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HANDS-ON Transfer of Technology Training

TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) - KB0105



MODULE 1 - KB0101: PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting & Repair w/ OJT


This Hands-On training teaches you everything you need to know to become an expert Technical Support Staff. It covers Basic to Advanced troubleshooting and servicing strategies. You need no further PC Repair training after completing this course. This course is an unselfish transfer of technology from CNCTC Inc through its experienced IT Trainers at a reasonable price. It is a two course training merge into one training.

This course will help you prepare for TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam


Instructor-led, Hands-On training approach.


  • Familiarity with Windows Operating System
  • High Level interest in learning

LIBRARY: Available




Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Common PC errors
  • Types of Personal computers
  • Identifying key parts of a Personal Computer
  • Basic Software components
  • Overview of PC Operations
  • Operating Systems (OS)
  • Disk Operating System (DOS) How DOS works


  • Types of PC case
  • Functions of a CPU Case
  • Front Panel... connectors
  • Removing CPU Case
  • Cleaning the PC case
  • PC Cooling System
  • PC Cooling system maintenance
  • Power Supply
  • Common Power Supply problems

Chapter 3 -   The PROCESSOR 

  • Types of CPU x86, Celeron, Pentium I-IV, Itanium, Duron, Sempron, Athlon CPU speed
  • CPU socket/slot types
  • Comparing different types of CPU
  • How to identify CPUs physically
  • Physical installation of CPU
  • Installing CPU fan
  • CPU Benchmarking
  • CPU Overclocking
  • Upgrading CPU
  • CPU maintenance
  • CPU cleaning procedures
  • Troubleshooting & testing CPU using processor diagnostic test

Chapter 4 - The MOTHERBOARD

  • Types of motherboards
  • Motherboard layout, form factors
  • Motherboard Identification
  • Motherboard components
  • Motherboard BUSSES
  • Configuring motherboard jumper settings
  • Upgrading motherboards
  • Signs of trouble with the motherboard
  • Common motherboard problems
  • Motherboard Maintenance
  • Motherboard Cleaning procedures
  • Troubleshooting and testing motherboards                  

Chapter 5 -   The MEMORY

  • Types of Memory
  • Comparing different types of memory
  • Memory identification
  • Adding and Removing Memory
  • Memory packaging
  • Memory upgrading
  • Memory Maintenance
  • Memory cleaning procedures
  • Determine failed memory devices using memory diagnostics test
  • Troubleshooting RAM errors


  • Types of hard drives
  • Hard drive manufacturers
  • Hard Drive Identification
  • Identifying drive capacity
  • Hard drive controllers
  • IDE/SCSI cables
  • Hard drive configuration (Master/Slave layout)
  • Hard drive installation
  • Upgrading to large Hard-disks
  • Optimizing hard disk performance
  • Hard drive maintenance
  • Hard drives problems troubleshooting and repairing
  • Types of diskettes
  • Floppy drive identification
  • Floppy drive controller
  • Setting drives and cable orientation
  • Replacing a floppy drive
  • Floppy disk and drive Care
  • Floppy drive maintenance
  • Floppy drive cleaning procedures
  • Floppy drive problems and solutions


  • CDROM drive
  • DVD/DVD+R/RW drive
  • CD-R drive
  • CD-RW drive
  • CD/DVD controllers
  • CD/DVD configuration (Master/Slave layout)
  • CD/DVD installation and upgrading
  • Transfer Speed
  • Device Data throughput
  • CDROM maintenance
  • CDROM cleaning procedures
  • Trouble shooting and repairing common
  • CDROM drive problems
  • Troubleshooting External Storage device


  • Keyboards
  • Connecting keyboards
  • Keyboard maintenance
  • Keyboard cleaning procedure
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing common keyboard errors
  • Joysticks
  • Web Cams
  • Connecting a Web Cam
  • Maintenance of a Web Cam
  • Speakers
  • Connecting Speakers
  • Maintenance of speakers
  • Printers
  • Types of printers
  • Installing a printer
  • Diagnosing Printer problems
  • Solving common printer problems
  • Mouse
  • Mouse interfaces (PS2, Serial, USB and wireless)
  • Mouse cleaning procedures
  • Troubleshooting and repairing common mouse problems


  • Expansion Slots
  • Proper insertion of expansion card
  • Replacing and removing expansion card
  • Display /Video or Graphics card
  • Graphics adapter installation
  • Adding ad Removing video card
  • Display card Maintenance
  • Display card cleaning
  • Symptoms of trouble with display adapter
  • Common problems of graphics adapter
  • TV Cards
  • Adding and Removing TV tuner card
  • Sound Cards
  • Adding and Removing Sound card
  • LAN Cards
  • Adding and Removing LAN card
  • Modem
  • Adding and removing Internal modem
  • Adding and removing External modem
  • Scanner

Chapter 10 -   PC PORTS

  • Serial Port
  • Configuring Serial port
  • Symptoms of trouble with serial port
  • Repairing common serial ports problems
  • Adding and replacing serial ports
  • Parallel Port
  • Configuring parallel port
  • Symptoms of trouble with parallel port
  • Repairing common parallel port errors
  • Adding parallel port
  • USB Port
  • Symptoms of trouble with USB port
  • Repairing common USB errors
  • Firewire Port
  • Symptoms of trouble with Firewire port

Chapter 11 -   PC Assembly/Disassembly

  • Safety Concerns
  • Heat Factors
  • Static Electricity
  • Electro Static Discharge (ESD)
  • Radio Frequency Interference
  • AC Power
  • Spikes, Brownouts, Blackouts
  • UPS
  • Common errors occurring after PC Assembly
  • Properly assemble a Personal Computer
  • Properly disassemble a Personal Computer

Chapter 12 -   BIOS/CMOS Management

  • BIOS
  • Function of a BIOS
  • Accessing CMOS Setup
  • Navigating and Changing CMOS values
  • Upgrading the BIOS
  • Troubleshooting system faults using POST
  • BIOS and POST codes
  • Using POST audio and Video error codes
  • Standard IBM POST error codes
  • Determining what POST can not test
  • Upgrading the BIOS

Chapter 13 -   Advance PC HARDWARE Servicing

  • PC Troubleshooting strategy
  • Designing a troubleshooting methodology
  • Establishing where to begin the testing
  • Determining common causes of failures
  • Finding and isolating the board with the problem
  • Utilizing advance diagnostic programs to test for:
  • Solving Interrupt (IRQ) and I/O conflicts


Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Common Windows errors
  • Desktop Operating Systems
  • Network Operating Systems
  • Overview of Windows Operating System
  • Windows Boot Process
  • Windows configuration files
  • Windows core files
  • Windows System Directories

Chapter 2 - DOS Essentials

  • MS-DOS Overview
  • Function of DOS
  • DOS boot process
  • DOS system files
  • DOS interface (CLI)
  • Types of DOS commands
  • Common DOS commands
  • Common DOS errors

Chapter 3 - Windows File Systems

  • FAT (File Allocation Table)
  • Types of File Systems (FAT16, FAT32, VFAT,
  • NTFS4, NTFS5 & HPFS)
  • File System Care
  • Checking the drive for errors
  • Supported File Systems of different versions of Microsoft Windows


  • Hard disk configurations
  • Hard disk partition
  • Primary Partition
  • Extended Partition
  • Logical Drive
  • Volume
  • Preparing a brand new hard drive
  • Partitioning a Hard Drive
  • Formatting a Hard Drive
  • Deleting Hard Disk partitions
  • Hard Disk Diagnostic test
  • Repairing the Master Boot Record
  • Fixing a damaged partition table
  • Repairing Hard Disk with Bad Sectors
  • Low-level Formatting a drive

Chapter 5 - Operating System Installations and upgrades

  • Hardware requirements
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Common errors during installation
  • Installing Windows 98
  • Upgrading Windows 98
  • Installing Windows XP

Chapter 6 - Hardware Device Driver Installation

  • What is a Device driver?
  • Function of a device driver
  • Determining hardware model & manufacturer
  • Where to find Hardware drivers
  • Searching for drivers in the internet
  • Installing device drivers (Video card, LAN card, Modem, printers etc..)
  • Post-install operations

Chapter 7 - Software Installation

  • Software compatibility
  • Hardware requirements
  • Dealing with failed installation
  • Installation methods (Control Panel, Installer)
  • Installing Software (MS-Office, Anti-Virus, Network games programs etc..)
  • Software updates and Service packs
  • Uninstalling Software
  • Dealing with failed uninstallation
  • Manual Removal of installed Software

Chapter 8 -   Virus Management: Detecting and Removing

  • What is a virus?
  • Types of virus
  • Spyware, Adware, malware viruses
  • Preventing Virus infections
  • Protecting Key System files
  • Checking for Macro viruses missed by anti-virus programs
  • Protecting against script based virus.
  • Symptoms of an infected computer                          
  • Deciding what anti-virus program to install
  • Installing Anti-Virus programs
  • Installing Anti-Spyware, Malware and Adware program.
  • Diagnosing, Treating and Removing Virus infections

Chapter 9 - DATA RECOVERY Concept 

  • How disk drives work
  • Understanding Tracks, Sectors, Cylinders and Clusters
  • Master Boot Record
  • Partition table
  • Troubleshooting strategy concepts
  • Running Scandisk to check for disk errors
  • Correcting errors reported by scandisk
  • Causes and symptoms of a corrupted FAT
  • Repairing lost and cross-linked files
  • Surviving Disk Disasters
  • Understanding Disk error messages
  • Creating emergency rescue disk
  • Using Disk repair tools
  • Recovering Files and Directories
  • Recovering erased Files
  • Transferring recovered files to backup disk
  • Editing Disk sectors
  • Reviving non-bootable disk
  • Repairing the Master Boot Record
  • Fixing a damaged partition table
  • Dealing with accidental Reformatting
  • Unformatting a drive
  • Removing Disk Fragmentation
  • Using Backup utility program
  • Fixing common disk problems
  • Solving ?Invalid drive specification

Chapter 10 - Configuring and Troubleshooting WINDOWS

  • General Troubleshooting Methodology
  • What to do when Windows failed to start
  • Windows Plug n Play Architecture
  • Windows boot files
  • Windows Start-up process
  • Troubleshooting Windows Start-up problems
  • Dual booting Windows 98 with Windows XP/2000
  • Creating Emergency Repair Disk (ERD)
  • Solving common Windows errors
  • Windows XP Administrative Tools
  • Computer Management Console (Adding, Editing and deleting partitions)
  • System Tools, Services and applications


  • What is a Registry?
  • Registry entry structure
  • Modifying Registry Entries with Regedit and Regedit32
  • Backing up registry entries
  • Preventing registry backup failures
  • Repairing corrupted Registry files
  • Removing Unwanted Registry entries
  • Solving Registry entry conflicts


  • Disk Cloning Concept
  • Advantages of Disk Cloning
  • Issues to consider before cloning a drive
  • Preparing for Disk Cloning
  • Disk Cloning Software
  • Disk Cloning using GHOST
  • Dealing with accidental or mistakenly cloned drive (Uncloning a drive)
  • Common disk cloning errors
  • Solving Disk Cloning failures

MODULE 2 - KB0103: PC LAN/WAN Setup & Windows 2008 Server Admin (Active Directory)


This HANDS-ON training gives you the knowledge and skills to design, build, configure and implement a Local Area Network/WAN. The training starts from the ground up, from planning to purchasing to designing and to cabling the network and to configuring the network so that it will be up and running. The training does not stop there because it includes Implementing, Configuring and Administering a Windows 2008 Active Directory Infrastructure It teaches you all you need to know to administer a Windows 2003 Network.

This course will help you prepare for TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam


Instructor-led, Hands-On training approach.


PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair Training



Chapter 1: Introduction to Local Area Network

  • Defining a Local Area Network
  • Application of PC Networking
  • Organization-wide computing
  • Workgroup computing
  • Resource sharing
  • Distance Learning
  • FTP and Web Access
  • Differentiating LAN, MAN and WAN
  • Network Standards
  • Network Operating Systems (NOS)
  • Characteristics of a NOS
  • Desktop Operating Systems (Client Operating System)                  

Chapter 2: Understanding Network components for LAN connectivity 

  • Client for Microsoft Networks
  • Network Adapter
  • Network Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks

Chapter 3: Configuring Network components

  • Installing Client for Microsoft Networks
  • Installing Network Adapter
  • Installing and configuring TCP/IP
  • Installing File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft
  • Networks
  • Setting Workgroup names and Computer names
  • Common errors in building a Network
  • Solving Network Connection problems

Chapter 4: TCP/IP & Subnetting

  • TCP/IP Overview
  • Function of TCP/IP in a Network
  • Static and Dynamic IP Addresses
  • Class A, B, C and D
  • Differentiating IP address classes
  • Network ID's and Hosts
  • Choosing Private IP addresses
  • Assigning IP addresses
  • IP Subnetting
  • Subnetting Class A, B & C address
  • Defining Subnet Masks
  • Troubleshooting TCP/IP
  • Using Network utilities (ping, tracert, ipconfig, arp,
  • nbtstat etc..)


  • Overview of the Internet
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Requirements for Internet connection (Modem, Tel.
  • Line, ISP account)
  • Dial-up Internet connection
  • Broadband Internet connection (Cable/DSL)
  • Dial-up Internet connection setup
  • Cable and DSL internet connection setup
  • Common errors in connecting to the Internet
  • Solving common internet connection failures
  • Sharing Internet Connection using a ROUTER
  • Configuring a DSL Router
  • Managing IP address of DSL Router
  • Configuring the embedded DHCP server in the Router
  • Managing advanced features of the Router
  • Sharing Internet Connection using Wingate software
  • Configuring the Wingate server
  • Configuring the Wingate client
  • Testing for internet connection of the network
  • Common Internet sharing problems
  • Solving Internet connection errors


  • LAN Standards
  • Multi-LAN Networks and configuration
  • Backbone Designs
  • High-Speed LAN
  • Defining LAN requirements
  • Determining user needs
  • Network Hardware
  • Network Topology (Star, Bus, Ring and Tree)
  • Cabling the Network
  • Testing the Cable
  • Testing the Network
  • Post Installation operations


MODULE 2.2 - WINDOWS 2003 SERVER ADMINISTRATION (Active Directory Infrastructure)


CHAPTER 1: Configuring Domain Name System (DNS) for Active Directory

Configure zones

  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS), Non-dynamic DNS (NDDNS) and Secure Dynamic DNS (SDDNS);
  • Primary, Secondary, Active Directory Integrated, Stub;
  • forward lookup and reverse lookup zones

Configure DNS server settings

  • Forwarding;
  • root hints;
  • configure zone delegation;
  • disable recursion;
  • server scavenging

Configure zone transfers and replication
  • Configure replication scope (forestDNSzone; domainDNSzone);
  • incremental zone transfers
  • secure zone transfers

CHAPTER 2: Configuring the Active Directory infrastructure

Configure a forest or a domain

  • Remove a domain;
  • perform an unattended installation;
  • Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT);
  • change forest and domain functional levels;
  • interoperability with previous versions of Active Directory;

Configure trusts

  • Forest trust;
  • selective authentication vs. forest-wide authentication;
  • transitive trust; external trust; shortcut trust;

Configure sites

  • Create Active Directory subnets;
  • configure sites infrastructure

Configure Active Directory replication

  • DFSR;
  • one-way replication;
  • Bridgehead server;
  • replication scheduling;

Configure operations masters

  • Seize and transfer;
  • backup operations master;
  • operations master placement;
  • Schema Master;

CHAPTER 3: Configuring Active Directory roles and services

Configure Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service (AD LDS)

  • Migration to AD LDS;
  • configure data within AD LDS;
  • configure an authentication server;
  • Server Core installation

Configure the read-only domain controller (RODC)

  • Replication;
  • Administrator role separation;
  • read-only DNS;
  • credential caching;
  • password replication;
  • read-only SYSVOL;
  • staged install

CHAPTER 4: Creating and maintaining Active Directory objects

Automate creation of Active Directory accounts

  • create computer, user and group accounts (scripts, import, migration);
  • offline domain join

Maintain Active Directory accounts

  • Manage computer accounts;
  • configure group membership;
  • account resets;
  • local vs. domain;
  • Protected Admin;
  • disabling accounts vs. deleting accounts;
  • creating organisational units (OUs);
  • delegation of control;
  • protecting AD objects from deletion;

        Create and apply Group Policy objects (GPOs)
  • setting up Group Policies for Domain/OU
  • Enforce, OU hierarchy, block inheritance and enabling user objects;
  • group policy processing priority;
  • group policy filtering;

Configure GPO templates

  • User rights;
  • ADMX Central Store;
  • administrative templates;
  • security templates;
  • restricted groups;
  • security options;
        Deploy and manage software by using GPOs
  • Publishing to users;
  • assigning software to users;

Configure account policies

  • Domain password policy;
  • account lockout policy;
  • fine-grain password policies

Configure audit policy by using GPOs

  • audit account logon events;
  • audit policy change;
  • audit access privilege use;
  • audit object access;

CHAPTER 5:  Maintaining the Active Directory environment

Configure backup and recovery

  • Using Windows Server Backup;
  • back up files and system state data to media;
  • backup and restore by using removable media;
  • perform an authoritative or non-authoritative restore;
  • Directory Services Recovery Mode (DSRM);
  • backup and restore GPOs;
  • configure AD recycle bin

Perform offline maintenance

  • Offline defragmentation and compaction;

Monitor Active Directory

  • Event viewer subscriptions;
  • data collector sets;
  • real-time monitoring;
  • analysing logs;



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may weekend classes po ba ito or on a regular sched lang pwede?
Nagwowork po kasi ako during weekday.

@ Lito Cordero

Yup may weekend sched. every saturday po ng 9am to 5pm.

Nung nag-enroll ako online, yung nakalagay na babayaran for cash ay P10,500.00 Ito ba yung susundin ko na babayaran ko?

hello Timothy Jan,

eto talaga ung fee nya baka typo error dun sa online enrollment icheck po namen.

ask ko lng po kung kasama na dito ung computer license ng tesda after namin matapos ang course...

hello ryan,

Kelangang maipasa mo muna ung CHS II Assessment exam bago ka bigyan ng tesda license. After ng training ischedule ung exam included na sa training fee ung exam fee for tesda.

good day sir please accept my application in computer repair

Good day,

Is there a Sunday schedule?


hi gud am!ask ko lang po ung tungkol sa alowance namin bakit ang tagal,tsaka ung nc namin.tsaka pwde din bang malaman ung result if sino ung nakapasa

ang tagal na kc non almost 2months na,wala kc sa usapan na tatagal ng gnon,ang savi sa min pagkatapos na assestment di kami makapag lakad ng mga papers namin dahil inaasahan ung pera,pag pinafolow up laging cnasavi walapang tseke bnbgay ang tesda.sana naman paki follow up din ninyo!

