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Safe Web Browsing Tips : Drop My Rights Browser Running

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 27 Jan, 2011 18:01:54

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 (This is the continuation of our article fromMore Of Sandboxie Process.)

  • Microsoft Corporation’s Drop My Rights – browser running

The malicious software must have complete access to the rights of the administrator on your personal computer for a sinister website to do malicious software installation on your personal computer. The problem lies on the default setting of users from Windows Vista and higher which is not a typical issue because majority of users of Windows operate with complete favor from the administrator.

You can avoid the situation when it should be installed through denial of malicious software access to rights of the administrator. Instead of using a single complete favor from the administrator, the simplest way to perform this is through using the account for Windows user limited rights.

When you use an account for a limited user like you, be ready to face numerous issues in a practical manner. Take note with an account for limited users, you cannot handle easy tasks routines such as software updates, defragmenter running, Universal Serial Bus plugging, or even system clock changing.

You may elect to use converse policy as pattern for more practical and substitute approach for routine utilization of an account of the administrator with complete rights; on the contrary, it reduces favors of your internet browser and other programs which can be a threat. Compared to using an account for limited users which offers security at a lower level, this technique brings about few bothersome impacts.

With fewer favors, there are many tools available which are free that permits running your browser and other specific programs. For users of XP operating system and later versions, the one to use is called Drop My Rights from Microsoft Corporation which is most recognized and a little bit easy.

You may use this program for building a shortcut to your desktop to your browser’s extraordinary version which with fewer favors it operates. You may click the icon on your desktop to browse securely and just start your browser on the normal mode if you want to normally use your browser with complete favors from the administrator.

You’ll be learning the steps to follow for using Drop My Rights with your browser after installing with the following:  

To begin, Drop My Rights should be downloaded in a few seconds for it only occupies a file with 164 kilobytes. For you to start the installation, double click the file you have searched to download. You may click – Next – after accepting the End User License Agreement. You may paste after cutting –

(“C:\Program Files\DropMyRights”) – line into the box and then – Close – after clicking – Next. You may choose New / Shortcut after right clicking your desktop. You may paste after cutting one of the lines which will be given in the box that is blank with the heading – Type the location of the item. On the other hand, if you’re using a browser other than Internet Explorer such as Mozilla Firefox, you may paste after cutting the following line –

(“C:\Program Files\DropMyRights\DropMyRights.exe”)

(“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”)

For Internet Explorer users, you may paste after cutting the following line –


(“C:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe”)

You may click on – Finishafter clicking – Next – and entering the right name you choose for your Shortcut like – Limited User Internet Explorer – or – Safe Firefox. These are all the process for Drop My Rights.

A desktop shortcut that starts up on your browser with limited rights is the one you need. There is a big possibility in the default location of your internet browser which is not installed if the process doesn’t work. If this happens, from the point to the correct location for your browser you may edit the setup for the shortcut.

The safer way to browse is to use the browser with limited rights compared to normal browsing. When you run these programs, you may begin your browsing normally with complete rights from the administrator to fulfill the kind of operation you are trying to perform after doing some operations which requires rights from the administrator that may not function. For you to prevent risks and further PC infections, you need to follow the given instructions.


(We will continue our discussion onDrop My Rights – Other Internet Applications Running, next.)

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