reserve ako (KBO 103). Buendia training office, may 3-31, 2014 every sat 9-3pm.



do u provide a certificate upon completion?

do u also provide certificate for cisco (entry level) exam?

Hi... I Would Like To Know If I need to take KB0101 before i take this course.

How long does the training last?

I've inquired regarding this course sabi ko willing ako for week end schedules. wala naman feedback. interested sana ako.

Hi, I'm interested to this training but the time schedule is very conflict to my work schedule. there's any chances to having a time more earlier than to 9am to 3pm?

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