@ Rubilyn

Ma'am dun po kayo magfollow sa pinag examan niyo. Thanks.

baka may gusto sa inyo ng Sunday schedule? Kelangan daw kasi 3 students.

may sunday sked po ba nito sa spana?

hello, im interested po dun sa sched 4 feb 22 to 26.. i can apply [email protected] direct dba? or i should apply online?

@ stacey

yes just come to our office for registration.

do i need any requiremepa bnts? ahm kailangan pa bang may ojt? kc im working..

@ Stacey

Xerox copy of your Transcript of records.

ahm, im not a graduate student po eh, 2 years lng ung natapos ko... computer science, under grad po... ok lng kahit ung 2 years na transcript? xerox lng dn meron ako..

@ Stacey

Ok lang yun, atleast may 72 units ka sa college degree mo.

hi, im interested with this course and if ever i finished training to this training, ask ko lang f meron ako mare-receive a certification coming from cnctc?

ask ko narin ung requirements to enroll.

atleast may 72 units ka sa college degree mo.

@ thon

yes meron kang matatanggap na certificate from cnctc after the training.

How to enroll? is it over the internet education?
I want to enroll. How?

magstart po ang class this coming saturday on feb 13 sa buendia makati @ 9am-5pm for nc2 pls enroll one day before the training or on the day of the training


hello Ruben,

no its not over the internet education its a face to face education. You can enroll online or enroll personally at our office


i would like to ask where could i learn avaya pbx..


Inquire lang po. Until when po ung schedule ng Fast Track for KB0105. Im planning to enroll in the 2nd week of May.

THanks and More Power.

@ Mar

Continous po ang training after next batch may susunod ulit na schedule. Thanks

hi.. i would like to ask lng po kng 2loy na ung sched this coming 22-26... thanks...

I am planning to enroll this course for the Feb 22-26 sched. But I need to know kung may ng enroll ng iba for this sched? thanks

@ alex

iinform po namin kayo kung magsstart ang class on feb. 22 atleast minimum of 3 stud para magstart ang class. Saan po nyo prefer magtraining Buendia Makati or España Manila?

@ stacey

hello ask ko lang po mam kung saan nyo prefer magtraining its Buendia Makati or España Manila?

sa buendia po.... may sched na ba na on going... or coplete students na... thanks...

I prefer Espana, pero kung sa buendia ang matutuloy pwede ko rin condiser. thanks

@ alex

kelangan pa po natin ng isa na magcoconfirm para magstart na ang class on feb. 22, iinform po namin kayo.Thanks..

@ stacey

kelangan pa po natin ng isa na magcoconfirm para magstart na ang class on feb. 22, iinform po namin kayo.Thanks..

confirm ko lng po on going na enrollment po noh.. for march 1-5?? pls reply asap

@ stacey

yes ongoing po ang enrollment for march 1-5. NCII pa po buh sa cagayan de oro

please pm me asap ...i need to finish this

courses...please inform niu ako


Hindi ko po alam kung may NCII sa cagaya de oro. Tanong nalang po kayo jan sa lugar niyo. Wala po kaming idea.

is there a free training program of IT

Caroline bacan,

We dont offer free training.

Hello Im ronald,

Pwede ba mag enroll d2 without taking Module 1.. Please advise

Ronald david,

Yes sir you have to take the KB0103 code PC LAN/WAN setup cabling configuration wireless LAN setup, config, TCP/IP and Windows 2003 Server administration (Active Directory. Thanks.

do you accept PGMA scholarship?

please send me an invitation as attachement for my leave. I would like to take the april to may sked. tnx.

@ Danilo jagmis

Ok sir wait for the intation letter.we will send it to your email thanks

Good pm po. Ma'am wala pa po ba schedule for exam ang tesda?

@ Olivia T. Barrientos

As of now mam wala pa po tayong schedule pag meron na inform po namin kayo.

example of computer hadware thesis?

anu po passing rate ng mga kumuha ng course po na ito? sa CHS NCII?


90 percent.

Sir Im Raymond,

Pwede bang mag enroll d2 directly without taking the course KB0101 and KB0103, gusto ko kase itong fast tract hindi na sepaerate course..

Please advise...


@ raymond

ano pong prefer nyong schedule?

nererenew ba chs ncII certification?

pag di po ba nakapasa sa exam uulitin po sa simula? or dun lang sa part na ndi naipasa?

@ gie

uulitin po from the start ang exam.

Im raymond

Sir meron ngayong saturday schedule.... dis coming may

@ Raymond

we're open for enrollment for the next batch, minimum of 3 to start the class.

gud day mam, tanong ko lang po kung pwede na directly kumuha ng KB0105-TESDA computer hardware servcing, kahit intermediate level user lang ng PC - and lastly pwede ba credit card payment? thanks

@ jsd


Try our pay pal over the internet.dun pwede and credit card for payment.

hello po.. ask ko lang po kung pwede pa mg enroll sched po is april 19-23.. ty

hello jhane chavez,

yes maam pde na pong magenroll

open pa po ba ung sched ng April 19-23 sa makati? if yes, papa-reserve po sana ako

Hi! If ready to go na ang April 19-23, pakiinform lang ako. Thanks! Enroll ako ng Satuday pag may dalawa na.


ok sir one slot reserved for you.

sigurado po bang maka pagtrabaho po sa abroad? pag magaling ang performance sa OJT? at saka kaya ba ito ng mga mahirap tulad ko. salamat po!

@ Drew
The OJT is optional only, after the training we will set a schedule for those who are willing to have their OJT.Thank you.

ano pong mga sked sa july po

Gud pm! ask ko lang po kung pede po kumuha ng NC2 hardware servicing exam kahit po 1st college pa lang?

Johannes Gabuat,

Mga first week of july po.

Jan alfred Leccio,

Atleast may 72 units ka in college para matake mo ung CHS NC II course.

Sure na ba classes for May3-7? In terms of enrollees, na reach nyo na ba minimum number of participant?Im interested sa Manila branch nyo mag enroll.Thanks.

gud day, tanong ko lang po kung san pwede kumuha ng exam para sa TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII para mag ka certification agad. thank you....

@ D.Villanueva

open for enrollment pa rin po.

Tanong ko lng kung kelan start next batch of classes nyo. Pareserve ako.

Dear ma'am/sir,
gud day, ask ko lng po if merong evening class para po sa hardware servicing ng baguio?if meron po pa reserve kung kelan po ung enrollment.thank you po

@ Choi

Sir open for enrollment s May 11, M-F sched atleast 3 students to start the training.pls confirm.

@ Freddie Oredina

Sir wla taung center s baguio.Meron Tau d2 s manila 6-9 schedule

Im planning to enroll for KB0105 at your Manila branch. Is the May3-7 schedule still open?Will it push thru and really start on Monday, May3?

@ D.Villanueva

Sir we will inform you one day before the training if the May 4 sched will push thru on MOnday not May 3 cause declared holiday.


@ Jayson Santos

Yes Sir pde ka mag enroll ng KB105 ang requirements lang naman namin sa stud is may 72 units in college or college grad and sa course na KB105 is a combination of troubleshooting and networking.



CONFIRM @ 09267294912

gud am! ok lng po ba kahit hidi ako grad ng kahit na anong computer course? my comp shop po kc ako. bumabayad pa ako s technician para magpreformat. mtuto po ba ko mgreformat kng mag enroll ako? anong course po dapat ko ienrol para matuto ako mgreformat? ano naman po para matuto ako mag repair ng computer? thanks po! godbless!

@ marc palatino

Pde po kayong kumuha ng course for PC TROUBLESHOOTING.

dear ma'am and sir,nag-take na po ako ng axam sa tesda .this day may 7,2010-paki enform lang po ako sa my email add.lynnjane_paeste[at]yahoo[dot]com-real name ko po genalyn d.paeste-from agusan del norte -butuan city..thank you po....! add ko -lynnjane_paeste[at]yahoo[dot]com on facebook.

Genalyn D. Paeste,

Ma'am ask po nyo dun sa school na pinagexaman nyo mismo. Thanks.

Ask ko lng po kung pwede me mag enroll kc kht highschool grad. lng ako.. kc super interesao po ako ehh..

pwede ba ako pumunta mismo s training center nyo or cno ba pwede mcontact para sa mga details? kc need ko mgtraining as soon as possible. sayang ibabayad ko sa technician kng magpareformat ako.


Pasensiya na po pero hindi po kasi kami tumatanggap ng high school grad. kailangan po meron kang 72 units in college o college grad ka. Thanks.

Marc palatino,

Opo pwde kayo pumunta dito sa ofis mismo. Eto po contact no. namin 7362032 / 7365196 look for cecil or cheryl.

Is there any fee when we will take the exam in TESDA? If there is, how much?

@ poisonivy

Sir included na ung exam fee for CHS when u take the NCII training.

hi there!
just wanna ask ur office telephone number sa buendia office at sa españa na din..,



I would like to ask if you have office here at Calabarzon.

Best regards,

@ Henry

Sir we don't have office in Calabarzon. We only have in España Manila and Makati branch.

Good day,

I'm planning to start my own Computer Parts and Services business. what training course do you recommend.

awaiting your reply.


@ henry

Sir you can start to take the PC TROUBLESHOOTING course.

How come its twice expensive this kind of training when in fact its almost the same compared to computer technician, please elaborate the difference. Thank you

@ Max Ballena

TESDA CHS II Bootcamp with Exam covers two courses these are:

- KB0101: PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting & Repair w/ OJT


- KB0103: PC LAN/WAN Setup & Windows 2003 Server Admin (Active Directory)


Sir, kailan po ulit ang sched for ESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) - KB0105

nagumpisa na po kasi pala ito kahapon...puwede pa bang humabol next week...may knowledge na po ako sa computer repair...i just wanted to learn more and be TESDA certified.

hello Gener,

Sa monday me magsstrart ng TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) - KB0105 call us @ 7362032 for more info

Hi! Sa June 28 pa ko pwede, kung di makabuo ng tatlo before that date, sa June 28 na lang magsienrol yung mga naghihintay.

may open po n sked after the july 24 na batch...plan to take dis course by august to september

@ lou

Yes may susunod kami na schedule after July 24.Just check our site for upcoming schedules. Thanks.

may slot pa ba sa July 12- July19? if ever na wala na, yung july 19 magkakaron ba ng schedule?

@ alexander euden

Yes may slot pa po sa July 12 at July 19 still open for enrollment. Ang susunod na sched will be July 26.


At saka ilang buwan ung trainings nito, coz isang buwan lng ang vacation ko.


Sir wala po kaming branch sa Cagayan de Oro. Manila and Makati po ang location namin. The course duration is 40 hours. In weekdays sched within 1 wk. tapos na po ang training and sa weekends sched 5 consecutive meetings.

may nakapag enroll na po ba for july 5 or july 12? im waiting po kasi ng schedule na yan sure na po ako kaso nung nagpunta ako jan wala pa daw nag eenroll for that day

@ Alexander Euden

Sir the schedule is still open for enrollment.

i know its open, i just want to know if theres already enrolled trainee at that date? kasi di naman kayo magsisimula kung ako lang mag eenrol diba?

gusto ko malaman kung pwede na magpunta jan para mag enroll baka kasi matagalan pa ko mag antay, thanks

sir my less 5 mnths bah na availble na course jan sa inyo....jejeje it is all abwt compter khit repair or somthing bsta abwt compter lng po sir tnkz

@ alver

Sir duration ng training for PC REPAIR OR PC TROUBLESHOOTING is 30 hours hindi po aabot ng 5months ang training for weekdays sched or weekends schedule.

xan ko po magagamit ung NCII KB0105 kac meron na po ako ng certificate na un..Im a 4th year BSIT na po this time..If gagradate po aq pwd po ba ako kaagad magkaroon ng trabaho?.or if ever di po ako makapagtapos ng 4th year pwede rin po ako magkaroon ng job?tnxs po

Paki inform nyo nalang po ako dito sa Digits ko po.. 09298993897 ..kung ano po ba ang maaaring mangyayari..tnxs po..

@ Alvin Pisalbon

Sir magagamit mo ang NCII certificate mo sa pagaaply ng trabaho just attach it to your resume for your additional qualification.

mam/sir in this training "TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track)" i would like to ask if the routers to be use in the training is a cisco routers or jus smal network routers like dlink or lynkss???

@ mackoiagaznog

Sir dinidiscuss yung router overview lang after mong natake itong course na ito kung gusto po nyo ng pure router kunin po nyo ang Cisco training.

Do you have schedule for November? I like to take this course on November 2010

ibig bang sabihin ung MODULE 2.1: NETWORK TECHNOLOGY, DESIGN/CABLING & WIRELESS LAN SETUP ay puro discussion lang walang hands-on???

@ mackoi

Hands on po yan dyan na ung actual na pag gawa ng cable para sa network or crimping at ung wireless actual din un kung pano iconfigure ung wireless network using linksys devices

@ Edward

yes meron po sched sa november

about exam sa tesda (certification) after the course, may babayaran pa ba? and bout review...?

end ng november pa kasi ako uuwi dyan kaya hope na may available na slot agad... para sa course na to... prereq ba to sa Cisco? kindly revert...

@ joeffry

Sir included na sa tuition fee ang exam for CHS NCII. Wala na pong ibang babayaran pa. Yes prerequisite po ito sa Cisco training.

hi.. question are we going to have a one week sched for this on 08082010 M-F

@ Rosy

Hello. One week po ang training pag ang sched nyo is Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm to complete the 40 hours course duration.

contact no. please


You can call us 736 2032 España Manila, 889- 6042/43, 239-5577 @ Buendia Makati. Thank you.

Do you accept credit card payment?

@ Ronald Villoria

Yes Sir we accept credit card payment just enroll online. Thank you.

napaganda po ng TESDA. training. jan po ako natoto. sa lahat. tnx sa inyong lahat.. and more power....

11k lang lahat po ito kasama ng lahat ng module ng nakalagay sa taas?is this fast track?

@ Mark11

Yes 11k po pag installment basis and fast track po yan.

maganda pala yan...wat do u mean fast track sir?

Sir, I have a TESDA CoC qualified computer technician... need ko pa ba ng NCII?


can i take WINDOWS 2003 SERVER ADMINISTRATION (Active Directory Infrastructure) only...tnx

ilang oras po yung duration ng ojt for this course??..tnx..

me pre-requisite po ba ang course na to?

@ Mark11

Pag sinabi pong fast track na CHS NCII its a combination of PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking course.

@ yatzkie

Need mo pa rin Sir mag take ng NCII kasi the exam package for NCII CHS is very much different compared to COC before. Thank you.

@ jun

Yes pde po.

@ mark gallardo

Wala na pong pre requisite ito. 300 to 500 hours po ang OJT. Thank you.

Sir, yung OJT po ba provided na ninyo or kami po ang maghahanap?

Hi! July 23 pa kami natapos ng NCII dyan sa Espana. Kailan kaya ang exam sa TESDA? Bakit ang tagal? Meron din ba kaming marereceive na certificate of completion para sa natapos naming NCII Fast Track Course?

@ Robert
Sir tumawag po kami sa Assessment ng Tesda wala pa po silang maibigay na specific date kung kelan ang examination at least minimum of 10 po kasi per batch di pa namemeet minimum requirements nila. Yes meron po kayong matatanggap na certificate of completion. Thank you.

mam, wala pa rin po available na schedule for M-F na training?..tnx..

pwede po paki-inform nalang aq through this number 09238595773 if merun na po available na sked for M-F na training..tnx..

Sir/Mam nka graduate na po me ng CHS tpos may NC II certificate.... nid ko lang po mag OJT...san po b pweding mag OJT??

e2 po # ko 09169788313

Sir/Mam nka graduate na po me ng CHS tpos may NC II certificate.... nid ko lang po mag OJT...san po b pweding mag OJT??nid ko na po kc...
e2 po # ko 09169788313 thnx..


May M-F sched po kmi kaso minimum of 3 studs bago magstart ang class. Inform kita kung may ksma ka na.

mark gallardo,

Ok po inform ka nmn.

Sir/Maam my offer b ang Baguio tesda ng course na KBO 101

Sir/maam kailan poh ang exam ng OJT batch ng UB university of Baguio

@ cordero

Sir inquire po kayo sa Tesda na malapit sa inyo. Thanks.

@ james

Sir wala po kaming branch sa Baguio City.

maam nasa abroad po ang uwi is mid of Sept. At gusto ko sana mag aral sa Harware servicing NCII. May schedule po ba kau sa 1st week in month of October?

@ Roldan

Yes Sir may upcoming schedule po kami for the month of October just keep visiting our site. Thank you.

I would like to ask if How long it will take for me to finish the whole Computer Hardware Servicing NCII Course? and How much is the Total Cost if I enroll whole course. thank you

@ Aljohn

The tuition fee for this course is P10,500 in cash and the course duration is 40 hours.

what is requirements include to enroll CHS NCII.

meron po b kau sked ng sunday? tsake makakakuha b me ng certificate khit d me mag exam and ojt? nid me lang xe 2 for putting an internet shop....tsaka f ever pde to folow n lang ung ojt?

@ Kim Ladioray

You should have at least 72 units in college.

@ jessica

Yes magkakaroon po kami ng Sunday sched just keep visiting our site sa ipopost po naming schedule. After finishing the course makakatanggap po kayo ng certificate of completion kahit di mag exam for CHS or mag ojt.

sir/mam my branch poh b kyo s pampanga, mlapit sa arayrt??
how much nmn po tuition ng comp. harware servicing?
tnx poh

@ boh

Wala po kaming branch sa Pampanga. Ang tuition fee po namin for Computer Hardware Servicing is P10,500 in cash.

Sir/maam, meron po ba kaung schedule n halfday lng? afternoon or morning. thnx po!

what's the difference between KB0101 and KB0105?? gusto ko sana kasing mag-enrol sa KB0101 but then parang pareho sya sa KB0105 na course...

Sa ngaun po wala po kaming schedule ng halfday lang.

KB0101 is PC torubleshooting course lang po un unlike sa KB0105 combination of two courses PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking and Windows 2003 Server admin.


do you prepare to have a weekend training sked for this particular cources?


@ niza

Yes Ma'am magkakaroon din po ng weekend class just keep visiting po sa ipopost naming sched. Thanks.

i wanna's the thing i need to know and learn all of these things...i am an IT associate but not truly knowledgeable of all this things...i wanna to know more...

@ jamaica g. rivera

You can enroll online or come to our office personally. Its minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.

Maam Request. Kung pwede po sana saturday class din..

Sa buendia po..

@ tim
Sir as of now wala p po taung available sched ng every saturday..

Sir/Maam ask ko lang po kung matapos ko yung course magkakaron na ba ako nung tesda certificate??

@ xyrus

After finishing the course makakatanggap po kayo ng certificate of completion. To avail the Tesda Certificate you have to take and pass the Assessment exam. Thank you.

Sir/Maam follow up question lang po saan po kukuha ng exam for Tesda Certificate?

sir/maam kailan poh ba ang exam ng mga graduating technician ng UB

@ xyrus

kukuha po kayo sa TESDA testing centers sa manila

kelan po kau mag kakaroon nang saturday class?

@ jome

Sir keep visiting our site for the upcoming schedule every Saturday. Thank you.

Puwede po ako magpareserve sa chs with tesda exam? by october 4 - october 8?

@ michelle..
yes maam pwede po.. magpareserve po keo online.. thx

Good afternoon. We would like to inquire if you have a training regarding the CONFIGURATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING WINDOWS SERVER 2008 TERMINAL SERVICES. If you have, pls send to me the course outline and proposal.

Thank you.

Thina T. Torres
Training Supervisor

BSIT Graduate po aku and i have my Computer hardware NC II..pwde po bng ma convert sa Sub prof eligibity?

Mag-open naman kyo ng every Sunday.. Nagpapalit ako ng sched n may off every Sunday tapos nabago nnman pla ung sched nyo. Mag-eenrol p naman sana ko sa Buendia, Makati with Sunday sched.

Out of all the students you trained, ilan ang percentage ng mga pumasa sa Tesda?

@ kristine
99.9% ang passers nmen ma'am.

After i finished the course KB0101, den later on i decided to take KB0105 because of the networking hnd po b m credit ung first few modules s KB0101 since pareho lng cla?same p din b ung bbyran ko fee s KB0105 (P10,500) kahit n tapos ko n ung KB0101 or is there any discount? bale kc mangya2ri i paid for KB0101 and KB0105... need advise... tnx

@ jhustine03

Sir i iadvised na itake nyo na lang po ang kb0105 nakapaloob na po dun ang troubleshooting and networking na course.

pwede b mgenroll ung pinsan ko n graduate ng 2-yr hrm course s short courses nyo? she wanted to have knowledge about computers kc eh

Wala poh ba Sunday sched sa buendia?

@ jhustine03

Yes pde po syang magenroll in this course. Thanks.

@ jhe

May nagstart po kaming Sunday class nung Oct. 3 at 3pm to 9pm.

sayang... Sir alam nyo na poh ba kung kelan ulit mag oopen ng sunday?

@ jhe012

Pde po kayong humabol kung gusto po ninyo. First week of November na po ang next schedule. Thank you.

malaki b difference ng slow track (kb0101 + kb0103) sa fast track (kb0105) course nyo? mas advisable ba na mg slow track kpag wla computer back ground ang magenroll? mas madali ba matuto kpag slow track since more time sa hands on and modules? thanks!!

pwede po bang magtake ng EXam para MCP kahit hindi na magtraining ng KB0270 instead mageenroll nalang ako ng KB0105 para makapagtake ng exam for MCP and NCII. mas prefer ko kasi magenroll sa KB0105 kasi its a combination of PC troubleshooting & networking. pwede po ba yun? pls advise..

do you have branch here in cebu city? saan?

@ jhustine03

The only diferrence of fast track and slow track is the course duration and the tuition fee. Yes mas advisable pong kunin nyo ang slow track kung wala po kayong computer background. Thanks.

@ carmel

Wala po kaming branch sa Cebu. Thanks.

pwede po bang magtake ng EXam para MCP kahit hindi na magtraining ng KB0270 instead mageenroll nalang ako ng KB0105 para makapagtake ng exam for MCP and NCII. mas prefer ko kasi magenroll sa KB0105 kasi its a combination of PC troubleshooting & networking. pwede po ba yun? pls advise..

anu po ang sched date nyo for KB0105 this November?

Magandang araw po. Itatanong ko lang kung ano po ang mas magandang kuning training KB105 o KB106? Kung sakali bang yung KB105 ang kunin ko makakapasa din kaya ako sa COMPTIA A+ Certification exam?

Makakakuha rin ba ng tesda certificate kahit hindi graduate ng college? Gusto ko sana kuhain yung fast track na course. thanks.

hello maam/sir have a pleasant good day,.
i would like to inquire u to take a exam:
for license of computer technician,.
kailan poh kau magkakaroon gusto ko poh mag-take thanks;
im from las pinas

good day!
just wanna ask if you are the one who will arrange the OJT?, if so, what are the companies you have? Thanks in advance.

@ cynth

yes mam, we have IT companies from makati and manila for OJT's drop by po kayo in our office para malaman p nyo. tnx

Sir, ano po pinagkaiba ng KB101 sa KB105. maliban sa walang networking ang KB101. Idi-discuss din ba ung mga processor na quad core, dual core, etc sa KB105? thanks.

KB0105 is combination of 2 courses PC troubleshooting and PC LAN/WAN, fast track ,40 hours duration.. yes it wil discuss..KB0101 slow track pc troubleshooting itself... thank u

when is the schedule for the next NCII exam of TESDA?


May saturday schedule po ba kayo ng TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) - KB0105? if meron what tym and when po mag start?thank's po...

@ vin

As of now Mon. to Fri. po ang available namin na sched just keep visiting our site sa ipopost po naming schedule. Thank you.

Sir kelan po kayo mag kakaroon ng sunday sched?

Sir sa buendia kelan po mag kakaroon sunday sched?


Siguro po by next month. Pakicheck nlang po website namin kung kailan.

How many months do it will take?? pls. reply to my email.add: chardcadavos[at]ymail[dot]com

@ chad

The course duration is 40 hours. It will takes 5 days or 5 meetings for 8 hours a day class. Thank you.

How we can avail the discount?? and what are the requirements to avail discounts??

Prang maiksi yata ang duration di kya maxadong mabilis...

kailan po matutuloy ang CHS ninyo? nov 8-12 po ba matutuloy na?

is their any saturday or sunday schedule for the traning?

tuloy po ba ung sa espania ngaung nov8?

sana po matuloy na sa nov. 8 yung chs...nakaenrol na kasi ako... baka maglapse na yung scholarship ko....

oo nga sana matuloy na...
@mitch sa buendia kba naka enroll?

@rey....oo sa buendia ako nakaenroll pero I opt kung saan mas available..either españa or buendia ....

@mitch 2 pa lang pla tau sa buendia..from owwa kasi ung sakin kaya need na din magstart ng training

is the class for nov 15 in Buendia still open?

mdami na po ba naka-enroll?

@ rey Isa na lang po ang need sa buendia ...for chs to start ....Sa españa wala pa ba balita?

@ Ven

Mam still open for enrollment ang November 15 schedule natin.You can confirm us if you are interested so that we can settle the schedule to other inquiries.thanks

@ Mitch and Rey

Sir/Mam may isa po rito s blogs n gustong magtake ng CHS kaya lan po Nov 15 pa. We will inform you until tommorow if the training will pursue or not.thanks

@ Kane

We have Sunday schedule in MSkati Branch.Kindly call 889-6042 for the schedule.thanks

Yes, i do want to take the class. Can i just walk-in and enroll or do i have to reserve a slot first?

Are there any requirements that I should bring?


@ ven

Sir please make reservation online para mainform po namin kayo kung magpupush thru ang class or not. You should have atleast 72 units in College. Thank you.

@ ven

You can reserve online for us to inform you if the training will pursue or not.You should submit Transcript of records having at least 72 units in college.If employed a certificate of employment

so tuloy na po ba ung nov15 sked?tnx

I am interested in the program. when are you going to have sundays schedule? I am working and it would be much help not
only to me but i guess to everyone who's working too.

@ Rey

Possible sir basta magconfirm si Miss Ven, ung isang nagbloblogs d2.

@ Jorge

We have schedules in Makati Branch every Sundays/9-5pm. You can call 889-6042 to 43 for the confirmation of the schedule. We only need 3 students to start the training.Thanks



Our Makati Branch is Open for Nov 15-19, 2010/9-5pm from Monday to Friday schedule. Those who are interested, you can confirm @ 09267294912 or call us @ 889-6042 to 43.

Minimum of three students to start the training.
Thank you.

kelan po mag start ung sa sampaloc branch?

I've already reserved a slot online for the Nov. 15 class. Should I head over and enroll now, or do I have to wait for confirmation first?
I'm a Sir. xD


Computer Hardware Servicing NCII will push through on November 15-19, 2010 in Buendia Makati from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Call us at tell nos. 889-6042/43, 239-5577. Thank you.

@ .ven

You can enroll one day before the training. Thank you.

yan 3 na kmi, so tuloy na nga po tlga sa nov15 sa makati

@ rey

Yes tuloy na po ang training on November 15. Thanks.

Punta na lang po ako diyan by monday ....Confirmed na yung nov 15 CHS training ....

@ mitch

Ok Mam punta na lang po kayo on Monday. Thanks.

Do you have a course like Culinary?
Specialty like making a sauce. Thank you.

@ Ana MArie Homecillo

Sorry mam but we don't have.Our trainings is only available for IT Trainings only.

Hello po...Ask ko lang po kung May Schedule na po kayo for December yung every Sunday po sana...working po kasi ako...Thanks and God Bless.


nde ba sobrang ikli ng duration ng kb0105 compare to kb0101 + kb0103.....kasi pag pnagsama mu ung duration ng kb0101 at kb0103=60 hrs compare to kb0105=40 hrs....anu ba pagkaiba nila bukod dyan?

@ Gener Bernardino

yes sir may upcoming schedule po tau for can visit this website for the schedule or call the Makati branch for the Sunday schedule.


@ Onel

Ung Tesda Training ntn sir is focus s PC Troubleshooting and PC networking.Dhil eto ung basis natin for the exam.


alin ba mas mganda kunin....ung kb0101+kb0103 or kb0105 na lng....mas mhaba kc ang time ng kb0101+kb0103 kumpara sa kb0105....?ilan bang exam para maging registered computer technician ka?thank you....

Can I take this course together with ASP Web Programming?

@ Ronnel Sarmiento

Sir khit alin sa dlawa pwedeng kuhanin kc same topic lang naman ang tinuturo. S duration lang magkaiba. Mas mahaba ang KB101 + kb0103 then ung exam separate s tuition. While kb0105 40 hours duartion kasali na ang exam fee.

@ Dre

Yes you can take it both as long as there is no conflict in schedule.

nakalagay dito na Windows 2003 Server pa ang pinagaaralan...hindi ba puwede na upgrade ito sa Windows 2008?...kasi yun na ang gamit sa halos lahat ng and abroad?

Hi..yung fast track niyo po ba may ojt din na ibibigay sa trainees niyo?

@ Jun

Yes meron po Sir.

@ Gener

sir sa TESDA CHS NCII exam ang ginagamit para sa networking part ng exam is Windows XP at windows 2003

Pero kung gusto nyo magupgrade for windows 2008 meron po tayong course for that click this link

admin, wala bang sched ng jan 24 to 29?

@ police

Magkakaroon po ng schedule ng Jan. 24 to 29, 2011 just keep visiting to our site for our upcoming schedules. Thank you.

sir mam nag take po aku ng nc 2 exam chs nad po agad samin agad bngay un results. na hold po ng iskul namin un results ng exam gingipit po kmi ng iskul namin tama po va un?eh sbi po ng representative ng tesda samin po agad mapupunta ung result ng exam nmin.alam ko po nman na nkapasa na ako.pero hndi pa rin nla ibinibgay.tama po bang i hold nla ung result ng exam. hindi po kasi ung usapan nmin bago kmi mag exam.

@ Charlie r Imjada

Sir after nyo po magtake ng exam may binibigay po dapat cla na copy ng result ng exam. Ask nyo po ung Assessment center na pinagexaman po nyo.

maam, meron po ba kayong sun sched next year, para po sa kb0105?

@ sherry

Yes Ma'am magkakaroon din po kami ng Sunday schedule.

please ebook send me deadtimeman[at]gmail[dot]com

Tanong lang, what if you are the only one enrolled? same payment din ba?

will u have a schedule for this course on jan 24 to 29?

therefore after ma take ang kb0105 at matapos ang 40hrs.. Exam na ba agad.. wala na cgurong extra charges un noh? kasi covered na ia nung binayaran na tuition.. right?

@ Mao1919

we need atleast 3 participants to start the training or you have to pay the minimum students for one on one tutorial.

@ black2heaven

Magkakaroon po kami ng schedule ng Jan. 24 to 28 at 9-3pm.

@ mhelzkhie

Yes wala na pong ibang babayaran after the training iischedule po ang inyong exam.

Maam I'm interested to study the "TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) - KB0105" and i want to enroll for the Jan, 24 to Jan 28, 2011. May OJT po ba? at kung mayron, Kayo na po ba ang bahala kung saan?

@ Jonel G. Lambayan

Ok Sir one slot reserved for you. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. After the training iischedule po natin ang OJT.

how much d tuition


@ ramel basbas

The tuition fee is P10,500 in cash. Hindi po kami kami TESDA office. We are private training Center po na registered sa TESDA.

COC n po ba yung ncII exam..

meron din po ba ojt itong Course na to

@ Dakki

Yes COC na po ang NC II because you have to take an assesment before you get the NCII if you pass.

In regards to OJT, you have to take the OJT in this course after the training. It is one of our requirements in taking this course.

Tuloy na po ba ang class na to sa Buendia Makati Feb 7-11? Ilan na ang students?

@ Elmdor

The enrollment is still open. We need at least 3 participants to start the class. Isa pa lang po ang stud na nakareseved online.

San ung OJT nito? free ba un at gano katagal?

I would like to enroll this course... please open on march 14 2011... thnx.....

@ Elmdor

After the training dun po namin iischedule kung saan at kung kelan ang OJT. Minimum of 300 to 500 hours ang OJT and it's just an optional.

@ Vernol

Yes Sir. We will have schedule on March 14 just keep visiting to our site. Thanks!

sir may question lang po ako after i completed this course san po kukuha ng exam sa inyo rin po ba o sa TESDA? may certification din po bang kasamang binibigay ninyo?

ano po ung contak # nyo sa espania mag eenrol sana po ako........

sir!!... 8 hrs po ba yag sched sa espania? pang gav po ba?..nid ko po kaxe ng gav ang sched

@ jerome pagauisan

Call 736-2032/736-5196. Thanks.

@ jerome pagauisan

Yes 8 hours a day po ang pasok sa España Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm.

@ noel

Sir kami po ang mag aassist sa inyo for the Tesda exam. After finishing the course you will received certificate of completion.

any schedule this summer 2011?

sa espania anim ang nakareserve or tatlo nakareserve sa buendia, makati tuloy may matutuloy ba sa february 14-18 thanks

@ Emer

Yes pomatutuloy Buendia, Makati branch natin on Feb. 14/9-5PM


@ Elmarie Rufina

Mam we have upcoming schedules on Summer.Kindly visit our websites for future schedules.


sir ask ko lang regarding sa exam kung yun exam galing po sa inyo diyan CNCTC o galing sa TESDA

sir pahabol lang regarding sa time if the schedule is from 9 to 5 for 5 days di bale eksakto siya for 40 hours paano po yun oras for lunch and meal break? sna po sir medyo dinagdagan po natin yun oras for this course kasi mahaba po yun mga pagaralan baka di po makahabol yun iba suggestion lang po

@ noel

Galing po sa TESDA ung Exam nde po galing sa amen.

Na eextend po ung time in case nde makahabol or nde matapos lahat ung topics

good day po. ofw na magbabakasyon this june may sked po ba kayo from july 4-8, 2011 for KB0105? if meron magpapareserve na po ako. i want my vacation to be productive. tanx po.

hi, interested ako to enroll, however linggo lang ung available sched ko, may upcoming sunday scheds ba kayo. thanks.

@ dennis
Yes sir may upcoming schedule po tayo every sunday class. Just wait for the update. thank you!

@ emz
Yes sir Magkakaroon po tayo ng schedule by july 4-8. minimum of 3 participants to start the training. thank you!

di po ba magkakron ng sked for next week sa espana branch?

@ Liza

Meron taung sched mam on Monday Feb 28 from 9-5pm.Open for enrollment po to.Minimum of three students is confirmed to start the training. Thank you

hello sir,

I would like to confirm if this course fee (11,000) comes with two module (KB0105 and KB0103)?

@ Vernol

The training fee of Php 11,000 comes with two modules the KB0101 and KB0103.

Interested ako sir sa Sunday sched. Meron ba sir 3 to 9 pm?

Only our schedule for Tesda NCII is every Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

wala na po bung requirments na kailangan?

Hi! Im interested on KB0105. sa KB0105 ba di na nid ng ibang course? or pwedeng yan na lang mismo ang preparation for NC II?

@ iry

You should have at least 72 units in college.

@ immortalscythe

Yes, KB0105 ang course for preparation ng NCII Exam.

Sir/maam kasali na po ba sa 10,500 ung examination fee?

@ Rey

Yes, kasama na po sa PHP 10,500 ang exam.

Sir/Maam kailan po bah mag start ang training dito sa cebu? They said that they will contact us but wala pa hanggang ngayon...

good day, pano po pag isa lang enrollee tuloy po ba ang class? ung ojt po ba is kayo na po nghahanap?

@ neri
minimum of three students before mag start ang class. In regards of the OJT yes po kame po ang naghahanap.

any schedule in the 3rd week of april?

When po ba mag start training dito sa Cebu?

@ leo
Sir wala po kameng branch sa cebu. located lang po kame dito sa españa, Manila and Buendia, Makati. Thank you!

mejo hindi po ako msyadong familiar/mgaling s pc troubleshooting at server administration. would you recommend n i-take ko itong course n ito o kunin ko ung KB0101 & KB0103 separately?

mam wala po ba kayo mga actual picture ng mga nagtraining saka yun mga equipment and room na ginagamit


mas maganda kunin nyo separately tong course na to KB0101 & KB0103 kung zero knowledge kayo sa troubleshooting


meron po ipopost namen within this week

pag nagbayad na po ba sa kb105 pwede na pumasok or may kailangan pa kau?

Ung po bang NCII course ninyo ay kasali pong network cabling/set-up ng LAN. Mga ilang Module po ang bumubuo sa NCII course.
OFW po ako kagagaling lang ng Riyadh,i'm planning to enroll this summer. Thanks.....

@ Joel Palisoc

Kailangan nyo po magpasa ng xerox copy ng Transcript of Record nyo. Minimum of 3 studs po bago magstart ang class kung nagiisa palang po ninyo hindi pa po itutuloy ang class.

@ Larry

Yes sir kasama na po ung PC LAN/WAN Setup cabling. Dalawang module po ung course na Tesda CHS NCII. Unang module is PC Assembly Hardware & Software Troubleshooting & Repair and ung second module is PC LAN/WAN Setup cabling, TCP/IP & Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Administration.

may upcoming sched na poh ba kayo? or pag nareach yung 3 students, start na agad yung class. kindly revert back.

@ joeffry
meron po kameng open for enrollment this coming april 4, yes pag nareach ang 3 students for the course magsisimula na po ang class.

Open naman po kyo ng NCTC - TRAINING Course Outline
TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) - KB0105

Every sunday.. pra sming mga nagwowork.
yun lang free time namin eh.

gud day!
ilang hours po ba ang OJT?..
yung manual fee po ba daily yun?..

@ johan
Ang On-the-Job Training po is 300 to 500 hours.Hinde po daily fee ang manual.

thanx 4 the reply!.. 3 studs na po kami naka reserved. .can u follow up the other studs para mag simula na po ngayong april 4...


yes sir inform namen ung isang nakareserve kung magconfirm sya sa reservation nya then we will inform you kung affirmative sya

you have any schedule of this course in davao? Is the course fee are just the same as above?

kindly advise since I am interested.

@Ivy Montejo-Morasa

Unfortunately we do not have branch in davao

gud am!

5 days lang ba ang fast track?..
april 4 - april 8 lang po ba yan?..

itong Kb0105 combination ba to ng KB0101 saka KB0103 with Tesda Exam?


yes 5 days training po ito daily from 9am to 5pm


yes maam combination of KB0101 and KB0103 courses po ito

kailan po ba ang exam sa tesda?..
pagkatapos po ba ng training mag exam na kami agad?..

go signal na po ba yung april 4!..gusto ko na po mag enroll bukas..baka hindi matuloy yung april 4 na sched nyo po..i want to be sure na fixed na yung sched nyo po..

offline po ba yung online chat training inquires nyo unavailable kasi, always busy..

can i study and enroll now or attend the training >>?

Wala poh ba kayong Sunday schedule?

@ johan

After the training hinde po kayo kaagad na makakapag exam iprocess pa po naten lahat ng requirements sa Tesda. April 4 is still a tentative schedule. please give us your contact number. thank you!

@ carriequeen diesta
Yes we are still open for enrollment.

yung ojt ba is a paid or unpaid ojt? or is it us who will pay? kindly revert back.

Do you have the course schedules for the next months of the year?
I'm from Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles and I'm planning to come to the Philippines to take this course.

@ Nilco
Yes we have tentative schedule this coming May 2 to May 6. minimum of 3 students before we start the training. thank you!

sana tuloy na tayo ngayong april 11!..


Hello Everyone!
Confirmed na po schedule sa Monday April 11 9-5pm sa buendia 2loy na 2loy na po!


"TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII", "PC ASSEMBLY, Hardware and Software Troubleshooting/Repair and Data Recovery" AND "PC LAN/WAN SETUP, Cabling,Configuration, Wireless LAN Setup, Config, TCP/IP and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration".. YUNG MAHABA ANG PASENSYA KASI LAGI PO AKO NAGTATANONG ABOUT DUN SA TOPIC.. PLEASE ANSWER SERIOUSLY..



ung best instructor namen will be ung magiging instructor sa lunes April 11 (ngayon pala un) makikilala nyo po mamaya pag nagstart na ung training ng 9am

i'll read it later. tnx.

ask ko lng kung ano ang mga requirements?
ako kc ung transcript ko nasa davao p... what will i do pra mkpg enroll sa inyo...? pls help me

mam ask kolang, tuloy na tuloy napoba ung TESDA CHS NCII training this monday
April 25,2010? Thanks po..



yes 2loy na 2loy na po sa monday 3 na kc nakaenroll

ask ko lang pano po kung ala nkko transcript???


Do you mean dati me transcript ka nawala lng?

Pag wala po kc kayong transcript nde nyo makukuha certificate nyo sa TESDA at nde din kayo makapagexam sa CHS NC2 Exam

meron po ba dito sa Tesda region 8 tacloban city kahalintulad ng ganyan course?

plss. reply po...
maraming salamat.....




@ bernard

Yes meron pong course na inooffer ang TESDA na ganyang course.

Meron pa po bang training sa June or May?May fee po ba?

@ Analou

Yes, may upcoming schedule po kami sa May, July. The tuition fee for this course is P10,500 in cash.

panu po magpunta sa training center nyo sa Espania kung mangagaling po ako ng munoz QC?

Is 10, 500 covers module 1 and 2?

@ jack Cristi
Yes course fee is 10,500, The PC troubleshooting and PC LAN/WAN Networking with exam for TESDA NCII. Thank you!

exam: written o practical?? 70% dpat passing%?? kasama sa 10500 yung fee sa exam??

@ cedrick
Both written and practical po ang examination. Kelangan nyo pong magawa yung task ta pinapagawa, walang particular percent na kelangan.Yes kasama na sa 10500 ang exam.

KB0101 at KB0103 isang exam nalang bato o hiwalay?? edi ang review pag magtatake ng exam sa inyo ndin??

good morning po!meron po kayo sa june na sked?thanks

@ cedrick

Yes, isang exam lang po yan and we can help you for the preparation of the exam.

@ menald

Yes, may upcoming schedule po kami this month of June.

mag kano po tuition PC operation nyo and my course ba sa Tcloban W8ng for your reply

@ del
For the course TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII fees is 10,500. Wala po Kameng branch jan sa tacloban, We are located here at España, Manila and Buendia, Makati. Thank you!

pero my branch kau sa cebu..dn same lang tuition doon....for the course of PC OPERATION..

@ del
Wala din po kaming branch in Cebu.

anong mga requirement na kailangan para makapagtake ng NC-ii exam? transcript? ano pa?

@ mike

TOR with atleast 72 units in College, 2-3 copies of passport size picture with white background and collar shirt.


Pwede po bang pag nagenroll ako next week May 24 sa course na Computer hardware servicing NCII ,eh mga 5500 muna ang i downpayment ko para lang enrolled na then ung balance ibigay ko pag start ng klase. Parang reservation fee at the same time enrollment fee ko na un. Pero ang total amount to pay pa rin is 10500. thanks pls. reply.

@ Larry

Yes, pde po kayong mag enroll sa May 24 but .minimum of 3 participants to start the training.

Hello.. I'm very interested in taking up Computer Hardware Servicing..
Pero parang alangan me na i-take because of the requirements in NCII exam.. So even if take up the Computer Hardware Servicing course i wouldn't be able to take the NCII exam if my units are still lacking, is that correct?

@ Nomer

Yes Sir at least 72 units in College kasi ang kelangan.

mgkakaron ba kayo ng sched na sat and sundays? have work on weekdays eh..

@ Kane

Yes, magkakaroon din po kami ng weekends class.

kelan po ito mapopost?

@ Kane

Sir please wait for the updates of our schedule today. Thank you.

Meron po kyong trainning center dito sa Central Luzon..Tarlac City po location ko. Gusto ko sna ng mgtraining ng short courses n offer nyo.. Thanks po.. More Power!

@ Roderick V. Garidan

Unfortunately, wala po kaming branch sa Central Luzon. We're located only at Espana Manila and Buendia Makati. Thanks.

Do you accept OWWA scholarship?

@ Percival Villanueva

Yes, we accept OWWA scholarship.


kyo po ba mghahanap ng company kung san kmi mag-OOJT?

yes po.

wla po b kaung pang gabi na skedule? 6 to 10pm?

@ joebert fundador

We will try to open night schedule. Please wait for the updates of our schedule. Thanks.

saan po mag eexam sa TESDA na mismo? magkano examination fee?

@ etnarolfdadiv

Sir inquire po kayo sa pinakamalapit na Testing Assessment Center sa inyong lugar. Depende po sa Assessment Center yung fee. Thanks.

am just a high school graduate and is presently working as cellphone technician. I also have some knowledge of computer as I use the computer for downloading. Do I qualify to for the course

@Jayson Cariaga

No you are not qualified for this course. You need to have 72units in college for you to qualify for this course

do you branch in davao city?

do have also school in davao city?

@ audrey

Hi, Audrey. We don't have branch in Davao City.

May kailangan po bang i-present na documents upon enrolment?

ahm meron lng po sana ako i ask.. tpoz n po ako ng computer hardware servicing NCII and i have already a national certtificate from tesda. ano po b ang partticularly n mga job ang pwdi nming mapasokan. at my kaalaman nrin po aq s p.c operattion and adobe photoshop ..?


yes meron po 2x2 picture and Transcript of records


Ang pde nyo pong pasukan na job is Computer Technician, Technical Support Representative, IT HelpDesk Supprt, Call Center Agent

I'm a 2 years course graduate(Vocational @ Access Computer & Tech. School). Am I eligible or do I qualify for this short course - Comp. Hardware Servicing NCII?

@Ronald V.Villar

Yes sir qualified po kayo d2 sa Computer Hardware Servicing NCII course if you are interested make your reservation here

kelan po kau mgkkaroon ng night sched sa NCII?

sana mkaopen kau ng sched ng weekends (sat & sun) for those n ngwowork like me or night sched..

@ aries
Cge po we will open a week ends schedule.

thanks.. Will wait for that..

I have a 1yr course @ Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila (undergraduate), and take 15 months vocational course @ Don Bosco Makati (Industrial Electronics)

Am I qualify for this short course?

pwede pa po ba mag enrol andito ako sa zambo

@ Noel
Sir you need to have atleast 72 units in college to qualify to this course. thank you

@ sherihan abdulajid
Yes mam pwede pa po. minimum of 3 participants to start the training. pareserve na lang po kayo online kung wala pa po kayong reservation.

tuloy na po ba yung sa july 26? nakareserv po kc ako dun. tnx

tuloy na po ba yung sa june 27 po pala? nakareserv po kc ako dun. tnx

@ Victor

Sir inform ka namin till tomorrow kung matutuloy po ang class sa Monday we're still waiting for other confirmation ng mga nakareserved online. Thank you.

Good day!

I am a secondary teacher and am handling PC Hardware Servicing major, just want to have a copy of manual of this course. I want to pay in pay center. What pay center do you have and how much is the charged?

Thank you and more power

@ eva compasivo
Sorry but we only distribute manual for those our students enrolled.Thank you.

mam/sir ask k lng po king orgnal copy ng tor ang d2lhn pag nag enrol

@ renante f. gutierrez

Kahit photo copy na lang po ng OTR ang dalhin nyo.

Sir, plan ko po kc open ng internet shop... pg ntapos ko po b ung PC LAN/WAN course e kaya ko na iset-up ung internet shop?thanks

sir, seeing the chapters of the course, kaya b i-cover ng 30 hrs duration lahat yan? parang kulang yta ung 30hrs: (

sir/ma'am matutuloy pa ba yung 3-9 class?

@ fudot

As of now dalawa pa lang po ang nakareserved kelangan po kasi namin ng minimum of 3 participants para magstart ang class. We will inform you kung matutuloy or reschedule po ang class. Thanks

ok...thanks....please open the same schedule whenever it will be moved. Thanks again. ^_^

@ fudot

Yes, once na hindi po natuloy ang class reschedule lang po.

panu po pla magiging ojt nung mga weekends na kukuha ng sched?

@ arbacud

Available lang po ang OJT ng Monday to Friday.

May schedule po ba kayo ng 3rd week Aug or Sept. Plan ko kasi eh avail yung training program for Tesda Computer Hardware Servicing NCII. Tska po requirements.

Thx po.

Meron ba kayo schedule na PC Hardware Servicing with TESDA NCII Examination? ang schedule is every Tuesday and Thursday fro 9:00AM to 3:00PM or Sunday 9:00AM to 3:00PM

@ Mayo Arcega

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule by 3rd week of August and September. Kelangan meron po kayong at least 72 units in College.

how many hours po ang ojt? hope my weekend sched again for the month of september... not availble p kc nung previous sched..

@ arbacud

Minimum of 300 hours po ang OJT.

ask ko lang po what mas ok KB0105 or KB0106 tnx a lot

tanong ko lang po kung may ilan na naka reserve d2 o kung wala pa talga para sa July 18, 2011?

@ Andre

As of now wala pang nakareserved sa July 18 na schedule.

pde pow b aq mag enroll dto khit wla aq 72 units

Magkakaron po b kyo ng sunday n schedule for this? I am very interested.

@ lhezlter
Pwede po kayong magtake ng training.Ang pwede nyo pong maitake is the slowtrack training, PC Troubleshooting ang PC LAN/WAN Networking which is the same for this course.For this course kasi we need atleast 72 units in college for the NCII Examination.

@ jorge
Yes we will post soon sunday class for TESDA CHS NCII. please wait for the update.

ask ko lang po kung sure na po mag eenrol ung mga 4 naka reserve??? paki remind na lang po ako...

@ Andre

Ok Sir inform na lang po nain kayo pag may 3 nagconfirm. Thanks.

my father and i reserved for july 22-29 M-F class. as i see, tatlo na ang kameng nka reserved.. sure na po kame about this one..

what if the other one back out..
tuloy po ba ito ?

@ aaron gabriel
Yes the class for TESDA CHS NCII is confirmed class on July 25 to 29. There are 4 confirmed students.You can enroll now.

Ask ko lang kung anong mga requirements para mag avail ng training, hindi kasi ako nag college im working and im looking for an training like this.

KB0105 ang gusto ko kunin training, wala akong any college course, pwede po ba akong mag avail

@ ledie & Eidel

Requirements for taking up KB0105 course is atleast you have 72 units in college or college graduate but if you are willing to take course i will advise you to take the slow track training which is KB0101 and KB0103, no requirements needed for this course but you are not qualify also to take the CHS cetification exam after the training. Prerequisite in taking up this two courses is atleast you have basic knowledge regarding Operating System.

pwede po payment sa cnctc office check?

@ greg

Yes, we accept check payment.

pakiinform na lang po me agad kung matutuloy ang computer hardware servicing para sa august 8 na sked.from pampanga pa po kase.thanks.hirs my # 09298252104

@ guest

Yes Sir tuloy po ang class ng Computer Hardware Servicing bukas (Aug. 08-12) sa Buendia Makati. See you tomorrow.

Madam, may I ask if this KB0105 course is equivalent to the 6 mos technician course? Needed kasi ng pamangkin ko ay yung 6 months tesda accredited course.

@ jenny

Hindi po umaabot ng 6 mos. ang training namin for KB0105. This will take 5 days for 40 hours course duration.

Ask ko lang po if may makukuha akong certificate after matapos yung KB0105? balak ko po kasing magenroll this month e.

@ Lennon Bautista

Yes, you will receive certificate of completion after finishing the course.

Exact address please...

@beth lerma,

Espana, Manila Main office:

Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila

Buendia, Makati branch:

Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City


Please post a saturday schedule in Buendia for this course in September. Im really interested!

Ok we will try to post weekends schedule at Buendia, Makati. Please wait for the update of our schedule.Thank you!

Thank you! Please email me xtian2383[at]gmail[dot]com

gudam, after nitong course exam na kgad ng tesda? ganu katagal mkuha cert at tesda cert? about ojt kyo assign ng company?

@ lloyd p. coquilla

Sir iischedule pa po ang exam nyo after the training then pag naipasa mo na ang TESDA exam makukuha mo ang certificate sa TESDA after a week. Yes kami din mag aassign sa inyo for the OJT kung saang company.

Hi sir/ma'am,
Interesado po ako dito, paano po magpareserve? Preferred sched ko Sept 16 - Sept 23.. Thank you

Hi sir/ma'am,
Interesado po ako dito, paano po magpareserve? Preferred sched ko Sept 19 - Sept 23.. Thank you

Hi sir/maiam,

Change po ako ng sched, Sept 12 - Sept 16 nalang po ako.. Buendia branch.. Pareserve na po ako dito sa sched na to.. Paano po ang process? Thank you

hi...i want to take KB105 do I have to take KB101 first? Any recommendation which one to take? thank you

@ Glen Dela Torre,

Paki click po ung link na to pra sa reservation po nyo.. then pakifill apan nlang po.

@ Renato,

Hindi nyo na po kailangan kunin ung KB0101- PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting & Repair kung ang gusto nyong itake is KB0105. Ang KB0105 is a combination of two courses which is KB0101 - PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting & Repair and KB0103 - PC LAN/WAN and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Administration. Diretso na po kyo sa course na to.

Tuloy n po b ung sa Saturday, Sept 3? tatlo n po kmi eh.

@ Jorge,

Yes po tuloy na po ung class mayang 3pm.

Hi Sir/Ma'am,

im Carl and im very much interested sa course na to.. Im planing to put up a business na internet cafe, pag natapos ko po ba ako sa course na to possible po ba na makapag business nako on my own? ayoko kasi mag simulan yung business ko ng mag ha hired pako ng technician everytime na may i rerepair or i to trouble shoot ako sa mga units. thank you po

@ Carl

Yes Sir after mo pong natapos ang training na ito, you can put up your own bussiness. Hindi nyo na po kelangan maghire pa ng technician.

Sir/Madaam, ask lng po ako, my advance Schedule po kayo for Dec maybe 1stweek?gus2 ko kasi mag endrol, kailangan ba talaga magpa reserve?or pwed walk-in lng kaagad tapos,magpa endrol,pls help me how, kc sa mindanao pa kasi me galing,at yan lng angpupuntahon ko sa Manila to endrol in your School..heres my Cel# 09164240769, email add: smooth_0106[at][dot]hope to hear frm u sooner..thnx...

@ melvin Deguit

Meron po kameng tentative schedule M-F,December 5-9, 2011. Magpareserve na lng po kayo online pag naipost na po namen yang schedule para po mainform namen kayo 5 days before the training or kontakin na lang po namen kayo sa contact info po nila.thank you!

Good Day sa lahat pong Staff ng CNCTC Bundia Brch lalo na sa instructor kong guapo na si Sir Ruel,maraming salamt po sa CNCTC sa tatlong course na kinoha ko jan ay gamit na gamit sa work ko kahit hindi ko na tapos ang pang holi ko kasi pa alis na ko pabalik d2 sa saudipero patoloy kolng pag naka owi ako jan ,maraming salamat CNCTC mabuhay po kayo demi h.gongob

Sir/ma'am, ask ko lang paano kung 2 lang kaming mageenrol this coming Sept 19, tuloy parin po ba? Naka sched kasi ako sa monday. Thank you

@ demi

Maraming Salamat din po sa inyo Sir demi. =))

mam sir, gud day po pwede po ba malaman ung sched pang gabi nag wowork po kc ako sa umaga... and gusto ko sana mag enroll sa course na comptr servicing NCII... tnx and more power

@ bryann punay

Sir try po namin mag open ng pang gabi na class. Please keep updating on our website. Thanks.

hindi po ba masyadong mabilis ang discussion for KB0105 if it'll only take 5days for 40hrs course duration.? parang ang dami po kasing topics to be discussed and wat if kung slow learner ung student.. and wat if the stud fails the exam after the training, wat will happen to him next?


para po ba matuloy yung 09-19-2011 na schedule ay min. of 3 ang nakareserve o tuloy na po?

@ Garner Ted

Yes Sir kelangan minimum of 3 po ang nakaenroll.

Hi po may saturday sched pa hu ba kau kc un lang free time ko eh...????kailan tsaka ilang saturdays po length ng classes??? from vgan pa kc aq

@ florelyn

Hello. Sige po try po namin mag open ng Saturday schedule. Please keep visiting for any updates of our schedule. Bale 5 Saturdays po ang length ng training. Thank you.

hi poh im chs nc2 holder poh

mam i suggest po sana na puwede saturday o sunday na lang po yun class para may time po yun student na mapagaralan lahat ng topics para kasing mabilis kung everyday for just only 5 days i'm sure maraming mamimiss yun student lalo na kung slow learner yun student

@ Noel
Cge po try po nameng mag open ng weekends schedule. Kung slow learner po ang student meron pong seperate courses na kagaya nito, PC troubleshooting (KB0101) and PC LAN/WAN set-up (KB09103) Slowtrack training.Thank you!

10k for 5 days am i correct?

@ Jules

No sir, it should be 10,500 for five days. Thank you.

san po ang branch ng tesda ng dagupan city po?
kasi po gusto ko pong mg inquire ehhh?
pakisagot po?

@ jonathan mejia

Please visit nlang po ung website ng tesda

Hi, may class kau for November 28-December 2? ilang enrollees kelangan para mkapag start ng class?

I'm from Dumaguete and punta ako manila November 27-December 5 and nkapagbook na ako ng flight...sana meron class for that week...

and for those interested, pm me lang tohritz[at]gmail[dot]com para mkapagstart ng class

@ Rito
Yes we will post schedule November 28 to December 2,pls wait po for the update.Minimum of 3 participants po bago mag start yung class.

hi, ask ko lang kung real time ba yung status ng enrolled at reserve students per course?


Yes sir real time ung status ng reserved at enrolled students automatically updated once na me reservations or enrollments


Anybody interested for Dec 5-9 schedule?

yun ung available ako and sure eh. :)

is this under tesda?

magkano po kaya magagastos po kung sakali for me to have an idea thanks

its a good offer yeah

@ valenjim domingo

Yes this is under of TESDA Course. The tuition fee is PhP10,500 in cash.

Hi sinu interested saturday schedule? 3pm tau ng class.

Anyone interested for Dec 5-9 Sked? open tau ng class.

Pwedi ba and college level one sim lang natapos ko. I like to attend Computer Harware Servicing NC II

@ Jeofrie

Yes pwede po ninyong makuha ang training for Computer Hardware Servicing kaya lang po you can't take the TESDA NCII examination.

Bakit po ano ba ang need to tke ncII exam?

@ Jeofrie

At least you must have 72 units in College.


Kelan po kau magpopost for Dec 5-9 sked?
Meron na kasi sked for PC hardware and software but I prefer to take this course...Dec 5-9 lang po ung vacant ko.

@ Rito

We will post it by third week of November. Please keep visiting on our website. Thank you.

Hello po, sa course po bang to required na straight one week ang schedule or pwedeng every saturday lang to complete the 40 hour duration? Working po kasi ako and sabay sa oras ng work ko yung classes na weekdays.

@ Hayden

Meron po kaming every saturday schedule on November 12, 2011 to December 10, for enrollment . Thank You.

anung place po nung every sat sked na un.. plan ko kasi mag enrol

@ Jonathan

Sa Espana Manila po. Thank you

And question pa po pala, graduate po ako sa college with a 4-year degree but not computer related (MassComm), am I still qualified for this course?

may cnctc rin po ba sa Davao City

@ Angelie

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Davao City. Located po kami sa Epaña Manila and Buendia Makati. Thanks.

@ Hayden

Yes your qualified to take this course.Thank you

sana may saturday schedule din kayo?

@ Kerima Lynn Gayo

Meron po kaming every saturday schedule sa November 12, 2011 to December 10, for enrollment . Thank You.

May open ba kayo for the month of december,wala pa kasing nakapost sa sked.,magkakaroon ba ng dec 5-10?Hopefully open,im a sure enrollee.

@ jon: u mean dec 5-9? ako din, definitely enrol ako nyan. un lang ung free ako...kailangan nlang natin ng isang enrollee para sure..wat's ur email?

@ jon

Yes meron po kaming Dec. 05-09 na schedule.

panu yung flow ng exam nito???

@ Cedrick

This is a practical or actual exam.

do I need to take an exam prior to undergoing training?

@ Rito
No need, you can undergo training atleast you have a background regarding the pre-requisite of the course.

@rito, okay,hopefully matuloy ang dec5-9,hintay na lang tayo ng isa pang enrolee,pwede naman yatang hilahin student either from espana or makati.para makabuo ng class.

@jon: sure kaba sa dec 5-9? kc im considering taking the nov 21-25 schedule...but dec5-9 is also ok for me...what's ur email?

Sir san mg ka schedule ng sunday class reserved ako agad....

@ Karim Arimao

Meron po kaming open na schedule sa Buendia Makati 3-9pm. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Thank you.

for Nov 21-25 na class, baka pwede e coordinate ung nka reserve sa buendia and espanya na iisang venue nlang para mka confirm ng sked since 3 na kami total. nka reserve na ako sa espana but ok lang din sakin sa buendia...need to know if tuloy kc mag fifile pa ako ng leave sa work...

@ Rito

Okay Sir inform po namin ung isang nakareserved sa Buendia Makati. Inform po namin kayo ulit. Thanks.

ok din saking pag buendia kc mas malapit sa titirhan ko...hihi

@ Rito

Okay Sir basta inform po namin kayo pag may makakasama kana. Thanks.

My leave was approved. I'll be attending the November 21-25 class, any branch will do. I already sent my contact number...C u CNCT. :)

@ Rito

Ok po inform ka namin 5 days before the training if confirm na po ang class.

wala po bang libring skolar na pweding mag aarl po ako


How can I change my reservation to enrolled status?
I have a reservation for Espana Nov 21-25 schedule.

@ Rito

Sir please see this link to manage your course enrollments and reservations

Thank you.

i tried to use that link pero I can't change it from reserved to enrolled

panu renewal nito?? exam ulet??


Nde po pdeng gawing enrolled ung reservation nyo kung wala pa po kayong payment Considered as reserved ung status ng enrollment nyo kung walang pang payment transactions

Hello Pwede po bang bumili lang ng training manual?

my libro po ba kayo about sa programming?pwede po bng bumili at mgkanu yong price ng libro kng mron kayo?.slamat.

@ KenBayuda and Peter S. Sucaldito

Sir mga CNCTC students lang po pwede pong maka avail ng training Manual. Thanks.

Ask ko lang po if pwede certificate nlang babayaran ko, magkano po ba? Actually, Since 2000 pa po ako expose sa ganito na work. Computer Technician po ako ngayon pero gusto ko may certificate galing ng TESDA. thanks...


nde pdeng certificate lng ang bayaran kelangan dumaan ka sa qualification na tinakda ng TESDA kung certificate lng gusto mu punta ka na lng sa recto dami dun gumagawa :)

Good day tanong ko po ulit..if matapos ko po ba itong course..dritso exam agad?
and anung klaseng exam po? actual po ba or written? tnx..

@ znujram

Yes after ng training pwede na po kayong magtake ng exam.

Tanong ko lang po kung ano ang requirements pag mageenroll?

hmmm.. kasama na po ba ang exam sa babayaran namin o bukod pa po un?

sapat nga ba ang 40hrs para mapag aralan lahat un? lalo na ang pc networking tingnin ko need more time para matutunan un...

@ Calvin

No other requirements upon enrolling. just the payment. Thank you.

@ Arjay

Yes sir kasama na po yung payment ng exam nyo. sigurado po na matututo kayo sir sa 40 hours na training nyo kasi more on hands on training po. Thank You.

Good day!!! I'd like to ask if this course KB0105 TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) is a combination of KB0101 and KB013 course only that it is compressed to 40hrs only. I'm interested kc to enrol

@ ernie

Yes this course is a combination of KB0101 at KB0103 bale pinagsama yung dalawang module sa 40 hours only. please make your online reservation @
Thank you.

Tanong ko lang po na kung kailangan ba eh graduate ka ng at least 2 year course para maka enrol dito? or kahit na wala kang idea sa computer parts/trouble shooting eh pede dito?

@ Arjay

pwede po kayo mag-training sir kahit na hindi kayo nakatapos ng 2 yr course. pero mas maganda kung yung PC assembly muna ang kunin nyo kung wala po kayong knowledge sa mga parts ng computer. Thank you

how can i reserve a slot for this course?

how can i reserve a slot for this course?

@ lance kevin sitlani

Please follow this link for the Online course reservation

sir interested ako d2 kaso wla me budget, ipon muna ako, hangang kailan po ba to? Thanks!!!

Sir pwede po kya ako mag take ng exam about task #5 networking and magkano po ang bayad?paki update po ako ! salamat!

@ serge

sir continues po yung schedule namin dito from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Thank you

Hello po! Tanong lang po kung 40hrs talaga ang course duration nito? Does it mean 5 days lang ang macoconsume sa course na ito? Bakit po sabi sa TESDA 356hrs? Thanks!

Sir may sched na po ba ng CHS - NCII assessment exam? nagpasched po kasi ako sa interface nung dec 6 pa po, til now eh wala paraw pong sched. kailangan ko na po kasing magkaroon ng CHS-NCII certificate. ty po God Bless!

Pwede po ba itong i-avail under OWWA Skill-for-Employment Scholarhip Program? Isa po akong OFW na magbabakasyon ngayong last week ng March 2012. Meron n po ba kayong schedule ng April? Balak ko din kasi magpacertify sa CCNA at MCDST.

excuse me sir, what if i lost the paper requirements for nc2???? kailangan po ba palitan or magparegister ulit dun???

aww... tumaas ang enrollment fee pero coffee na.. sir wla b tayo sked ng saturday or sunday my work kc ako every weekdays. thanks!

@ jan
Yes po 40hrs lang ang duration ng class plus ojt na 30 to 500hrs para po mabuo yung 356hrs required po ng TESDA at kaylangan po ninyong magpasa ng photocopy of your Transcript of your Records (TOR) atleast 72units in college.

@ Allan
Yes po pwede ninyong i avail ang Scholarhip Program under OWWA Skill-for-Employment, ipasa lang po ninyo sa amin ang notice of awards po ninyo. Tentative schedule is April 2 to 6, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

@ mikael

Yes po kaylangan po ninyo mag fill-up ng application form at magparegister po ulit.

@ Julius
Unfortunately wala pa pong weekends schedule, pero try po namen mag open.

slamat sir kc mgiinvite din ako ng mga kakilala ko. halos lhat kc kme my trabaho ng weekdays kya sana po mgset kau ng sked ng weekends. ska sir kailangan b tlga my ojt? pwde b wla na?

Good afternoon. Need to clarify lang po yung process. Yung 356hours required OJT ng TESDA, CNCTC po ba mageendorse kung san mag OJT ang trainee? Sa enrollment payment lang ang kelangan at kpag mag OJT na tsaka magpapakita ng TOR tama po ba? Mauna po ba yung OJT ng KB0101 bago tumuloy sa KB0103? Pasenya na po sa haba ng tanong ko. Thanks po. Actually maganda yung package na toh dahil 2 course and discounted na yung fee compare s magkahiwalay na training.

@ Julius

Okay Sir sige po try po namin magopen ng weekends schedule. Optional lamang po ang OJT. Thank you.

@ MonMon

Kami po Sir ang mag eendorsed ng OJT nyo. Tatapusin nyo muna po ang PC Troubleshooting at PC Networking na training then pwede na po kayo mag avail ng OJT. Thank you.

Kelangan na po ba kagad ng TOR bago mag OJT? Graduating kasi yung kapatid ko wla pang TOR. sa month of May pa graduation nya pero ngaun wla na syang klase.

Nirerequire ba ng tesda na kahit nagtake ka ng CHS nc2 course, eh kelangan naka 72 units ka sa college para makapag-exam ka for nc2 certification? From UST Eng'g, less than 72 units earned.

@ Eunice
Hinde pa naman po kaagad kaylangan tapusin na muna nya ang OJT nya after training, pag gusto na po nyang magtake ng NCII examination kaylangan na po namin ang TOR nya.

Clarification lang po, kailangan ba yung OJT muna bago ka makapag exam para sa certification o kahit wala pang OJT pwede n mag-exam? Kasi more than 2 years ako nagtrabaho sa telecoms co as inside plant technician at installer ng DSL lines kasama troubleshooting, kelangan ko pa ba mag OJT? Thanks!

admin. assistant po ako - (ofw) bakasyon ko sa from 1st week of May hanggang 42 days lang vacation leave ko.. sakop ba ng program nyo ang vacation leave ko gusto k kasi mg enrol..

under ba ladderization ang una kng na take was PC Operation II... ito ba ung next step?

salamat ng marami!!

Sir/Mam: Im form batangas, asked ko lang po kung dito sa batangas ay may training o training center na ganito. salamat po.Interesado po talaga akong matuto. salamat po.

@ john kennedy castillo

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch jan sa batangas, were located only at espana manila and Buendia makati. Thank you

wala ba kaung sat & sunday n sched working po kc ako...

Pagkatapos po ba nang 40hrs Training, will the school arrange our TESDA CHS NC II Assessment Examination?... Are we going to have our TESDA assessment right after the training?

@ hi

Sa ngayon po wala pa kaming open for week ends schedule. pero try po namin mag open. please wait for the update. Thank you

@ mamel

Yes after the training iischedule po namin Assessment Exam nyo for TESDA CHS NCII.

Is there any CISCO training facilities here at Davao City? I want to undergo training or any courses offered by CISCO. I hope somebody could help me. Thank you!

@ enca
Unfortunately wala pa po kameng branch diyan sa davao,located lang po kame here at España Manila and Buendia Makati.

Kasama na po ba dito sa Course Fee ang bayad para sa TESDA EXAM? and what are the requirements (Paper Documents) para sa Exam?

@ C31

Yes, kasama na po yung course fee sa exam for TESDA. ang requirements po ay kaylangan magpasa ng photocopy of your Transcript of Records (TOR) atleast 72units in college at 3pcs. passport size of picture white background with collar. Thank you

mag open po ba kayo ng course na yan dis coming april 2012?.. gusto ko sana mag enrol this summer bcoz im currently studying here in batangas now..

kahit week ends lang po.. meron ba? im currently studying 2nd year college, taking Computer Engineering. i want to take advance training..

@ erwin

Yes magoopen po kami ng schedule for this coming April. Please keep posted. Thanks.

ate cecil si edward ito naka ipon na ako ng pera baka next month ipag patuloy ko yung pag aaral ko thanks po

pakilinaw lang po sana, dahil 1 year computer programming lang po natapos ko.

1. compulsory po ba na mag OJT ng 30-500 hours pagkatapos nitong 40 hours training?
2. kung wala akong 72 units, hindi ako pwedeng magtake ng exam?
3. kung halimbawang matapos ko yung 365 hours, pero wala akong 72 units, hindi pa din ba ako pwedeng magtake ng exam?

@ baldo

OJT is just an optional. You must have at least 72 units in College para makapag take ka ng NCII exam. Thanks.

ilan po kasi ang minimum required number of students para mag-push thru ang class?

@ C31

Need po namin ng tatlong (3) nakaenroll para magstart ang class.

kilala ako ni ate cecil ako yung nag down ng 3k na nagkasakit kaya di ko naipagpatuloy baka makaipon na ako tis april ipagpapatuloy ko po pinagaralan ko na course na ito

ano po ang requirements para makaenroll sa nc II

@ junior camama
Requirements needed is photocopy ng inyong Transcript of Records (TOR) and 3 copies of picture passport size white background with collar

Consist po ba ito ng dalawang course nyo?
after po ba ng training meron cert. na galing sa cnctc?

and kayo na rin po ba mg'process, ng application for exam sa tesda?

thank you!

@ znujram

Yes this course is a combination of KB0101 at KB0103 bale pinagsama yung dalawang module sa 40 hours only. Yes, after ng training you will receive certificate of completion and kami narin po nagpro2cess para sa scheduling ng exam nyo for TESDA. Thank you

more on hands on po ba ito? baka po kasi puro lecture lang..m'ubos yung time..kasi mdami topic na e'tatackle..baka mg'kulang yung 5days..

sana while discussing hands'on na agad..

interested po ako by this April na training nyo..

@ znujram

Yes, the training is more on Hands On. Thank you for your interest. See you soon.

ilang days or months po yung training uuwi po kasi aq jan sa pinas sa october 27 1month vacation gusto q po sana magenroll and how much tuition fee..??? and my form po ba nafifill upan..??? if meron poh pwede poh ba makakuha online??? salamat po :))

@ noel

The course duration for this course is 40 hours, 5 days po ang training. Course fee is P11,000 for cash basis. For reservation please go to this link

diba pwedeng magtake nito w/out the tOR..??

I am a first year BS Computer Science student of Bohol Island State university, Calape, Campus. Yesterday, i took the national assessment of Computer Hardware Servicing NC2, the exam was good because I know all what to do and it's just easy because we're very much trained in this course. Thanks to our instructor of Computer Hardware Servicing NC2 Engr. Niña Waustin Joy Bitol and to our assessor Mr. Dennis Estravillo of PTC-Tubigon, Bohol. Thank you.

WALA poh bang mas malapirt sa MARIKINA???? SA MARIKINA POH KASI AQ nkatiRA EHH any idea po???

@ robert

Yes, pwde po kayo magtake ng course na ito kung training lang po, Thank You.

anu po mga requirement gus2 ko po kz ng IT if meron po mgkno po kya yun..meron po kya yun d2 sa tesda taguig..pwede po b pkitxt nlng sa # ko 09477259388

is this course for 1 week? also is it taught in english? I am not fluent in tagalog. Also where is Espana is the training held?

@ Neil
The course duration is good for 1 week and this will also taught in English, We are located at Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila

@ marian liban

The tuition fee for this course is P11,000 in cash. Kelangan may 72 units ka in College or College Graduate ka. Thank you.

sir, ask ko lng po kng meron kyong sched for sat & sun only kc may work po ako...tnx po...

@ Joven
Wala pa pong open schedule for weekends however try po namen magopen please wait for the update na lang po.

Hi..poh..ask ko lng po kng my schedule na kau for May..kc mag'eenrol ako by May after ng contract ko sa work.. thanks...

@ Medz

Yes, meron na po kaming schedule for May 07 to May 11, 2012, open for enrollment. Thank You

Hi, if I enroll online live training? anu ma mi-miss ko compared sa may classroom talaga. Nasa sa visayas kasi ako.Thanks

@ ron

Sir pareho lang po ang training ng Online Training sa Classroom Setting. Thanks.

Thanks for the reply. I'll enroll on june

hi, good day po ..? ask ko lang po kung paano po ako makakarating sa office nyo... ano po yung sasakyan ko .. galing po kasi akong cavite... ahit sa baclaran nyo n lng po simulan... mageenroll n po kasi ako bukas..

@ jonel zaragoza

Okay, from baclaran po sakay kayo ng jeep papuntang buendia makati, ang pinaka land mark nyo po sir is after po kami ng Imarflex Bldg. Thank you

Can I still take the NC2 kahit wala akong TOR?

@ lioma

Isa po sa requirements ang TOR pag magtatake ng NCII exam. Thank you.

Anong mga equipments ang required sa live online training?

@ Fer

System Requirements

To be able to get our Live Online training you need to have the following Computer Hardware and Software requirements:

1. Pentium 4 or Higher computer with at least 1gig of memory (RAM)
2. Web Cam Installed and working
3. Speaker and Microphone Installed and working
4. Webex Client Software Installed and working (automatically installed once you join the class)
6. DSL or Cable Internet with at least 384kbps connection speed. The higher the internet speed the better.

sana po may schedule na sabado at linggo lang :)

@ krisel majam

Hi. We will try to open Saturday and Sunday schedule soon. Please keep posted. Thank you.

tanong ko po sana...yung high school graduate po ba pag nagtake ng course na 'to e magiging eligible to take the NC2 Exam? Salamat po

@ ulazaga

Kailangan po nya ng 72 Units earn in college/TOR para makapagenroll sa course na ito. Thank You

Anu passing percentage nyo dito sa particular training course nato???

Kasama na ba exam fee sa 11k? Kasi course fee lang nakalagay sa bandang taas.

Ask ko lang po kung covered nitong course na toh lahat including PC, Laptop and networking?

@ Cedrick

99.9 po ang passing rate namin dito.

@ Dexter

Yes kasama na po sa tuition fee na P11,000 ang exam fee.

@ Kelvin

Ang covered po ng TESDA CHS NCII course is PC Troubleshooting and PC Networking. Hindi po kasama dito ang Laptop Repair.

Okay thanks sa response. Last queries, confirm ko lang kung parehas yung covered modules ng TESDA CHS NCII at yung prerequisites ng CCNA bootcamp? Kapag parehas lang direcho nako enroll sa cisco after ko magtesda. One more thing, pwede ba to be followed yung TOR? Kasi newly grad lang ako last week so hindi pa na hahand over saken.

@ Dexter

Yes, parehas lang po yung covered ng TESDA CHS NCII sa prerequisite ng CCNA Course. Thank you

magkakaroon ba ng weekend schedule for this course?

@ Jerome

Yes, Magkakaroon po kami ng weekends schedule for this coure. please keep posted. Thank you

how about the OJT if im working?

Wala po bang ibang schedule. like august or any other months? :)

@ mark123812639

Magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of august. Please keep posted. thank you

pwedeng bng to follow yung t.o.r.?? currently studying p kasi, gusto ko lang ng advance learning sa hardware. comscie po course ko.

@ tes

Yes, pwede po. Thank You

very attractive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good day sir. Makakapag exam ba agad ako pag to be followed yung T.O.R. ko? Newly grad po ako kaso by June up to July pa releasing ng T.O.R. samen. May alternative requirement ba sa T.O.R. para makapag exam agad ako? Gusto ko na kasi magstart ASAP.

I hope may sched ng weekend. May work po kc M-F.


@ T.O.R.

Good Day! Yes pwede pong mag exam kaagad then to follow na lang ang TOR.

@ romalyn poe

Madali lang po ang exam. Here's the pointers to Review:

part 1. Occupational and Health Safety Procedures (OHS)
part 2. Teardown/Assembly of System Unit, plus Inventory
part 3. Installation..
Dual Boot.. (win2k & winXP) plus drivers..
part4. File sharing & Print Server..(with cabling)
part5. Interview..(mahirap daw.. sabi nila...)

Good Luck!

@ grace

We will try to open soon for weekends schedule. Thanks.

Okay thanks sa pagsagot. Last question, pano pag yung slow track kinuha ko? Pano payment ko for the NC2 exam ng tesda? Kasi diba separate ang payment ng dalawang modules pag nag slow track. Pasensya na sir kung matanong, kelangan lang masagot queries ko bago mag enroll. Anyway thanks sa response.

@ T.O.R.

Pag slow track training po ang kinuha nyo, magbabayad po kayo ng P450 sa Assessment Testing Center. Thanks.

Hi, ako yung nagpareserve for the 05-21-2012 schedule at Buendia Makati. Kelangan pa po ba ng 2 other participants para magpush through yung class?

@ Hayden

Yes, kailngan pa po natin ng dalawa para matuloy yung training. Thank you.

Sa mga interested po sa course na to.. dalawa na po kaming participants at Buendia Makati from 05-28-2012 to 06-01-2012, sali na po yung ibang interested para matuloy na :)

hi pano mag inquire sa comp.hardware servicing?
may babayaran b?
very interesting

@ henry

Yes, may babayaran po 11,000 in cash. Thank you

tatlo na po yung nakareserve for the 5-28-2012 schedule according sa table above.. so does that mean push through na yung class? Need na namin magbayad? :)

@ Hayden

Sir please wait for our final confirmation kung magstart na po ang class sa May 28. Thanks.

plan ko mag aral ng CISCO, but pre requisite ang KB0101 at KB0103 module. Pag kinuha ko po ba tong KB0105 covered n sya di po ba?

@ Glenn

Yes covered na po dito sa KB0105 ang KB0101 at KB0103 . Thanks.

Thanks , sana matuloy n yung May 28 n sched po.

Kelan po namin malalaman if confirmed na? Sana matuloy na yung sched namin.. if may interested pa enroll na po kayo sa 05-28-2012 to 06-01-2012 Buendia Makati slot :)

@ Hayden

Wait niyo nalang po ang final confirmation namin. kung tuloy po sa May 28 ang training. Thank You

@ Glenn

Okay, please wait for final confirmation if the class will pursue. Thank You

ask ko lng poh kung kelan pwd mag exam sa tesda sa NCII exam poh.. ska magkno ang bayd at saan poh ang location ng exam.. ska kung anoh din poh ang pointers to review.. thanks..

@ Ma. Cecilia Carol Redito

Maginquire po kayo sa pinakamalapit na TESDA assesment center kung kelan ang exam. 450 po ang exam fee.and Here's the pointers to Review:

part 1. Occupational and Health Safety Procedures (OHS)
part 2. Teardown/Assembly of System Unit, plus Inventory
part 3. Installation..
Dual Boot.. (win2k & winXP) plus drivers..
part4. File sharing & Print Server..(with cabling)
part5. Interview..(mahirap daw.. sabi nila...)

Good Luck!

Magbabayad lang ba sa mismong day ng training? 9 am yung class so kelangan mas maaga pumunta para magbayad?

@ al

Pwede rin naman po kayo magbayad ng advance or one day before. at kung gusto nyo naman mgbayad ng on the day of the training pwede rin. Thank You

Don't you have a weekend schedule for this course?


@ Bobet S. Ortua

Okay, we will try to open weekend schedule for this course. please keep posted on our website. Thank you


pwede pa po ba itransfer ung CHS NCII TO CIVIL SERVICE CERTIFICATE?

@ Mar elord

Dati po pwede itransfer ang CHS NCII to Civil Service pero ngayon tinanggal na po kaya hindi na po pwedeng itransfer ang CHS NCII Certificate to Civil Service Certificate. Thanks.

Pareserved po sa june 18 2012,buendia po,notice me kung mgsissimula sa 18 pra mkapnta ako dyan sa office nyo. thanks

@ Junior camama

Okay, please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa June 18. Thank You

wala b a sunday schedule lang sa buendia?

@ cesar

Wala pa po kameng open schedule na Sunday pero we will try to open wait na lang po for the update

Sa mga tapos na mag PC Hardware at PC LAN/WAN. Apply nakayo sa CNCTC para sa TESDA CHS NCII exam. Just pay P450 para maischedule yung exam. We need 4 more examinee para mag pursue exam ng batch namen sa CNCTC. Thanks.

Gusto kong mag enrolled wla po bang sunday?? gusto ko po kasing matutunan yan at mag exam ng NCII.

@ Orbie

Okay, we will try to open Sunday Schedule. please keep posted. Thank You

Yes sa mga interesado kumuha ng TESDA CHS NCII certificate exam, anim pa ko kami na waiting apat na lang na students ang kulang 10 students required kasi para sa isang batch ng examinees. So sa may mga plano sa june 25 at july 2 na sched i push through na natin ito kasi matagal na naman maghihintay bago maka exam uli...Thanks

Sir pakitext nyo na lang po ako kapag may sunday sched na po.. 09089428020 salamat po.

@ Orbie

Okay, inform po namin kayo. Thank you

sir yung tuition po na 11k mula module 1 - module 2.2 napo yun?

@ jm

Yes, kasali na po sa 11,000 yung Module 1 to Module 2. 2.Thank You



As of now wala po kaming schedule ng Monday to Friday/6-9pm.

Sir possible po bang magkaroon ng sched na sun or sat man lang??

@ Orbie

Sir we will try to open Sat/Sun schedule for this course. Please keep visiting our site. Thanks.

@ Orbie

Okay, we will try to open Saturday and Sunday schedule for this course. Please keep posted on our website. Thank you

ask ko lng po mgkano tuition sa tesda psat sa lingayen pangasinan po?

@ jackie

Sorry pero wala po kaming idea kung magkano ang tuition fee sa tesda sa lingayen pangasinan. maginquire nalang po kayo sa pinakamalapit na Tesda center jan sa inyo. Thank you

may certificate po bang makukuha after ng training??? mag eenrol po ako sa july 23...

@ rommel

Yes makakatanggap po kayo ng certificate of completion after finishing the course. Thank you.

pwede po ba magbayad through bank transfer? tapos iemail na lang ang deposit slip.

kapag po ba live online training kailangan pa ng confirmation galing sa inyo?

ilang students ba ang target ninyo para maconfirm ang isang schedule sa buendia?

pag natapos na po itong KB0105 pwede na mag exam ng NCII or meron pa kailangan kunin na training?

@ Rai

Yes, kaialngan po kasi natin ma meet yung minimum of three participants to start the training. Thank you

@ Angel

Yes, pwede na po kayo mgatake ng TESDA NC II exam kung natapos nyo na ang course na ito. Thank you

magkaiba po ba ung kb0105 sa kb0101 at kb0103?? need din ba itake tong kb0105 after ng kb0101 at kb0103??

wala po ba tong ojt?

@ chucky

Same lang po ang KB0105 sa KB0101 at KB0103. Ang KB0105 po ay pinagsamang KB0101 at KB0103. Thanks.

@ kat

Meron pong OJT ang PC Troubleshooting but it's only an optional.

updated ba ang reserved students sa mga tables sa taas? tuloy ba ang sessions for July 16-20?

Ask ko lang, kasama na rin ba dyan ung pagaayos ng PC at pagbuo??

@ Angel

Yes, po updated po yung mga reserved sa taas. open for enrollment parin po yung July 16-20. pareserve nalang po kayo ng online para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po yung schedule. Thank You

@ Orbie

Yes, kasama po yung pag-repair ng PC at pagbuo. Thank You

Sir? wla po bang mag oope na sat or sun sched balak ko na po kasing mag enrol sa July 16.

1. San po ang ojt? Kayo po bang ang mahahanap ng mapapag OJThan? 2. Meron po ba itong fee? 3. Kayo rin po ba ang bahala sa pagprocess ng pagkuha ng NCII? 4. Ano po guarantee ng pagpasa sa NCII sa school nyo?

@ Orbie

Okay, we will try to open Sat. and Sunday schedule for this course. Thank you

@ julius

Yes, kami po ang nagproprovide kung saan kayo pwde mag OJT. wala pong bayad. at kami narin ang bahala magprocess ng exam nyo for NC II. Thank You

mga kailan naman po kau kaya makakapag open ng sat or sun class???dalawa po kaming sure na mag eenroll..

Miss Rose or any CNCTC staff sa Buendia, pwede po malaman status ng schedule ng exam namen? Ilan na po ba ang nakapagparegister for NCII?

Dex galing na ako ng interface nag passby ako sa interface sa recto last week tapos my currently 5 students na sila doon waiting for exam nag wait na lang sila ng 5 more, so since lima tayo pwede na tayo isali doon para ma schedule...tumawag ako kay miss rose to inform her so inform na lang daw nya ana ang office sa espana para ma forward yung application natin. Mam rose pasuyo na lang po follow up para maka scehdule na as per instruction ng frontdesk sa interface kailangan maiforward na yung application namin lima dyan sa cnctc sa interface para masali sa lima nila doon para maschedule na ang NCII exam. Thank you and God Bless po! please call me lang po for updates Vince 09167077425

sir pwede paba mag enroll ? sa espana or buendia sana gustoko para hindi masyado ma layo

@ celski

Yes pwede pa po kayong mag enroll. Enrollment is still open.

Meron po bang mga freebies such as:

-pamphlets/booklets, etc


kasama na po ba sa total payment na P11k yung bayad para sa NC II exam?

@ Angel

Yes, included na po sa 11k yung payment ng exam for NCII. Thank You

sir dba kasma natong
PC hardware and software troubleshooting w/

sir pag pupunta jan sa july 16 papakita nlng ba
yung print na reservation tapos mag babayad nlng? mismo sa july 16?

Possible pa ba magopen ng Sat classes sa Buendia?

@ celski

Yes kasama po sa course na ito ang PC hardware and software troubleshooting w/

@ celski

Yes, may reservation na po ba kayo Online? Wait nyo na lang po final confirmation namin kung tuloy po sa July 16 ang training. Thanks.

@ Rai

Yes we will try to open Saturday schedule at Buendia Makati. Please keep posted. Thank you.

sa 11k na fee lahat ba ng module eh kasama na dyan sa 11k? or module 1 lng

@ charlie

Yes, kasama na po lahat yung module sa 11,000.Thank You

pwede ho ba aku lumipat nlng sa buendia kung wala parin mag enroll sa espana?
kung sa buendia po ako anopo sasabihin ko sa BUS if sa ST peter or Sandigan ako sasakay ..

@ celski

May reservation na po ba kyo ng online? para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po ang training dito sa buendia makati. Thank you

sa espana lang po yung reservation ko...
lilipat konlng sana sa buendia para makapag start na sa 16

sir tuloy naba yung sa buendia sa monday?
walang email saken eh

@ celsk

Yes, tuloy na po yung training bukas July 16/9-5pm dito sa buendia Makati. Thank You

mag oopen din po ba kau ng sat class sa buendia?? lau kasi ng espana sa amin :(

@ Orbie

Okay,we will try to open Saturday schedule for buendia makati. please keep posted. thank you

Gustong gusto ko talaga to halos lahat ng tungkol sa PC ay nan dito na, sana po mag open kayo ng sunday kasi ayun lang yung available time ko talaga.
PLS sana mag open po kayo ng sunday.

sa ngayon naka reserve palang ako sa kb0101, ok na rin kasi nan dun din yung mga needs ko pero mas maganda sana kung dito ako makakapasok.

@ Rolando Angel

Okay, We will try to open Sunday schedule for this course. please keep posted. thank you

Please open for sunday schedule po. and how many person are need to open po..

and exact location po sa espania. thnkz

@ Domz Magadia

Okay Sir we will try to open Sunday schedule. Minimum of 3 participants to start the class. We're located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila. Thanks.

Sir mga kailan po kaya kau makapag open ng sched sa buendia ng sat or sun??

@ Orbie

Meron na pong open na schedule sa Buendia Makati every Saturday 3-9pm/July 21 to Sept. 01, 2012. Pareserved na lang po kayo through online please see this link

Thank you!

sir pede po ba mag take ng exam sa NCII kung computer science graduate and my experience as technician?

@ Meldrin Uy

Yes, you can take the exam for NC II exam. Thank You

bakit wala pa pong confirmation na dumadating sakin kung enrolled na po ako sa on-line training?

@ francis

Naginform po kami sa inyo na reschedule po nextweek July 30 yung training due to lack of participants.Thank You

I have some questions in regards to the training program as a whole. I`m a skeptical person, please bear with me.

1. I would love to know how will fast track 40 hrs. of training will prepare me for the TESDA CBC CHS NCII examination?

The site indicated 394 hours nominal time through out the whole course. Other schools here in QC offer 356 to 2064 hours training. Will it be worth the PHP11,000 for 1 week course and learn enough for me to pass the examinations?

2. What`s the difference between your course and other CHS training centers`?

Other than devoted time of course. Like many others, I'm looking for the best education quality out there. I want to learn not just for the sake of getting certified but to have a competent edge on the market too. Tell me how can you help me with that.

3. Do you have any statistical data of your students` passing rate for CHS NCII exam?

If there is one, I haven't found it yet. An empirical evidence of your students` success would most likely help me and others decide if this institution is worth enrolling to.

4. Would there be any free remedial classes for those who fail an attempt to pass the exam?

Maybe that's one way to justify the 1/10th TESDA nominal course length of time preparation.

5. After completing the course, will the certification for completion hold water for my future job interviews?

This is for measuring the value of this school to the industry of CHS as well as its influence, both local and international. Employers have major preferences; where I studied, is one of them.

I raise these questions not to ridicule CNCTC but to enlighten curious prospectors like me to decide to enroll or not.
Pasensya na, naniniguro lang naman tayo. Salamat sa pag-unawa. :-)

I agree with Dondy .. could you please answer immediately all his inquiry coz Im willing to enroll and is't really true to take
TESDA CHS NC II assessment we need to gain 394 hrs. of training ??
PLS. ANSWER US .. thank u

@ Dondy

1. CHS NCII requires 394 hrs because it should be BASIC, COMMON & CORE Comptencies. CNCTC focuses only on one core comptencies & asks students for college units & OJT hrs to compensate for the whole CHS NCII program.

2. CNCTC focuses on the skills you'll be needing for the certification. FASTER, CHEAPER, DIRECT- TO-THE-POINT training.

3. CNCTC refer assessment to other assessment centers. CNCTC is a TESDA training center, different from an Assessment Center.

4. Yes, free sit-in classes for all/any course you've previously finished.

5. Yes. CERTIFICATION - National & International levels- all hold value especially in the IT industry.

Thank you.

u said to Dondy ...
CHS NCII requires " 394 hrs " because it should be BASIC, COMMON &
CORE Competencies.
CNCTC focuses only on
"one core competencies" & asks students for college units & OJT hrs to compensate for the whole CHS NCII program?

Question pano kung graduate na ng College BUT not related nga lang sa Computer as Com Tech. / Engr. /IT/ Com Sci. does it mean ndi pwede magTake ng CHS NC II kailangan pa bang magdagdag aral??

kung mag OJT naman may extra charge ba un &wat sched. for that para sa may current work?
PLS. PLS. ANSWER gusto ko kc magka NCII

u said to Dondy ...
CHS NCII requires " 394 hrs " because it should be BASIC, COMMON &
CORE Competencies.
CNCTC focuses only on
"one core competencies" & asks students for college units & OJT hrs to compensate for the whole CHS NCII program?

Question pano kung graduate na ng College BUT not related nga lang sa Computer as Com Tech. / Engr. /IT/ Com Sci. does it mean ndi pwede magTake ng CHS NC II kailangan pa bang magdagdag aral??

kung mag OJT naman may extra charge ba un &wat sched. for that para sa may current work?
PLS. PLS. ANSWER gusto ko kc magka NCII

im planning to enroll for the CHS NCII for 1 week however your schedule for next week is not yet sure due to lack of participants panu po ba yan nextweek lang kasi vacant time ko?

Hi Admin,

Question po, pag kinuha ko po kb0101 at kb0103 separately, meron po bang free exams sa TESDA or magbabayad pa din sa exams?

yung kb0105 kasi is kb0101 + kb0103, right?

wala kasing nagrereserve ng kb0105 sa schedule na available ako eh so balak ko munang kunin yung kb0103 then kb0103 afterwards.

any suggestions po? thanks!

@ francis

Pareserve nalang po kayo ng online, para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy nextweek. Thank You

@ bryan

Yes, another 450 for TESDA NCII Exam. opo pareho lang yung KB0101 at KB0103 sa KB0105. Thank You

bakit hindi na po ako nakakagpareserve para sa schedule next week na class?

Tulo poba exsam ngayun friday?
saan po yung address saka anong size ng picture nadadalhin ..

@ francis

Kung may dati na po kayong reservation pwede nyo pong imanage ang course nyo. Please see this link

Thank you.

@ celski

Please wait nyo na lang po ang text namin kung kailan ang date ng exam nyo for TESDA CHS NCII and for the location ng exam. Please bring 4 copies of 2 x 2 picture or passport size with white background and collar shirt. Thanks.

mam wala po kasi ako na recieve na cancel na exsam tommorow eh...

@ Angel Jenny

Kahit anong course po nacocovered ung basic competencies like career professionalism, quality standards, health and safety procedures and basic computer. Wala pong extra charge for OJT and the available schedule is Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Thank you.

@ celski

Sir possible next week pa ung schedule ng exam nyo. Wait mo na lang text namin. Thanks.

sana po ma inform nyo ako agad if ever matuloy ang nakaschedule na class next week kasi malayo pa po ako baka mahirapan po akong makakuha ng ticket,tnx po...


tuloy ho ba tong sched na to:

M to F 9-5pm 07-30-2012 08-03-2012

@ francis and bryan

Start na po sa Monday/July 30 at 9am to 5pm ang training for TESDA CHS NCII. Thank you.

gud day. pwede p po ba mgenrol sa Mon 07/30? optional po b ung ojt o mandatory cya para makakuha ng tesda certificate? ung sched nung certification exam po ba ay mismo sa last day ng training? thanks

@ gel

Yes, Pwede po kayo magenroll sa Monday July 30 bago magstart yung training. dito po sa buendia Makati. yes the OJT is optional. Thank You

@gel. Ang alam ko pwede pang mag-enrol sa Monday (if sa Buendia ka) kasi ako sa Monday pa lang ako magbabayad..yung OJT sa pagkakaalam ko, optional lang yun..

bakit po walang saturday and sunday schedule sa manila?

san po sa espanya to??

@ bernie

Okay, we will try to open Sat. and Sunday schedule @ españa manila.Thank you

@ czer marlord m.agustin

We're located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila. Thank You

pag katapos ba? mag skool ay may makokohang trabaho? ba?

yun din ang tanung ko,after completion of this course mapapakinabangan na ba agad eto?i mean makakapasok ba agad ng trbaho?panu kng experienced na ang kasabayan mo sa pag apply?dapt siguro meron OJT na siguradong mapapasukan para mgka experience agad.

huwag naman sana pangakuan ka lang tapos ala naman pala sila contact na company or reischedule ka nalang ng reischedule kono hanggang mgsawa ka na sa ka follow up..

@ michael

Yes. after completing this course pwede po kayong mag-apply as Computer Technician. Thank You

@ eddie layonosa

Yes,pag natapos nyo na po ang course na ito pwede po kayong mag-apply sa mga company as Computer Technician. Thank You

hi, after completing this course computer technician lang ba ang pwede namin applyan?

Do you have Saturday classes for the Buendia branch?

@ Rai

Pwede rin po kayo magapply sa mga company as Tecnical Support. Thank You

@ Angel

Okay, try po namin mag-open ng Every Saturday schedule sa Buendia Makati. please Keep posted. Thank you

Good day sir/mam. I'm interested to enroll but I can only attend on sunday classes. Will you open a class on sundays? Better also if at Buendia branch kasi po laguna pa ko uuwi, malapit sa mga bus terminals if Buendia.Thanks.

Ano po ung difference nito sa CHS NC II course?

Hi. Bkit po 7 days lang hands on pag KB 105? pero kung magkahwalay siya kunin, kb101 at kb 103 e tig 5 days. tnx

@ Arnel S. ROsas

Okay, we will try to open Sunday schedule for this course. please keep posted. Thank You

@ Grace

Iisa lang po ang Tesda sa CHS NC II. Thank You

FOllow up ko lang po kung meron na kayong mga taong gustong mag OJT.thanks!

I'm recommending this course. Andami kong natutunan :D

@ bryan

As of now po wala pa. inform nalng po namin kayo kung may makakasama na kayo sa OJT. Thank You

tuloy ba yung class this Saturday sa Buendia?

nagpareserve ako through email don sa Saturday class sa Buendia kasi nagkakaron ng problema sa website. nakausap ko si Rose. sana naireserve niya ako, kasi hindi pa nagaappear dito na 3 na kami. tuloy ba yung class?

@ Rai and Eli

Good Day! Start na po bukas ang TESDA CHS NCII at 3pm to 9pm sa Buendia Makati. Thank you. See you tomorrow. Thank you.

pwede pa kaya humabol sa buendia next week? binaha kasi kami...

@ teddy

Yes, pwde po. please make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy po sa Monday ang training. Thank you

Yun bang manual sa course na to kailan ibibigay? May separate na bayad pa ba yun kasi nung nagenroll ako 11,000 binayaran ko, wala kasama manual.

Kailan po ulit may schedule ng TESDA CHS NCII exam? Hindi po kasi ako nakakuha last time =p

@ Eli

Additional Php200 for the Manual. Kung kukuha po kayo you can get on Saturday.Thanks.

@ gerard

Inform kana lang namin Sir kung kailan ulit ang next schedule ng exam. Thanks.

Lahat ba ng nakasulat sa course outline dito sa website, maituturo kahit every weekend lang ang class? Macocover ba lahat ng topics?

@ Eli

Yes lahat po ng nakasulat sa course outline ay maituturo at macocover lahat ng topics. Thanks.

panu mag enroll at magbayad sir? lahat po b ng maituturo lalabas sa exam?

@ jett

Please make your online reservation first @ then we will inform you if the class will pursue on the said date. pwede po kasi kayo magbayad on the day of training. Thank You

good day! i already made a reservation for aug. 20-24 class, monday and tuesday was declared holidays, sana po matuloy pa rin yung class...

lipat nlng sa buendia un iba para makasimula na sa aug.27 XD

@ teddy

Wait mo nalng po ang confirmation namim hanggang sunday if the class will pursue on August 20,2012. Thank You

Ask Ko lang po kung ilang days ang duration ng CHS NCII..

@ Michael

The course duration for TESDA CHS NCII is 40 hours which will take for 5 meetings if the schedule is Mon. to Fri./9-5pm and 7 meetings for every Saturday 3-9pm or Sunday 3-9pm. Thanks.

Ask ko lang po, kapag ba tinake yung KB0308 tapos nagexam and nakapasa sa exam, Microsoft certification ba ang makukuha? Dito ko na tinanong kasi walang sumasagot sa questions don sa Microsoft page :)

Hello po kelangan ko pa ba mag take ng KB0101 bago ako makapag take nitong KB0105

@ Rai

yes po, Microsoft Certificate po ang makukuha pag naipasa nyo yung Exam.Thank you

@ Aaron

kung may knowledge n po kayo sa PC networking,pwede nyo po itake ang KB0105.Thank you

Sir anu sasakyan paggaling Sucat papuntang Buendia Branch?

@ Thor

Sakay po kayo ng LRT1 baba po kayo sa Gil Puyat Station then walking distcance na lang dito po kami sa Marconi St. UPY Bldg Rm 208. Thanks.

NC II stands for National Competency Certificate?

after po ba ng completion nitong course sa inyo na din po mag take ng NC II exam?

@ Aldrin Gozo

yes after the training, ischedule po natin ang Tesda CHS NCII exam. Thank you

hi.. pwede po bang makisabay sa mga mag eexam po ng nc II kahit hindi po sa inyo nag training ng pc troubleshooting... pero po ung laptop servicing sa inyo ko po itinake... may knowledge na po kasi ako sa pc troubleshooting and LAn... need ko lang po certificate po for ncII.. thanks po

@ Celski

Yes po cge po pwde kayong makisabay dun sa mga students namin ng NCII na mageexam. Punta nlang po kayo dito pra magfill up ng form.


Kailan po ang next sched ng exam for NCII?


Unfortunately wala pa pong schedule for NCII examination mag-iinform na lang po kame sa inyo kung kelan po. We need 10 participants to schedule the NCII examination.

what are the common pc errors

@jheinine bruna

usually po the drivers,boot errors,keyboard,mouse monitors..

Ako din po kukuha na din ng NCII exam. Tapos na po ako mag training sa inyo last July pa hindi lang ako nakasabay sa mga kabatch ko na mag exam. Kailan po at saan ang location ng exam? Thanks.

Hi, 5 days po ba ang exam? Kasi exam sched po yung tanong ko. Sabi nyo po Sept 29 - Nov 11. Paki clarify lang po. Salamat.

@ Angel

1 day lang po ang examination, Unfortunately wala pa pong schedule for NCII examination mag-iinform na lang po kame sa inyo kung kelan po. We need 10 participants to schedule the NCII examination.

Hello po. After the training po ba may certification den from your training center aside dun sa makukuha from tesda pag nakapasa sa exam?


Yes Sir, mayroon po kayong certificate of completion na makukuha after the training.Thank you!

ate pwede ba ung nasa espana mag apply nalng sa buedia para maka start na kami bukas ng NC II sayang kasi ng araw ehhh .. thankz


yes sir.kahit naman enrolled kayo dito sa espana once na nagstart sa buendia nung course its fine to join there po.

madali lang po ba ung exam? tungkol saan po ung mga i eexam?

So far po ba ilan na ang meron sa list ninyo na magtetake ng exam for NCII? Kailangan na kasi magexam eh.

Gaano katagal po ang NCII exam? And gaano rin katagal bago malaman kung pasado o hindi?

Thanks to my Professor Sir. Veva on teaching us the thing that we need to know on this training. Thank you sir sa pagsagot sa napakadami kong tanong.Salamat din sa CNCTC. Sa mga nakasabay ko sa training Solomot!We are prepairing for NCII exam..

@ rove

8am to 5pm ang exam po.then after the exam malalaman nyo na po results.thank you.

@ romar

sorry sir.di po namin alam contents ng exam.madali lang po siguro.

tanong lang po kung anong work ang mapapsaokan pag tapos ka ng NCII computer hardware servicing , tnx

@ jake

puwede po kayo sa technical support staff.IT company(computers).thank you

d po na push thru yung NC II ngaun araw na ito ?

@ jake

no sir,nareschedule po.thank you.

hi inquire ko lang kung yung 5 days after non exam na kagad

@ carmy

No Ma'am, gagwan ka po ng schedule kung kelan mo ite-take ang exam. Thank you

d parin po ba makaka upisa sa lunes ung sa espana ..
mg4 4 weeks na kc ako kahihintay


@ jake

As of now Sir, inaantay pa po namin yung confirmation ng ibang naka-reserve. Inform ka namin sir if ok na. Thank you

ask lng po how about sa mga gamit n pang tesda ncII merun kau? kelngan b mgprovide each student ng gamit pang ayos ng computer? interesado ako sa tesda chs ncII course , my certificate b? my iba p bng byarin bukod sa course amount n bngay nyo? tnx

you will learn a lot sir since we are more on hands-on need to provide anythingyes certificate will be given after the more amount will be collected only if theres manuals which cost only php 100.thank you.

what is the different btwen tesda chs nc2 slow track and fast track courses except the amount? wht is d best 4 me im colege level only of comp. prog. betwen the two. tnx.. im very interestd. dis course b required graduade? tnx more power.

@ louieto

In slow track it will discuss the all topics of the course of a course in fast track this is the combination of two courses which is the PC Assembly and PC LAN/WAN. Thank you

how important to have an nc2 certificate?

how is it important to have nc2 certificate?

@ eva mie

Usually hinihingi po sa embassy kasi mas mataas ang NCII certificate sa mga certificate of attendance or participation dahil National Certificate sya.

plz.... answer may question panu kung ung adobo na sunog panu ba uli madadagdagan ng sabaw tyaka tlga bgng malayo ung tawi tawi sa manila ? plzZZz,,

ask ko lng po if magtake ako ng course na ito pwd b ako mkakuha ng tesda exam to certified techncian kahit 1 year lng ako sa college? pwd b ako kumuha ng exam?

@ louieto

Good Day! If you have a 72 units you can enrolled this course. Thank you

tanong ko lang po may bayad rin po ba ang pag take ng exam? o kasama na po sa course fee? at mag kano naman po kung hindi kasama? thnx

@ jojo esguerra

Hello! Kapag ang in-enroll nyo ay TESDA CHS NCII (Fast track) with exam na po yun, ang Fee po ng exam ay Php 450. Thank you

Hello! Pano po magpareserve?

paanu po ba makakuha ng certificate...

@ John Floyd Alaba
you may visit this link. Thank you

@ Ron ryan Baba

You may enroll in our training Center to get a Certificate. Thank you

Kapag TESDA CHS NCII with exam ang kinuha qng course kahit wala aqng 72units earned makakapag take ba aq ng exam for NCII certificate?

@ Ron ryan Baba

Hindi po yun pwede sir, dapat po may 72 units ka, para po makapag enroll and makapag exam for NCII. Thanks

Hindi po ba aq makakapagenroll dto pag hndi aq nakatapos ng vocational course?...

@ Ron ryan Baba

Pwede po kayo mag-enroll at kumuha ng training. Thanks

tanong ko lang po ang schedule po ba na ito Sun 9-3pm 11-11-2012 12-23-2012 sure na mag i-start o ma ma move pa sa ibang sched?

@ jojo esguera

Yes, possible po na matuloy ang class, kung ma meet po natin yung minimum of participants. please make your online reservation para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy sa Nov. 11,2012. Thank You

asked ko lang po, ilan po ang minimum participants para matuloy ang class?

@ kerby

Good day! minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Thanks

i just wanna asked what is the difference between NCII and Comptia +A. at alin ang mas ok kunin since parang halos same lang sila ng covered na topic?

@ Kerby

Yes, almost the same lang sila ng topics. Sa tesda NCII you will get a national certificate once na naipasa mo yung exam while sa Comptia A+ naman pagnaipasa mo yung exam for international certification siya. Thank You

hi po pde po b kumuha ng nc2 exam ng special? emergency lng po kelngn lng po pra mkuha ko diploma ko..requirements po kc xa for work..

i want to join po

if di available ang TOR, pede po bang i present ang diploma, kung naka 72 units naman po ako sa college? thanks

Meron na po ba ulit schedule ng NC2 exam? Thanks!

@ Gerard

Yes, meron pong schedule ng exam nextweek, Tuesday Nov. 20, 2012 sa interface College. Thank You

@ kerby

Hindi po pwede, Kailangan yung TOR niyo po mismo ang ipakita ninyo. Thank You

meron po bang training centers d2 sa cebu about sa course na computer hardware servicing? saan po?

when will the class starts on sir ma'am kailangan ko poh ng laptop printer mastery ala poh bang free training nito..

Yehey! Interface Computer College sa may C.M. Recto po ba?

@ gian1983

Please visit this website diyan nalang po kayo mag-inquire kung saan po kayo pwede magtraining ng computer hardware servicing. Thank You

@ Gerard

Yes, sa may C. M Recto po. Thank You

@ 09076495527

Wala po kaming free training for Laptop printer. Thank You

how to connect to a serve if mmc/gpedit.msc/services.msc/rsop.msc/the keyboard/the mouse rigth click/

answer plzzzz...........

Do you have training centers here in cebu?

@ kjz

Unfortunately, we're located @ España manila and Buendia Makati Only. Thank You

if all of this modules would be included in the NC2 assessment exams then we the students here in pque @ UCCST is going to have a hard time, we're still on the module of reformatting and installing dual os on a hard drive. but we're already advised that classes will only be up to Dec.21. question is will all of that be included in the NC2 assessment?

Hi! Meron bang training from dec 17 to dec 21? may discount po ba kung full payment? Thanks!

@ robert

Yes, meron po kaming upcoming schedule sa Dec. 17-21,2012 open for enrollment. Please wait for the update. Thank You

meron po ba d2 sa Cagayan de Oro city? pls give me an informtaio so i can enroll nor apply..

thanks a lot!

@ Giovannie Virtudazo

Unfortunately we're located only here at España Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You

kaylan poh ang exam ng hardware and servecing para po mkapag uply n poh kme.just txt me sir/mam 09357643590 slmat poh

Good day Administrator. I'm interested in taking up this course. Are you going to offer it this summer? Thanks!

@ Allenj

Yes, we will be having a schedule for this coming summer. Please Keep Posted. Thank You

Gud pm sir / Ma'am. puydi ko po ma renuew yung exam namin sa ncll dati year of 2010. kasi mag expire napo nxt year 2014..

Thank you rolan
smart 09477451921

@ rolan antolin

Yes, pwede po. Thank You

ask ko lng po kung kaya ba talaga yan lahat matapos sa 40hrs lang? ilang chapters/ modules per day? tnx!

Not ideal for technician-to-be simply due to a lot of misused terms and acronyms. the author owes to refer to a computer dictionary for the appropriate computer jargons. The coverage is totally impossible to be covered in just 40 hrs. The author might be out of his mind posting this outline of his. Further, many of those he considered as advance learning is actually just basic knowledge. Anyway, there's no harm in trying. hehehe.

ask lang po, anu pong pinagkaiba nitong fast track dun sa pc hardware & software trouble shooting and repair with ojt?

- tsk . ala poh bang alwnce d2 sa tesda -- ?

@ jams

Ang pinagkaiba ng Fast track sa PC assembly ay yung pinagsama yung dalawang course which is the PC assembly and the PC LAN/WAN. Thank You

@ AdrianVer

Wala po. Thank You

@ Mia

Yes, Matatapos po lahat yung Topics within 40hrs. Thank You

required parin bang mag OJT kahit na nagwork na ako sa computer shop 1 year din mahigit,. d pa kasama pagserservice ko at home,, d kac ako nagaral ng computer course,. kya gusto ko rin makakuha ng certificatemm

@ edylcc

Okay lang kung hindi niyo po kunin yung OJT kasi optional lang naman po. Thank You

Mam bat wla pa un tesda exam namin tagal na un ah paabutin pa ba ng 1 taon?

@ PeraPera

Posible po na may schedule ng exam nextweek Feb. 12, 2013. Inform nalang po namin kayo kung matuloy.Thank you

Hi, pwede po bang exam lang ang i-take sa inyo? thanks!

@ mrdpcp

Sorry, pero hindi po kami nagpapaexam sa NC2. punta nalang po kayo sa interface college para magpaschedule. Thank You

pasado kmi sa nc2 exam yoohoo! tnk u sir veva.. galing nyo magturo.. more power to you and your family..

my discount offer po b kyo sa corz na 2? at anu po ung mobile number nyo po sa makati at espana? interesado po kc aq eh....txx po...

@ mae lagasca

Congratulations po sa inyong lahat. Thank you

@ yuri

Please give us a call @ 7365196 for España Manila and 8896-043/8896042 at Buendia Makati. Thank You

punta po aq ngaun ng espana anu po bng sasakyan kung galing ka ng las pinas papunta dyan sa espana......???gus2 q po kc humabol dun sa feb 25 mon. to fri. sked eh?....

ahmmm yan po ba lahat ng kinukuha sa NC II para pumasa ??? kasi mag take din po kami ng NCII hardware ehhh more information lang po kaylangan para po makapag review please asap thanks

@ daniel

Yes, ito po ang covered ng exam for NC II thank You

Thank you so much CNCTC...Thank you Sir Veva...nakapasa na po ako ng CHS NC II...God Bless you all po...

@ Gemma Laurente

Congratulations! for passing the NC II exam. Thank You

do you have class in visayas region?.. layo ng maynila eh.. say for example cebu? or Tacloban?.. tnx..

@ joven

Unfortunately, we don't have a branch somewhere in Visayas or Cebu. we're located only @ españa Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You.

lang days po ang training??

hi ,, Im Sean Frances Bon,, ask ko lang po sana what if ung exam lang ang etatake q? pano po b?

@ raffy

Good for five consecutive meetings. Thank You

@ Sean Frances BOn

Kung exam lang po ang kukunin niyo, punta po kayo sa pinaka malapit na tesda center para magpa schedule for exam. Thank You

pwede ka po ba kumuha n2 kahit wla kang prerequisite?pls rep po asap tska asan po ung building nio sa buendia..thnx po

@ chuckie

kailangan may knowledge po kayo sa course prerequisite nito, bago niyo kunin ang course. our branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City. Thank You

so anu lg po ung makukuha kung computer course pg wla kang knowledge sa prerequisite?

@ chuckie

Mas maganda po kasi na kunin niyo yung hiwalay na course, Yung PC assembly at Yung PC LAN/WAN. para hindi po kayo mahirapan. Thank You

gud am po,kailangan po b ng downpayment agad pag magpaenrol po

@ carlito ortez

Yes, po kailanagan may downpayment kayo bago magenrol. Thank You

is 11k for whole module? or per module?

@ John Benedick Pineda

The fee is for all the module. Thank you!

I would like to enroll live online. Please advice me what to do.

@ Fructuoso O. Salao

Please make your reservation online see this link we will inform you 3 days before if the class will push through or not.

hi sir! i'm Rica pwede offer din po ba ang mga trainings and exam lahat ng module d2 sa Davao? please reply po,.. magpa.enroll po sana ako ASAP

@ rica mae mondrano

Mag-inquire po kayo sa pinakamalapit na tesda center jan sa davao kung lahat po ng module ay meron sa kanila. Thank you

may sched na po ba kayo by the month of August?

@ Damuho

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of august please keep posted for the update. Thank you


hellow.. i was graduate of computer programming but willing to work as comp technician etc.if i were enrol this short couse now.. even the slots are not full.mag start na po ba agad to khit konti lang as long as nakabayad at naka enrol nako??gust ko kasi mag umpisa agad.

lahat ng module na ito 40 hrs lang? O.O
yang po bang start and end date ang duration ng klase?

@ jesler cobico

We need at least three participants to start the training. you can make your online reservation @ thank you

@ rica mae mondrano

Yes, matatapos po lahat ng module within 40 hours. Thank you

Hello, I wish to send my tuition fee today through my bank, and plan to go to Manila from Baguio this Sat (042013), I need to know if you have any other students enrolled for the Tesda Computer hardware servicing for 04-22 to 05-03 in espana, manila. please respond so I know how to plan.

@ Rj

Sa ngayon po wala pang enrolled pero may dalawa na pong nakareserve. you can make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy sa Monday ang training. Thank you

Isa po ako sa 2 na nakareserve, I will pay in cash upfront once I am there. Please let me know if may isa pang nakapagenrol ok, thank you

@ Rj

Ok po inform namin kayo.

each module ba yan, cost 11, 000? or lahat ng module na yan?

@ Raine

11000 pesos po for the whole modules na po yan.

Hi! ano ang size ng class and may sariling PC / Trainee para sa hands on?

@ jaydee

Yes, one is to one po yung computer para sa mga trainees. Thank Yo

Hi can this course also prepare me to comptia a+ exam, since they're almost the same?

@ jaydee

Yes, pwede po. Thanks

meron po ba itong certificate pag natapos ?

can i enroll here even if im only a first year automotive vocational course?.....baka kasi masayang training ko pag nde ako makapag exam dahil kulang ako ng 72 units? working already.....janitor po ako....i cant afford to go for one more year schooling ....pls advice me....

@ john erwin

Yes, you will receive certificate of completion after the training. Thank You.


Pwede po kayo magtraining pero hindi po kayo pwede magtake ng exam for tesda kung wala po kayung 72 units in college. Thank You


I've been working as Computer System Administrator abroad but now i'm planning to stay here for good . I'm applying for a position as Computer Technologist at Supreme Court and they ask me for TESDA NCII which I don't have yet . Is it ok for me to take the exam right away ? What are the requirements? FYI , I'm a license ECE and I also took Computer Network Course before.

Thanks for prompt reply.

Best rgds.

ilan participant kailangan para magstart ang class?

How much the tuition fee in tesda Computer Hardware Servicing NC II..?

@ Romel

We need at least three participants to start the training. Thank You

@ eddelyn dela cruz

The course fee for tesda Computer Hardware Servicing NC II is 11,000 in cash. Thank You

may 3 participants na nakareserve for Sun 3-9 PM, sana mag start na.

@ Romel

Okay, we will advice you until tomorrow kung tuloy po ang training sa sunday. Thank You

Ilan n po ang nagenrol sa training for May 25, sat. 3-9pm, mageenroll pokasi ako sure na...please advise me thanks!

ask ko lang po, sa 11,500 po ba na installment ay cover na ang module 1.1 to 1.2, and module 2.1 to 2.2? Bale 4 modules po ba ang cover? Thanks po. :-)

@ Toy

Yes, cover niya po lahat yung module. Thank You

@ elocin

Bale may dalawa na pong confirm. Gawa po kayo ng reservation niyo sa link na ito para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy sa May 25, 2013. Thank you

ilang buwan po ba ang training?
at pag saunday lng po available ako 3-9 po diba ang pasok, computer science graduate po ako 2 anak ko at nahinto po ako sa pagtrabaho pero di ko po talaga ngamit course ko, now gusto ko pong mag avail ng training para po magamit kong sa pag aaply 30 y/o po ako. salamat

@ liezel

40 hours po ang course duration, good for 7 meetings pag every Sunday lang po ang pasok nyo. Pareserved po kayo online @

Thank you.

gud pm,nagtuturo po ba kau ng student na zero knowledge sa computer? pro gusto mag enroll ng course nio? tnx

gusto ko sanang mg-enroll kaya lang, taga-davao ako---jujuj

@ bolyn

Sir located po yung office namin dito sa España Manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You

meron po ba kaung location d2 sa imus?interesado po kasi aq.

@ Larry Alhambra

Located lang po kame dito sa España,Manila and Buendia,Makati, Unfortunately po wala pa kamemg training center dyan sa Imus.Thank you!

Ask ko lang kung pag aaralan din ba dito ung structured cabling? Example mag dedesign kami ng computer shop then mag design/plan kami kung pano mag cable sa work area.

May mga requirements po bang dapat ipasa pag mageenroll?

Sir, Good morning ask ko lang kung may available kayo nito sa sept or october 2013?

@ ace

Wala naman pong requirements upon enrollment. yung payment lang po. Thanks

@ alvin

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of September and October. please keep posted for the update. Thank you

What is the different tools used in computer hardware

kasama na po ba ang examination fee sa 11k?

@ carlo

Yes, kasama na po ang exam fee sa 11k. Thanks

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mataas po ba ang chance na pumasa sa CHNC II ng tesda kung dito ako mag eenroll? 40hrs course duration. Thanks po!

@ Gian Luigi Gomez,

Yes po 100% nakakapasa lahat ng mga students namin.

gusto ko sana mag enroll this on June 24 sa Makati. Meron na po bang naka reserve/ enroll for this course kasi at least 3 student per course? di ba.


a computer hardware servicing NCII puede po bang econvert sa convert to CSC Eligibility?

@ Evan

Enrollment is still open. Yes, we need 3 participants before the class starts. Please make online course reservation @


Unfortunately hindi na po pwedeng iconvert and TESDA NCII sa CSC Eligilibility.

Naka pag reserve na po ako. Please pa check the remarks that I put regarding to my payment.


@ Evan

Thanks for making your course reservation. We will notify you 2 days before the training if we got already the 3 participants. You can pay the course fee on or before the day of the training. Thank you.


Are we going to be TESDA Certified once we have finished & passed the exam? Are there will be certs to prove that we indeed passed the exam?


@ Allan

Hello, after finishing TESDA CHS NCII training you will receive certificate of completion. Take and passed the exam to be a TESDA CHS NCII certified and you will received certificate from TESDA also. Thank you.

pwede pa reserve in this course , training period july 08-12 ! spaña po!!thanks

@ leo vitanio

Yes, you can make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy sa July 8. Thank You

Hi... tuloy na po ba ung training s monday (july 15)? thanx

@ Sel

Possible po na matuloy yung training. you can make your online reservation @ para mainform po namin kayo kung tuloy sa July 15, 2013. Thank You


Can this Training can also be a entry level course for CISCO? I'm planning to take up CISCO training after this. Thanks.

@ Jem

Yes, this course is the entry level for cisco. training. Thank You

hi im casi...ask ko lng kng meron rin po ba ito sa cebu??... san po ako pde mag inquire??..

@ casidel

Hello Casi, unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Cebu. Located po kami España Manila and Buendia Makati. Thanks.

ahhh.. kc taga cebu po ako.. pero plano ko kumuha nito ... meron po ba kau accomodation na pde ko matirahan na safe dian sa buendia??...

Hi tuloy po ba yung sched sa Sunday 3pm to 9pm? if sure to, mageenroll sana ko. please contact me, 5536071 / 09326035838. Thanks!

@ Robert

Okay Sir inform ka po namin pag tuloy po ang class sa Sunday 3pm to 9pm. Pahintay na lang po ako ng final confirmation. Thanks.

Anu po passing rate ng mga students nyo na kumukuha ng Tesda Exam? And sa center nyo na po ba mag eexam for Tesda or do we need to go to nearest Tesda Centers? And how about the Tesda Certificate just in case I passed the exam? Will I get it from your center or do I still have to go to Tesda office. Sorry po dami tanong.

@ Jemomar

Nasa 99.9% po ang passing rate namin for tesda exam. kami po ang nagpapaschedule sa inyo para sa assessment exam niyo sa tesda. kung naipasa niyo yung exam kukunin niyo po ito mismo sa tesda kung saan kayo nagtake ng exam. Thank You

what is BIOS and CMOS?

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Sir ano mas ok Comptia A + or CHS? Pumasa na kasi ako sa CHS luckily eh ^_^

by the way additional info ko lang po:

yan po ung site na ginamit ko sa pagre-review sa CHS ^_^ I hope na makatulong sa iba... thanks

@ Derx

Pareho lang po ang kaibahan lang sa Comptia kasi is pang international ung certification at ung CHS NCII naman is for National certificate.

good day po. ask ko lang kung kelan po kayo magkroon ng sked for pc hardware servicing NC II ng Saturday 9am-3pm? thanks..

kelan po start ng training netong course na to sir

@ erwin

Meron po kaming available schedule Saturday 9am to 3pm for PC Hardware Software Troubleshooting and Repair August 03 to August 31, 2013 sa Espana Manila and Saturday 9am to 3pm August 17 to September 14, 2013 sa Buendia Makati. Thanks.

@ jerome marione l. curameng

Enrollment is still open. Minimum of 3 participants before the class starts. Thanks.

kailangan pa po ba magpa-reserve muna or pwede derecho enroll na? thanks

@ erwin

Pareserve po muna kyo online para mainform ka namin kung tuloy ang class or hindi pwde ka naman magenroll on the day ng training kung confirm na po ang class.

kelan po magkaroon ng sked for Tesda Computer Hardware Servicing NC II sa espana ng Saturday 9am to 3pm

@ erwin

Saturday 3pm to 9pm po available schedule namin sa TESDA CHS NCII sa Espana Manila. Thanks.

ah ok po. wait ko na lang na magka-sked kayo ng saturday 9am-3pm. sana magkaroon na po. thanks. :)

kaya ko po ba maipasa ang CHS NC II exam sa loob ng 40hrs po? Basic knowledge lang po ako sa computer and pc troubleshooting

@ Gian Del Rosario

Yes, po sir kasi more on hands on training po. Thank You

Hello, please answer all my queries below.

1 May certificate po ba na makukuha dito like Comptia A+?

2 After completing 40 hours of training sa inyo din po mag eexam?

@ eiro

You will receive certificate of completion after finishing the course. Yes, after the training we will schedule the TESDA CHS NCII exam and Comptia A+ exam is also availabe in our testing center were it's located in Espana Manila office. Thanks.

@ eiro

Yes, you will receive certificate of completion for this course. sa informatic po sa may recto ang exam for nc2. Thank You

Any upcoming schedule for the month of November?

@ Allan

We have open schedule November 4-8,2013.Thank you!

That's a lot of topic for 40 hours.. will we get print outs for these chapters?

kung sa makati po.gn2 po ba ung sked mon.fri.sat.sun lang ang psok po?

@ tech08

We give training manuals for this course. Thank you.

@ jojo

It's up to you po kung anong schedule po ang pipiliin nyo kung weekdays na Monday to Friday or weekends na every Saturday or every Sunday. Thanks.

meron din ba kayo d2 sa cebu

@ jeter

Unfortunately wala po kaming branch sa Cebu City. Thanks.

Hello, khit wala pb akong natake n khit anong training pde ko bng itake tong CHS NCII? Tnx

wala po ba kaung branch dito sa valezuela? kung meron man saan banda?

@ mercy

Unfortunately we don't have a branch in valenzuela. were located only here at espana manila and Buendia Makati. Thank You

wala po ba schedule this november para sa
kb0105 sa espana?

goodevening po. tanong qlang po qng open pa po ba itong course na to at kung pwede po bang kumuha ng scholarship para po sa course na to?. eto po email add ko. slamat po brionesronapot[at]yahoo[dot]com, meron dn po bang ganito sa branch ng caloocan? .

meron po ba nito sa caloocan branch'?? thanks!! :) Rona Briones

-40 hours all in all po??..

s mga nkapag exam po sa tesda, ano po pinagawa sa assessment sa tesda?

ano po pinagawa ng tesda saassessment?

Good day. I am IT Graduate, ask ko po if kailangan pa po ba na mag undergo sa mga training or courses before taking the NCII Exam?


Paki lagyan naman po ng mga
requirements sa pag enroll
para po malaman po namin agad maraming
salamat po.

Hello interested on taking this course, after ko bng matapos ung course at makapasa sa tesda certification po b makukuha ko or diploma?

ah guys pwedi ask tayung license technician ba pwedi kumuha ng civil service ? tnx

Sana tuloy ang pasok bukas.. nagaantay po ako ng promo code kanina pero walang lumlabas. Sayang naman yung discount..

meron po ba kyo ulit ng summer?april? thanks.

computer hardware servicing is the best sanan marami pang mag aral upang ng saganon mag karoon ng magandang trabaho

Hi good morning,
Im miss Mary Ann Osita. Teacher from Sta Elena High School, Marikina City.
Just want to ask kung saan at kelan po ang next na schedule ng exam. I was asked to take the exam by our dept. head po e.
Pls paki inform po ako kung ano po yung school na binigyan niyo ng allocation. thankyou po.
here's my contact info po.
salamat po ulit.

Guys, sa sunday na lang tayo para tuloy ang training, Buendia branch

sir/maam, ask ko lang po kung may schedule po tayo ng mga 2nd week ng march sa KB0105. thank you

Hi! Just wanna ask if it this course has prerequisite? I'd like to take this one.


Hi, Is module 1 and module 2 cost 11,000?
Thanks in advance.......

Hi, Is module 1 and module 2 cost 11k?

For how many days po ang course na ito and inclusive po ba ang certificate?

Hi. Kelan po yung saturday class? Interested po ako. May work kasi ako during weekdays.

Do you have class schedule every Sunday for TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam?

helo maam/sir kasama na po ba ang networking tutorial sa course na ito?
may kasama din po bang ojt?thanks po

Ask ko lng po pwde po mgenrll dto kht undrgrduate po ng computer technician?

Sir,, Manila lang po ang mayron .. wala po bang baguio city.. balak ko po kasing mag-enroll eh,,

good day!
when po ang next weekend class schedule?

panu po kukunin ung nc2 at anu po mga requirements may babayaran po ba?

Hi! Tanong ko lang po kung pwede mag enroll dito kahit HS graduate lang? And may certification po ba ito after? Thanks!

Pwde bang ipasok sa OWWA itong course na ito. Then meron na bang sked for july...Ty

Hi.. Anu po pinagkaiba niu sa ibang skul na may 300+ na training hours?? Same lng po b dn ung tinuturo niu dun

how many hours for the OJT?

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